Exclusive: Lisa Edelstein Lands Explosive Role on CBS' Elementary

Lisa EdelsteinLisa Edelstein‘s next move is an Elementary one, with a role on CBS’ hit new Sherlock Holmes drama.

TVLine has learned exclusively that the House alum will guest-star on the seventh episode of Elementary as Heather Vanowen, the charismatic CEO of a high-end PR consultancy.

Described as bright and confident, Heather will cross paths with Jonny Lee Miller’s Sherlock Holmes during his investigation of a deadly bombing that appears to have been aimed at her company.

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Since wrapping her House run at the end of the Holmesian medical drama’s penultimate season, Edelstein has guested on such shows as The Good Wife and Childrens Hospital, as well as costarred in the Lifetime movie Blue-Eyed Butcher.

Elementary, which last week premiered to 13.4 million total viewers and a 3.1 demo rating — placing second on both counts for any new drama series — airs Thursdays at 10/9c.

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  1. lara says:

    Yayy, I love her and the show!!!

  2. Karina says:

    Amazing news. She is a fantastic actress and it will be great to see her again on TV :) Congrats Lisa

  3. Kate says:

    that sucks!

  4. Mila says:

    When will Irene Adler show up? I bet she was the woman Joan was referring to.

  5. Diane says:

    Yes! So excited to see her on my TV screen again :)

  6. N. says:

    Ugh, I hate this b*tch.

    • Sarah says:

      What has she done to you to “earn” this oh so classy nickname ? Seriously, you don’t know her personally, a little respect is not too much to ask :)

      • N. says:

        Um, it’s none of your business? I can dislike whomever I want.

        • Flo says:

          Tu devrais sérieusement t’acheter une répartie.

        • Alice says:

          Nobody can make you be classy, it’s true. If you have to be true to your bitter, ugly soul, then let that flag fly, I guess.

          • Maggy says:

            You LE fans want to teach someone how to be classy, LMAO look in the mirror first. You are known as the most spiteful fandom, so here we go, Ladys.

          • N. says:

            LOL, as if you obsessed LE fans wouldn’t call other actresses names. You’re ridiculous.

        • Cuddy's lawyer says:

          Ok this is your decision but why called her bitch?

        • Sarah says:

          I’m not a LE fan, but I’m not a fan of disrespect either, that’s it ;)
          You can dislike her, it’s your liberty, but what I don’t understand is why insult people you don’t know outside from what she showed in TV-shows … The actress you can dislike all you want, you can even dislike the person (but on what ground …?) but if you’ve been raised well, you don’t insult people.
          And no, I don’t insult other actresses, and no I’m not a hardcore admirer of Lisa …

          • N. says:

            Well, I’m sorry, but I couldn’t find a better word to describe her. :D

          • @sarah says:

            Lol,Oh wow, This is what i call a sanctimonious comment. Are you as defending and reasonable when the LEfans rail in an awful spiteful way against her former female collegues. No sorry can´t remember you. To me, the whole comment reeks of hypocrisy.

      • Roxi says:

        @N. So you are idiot because they are ridiculous, good argument! LOL

    • Sarah says:

      @anonymous who answered me ^^
      Well, if you don’t remember me, it’s maybe because I don’t spend my days looking and reading all the things about Lisa or the other actresses … I came here for the info because it interested me, I saw the insult, I reacted that’s it … It’s you who don’t understand that my comment has nothing to do with Lisa… it’s just an overall opinion … And that’s also why I’m not part of any fandom … Because everyone just gets all riled up over nothing … Those people/actresses don’t matter in our daily life … I disagree with most hateful comments from LE fans as well … It goes both sides … I know it may sound surprising, but they are people who are not hypocrites and can just see the whole picture :)

      • @sarah says:

        It is not me who didn`t understand your comment because your answer to my Comment made it very clear and doesn`t change anything to my former comment. If you disagree with most of the comments of LE fans you wouldn`t support them here.
        It is how it is, It is not LE who made me dont`like her it is her fans. They are truly awful if the bitch comment above is rght is questionable but it counts to all LE fans. No new show or new fandoms of her former FEMALE collegues who are quite goood in the business should deal with a fandom like hers. They are just awful and they prove it everytime again. Go with your sanctimony to a place where it is needed but not here.

        • Sarah says:

          Well i’m sorry you’re taking it this way …
          What you didn’t understand is that I’m not here to “support” anyone … I’m here as an independent person who expresses her opinion. I’ve heard a lot of things about LE fandom which yes, makes me think they’re going too far a lot of times because of their blinded love for her (there is a seed of truth in every rumor or critic). And that is sad that people can’t express their admiration in a sound and respectful way. I’m not here to defend or attack any party … I really don’t care … If it had been on another actress, in another article I read, I would have had the same reaction. I’m not sanctimonious, I said one thing : respect people… and that is worth for EVERYONE … I’m disappointed that when you try to just be respectful and reasonable you are seen as someone condescending and hypocrite. That’s not the case :) On this note, I close the debate for my part. People think what they want, it’s their freedom :) have a nice day.

    • madness says:


  7. Adam says:

    I don’t know her…sorry I don’t watch House.

  8. Cuddy's lawyer says:

    Yes,great news! I can’t wait!

  9. Astrid says:

    Amazing news!! I love Lisa and I can’t wait to see what’s she’s got to offer ;)

  10. fruity says:

    I am thrilled about this! it’s my favorite pilot so far this season and Lisa will fit really well over there. cannot wait to watch her. Thanks for the great news. she’s been missed.

  11. irene A says:

    congrats Lisa!

  12. Saint Alicia says:

    Holy hell, this is fantastic! Elementary didn’t really blow me away with the premiere, but now I’ll definitely be tuning in again! YAY!!

  13. Julie says:

    YAY!!! Great news!!! Lisa Edelstein absolutely and totally rocks!! :D Can’t wait! :D

  14. Lorie says:


  15. Josh says:

    YES! finally something good in tv news.. I missed Lisa Edelstein, she’s a fantastic actress

  16. Peter k says:

    Yay!!!! I love this woman. So pretty and talented. I hated when she left House. It was never the same without her

  17. ana says:

    I love Lisa so much I dont see this show but with Lisa will go

  18. Mark says:

    Great, it’s about time. Thanks for the news!

  19. Alan says:

    well that makes sense since this is basically house as a cop show, not much of a need for imagination from the casting department

  20. Nora Nemes says:

    Yes!! Great news! I didn’ t see her on my screen since The Good Wife (as Celeste Serrano). I love Lisa and I am happy to see her again, can’ wait!

  21. Sarah C. says:

    LOVE this! I simply cannot wait to see Lisa Edelstein back on tv and in a (from what I have heard) great show as Elementary on CBS. She’s going to rock this character like she’s done with all of the other characters on tv she has portrayed before. Going to check out her character when episode 7 comes on :D

  22. Kelly says:

    Awesome news! I loved Lisa on House and it wasn’t’ the same for me after she left. Hopefully she’s get her own series soon.

  23. Velvet says:

    Don’t know who this woman is and don’t care. Question is: Can she take the boredom out of Elementary? Answer: I don’t care because I don’t like the British guy and the show is boring.

  24. ddutchie88 says:

    I may need to watch this now..

  25. ppistachio says:

    YAAAAAAY! Love it! Need to see more Lisa on my screen.

  26. tahina says:

    Amazing news, Lisa will be great as always. Elementary just got more interesting for me. :)

  27. Natalie says:

    Yes! She is amazing. Loved her on “House”. The show lost something it never got back after she left. Thanks a bunch for this news, Matt! :)

  28. Yay, finally, we get to see Lisa Edelstein again on our tv screens. Sooo excited to watch her here. We will definitely start to watch this new tv series since it just premiered. KUDOS, Lisa!!! We will certainly watch you and support you here. #WeSupportLisaE :)

  29. Flor says:

    Wow, this is really great news! Hope they´ve written an interesting character and plot for her. Will be forward to watching the ep.

  30. Liz says:

    Lisa is awesome! I’m so excited about this, can’t wait to see her!

  31. bruh says:

    GREAT news! I really miss her! need to watch the pilot right now!

  32. tripoli says:

    Great. One more reason for me to not watch the show.

  33. liss says:


  34. Luie Larios says:

    So great news! Can’t wait to see the show. I’ve missed Lisa E. on my tv screen and I’m so happy that I’ll get to see her again. 8)

  35. Kriszta says:

    O,yeah the gorgeous and stunning Lisa will be again on my tv screen :)

  36. Lynsey says:

    Yes!! OMG! I seriously cannot wait. I’ve missed Lisa on our screens. House just wasn’t the same without her and she was awesome on The Good Wife. I haven’t seen any of this show but gonna check it out. Lisa is gonna kick ass I’m sure :)

  37. Yes says:

    Good for Lisa and good for Elementary. This is by far my favorite new ahow this season and the addition of this actress just makes it 10 times better. Too bad is just one episode but i’m sure i’ll enjoy the hell of it. By the way Matt i think you should delete that comment calling Lisa a b*tch if you want to keep this place nice and polite

  38. AJ says:

    Well thats one episode to miss, she has such little range, can’t abide her

  39. Velvet says:

    I already cancelled my season pass for this show.

  40. Lauren Glenn says:

    The fans love her as a character on a show, let’s not confuse the character with the actress.
    I knew her in college when I was unfortunately assigned her as a roomate at Rubin Residence Hall in the Fall of 1984. She was a true narcissist, thought herself beautiful. extremely catty toward other women and confessed to shoplifting and binging on mushroom when she needed to feel better. Lisa was a truly rotten human being, and if the fans knew her the way we all did during freshman year they would not be so enamored of her. Her nickname was “rotten bitch” and did she ever earn it.

    • Mandy says:

      Lmao yeah right XDDD good one

    • El says:

      Haha! Look at what the great Lisa is now and look at what you are. Lisa is famous, loved by millions of people and does tons of charity work… Jealousy sucks, doesn’t it?

    • Cuddy's lawyer says:

      “thought herself beautiful.” Yes,because that is the truth! :D

      She is a popular,famous actress and you are a nonentity! So I understand why you are so jealous…

    • Kriszta says:

      Lauren Glenn this is your real name? Let’s ask Lisa what does she think about you!

    • TRUE LISABIAN says:

      OMG, how dare you insult her? She’s PERFECT!!!!4!!! I’ve seen every House episode at least five times (okay, only S1-S6, beacuse the Huddy break up broke my heart. :((((), so I know her personality, obviously. Also, I stalk her, her friends and her family, so I know things, trust me. She is and always has been a saint, if you don’t like her, you must be a very bad person, shame on you. She’s like my friend, you know? She just doesn’t know I exist, but that’s no problem as long as her pictures help me to feel better and make me forget my horrible real life. I’m so lucky that she’s my idol, she has never made any mistake in her life unlike other actors or actresses (I don’t want to write names, but, yeah, we all know who I’m talking about). Now excuse me, but I have to go and watch Lisa videos instead of writing my homework.

      • Mandy says:

        True Lisabian you are as wise as Lauren :D There should be a whole religion around you two XDD

      • Cuddy's lawyer says:

        LMAO :D You are an idiot but at least you have sense of humor!

      • @TrueLisabian says:

        First, i´m sorry that your life is miserable but looking at LE pics doesn`t change anything on your situation. Stand up and try something out in your real life to make it less miserable.

        Don`t know from which other actors or actresses you are talking about who made big mistakes,sorry? ;)

    • madness says:

      even if your story is true, you speak about a young girl of 18, now she’s 46, you know people change, fortunately I’m also not anymore the girl I was when I was 18! grow up a little my friend.
      She contributes to various humanitarian causes, (for abortion, against violence and rape towards women), animal rights, we can not say that now she’s like the portrait you’ve made of ​​a teenager.

  41. Mandy says:

    So wonderful!!!!! Cuddy was my favorite character in House MD and i’ve missed seeing this beautiful face

  42. luka says:

    What a wonderful news for Lisa and this show. Such a cool news to find out about coming back from vacation. I was wondering about starting up a new show or not this season. It seems like the choice is made for me.

    But sorry to say, I’m a bit shocked by some nasty comments here. I would hope these sites to be a bit more monitored. Fanwar is ugly…

    Anyway, congrats to Lisa and cannot wait for this!

  43. Thomas says:

    if only hugh laurie would guest star, as like holmes’ brother or something, i mean they are both english