Fall TV Preview

Community Premiere First Look: [Spoiler] Is Back! Plus: Who's Getting Up Close and Personal?

Get excited, Human Beings. Community returns on its new night, Friday, Oct. 19 at 8:30/7:30c, and we’ve got your first look at the Season 4 premiere, which features NBC’s most beloved simian star, Crystal the monkey, aka Annie’s Boobs.

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Elsewhere, things appear to be getting steamy between two members of the study group, while the Dean has found a get-up worthy of Amelia Earhart.

Check out the gallery below and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Alice says:

    Are you sure that the Britta/Jeff pic isn’t from the first paintball episode?

  2. D'Arcy says:

    The paintball picture between Jeff and Britta is odd. Flashback?

  3. Lena120 says:

    I’m not here for Jeff and Britta. I’d like some Troy and Britta action please. At Comic-Con, the new writers said they were going to be on fire this season. Make it so.

  4. omabin says:

    Although I have gotten around to love Jeff/Annie and Troy/Britta and can see why hilarity ensues more easily (especially with Troy/Britta), I am still a bigger fan of Jeff/Britta and I don’t like that the writers have sort of turned off their connection just to fuel the Annie/Jeff thing. I would rather have Jeff/Britta as endgame, though it probably won’t happen.

    • Jess says:

      yea this is me. I always felt the Jeff/Annie thing was a bit creepy, but hey, it’s a comedy, and it’s Community, so I’m game for anything, whatever Jeff/Britta I can get is just the cherry!

      • Fabe says:

        I always felt like Dan Harmon tried to make the Jeff/Annie thing creepy. I usually just thought, Alison Brie isn’t too far away in age from Joel Mchale, stop making it so weird! But, for the end of the series, I agree that Jeff and Britta should be together.

      • Amy says:

        It might have been creepy in season 1. It’s not any more. But Dan Harmon has played up to that and it’s boring now. It’s time to move on. Annie is 22 this year. She’s allowed to have sex with older men!

        • Rose says:

          Honestly, I don’t think that’s gonna happen. I’m not just saying that as a J/B fan, but it seems like the show has dropped some pretty strong hints that it, too, acknowledges the creepiness, but that Annie has realized how her feelings for Jeff are not truly as genuine as she might’ve thought. Even though she may be old enough now, I think Annie has moved on and is looking for something else to make her feel loved, not the love of some older, narcissistic guy that has spent more time keeping her at arm’s length than not.

          Oh, and more Jeff/Britta for S4!

          • Jeff and Annie need to happen in Season Four says:

            In Season Three, Annie’s school girl crush on Jeff and her original ideas of love is what’s she’s moving past as she is no longer a “love sick teeny bopper” but becoming a mature woman. She recognizes that despite the string attraction she has for Jef( and he for her) it wasn’t really love but an obsession, much like her crush on Troy in Season One. Jeff for his part has started to realize that his attraction to Annie isn’t just him being a “monster that craves young flesh” but something deeper as she actually occupies a place inside his part. I think both of them have matured to the point now where an actual relationship can take place. Both have influenced this change in each other whether they intended it or not, it’s the kind of positive effect that they have on each other that makes them so appealing.

  5. Luz says:

    Since we’ve been told that this would the season of Bitta & Troy I bet the Jeff & Britta pic it’s from a flashback, they’re wearing the same clothes, and Britta looked like a crush girl, may be Jeff is telling the story, in his own way, of course

  6. erinkalinski894270186 says:

    “[Spoiler] is back!” *clearly shows picture of Annie’s Boobs on the front page* Nice spoiler there.

  7. Alan says:

    huh, thats just a shot from modern warfare, nothing new there

  8. C says:

    I thought the whole Jeff/Britta romance was dead and buried. They are much more fun as friends. Hope that is just a flashback or shipper fan service because no.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      I agree, though I think of them more as brother and sister. They certainly bicker like siblings, and I enjoy that aspect of the show. They are way too alike in their shallowness to be interesting as a couple. Nothing would turn me off to the show more than seeing those two fall back into old habits.

    • Rose says:

      Sorry, but YES. I get that Troy/Britta will be amped up this season, but…their romance and interaction come off really awkward and forced. There’s a fakeness to it; neither of them seem like themselves when they’re together than when they’re with other characters. And Jeff/Annie? Talk about dead and buried…

  9. LC says:

    Ew Jeff and Britta again? I was really excited about the idea of Troy and Britta. I thought even Dan Harmon had realized that Jeff/Britta were more like siblings than anything else. What happened?

  10. The Titanic says:

    It’s just a flashback to Modern Warfare, we know Troy and Britta are hooking up, it’s why he has his own bedroom now. I hope the new showrunners don’t make the same huge mistake Harmon did and underuse Jeff and Annie. They could have been used in such a way as to make the show more popular and broaden it’s appeal. It’s a pairing that could have been the next Sam and Diane or Jim and Pam but instead Harmon undercut them at every turn just so he could be more meta and make more pop culture references.

    • Britta Unfiltered says:

      No, it’s untrue that Harmon undercut them just to have more pop culture references. I have heard Dan talk about their relationship, though I can’t remember if he said this in his podcasts or the DVD commentaries, and he said while he loved their opposites attract chemistry, it wasn’t really appropriate to have someone of Jeff’s age be romantically involved with a 19-year old. It’s funny, because any other show that tried to put two people together with those age differences I would have balked at the pairing, but for some reason on Community I would have been completely okay with it. And Community is the one show that won’t do it. I can’t decide if I respect them for avoiding the stereotype of an older guy being involved with a college-aged girl, or if I’m mad they’re not putting them together. Because those two do sizzle on screen together. Alison Brie has so much sex appeal though, she could probably pull it off with anyone. And i do think the show kind of plays that fact up. They talk in the commentaries about how easily Annie can be taken in by anyone that shows her attention, whether it be Jeff, Abed as Han Solo, Abed as Batman, Abed as Don Draper, Troy, and even Britta.
      One of my biggest fears about this season is the writers will do a return to Jeff and Britta because they’ll think the audience wants that. If they do, I may be done with the show. It’s the most tedious romantic relationship I’ve ever seen in a comedy. I think Britta needs to be with someone who can tone down her pessimistic view on people and life, someone with some innocence and joy. Someone like Troy! :) Plus she is a goof, and goofs should be with other goofs. Jeff needs to be with someone who won’t give him everything he wants, someone who knows how to say no and calls him on his sh*t when he’s being a jerk, and it needs to be someone who can do it without coming off sanctimonious and egotistical (as 1st season Britta often was).

      • Britta Unfiltered. I get it.

      • The Titanic says:

        Most other shows would have taken advantage of such a great gift that is Jeff and Annie’s chemistry and put them together regardless of the age difference, in fact they probably would have retconned it do that she was older. As for Alison Brie and other pairings , they tried her with Troy initially but he had more chemistry with Abed. They tried to recreate the shocking Pascals kiss in the Season Two finale with Annie kissing Abed but it failed to garner as much attention and was quickly dropped and not even mentioned in Season Three (beyond a quick nod to it in CA). The age difference was played up because Harmon needed a reason not to put them together, I suspect that while he adores the fandom devoted to the pairing he personally hates the ship. Annie being “taken in” by anyone is a dumb running gag the writers still think is funny but only causes Annie to look like a love struck teeny bopper whenever someone shows her attention. Note to writers, it stopped being funny after the Season Two finale and now the gag only serves to undo all the minimal character development you’ve given her. The only pairing on the show that makes sense is Jeff and Annie, sans the dumb quirk I just mentioned that the writers decided to saddle her with she’s a perfect match for Jeff. It’s time to stop the tease and put these guys together already, no more excuses.

      • Angela says:

        There are things I like about both couples, myself. I’ve always LOVED Jeff and Britta’s back and forth, they already fight like a longtime couple would, I think. But I fully agree with you that Jeff needs someone who can call him out on his crap and can bring out the compassionate, sympathetic, caring side of him, and Annie is most definitely good at that. Plus, I like Britta and Troy together, I think they’d make a cute couple. But then of course there’s the whole age thing with Jeff and Annie. It could work, so if they get paired up, fine, but I wonder how long it’ll last.
        Course, who says they have to hook Jeff up with either of them? Maybe at the end of it all they’ll leave as close friends who happened to also share some intimate moments, and they’ll all go on to their own new relationships beyond that. I don’t know quite how I feel about that possiblity, but it’d certainly be a different one from the way TV romances and “will they/won’t they?”s usually end.
        Anywho, it may be a flashback, but I do love that last picture of Jeff and Britta, and I freely admit it’s for the shallowest of reasons (Jeff looks hot :D). I don’t know what the hell is up with Dean Pelton, but I look forward to seeing what that’s all about, and it’s just great to see pictures announcing the upcoming season. Whatever happens, I look forward to having the show back on my television, even if only for a short time.

        • The Titanic says:

          It does matter because if the writers tease a pairing like Jeff and Annie this much and have nothing happen by the end of the show then they are as bad as “Lost” who they criticized in “Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” for being all build up and no pay off. Even if they didn’t mean for they flirting to mean anything at this point it actually has become something whether the writers intended it or not. I would have rather they had killed the ship from the beginning then to have them string it along like they have been doing. A show like Community which takes so many chances with magic trampolines and zombie infections should not balk at doing an actual relationship bewteen to characters who have great chemistry. Something as simple as two people who are attracted to each other and then kissing each other becomes something that can only happen in an alternate timeline! Why complicate things like that? Why beat the dead horse of the age difference when she is not a teenager anymore and emtotionally they are at the same maturity level anyway? That’s why for me I refuse to accept either scenario, Jeff ending up alone or Jeff ending up with somebody else. If it played out that way it would be a huge cop-out for the writers to take.

          • Rose says:

            It seems to me that Harmon just wanted to give all ships a go-around, and why Jeff/Annie is any different from other ships is what’s mind-boggling to me. There were very sweet moments between them in S2 and S3…what more do you want? If “endgame” is what you’re looking for, then maybe Community isn’t the right show for you? I don’t think Jeff will end up anyone, and all of his relationships with all the members of the study group is what the show is about, not whether Jeff falls in love with some girl. It’s more about him and his evolution from “gateway douchebag” to a guy in touch with his emotions and issues. You’re looking for romance, for Jeff to sweep Annie off her feet, proclaim his love for her and get that payoff as shippers….I just don’t think this is THAT kind of show.

          • The Titanic says:

            Harmon may have intended the show to be that way but intent and outcome are rarley coincident. Harmon may not have wanted or intended to have a will-they-won’t they romance on the show but he ended up creating one anyway. Instead of discouraging fans he went about putting the Jeff and Annie pairing at the forefront of the show. As I said before, you can’t keep teasing something if you don’t intend to pay it off and they, more than any other pairing, have been teased the most. To say there are just like every pairing on the show is ridiculous. And although Jeff’s journey is about him becoming a better person through his relationship with the study group I don’t see why it shouldn’t include him falling in love in the process especially since it was originally set up that way to begin with except with a different character.

    • Amy says:

      We don’t know for sure that Troy and Britta are hooking up. They just said things are heating up between them. They said Jeff and Annie would get closer last season and that didn’t really happen. I hope Troy and Britta do happen though. I loved their moments last season. I really started to ship them. But I’m more worried about Jeff and Annie. They’ve been building it for three seasons now and I can’t see any reason they wouldn’t at least try to date or something.

    • Rosie says:

      I have to disagree that J/A was underused. They were the couple who got the most romance before now. Jeff/Britta was underlined for a while, but it was never very serious or overly romantic. Britta/ Troy was hinted at, but less so until recently. Annie/ Troy disappeared quickly, the potential of Annie/ Abed was featured very briefly and disappeared too, Annie/ Britta has had half-second flashes, Troy/ Abed are just best friends, Britta/ Abed has been used very rarely if even romantic in any sense, and Jeff and Shirley are just friends. I actually wanted a different romance to be highlighted. Of every ship featured on the show J/A has always been my least liked. As someone whose favourite character is Britta, but who doesn’t really have a favourite ship for this show, and prefers the friendship of the ensemble, I’ve found J/A the hardest bit of Community to like.

      J/A fans start most of the Britta/ Annie character wars on videos which make my blood boil, bag her character in any form possible (story, comment, blog) b/c she’s in the smaller “enemy” ship, complain that nothing ever happens with their ship, complain when another ship gets highlighted, get highly offended when anyone says they don’t like their ship or tries to say the flaws of the ship, and then others try to act as though they’re open-minded or something…

      Now, the portion who does that is small, and most J/A fans are fine and appreciate more than the ship itself, but it’s enough to drive me insane. I can honestly say hardcore J/A fans have made J/A the bit of Community I’ll cringe at. I’ve loved couples before and would sometimes defend them too harshly, but I don’t understand it when people value ships way over the show itself. I’m a huge Britta fan, but that didn’t stop me “awww”ing completely when Vaughn came back and sang Annie’s Song. and I love Britta/ Annie friendship to bits. I will defend Annie if any Britta fan rubbishes her for no reason, and I don’t like it at all when J/B fans rubbish J/A or vise versa.

      So I’m actually glad another ship is being explored. I don’t think J/A fans should be scared of J/B returning (I think they mean friendship anyway), and whether or not J/A or J/B is explored more I think the show should end without a heavy romance, because the heart of the Community lies with the moments when the study group really comes together simply as friends. When there’s no preferable characters or ships- just a bunch of friends who are amazing together- A Community.

      I hope this doesn’t offend you, but I’m looking at this from the perspective that I’m a fan of a main ship in another show, and fans of the same ship always wanted more. I now realise, watching a show where I don’t ship the main couple (and I know for fact a lot of J/A fans shipped the same couple I did on this show), how frustrating it is for other fans, because they just get nothing, or when they do it’s often only half-accepted. I was actually quite fine with the “opposing” ship of the couple I did follow, but I appreciate it much more now, and I think more ships should be explored and appreciated, rather than just the “main” ship.

      • M and M 4 life says:

        I strongly disagree with you about JA fans being the instigators. As you said, other pairings have just as rabid fans for thier OTP to happen, I don’t see how you can lay all the balme on JA when you admitted yourself that the bad behavior is not limited to one side. In fact, there seems to be a clear divide between the JA fans, the fans of other pairings and fans who claim to just ship the group such as yourself. That’s basically one part of the fanbase versus everyone else.

      • Jeff and Annie need to happen in Season four says:

        I wouldn’t say Jeff and Annie were underused, more like underutilized. The actors have great chemistry, have shown that they can be funny, dramatic and romantic together onscreen. Yet instead of actually showcasing and developing the pairing and moving them forward to lure in an audience interested in seeing such a couple they are mostly used as fanservice. I wouldn’t say being kept in this weird limbo where they can’t move forward as an actual couple or go back to just being friends is exploring any romantic relationship between them. After 3 years it looked like last season there might be some forward movement but instead by the end the finale their interactions were reduced to just staring at each other longingly. Contrast that to how fast the other romantic pairings developed: In Season One Jeff and Britta flirted, kissed and then slept together, in Season two they had a series of booty calls. In Season Three as soon as Britta found out about the text she and troy went on a lunch date and by the end of the summer they became an couple (as alluded to by the new showrunners in another interview).

        • Lara says:

          I know! Every pairing seems to be played out till the end except for Jeff/Annie! Last year writers kept saying that there would be progress in season 4 but with these new guys I’m not sure thats going to happen!

  11. RobMF says:

    Chang better be tied up because they are planning to have him arressted. I know the show is wacky but there is no way Chang should not be in jail after having kidnapped Dean Pelton for 3 months.

  12. Kavya says:

    Whyyyyyy is there STILL NO Jeff/Annie?!?!?! If they continue with Britta/Jeff again I’m going to scream. I cringe everytime I see them together romantically. even if this paintball still is a recap, i wouldn’t want to watch it if theyre gonna kiss or something. Ugh. I really thought they’d just let Jeff and Annie be together already :(

    • Amy says:

      Me too. Jeff/Britta nearly stopped me from watching Community in season 1. I only continued because they eased off their ‘romance’ mid season which was a relief. Why can’t they just be two people who were attracted to each other and hooked up as friends with benefits? Why does it ALWAYS have to be more?

      I think it’s more original for Jeff to end up with Annie (if we have an endgame at all which we probably won’t) because if you thought that pairing would ever happen in the first episode everyone would have laughed. It’s unexpected.

    • Rose says:

      You’re gonna be waiting a long time.

      • Haters gonna hate says:

        Don’t be hating Jeff/Britta fan. Your ship may have been sunk ( by Harmon no less-listen to the Remedial Chaos Theory DVD commentaries) but there’s no need to try and be negative about ships that are still sailing.

        • Evelyn says:

          From someone who hasn’t got a favourite ship on this show- SERIOUSLY!? Shippers who use the argument that only certain couples have any value on the show, AT ALL, in ANY possible context, make me want to puke. It actually seems worse than the comment before, because you’re attacking another ship on the assumption that that “must” be why they said that. That’s what’s hugely stuck-up about it. Also, I listened to that commentary- it said the likability of J/A but Harmon very openly pointed out why the couple doesn’t work on many occasions, as well as the attributes and problems with J/B… So score nil on either side. And on top of that I don’t like J/A and I don’t ship J/B. I hope they never explore J/A to be honest. There are sooooo many other ships that wouldn’t have so much hate and stupid fighting about!

          • Haters gonna hate says:

            Fisrt off, it’s no assumption. If you check the posts here this person pretty much went around making negative comments on every post related to J/A so Im not jumping to any conclusions here and she said herself that she’s a a JB fan. Secondly Im glad that you’re so above shipping and felt the need to inform me of your inherent superiority as a Community fan and write me off as some ship obsessed fan. Pot calling the kettle black?

  13. Katherine says:

    I’m guessing the Jeff/Britta picture may either be in Troy’s imagination or Jeff’s version of remembering. As spoilers have implied, this season there will be some Troy/Britta, and I wonder if Troy may be comparing himself with Jeff. He doesn’t really know any details, except that they had sex on the study table during the first paintball war. Also, there’s no blood on Jeff’s shirt, he wasn’t holding a gun when they started making out, and they were already on the table.

    On the other hand, since this episode is History 101, maybe the gang is reminiscing a bit about their own Greendale history, and maybe Jeff’s version of what happened with Britta during paintball is a bit more exaggerated.

  14. The Squatch says:

    Glad the show is back. I have really missed Annie’s Boobs.

    Oh, and the monkey too.

  15. Amy says:

    Why would they bring back Jeff and Britta as a romantic couple when Jeff had all that build up with Annie last season? Because to me it looked like Jeff was full on falling in love with Annie in season 3. She was all up in his heart. To build up all that and then go back to Britta makes NO SENSE AT ALL. If that happens I’m done with this show. I almost stopped watching Community back in season 1 when Jeff/Britta were being all annoying with their romance. I just don’t buy it. Sorry.

    • L says:

      I don’t like J/A (and I don’t really ship any couples at all) but I still watch the show… To only watch if there are certain ships seems a pretty shallow way to view the show, seeing as this show as a whole, isn’t about romance couples at all. It’s about a group of friends. Romance is just the few sprinkles on top to add interest and to make fans happy… it doesn’t control the show.

      • SARCASM says:

        You are absolutley right, it’s really shallow to like a show for that reason. We don’t need romantic pairings, they take up too much time from the REAL idea behind Community: the group. No one couple on the show should dominate it, I’d hate it if one pairing got the spotlight so often that they were in every episode end tag, were featured prominenlty in seperate storyline with lame arcs that spanned the entire season like one of them slowly losing thier grip on reality or the other joining an AC repair school. It’s good that the group as a whole aren’t slavesSLAVES to this pairing that sucks up so much screentime with stuff like a two part pillow and blanket war or one of them going mental every other episode. It’s great that a show like Community ISNT COMPLETLY CONTROLLED by that one pairing, we don’t need to see an over done bromance that steals the spotlight away from the other characters and turns them into sattelite characters there just to respond to thier stupid antics. Thank God Communtiy isn’t like that at all.

  16. Rose says:

    I’m so happy to see the Jeff/Britta photo! I’m pretty sure it’s a callback to Modern Warfare, seeing as how this ep is a spoof on Hunger Games, so anything ‘combat’-related makes sense. And I know that this pic doesn’t mean J/B’s gonna hook up anytime soon, but I’m really glad to see some attention being paid to them. I really miss their interactions from S1 and S2. Plus, J/B bringing the hotness…HELL YEAH.

  17. Stacy says:

    I know everyone thinks of Annie with Jeff, but the real chemistry is between Annie and Abed. They are great for each other, and Annie is just quirky enough to complement Abed’s unique personality. It would be hilarious and interesting to see Abed trying to function in a romance! The two pairings that need to be explored are Annie/Abed and Troy/Britta.

    • Jeff and Annie need to happen in Season Four says:

      LOL, so much chemistry that Abed has to pretend to be someone else for anything to actually happen. So much chemistry that in Season 3 the kiss in the Season Two finale was not even relevant to any of the main story arcs going on. So much chemistry that “Virtual Systems Analysis” that was meant to be an Annie/Abed episode became a Jeff and Annie episode by default. The only chemistry in that pairing is the chemistry the actors Alison Brie and Danny Pudi have with each other. If they were playing characters closer to what thier personalities I’d be all for that pairing. The whole cheek stroking/Don Draper role-playing running gag between Annie and Abed is something that really needs to come to an end for the sake of both characters. He needs to be himself more instead of retreating into role paly and she needs to grow out of being a love struck teeny bopper that falls for any male that shows her attention.

      • Alison says:

        I agree with this completely!!! I really hope Jeff/Annie happens and these new showrunners dont let their personal preferance for Jeff/Britta ruin the show.

      • AD says:

        I’d disagree with you about Virtual Systems Analysis – whether or not it was originally intended to be an Annie/Abed episode, (and I think it was mainly written to focus on the friendship between the two of them, even if there were a couple of brief moments of ship teasing), it really didn’t “become a Jeff and Annie episode by default”. In fact in every scenario in the Dreamatorium where Abed roleplayed as Jeff to hit on Annie, Annie turned him down. And we’ve seen how she reacts to Abed’s roleplaying – she’s usually very affected by it. But with this her reaction didn’t involve swooning or smiling, she just seemed confused and annoyed. She kept insisting that she wanted to talk to the real Abed, pushing aside his impersonations of the other characters, Jeff most of all. Then when Abed as Annie tried to say that she loved Jeff, (which is obviously what Abed thinks is going on), she said very firmly “no” she didn’t. She then went on to explain that she’s realised the attraction she has towards Jeff is “being in love with the idea of being in love”, a part of her “love struck teeny bopper” tendency which she is slowly growing out of, and which was a major part of character development for her in that episode.
        As for Abed retreating into roleplay – he’s said himself that he “relates to people through movies”, and also that the reason he’s so comfortable with roleplaying is that he’s very secure in who he is himself. I don’t think that’s a thing he really needs to change about himself as it doesn’t seem to interfere with his internal conflicts or his ability to build strong relationships with people. I agree that if the Annie/Abed ship is pursued to the end, then there would need to be more moments of real!Abed/Annie, but I think also that one possible interpretation is that Abed’s roleplaying brings romantic situations into a scenario where he feels like he knows what he’s doing, (even if he feels comfortable with himself, up close romantic relationships, (unlike the one he had with the secret agent) have a huge degree of uncertainty, and we do know that Abed really hates uncertainty). He knows that Annie has a tendency for the trope All Girls Want Bad Guys and so he pulls on the persona of an anti-hero to flirt with her. Another interpretation could be that as Annie’s arguably the female he’s the closest with in the group, he repeatedly casts her as his roleplay love interest because she’s the one he feels the most comfortable with. The only real problem with any aspect of Abed’s roleplaying is his tendency to run “simulations” on real people to try and predict their next moves, because like Annie, he’s an admitted control freak. In the first season he could pull it off, but by the third season he’s become too emotionally involved and intimate with the study group and is no longer just the fly on the wall. He can’t be the objective observer anymore because he can’t pull back far enough to be objective – his incorrect simulation of Troy and Britta’s date was coloured by his own bias that he didn’t want it to go well because he didn’t want to have to share his best friend’s attention with someone else. But this was directly addressed in the episode, with Annie explaining that he can’t predict the future for certain because people can’t be controlled – neither he or her can control the people around them, Abed can’t indefinitely stop Troy from developing other relationships and Annie can’t really try to change everything about Jeff to make herself feel worthy of being loved (this is the motivator of the All Girls Want Bad Boys trope). So both Abed’s retreat into roleplaying and Annie’s lovestruck teen habit were de-constructed in Virtual Systems Analysis, ending on the more hopeful note that even though neither of them could control other people, they did have the ability still to control their own actions in order to build better, more genuine relationships with the people around them in both platonic and romantic sense. Abed has new insight into empathy and using this to relate to people, and Annie understands some of Abed’s more deep-seated fears more thoroughly and has recognised that she needs to stop chasing non-existent romantic ideals that won’t make her happy forever, (and I’m not referring directly to Jeff, just to Annie’s teen ideal of what love is).