Made in Jersey: Is It Guilty of Being Good? Or Are You Already Planning to A-Quit?

Made in Jersey Premiere Recap

CBS left the fist pumps to the kids Friday when it unveiled its far-from-the-Shore legal drama Made in Jersey. But will you GTL and prosecute bad guys with this lawyer each week?

We’re eager to hear your thoughts on the latest East Coast-set procedural, but first, a brief refresher: A fish out of water at her posh Manhattan law firm, Jersey girl Martina Garretti (played by English stunner Janet Montgomery) gets the chance of a lifetime when, as a first-year associate, she’s made third chair on a big case.

As luck would have it, she immediately proves to be an asset to the investigation — one she aids in much more than would your typical attorney — when her extensive knowledge of skinny jeans and Sun-In-eqsue hair dye breaks the case wide open.

Kyle MacLachlan and Donna Murphy also co-star as Martina’s boss and mother, respectively.

What say you, TVLiners? Hit the poll below to let us know what grade you give Made in Jersey, then back up your pick in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Ben from VA says:

    Best New Show for CBS in a very long time!! Congrats for finally something orginal.

  2. mamafoxof3 says:

    Pleasantly surprised at how good it was. I’m ready for another episode.

  3. Vince says:

    Piece of poo. It was really bad. Awfully bad

  4. Vic says:

    Horrible. It’s sad what they put on tv . Completely bad

  5. moobear says:

    I think I will give this show a pass, but I loved what one critic said was the main characters qualifying characteristic and that is that she is the firms resident pleb whisper, ha! It still makes me lol.

  6. Maddy says:

    I’ve lived in southern New Jersey most of my life. People in South Jersey don’t act like that. I would be nice if Hollywood could distinguish between North and South Jersey.

    • aDelphinium says:

      I grew up in North Jersey. People didn’t act like that there either! I don’t get where this Jersey stereotype comes from. More like Brooklyn or Queens.

    • Karrie says:

      Hollywood can’t even distinguish any Southerner from another; and no, we are not all uneducated and rednecks.

  7. Dee says:

    I liked it for the most part.
    Didn’t know the lead was British!

    Didn’t like that they made Mrs. Bobby Flay the mean girl.

    I loved her character on SVU.

  8. tahina says:

    Legally Blode with a touch of The RealHousewives of New Jersey? Thought CBS could be more original.

  9. sam says:

    It’s like Ugly Betty, as a lawyer.

    • Brachel4TheWin! says:

      More like The Nanny, Fran Fine, as the lawyer. Looked and sounded and dressed more like her. She had style, she had flair, she had…a law degree? LOL. I enjoyed the show, though, and will watch it again.

    • aDelphinium says:

      Ugly Betty? The woman is gorgeous. I can’t see the connection.

      PS Big Ugly Betty fan here.

      • sam says:

        The STORY of Ugly Betty, being part of the fashion world but the complete opposite of her co-workers and the people they work with. This show is similar in the way that she doesn’t really fit in with the rest of the lawyers. They’re basically outsiders and live different lives than the people they work with.

  10. Karrie says:

    It was good but I can’t say that I anticipate another episode like I do “Revenge” and “Scandal”! I will watch if nothing else is on though.

  11. ragincajun says:

    I enjoyed it, but this is one show that CBS needs to turn into a more serialized relationship show rather than a straight by the numbers procedural. Dana Calvo cut her teeth on Greek, and I would love for her to bring some younger lawyers played by Spencer Grammar, Scott Michael Foster, and Aaron Hill to show and give it more of a USA vibe.

  12. Joe says:

    I’ve lived in central jersey all of my life and i know nobody and i mean nobody that actually has that accent. That is straight up Staten Island…I doubt even 1% of people from New Jersey actually talk like that.

  13. Margaret says:

    i liked it, but I agree with the above poster about not anticipating the show like I do a Revenge, Scandal or even Grimm. it was fun (love Pablo Schreiber) but it’s definitely a “I’ll watch it if nothing else is on” type of show…

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  15. KAcey says:

    Pilot wasn’t fantastically interesting but the main actress and her character kept me interested enough to give it another chance :)

  16. greysfan says:

    I liked it and i will be back next week. Beats a lot of the new shows out right now. The only one i have enjoyed so far is Last Resort. The rest are meh. Mind you looking forward to 666 Park Ave on Sunday.

    • aDelphinium says:

      Last Resort – that show positively blew me away. I was in bed, but had been sitting up, I would have been at the edge of my seat. My only concern about Last Resort is where it can go after such a riveting pilot. I hope that show is popular!

  17. aDelphinium says:

    I gave it a chance. I’m also from Jersey.Her accent is wrong. It does kind of remind me of Legally Blonde; and Ally McBeal. I didn’t like any of the soundtrack; it sounds hokey. I *do* like a several other cast members, and that’s enough (for now) to give the show another chance.

  18. Jack S says:

    I enjoyed it more than I expected after the negative buzz/reviews. Alright to stick with on Friday nights but once Nikita returns..

  19. Gretta says:

    I watched it because it was a new show and I hadn’t seen much promotion or publicity about it, so I was curious. I didn’t have high expectations but I actually liked it. I thought Janet Montgomery was great (at last, a female Montgomery actress who can ACT!!) as were the other cast members. I’ll be tuning in again next week.

  20. momof3 says:

    We enjoyed it. Hopefully we can see more of her family. I bet they have lots of stories they can write about involving her family.

  21. Nichole says:

    This show is very predictable, filled with bad accents, too much hair, and is just plain bad. It reminds me more of One for the Money (and we all know how great that movie is….n’t) with a little bit of Legally Blonde’s heart mixed in. Is it the worst show ever? No, but it still stinks.

  22. Pat Bowen says:

    I enjoyed this one, but of course that means it will probably be cancelled. Liked the lead and everything about the story line.

  23. Ant says:

    Only reason I watched the first five minutes is because I couldn’t find the remote to change the channel to Fringe.

  24. It was actually surprisingly good! Kind of like Ugly Betty meets Legally Blonde! Will definitely tune in to watch again.

  25. cheryl o says:

    Show was entertaining and I liked the cast choices. However, it was a bit light and I don’t know if it will attract enough viewers to be picked up for another season.

  26. Well, I thought about watching it, but then I saw it didn’t even hold up the CSI:NY lead. ‘Tis already a goner.

  27. Magically Suspicious says:

    I’ll be watching to see Kris Polaha. I hope it gets better, for his sake.

  28. Pearl says:

    Liked the cast on NY side, the history was too much Legally Blonde, but there’s nothign on this show that really draws me. Liked better of Pan Am and you know the fate of it. Far well o/

  29. L says:

    Somebody would have to pay me mucho dinero to watch anything about Jersey.