Scandal Premiere Recap: The Born Identity

ABC’s Scandal with its Season 2 premiere answered one big question — Who is Quinn Perkins? — only to, in doing so, leave us with several new head-scratchers.

The season opened a few months after the events of the finale (where David had informed us that a half-dozen federal agencies would be after Quinn if they knew her true identity). And he was right! Lindsay Dwyer (Quinn’s real name) is now behind bars awaiting trial for killing seven people several years ago, in a case of jealous rage gone horribly awry.

Quinn has no idea who did mail the bomb that killed her ex and a half-dozen of his coworkers. All she knows is that she had retreated to a seedy motel, got snuck up on and drugged, then awoke in a D.C. hotel room with a whole new life — one belonging to a “Quinn Perkins” — literally laid out before her.

Olivia staunchly fought on Quinn’s behalf, even as Abby vehemently questioned their colleague’s story/innocence. Huck meanwhile sought out any security camera feeds that might have seen who took Quinn to the hotel and hooked her up with a passport, money and such. But when no leads on Quinn’s alleged abductor turned up, the court case headed south and fast. Quinn even at one point had the gall to fire Olivia Pope… for about seven minutes.

But just as David was going in for the kill, on the case he warned Olivia would “end” her, the always resourceful Ms. Pope placed a mysterious phone call to someone she had not dealt with in a long time. The next day, the judge dropped David’s case — and pretty much everybody smelled a rat, Abby and most of all David included. Understandably, David is determined to find out how things went sideways at the drop of a white hat.

But an even bigger twist was coming. As Huck reviewed the security cam footage he did find, of outside the D.C. hotel, we realized that he himself was caught on tape, lurking outside as Lindsay Dwyer took her first steps as “Quinn Perkins.” The double-whammy: Huck then hopped in a car with Olivia to report: “She took it, everything we left for her. She’s good to go.”

So the new question we’ll undoubtedly not get answered particularly quickly: Why did Olivia orchestrate this grand identity switch? (P.S. First chance you get, rewatch the episode knowing how it ends; Olivia and Huck’s exchanges and actions throughout play out in a new light.)

Elsewhere in the Scandal Season 2 premiere…. Yep, Mellie’s pregnant with “America’s Baby,” though Fitz has had his fill of the media circus. Thing is, his numbers are down because of some yachting scandel-ette, making it quite tempting for him to cash in on this “Fort Knox” of political capital while deciding whether to fight a war in East Sudan. Sensing her husband’s internal debate on the latter, Mel sought to move things along by, during a televised sit-down to announce the sex of their baby, “ringing the genocide bell” and blurting out some provocative comments about the Sudan sitch.

In private afterwards, Fitz railed, “No one elected you! Your opinion doesn’t matter! You’re ornamental, not functional” — which is a curious POV for show that has acknowledged Bill Clinton and thus knows of that POTUS’ mighty missus. Mellie sighed, “You always did know just the right way to hurt me,” and advised Fitz not to take out on his wife the fact that he is his missing “her.”

But apparently Fitz has had enough of missing “her,” so he phones Olivia, who knows she should hang up… but neither of them does. (You can tell it’s a “POPUS” scene because the music, albeit a different cue than last season, comes on and the dialogue slows way, way, way down.) “I hate you”/”I hate you, too” is what they at one point say, and yet….

The Case of the Week involved a green congressman who was caught with his pants down by a hidden camera in his office. But before some Drudge-y blog could post the sex tape, Olivia had Huck do some hacking, steal the vid, and they leaked it on their own and on their own terms, allowing the politico to turn his boner (meaning: mistake) into a boon.

Oh, and apparently Henry Ian Cusick’s Stephen married fiancée Georgia and moved to Boston where he sometimes hangs out with Walter Bishop.

What did you think of the fresh new Scandal that’s brewing?

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  1. Martyna says:

    I see what you did there :D
    I enjoyed the episode, I wonder, how it will unravel.

  2. I loved all the twists with the Quinn Perkins’ case. Can’t what to learn more on how Olivia and Huck are involved in it all. Didn’t really care for the side story with the senator.

  3. sladewilson says:

    One of the best switcheroos I’ve seen in a while. I love that Mellie is sooooo diabolical and power hungry. Abby and Harrison were great and that ending was perfect…

  4. Leah says:

    I can’t wait until we find out more about Huck. I think he’s the most interesting character. Awesome premiere.

  5. Ashley says:

    This show has me addicted. I can’t wait to see how they throw Cyrus’s involvement with Amanda Tanner’s death back into the mix. I just wish they could talk just a “smidge” slower. It takes me a 1 1/2 to watch this show because I’m constantly rewinding to catch the dialogue.

    BTW, I didn’t get why they had the side story involving the senator until I realized that it was a play on Olivia’s and Fitz’s predicament last season. Notice, he had the same feelings as Fitz on the state of his private life while serving ina public office and as soon as the case was “taken care of” you had Olivia and Fitz on the phone while she was telling him how to spin Mellie’s PR stunt to gain political ground.

    • Keertana says:

      I TOTALLY agree about the slower talking request. That is rapidfire dialogue and no one interacts like that in real life. That being said, the premiere was awesome! I was so thrown when Quinn/Lindsay was acquitted and yelled at the TV when the show ended before we found out more about why Olivia and Huck were helping Quinn make a new life for herself. I even like the Senator storyline because it was a nice light-hearted break from all the intense drama. Awesome, awesome, awesome.

    • Zenobia says:

      I’m glad to find out that I’m not the only one who wish the dialogue was slower. In particular, Olivia talks sooo fast I have to try to read her lips to figure out what’s being said. Hopefully this flaw will be resolved.

    • H.Houston says:

      The speed of the talking is actually a show device and is intended to point out the speed at which things happen in Washington (and other political capitals). Things happen and change on the spin of a dime and the producers/writers understand that a true and good political show needs to move at the speed that politics would move in real time.

  6. Justin says:

    It was pretty obvious from early in the episode that Olivia was involved in the identity switch. What was surprising was the thing with the phone call. Did she call the judge or someone more important?

    • jenna says:

      I agree, somehow the season opener didn’t get me as excited as I was last season. However I am curious about the phone call. I doubt a judge would risk their reputation just as a ‘favour for a friend’ and Olivia really doesn’t seem like the type to blackmail a judge

    • H.Houston says:

      The phone call was to whomever had her originally get involved to save Quinn’s life… they were powerful enough to get to Olivia to help and it would be obvious that they were powerful enough to help keep Quinn out of jail now. They would have to be to make a judge through out a case that fast.

      • EveatEden says:

        Yup, its obvious that “Lindsay/Quinn” was set up to cover up what really happened but whoever covered it up didn’t want her to pay for it. Whoever that was must have had a lot of clout and was able to use it to get the case thrown out. I can’t wait to find out what really happened!

  7. Katarina says:

    I wish I could fast forward to next Thursday!

  8. juan says:

    Great episode for sure, I was saying wtf was happening at the end with the new developments, and the phone call and everything.

  9. tp says:

    Every time I finish an episode all of a sudden I let out a deep breath. It’s like I’ve been holding it the whole time and I didn’t know it. Great start to the season.

  10. DeeKayTee says:

    Once Quinn/Lindsay said that she was drugged and taken to a DC hotel where a new identity was waiting for her I knew that Olivia had to be the one behind it. But that still leaves the question of who is Quinn/ Lindsay? She is someone’s fall gal for a reason but why? And who hired Olivia to help her? Obvioulsy someone powerful enough to get her off for murder scott free. Can’t wait to see how this story line plays out! SO excited for this season!

    Also in regards to the rapid dialouge, I have always been a fan (see Gillmore Girls), but I think here in a job that has everyone running on all cylinders all the time you may talk that fast too, lol.

    • Russ says:

      I think Quinn is telling the truth that she didn’t plant the bomb. My theory is Olivia and Co. were hired by someone (possible unknowingly/unintentionally) involved in the bombing and they used Lindsay Dwyer as the scape goat so none of the fallout would land on said person, why else would the give her a whole new identity.

      • the girl says:

        I assume Olivia and Co were involved unintentionally which is why Olivia feels such determination towards protecting Lindsay/Quinn. Even if Olivia knew that she was part of a bombing she wouldn’t want someone to get blamed for it who was completely innocent. What I can’t figure out is why did she hire Lindsay/Quinn two years later? At first I thought it was about keeping eyes on her but why now, and why not when you first dumped her in DC? And not for nothing, hiring her is what got her fingerprinted which is what got her caught. So why hire her? UGH, I have so many questions!!!

        • Russ says:

          I was saying that Olivia and Co. and protecting someone who was involved in the bombing and possible the only option was to frame Lindsay Dwyer. I think Quinn is innocent and Olivia justified framing her by giving her a new life. As to why hire her not sure, it might be explain it might not.

        • Addicted2thisshow says:

          Her identity wasn’t compromised as a result of her being hired by Olivia (she wasn’t fingerprinted then). She was fingerprinted later after eating the food that was offered to her; which by the way I was saying to the screen don’t touch anything……I guess she couldn’t hear me LOL. I also think that Olivia hired her because she was afraid Quinn would eventually get into trouble on her own, and she needed to have a constant eye on her. I agree with other posters…..I feel that who ever sent the bomb is/was a client of Olivia’s and once they informed her that they did it she made a deal that if it ever meant Quinn going to prison or worse they would intervene. It has to be someone super powerful to get to a judge. I sooooo love this show and can’t wait to Thursdays episode.

          • H.Houston says:

            I don’t think the bomb SENDER was Olivia’s client. I still maintain my comments from above – I think there are two power players…. one that bombed the building and the other related to Quinn in some way… the former figured this was a great way to cripple the latter…. Olivia was hired to protect Quinn at all costs. This season we are going to see how much this actually costs Olivia…. because her friendship with her “White Hat” buddy is pretty much destroyed at this point….she cannot tell him what has happened and he will never forgive her if she doesn’t come clean. You see in one of the previews where she tells him to leave it alone, to drop it… and he demands to know.

  11. forwarddad says:

    Love the show, love the recap. Love recap was done so early, I feel like whomever helped Olivia is a very powerful parent . Someone even more powerful than POTUS. Just haven’t figured out who could be.

  12. teambuckner says:

    Love the show, love that you recap it! I didn’t watch last season until this summer when I got caught up, and hooked on hulu. Now I will definitely watch every Thursday!

    Side note: What do POPUS and POTUS stand for?

  13. kipsmcgee says:

    I love this show and I loved this episode. However, the lady lawyer that was working on Quinns case was in the best episode ever of Greys and that is the only thing I could picture when she was on screen. It was distracting and I just wanted her to stop screaming!

  14. Rachel says:

    I miss Henry Ian Cusick, but I loved this episode!! I hope he comes back, is he really gone?

  15. j says:

    POPUS might be the best ‘shipper name of all time.

  16. Rod says:

    Kerry Washington and company can do no wrong. I was really tired last night but they kept me glued. And should we start referring to the First Lady by her true name….Lady MacBeth?! Great casting all around.

  17. H.Houston says:

    I caught on that Olivia knew. I wasn’t sure about Huck, I thought maybe someone else from the team. But then it makes sense when she kept saying someone snuck in and drugged her and she ended up all the way across the country. I didn’t suspect that they had a hand in her originally becoming Quinn. But it makes sense that Olivia would hire her, not only because of what she could do but more to watch over her – because Olivia was originally hired to protect Quinn…. by the mystery person. So the question that had me buzzing was simple – who does Olivia know that has enough pull to be able to do something like this and would be forced to not reveal themselves to anyone… and also be able to with one phone call (most likely) have a judge toss out a case that would hurt Olivia, Quinn, Huck and the mystery person

  18. H.Houston says:

    I don’t think that Quinn did the bombing. I think that she was/is a pawn between some power players. Someone wanted to expose or ruin someone else’s influence. In order to do that they used a vulnerability to that other person – that vulnerability happened to be Quinn/Lindsay – who doesn’t know they are the Achilles’s Heel of this powerful person. Quinn’s Power Person gets ahold of Olivia and hires her to protect Quinn no matter what. Power Person who tried to make Quinn the fall girl for the bombing loses track of Quinn on the other side of the country. However, through crappy circumstances Quinn ends up in trouble for the reporter’s death and has her fingerprints run. which leads back to the bombing. Olivia fights to use “normal Olivia means” to get her aquitted but cannot do it (and the nutso red-head doesn’t actually help at all) – so at the last moment when she truly believes that she will lose and cannot protect Quinn, Olivia calls the person who originally called her and hired her to save Quinn/Linsday. She explains they are going to lose – that person makes a phone call (or two) and gets the judge to throw out the whole thing, thereby protecting the Power Person, Olivia, their relationship, Quinn/Linsday, and the relationship between Quinn/Linsday and the Power Person.

    • the girl says:

      After I read these like three times, it totally makes sense, but I still wonder, why would Olivia hire her two years later and not a few weeks after, if she was concerned and wanted to keep an eye on her? That is the part that doesn’t make sense to me. If you’re worried and want to watch over someone, you do it sooner and not later. And again, getting her involved in Olivia’s business is what caused her to get caught anyway. So why bring her in to the firm?

      • H.Houston says:

        Okay I have a response for that – The Power Player who had Olivia help Quinn needs to stay hidden and Quinn needed time in her new identity to pull it off successfully without fumbling in front of people that are trained to look for that type of thing. (Also as a side note, wasn’t Olivia still working for the President when she helped Quinn?). Olivia as part of her helping out was watching over Quinn, she realizes that Quinn is actually really smart and good at what Olivia and Team do – so she approaches her and brings her on board. First, because she can be an asset and second because it continues to feed into the “helping watch over Quinn”. Quinn/Linsday was never supposed to ever touch back to her previous life.

        • NotCJ says:

          I’m thinking maybe Olivia hired Quin to get her out of the way of some other dangerous thing she was heading towards. What do we know about Quin’s life during the two years post-new identity and pre- getting hired by Olivia? What was she doing for those two years? Who was the friend that set her and Harison up on their “date?” I think that those questions will end up being as important as who was really behind getting her her new identity, or who was behind the bombing.
          Also, I think they said that the bomb was mailed to her boyfriend, but are we even for sure sure that he was the real target? I mean, six other people died. Who were they?
          Also, also, I really can’t believe this is a Shonda Rhimes show. I mean, it is complex, and full of surprises and twists and secrets. It has way more in common with Revenge (and kind of even Lost) than Grey’s or Private Practice. Pleasant surprise!

          • H.Houston says:

            I think this is something that Shonda has always wanted to do. Something where intrigue was absolutely part of their everyday life. And I agree with the questions that you have come up with. There are so many different layers to this “situation” – because getting one answer doesn’t answer all of the other pieces it actually makes more questions.

  19. teamo says:

    Love how fast paced SCANDAL is..before you know it it was over..cant wait for next week!

  20. Martin says:

    So Stephen marries his missus without her, i’m guessing, never finding out he slept with someone else (was for the job but still).

  21. CeeJ says:

    What does POTUS and POPUS stand for again?

    • H.Houston says:

      POTUS – President of the United States
      POPUS – is Pope and President of the United States together like they link couples names together on other shows

  22. Vernie says:

    The rapid fire dialogue is part of what I love so much with this show. It keeps me alert and on my toes oh and I will never get tired of this olivia and fitz love story. It’s so depressing but hot at the same time

  23. Elisa says:

    I think, Quinns /Lindsay was a deliquent ,naive , crazy girl in the past .
    She is the daughter of someone very powerful and,I bet she is related to someone at the white house.
    Olivia is protecting her , and someone else , because she is aware if they discover who she is ,it will be a bomb for the governement.?
    Mellie chose to sacrify her carreer because she wants to control Fitz, like little boy..
    That kind of women exist around the world.
    Brilliant , educate, clever ,smart, strong and possessive . I do not want to excuse Fitz. But :
    This woman met a charming and sexy man, fell in love and married them., but she also killed the love and the passion and obviously she pushed them in the arms of another woman. what has happened to Mellie : Olivia is brilliant, strong , educate woman., and Fitz is madly in love with her But the difference with olivia , she is sweet, respectful with him..
    Mellie has always been in control, and agressive with him
    I was a little happy to see Fitz yelling after her. I do not have pain for Mellie . Some women build and kill the love . It is sad an terrible for a woman.

  24. Shirley says:

    Wasn’t it revealed last year that the Vice President had a daughter out of wedlock?

    • H.Houston says:

      Hmmm I don’t remember that… anyone else remember that?

    • Barbara says:

      I thought the reveal was that the VP’s daughter had an abortion and she was only 14? Since she needed parental consent it appears that the VP who claims to be so religious was involved in this. That’s what I thought Fitz discussed with her that made her decide to denounce Billy after his announcement about Fitz and Amanda. All of this took place at the end of episode 7 last season.

      • H.Houston says:

        Barb is right… I was really confused for a minute and couldn’t figure out what the other posting was talking about….LOL

  25. Tracy says:

    I really like the series but the pace is exhausting…does anyone really talk that fast? I find the perfect (and again,fast) “mini speeches” that the charecters rattle off on a regular basis a bit much,too.

  26. dorothy says:

    im so glad fitz finally showed he has balls.

  27. casa says:

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