Dancing With the Stars Week 2 Results: Did The Right Couple Go Home?

Dancing With the Stars ResultsAfter last week’s highly predictable heave-ho to the less-than-fleet-footed Pamela Anderson, an air of greater uncertainty hung over the Week 2 results of Dancing With the Stars.

The sheer number of stars remaining (an even dozen) in this All-Star-themed 15th season made it hard to handicap who’d be in jeopardy. Certainly, former Cheetah Girl Sabrina Bryan and gold-medal-winning Olympians Shawn Johnson and Apolo Anton Ohno would skate to safety, having stolen much of the spotlight thus far. That left me figuring that the comparatively wobbly Monday-night performances by Kirstie Alley (21 points) and Bristol Palin (18 points) would lead to one of those divas exiting the ballroom for good.

But not so fast, peeps! It wouldn’t be a DWTS results show without a cavalcade of non-results-related filler before the moment of truth. In Hour 1, the judges were tasked with picking the “pivotal” dances (though not necessarily the best) of our All Stars through the years. The highlight: Kelly Monaco’s grace-under-fire Season 1 response to the very first DWTS “wardrobe malfunction” (by mid-dance, both of the shoulder straps on her dress had snapped!) endeared her to me all over again. But all I could think of throughout this segment was this: Has anyone seen Len Goodman look and sound happier? Who was this giddy, grinning imposter?

In Hour 2, we saw the resplendent Katherine Jenkins (should she have won the Mirrorball trophy in Season 14?) duet with the equally dazzling Placido Domingo, but additional performances by Cher Lloyd and the season debut of the Macy’s Stars of Dance left me quickstepping toward the wine bottle.

Anyhow, knock me over with a feather, here’s the moment of truth — tonight’s results:

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson
Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy
Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson
Helio Castroneves and Chelsie Hightower

Joey Fatone and Kym Johnson

“You know, I’ll miss everybody out here,” said a clearly stunned Fatone, of being the second All-Star to see his Mirrorball dreams get shattered. “I’m actually going to a wedding tomorrow, so I don’t give a damn. I’m gonna have a good time!” Fatone then added: “We had a great time, people said I was fun, and that’s all that matters.”

And with that, it’s your turn. Which couple should have really gone home tonight? Were you gobsmacked that despite her very low scores, Brisol Palin escaped even being “in jeopardy” tonight? Are you looking forward to next weeks’ double elimination results show? Sound off in the comments! –-Mitch Rustad

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Linda says:

    “Did The Right Couple Go Home?” NO!

    • sandra says:

      absolutely not….bristol should go but just like last time, she will get to hang around because Sarah Palin supporters vote for her…bah humbug!

    • Liz says:

      It should have been Bristol or Kirstie going home and I hope they go home next week. They are clearly the weakest two on the show. I am upset that Joey went and I can’t believe that Helio was in the bottom two. Do the other voters not like fun, because Joey and Helio were/are the two most fun and joyful contestants back this season. Helio’s one of the better contestants back this season and one of my favorite six that I can’t choose between for single favorite.

      • TheFactsR says:

        Yes I agree, Joey was fun to watch, the show is bad bad bad again this season, the fun and entertaining leave while the horrible dancers and personalities such as Kirstie and Bristol stay!!!!

      • Rondee says:

        I agree Bristol & Kristie should have already been sent home this is a dance show and the judges rate the best dancers, shame on the people for the way they vote.

  2. Pam says:

    Who is voting for Bristol? She was by far the worst dancer last night. Joey should not have been sent home before her.

    • Amanda says:

      The Tea Party is your answer.

      • Barbara says:

        First of all, stop blaming the Tea Party, obviously people are voting for Bristol. Its the same with theo the other show, AI, The Voice, X Factor, it is not the most talented that stays so why are you surprised. I am glad she is staying and thought Kirstie should have been voted off, but stop blaming the Tea Party, it is getting old.

        • Mary says:

          @Barbara, first of all it is a all star dancing show and she can’t dance, so she is getting votes for reasons other than dancing. I don’t know if it is the tea party, republicans or who but she should of been voted off plain and simple. That being said – she was the worst of the night with Kristie and Joey tying for the next worst so I wasn’t surprise to see Joey go home, but I was surprise by the other two in the bottom.

        • Sandra says:

          I remember when Ty Murray stayed until 4th place. He was not a good dancer. People vote for who they like, not who is best. Same with SYTYCD. It’s favorite dancer. Get over your hatred of everything \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\palin

        • TheFactsR says:

          SO IS BRISTOL!

      • Amy says:

        You can’t blame the tea party/republicans as a group. I’m a republican, but this is a dance show not a political competition so Bristol obviously should have gone home. Nothing personal, she just can’t dance. Some republicans are actually level headed enough to judge base on talent and not political affiliation. Oh and believe it or not all of us like Sarah Palin either.

    • sigh says:

      Honey, the tea-baggers have spoken. talent is irrelevant, apparently, it’s all in the dialing fingers. too bad, really. coulda been a way fun season, with MOST of the contestants making it a horse race.

    • Erica says:

      But if people wanted Joey to stay so bad, they should’ve voted for him. It’s what I’ve never understood about complaints so early in a season… just because you think someone else was worst, doesn’t necessarily mean anyone really wanted the person who did go home to stay that much longer. Face it, couples will be eliminated every week, and unless their your favorite, what’s the use in complaining??

    • Linda says:

      I don’t know but I wish they’d stop. She is so boring to watch.

  3. Julie says:

    Bristol and Mark or Kirstie and Maks should have gone home. Neither are up to the caliber of everyone else.

  4. Marianne says:

    I don’t understand who is voting for Bristol. I mean, her show on Lifetime was not watched, so clearly there is no big interest in her.

    • Brook says:

      It’s her mother and the crazy Tea Partiers.

      • John says:

        No, I voted for her 12 times and I’m not a tea partiers, I don’t like parties especially when they’re political. I did it just to piss-off people like you.

        • chistosa says:

          John. What lack of maturity. Does that make you feel powerful? You are a sad person if you get pleasure simply from making others angry. Perhaps you could find a friend and do something positive for yourself.

  5. Roy says:

    The show is rigged. Bristol and Kristie are there for the TRP.

    • TheFactsR says:

      I believe this also, I tape the show and speed thru it to watch only the people I enjoy, I cut out all judges comments and most of what Tom and Brooke say and all the filler stuff, I get it to a 15 minute show.

  6. JDuro says:

    People who are voting for Bristol are the same tea bagger blog/talk radio patrons that took Bristol to the finale of her season a couple years ago. I’m not shocked at all she wasn’t even in jeopardy. Sad to say with the ratings as bad as they are this season, if Bristol’s voters are anywhere near the level as her previous season, she will definitely make finale and possibly win it this time. Hope I’m wrong. Hate seeing Joey go. Show lost a flat out entertainer tonight.

    • John says:

      No, I voted for her 12 times and I’m not a tea partier, I don’t like parties especially when they’re political. I did it just to piss-off people like you. I hope she does better.

    • Alice says:

      Nope. Bristol Palin is the reason they put in the dance duels after her season- so that someone in the bottom of the board every week can’t get through on votes alone. She will have to outdance someone to make it past week 5 or 6. And, really, once Kirstie is gone, everyone else can dance circles around her.

    • TheFactsR says:

      AGREE, as they drop ratings, if they don’t wise up, there will not be a DWTS show the ratings will drop so low they can’t pay the bills on air time

  7. Vee Keaton says:

    I was not expecting Joey Fatone! :-O

  8. Abdullah says:

    Anyone surprised that this week’s DWTS brought in the lowest ratings ever? This season’s format is a joke. Heads will roll.

    • TheFactsR says:

      OR they will go off the air! All stars could have been the BEST DWTS ever but for the choices of stars is the bad part too. The judges were saying some pretty bad stuff about Joey Monday night and Joey said “I will never be your favorite” and was disgusted, he may have asked his fans to send him home.

  9. Linda says:

    I wish they’d change the voting rules this season and instead vote to who you want to LEAVE the show. I bet Bristol would leave then.

    • jackie says:

      I completely agree! and make the popular vote only 25% of the result and the judges get 75% of the say. This show is way too much of a popularity contest instead of a dance contest.

      • John says:

        It was alway a popularity reality show not a dance competition. You don’t really believe it was otherwise.

      • dude says:

        It’s a popularity show to avoid another Kelly-gate. Remember when she won season 1?

        • Mary says:

          I felt she should of won the first season, not that cocky I can’t even remember his name who thought he was the best. I like contestants that improved over the season and for me that was Kelly.

      • Mary says:

        I don’t agree with the judges getting 75% of the say. I thought they over scored a couple of dances. I like the ideal of voting for the worst dance of the night.

    • TheFactsR says:

      YES they should do something about the voting

  10. Laquisha says:

    Please people. Nobody is voting for Bristol. It’s a producer stunt to keep the ratings up, just like what they did in season 11. Bristol will make the final 3 or 4 to get the producers their ratings, and then she will get knocked off.

  11. terri sloan says:

    I just can’t believe that Joey went home! It should have been Bristol. She seems like a nice girl, but she and Kirstie are not on the same level as the rest,and that includes Joey Fatone.

  12. sarah says:

    im so confused bc who votes for bristol??? she cant dance n she is not entertaining!!!

  13. sharron carrell says:

    If the teabaggers have that kind of power, kiss your beloved pres goodbye. Personally, I didn’t think Fatty Arbuckle was that great.

    • TheFactsR says:


  14. Lilly says:

    As much as I can’t stand popularity contests, I love dancing. I watch the show for that reason. Bristol is a non-issue for me since I get up off the couch and piddle or grab a drink when she’s “dancing.” She’s a joke. Even she knows it. But the last time she was on, I believe the producers stuck it out with her till Sarah appeared on the show a few times before voting her off. Sarah’s been there since the first dance night. She’s appeared more times already this time than last, and she was quite controversial in the papers at that time. Two seasons later, not so much anymore. Dunno if the show will allow Bristol to stay. I really don’t.

    I’m uncomfortable with her gyrating her hips. I keep thinking about her virginal image, the pregnancy, and her career as a role model to young teens not to give it up to guys who won’t spring for more than a few wine coolers. It’s like she’s done a 180, and now she’s looser and sexier because she’s matured, but she’s still a teen. I’m uncomfortable with any teen dancing so suggestively to start with, but one with a toddler who’s all about Jesus loving her first and foremost? No thanks.

    • Elle says:

      Bristol isn’t a teenager.

    • John says:

      I’m a ballroom dancer, in the International Latin style. I didn’t watch this show but I voted for Bristol 12 times just to piss-off people like you. Besides, this show is a waste of time.

      • Mary says:

        John I will bite, did you try out for the show and was rejected? If the show is a waste of time it is obvious you have plenty of time on your hands to waste. Why else some to a site and make immature comments on something you never watched. Get a life.

        • TheFactsR says:

          Just ignore John he is as immature as Bristol and she already makes the show bad enough without JOHN so just pass over his comments

  15. Madeline says:

    I have never had anything against Brisol but with this being an all star season she should have been the one to go home this week. Pamela went home last week and that was understandable seeing as she didn’t do well. This week Bristol was the weakest dancer and Joey did not deserve to go home. Bristol should have went home. The wrong person went home.

  16. Amy says:

    You ignorant fools stop to “think” which I realize is a stretch, that those 3 BIASED, UNFAIR ELITE judges do not accurately score on performance alone. Perhaps the “regular plain-folk” Americans are fed up with being told how to think based on the inflated egos of hollywood/liberal types!!!

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      Hey, it’s just a friendly dance competition. Nobody is telling anyone how to think or vote. Why does it have to be about politics? You’re making the people of America sound like stereotypes, like only “regular plain-folk” can be conservatives, and only celebrities can be liberal. C’mon, why do that? There are people in middle America who are liberals, just like there are celebrities who are conservatives. And again, let me reiterate, it’s just a friendly dance competition. No reason to call people who are fans of the show names like ignorant fools.

    • Angela says:

      In regards to that last sentence-errrr, speaking as a “regular plain-folk American”, and one who lives smack dab in the middle of the country AND who leans liberal on many issues, I would say no, that’s not true. I’m REALLY sick and tired of the whole “middle Americans are more ‘real’ than those bad liberals on the coast!” crap-for cripes’ sakes, aren’t we about done with that obnoxious attitude now? Everyone’s a real American, whatever that means, no matter where they live or what beliefs they adhere to, okay?
      I think the judges have their favorites, but I don’t think they’re the ones keeping Bristol around. I think it’s definitely the voters. Bristol has her fans, for whatever reason, and they’re voting in droves (or there’s that guy above who’s feeling the constant need to tell us that they voted for her just to make people mad, which is just as stupid a reason as people voting her off simply because they hate her and not because of her dancing abilities or lack thereof). I think there are people much better than her who should stay, but she gets ratings and gets people talking, so she’s going to stay for a while. Which isn’t really fair, since that’s not why someone should stick around on a show, but hey, it’s reality TV, that stuff happens, unfortunately.
      Anywho, I had to work tonight, so I missed the results. Personally, I’m just shocked that Helio came so close to leaving. He certainly didn’t deserve to be in the bottom three, let alone the bottom two.

    • susan johnson says:

      My, aren’t we an angry person! Do we get up on the wrong side of the bed every morning?

    • chistosa says:

      Wow Amy. Please don’t skip anymore of your anger management sessions. You do understand that this is nothing more than a reality competition show don’t you.

    • TheFactsR says:


  17. dude says:

    The “bottom three” is so manufactured by producers. Polling results actually shows that Helio had the second most votes of the night (behind Sabrina) and Kelly Monaco had the third most.

    • John says:

      Polling maybe nice but they don’t count, only votes matter.

    • chistosa says:

      The polls are totally irrelevant and exist for no more purpose than entertainment. Anly hardcore fans of the show actually participate. And they are not randomly samples. I know people who vote multiple times in these so called polls so the numbers may reflect a few voters jamming the results.

    • TheFactsR says:

      YES!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU!!! I was wondering if anyone else knew how the REAL VOTES GO!!!!!! They have the lineup of how people will leave the show before it EVER airs! THEY PRODUCERS are getting RICHER in VEGAS PEOPLE!!!!!

  18. Keren says:

    I voted for Joey and I’m disappointed that he left. His dances were entertaining and he was charming.

  19. Becky says:

    To think that Joey went home and Bristol was saved for another season is an outrage. So what she learned how to shake her hips big deal, the girl simply cannot dance and she missed a lot of steps last week her footwork was crap. I’m convinced her mom bought her position and votes. Baahhh big disappointment.

  20. Mike says:

    What is wrong with this world, I am not watching this show because to be honest I don’t like it but I am monitoring who is sent home each week, and I will never understand how Bristol has lasted this long, I also don’t understand why she is considered an all star.

  21. Steve says:

    of course the right couple didnt go home. here we go with the right wingers and bristol palin -i didnt even recognize her with all the surgery she’s had…and when i saw her in interviews after last night, she really was kinda rude and ungrateful for the opportunities she has because of her mom. No every single teen mom doesnt get her own reality show and doesnt get to do DWTS (do you really consider yourself a star?) where they make hundreds of thousands of dollars and dont need to have a real job. I hope all those tea partiers voting for her doesnt mean we get a pres romney or i will have to follow my sister and move to canada

    • Amy says:

      Enjoy Canada jackass

      • Mary says:

        Whoa Amy your remark was an intelligent response – Not. I guess you are a republican, maybe you should think before you speak and use your works wisely.

      • chistosa says:

        Amy, do you understand that your angry, foul mouthed, insulting responses to those who disagree with you reveals more about you than those you criticize? I don’t pretend to know what you are really like but your comments portray you as an angry, foul mouthed loser. If you were to express disagreement in an intelligent, literate manner more people might consider your perspective. Your responses just make people dismiss you as a nutcase,

  22. bristol needs to leave! So sad about Joey, I loved him.

  23. MK204 says:

    Oh please. Of course the right couple DID NOT go home. Should have been Pamela, then Bristol, then Kirstie. I know Mark is popular but really….Joey, Kelly in the Bottom…with Joey eliminated. Good grief. Something is wrong with this picture. Bristol shouldn’t have even been back to begin with let alone having Mark get stuck with her.

  24. bekti says:

    The tea party was out in full force voting…

  25. Liz says:

    I think y’all are severely overestimating your tea party vote. I’d like to think they have more important things to worry about than Bristol Palin on a dance competition.

    And as a conservative I can’t stand her or her family anymore. The gave up all legitimacy and simply became reality tv stars. I so do not understand the love out there for Sarah Palin. And Bristol is whiny, that’s why her reality show tanked.

  26. robinepowell says:

    Poor Joey and Kym. I have a feeling that Bristol and Mark will make it to the finals, if not the semi-finals, again. Something about her people like. Not that I have feelings one way or another, it’s she seems to get fan votes. ;)

  27. Morisot says:

    I like the dancers. I’m always sad when someone “goes home”. Most of these stars finished at or near the top their first time around. I agree with those who don’t think this “All Stars” season was a good idea. It doesn’t feel like a championship…it feels like leftovers. (Even steak or lobster reheated is just a leftover!)

  28. Riah says:

    I”m one who did vote for Bristol, although only twice the rest were for Giles :-) I did it because of how HORRIBLE CarrieAnn was to her. Everytime the judges rip anyone to shreds like they did I always throw them at least one vote. I don’t like the judges and how they play favorites, so I try to even the score. That saying I don’t expect Bristol around much longer, she just not as good. But to me it’s to show the judges “hey you baby your pets and the fans will react”.

    • Mark says:

      I agree Carrie Ann was a ***** to her. It felt personal instead of professional. I know I’m not a fan of Carrie Ann anymore.

      • PDMy says:

        CarrieAnn did the same thing to Emmitt, so what? They like to mix it up with the stars, dancers and each other sometimes. Ms Palin has had a 45 minutes of fame and needs to finish her education and take care of her son.

    • chistosa says:

      Have you considered that the judges are instructed to vote the way they do by the producers to influence the voting public and to rile them up to save the wrong person? When you vote just to “show the judges” all yuo accomplish is subjecting the rest of us to someone who should have left. I am fairly certain that you did not show the judges anything and nothing you did will change what they do.

    • TheFactsR says:


  29. Mark says:

    I thought Joey should go home. He did a terrible dance but the judges let his mistakes pass because he was entertaining. Bristol was treated like **** by the judges for her mistakes. Are they judging technique or not?

  30. jacqi says:

    I would have liked to have seen Kristie or Bristol to go home. They are the worse dancers. And they both have bad attitudes.

  31. David Abrams says:

    The show is different this time with the “allstars”. The format should have been different. Keep all of them around for 4 or 5 weeks and then do a tally and send the lowest 3 home. Much kinder and more entertaining. Who knows, Pam did great the first time she was on the show and she wasn’t feeling well. I think she should have stuck around for Hollywood week at least. Bristol sucks and the politics are so obvious (like figure skating) and Joey certainly didn’t deserve to leave so soon, so the producers missed an opportunity to do something really different and interesting. Me – I’ve quit watching – bored.

  32. Anna says:

    Bristol Palin should have gone home instead of Joey Fatone. Whatever you want to say about his dancing ability, at least he has charisma and is fun to watch. Bristol has all the charisma of a dead animal, and zero dancing ability to boot.

  33. crabbypantz says:

    I dislike Kirstie so much. IMO, she is a has-been. And, it annoys me how much she flirts w/the younger men. Yuck. Having said that, she does pretty well for someone in her 60’s and she seems to have lost weight and kept it off. Kudos for that. But she can’t dance.

    Bristol has zero personality. I don’t mind her mom, but I’m not impressed with Bristol. She can go anytime and should have gone before Joey. By the way, I am a conservative. Another thought…Carrie Ann should NOT be so rude to Bristol.

    Once Kirstie and Bristol are gone, it might be a fun show to watch…I don’t know…so far, I find it more than a tad boring. Not sure if I’ll tune in again next week or not. I always record and FF, which makes it more tolerable.

    I sound so grumpy. I’m really not. I love dancing! :)

  34. Elizabeth Solis says:

    While I certainly believe Bristol and Kirstie should go home before more talented dancers, I think the blame is not the tea party, but teens and young 20s. They take the time to vote on Facebook, ABC.com, their cell phones and home phones. Bristol talks to teens to encourage abstinence and reality shows attract more of the younger viewers. We should applaud their passion and dedication, if not their taste in dancing.

    In contrast, I, for example, hadn’t voted in a couple of seasons until Drew showed up in the bottom two. We tape the show and watch it after the phone lines are closed, so I used that as a convenient excuse. I’ll be voting again next week and throughout the season until Bristol and Kirstie get eliminated.

    If not, the judges will just keep giving the two lower and lower scores until that works.

  35. kat davis says:

    OMG you have got to be kidding me! The girl can’t dance at all! They are paid according to Sherri Shepherd$300,00 per show, so we know why shes there & she did say who cares about judges scores but IT IS A DANCING COMPETITION PEOPLE! MAKE SURE YOU VOTE FOR THE DANCERS!!

  36. Marjie Lewis says:

    I love Bristol and her courageous efforts to overcome shyness and lack of entertainment background, but thought her performance and Kirstie’s performance were by far the weakest last week. I was shocked that Joey was sent home! He was definitely entertaining!

  37. Francine says:

    I am appalled by the voting process. Why give people as much power as the judges? The judges should have more percentage of he vote than people voting. Even though 2 judges ( Carrie Ann and Len ) are so rude to contestants, they know a little about technique. Bruno can say remarks without making it personal. It is about their dancing… Carrie Ann is so crazy. About men it is ridiculous. She melts in front of the handsome man and give them big scores jst because they are sexy. Of course with the face and the education that she has she cannot expect to have men looking at her let alone dating her. I saw her in a restaurant and she was loud, vulgar and disgusting. Even the “pros”get her venim. She should be fired on the spot and replace by somebody who knows dancing. I remembered lastbyear, when she insulted Max and he answered to her, she was upset and said : Who does he think he is? Well back to you Carrie-Ann… In my book you are a vulgar,idiot who thinks she can spit on everybody who disagrees with her. The producers should know how much viewers they are losing because of her… The ratings are there… Check them and show them to her when you show her the door.

  38. Donna says:

    My husband and I would love to see Carrie Ann and Bruno dance. Then they will have a reason to vote..