Ratings: Homeland and Dexter Return to Highs

Showtime had a killer night on Sunday, as both Dexter and Homeland returned to distinct series highs.

With an audience of 2.4 million total viewers for its 9 pm showing and 3.04 mil for the night, Dexter‘s Season 7 opener stands as the dark drama’s highest-rated premiere to date.

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Dexter also delivered Showtime’s most-watched telecast for the year-to-date (besting a Shameless episode by 50 percent), and the premiere was up 10 percent from the Season 6 launch.

Homeland, meanwhile, drew an all-time high 1.73 million total viewers with its 10 pm bow, up 60 percent from its series debut and representing the pay cabler’s most watched Season 2 premiere ever (improving on previous record holder Shameless by 9 percent). For the night, Homeland amassed 2.07 million viewers. That’s something for Carrie to smile about!

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Combined, the Dexter and Homeland premieres gave Showtime its most watched Sunday night ever.

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  1. mary says:


  2. blaster freak says:

    So Fringe, getting a meager 13 episodes to wrap up its final season, got more viewers than Dexter or Homeland, yet we’re celebrating the “amazing” ratings for these shows?

    • celine says:

      Oh boy, you really don’t know what you’re talking about…Those are cable shows and 3 millions viewers is HUGE for showtime and it can’t be compared to the 3 millions+ viewers fringe gathered.

    • tmc917 says:

      Showtime is a pay station, therefore you wont get the same high ratings as a basic cable channel.

    • Cody says:

      Dexter and Homeland are on Showtime, those numbers are huge for cable.

    • Rachel says:

      You must be new here

    • amy says:

      There’s a difference, Dexter and Homeland are cable shows while Fringe is not so it’s obvious a cable show has lower standards than the regular one. I do wish Fringe wasn’t ending this year though, amazing show!

    • Leonard says:

      3-4 million people watched Fringe for free . 2.4 million people PAID to watch Dexter via Showtime . See the difference ?

    • Kit says:

      You can’t compare network ratings to pay cable ratings. Apples and Oranges.

    • Roger says:

      I know sometimes this makes no sense. But SHOWTIME is a PAID cable channel as opposed to FOX which is a broadcast network. I would love to watch Homeland but I do not want to pay to get SHOWTIME just to watch one show. so to sum it up SHOWTIME does not have the huge market that the broadcast networks get. Hope this helps… but I love FRINGE and am sad to see it go :(

    • Alex says:

      Oh sweetie… you haven’t been around tv ratings long have you?

      While Fringe got around 4.2 million viewers for its fourth season on a broadcast network which anyone with an antenna and a close affiliate station can watch for free, Dexter and Homeland got 3.04 and 2.07 viewers for their shows on a channel which you have to pay a subscription for apart from having to pay for cable. So yeah, those numbers are huge. ;)

    • will.i.was says:

      These shows are on Showtime, a pay-cable network, meaning there are significantly less potential viewers. A pay-cable series getting 2 million viewers is like a network series getting like 10 million viewers. So yeah, those ratings are pretty amazing, especially compared to Fringe’s average of like 3 million.

      And don’t think of the last season of Fringe being “a meager 13 episodes” as a bad thing. FOX execs could’ve (and from a financial point of view should have) cancelled the show after last season but they gave the show to give fans a proper goodbye. Be happy that we get to have an (probably) amazing 13 episodes to wrap up its final season.

      • willthecashew says:

        and also Dexter’s supposedly ending after season 8, giving it a total of 96 episodes, 4 less than Fringe’s 100.

      • GK says:

        People don’t realize it. Realistically speaking Fringe should have been cancelled after season 3 due to the abysmal ratings. Abrams intervened and negotiated a deal with much lesser profits and somehow the show made it to season 4 AND now season 5 just for the fans! We should all be glad we got to see 2 more seasons of such a wonderful show! I forgive FOX for their Firefly fiasco now. They have redeemed themselves in my eyes.

    • Mike says:

      @Blaster Freak – I won’t repeat the same thing everyone else said, because they’re all right! lol I just wanted to add that Fringe getting 13 episodes to close out a series isn’t really a BAD thing. It allows them to tell a focused story with not a lot of filler. Quantity doesn’t always equal quality. Granted, with Fringe, usually those filler episodes were pretty darn good anyway. But most cable dramas are 12 or 13 episodes per season and they usually find that is more than enough to tell their story for the season.

      BTW, Dexter and Homeland are on pay cable, so the ratings are going to be lower….couldn’t resist! lol :-)

  3. David says:

    well duh! Two of the best shows on TV!

  4. for a network that most of the country does not get, of course they’re celebrating, those are pretty good numbers. However when a show on one of the BIG 5(ABC, CW, NBC, Fox and CBS) gets numbers like that, it is viewed as a bomb(well, depending on how you look at it)

    • Emily says:

      Not even. When you look at the DVD sales and online piracy of these shows, I wouldn’t be surprised if the most popular premium cable shows easily surpass many free broadcast shows.

  5. tvaddict says:

    Homeland was amazing! I watched it on youtube because I don’t have showtime and am going to have to find a way to watch it every week because it is such a great show!

  6. It is interesting that 666 Park Avenue is already being labeled a bomb, when Homeland and Dexter got a fraction of the numbers 666 got

    • Steven says:

      Because fewer homes have Showtime than ABC.

    • 666 Park Avenue airs on a broadcast network that people can watch for free, while these shows air on a premium cable network which people have to pay to subscribe to. 666’s ratings just weren’t amazing by broadcast TV standards. On the other hand, considering the small number people who subscribe to Showtime these number are excellent.

    • RJ says:

      Showtime is in about 25 million homes (meaning 12% who have it, watched Dexter at 9pm and 11pm). ABC is in about 100 million homes (meaning 7% who have it, watched 666 Park Avenue).

      Dexter > 666 Park Avenue

  7. GK says:

    Dex had one of the best episodes EVER! Totally worth the wait! So glad to see it do well!

  8. Bender says:


  9. Mina says:

    Hey, can anyone tell me what network has Dexter and Homeland?

  10. Roberto says:

    WTF Dexter gonna go to season 8?! I was hoping it ends at season 6. It’s a great show but dragging it too l

    • Roberto says:

      long gonna ruin the show quality. I’m happy breaking bad ends at season 5.

    • Dean says:

      You obviously haven’t seen the episode. So, shut it. This episode made up for the entire second half of season 6! One of the best Dexter episode to date.

      • Mike says:

        I have no doubt this season is gonna be awesome. I just wonder what story there will be to tell after it. I’m sure they know where they’re going with it but I think it’s perfectly normal to worry about a show overstaying its welcome. Last season was a perfect example of milking a show before taking it to the next logical step. Hopefully next season isn’t one more than we really need. Lol

  11. Teaghan says:

    Renew Homeland for season 3!

  12. b. says:

    Yay! That’s what I’m talking about! Both shows are only gonna get better! Plus it’s huge for CBS!, I might be wrong but don’t they own Showtime or have some connection!?

  13. Doug-H says:

    For those of us who actually pay to watch premium cable networks, we know it’s not even a high priority to watch them at their premiere because of all the other ways they are available through multiple repeats, On Demand from your local cable company or online in many cases… I personally don’t mind catching up on the pay cable stuff during the week because Sundays are so loaded on regular networks.. Also HBO has a wider audience since many cable deals with apartments around the country throw it in to the packages offered to renters that in many cases are not optional.. Showtime is usually bought by subscribers who get more than one premium since HBO has traditionally had the top premium programs.. Showtime’s coup is that they have finally been rewarded for their original programming which in my view has been better in recent years as a whole than HBO’s… The thing is that HBO still has terrific stuff like Boardwalk, Treme, Larry David as well as better movies along with their older programs which subscribers have access to as well ( Sopranos, The Wire, 6 Feet Under) so you want that..