NBC Gives Full-Season Orders to Revolution, Go On and The New Normal

NBC has given Revolution, Go On and The New Normal a giant vote of confidence, giving all three freshman shows full-season orders.

“We’re impressed with the imagination and creative direction of the entire team on Revolution, not to mention the immediately strong response we got from the audience,” said NBC entertainment president Jennifer Salke in a statement. “We’re also very proud of our new comedy block of Go On and The New Normal.”

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The pick-ups, the first of the new season, come as NBC is celebrating its first premiere-week victory in nearly a decade. “We’re very pleased with early results of the last three weeks of our fall season roll-out,” said NBC Chairman Robert Greenblatt. “The strategy for this season was to draft off the promotional platform of the Olympics and then begin our season early and strong. I think we’ve accomplished both of those goals, yet we know it’s a long season and there’s much work ahead of us.”

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Revolution‘s debut episode ranked as NBC’s best drama launch in adults 18-49 in five years (since the premiere of Bionic Woman in 2007), and it has showed surprising staying power in its two subsequent telecasts. To date, the J.J. Abrams/Eric Kripke thriller has averaged 10 million viewers and a 3.6 in the demo.

Go On and New Normal, meanwhile, have been averaging 8.9 million/3.2 rating and 6 million/2.2 rating, respectively.

Thoughts? Which “back nine” order are you most excited about? Hit the comments!

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  1. J says:

    awesome! I enjoy all three shows.

  2. Jared says:

    No surprises here…3 solid shows for NBC.

  3. The lead character in Revolution, at least I figure she is the lead (Charlie), is not interesting to me at all

    • ben says:

      I am also worried that Revolution will suffer from the same issue as Flashforward, in that the characters don’t really come across as engaging. The plot is intriguing, but it can’t work unless the characters are engaging.

    • Janey says:

      I have to agree – she’s the weak link, and yet she’s supposed to be carrying the show to a certain extent. Thank goodness for Billy Burke.

    • Dean says:

      Ever heard of ensemble casts! She isn’t the only lead! She’s just the moral compass on the show! I like her anyway. People are always gonna hate on the good girls who have a strong opinion on shows. Charlie is badass!

      • Janey says:

        Yeah, of course it’s an ensemble cast, which is why I still love it despite the weaknesses of this one character. But there’s no denying that she is one of the central characters. It’s largely about her journey to find her brother, at least at the moment.

        I don’t hate on her because she is a good girl with strong opinions. The opposite, in fact. She’s bland.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      Agreed, she is definitely the week link but I still love the show and will continue to watch.

    • Elyse says:

      she seems kind of whiney to me. hopefully she’ll grow up some over the season. besides her being kind of whiney i have liked the show so far and i will keep watching.

      • Pat Graney says:

        I wonder if that girl is someone at NBC’s girlfriend? would explain her getting cast; she certainly is a week actress.

      • tp says:

        Very whiney. I love the show but she gets on my nerves. I’m waiting on the uncle to tell her to shuddup! Trying to call all of the shots because it’s “her brother”. Well hell go find him by yourself then.

    • Becca Porter says:

      I love the actress playing Charlie. She is a major draw for me. I am sure she will develop more as the season progresses.

    • Nicole says:

      Billy Burke is the lead, and he is fabulous.

      • Nicole says:

        But I agree that Charlie’s holier-than-thou, oh-so-precious demeanor could get old quickly.

      • alyssa says:

        Really?? I enjoyed Billy Burke’s performance in the pilot episode, but I’ve found him very fake and not engaging at all in the last 2 episodes. The only character drawing my attention thus far is Aaron. Everyone else I have found boring and static.

  4. tvaddict says:

    I’ve been watching all 3 and enjoying them so yay!! Now I just expect to hear Fox saying that The Mob Doctor is cancelled

  5. John says:

    Some welcome stability for the lineup.

  6. Anna says:

    YAY for Go On! This show is by far my favourite of the new shows that started already. I also like The New Normal and even though I’m sceptical about Revolution, I kinda like this one too. So yay NBC!

  7. meggo says:

    I really like Go On. As someone who recently lost someone close, it is nice to watch. They put the comedy in, while keeping it so real. Touching on the milestones you cross. I like the balance.

  8. GK says:

    REVOLUTION!!!!!!! You just made my day!!!!!!
    Also Go On!! Awesome news!!

  9. Elyse says:

    yay!!!! glad to hear it :)

  10. wrstlgirl says:

    YAY for all three!! Finally some shows I like stick around for more than a couple weeks. I am sad for the low ratings for The Last Resort. I found the pilot very enjoyable.

  11. Lorie says:

    Yay for Go On & The New Normal!

  12. dryedmangoez says:

    Yay for Revolution and Go On. Meh on New Normal.

  13. I really hope Revolution improves. It’s easily the weakest of the three shows.

    • Dean says:

      After Revolution’s third episode, you just cannot say that.

      • I’m watching the 2nd one right now and it’s barely holding my interest. The best parts are Giancarlo’s scenes. The scene where the fat guy explains that the blackout MIGHT be manmade and that they MIGHT be able to fix it, I felt that was an insult to everyone’s intelligence. Really? It wasn’t an act of God or a naturally occurring change in universal physics that wiped out electricity? This is the Eyeroll Adventure Hour. Drastic improvement by the next episode is unlikely, and even if you’re right, it’s one episode. Go On and New Normal have also been consistently entertaining, so Revolution would still be the weakest show because it only had one winner so far, at least according to you.

  14. Mike says:

    Yay for revolution and Go on. Both great shows, boo for New Normal, that show deserves to rot in TV hell for its comments on gingers in episode three, relating having red hair to spinal bifida, and calling having red hair a birth defect not to mention calling red heads judas. For a show that tries to work against discrimination it is pretty discriminatory.

    • Martin says:

      Sorry know it might of been wrong, but i found that bit hilarious.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Me too and I’m a redhead :-)

      • Mike says:

        I would of been fine with it in any other kind of show but it rubbed me the wrong way in a show that makes anyone whose homophobic( I’m not homophobic) a terrible person but when these gays are discriminatory to others it’s ok.

        • malarson2 says:

          I think that’s kinda the point…

        • dude says:

          I would say being catty is very different from being homophobic. Yeah Bryan is a bitchy gay and I wouldn’t say he’s the strongest part of the series but the things he says are very different from someone saying stuff like “In my day people owned presidents like [Barrack Obama]”

        • ben says:

          I agree Mike. Ryan Murphy’s shows seem to come across as sanctimonious but hypocritical. They do some good for gay rights, but they also do some terrible harm. It’s rarely a good thing to portray a particular group of people (particularly a minority group) as somehow different from everyone else.

        • I kinda think what Ryan Murphy is trying to say, especially with the punching incident, is that, despite campaigning against general intolerance, people within these groups that those with consciences want to protect are still three-dimensional people capable of mistakes, stupidity and being called on it. The retarded guy can be homophobic and vice versa. And I think it’s good that we’re starting to shy away from characters that can do no wrong simply because they’re supposed to be representatives of a minority group. It’s been done more with a lot less effectiveness on Glee by making so many unlikeable minority characters (Puck’s fat girlfriend, Becky, Unique, even Artie sometimes) but I think New Normal is handling things well so far.

          • Mike says:

            That is a well-thought comment, and it is not that I hate anti-red head comments on TV, I actually loved the South Park episode and it was even worse, I just do not like how Ryan Murphy handles it, it comes across hypocritical. I may give the show one more shot.

  15. Martin says:

    Worried that Happy Ending/ Don’t Trust The Bitch In Apartment 23 will be the comedy hour left out in the cold, love both of them to death but really worried, sort of hope Neighbours crashes and burns, only if these don’t do too well, so HE can take its slot.

    Think 2 comedy hours will be okay but not 3 and think ABC will be the odd man out.

    • tvaddict says:

      That is my worry too since they don’t premiere until October 23 and its been such a long time since Happy Endings has been on(like end of March/early April) I am afraid they will return with really low numbers given that the competition is pretty strong with the NBC and Fox comedies

  16. Nick says:

    Does this mean that Parenthood will most likely not get any extra episodes this season?

  17. Summer says:

    Revolution is turning out to be much better than I thought it was, and Go On is starting to grow on me.

    I’m mortified that The New Normal was picked up for more, though.

  18. Erika says:

    I’m glad for Revolution. It’s the only one of the three that I watch. Last night’s episode was great.

  19. DW says:

    I can see Revolution being the new Person of Interest – Best new show last fall!

    • Ron says:

      Dont ever compare that show with POI, ever again, thats illegal.

      • Venus says:

        A comparison is correct since JJ is exec producer of both, and is bringing former Lost alums onto both shows. Ron, you need to check your punctuation before you post a comment.

        • Play the punctuation card all you want, but Ron does have a point. Person of Interest is a vastly superior show with better writing and a better cast. The swordfights look laughable. Everyone fighting Miles looks incompetent because they all fail to use their swords defensively. And everyone in the swordfight scenes is either undertrained or lack any training whatsoever because they have to resort to extreme close-ups of the action because people who don’t know how to swordfight look terrible. I’ve only seen extreme close-ups of swordfighting once before. And it was in a porn (they used actual swords, it wasn’t that kind).

          • GK says:

            Yes! Because comparing a fully developed show to a newbie that’s just starting out is completely legitimate! They see potential and have faith in this show, nothing else. POI was crap in the first 3 episodes. Completely unbelievable as well! Do you know Reese takes out more than 10 guys in a bar? Atleast Miles has superior combat skills and in the world the show is set in, those ‘soldiers’ are regular Joe’s who are just under Monroe’s military without proper training and hence it was completely believable and awesome! Not terrible! Go back to watching porn man!

          • I found the action in Person of Interest, from the start, to be more believable because you can clearly see that Jim Caviezel received combat training AND they filmed it well. Revolution looks like it was written, produced, directed and filmed by amateurs. I can hear the stunt coordinator in my head when I watch it. “Okay, run up to him, raise your sword up and he’ll swat you on the chest. You, you run up to him, then you turn around like you heard a big dog, then after we cut, we’ll switch to the retracting blade and you just stand there for four seconds while he ‘stabs’ you. You, you don’t do anything, just run in a circle so you go in and out of frame.” Some of the acting isn’t so great either.

  20. Really enjoying Revolution so far, so I’m glad it got picked up. Hopefully we won’t get burned with a wandering story like we did with The Event. But I’ve got faith in Kripke!

  21. malarson2 says:

    I like all three, I’m worried about the New Normal, though, because of RMurph’s tendency to divebomb something I love. He already needs to check-himself on Nana’s dialogue…too wooden, preachy, and unrealistic. Ease her into it, fellas…

  22. R.O.B. says:

    Revolution is boring me. Look, they’re fighting with swords again. The show needs to get more interesting, fast. I’ll try episode 3. I only watched Go On first episode – i should probably give it another shot, but the first episode the supporting players looked like they were acting too hard.

  23. mia says:

    Woot! I watch all three, but I’m most excited for Go On and Revolution.
    And I really like the main girl on Revolution. Hopefully she’ll toughen up a bit as the season goes on and she learns just how awful the world is

  24. jenn says:

    Yeah for Go On, I really enjoy it and I loved last episode.

    • John says:

      Yes, that show caught me by surprise: tuned in for a glance at Perry and I’m staying for a pretty good ensemble, heck even the counselor has some quirk going on rather than being a little too perfect.

  25. Babybop says:

    Very happy about Go On!

  26. Goon fan says:

    Yay Goon! Love that show! Almost as much as fake Ryan Lochte does. Won’t ever be able to call it Go on again :)

  27. Kristina says:

    Yay! Don’t watch The New Normal, but I’m thrilled for Revolution and Go On! Some of my favorite shows are on NBC so I like to see them do well :)

  28. tp says:

    I am really glad for Revolution and Go On but New Normal was awful to me.

  29. Ally Oop says:

    I found the pilot weak but the following episodes were great. I’m surprised a show of this type has gotten such good ratings–it’s my kind of show and I’m using to heartbreak because these kind of shows rarely get traction with a wide audience.

  30. crtc says:

    So excited about the new normal!

  31. Will says:

    Yay for The New Normal! It is so adorable and so amusing at the same time. Ellen Barkin is such a scene stealer!

  32. Nicole says:

    I’ve really enjoyed both Revolution and Go On. The New Normal is really weak to me. I know it’s the Glee guy trying to emulate the success of Modern Family, but to me it doesn’t come close. Justin Bartha is great, though. Ellen Barkin is good, too, but the writing isn’t good enough for her.

  33. Josh says:

    So we’re stuck with the Bryan character on New Normal? He isn’t going to go away? .

  34. Sam says:

    I’m happy about The New Normal. I gave up on the other two.

  35. Mellie says:

    I haven’t had a chance to watch New Normal yet (still warming up on my DVR) but I enjoyed Revolution and Go On is probably my favourite new comedy (so far) so this is good news!

  36. Marc says:

    As long as NBC also lets Matthew Perry do the occasional 15 second cameos on The Good Wife like the one this past Sunday, I’m content.

  37. Wendy says:

    So incredibly happy for “Go On”. And if anyone had told me I’d feel this way after the bad (IMO) promos NBC had shown over the summer, I’d have told people they were crazy. But it is a great little show with heart and an appealing cast!

  38. fsaq says:

    It’s an Eric Kripke show and judging from his record, he always has a plan for his characters and stories; so I’m all in favour of watching a well planned show like Revolution. Also who doesn’t like Elizabeth Mitchell on their screens; she’s a major draw for me on the show.

  39. POIFanatic says:

    The show’s best actor, Elizabeth Mitchell (aside from Esposito and Pellegrino) wasn’t even in this episode and yet it was the best yet and improved drastically over the past 2 episodes! Really happy for Revolution!
    New Normal is horrendous.

  40. EveatEden says:

    Revolution for sure!

  41. Brian says:

    As you can see/ read two of the shows seem popular with well informed fans but, the so called ” new normal” wasn’t picked because it is a well written show or is popular , it was picked for it’s political correctness and the ratings will show. … Show will make 1 season if that.

  42. John says:

    All three shows are a disaster. The New Normal…just no. Inferior version of Modern Family. Go On: I seriously feel like I’m in the Twilight Zone with everyone liking this show. I love Matthew Perry, but he deserves beter than this. There’s no comedic banter; someone says something somewhat amusing or weird, then Matthew Perry makes a “funny” face, and then says something like “Oh,” Ok,” or “Alright then.” Last time I checked, that wasn’t called comedy. And Revolution: classic example of NBC trying to catch up. The unhidden attempts to try to be LOST are unmistakable. The thing with serialized drama that NBC, unlike it’s rivals, doesn’t get is that you need to make us like (or dislike) characters before we’ll care about them. Just because something major happens doesn’t mean I’m going to automatically fear for the “heroes'” safety. You need characer development at least in progess before dramatic “reveals” or explosions in order for an audience to care.

    Good for NBC for finally being number one again, but I at least hope they know that it’s not because their shows got better, it’s because the audience got easier.

  43. Ant says:

    Kill off Charlie from Revolution and Barkin from new normal and they will be excellent shows.

  44. Taryn says:

    I’m happy for Matthew Perry good to hear his show will be sticking around for a while I look forward to watching more of it. The New Normal on the other hand is pathetic.

  45. Saintpetetim says:

    I did a search for “is it me or is Revolution boring” and I’m typing this as it plays in the background. It’s like some weird post apocalyptic civil war hybrid. Without any depth to characters and nothing fun or pretty to look at. I’m watching it when I have nothing else to watch. I’m trying very hard not to hate it. As for Go On.. I hope it Goes Away. It’s Chandler from Friends only older and less funny in an unrealistic therapeutic group insulting to actual such groups. The new normal is a bit ridiculous because of Brian’s character but Ellen Barkin and the little girl are worth watching. Modern Family is way funnier and a more likely scenario. I’ll give Rev another episode or two but something needs to happen or I’m out. My time and Dvr space are precious!