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5 Things to Know About Supernatural Season 8

Supernatural Jensen Ackles Jared PadaleckiSupernatural returns this Wednesday (The CW, 9/8c) with the Winchesters having spent a year apart from each other. While Sam was striking up a romance with a woman (Covert Affairs‘ Liane Balaban), Dean battled it out in purgatory with an unlikely ally. And that’s just the beginning! Below are five things executive producers Jeremy Carver and Bob Singer think you should know about Season 8.

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IT’S TIME-TRIPPY | The flashbacks have “allowed us to tell slightly different kind of stories” like delving into Sam’s romance with his ladylove Amelia, says Carver. “Supernatural, I don’t think, spent a lot of time on relationship stories. It’s a really nice mechanism to do that without imposing that on the forward momentum of these other stories that we’re telling.” Flashbacks will also reveal how Dean spent his time in purgatory, a place most writers would not dare to venture for fear of it not measuring up to viewers’ imaginations. “We said, ‘We are going to go there because there’s a really, really strong character thing going on down there,” explains Carver. “And the look of it is super cool.” Visually, the “lack of color and high contrast, desaturated look” is meant to convey a feeling of “there’s no good place to lay your head down, no green leaves,” says Singer. “We wanted to contrast that with Sam’s flashbacks, which are diffused and have filters and [are] a little more dreamy so you get a sense that Sam’s past year was nice and warm and Dean’s was cold and stark.”

Supernatural Ty OlssonDEAN HAS A NEW FRIEND | By now, you’ve probably heard that Dean came out of purgatory with a buddy, a vampire by the name of Benny (Ty Olsson). But what might surprise you is the nature of their relationship and how their experiences down there have shaped the elder Winchester. “Dean came out of purgatory with a bit of a surprising reaction to it,” previews Carver; Singer describes the character as “a little more brutal” now. As for Benny, he’s “playing a very important part both in his physical presence and psychological presence,” says Carver. “The idea of Benny hangs over our brothers pretty heavily. He’s a guy who has a tremendous, tremendous bearing.”

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SAM’S IN THE DOGHOUSE | With truly nobody left, Sam actually kept the brothers’ promise to not look for each other should one of them disappear – you know, the one they always break – and didn’t search for Dean. Instead, he left the hunting life behind, even ditching his cell phones, and “found a real solace, a real comfort” in Amelia, says Singer. Needless to say, this does not sit well with Dean, but as his own secrets about the past year start to come out, “those tables turn as to who has to answer for what,” says Carver. “While Sam’s trying to be really forthcoming, saying, ‘My mindset is different,’ Dean is being really less than forthcoming,” points out Singer. “The fact that he’s judgmental is probably not all that fair to Sam, given what Dean’s not saying.” Regardless of who’s right or wrong in this scenario, he adds, “everyone will get their licks in.”

BEING A PROPHET IS TOUGH | As seen in the preview for the new season, Kevin has big news for the Winchesters: He’s spied a way to close the gates of Hell forever. But that’s easier said than done, especially when the Winchesters have been MIA for a year. Plus, being a conduit for the word of God has some downsides. “We’ll learn more about how he personally feels about being a prophet…[and] the personal cost that it has for him,” reveals Carver.

YOU’LL STILL HAVE FUN! | Despite the harshness of purgatory, demons and brotherly issues, there’s still fun to be had this season. Case in point: An upcoming episode will tackle the question of “What happens when you find yourself living in a cartoon universe?” teases Carver. (Sadly, it’s not animated, but will deal with “cartoon physics in the real world.”) Also on tap are adventures in LARPing (that’s live action role-playing, for the uninitiated) and an hour consisting almost entirely of Paranormal Activity-style “found footage,” which is “pretty unlike any episode that the show has ever done before.”

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  1. James says:

    What happened to the six year plan Eric Kripke had? Supernatural has run its course, please let it end before it turns into a complete joke. I’m saying that as a fan of seasons 1-4. The stories are repetitive, and the characters don’t have an interesting arc anymore…

    • Mikaylah says:

      I’ve been a fan since the very beginning, and although not every episode was amazing, the shoe overall is still incredible. I’m glad it’s still on the air, and I think they have more stories to tell.

    • Rrrrrr says:

      Kripke first had a plan for three seasons, then a plan for five seasons. The season five finale (titles SWAN SONG) was supposed to be the series finale, but when CW renewed it, a cliffhanger was slapped on in post and Kripke stepped down, since he’d already told his story. So everything leading up to season 6, sans the finale moments of season 5, was all Kripke.

    • Dan says:

      Who cares about Kripke? Carver’s on command now. He decided to leave the show without ending it, his problem. Besides, season 4 was the crappiest season of the show (as a fan of seasons 1-3 and 5-7). I’m glad the show kept on going. It stills great! I don’t want it to end. I mean season 4 was the one where Kripke destroys Sam character, after having a smart, mature Sam during the first 3 seasons. Season 4 made him a total freak, a monster, a crazy dumb guy. I really like the new Sam. While Dean was kind of the good one, the perfect character, the one loved by everybody. Its unfair. I love Dean’s character, but its stills not fair.

      • pop says:

        I didn’t like season 4 it was not the worst season 5 was the worst. Ever since the angels came in the show just went downhill.

    • Jason says:

      Oh, shut your freakin’ piehole, James. If you don’t like it, don’t watch. Supernatural is a signature drama of The CW schedule and it’ll be around longer than you can count. So get a life.

    • DK says:

      Shut up! Don’t watch it anymore. Ppl who want it to go on will. It is awesome that these actors aren’t quitters like the rest of the great shows stars of past show have done and only thought about themselves and their wallets. Go watch the Kardashians.

    • Amy says:

      Just stop watching then. If you think it’s repetitive, if you think the characters don’t have an interesting arc anymore, turn it off. Stop whinging. No one is forcing you to tune in, so don’t. This show is still one of the best told stories on television. It still has intriguing tales and characters. It’s still beautifully written and produced. It still has some of the best performances you’re going to get on your TV. Kripke had a plan, whoopee doop. He never expected to go 2 seasons let alone 5 and by the way the plan was for 5 not 6. Now we are at 8 and still fresh and strong as far as I and plenty of other people are concerned. You down think so, you think it’s a joke, it’s so simple. Turn. It. Off.

    • James says:

      Thanks to the first three replies who actually gave their opinion with respect and arguments. “Turn off your TV” is not an argument. For those people, my point was, do you really want Supernatural to turn into one of those shows who get 15 seasons and no one cares anymore? (think Desperate Housewives, although it’s not the same genre) Even worse, that one of this days a seasons ends with a cliffhanger and the show doesn’t get renewed? (think Ghost Whisperer). I know you’re all fans, and I’m too, I also think the actors are great, but I rather see Supernatural go with a BANG when it’s still relevant. Personally, I think Supernatural could be so much more than what it is today and it’s frustrating it doesn’t reach the same potential it had in earlier seasons. Again, thank you for those who answer with respect. Everybody has a different opinion and that is what makes sites like this fun to read.

      • ANA says:


      • Alison says:

        Turn off your tv is in fact the only correct response, and the only relevant thing to do if you’re not enjoying it. It seems that because your personal preference is not to watch the show, you would like to take it away from the millions who do enjoy it. As long as they keep making it, millions will keep watching. You have the option of not doing so.

  2. Al says:

    Yay, more brothers 9and his fans) wars. Isn’t that awesome for you, Carver? Must be. Not so much for me, though. :(

  3. Isabelle says:

    I can’t wait, this show is still too epic to die and still better than a lot kof other shows

  4. Suz says:

    Looking forward to season 8 and where the show is going. I , unlike the previous comments, will keep an open mind and not judge before a single episode airs. I have watched since the pilot and still love this unique show!!

  5. Ja says:

    What I got from this: Each brother acting out of character by their own terms. One will be bashed by fans at the beginning of the season, but as the season goes on, the other one will become the target. Meanwhile brotherly bond fans will have to endure all this… For what? No… I don’t think I’ll have fun, Carver.

  6. Kay says:

    Dean – check.
    Sam – check.
    Benny – check.
    Kevin – check.
    Mention of Sam’s girlfriend – check.

    Castiel – not worth knowing anything about him wrt Season 8?

    • Marie says:

      The writers have said repeatedly that they don’t want to say too much about Castiel for now, since they don’t want to spoil his storyline. I wish the Castiel fans would chill out and be patient.

      • Kay says:

        I’ve been chilling for such a long time about Castiel that it’s like the Arctic around here! It would have been nice in the article to actually acknowledge that he is still a character in Season 8 and even the fact that there apparently is such a huge mystery about him that TPTB is completely mum about him.

        • Dilys says:

          Agreed. I’m tired of Benny being shoved down my throat. Whoa big presence – guess what? I don’t care. I don’t know Benny I know Cas. He’s the one I care about. Not someunknown vampire.

          • DennyForever says:

            I’m tired of Cas being shoved down my throat. His expiration date is way past overdue, it’s time other characters being given the spotlight. Dean is allowed to have other friends. Looking forward to Dean and Benny bonding scenes!

          • Hana says:

            I think Cas had his moment, and it was good, but that moments is over now in terms of interesting, original plot development.
            i don’t mind the introduction of a new side character with some relevance that can bring some good drama, as long as the show revolves around Dean and Sam and what happens to them, and they still try to keep both in character.

          • Dilys says:

            You have your opinion – I and Cas fans have ours.

          • Mos says:

            Yeah, I’m pretty much done with Benny. I’m more interested in Amanda Tapping’s new character, but I don’t think they’re quite done telling us how awesome the vampire is.

  7. Reblogged this on supernatural snark and commented:
    Excuse me while I bash my head against a wall.

  8. Mikaylah says:

    I am so excited for season 8! I think Dean’s character arc sounds really exciting, and although I’m going to be disappointed if Dean and Cas aren’t closer after Purgatory, I am excited to see Dean’s relationship with Benny and how Purgatory bonded them.

    • Jo says:

      They’re going to destroy Dean as much they’re destroying Sam’s character now. It’s depressing, really. I’m not excited at all. I don’t want to see Dean being trashed.

      Tight friend of a monster. The Hell JC is thinking…

      • rowan77 says:

        How is giving Sam something he’s always wanted ruining his character? If you know the show, you know that Sam left Dean and John first chance he could get. He always wanted the apple pie life and over the past 7 seasons realized that maybe they weren’t destined for that. Their road was harsher, bloodier and lonelier. But with Dean, Bobby and Cas gone, there was nothing tying him to hunting anymore. He actually got to have the apple pie – for a while – until it obviously gets ripped away in Supernatural fashion. This is completely within his character’s behavior and desires.

        Dean coming away from Purgatory in more brutal fashion is also within his character’s boundaries. Cas was not help down there and Dean apparently watched Cas devolve. Add to that all the monsters, how do you think he’ll come out? Sunshine and roses? Hell broke his spirit, purgatory wasn’t hell, but making him tread familiar territory (torture) to survive will certainly have an effect. Plus his hiding his true emotions from Sam – Totally within character. He’s always tried to shield Sam. He did it when he got out of Hell – why wouldn’t he do now?

        • kate says:

          because apparently to some people, Sam’s been out of character since, like, the pilot.

        • Jo says:

          Sam not even looking for Dean, being so happy and warm without him is out of character. They looking for each other is the Winchester’s brothers way. Dean wasn’t missing/dead on Season 1, so we can’t compare to that time. Sam gave up on living a normal life seasons ago. He’s not the same guy anymore, he said it himself many times. Just because the showrunner choose to forget about it and pretend those seven years didn’t happen, it doesn’t mean some fans has to do the same. But the ice of the cake is the pretense that he “didn’t know where to look, so he didn’t look at all for Dean”. It doesn’t make any sense. It’s insulting to his characters and fans, even.

          Dean is out of character for me because he’s befriending and trusting a monster. I can’t conciliate this Dean with the Dean I’ve known for 7 years.

          And it would be refreshing if one of them didn’t start the season hiding and lying to the other. That would be the mature thing to do, not learning to grow being apart of each other.

          • Ali says:

            If you’re in a war, just you against the whole of monster country, you trust the guy who consistently has your back. Whether he’s a monster himself or not. :P This actually IS growth for Dean… over the years, he’s started being able to believe in non-humans more and more, starting with the vamps in Bloodlust, continuing with Castiel, and lately actually being able to work with demons, who he has very good and very personal reasons to despise. Trusting a vampire who’s been his only ally in Purgatory for the past year isn’t especially out of character. It’s possible to earn Dean’s trust. Some just have to work harder at it than others, and it seems Benny’s worked very, very hard.

          • Jo says:

            Until this all goes to hell and Benny is revealed to be a villain, like Ruby did to Sam. This sounds just like season 4 plot for me, with reversed sides. :\

          • Ali says:

            Could be, but I think Carver’s got something else up his sleeve. “Can I trust this monster” is only one of the potential plots/questions that can be used, and I think this is going to be more of a situational thing than a relational thing. I don’t think Benny’s trustworthiness will be a plot point… or if it is, it’ll be a red herring. There’s something bigger going on.

          • DFTW says:

            Well it’s a good thing Dean had Benny watching his back because obviously, Sam couldn’t be bothered to give his brother’s whereabouts a second thought.

          • Dan says:

            Sam loves his brother, but he hates the hunting life. He hunts just to be with his brother, if his brother is gone, his wishes for hunting vanish. That’s what keeps him on the road, his brother, not himself. After all the mess with Ruby during the crappy season 4, after the mess with the Campbells on season 6, the only people he can really hunt with is his brother…OR Bobby, but with both gone he just can’t. After Ruby and Samuel, I wouldn’t hunt if Dean is gone, especially if I don’t have any clues of where he is. I’d just quit, so stop criticizing without even watching!

          • DFTW says:

            ” so stop criticizing without even watching!”


            If Singer and Carver are already crowing about how they plan to whitewash Sam’s complete selfishness, then I am going to criticize.

            If that’s not how it plays out on screen, then that’s on these producers for being stupid enough to think that viewers are going to buy the false equivalencies they are setting up.

            How to you compare someone doing whatever they need to do to survive in a dimesion of monsters to a guys skipping off into the sunset without considering the responsibilities he has, if not to his brother who has sacrificed everything for him, then the poor kid who got dragged into their fight.

          • I don’t think it was stated that Sam was “happy and warm” without Dean. Who says that that decision is going to be easy for Sam? Dick was dead, Dean and Cas gone, Bobby dead, Crowley told him he was well and truly alone. I can see how Sam would honestly think that was it. And maybe he does look for a while before he realizes there aren’t any leads and he’s just torturing himself. We don’t know yet. As far as Dean befriending Benny, I welcome that character development. Dean’s always been my favorite character, but I’ve always resented his view of the world as black and white. I like that he has started to see the gray, and it makes sense that a year in a war-zone with someone would create a deep bond. Also, Dean has always been the soldier, in a way Sam never was. Sam stepping away from the hunting life makes a lot of sense with Dean gone.

          • Ivy says:

            Hey Dean needed someone, he was stuck in Purgatory. Castiel abandoned him, either by choice or by force, and Sam sure as heck wasn’t even bothering to look for him. Out of sight, out of mind with Sam. Was Dean just supposed to not DO anything and allow himself to be victimized by all the monsters and not find a way to get out?

            I agree it’s ridiculous to suggest that Sam couldn’t look for Dean, of course he could and it would take more time than Dean was gone for for me to begin to believe Sam had exhausted all avenues. They can try to sell that anyway they want but unless they actually are willing to have Sam admit to some pretty ugly feelings about Dean and being relieved he finally had an excuse to leave hunting and not have to think about his family and so that’s why he preferred to NOT look and to convince himself that disappearance=death/gone forever, I for one will not buy it. I could actually probably forgive Sam if he finally actually admitted it and realized he was wrong about it. It will just be another writers attempt at whitewashing Sam, while at the same time once against throwing Dean under a bus to do so, which much as it hurts Dean’s characterization it never does any favors for Sam.

            Also the Winchesters never had a promise to not look for each other. They made promises in specific circumstances – Dean had Sam promise to go on with his life after Dean was pulled into Hell(but it assumed he’d continue to hunt) and Sam basically extracted a promise from Dean go get together with Lisa after Sam jumped into the cage and to not try to get him out. They never had a promise to not look for each other if one of them mysteriously disappeared in unplanned circumstances unexpectedly and it’s a total retcon if the show really tries to go that route, in order to get Sam off the hook.

          • Michelle says:

            Right. The only “growth” I can see for Dean right now is that he’s actually okay with trusting a monster. Remember when Sam wanted to let the vampires go because they were being cool and NOT killing humans? Dean didn’t like that very much. He was so anti-everything Supernatural. So that, I guess, I some growth. But I think the thing most people think of when they hear “growth” is emotional growth. Dean apparently still has a hard time telling Sam – the only family he has left and the person he apparently loves most in the whole world – anything. He’s going to be cagey and closed-off. That, my friends, is not growth. That’s the same emotionally immature Dean we know.

            Furthermore, for there to be growth and maturity, the brothers DO NOT have to be at odds with one another. Conflict is necessary, yes, I know. That’s why this show is a drama more than anything. But when you start to tear apart what drives this show and its characters (the brothers’ relationship with each other) then you start messing with fire. They tried that in season 4 if you all remember correctly. They introduced Castiel to try to take the place of Sam because Dean had suddenly had enough of his brother. That didn’t work out so well. The show suffered and delivered one of the worst seasons to date. And the following season was just as bad. And now. Now we have this rift that was never healed correctly between Sam and Dean because of that. And the show hasn’t been the same since. It’s been worse.

            When it comes to Sam, the writers and Carver seem to have reached a comfortable medium. Because what they say about what Sam does makes absolute perfect sense. That’s how any human would react to loss. They move on. Hard as that may be. People act like Sam simply forgot about Dean. And I, for one, HOPE AND PRAY that he has at least some issues giving up Dean for a new life. I mean if you lost someone you loved dearly, would you simply move on without feeling sadness? The key to Sam’s story is to show that he upheld the promise he kept to Dean BUT had a hard time of it. Then it won’t be so non-Sam. Sam is honorable. He keeps his promises. And after he lost Dean the first time, I can understand why he’d move on this time. The kicker here is that he gives up hunting altogether. He doesn’t just quit looking for Dean, no. He lives the apple pie life. Which is very much non-Sam. People are still hung up on season 1 Sam who wanted that. But, as several intelligent people have pointed out, Sam has changed. He said so himself. Out of his own mouth. He said he didn’t want that anymore. He wanted to stick with Dean. So, yeah, I understand keeping his promise to Dean and not go looking for him (even though there’s an unspoken rule that they don’t, really) but to live that life he had in season 1 when John drove him away from his family is a little off. I hope they can explain that in a way that makes psychological sense and not have it be just some new thing with Sam.

          • Alen says:

            Michelle, there was no promise.

        • Hana says:

          The Sam we knew in the Pilot is not the Sam from season 3, 4 5, and obviously not the Sam from season 7.
          The issues that made Sam believe he could be ‘normal’ (freaking hate that word) and made him feel unwanted with his own family are gone. Plus, lotsof bad stuff happened to him and Dean. After all this time, I bet Sam doesn’t think he’s normal, or that he can have normality.
          In fact, Carves has just said he has to ignore big chunks of past mythos and canon to look at Sam with fresh eyes and say ‘why wouldn’t he get a girlfriend?’

          While Dean’s domesticity arc in season 6 sucked, imo, as most things from the last 2 seasons, at least he was grieving, he was not normal, and he had big issues. I felt sorry for him, I could sympathize.

          Sam being okay, having a good time, etc is not only OOC, but also weird as hell. Those boys should have the mental estability of a timebomb, and it should affect the way it affects their world-view and how they interact with the world.

          i’m not happy with the characterization of any of the brothers, and i can’t believe people are okay with bashin either Dean or Sam, since trashing one of them is trashing like 40% of the show.

      • Dan says:

        I think its the other way around, they are rebuilding it, after being destroyed since the crappy season 4!!

        • silvestra says:

          Season 4 started out awesome, and then sizzled away and nothing’s been good since then. Seasons 5, 6 and 7 were just filler garbage. I’m hoping Carver takes SPN where season 4 should have been, and not where Kripke and Gamble decided it should be, since it ruined the show completely.

          • Dan says:

            Season 4 sucked to me, it was horrible. People say they are destroying Sam’s character on season 8, but none of you think it was destroyed when Sam rathered being with Ruby than Dean. When Sam trusted Ruby over Dean?! That’s where Sam character got destroyed! Not now!

          • pop says:

            100% agree about season 4 about a few episodes in I wanted the angels out of the show and ruby version 2.0 made it worse.

            I’m glad to see other people think this way because I don’t see how a lot of people prefer season 4 and 5 it’s the worst season to me over 1-3. It just lost its sparks doing a major arc on the angels was a big mistake I prefer the older format by far.

        • pop says:

          Agree I take season 7 and 8 than 4 and especially 5 which is the worst season as long as they keep the the damn angels out of the show for good it has a chance to get better.

  9. Marie says:

    Season Eight sounds so awesome! I’m looking forward to both Dean and Sam’s story lines, and I can understand the writers wanting to show a new dynamic in their relationship. I’m also intrigued to see where Castiel and Benny go this season. The fun episodes they talked about sound so cool, I love it when Supernatural does really out there episodes like that.

  10. Ali says:

    So excited for Dean’s arc! I’m looking for something juicy here, after years of neglect, and it sounds like that’s what we’re gonna get. Purgatory, reluctant alliances, readjustment to the softer world above, playing it close to the vest… it’s going to be delicious. Bring it, Carver. I am MORE than ready.

  11. Robina says:

    Can I just say, for about the thousandth time this summer in various places, SAM AND DEAN HAVE NEVER, EVER PROMISED NOT TO LOOK FOR THE OTHER IF ONE WENT MISSING. What they’ve promised is not to try to get the other back from the dead through shady deals and such. If Sam knew Dean was in purgatory and didn’t try to do the bad stuff he’d have to do to retrieve him, that would make sense. But no two people in their line of work can agree to just walk off if one vanishes and the other doesn’t know where he is. When Sam was kidnapped by the Benders, or went missing in Adventures in Babysitting, when Dean vanished in Time After Time, of course they looked.

    Carver seems to have simply started in with a vague and inaccurate memory of canon and made a really, really fundamental mistake because of it. And a fundamental mistake that is simply silly.

    • Ja says:

      Thank you so much for saying this!

      • DFTW says:

        Ditto. The blatant retconning to whitewash Sam is so beyond pathetic and doesn’t do the character any favors at all.

        • Robina says:

          I don’t think they are whitewashing Sam at all, or at least if they are, they are doing so only after throwing a bucketful of tar over him. Their Sam characterization doesn’t make the most basic sense.

        • hermit says:

          Don’t even pretend you care about Sam in the first place.

    • Madeline says:

      This bugged me too! This promise was never made! And it is both ridiculously puzzling and frustrating that Carver believes this….did he not catch up on SPN / refresh his SPN history??

    • Dan says:

      At the benders, Dean knew Sam was kidnapped by somebody, and had clues and leads. At Adventures in Babysitting, Dean knew where Sam was heading, and what he was hunting, and at Time after Time, Sam knew they were facing a Time traveler, without even searching that much, but if somebody disappears after killing a monster there are no freaking leads. Maybe Sam gave up after loosing his brother so many times. I would’ve give up! You too!

      • Alen says:

        I’m glad I’m not your brother…

      • Robina says:

        My point there was simply that something that Singer and Carver are claiming is there in the text and using to explain the actions of the characters is not, in fact, there in the text, and wouldn’t make any sense if it were. While I do have criticisms of the logic of saying Sam has no leads, that’s a point I’ve made in other comments, not this one. The showrunners misremembering their own canon isn’t a reflection on Sam, on Dean, or on the second vamp from the left. It’s a reflection on the showrunners.

        It’s fairly understandable, actually — even for a long text where one wrote every word oneself, it’s very, very easy to forget stuff one wrote years ago, and Carver and Singer are dealing with a huge collaborative project with multiple authors. I don’t blame them for misremembering to begin with. But if you’re going to hang plot or argument or characterization on a point like that, it’s always wise to go back and look it up and make sure you have it right.

      • skepticalinquirer says:

        So all those people on the news who keep looking to track down missing people and/or who murdered their loved ones even a decade after the fact. They’re losers, is that what you’re saying?

      • Ivy says:

        No I wouldn’t. Glad I’m not in your family or the families of the writers of this show. Guess all those people who continue looking for their missing children/relatives/friends are all just idiots who should just go on with their lives and leave their children/relatives/friends to their fates.

        It doesn’t matter if a lead has just fallen into your lap(and let’s see a lead: Dean was trying to get rid of Dick, Leviathans are from Purgatory, the method involved something related to Purgatory, gee, could Dean and Castiel have been maybe pulled into Purgatory? Could they be caught in some sort of middle dimension? – there, a lead).

        And you know Sam wasn’t really all alone. Garth is still around. The sheriff is still around. He did at least have some friends around and you know, hey how about making his OWN contacts. John started totally from scratch and he managed to make a lot of contacts completely on his own. Dean’s made his own contacts. The funny thing is, Dean even managed to get himself a “contact” in Purgatory, because ultimately that’s basically what Benny is. If they were on earth and Benny wasn’t a monster, someone in his position would be considered a contact.

        I’m not interested in watching the show toss Dean under the bus again in order to whitewash Sam’s ridiculous and incredibly selfish actions, I’m not interested in watching them stone Dean for stuff they brush off with Sam(or have Sam blame Dean for, with no irony involved).

        They sure know how to throw cold water on excitement. I’d been excited after reading the reviews and reports of those who saw the Season premiere early, but if this is the direction they are planning on going? Blaming Dean, making him at fault, trying to compare things that aren’t comparable(yeah Sam being home on earth in a familiar environment abandoning not only his brother but Kevin–though I’m sure they’ll make Kevin just fine with being abandoned is not remotely comparable to Dean being stuck alone in Purgatory–Castiel clearly is gone at least part of the time–surrounding by vicious monsters who would view him as Public Enemy No. 1 pretty much, yeah SO not comparable Dean’s got every right to be “judgmental”, what’s Sam’s excuse).

  12. Ali says:

    That struck me as weird too, Robina! That’s never been the deal. Each time one of them said so, it was for a very specific situation… never as a general thing.

    • Robina says:

      It’s like acting as though someone who has a living will saying that they don’t want to be kept alive on a ventilator means that if they get strep they shouldn’t be treated with antibiotics. It’s just stupid. And Carver is basing his entire Sam characterization on it.

  13. Jessie says:

    Dean has always been judgmental and the one he judges most harshly is Sam. When Dean’s mad at Sam, the crazy Sam-can’t-do-anything-right lunatics come out in force. Let the Sam bashing commence.

    • Ali says:

      Dean judges the way Sam lives his life. Sam blames the way he is on his family. They’re flawed, but it’s the way they are. Sometimes they reach outside of their kneejerk reactions to be nonjudgmental or take responsibility for themselves, but at their worst, they can certainly be tools to one another.

    • Ja says:

      As you can understand from Carver interview, Dean will have his share later. Or not, since you already started.

      God, I hate brother fans wars… Why, Carver, Why? :(

    • DFTW says:

      Dean judges Sam when Sam is a selfish and stupid asswipe. I judge him too.

      • corona says:

        I’m happy to judge Dean. And haters like you.

        • roxi says:

          I am not a hater but, how can YOU judge Corona when clearly YOU are a hater as well?
          Sam HAS done a lot of crap to betray Dean. That’s not hating him, that’s just the way the character has been written. And I love Sam also. Dean too, has done a lot of crap, but he has never betrayed his beloved brother. Although apparently now, that is about to change.
          I think it’s funny how the haters always call everybody else haters. I’m personally tired of both Sam and Dean haters. Since when does having a preference for one character mean you must hate the other? Or that you automatically condone every asshole thing your particular favorite does? I see this coming from Sam fans, Dean fans, and Cas fans. I don’t play that. Dean is my guy, but I when he is an ass I say he’s being an ass and I don’t condone it.

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      Yeah and that justifies leaving him for dead. Oh, yeah, that’s not judgmental at ALL!

    • Ivy says:

      Actually Dean isn’t usually judgmental unless it’s judgmental to get any at being lied to for months or a year or more in such a way that puts not only his own life, but their own lives and everyone else’s well being at risk. Those are the only thing Dean’s really ever gotten strongly angry about and the show has never even let him own it, they always make him APOLOGIZE. If someone apologizes, usually in the exact same episode the outburst happened and an exact, extensive apology, not just some generally little “sorry for whatever” or “sorry, but…” but something that includes Dean saying what he did wrong, why he did it wrong, what steps he’ll try to take to not do it again, etc. You know what? That isn’t being judgmental.

  14. kate says:

    pretty excited for Dean’s purgatory flashbacks. not at all excited for Sam’s flashbacks to…cuddling with some chick? or something? I feel like Sam could have been doing something far more interesting than getting laid (like getting a haircut). Kevin & Benny should be fun additions. I thought they’d do more with Kevin last season so I’m glad he’ll be back this year.

  15. Dilys says:

    I’m really sad there’s nothing about Cas in this article. I don’t care about Benny – no matter how hard they try to shove his character down my throat. And I am at the point of not caring how bad that sounds. How long do Cas fans have to wait for Cas to get a hug, some appreciation of all Cas has sacrifcied for Dean? I want to hear about Cas, not Benny.

    • Ali says:

      Cas has done as much TO Dean as he’s done FOR Dean, which is why their relationship is thorny and complicated and gorgeous. I don’t know why you put so much stock in a hug specifically. If that moment at the end of The End didn’t do it for ya, nothing’s going to.

      Don’t assume that Dean has room in his affections for just one person. That’s why you guys have been crapped on by Sam fans since day one, because they assumed Dean couldn’t love Sam if he loved Cas. There’s plenty of Dean to go around.

      • Dilys says:

        I don’t assume that. But I’m just stating that I want to hear more about Cas and I’m more interested in him than Benny. You can be more interested in something different. That’s the nice thing about fandom – people can be interested in many different things. I’m just frustrated right now and expressing my opinion. I care more about Cas than Benny.

        • They seem to be keeping Cas info secret for a specific reason. I’m sure they want us to be surprised by what happens, which I can live with. I love Cas, and I know he’ll be in a bunch of episodes (flashbacks and present).

  16. kevin says:

    Isn’t Benny the vampire bodyguard/Bar Tender of Amber Bensons Vampire character in season 2? The actor looks the same.

    • Robina says:

      The actor is the same, yes. But from what they’ve said about Benny, it doesn’t seem like the character is supposed to be the same. It’s just a casting coincidence.

  17. skepticalinquirer says:

    I think Singer is crazy if he thinks people will buy what he’s selling. I watch tons of news stories where people actually still look for missing loved ones or who killed their loved ones more than a decade after the fact with no clues. Maybe we should make fun of those people and tell THEM to get a life? Oh, what? That’s cruel and disgusting, you say? Huh, then apply human standards to Sam Winchester! Or does he only have to live up to monster ones?

    • Madeline says:

      Hah my thoughts exactly. I think most people continue to look for loved ones years after they go missing. They never stop looking & try not to lose hope that one day they will come home. Sure, they continue on with their lives and build themselves back up, but there is still an effort being made to find the lost loved one..in our world, whether by the police or PI or the Internet or whatever.

      I think it is incredibly odd (and pretty cold) of Sam to not look for Dean..who was really his only loved one. Not to mention the fact that Sam and Dean have a unique and deep bond that most normal people do not have…which is why it makes even less sense Sam didn’t look.

      WTH Carver??

      • Ja says:

        I’ll second you both… With emphasis on the “deep bond”. It just doesn’t make sense, especially for them.

        By doing what they’re doing this season, they’re breaking the essence of the show, it’s heart, the brothers deep, co-dependent relationship.

        • skepticalinquirer says:

          This is why I don’t believe in the “deep bond” anymore. Even if people behind the scenes enjoys the brothers in conflict, it doesn’t have to mean Dean is abandoned in a pit and is forced to apologize for having to find HIS OWN WAY OUT so Sam doesn’t have to face the fact that he did a seriously BAD thing.

          • silvestra says:

            Hah, so much this. Dean was barely thought of while Sam lived his cozy life with his girlfriend, but Dean will be the one to be wrong for not telling Sam, the brother who betrayed him for Ruby, left him in purgatory and forgot him within a few days of his disappearance, yet Dean will be the one that will be wrong in the end. What a farce. Everytime Sam needs to be whitewashed, it’s Dean who gets thrown under the bus.

          • Rita says:

            Dean is going to apologize. Hah! When Dean does something wrong he is just flawed and proven right in the end, when Sam messes up he is the root of all evil and must jump into Lucifer’s cage in hell to redeem himself just to get back in Saint Dean’s good graces. It’s just going to be another season of poor put upon Dean resenting his meanie brother.

          • anotherlucy says:

            Agreed, Rita. Poor Dean. The writing is always biased towards him. He is always in the right, always the suffering victim of all those flawed creatures around him. The writers don’t have the courage to turn Dean into a villain like they dared to do with Sam and Cas. That’s why I can’t identify with him anymore.

          • roxi says:

            Hey Rita and Lucy, you’ve got to be kidding! IT has ALWAYS been SAM that the writers have a bias for! He’s always been said to be the ‘strong one, the important one, the hero that stops Lucifer’ while Dean gets called weak, rusty, and pathetic, and only there to look after his far more important lirttle brother! Sam has always gotten the better story arcs, and only Sam gets real romances while all, Dean gets are one night stands, and they have even taken those away from him!

  18. Moe says:

    I’m really pretty appalled by what I am reading here. So they are already trying to whitewash Sam’s abandonment of his brother by saying that Dean is the bad one? Dean was trapped in Purgatory, abandoned by everyone he loved, no hope of survival or rescue except for relying on himself, and somehow HE’s bad for doing so? For saving himself and escaping? Please, sell it somewhere else. And I don’t blame Dean for not telling Sam what happened. I remember post Hell, where Dean confessed what happened to him and Sam judged him for it. Called him weak, belittled him. Why would Dean want to confess to Sam ANYTHING after that? Confess to the brother who didn’t even care enough to try and save him? Please.

    Sell the Sam whitewashing somewhere else. And stop trying to dirty up Dean to do it!

    • Ali says:

      Yeah, I agree that the tone of that was really gross.

    • Ally says:

      Yeah, I’m sure that it will happen all over again. At the mid season or the end, Dean will be seen as the bad one while Sam was treated unfairly. It won’t matter what Sam did or didn’t do. He will be seen as the victim. Again.

      • skepticalinquirer says:

        This basically makes me wonder how much Singer hates Dean. Man, I know that if he went missing, he’d totally hope that the cops and his family were looking for him.

    • DFTW says:

      I’m pretty disgusted by this too. Guess I’ll watch the Presidential debates after all.

    • Amy says:

      But thank Chuck fandom is smart and no one will buy this crap.
      Remember s7 when they tried to seel that Dean was wrong killing that monster Sam slept with? No one bought it was wrong, not even after the show told fans so.
      This time is no different. People with brains know what’s wrong and what’s right and won’t fall for any BS TPTB will try to sell.

  19. Madeline says:

    I am not liking Sam’s storyline at all.

    How does romance (which has never really worked well on SPN) compare to Purgatory? I just feel like Dean’s Purgatory flashbacks (which are going to include Benny and Cas!) are going to FAR outshine Sam’s “normal life – girlfriend – dog” flashbacks. And that is not fair to Sam’s character at all. I don’t watch SPN for normal. IMO, the brothers will never be able to lead “normal” lives – they have been through too much individually and together. I feel like Sam’s relationship with Amelia is too close to Dean’s with Lisa. Been there, done that…don’t want to do it again. I watch a long list of other shows when I want to get my romance fix. I just…think it will be boring on SPN. There are too many other relationships and story points and arcs I care more about.

    I am still super upset that Sam did not look for Dean. Not even a little bit. Why couldn’t the writers have Sam look for Dean for like a month, become super frustrated and throw in the towel and then meet Amelia? Sam’s decision to NOT look for Dean after everything the brothers have been through just does not make any sense to me. To me that is a huge betrayal – like he couldn’t be bothered to look. Sam does not sound like the Sam from Season 6 who fought through hell because “he wasn’t leaving his brother alone out there.” I don’t get the “Sam had no one in the hunting world left – he had no leads” argument the writers are using either – yes he did. He could have called Garth or Jody. He is a smart dude! He could have done something…anything!

    Ugh. So bummed about Sam’s spoilers.

    • Dan says:

      Jody doesn’t know anything about hunting, and Garth isn’t a smart guy! Sam didn’t had any idea where Dean was! We saw it! But Sam didn’t! He didn’t have any leads at ALL! You tell me, where would you start? And don’t say it isn’t a fair question! What would you do?!

      • Robina says:

        I’m not Madeline, but: Jody was effective enough helping Sam the last time Dean vanished in to thin air. Not to mention having access to Bobby’s library, a useful resource. The Campbell library is also still out there.

        As for having no leads, he knows that Dean vanished while killing a purgatory monster. He knows that it is possible for beings to pass from earth to heaven and hell and purgatory. Crowley, when Sam asked him where Dean and Cas were, said that the weapon had a powerful kick. So the weapon could be a starting place. That could imply a visit to the alpha vamp, who is still out there. Or an attempt to retrieve Kevin, who translated the text about how to make the weapon, and Sam does know who’s got Kevin.

        I don’t think anyone is saying that Sam should have known that Dean was in purgatory, just from what happened. But it’s absurd to suggest that he didn’t have as many starting points as he usually has on cases, as he did in Time After Time or Mystery Spot. Sam is a smart guy. Sam is a hunter. Maybe he wouldn’t in the end have figured out where Dean was if he’d looked, but there was no reason for him not to try. And I find it implausible that the possibility of purgatory would never have crossed his mind.

      • Ivy says:

        You are kidding right? Garth was shown to be every bit as good a hunter as could be expected. If Sam didn’t have leads it was up to him to FIND leads. He should have tried to find Dean for at least a year or two before throwing in the towel and then he should have had at least felt a little guilty about it. Apparently he’s immediately defending his selfish choice.

        And Sam did have a lead. Dean disappeared while getting rid of a denizen of Purgatory, so you know where to start? Any lore on Purgatory you can find, maybe hunting down some of those Leviathans who were still around that Crowley told him he should get rid of to make sure they couldn’t organize again and try to get information out of them.

        And none of that excuses abandoning Kevin. Wow that NON-heroicness of that is just truly mind-boggling. The only thing that could save Sam at this point is just having him admit he made a selfish mistake for once and that it was in no uncertain terms selfish and wrong and no one else’s fault but his own(because they never do, they always white wash Sam’s mistakes and bad actions and blame them on other people–Dean, Castiel, everyone else has to apologize and admit in great detail to their failings but Sam has never had to make more than a half hearted generalized apology, usually focusing on stuff no one blamed him for in the first place while ignoring the really bad stuff he did(no one really blamed him for killing Lilith because they all thought they had to kill Lilith, what he did wrong was betray Dean and treat him like dirt when Dean could have used his support like no other time because of Hell, that’s what he did wrong but he not only didn’t apologize for that, he blamed Dean for “making” him do it and Dean ended up having to apologize for “making” Sam lie to him).

        • Dan says:

          Dean was gone for a year, not 5, genius…Explain how is Sam gonna find leads? Besides, maybe Carver is doing this to bring more conflicts to the brothers relationship, makes sense.

          • An says:

            A lot of people told you how Sam could find leads, but you keep finding excuses for Sam behavior. And let me remind you: It’s not him failing that is upsetting people. It’s him not even trying. He could have tried. He only chose not to. Like you.

    • silvestra says:

      Were you just as concerned in season 6 when Sam had his no soul storyline, and his family and his hunting while Dean had the non-story about Lisa/Ben and his “normal”? I bet you weren’t and I bet you thought that it would be a great story for Dean. Now you know how the Dean fans felt after being told that Dean was mr normal and Sam, once again, had the story and another version of what was wrong with Sam.

    • cj says:

      “just feel like Dean’s Purgatory flashbacks (which are going to include Benny and Cas!) are going to FAR outshine Sam’s “normal life – girlfriend – dog” flashbacks. And that is not fair to Sam’s character at all.”

      Like the last two and a half seasons have been grossly unfair to Dean’s character. He’s had the completely ooc domestic storyline with a one-night stand brought back to be the love of his life and then he’s just been drunk and depressed. That’s been it, while Sam’s had roboSam and Hellucifer. How is that fair on Dean?

      Dean deserves a decent story for a change.

  20. Dan says:

    GOD! I love Supernatural!! But I hate its fans! So much complaints!! I feel like I wanna punch all of you in the face!!

    • Susan says:

      I so agree with you so much. Both Dean and Sam have flaws. That is what makes it interesting. New characters can add things. Bobby and Cas were new at one point. I’m still angry about Bobby but he’s gone (maybe) so let’s see what happens next. Cas’ story will be addressed in time, Sam and Dean’s time apart will be dealt with. Maybe you will like what happens and maybe you won’t. Me, I just love the show and the characters, even when it isn’t perfect. Why not just chill and wait until you at least see a couple of episodes before exploding in wrath and hatred?

    • Rain says:

      Can I join you Dan? I don’t know why I always insist on reading the comments after SN articles, all they do is remind me how much I have grown to hate other fans over the years.

    • Daisy says:

      So glad someone else said it. To get so rage-y without seeing a single episode is quite annoying. It’s a good show. Watch. Don’t watch. I don’t care but everybody just needs to chill the eff out.

    • Carrie says:

      Ha! This is true. I don’t get the point of wasting your time whining about a show you’re supposedly a fan of. If you’re not enjoying the show, don’t watch. Otherwise, why not be positive about something that should be enjoyable? TV is there for the sake of entertainment.

    • Lisa London says:

      I’m with you Dan. I don’t understand why so many fans are already bashing this season as if they knew what happened…we haven’t seen the first episode yet! Chill out people.

  21. DFTW says:

    So Carver has joined Singer in the Samapologist camp. Too bad. I was actually looking forward to this season before this interview. Should have known that they would whitewash Sam’s selfishness yet again.

    By the way, if Dean had the same selfish attitude as Sam, his perfectly precious little soul would still be rotting in the Cage. I wonder if Dean will be allowed to point out that little fact? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Not on a show that somehow makes Sam killing hosts to suck down their demon blood, an act of a heroism. Or abandoning an innocent high school student to the King of Hell the “mature” thing to do.

    Newsflash Messrs Singer and Carver. the reason Sam gets so much flack by the fans is because you constantly prop him up by throwing other characters under the bus. Fans know who the writers favor in the narrative and they tend to support the underdog. On this show, the underdog has always been Dean. The one you constantly pile all the responsibility and blame on while having his brother treat him like crap and never taking responsibility for his own actions.

    • Dan says:

      Where would you start? What would you do? How is Sam gonna know where Kevin is? And you’re wrong, he does takes responsability for his own actions, did you ever see the episode where Sam jumps into a pit with Lucifer to save the whole world?!!?!

      • DFTW says:

        Well a good place to start would be not to ditch all you cell phones in case the innocent kid you know got kidnapped by the King of Hell, found some way to contact you.

        Or how about summoning Crowley – something they’ve done many times before. Or chasing down lesser demons to try and get information – again something they’ve done repeatedly in the past with some success.

        How about putting the word out to other hunters, or even angels who might also be interested in finding the prophet who could lead them to a word of God.

        That’s just off the top of my head and I didn’t get a free ride to Stanford.

        • Dan says:

          Crowley only answers when he wants to. Angels aren’t as many or as stronger as they use to be, they are not powerful enough to fight the king of hell, and Sam is by his own, he can’t do that by himself, he would die first. Even if Garth heps him, he would die too, and very fast. And Jody too.

          • DFTW says:

            When Crowley is summoned, he’s compelled to come. That’s why they always manage to get him in a devil’s trap. He was late coming in the finale because he was already in Dick’s devil’s trap so he came as soon as he was released from that.

            But hey, as long as Sam is safe, warm and comfortable, who cares about Dean or Kevin or all the leviathans still lurking around to munch on the occasional human.

          • DFTW says:

            The point that you are so anxious to ignore is that Sam didn’t even try. I wouldn’t care if he didn’t succeed, but if he didn’t even try, then he’s not a hero in my book.

        • Dan says:

          You fans are always defending Dean! Put yourself in Sam’s position, what if he was so depressed, or confused that he didn’t even know where to start?!

          • An says:

            Then I would cry with him, honestly.

            But apparently he found his happiness and warmth soon enough with Amelia. And it’s so good and strong that he can’t wait to end this job and come back to her.

    • Sara says:

      IKR? I thought Carver might be different from Kripke and Gamble, but apparently not. Wow. Thanks for the bucket of ice water 2 days before what WAS at a highly anticipated premiere for some-and after such a long dry spell, too. Nice job, fellas.

      • Rita says:

        Yes leave the fandom you annoying piece of crap. I didn’t see anyone complaining when Carver said no one is a bigger fan of Dean and Cas and left out Sam. But that’s okay if the writers dgaf about Sam, as long as they worship at Dean and Cas’s feet huh? Hypocrite.

        • Ali says:

          LOL that Rita didn’t see ANYONE complaining about that. Uh huh. Lying like a rug.

          • Rita says:

            Doesn’t change the FACT you and other rabid Dean girls were happy and saw nothing wrong with a comment that implies Carver plays favorites and he liked Dean and Cas best. And now you’re screaming bloody murder if they were favor to Sam which I doubt is true anyway. F%$#k you biased a-holes.

          • Sara says:

            I think I’ll stay right here just to make life miserable for you, you annoying piece of crap. I wish that Carver was a bigger fan of Dean and Cas, or even just Dean, because then assholes like you would know what it felt like for us under Kramble since S5.

        • skepticalinquirer says:

          Oh, all those Sam fans didn’t mind when Dean’s only role in the Swan Song was to have his face pulped while Sam got to do the finale by himself. So wanting something for Dean, I’m so onboard and I don’t mind THEM having to go without.

          • Dan says:

            What are you talking about?! Dean was the one who saved Sam from being controlled by Lucifer! He was the main character of the whole seasons 4 and 5, thank-God they gave Sam some credit of being a hero right before he jumps into the pit. But Sam was always the one screwing up, and Dean was the one who was always right…Dean was and still is everybody’s favorite Winchester, while Sam is the one who is always torn apart, alone, and not loved by anybody. Dean was Bobby’s favorite, Ellen and Jo’s favorite, every guest stars favorite, so Thank God again for Sam to have the credit of beating the Devil!

        • skepticalinquirer says:

          Ah, you’re just mad that Dean might get a teeny tiny slice of spotlight. It was all good as long as Sam had it all. Whatever.

          • anotherlucy says:

            I’m sure EDGs like you are never jealous of Sam’s spotlight and only wish the best for Sam since you are all brimming with bibro love. LOL. I know plenty of Deangirls who loved Swan Song.

          • roxi says:

            Dan , I have no idea what you’re talking about. Even when they threw Dean a bone in seasons 4 and 5, Sams storyline always ended up taking center stage. Sam has ALWAYS gotten the better stories., And since when did everyone love Dean and hate Sam? Sam has always been said to be stronger, smarter, and better in everyway while everybody calls Dean weak and rusty and not nearly as important as Sam! Wow, there must be TWO different SPNs out there cause I sure can’t be watching the same one that you, Rita, and Lucy are apparently watching.
            Oh and notice I said all this without calling anybody terrible names. I don’t care if you are a Dean fan, a Sam fan or whatever, this awful name calling in the posts above diminish ALL of us SPN fans!

          • Dan says:

            Roxy, do you think trusting a demon over your own brother is a good storyline? Do you think having sex with a demon is a good storyline? Do you think being a freak is a good storyline? Do you think drinking demon blood is a good storyline? Being the favorite Winchester is a goood storyline, being the one who is always right is a good storyline, being every character’s favorite Winchester is good storyline, can you mention me one single recurring character who likes more Sam than Dean.

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      I wish they’d let Dean show some “maturity” so if Sam ever starts bleeding a gusher from his femoral artery, Dean can drive off and every body on the show can applaud his new found intelligence.

      Seriously, does Sam have to pull a Larry Singleton or a Jeffrey Dahmer on Dean before it’s considered bad enough NOT to whitewash? A man abandoned his DOG in the mountain because it was too hard and it was probably dead. Luckily a pair of strangers bothered to get help to bring the poor mutt down from the mountain. NOBODY claimed the man who abandoned his pet was in the right or blamed the dog for being too much of a burden. I’m sad that one’s own brother is not worth the amount of effort most humans expect a pet owner to expend on saving one’s DOG. Sam put more effort driving a dog he ran over to the vet than his own brother. And now it’s all unicorns and rainbows?

      Those presidential debates are looking mighty GOOD!

      • Amy says:

        That’s why what TPTB think the viewers will think about the characters is never what the viewers really think. The morals on this show is so screwed it’s not even funny :/

        • Ivy says:

          I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I am so glad none of the writers on this show are related to me, because their view of a good family relationship is very different from mine. They apparently live by the “every man for himself, out of sight, out of mind, if it’s hard just don’t do it(let someone else do it for you) and always expect others to do more for you than you do for them” school of family relationships, with Sam being their selfish avatar and everyone else being on the receiving end of the out of sight, out of mind, let someone else do it and always expect others to do more for you side of the relationship.

      • anotherlucy says:

        Never heard of a man wanting to exchange places in hell for his dog or taking his dog to a faith healer when all the doctors said the dog was doomed to die from a heart attack any time soon. It’s thanks to Sam that Dean didn’t die eight years ago.

    • Lia says:

      The thing is, Sam isn’t selfish. S6 Sam risked his sanity because he wouldn’t leave his brother out there alone. It’s Carver and Singer who are ignoring Sam’s character development to apparently make him back into the kid who went off to Stanford. Not only is it ridiculous that Sam would just give up on Dean without looking, he wouldn’t just quit hunting because he isn’t selfish! This is the guy that saved a girl from a vengeful spirit while he was dying in a mental hospital. The guy who told Samuel Colt there’s no getting out of the life. He saw how Dean became a danger to Lisa and Ben, would he really put a civilian at risk by becoming involved with her as we are to believe he blithely does with Amelia. Does he really believe there are not monsters out there who want revenge on him? Or hunters who remember his part in the Apocalypse and would still take him out? This isn’t about being an apologist for Sam. He earned his redemption and now it looks like the producers are gutting his character.

      • Fanny says:

        My problem is that Sam talks a good game but rarely are those words ever actually backed up by actions.

        Sam backed up those words, “I’m not leaving my brother out there alone” by leaving his barely mobile brother alone in a cabin, when they were being chased by who knows what, and took the only form of transportation and cut off all contact with Dean, leaving only a very vague note. Why couldn’t Sam have left during the day? He took off in the middle of the night (which shows again that Sam is all talk how hallow Sam’s words were about him being wrong about running away all the time. He’s still doing it.)

        Now, he leaves his brother out there alone to an unknown fate and puts more effort into saving a dog. Sam seems to put effort into saving and going the extra mile for a complete stranger but when do we see that effort directed toward his brother?

    • Michelle says:

      Your unapologetic Sam-hate is showing. You sound bitter and pathetic. Move along.

      • roxi says:

        And how are you any better when you unapologetically hate Dean? Should YOU move along?

        • DFTW says:

          Haven’t your figured it out yet roxi? There are different standards for Sam girls and different standards for Sam. It’s their world and the rest of us are just intruding when we dare to have an opinion that doesn’t = Sam is the most prettiest, specialist, perfectest sufferingest snowflake in the entire universe.

      • DFTW says:

        Erm, why should anyone apologize for disliking a FICTIONAL character?

    • anotherlucy says:

      No, the writing has always favored Dean. Everything seen from his point of view, he gets almost all the angst. So the reason Dean gets flack is the propping.

      • roxi says:

        And I still disagree with you. It has always been shown to me that the writers favored Sam. We still must be watching different SPNs.

  22. Makin says:

    Maybe the fact that so many fans of various character affiliations feel cause for concern over what we’re hearing should be ringing alarm bells. I’m adopting the ‘wait and see’ approach before I condemn, but I’m seeing a lot of unhappy people in fandom right now.

    Surely Sam would not, ever, give up on Dean? Dean would have to be a complete hypocrite to ally with a vampire- let alone willingly hug one. Castiel clearly has his own story but the fact he’s not even been brought up at all is slightly sketchy. (Frankly, Crowley and Meg are characters I’d rather hear about than Benny or Kevin.)

    Way to set up the season, producers. (They should give us a musical episode to make up for it!)

    • Robina says:

      Well, I am full of doom and gloom, myself, but it is true that fans of all affiliations are always upset. I’m not sure I’ve ever read an article about Spn that wasn’t full of Sam fans shouting that Sam was being thrown under the bus to make Dean look good and Dean fans shouting that Dean was being thrown under the bus to make Sam look good.

      Maybe the writers have just decided to go with it and do exactly both those things, in alternating weeks.

    • DFTW says:

      I was actually pretty happy with the spoilers until this interview.

      • skepticalinquirer says:

        I thought the spoilers were good too until Singer opens his mouth and Gamble-speak pours out.

        • anotherlucy says:

          I don’t mind you going without. Sorry if you thought next season was going to be the Dean show.

          • DFTW says:

            Well after 7 seasons of The Sam Show — which you Sam girls still whined endlessly about — I think it would have been incredibly daring and brave of Carver to give us a deancentric season. But alas, he was weaned on the same samgirl coolaid as Kripke, Gamble and Singer so we get more of the Special Snowflake Hour.

    • Ivy says:

      Until this interview I felt Ok with the spoilers. Also Dean was in Purgatory, he needed to ally with someone or his goose would be cooked, perhaps literally. It’s hardly like he was just like “Hey a vampire, let’s be pals”. It’s not at all hypocritical. Sam was NEVER in that position. After Dean went to Hell, he still had Bobby, he still had Bobby, Jo and Ellen were still out there. Sam chose to not be in contact with them, by his own choice. He chose to depend on a demon who stroked his ego and his…erm…manhood over friends he already had. Sam was never really all alone, surrounded by nothing but enemies, behind enemy lines. Sam’s not really all alone now, they do have some people they know, even if they wouldn’t be much help with finding Dean, the point is, he’s not “all alone in the world” like the writers are trying to sell. And he’s here on earth.

      Dean allying with Benny isn’t at all hypocritical under the circumstances.

      But even I think it’s pushing it to have Sam see Dean disappear and decide not to look for him and to know Kevin had been taken by Crowley and to just leave him there.

  23. Dan says:

    There’s always a first time! You guys always complain about having the same, then you get something different, and you still complain!! I’m so pissed!!

    • Lia says:

      Sam trying to get out of the hunting life and Dean trying to drag him back in. The boys at odds, lying, keeping secrets. How is that different? Sounds like S1. They aren’t the same guys. It doesn’t make sense.

  24. Jess says:

    I think everyone needs to calm down. I’m sure that Carver will explain everything through the season.

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      yeah, he’ll just explain it by saying that Dean is in the wrong for expecting any kind of help from Sam because Dean isn’t worth saving and should’ve just gotten himself killed in Purgatory then upset Sam.

      • Wow. I’m positive that is not at all the plan for the brothers. You can bash on Dean or Sam all you want, but everyone involved with the show knows and have stated over and over again that the core of the show is the brothers relationship. Yeah, they go through rough patches, but they always come through.

        • skepticalinquirer says:

          yeah, by having Dean apologize and Sam be smug even if it’s about demon blood drinking and Ruby, which he blamed on Dean.

    • Ali says:

      I think the problem is, and I completely understand, Dean fans don’t want to waste their time if they’re just going to get screwed over again. A lot of us barely watched 6 and 7 because they were so awful… I watched too much of 6, for sure, because I kept hoping it would go somewhere for Dean, even after he was cut out of the Swan Song heroics. But things just kept getting worse and worse until he had no story at all. Now, we’re told he’s going to get something of a story, but then this interview comes out and suddenly the showrunners are throwing him under the bus. Again. It feels like Fallen Idols, where Sam blamed him for Sam’s bad behavior in S4… a huge disappointment, a disservice to Sam’s character (that Dean needs to be the whipping boy so Sam can get off easy), and a massive disservice to Dean’s.

      I’m still excited and don’t think this is how it sounds, but I can’t blame people for being reluctant to even tune in if they’re not sure it’s going to be something other than the same old crap that they’ve gotten so sick of. We’re not Charlie Brown, and SPN’s not Lucy… we’re not going to fall for the football indefinitely.

      • skepticalinquirer says:

        I’m pretty much putting this on record and not watching live because of the kind of stuff you mention and more threats of again Dean being the bad guy despite having suffered the most and gotten the least from the people around him.

        • Sara says:

          Yeah, I don’t think I’m going to watch it live now either.

        • DFTW says:

          Yep, this show has burned Dean (and Cas) fans one time too many. I’m going to wait to see how the season goes before committing again. If I hear it’s good, then maybe I will buy the DVDs. If it sucks, then at least I won’t have wasted my time. There are a ton of new shows that look interesting where the producers haven’t repeatedly said FU to the fans of their show’s most popular character.

          • Ali says:

            Dexter’s pretty amazing so far (season premiere was last night). I would highly recommend following that one, but catching up on the other seasons first (particularly one, two, and four would be important… 3, 5, and 6 could be skipped if you had to).

          • DFTW says:

            I actually watched the first 3 seasons of Dexter and loved them, but then I just lost track of the show. Definitely time to pick it up again, I think. Thanks for reminding me.

      • Lia says:

        What really bothers me about Dean’s storyline is that he comes back and hides things from Sam, essentially lies to him. I really thought that after the fall out of him lying to Sam when he killed Amy and said that lying to Sam didn’t feel right, that he’d finally have some character growth. He’d learned that lying to his brother never came out well. I mean, it always, always comes back to bite him on the ass. But no, apparently they aren’t gong to allow him legitimate character growth again. I’m really disappointed in this.

        Honestly I don’t see how Dean getting beat up is letting Sam off easy though. His actions just don’t make any sense. What they’re doing with Sam just sounds like they are completely gutting his character so that Carver can put in a romance as though they couldn’t think of anything better to do with his character than take him back to S1. Sheesh.

        • Hana says:

          They’re ignoring a lot of past canon, maybe the conflict with Amy is one of those episodes they’ve decided to not take in account.

        • Ivy says:

          What like Sam learned about lying to Dean? And not sneaking out in the middle of the night on Dean? THAT is what precipitated his not telling Sam about killing Amy, that Sam snuck out in the middle of the night, took the car and left Dean with a broken leg alone and wouldn’t answer his calls. Still not seeing why Dean’s the one in trouble for that while it was apparently just fine for Sam to do all that lying and LEAVING Dean in a potentially very dangerous position alone, given they knew Leviathans were hunting them and they hadn’t yet figured out a good way to fight them. And not for the first time. So right up until Season 7 Sam was doing something Sam has done for years and NEVER learned from.

          The fact is Dean always used to be honest with Sam, the only time he kept a secret for any length of time was early Season 2 because it was a deathbed promise to their father and it almost killed him keeping that secret because he is basically honest and can’t stand lying to loved ones. Even in Season 4 when he knew Sam was lying to him constantly, he still told Sam everything.

          If Dean’s isn’t so forthcoming now, IMO it’s because he’s been treated so abominably over and over again by his loved ones. Who have lied to him repeatedly, for long periods of time over really important things and then blamed him for the fact that they lied to him(with full support of the show apparently). And he comes back and finds out Sam wasn’t even interested in looking for him and won’t be sticking around anyway, so really why should Dean feel compelled to tell him about Benny, especially after how Sam treated Dean after he got from Hell, which is to say with a pretty much total lack of sympathy(as did everyone else for that matter meanwhile everyone was falling all over themselves about how bad Sam’s Hell experience was).

    • kate says:

      let me save this thread a whole lot of time and trouble.

      “whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.” – dean fans
      “whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.” – sam fans

      • DFTW says:

        Guess you missed the Cas fans whining too. Or do you just give them a free pass kate?

        • kate says:

          oh, sorry did I miss them in this thread, bitter dean fan? sure. add them to the list too.

          • DFTW says:

            Yeah I’m bitter – do you feel superior now for stating the obvious?

          • kate says:

            actually I felt superior anyway.

          • DFTW says:

            Good for you kate. So when they throw Cas under the bus, you gonna just smile and nod and scream In Carver We Trust. I’ll check back in to see how superior you are feeling then.

          • kate says:

            uh, definitely not a “Cas fan” either, but keep it up with the shots in the dark. you’re bound to get something right eventually.

      • Rain says:

        Kate – you are awesome!

        • kate says:

          thanks! but really, like, read through these comments, the leaps in logic and jumps to conclusions are borderline ridiculous. sam’s storyline sounds boring as hell (to me), dean’s sounds WAY better (to me) and STILL dean fans aren’t going to watch anymore because sam and dean kept some secrets from each other? or something? they’re always keeping secrets. supernatural has always been about dean & sam living in the areas of gray (what happens if sam’s a monster? what happens if dean’s in so much pain he can’t do what’s right, like in hell?), even though their father always taught them there was only black and white. I don’t understand why sam & dean trying to navigate the gray areas of their lives are an ongoing big deal to so many fans.

          • Arafel-the real one says:

            You might think you’re “superior”, but truthfully?-you’re just an arrogant and condescending bi-bro, who also sounds an awful lot like a troll or two that I’ve come across on this fandom. Why is it such an ongoing big deal for you to put people down who simply don’t think like you about this show-oh wait, let me guess, it’s because you are “superior” to the rest of us.

          • kate says:

            I didn’t bring up that I was superior. You guys did. I’m just agreeing.

          • kate says:

            and…bi-bro? that’s a thing? I don’t live by labels, I just watch the show.

      • Lisa London says:

        You are right Kate. I can’t understand why there is so much hatred here. It’s not a competition!!! Both are LEAD characters who each have had meaty storylines through the years. They’ve suffered, found joy, made mistakes, supported and saved each other, lied to each other at times. They are still two of the most complex characters in the genre. Guys, just enjoy the fact that SPN is still on the air and better that most of the drivel out there on the box – stop bickering! And if you don’t like it anymore, one option would be to leave the fandom…

  25. kate says:

    it never fails to amaze me how every supernatural comment section everywhere manages to turn into a dean fans vs. sam fans fight. it shouldn’t amaze me, after 7 years, but it does.

    • skepticalinquirer says:

      “whiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. – kate

      • kate says:

        did I post paragraph after paragraph about how unfair writers of a tv show are to my super!speshul!favorite!character? no? then I still win, bitter dean fan.

        • skepticalinquirer says:

          You keep going on and on about being superior. So my comment still stands.

          “i’m soooo superior. u R so losers unlike me who must continually proclaim how much better I am all the time.” – kate

          • kate says:

            sometimes when my observations hit a little too close to home, people project their own issues on to me. thank you for continuing to prove my point by b*tching endlessly about me :D

          • DFTW says:

            Awww kate, that YOU for showing us how to do this bitching thing. You do it sooooo well. You truly are superior to us all.

          • kate says:

            nah, observations are hardly complaints. what you’re doing is complaining. I’m observing. although, I’ve reached the point where I’m also judging. so that’s also going on.

    • Agreed. I admit, I favor Dean as a character because I relate to him more, but the Winchesters are a package deal and I love them both. I hate to see people pitting them against each other.

      • Soup says:

        Pitting them against each other? It’s mostly just Dean fans being bullies as always, they’re not happy unless Sam is standing in the background completely silent while Dean gets all the PLOT and Emotional POV.

        • silvestra says:

          Spoken like a true Sam fan. Because we all know Sam fans never, ever talk bad about Dean or tear him down, nor do they ever bully Dean fans, and are right now stating how happy they are that Sam has the normal storyline. For 7 years, Sam fans have whined about not getting Sam’s POV, and many times have wanted Sam to have Dean’s stories, which the show so gladly gave them, and still they are not happy but hey, they have legitimate reasons. It’s only us Dean fans who are unreasonable. Sell it somewhere else buddy.

          • Soup says:

            lol you’re not proving anything I said wrong. Cruel bullies that have to attack anyone that dares like Sam and not worship Dean.

          • lolzy says:

            Cruel bullies? LOL! My what delicate snowflakes y’all are. I can see why you love Wittle-Sammy-Wammy so much.

        • anotherlucy says:

          They won’t be satisfied until Supernatural is the Dean and Cas show. Dean already has both the mytharc and the emotional POV but still they are not satisfied.

        • roxi says:

          I’m not a bully but I’d really like to know what SPN you guys watch, because as far as I can see, Sam has ALWAYS been center stage, up until season 7 which sucked for both of them. And Soup Dear, if you think that there are no Samfan bullies then you must reside in another fandom.
          Honestly, I’m a little ashamed of myself for even participating in this Sam fanvs Dean fan crap. I favor Dean, but I LOVE both brothers. The way all the fans are on here, it’s as if you can’t possibly love both brothers. I caught up in it too, and I feel silly. It’s just a TV show guys. Come on. We all have far more important things in our real lives to get this worked up about.

        • skepticalinquirer says:

          Oh, please! Sam fans called Dean a rapist for resouling him.

      • lolzy says:

        Seriously dude, no one believes your posts saying “I’m Dean girl, let me tell you all the ways in which Sam can do no wrong and Dean can do no right.”

        Your transparent agenda does not make your opinion more valid.

        • Soup says:

          I can see why you like poor put upon Dean so much, with that whiny martyr complex about how everyone is so meeeean to Dean and no one appreciates him enough. And the writers all hate him Wah wah wah. *single manly tear*

          • arafel says:

            Poor doormat Dean too good for everyone around him. Nobody appreciates him!! Poor snowflake. Perhaps Ellen though she is busy being dead can send another message about Dean’s shiny manpain.

          • Arafel-the real one says:

            I can see why you’re a Samfan-no explanation necessary.

          • DFTW says:

            LOL! You guys can’t even come up with your own insults. You must be smart like super-specshal-smart Sammy.

      • kate says:

        I never really liked Dean or Sam better than the other. I always thought of them as a package and that they compliment each other. When Dean gets a little to righteous, Sam keeps him grounded. When Sam goes a little too far off the beaten path, Dean brings him back. I always thought the point of Supernatural was to explore their relationship, and the gray areas that they found in the black & white world their father brought them up in. It was always more than who one upped who, at least to me, so when threads devolve into fights about how mean Sam is to Dean or the reverse, I’m always amazed and sort of amused.

        • Lia says:

          Yeah, I feel like I’ve entered bizarro world where people can hate one brother and completely misinterpret his actions and others do the same to the other brother. I love Sam and Dean both, they’re devotion to one another and the way they sacrifice themselves for one another. They’ve both screwed up. I don’t see how fans can enjoy the show when they see things in black and white where one is a hero and one is a villain. It’s a complete distortion of their characters.

          • Lisa London says:

            Totally agree with you both. I love both characters in the sense that one is needed to balance/challenge the other one. They are a unit. That said, I find Jensen Ackles more attractive but that’s about it!

  26. Jennifer says:

    Has there ever been a time when Dean’s been allowed to just be angry at Sam without himself being made into the bad guy? If it’s not being yelled at by Bobby, it’s being taught a lesson like “The End”, or having the tables turn on him ala “Fallen Idols”/this season. No wonder the dude’s got self esteem issues.

  27. dolly says:

    Wow… I feel like I just walked into a Twilight Zone episode….

    I could have bought Sam just making a bad judgement call. But oh no, it can’t just be that Sam screwed up because he was depressed or having a meltdown. That would be too much like real life, where people are actually accountable. No, in fact, what Sam did or didn’t do isn’t even all that important – according to the show, what actually matters is that Dean screwed up even more! Sweet, sensitive Sam just wanted to smell the flowers and live in peace with his lady love. Dean, otoh, apparently killed puppies and kittens and did all kinds of other bad, bad things in Purgatory.

    I’m just waiting for Singer to next say that Sam did a good, noble thing and should get a shiny gold star for not looking for his sociopath of a brother.

  28. Melody Paris says:

    I’m very excited about the new season and more I read about the more excited – nay, ecstatic – I get. I’ve got faith this is going to be a good year. Seasons 6 and 7 weren’t perfect, but there were some great moments. I think Carver was a great choice to sit in the bosses chair. It’s going to be a good year!

  29. Hana says:

    As a big fan of both Sam and Dean, I’m afraid this season will destroy both characters.
    Everything about Sam is bad and cheap, and, while I like Dean’s storyline, seems like his characterization is going to be messy and bad too. Sam will come out as dumb and incompetent and pretty cold-hearted, not looking for his own brother, and Dean will be the lying liar that lies, that acts like an hypocrite, and both seems to have forgotten everything they’ve donein the last 7 (or more) years.

    For me, if they mess up one character, they mess up the other too, since they have such a complex relatinship. When they mess up both, well, I don’t even know. And it’s been happening for 3 seasons already.

    Maybe Carver has been away from SPN for too long to remember the brothers and who they used to be. Or maybe SPN has been running for too long.

    • Lia says:

      Yep, you’ve pretty much stated my feelings on this too. Given what has happened over the past seven seasons, their behavior, especially Sam’s, doesn’t make much sense. I really had high hopes for Carver, but he’s not saying much now that gives me hope. *sigh*

  30. Gwen says:

    The spoilers for Sam sound horrendous. As does the character destruction for him. I’m pretty sure I’m not going to be tuning in this season, I don’t want to watch yet another season of Sam’s character being throw under a bus.

    • lolzy says:

      Dude, did you not read the article? Apparently whatever Dean did in purgatory to survive is way worse than Sam abandoning his brother and Kevin so he could frolic with his dog and his girl. Seems to me that Dean’s biggest sin was surviving purgatory and coming back to mess up Sam’s perfect new life. Poor Sam. How can he stand having such a screw up for a brother. It must be so hard to stay up on that pedestal of perfect purity and be forced to judge the way Dean handled things in a 24/7 battle zone while Sam was off living the warm, cozy good life. How ever will he manage, the poor, dear, sensitive soul that he is.

      • anotherlucy says:

        Only fair that Sam gets to stand on that pedestal since poor Dean has been on it for seven years. He’s not the one the writers tainted with that demon blood storyline.

  31. Amy says:

    I’m confused with Carver’s logic here. How abandoning your brother and leaving people in danger is equal to fighting for your life even if you forced to make an alliance with a monster? And how the person can not be judged for former and be judged for latter?
    Is there a problem with morals there?
    Oh, I forgot, we’re talking about supernatural. This show has strange affection to whitewash terrible things and bash heroes for good deeds.

    • I don’t understand this comment and the others like it. We don’t know the particulars yet of either situation. And who says the stories have to be equal? Let’s deal with an arc at a time. Sam has had some pretty big ones in the past, so let’s see a nice fleshed out Dean story. As far as whitewashing terrible things, I really don’t seem to recall all these horrible moments everyone else does. All I know for sure is that Sam and Dean are both human. They make mistakes, they say things they don’t mean, they kill things that maybe they shouldn’t. Then they deal. They move on, because that’s all they can do. Dean carries a lot of guilt, because that’s who he is. Sam has always craved a life outside of hunting, because that’s who he is. They can still develop and change, even after seven seasons. No one ever stops changing.

      • The whole “that’s who they are” thing followed by “they can change” sounds a little contradictory when I read it back to myself, but basically I just think that they’re not static in what they want or the decisions they’ve made. Fundamentally they have certain character traits, yes, but they aren’t just that.

  32. KC says:

    Uh, since when did the brothers EVER promise not to look for each other if they just disappeared? Nice rewriting of history to suit your own purposes there, Carver. And the entire show has been about a relationship– the relationship between Sam and Dean. I see your “new” history erases that completely too.

    I’m beginning to think hiring Carver was one of the worst decisions they’ve ever made. Is it too late to get Gamble back? Wow.

  33. KC says:

    “…an hour consisting almost entirely of Paranormal Activity-style ”found footage,” which is “pretty unlike any episode that the show has ever done before.””

    Really? It’s unlike the Ghostfacers episode that was all “found” footage? And the LARP episode is nothing like the convention episode from season 5 featuring… LARPers?

    Carver is a hack without an original thought in his head.

  34. DeanSam81 says:

    I’m disgusted with what they’re doing with Sam’s character, Even a monster would try to look for its brother. Sam just gave up on Dean to go smell the roses like some selfish, heartless, demonic a-hole. Whar is Carver doing? Destroying the heart and soul of the show, the supposed bond between Sam and Dean. I guess he really thinks he can take this show to season 10 without those of us who watch Supernatural for the epic brother bond. I will not be watching.

  35. Pam says:

    Man, Bob Singer really needs to shut up and never talk about the show. What a bucket of ice cold water he’s thrown on my enthusiasm up to this point. Yeah, I know he’s a big ol’ flaming Sam girl, but I never realized until the last couple of seasons how much he actually hated the character of Dean – as much as Gamble did, apparently. I’m just sorry that it appears he has influenced Carver’s opinion too over the last few months. I really thought Carver would bring in a fresh non-biased approach to his two leads, but this interview has dashed that hope against the rocks of petty behind the scenes reality. As someone who did not tune in live the last two sucky seasons, and didn’t even dvr all the episodes, I had started to get excited about the show again and intended to watch live for the first time in over two years. But this reality check has changed my mind again. Back to fast-forwarding to Jensen’s scenes, and skipping all the rest. Never fear, “Modern Family” – my loyalty to you remains unchanged.

    • Rita says:

      Dean killed Amy and it is Sam that ending up crawling back to Dean and admitting that he was right. It will end up the same way with Benny, Dean will only look “bad” at first but will turn out right all along for trusting a vampire. Saint Dean can do no wrong. I don’t know show you were watching the past few years if you think it hasn’t been THE DEAN SHOW.

      • silvestra says:

        I suppose you forgot that it was Sam who’s always had a story while Dean had nothing but to react to Sam’s story. How does that even come close to being the Dean Show? You need to rewatch the seasons and rewatch all the times Sam gets whitewashed and Dean gets to be blamed. As for the Amy issue, I’m sure that with Singer’s great comments about Dean, we’ll have that resolved and Dean will be made to grovel so that Sam can once again be vindicated for making a bad choice which wasn’t bad because it was Sam’s. Any other time and with any other character, Amy wouldn’t even have been an issue. Don’t worry Rita, from the sounds of it, it’s still the SuperSamSuperShow and Dean who?

      • lolzy says:

        Yep, then Sam killed Dean’s daughter to stick it to Dean who he projected his own issues onto again for the 6 billionth time.

        Sam is just such a peach.

        He abandons his brother and Kevin, then gets to make take a moral stand when his brother lies to him again. Because you know, it’s not like Sam has ever used Dean’s words and feelings against him before.

        If I were Dean, I would never tell Sam the truth. Hell, if I were Dean, I woulda kicked Sam’s ungrateful ass to curb years ago.

        • Gina says:

          Sticking it to Dean that’s totally the reason Evil Machiavellian Sam killed his daughter. Hahahaha. I can’t even take you EDGs seriously if you have to resort to such a deluded version of events..

        • Lia says:

          “stick it to Dean”? Seriously? That’s how you interpret Sam killing Emma? Not, she was a threat to Dean that Sam had to neutralize? Interesting. I mean … huh.

        • Mikaylah says:

          This isn’t the first time I’ve seen someone try to say Sam killing Emma was payback for Amy, and it makes me so frustrated that you completely missed the point. Sam killed Emma because he loves Dean, and didn’t want his brother to have to go through the pain of killing his own daughter. I will unabashedly say that Dean is my favorite brother, but I know that he wouldn’t be who he is without Sam, good and bad. The same goes for Sam. There is no reason to bash on either one of them.

          • Ammy says:

            Thank you! Seriously, thank you. I’m a Dean girl, but, jeez, I love Sam too. And the constant Sam bashing is so full of anger and hate. Sam is not a bad guy. He just has a different world view than Dean. And he did not kill Emma to get back at Dean. Crimminy!

          • DFTW says:

            Well then someone should have told Padalecki that Sam killed Emma out of concern for his brother. Because he played that ending scene as if Sam was saying “see how it feels when I kill someone you care about?”

      • Ivy says:

        Are you joking? For the first time in 7 years all Sam had to do in the Amy situation was admit that Dean “might have been right”. That’s it and as I said above, let’s not forget the whole situation was precipitated by Sam’s own lies, including not returning Dean’s calls on top of sneaking out in the middle of the night and leaving Dean alone while he had a broken leg(which he removed his cast early for to chase after Sam).

        As for Emma, Dean would have killed Emma, he may have had some hope at first but he wasn’t taken in by her but of course Sam had to do it himself. That’s why Dean, unlike Sam with Amy, wasn’t at all upset with Sam over killing her. Dean knew it had to be done and he’d have done it but Sam did it so he was happy enough to not have kill something that was supposed to be his daughter. So different situations based on their reactions. Dean was fine with Sam killing her. He didn’t throw a massive hissy hit, or make it some sort of yard stick about their relationship, or leave and act all angry when he and Sam met up again(of course he didn’t leave so it wasn’t even an option but when Sam left after finding out about Amy – when he and Dean ended up working on the same case, Sam really wanted nothing to do with it)

        • DFTW says:

          Notice how they ignore fact-based rebuttles? I always find that very interesting in this kind of wanking.

          • Prena says:

            FACT based. lolz keep telling yourself that Sam killed Emma to get back at Dean is fact. No, you just can’t argue with utter stupidity like that. What can sane fans say? You will just writer another essay on the show that only exists in your head.

  36. Corona says:

    Let me get this right. Dean is wrong for being upset that Sam didn’t look for him, because of what Dean did when he was stuck in purgatory. That is just stupid. Dean was stuck in purgatory; Sam just abandoned people who counted on him.

    That is one thing I’ve always hated about SPN is the false moral equivalence.

    • Rita says:

      Yeah moral equivalence like when Dean killed Amy and Sam ended up crawling back to Dean and admitting that he was right? It will end up the same way with Benny, Dean will only look “bad” at first but will turn out right all along for trusting a vampire. Don’t worry they will make sure Saint Dean comes out unscathed in the end.

      • Corona says:

        Amy was killing people. I hated that plotline trying to make it some sort of gray area.

        • silvestra says:

          But Amy killing people was ok , because Amy was only killing bad people, except when they weren’t bad, and she was Sam’s bestest friend that he knew for a whole day 15 years back. She certainly trumped Dean in Sam’s mind, but then again, everything trumps Dean in Sam’s mind.

          • Mikaylah says:

            The issue wasn’t merely that Dean killed Amy, it was that he lied about doing it. And yes, Sam knew Amy for a short time a long time ago, but she also saved his life. He felt like he owed her something. That’s not unreasonable. Anyways, when Dean explained why he did it, and why he lied about it, Sam and he were able to work through it. Let’s let it go.

        • anotherlucy says:

          Cas was killing people too. I say Dean should go kill him. Just to be fair and all.

  37. Lia says:

    I was really hopeful when I heard Carver was taking over. I was even kind of excited about Dean’s time in Purgatory. Then, I read this interview.

    I guess what bothers me most is that Singer and Carver appear to be ignoring seven seasons of history, canon, character development and taking Sam and Dean back to S1 with Dean trying to drag a reluctant Sam back into hunting. It sounds like they are gutting Sam’s character, which seriously, after everything he’s been through, they’re making it meaningless? And Dean, who had started to realize that lying to Sam was not just wrong but always comes back to bite him on the ass, continues to lie and hide things from his brother.

    I’m trying to withhold judgment until I’ve seen a few episodes, but I just don’t understand why the producers would think that we want to continue watching the same old stuff over and over. I want these characters to continue to grow — not just away from one another, but together. That is what the show’s about. Sam and Dean. Do Carver and Singer not get that?

  38. silvestra says:

    Wow, leave it to Singer to throw some cold water on what sounded like an exciting season. So instead of having Sam take responsibility for ditching Dean, Kevin and the world, the writers and Singer feel it is necessary to throw Dean under the bus, again, so that Sam won’t look bad. How disappointing. No matter how many times Sam was wrong, or the bad things he did, this show never had Sam take responsibility for it, and I guess nothing has changed. Sam will never ever be wrong, and Dean will never ever be right.

    All I can say is, Singer you really should realize that Sam isn’t the only one with fans out there, and yes, the Dean fans still read the articles where you either ignore Dean, or demean him in some way while you talk up Sam as if he’s the second coming. How very disappointing.

    I will be watching badass, kickass Dean, mysterious Benny and intriguing Cas. You Singer, can keep your Sam. He’s no hero when everyone else has to be made to look bad, especially Dean, so that Sam can always look good.

    • STFU says:

      The Dean and Cas fans should be locked in a room together and eaten to death by maggots. You make this fandom a hellhole.

      • silvestra says:

        Not the Sam fans? Wow, I guess then that they must have legitimate reasons to whine and complain, as they have done the past 7 years despited Gamble giving them everything they wanted.

        Maybe you should follow your own name and STFU, hypocrite.

      • zoe says:

        Wasn’t someone spouting off about Dean fans being cruel bullies earlier? Got nothing on Sam fans.

      • anotherlucy says:

        Now, now, we all know Dean fans are utterly wonderful people who have never bashed Sam because they are incapable of hate.

        • DFTW says:

          Dean fans aren’t the ones running around screaming “I’m bibro” at the top of their lungs, while bashing him in the very next sentence. At least we are honest with our complaints. The Sam fans around here speak out of both sides of mouths. They claim they watch the show for both brothers but the minute it looks like Dean might actually get anything that might not revolve completely around their perfect woobie, they start bitching like the world is about to end. Both sides do it. One side is just more honest in their complaining.

  39. skepticalinquirer says:

    Is it so wrong to have earth logic on the show? How about Sam not act all butthurt that Dean came back alive and Dean isn’t blamed for ruining his life by clawing his OWN way out of purgatory? Why blame Dean?

    why not just have Sam just have to face the consequences of his actions without trying to make Dean look worse on the slim hope nobody will yell at or hate Sam?

    why no mention of the fact that maybe Dean wouldn’t have to do whatever bad crap they’ll smear all over him to make Sam’s abandonment look good if Sam hadn’t abandoned both him AND KEVIN?

    If I were Kevin, I’d be furious at that guy and I don’t want that glossed over either. Sure, maybe Sam has a subconscious desire for Dean to be gone (which does NOT justify it) but Kevin hasn’t “kept him from growing up” or “made him run off with Ruby” or whatever garbage they whip up next.

    Sam is what, 30? if he hates Dean so much then he can live by himself. And for once, make him responsible for that choice.

    • noonelikesyou says:

      What do you do think you’re going to achieve running up and down the threads hating on Sam other than making yourself look like an unstable psycho to sane fans and the writers? Go back to TWOP Mobiousklein.

    • silvestra says:

      I would love it if Dean actually let Sam live his life with whatsername and go hunting with Cas and Benny. Imagine having characters that would actually care for you and even is one is not to be trusted, at least Dean knows where he’s coming from. With Sam, he tells Dean he cares for him, but rarely shows it. I’d rather Dean just not bother with Sam anymore. Let Sam decide if he wants to hunt with Dean…oh wait, he already did. Once this last job is over, Sam is more than happy to ditch Dean again for his latest Dean-replacement.

  40. Dan says:

    I’ll hold off forming an opinion until I see a few episodes but if Dean comes out of Purgatory buddies with a vamp after treating Bobby like such crap when he was a ghost who gave up…oh..HEAVEN! to stick around and help his sorry ass then I’ll probably be done. The “Bobby is a monster” thing last year really pissed me off.

    • silvestra says:

      The monster that Dean befriends is a monster that not only helped him survive in purgatory, but also helped him escape from it. From the sounds of it, Dean and Benny didn’t just meet and escape, they actually fought side by side for almost a year before they escaped. So there is that. Dean does owe Benny a lot, since I don’t think Dean would have been able to survive in purgatory for a year on his own, let alone escape it. I will wait and see what the relationship involves.

      As for Bobby, the character should have stayed dead when he was shot in the head. He had already overstayed his welcome by becoming the all knowing, all seeing and all doing character to the point that Dean and Sam were basically useless.

    • lolzy says:

      So you’re good with Sam not lifting his little finger to save his bro but you’re hate Dean for doing whatever he needs to survive? Lemme guess, you love both brothers equally.

      God you people are so transparent. lol.

    • lolzy says:

      And….IIRC Sam was even less happy about Bobby and was the one pushing to end him long before Dean. But he’s Saint Sammy the Sensitive, so of course he gets a free pass from you. Hypocrite.

      • Gina says:

        Did Sam run over your puppy or something? It’s clear you just hate Sam for no good reason other than any single second not spent on Dean’s woobie face and epic manpain is a second too much!

        • kate says:

          ^^^ most hilarious thread comment winner right there!

          • zoe says:

            I’m seeing a lot of hypocritical Sam fans calling out Dean fans for bullying. Have you got blind spots where your fellow fans are concerned?

          • kate says:

            I’m not a Dean or Sam fan. but the comment is funny. get a grip.

        • Ivy says:

          Yeah because it’s so unreasonable to point out the doublestandard between what Dean is being held to compared to Sam. Sam has done pretty much everything Dean’s being accused of here and worse==those are facts, blame the writers if it makes it look like Sam ran over someone puppy. The difference is the show always blames someone else for Sam’s actions and acts like he’s pure as the driven snow, more sinned against than sinning.

          • Prena says:

            “The difference is the show always blames someone else for Sam’s actions and acts like he’s pure as the driven snow, more sinned against than sinning.”

            LOL Dean fans think Sam killed Emma to stick it to him! You’re not exactly the picture of sanity when it comes to judging the show and how things unfolded.

    • zoe says:

      I thought you were against the Sam v Dean stuff but I guess only when people argue against Sam. You can’t exactly take the high road anymore.

      Dean was scared of what Bobby was giving up to help his “sorry ass” as you put it, because ghosts turn into vengeful spirits, he wanted his father figure at peace not hanging round to turn into something they hunt. Dean feels responsible for everything and everyone and when he’s scared he lashes out.

    • Ivy says:

      What are you talking about? Bobby was a ghost who should NOT have given up going to Heaven because ghosts who stick around turn into angry spirits. Which Bobby started to do and realized that he needed them to help him pass on by burning the flask. If Dean had really been that against he’d have burnt the flask as soon as he thought Bobby was a ghost but despite not being happy Bobby didn’t move on, knowing the consequences, he didn’t do anything until Bobby asked for them.

      How can you compare the situations? They aren’t in the slightest bit comparable. Dean was alone(doesn’t seem like Castiel was around for a while after they first got there) in Purgatory with ONLY enemies around him basically, he was there with almost no weapons, relatively little knowledge how things work there. Dean’s still Dean, Bobby was a ghost. It’s hardly the first time the boys have let a vampire live – they let Lenore and actually the same actor played a vampire in her gang named Eli, I think, obviously they let him live too. They also let those witches live, though in that case they had little choice given the situation at the time, they couldn’t actually defeat them. The skinwalker. There have a few times when they’ve let monsters live.

      Oh and it’s not comparable to Sam’s situation either now or when Dean was pulled into Hell – there was Bobby, there was Ellen, there were other contacts and acqaintances, Sam chose Ruby over all of them even though she’d done nothing but lie the previous season. And this season not only are there still a few people Sam could at least count as friendly acquaintances(Garth, the sheriff, etc) but he’s not in the middle of the enemy camp of Purgatory.

  41. cj says:

    Sounds like Singer has taken Sam’s side in whatever this dispute is about. This confirms to me that Singer is a Sam fanboy and has never cared much for Dean.

    • anotherlucy says:

      So many writers are Sam boys or girls. Could it be that they love Sam a lot for good reason?
      If Singer doesn’t take Sam’s side, who will? We all know Carver will be on Dean’s side.

  42. Ivy says:

    Wow really? Not fair to Sam, Singer? LOL WIth all the stuff Sam has lied about over the years to Dean(and which the show’s writers have invariably excused or had Sam blame Dean for “making” him lie to him::eyerolls::) about and it’s “not fair to Sam” that Dean’s upset that Sam didn’t look for him(oh and they never had a promise to not look for each other should one just disappear, that’s a nice thing to make up in order to once again let Sam off the hook and whitewash his actions, for the 100th time–the one time they did promise something on the show, when Dean was about to be dragged to Hell actually included Sam still hunting, so yeah the abandoning Kevin thing wouldn’t have been part of it).

    That’s not being judgmental and the situations aren’t comparable. Not looking for Dean, abandoning Kevin – those are very selfish, almost inexcusable actions, given what Sam knows, especially the abandoning of Kevin. They certainly aren’t heroic. Unfortunately I can see Sam just writing Dean off, it’s in his nature to do so as he’s never had much respect for Dean anyway, but seriously Kevin was essentially an innocent, he’s a teenager who ended up being a prophet and he’s kidnapped by Crowley right in front of Sam and Sam just abandons him. What the HECK is up with that? Sorry but Dean has every right to judge Sam about this, no matter what secret he might be keeping.

    Dean not being forthcoming about whatever is going on with Benny is an issue, definitely, never good to keep secrets, but Sam’s lied about far worse for what will probably end up being far longer. So if it’ s “unfair” to anyone, it’s unfair of Sam to be so judgmental and get his “licks in” towards Dean given what he’s done and what he just did. Maybe it’s about time Sam got off his high horse and stopped looking down on Dean.

    Hey maybe Dean wouldn’t have become such pals with Benny or had to do what he did if Sam had, you know, gotten off his selfish butt and actually put real effort into looking for Dean. When it’s Sam, Dean’s raked over the coals within the show if he doesn’t give up everything to devote himself to helping Sam, finding Sam, doing whatever he can for Sam, but it’s a-OK for Sam to just say “Darn, but I’d have to like, do it on my own and that might be, like, totally hard, so I’m just gonna not bother, he’s probably dead anyway(I hope)” – because that is sure how it comes across. That’s a complete double standard.

    Guess Dean is just smarter and better as a hunter and has a stronger character than Sam does, as he hasn’t let either his friends or the most powerful beings in the world telling him it’s impossible stop him from doing something if it could help the world or if it meant helping Sam. That’s the only reason Sam is even around today, because Dean wouldn’t stop, even when everyone told him it couldn’t be done. Otherwise his soul would still be rotting in Hell.

    • Gina says:

      Keep bashing Sam this will totally get him killed off and give you the Dean only show you always wanted. It really is funny how you’re cutting off your nose to spite your face making all Dean girls look so petty and jealous despising of one of the leads. The writers will look at this and think you’re all smoking crack. Good job! *pets*

      • Ivy says:

        The writers are are the only one smoking crack because they actually think this storyline makes sense even though everyone with half a brain can see that doesn’t.

        Go ahead and whine about anyone making sensible complaints, Gina, you’re the ones who look blind. Just because the writers like their fans blind doesn’t mean we have to act that way. It might get you what you want in the storyline, as it has for the last 7 years of The Sam Show(Dean didn’t even have a storyline for the last 2 seasons it was all reacting to everyone else) but I’d rather point out the obvious(non-sensical storylines based on weird retcons, obviously biased towards Sam writing).

        • DFTW says:

          That is the thing that I don’t understand. They all spout off about the brother bond, but then they repeatedly have one of the brothers, Sam, choose anyone or anything else over Dean. Then they are baffled by the fact that so many fans no longer find Sam sympathetic or heroic. There is such a disconnect between what the writers keep telling us and what they are showing us. I’ve never seen a show that sends out such mixed messages about its lead characters.

  43. Velvet says:

    I never tire of watching

  44. Robina says:

    This thread. This thread. This thread.

    Well, if the writers were trying to stir versus wank, they have certainly succeeded!

  45. zoe says:

    For what it’s worth I think generally Dean fans are (or were) happy with the spoilers because it’s a storyline yay! there’s a nice buzz around the boards for a change but when one of the producers is basically saying there’s conflict between the brothers and Dean is the one in the wrong, it doesn’t give much hope that the two sides are going to be fairly represented if that’s the message he wants fans to take from it all.
    I hope Carver is on Dean’s side to balance things out and show understanding from Dean’s POV since Singer has obviously got Sam’s side of things covered.

    • Prena says:

      There’s only two leads on the show, you may not like Sam but you don’t have to be such a petty bitch wanting the showing runner to only care about Dean and screw over Sam disappointing a big portion of the fanbase. Dean fans are not the only ones that should count. Singer is not a writer fat lot it would do for Sam fans if he likes Sam best. Not that rabid unhinged Sam hating Dean fans logic is the most reliable assessment on what Carver or Singer’s biases are.

      • zoe says:

        I said I hope Carver is on Dean’s side to EVEN things out because Singer has Sam’s POV covered. Singer is one of the executive producers he holds a lot of weight. My comment was about wanting balance, no need to resort to petty name-calling. I thought Sam fans didn’t lower themselves to that, oh right, that’s according to other Sam fans who paint themselves as saints while simultaneously calling Dean fans bullies and using disgusting insults against them.

        • An says:

          I agree… Just wanted to point out that Carver is CO-showrunner with Singer. :o)

        • Prena says:

          Just because you keep repeating something as fact doesn’t make it true. Dean fans think ANYTHING positive said about Sam is a slight against Dean and cry that all the showrunners hate Dean. You really need to go take your meds for all that delusion and paranoia you got there.

      • DFTW says:

        Kripke, Gamble and Singer have all said shown themselves to be total Sam girls both in the way they conduct their interviews and the focus on the show, so your whining about some one actually hoping Carver might actually like Dean, is hilariously pathetic.

  46. Victoia says:

    I am just so scared! I love this show and I love these boys and I’m so afraid for season 8! Why does it have to be Sam against Dean…..it’s suppose to be Sam & Dean against the world!! The brothers’ bond is the heart of the show……that’s what fans originially fell in love with and I’m so afraid this is being killed a little at the time. Please, oh please let all of this spoiler talk be a smoke screen! I’m trying to hold on to hope…..but it’s slipping away a little each day. So many fans I know say they can’t bear to watch it live anymore because it hurts too bad. Yes, this is a TV show, but to true SPN fans, this is real…..Sam & Dean are real……and they just can’t bear to see what’s happening to tear them apart. And again, I ask why?? There can be plenty of drama and conflict in the show without it tearing them apart. I am just so scared and so sad…….I had such high hopes for JC. He wrote some of the best “bro-mo” episodes…..he knows the heart of the show…….why is he ignoring it now.

  47. oppar says:

    Yikes. Sam sounds like a right proper douchebag from all the spoilers :[

    I really hope there is some kind of twist or more than “Well Dean tortured people and liked killing things in a extremely violently hostile environment all on his own with no clue if he would ever make it out. Look see! He lied to me about a vampire who helped him get out of all that. Omg Dean how could you.”

    If it’s anything short of a complete and utter mental and emotional breakdown, not the 7.17 no sleep breakdown but institutionalized psychotic break, I can’t say there is much they can do to redeem Sam right now. Short of him being spelled or mind swapped or something.

    Cause not only did he not look for Dean, get involved with a young lady and omit the very real dangers that are attached to him from his past life in the supernatural world, and I’m assuming since he peaced out he also didn’t attempt to kill the remaining leviathans nor tell anyone else how…

    But he also left Kevin, for all he knew, to be tortured in hell by Crowley. Like that one really pushed me over the edge with the wtf factor. He JUST had this long ass arc about torture and the after affects of it and he leaves Kevin, an innocent kid who doesn’t know anything about this whole supernatural world in hell.

    There better be some real and deeply sympathetic reason behind all of that cause if not then… I don’t even know.

    • Prena says:

      Sam haters have been making him out to be a villain since he insulted Poor Dean’s EMF meter in season 1, I guess the show just wants to come right out and validate every stupid thing they accused him of.

      • oppar says:

        Season 4 really didn’t help anything at all since you have Sam in canon being a necrophiliac and/or rapist who murdered an innocent woman. Then the following season sees him blaming his brother for pushing him to Ruby cause he is “mean” or something. Not even getting into all the other problematic things they had his character do but still it was a slow climb out of the gutter for Sam and then bam. Back to let’s have Sam do the worst things possible then wonder why people aren’t more sympathetic to his plights.

        This isn’t me bashing him since all of the major players in this story are extremely messed up. But if season 4 wasn’t the first nail in the “Sam Love” coffin this season could very well be the last.

        It’s going to take a level of finesse and attention to subtext/contextual details throughout the entire season to not have the season end with Sam under a mud covered bus. And I just don’t have faith in the writers to be able to pull it off as of now.

        • Prena says:

          Eh the same people who rag on Sam endlessly for season 4 are the same ones that were quick to forgive Cas quickly and even hated on Dean for daring to be angry at him for betraying him. They’re just hypocrites playing favorites wanting to box out Sam out so they could have the Dean’n’Cas show. Such transparent flops lol.

          • oppar says:

            Not even close. Please don’t be disingenuous and try and shift it off on Castiel fans as if vitriolic Sam hate hasn’t been going on since season 1. Nor as if the rise in Sam hate wasn’t the result of season 4 making his character do some pretty horrible things.

            Much like Castiel hate rose because of him breaking Sam’s wall. The only reason that Castiel isn’t hated more across the board is due to his Sam 2.0 arc in seasons 6-7 was so poorly told that people tend to complain more about how the story didn’t make sense than what he did. Sam’s character was not so lucky.

            My point is that when the writers keep having Sam do horrible things it makes it harder for viewers in general to be sympathic towards him. Not just because the things he does are horrible, all the characters do horrible things. It’s because they don’t allow Sam much in the way of emotional POV to frame his choices in ways viewers can maybe relate to.

            Both Dean and Castiel’s character arcs are rooted in emotional POV. Hell Castiel’s is centered in his character feeling human emotions for the first time. Sam? His story is centered on things happening TO him not how those things affect his emotional well being.

            You can’t have him not look and the only way his story is not bad is because someone else did something worse~ and expect that to be all people need to feel for his character. It doesn’t work that way.

  48. Hope says:

    Why is everyone blaming the characters for stupid storytelling, when it is the people who write it that are at fault? Instead of getting mad at each other you should all be getting mad at the show-runners. I think because the initial bond of the brothers was destroyed, everyone is so pissed that they vent at each other. I know I would do anything for my family, and it should be more so for the CHARACTERS of Sam and Dean. The writers took that away- Out of frustration we are arguing with each other because we can’t bring back the devotion of family that was taken away from these two characters. So we vent here. We are pulling apart the way they tore Dean and Sam apart. It sucks but, we can’t really do anything about it, so we gripe. Let’s put an effort into how things could be made better, instead of ripping apart one or both characters the way the writers already have.

  49. sweetondean says:

    I’m totally excited for the season. I always go in with optimism. I never understand why people make judgements about character arcs and season arcs before they have even seen the first episode. Before they have even seen the first frame roll out. I will never in this lifetime understand that. Just like I will never in this lifetime understand the character wars. I love this show, I love the brothers. Both of them. I can’t see how you can have one without the other. Everything that happens to one brother in some way happens to both. Everything affects both. This is their journey. Together. I love Supernatural and everything it brings into my life. I don’t see the point of judging something before you see it. I don’t see the point of being dismissive and pessimistic. It takes so much less energy to be excited and happy to have the show I love back on the air. This is a story, with pages and pages to reveal the place it’s going. 23 episodes to develop it. With deep characters who have a well of story and emotion inside them just waiting to reveal. I’m excited for this season, I can’t help but feel any other way. I love this show and I’ll let it tell its story before I even consider passing judgement on it.

    • Megan says:

      I agree completely. I love this show, and while I’ve been disappointed by the past couple of seasons, I want to reserve passing any kind of judgement on Carver’s showrunning abilities, the direction of the season and the character development until I’ve actually seen it. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with watching a show critically, but let’s at least give Carver a chance to prove himself.

    • Spikesgrl says:

      Oh so well stated sweetondean!! I agree with everything you said. I, too, am “sweetondean” but I love the show as a whole and believe that this is a show about both brothers and their journey, together. I have been a fan since day one and will be here through the end of Dean and Sam’s journey; for better or worse.

    • Lisa London says:

      Could not agree more. Let’s sit back and enjoy the ride!

  50. Spikesgrl says:

    I know that I am going to catch “purgatory” for this but; I, for one, am glad to see this Benny character coming to Supernatural as a new friend for Dean. Besides the fact that I adore Ty Olsson, I have never been and never will be a Castiel fan. The less Castiel time the better, IMHO.