Hart of Dixie Recaplet: In the Matter of George vs. Wade, Did Zoe Make the Right Choice?

Hart of Dixie Season 2 PremiereWho are you voting for?

No, we’re not talking about the upcoming presidential election. Hart of Dixie doc Zoe finally picked between her two impossibly handsome Bluebell suitors in Tuesday night’s Season 2 premiere, but we want to know which guy you think is best for her.

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But first, let’s review the options and Dr. Hart’s choice. In this corner, we have George Tucker, the all-around good guy who broke off his 15-year relationship with Lemon for the pixie doctor. When he sincerely told the brunette that the two of them could be the real, forever deal, you had to believe him.

And in this corner (somewhat reluctantly), we have the often shirtless Wade, with whom Zoe just connected during A+ sex. But he has no interest in a relationship, so he doesn’t want to throw his hat into the ring for her affections. (His pants, however, are another story.)

So who was the doc’s personal preference? Kelly Taylor! With Wade having taken himself out of the running and George fresh out of a longterm relationship, Zoe couldn’t bear the thought of being a rebound girl… so she chose neither guy. Plus, she wants new bachelor George to date around. But while she waits for the timing to be right with George, she and Wade are still hopping into bed together just to prove she’s no “B-” in the sack.

Now it’s time for you, dear TVLine readers, to weigh in!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Let me start off by saying I loved season 2 premiere, I really liked this show last season and this def. was the underdog show that every was saying will fail but turn out beating both Sercret Circle & Ringer.

    I love that the theme song opening now has all of the cast instead of just zoey, it’s like a sign that last season was focus on just zoe and now this season everyone will be focus on.

    I dont like what they done to wade, he was never about just th sex with zoe, he really did like her and wanted her last season, but tonight they made him be a jerk and only want sex from her.

    I was all for team wade last season but tonight I turn to team george.

    I like the new lemon, trying to be all fresh and get a job and her own place, i like that.

    and I will end it with ruby, I liked her alot I hope she becomes a regular.

    • Leena says:

      I think Wade wants more with Zoe, but he’s hesitant to put himself out there because he thinks he’ll get hurt, especially knowing he’s now in direct competition with George.

    • Pearl says:

      Here is the thing you dont get about the Zoe/Wade dynamic: They LIKE push each others buttons.
      Zoe passed so much time pinning over George, and although she had gone to bed with Wade, and they had an amazing night, George’s still the gonlden boy. Wade feels like he is less than George. Wade never went to college, he never had a long term relationship that worked, and he is a bartender that everyone treats like the layback guy. George, on the other hand, was in NY (like Zoe), he is a lawyer, the city is so proud of him, he had THE relationship in Blueberry with Lemon, AND he got Zoe’s heart from beggining. So, why Wade would ever feel like he was going to be the chosen one? And why would he get himself between one of his best friends and the girl he loves, when she already said to him that she was in love with George?
      So, yes, he redrawn himself from this competition, and he clears the way for Zoe and George. Is not selfish, au contraire, is a love gesture. Just because he puts his walls up by teasing her (what he allways have done) doesn’t mean he’s being childish, just that he doesnt want to be in the way of Zoe being with this perfect guy for her.
      And here is the brillant thing. Altough she said to geore that they might get a better chance of being together on the future, it’s not him that she will be waiting for, its WADE!
      YES! See, she didn’t choose herself, she choose Wade.
      How is that? She knows he’s scared of a relationship with her, she knows he put his walls up, and he need to get confidence in they being together, before comitting with a relationship. BUT, if she keeps a “loose” relationship with him, he won’t feel the pressure.
      SHE LIKES when he push her buttons. He likes to make her nervous, because he feels that he mess with her, and that that means she has feelings for him. She made her go nervous, because that would bring her close, and than their chemistry would go from there.
      She choose Wade. She’s trying with him, because she wants do find out if it could work. Won’t be about a mommitment, or a label, will be about two adults with intense chemistry getting to know each other, without pressure, having fun and enjoying each other company.
      And they are amazing together.

  2. Leena says:

    THANK YOU for the Kelly Taylor reference…. I choose me was running through my head during her entire sit down with George. However… Wade FTW!

  3. MILLS says:

    Zoey/Bilson made the RIGHT choice and it’s about time… STUPIDITY just doesn’t look good on her. I think both she and Wade need to grow up. I loved Wade’s comment – Iam not going John Wayne with George to be your boyfriend. I WILL aways be Team Wade with or without Zoey.

  4. Jen says:

    What really bothered me in this episode is that Wade seemed to have no feelings for Zoe. A day before he said he felt something. I feel like they want to make George the more likeable choice and therefore they need to make Wade the bad guy. But I am still rooting for Wade and Zoe. All in all cute premiere.

  5. Kristina says:

    I loved the episode, but it kind of made her seem like she’s settling while she’s waiting for George to get his stuff together :(

    • sue21 says:

      Sure I think they need to clarify that and make zoey work on improving her practice next ep. not only her “performance”

  6. Ashley says:

    If you mean choosing noone and then starting up a “this means nothing” thing with Wade then yes, absolutely!!!

    Wade and Zoe are kidding themselves. They have very real feelings for each other and I can’t wait until they have to admit that to each other. They will not be able to pretend it’s just physical forever.

    George is selfish and can’t make up his mind. You don’t reject the girl “part of you” (his words..he still loves Lemon, clearly) loves, then almost marry your g/f of 10 years, then leave her at the altar, then the instant you do expect to get with girl #1. That’s just ridiculous. He’s not considering anyone but himself in that situation. And then there’s Lemon…that’s not over.

    • Alice says:

      I agree. It would have been unrealistic to expect Wade to change overnight, but from what she was telling Ruby, Zoe seems to have his number. The fact that he can still push her buttons means they both have some maturing to do. I look forward down the line to the point where enough becomes enough and he realizes he wants more than he thought and has to grow up or lose her.
      George – what was he thinking yelling at her, like she ASKED him to call off his wedding? Seriously.

      • Katherine215 says:

        That annoyed me so much when George was mad at her for being with Wade! He was MARRYING someone else, and what, she was just supposed to sit around pining for him? Team Wade all the way.

  7. Beth says:

    I liked it but I think wade was acting like that because Zoe left him in bed than found her in the kitchen with George. He is just putting up a good front. Still love them together.

  8. Keri says:

    Really loved this episode….except for the ending. Have some self-respect, Zoe! You deserve more than being the sex buddy for a coward who can’t step up and tell you how he feels about you! Ugh. How can any woman be attracted to Wade’s personality? What an insensitive, thoughtless jerk. Not only does he act like Zoe is not worth fighting for, but he also tells her that she is bad in bed! The GZ moments on the other hand…PURE LOVE. George Tucker is REAL man – willing to tell a woman how he feels and fight for her. Willing to take responsibility for his own actions. His speech to Zoe in her office….TOTALLY swoonworthy. I think Zoe did the right thing in letting George go FOR NOW, but I’m rooting for GZ in the end. GZ Forever!

    • Michelle says:

      THIS. I’m Team George all the way. And I totally get what Zoe’s talking about with George figuring out who he is without Lemon. But I have had ENOUGH of Wade and his attitude. Either man up and try for something with Zoe or move on. I really can’t see what she or anyone else sees in him at this point.

      • Brandy says:

        ITA I’m a diehard Zoe/George fan. wade dosent want a relationship just sex with Zoe and puts up walls while George would wait for her,fight for her and wants a relationship.If Zoe dosent want to be with either, she shouldnt be still sleeping with Wade.Wade will tired/bored of sex with her and move on and will never admit he likes her as more than a sex buddy. wade once again dissess her by bragging about good he thinks he is in bed but shes not good.

        • Katherine215 says:

          George doesn’t know what he wants! He was just about to marry someone else, now he’s completely in love with Zoe? She’s right, he needs to figure out who he is (hopefully with someone other than Zoe!). I don’t think a real man hops from one bed to another or runs hot and cold with a woman like George has.

          I think Wade’s behavior is going over your head – he’s nuts about her and using false bravado to protect himself from a broken heart.

          • tp says:

            A real man doesn’t hop from one bed to another? So what exactly has Wade been doing?

          • Katherine215 says:

            Pretty sure Wade hasn’t attempted to hop from his fiance one night to a new girlfriend the next day (even kissing her the night he broke off his engagement!).

            Wade’s a single guy – he can sleep with whomever he wants. George wasn’t single for more than 30 minutes before moving on Zoe, both after the wedding and after finding out about Lemon and Lavon.

          • tap76 says:

            George didn’t play well for me last night, and I actually found myself for the first time actually disliking him. I’m sure that is a personal preference thing though so there isn’t much else to be said about it.

            This is in response to tp. When did Wade hop from one bed to another? Last season we were told that he did it, but we were never shown that. He was with Joelle. And he didn’t just throw her over. He was with her for several episodes and finally ended it when he wised up and actually realized he deserved better.

          • tp says:

            tap76, being told he does it isn’t the same thing (no sarcasm, seriously)? Katherine, George “jumped” to Zoe after the wedding because for him, she was the reason he broke it off (I said to my kids that you never do anything for someone else. You gotta do it for yourself). That’s not to say I agree with what George did. I do not. However what I do agree with is the way he took responsibility for his actions. Wade doesn’t do that. As I said down thread, Wade’s immaturity isn’t something that a sane woman would want to deal with especially at 30 yrs old. George was unrealistic in his expectations, most certainly, but he’s not going around insulting a woman he supposedly has feelings for. I think if George hadn’t found out about Lemon and Lavon they would’ve married and lived a pretty simple life. The affair allowed him an opening to embrace feelings that might have been a fleeting attraction.

          • Tracie says:

            tp – seriously I would rather go by the actions than being told that a character is a certain way. If the writers wanted to show Wade bed hopping it would have been easy enough to do. They didn’t do that. That goes for any character on the show and any action or trait they are supposed to have. Please show me evidence of it if you want me to believe it.

  9. MILLS says:

    Iam Team Wade with or without out Zoey. Zoey should have told Wade about George’s visit after all she just had SEX with him. And then for Brick and Wade to walk in on her and George ‘s near kiss. I was disappointed to hear Zoey bragging about having to two boyfriends at the expense of Lemon’s hurt. I like what Lemon told Zoey- no matter what hurt you (Zoey) and George have done … Iam a strong woman. I think Zoey made the RIGHT choice, but, she too has alot of growing up to do.

  10. Gone says:

    Saint George can have Saint Zoey after Wade is done with her. Then she can teach Saint George about A+ sex…. it obviouslyt that he falls short in that area otherwise Lemon wouldn’t have been in Lavone’s bed. Saint George and Saint Zoey can travel and watch to gorillas atter Wade has had his fun.

  11. tiu says:

    The girl is enjoying herself leave her alone. Why would you want to her be with your .precious/perfect George after she been with Wade? She made the RIGHT choice. George don’t know what he wants.

  12. eliza says:

    Zoe and George all the way!!!!

  13. AT says:

    Realistically I think Zoe should pick George in the end. If she were a real person, she would. But the writers probably will have her end up with Wade because of his popularity. Who doesn’t love the bad boy? I love the bad boy. And I love Wade. I’m entertained by Wade and I understand why he puts up walls. BUT, he’s immature and clearly incapable of a real relationship at this point. George is about real love, your ideal. While they’ve made Wade about sex. I don’t intend to sound like a snob but George is a romantic, sweet guy who is man enough to fight for a girl. Not to mention he is a successful lawyer. Wade doesn’t have anything together and he’s RUDE to Zoe and even insulting. Plus, he’s a wimp. I don’t like wimps when it comes to relationships. Right now his behavior is equal to that of a high school adolescent. He knows that she likes him. Therefore the fear should go away. It was just odd. I mean, grow up! That said, I do think Zoe made the right choice about George, but is making the wrong choice in relation to Wade. But I actually enjoy the triangle. I loved the fight! And I think I’m going to enjoy Lemon this season.

    • Skeff says:

      I agree with many things you’ve said.
      George is clearly the safe choice – he’s kind, mature and successful. And Wade is acting like a child. However, as much as I was annoyed at Wade’s behavior last night, I can understand his reaction after walking in on Zoe and George having an “intimate” moment right after Zoe left him in bed! Wade knows how strongly Zoe has felt about George so clearly he’s going to be intimidated. And then act accordingly.
      Also, I’m happy to see Lemon actually show some independence. It was be great to see her move out, get a job, interact with Wade… Based on how much she annoyed me last year, I think this was my favorite part of the episode.

  14. Maryam says:

    Zoe and Wade for me

  15. Missy Kelly says:

    Tonight’s episode made me realize how much I missed this show over the summer. Glad Zoe Hart & Co. are back!

  16. jar says:

    May I just say that the ‘shirtless one’s milk for free’ is the greatest option ever in the entire history of internet polls. Or at least the best one tonight on this particular website.

  17. Elyse says:

    Zade forever. i love Wade and Zoe! Wade has been hurt by Zoe in the past so thats why he puts up walls around her. Wade and Zoe will end up being together.

  18. tp says:

    I totally lost respect for Zoe last night. I like the other characters too much to say I’m not going to watch anymore so, no unrealistic declarations from me. I just can’t believe the people defending Wade being an ass because he’s scared to get hurt. While that might be true, who wants to deal with that in a relationship? Especially at 30 years old?! She’s accepted him like he is so where’s his incentive to grow up?

    I’m glad she chose not to start a relationship with George. She’s right. He does need to see who he is without Lemon. It took alot to do what he did. He manned up and told Lemon he couldn’t marry her. He didn’t leave a note or her standing at the alter. He manned up and told Zoe he understood why she chose Wade. I can respect that. Regardless of me not being happy with the outcome I look forward to the season. I am so happy there’s a black woman that won’t be a back burner character (until she leaves then I’ll be sad). I can’t wait for Zoe to be sick to her stomach to see George date openly while she slinks around town with Wade. Last but not least I’m looking forward to all the festivals and such. Reminds me of Stars Hollow.

    • WEB says:

      tp… As woman you should have lost respect for Zoey when she was running around her stealing another woman’s man. George is not God’s gift the woman- his actions were inappropriate. As an engaged man he had no business running around with Zoey- Would you want your husband running around here with another woman? If this is the Jason Street you guys workship then Iam not missing anything. Yeah, Wade has issues, but, guess what so does George. Zoey and Lemon both are free of George

  19. Kyle says:

    Scott Porter is annoying and so is the character of George. I hope she never ends up w him. It’s either gotta be wade or someone completely new! Please!

    • Belinda says:

      Kyle, you obviously never watched Friday Night Lights (and neither did a lot of people who missed out on the series of a lifetime). Get the DVDs. I bet your opinion of Scott Porter will change pretty quickly. Texas Forever!

      • RichieS says:

        Yea Belinda ! I’m glad you brought up FNL, the greatest show noone ever watched. I found myself hurting along with George last night, but then I realized part of that feeling was the FNL storyline where Street aka Scott Porter loses Lyla to Riggins and now its happening again with Zoe and that complete moron Wade.

      • Kyle says:

        Ok maybe HE isn’t a horrible actor.. But in this show his character is a mess. He is annoyingly cheery, unbelievable when he’s upset, and just… I can’t take him serious. George sucks.

  20. heidi says:

    I have been waiting for years for a scene like the final fight/sex scene of the season opener. How can anyone not be a shipper after seeing Zoe and Wade in bed and in total denial having hot sex while telling each other (and themselves) that it means nothing while what we see clearly shows something else ;-)

  21. tyu says:

    I gained RESPECTED for both Lemon and Zoey last night… watching the spell of George Tucker being broken. As a woman it was totally embarrassing to watch both those woman during the second half of last season. They were both totally pathetic over George . George Tucker is NOT God’s gift to woman. He created this MESS, but, yet he was too CHICKEN to into that house to check on those woman . If he had of been MAN enough to tell Lemon he had feeling for Zoey he would have been having SEX with Zoey and not Wade. So get over YOURSELF.. George Tucker is NO gentleman. He is running around here chasing after another woman while the woman he has been with for 15 years is hurting …he didn’t have the decency or respect to asked her if she was okay… DAM IT Lemon is hurting and embarrassed… he caused this .. piece of crap. Mr. Dumb Ass admitted that he is only half in love with Zoey. Yeah, Wade has issues and need to grow up, but, guess what so does your Mr. Perfect George ASS Tucker . Zoey did the RIGHT thing by dumping his CORNY Ass.

  22. WEB says:

    George flirted with Zoey while having SEX with Lemon. He also dumped Zoey and there was nothing said about it, Now it’s her turn. Pay back is a B****

  23. ChrisGa says:

    Meh…..I prefer Zoe with Wade as I think George is one of the most uninteresting characters on network television(no offense to Scott Porter). I just don’t know if Wilson Bethel’s extreme hotness is enough to keep me watching this show; it’s still a little to precious for it’s own good. And the constant insertion of the “eccentric” town folk at every turn was done far more creatively and clever on a little show called Gilmore Girls.

  24. Caro says:

    Wade is a player and a very immature guy which makes him a bad bet for any girl. And George is on the rebound but he is a great match for Zoey. George is calmer while Zoey is hyper and impulsive, both are smart and both have an adventurous streak. They are the real deal while Wade is just great sex wrapped in a bad boy vibe.

  25. WEB says:

    Real deal, please this ASS wasn’t faith to Lemon. Mr. ASS was cheating with Zoey before he found out about Lemon affair. Top if off, he show no decency or respect for Lemon (last espisode) all he cared about was his obession with Zoey. Poor Lemon was huring….he stood right beside her… didn’t have the DECENCY to ask her if she was okay. He is a piece of crap.

  26. Christine says:

    I personally agree with Zoe’s (not choosing but choosing indeed)!…she fel a connection with Wade, something deeper than just amazing sex so the minute she realised it she went for the right direction!she was honest with both(which i totally find true) and she reacted the way i was hoping for..she totally respected the night she spent with Wade..the thing is that Wade is in love with her from season 1 but, because of his insecurities as far as education and status are concerned, he always felt like he wasn’t worthy of Zoe’s affections…the minute he found out about Giorge’s choice, he thought that Zoe would leave him and forget about the time they spent together…knowing that she is in love with him….that’s why he is acting all jerk like, it’s SELF DEFENCE towards his real feelings and his possibly hurt ego!
    he loves her and so is Zoe….in fact she is starting to fall in love him Wade..just realising it…im glad

  27. tyler says:

    It’s so obvious that Zoe loves Wade and Wade loves her. George thinks b/c he has his life all together that he is the better man but love is not about that. You can’t help who u love and Zoe loves Wade despite the fact that he doesn’t have his life together like George. She is not waiting for George she is waiting for Wade to realize he is a good guy and that he does really love Zoe and wants a relationship with her. Speaking from experience love always wins no matter what. I was in love with a girl who had to choose between me (I had no job at the time and had no idea what my future was going to be and just slept around with lots of girls) and another guy (he has a great job, money, a nice house and was always willing to say how he felt) and when it came down to it the girl chose me because she knew that we truly loved each other and she knew that if she chose the other guy it would be for the wrong reasons it would be because on paper he seemed lik the right choice but she knew if he chose him that she would always be thinking of me and love me more. So after she chose me I got my sh!t together and we’ve been married for 3 years (we dated for 2 years before we got married) and have a son and another kid on the way and we are only 24 years old and I am so happy that I get to spend the rest of my life with her and we may not be rich and have a huge house, we are doing just fine our kid is healthy and everything is going smoothly with the 2nd and we are so in love with each other that I can’t wait everyday for work to end just so I can see my wife and kiss her and talk to her and know how her day was. So sometimes people just need to go with their heart and not their head cuz u can’t marry someome u like a lot u have to be with someone u love.

  28. Lynn says:

    They ruined the Wade connection. That could have been a fun relationship. Last season rather than him standing in the rain at her door they should have met at the electrical box sopping wet. Shows don’t know how to make passion happen which sucks over and over again. She wanted him for awhile then got all blah. George is blah. I like the fun banter she had with Wade.