Ratings: NBC Wins Premiere Monday as DWTS Trips, Five-0 Sinks; Broke Girls Fill Men's Shoes

NBC scored an easy demo win on the Monday of premiere week, thanks to solid performances by The Voice and newbie Revolution.

The Voice drew 11.9 million total viewers and a 4.2 demo rating, dipping just about 10 percent week-to-week while facing a lot more competition. Likewise, Revolution (with 9.3 mil and a 3.5) dropped just 15 percent in the demo with heavy hitters Castle and Hawaii Five-0 now in the mix.

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In fact, Revolution bested Hawaii Five-0‘s Season 3 opener in both measures, which at 8 mil/1.9 was down 34 and 44 percent from its year-ago premiere. (Five-0 was also down sharply from its Season 2 finale (11.4 mil/2.7).) And a fun fact: Revolution in its first week saw the biggest Live+3 DVR gains of any series premiere ever, rising 1.36 points to a 5.45. So there’s that.

Helping The Voice‘s cause was a depressed debut for Dancing With the Stars: All-Stars (14.6 mil/2.7), which was down 32 percent in the demo year over year and down 23 percent from the launch of the series’ spring 2012 cycle.

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Elsewhere on the busy, busy night:

* CBS’ 2 Broke Girls christened its new, later time slot with 10 million total viewers and a 3.7 demo rating, building on its freshman finale as well as improving on Two and a Half Men‘s last demo delivery. But versus the regularly scheduled year-ago premiere, the Girls were down 20 percent.

* The news was not quite as good for CBS’ other comedies year-over-year, as How I Met Your Mother (8.7 mil/3.4) dropped 21 and 28 percent and Mike & Molly (9.3 mil/3.0), sans its Men lead-in, fell more than 30 percent. Partners, meanwhile, debuted to 6.5 mil and a 2.4 at 8:30, delivering just 75 percent retention out of HIMYM (and thus comprising CBS’ 9 o’clock hour laffers).

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* Over on Fox, Bones held steady with 7.34 mil and a 2,2, while The Mob Doctor‘s vitals worsened, dropping 22 and 13 percent to 4 mil/1.3.

* In the 10 o’clock hour, Castle (11.4 mil/2.5) was down 14 and 22 percent from its Season 4 opener, yet led in total viewers (and trailed far behind Revolution in the demo).

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What were you tuned into this first night of Premiere Week?

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  1. These numbers are downright depressing.

    The drops that these shows are seeing compared to last year’s premieres are INSANE. Gonna be a loooooong week.

    • Dizzle says:

      For the CBS Comedies, it’s a somewhat Inflated drop as the Two & A Half Men ruckus pulled the ratings for the whole night up this time last year. HIMYM and Mike & Molly are on par with their numbers from May. They should be worried about Partners and Hawaii 5-0 though.

  2. tp says:

    I hope Revolution’s numbers stay like this. I really like it and don’t want it to go the way of The Event. Ratings or creatively.

    • It’s already gone the way of The Event, and then some. After the first five minutes.

      • Robert Taylor says:

        Hello vague troll person. Way to add to the conversation.

      • tp says:

        Glad the ratings, so far, disagree.

        • Yes, because ratings are always in direct correlation to a show’s quality.
          The Event and FlashForward, a.k.a. “the previous two poorly executed hotch potch products of network television that had promising and compelling initial premises” were much, much better after their second episode than Revolution.
          The show is the definition of a synapse killer – I am dumbfounded that this many people are drooling all over it. Bad acting, lazy writing, cheap effects, it has SyFy Saturday night “blockbuster” written all over it. Should serve as a lead in to GrizzlyConda 3: Return of the Robo-Zombies.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            You remind me of the bully in the school playground who’s sole purpose was to try and make all the little girls cry.

          • CA says:

            So you don’t watch it but will instead spew your nastiness to others who say they do like it. Please move on.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            Go read his twitter timeline, it explains a lot :-)

          • Jack J. says:

            I agree with Marin 100%.

          • Lucifer says:

            You obviously are a fan of Castle or Hawaii Five-O and trolling around. Btw I love Castle and have seen a season of Hawaii, but am glad Revolution is doing well. I’m loving it as well.

          • tp says:

            Well Boo, that’s your opinion. Like I said, glad the ratings disagree. I watched The Event until the last episode hoping it would get better. It never did. Flash Forward lost me after 3 episodes. I understand you don’t like Revolution and that to you it is horrible. Please enjoy your other programs. I will continue to enjoy Revolution. If you weren’t being snarky I would respect your opinion a little more. However I’m sure you couldn’t care less about my respect.

          • AT says:

            I call foul whenever anyone pulls out the lazy writing card in an argument.

    • meem says:

      I watched the first episode and thought “This is Jericho, only not as interesting.”

    • Kristen says:

      I absolutely love Revolution, and I really hope it sticks around. It’s a relief to see the numbers are still high. I loved Jericho, The Event, and Flash Forward – that doesn’t always mean it’s going to be a keeper. Let’s hope Revolution stays!!!!

    • Dean says:

      I’ve more trust in the showrunner. I know the show will be awesome. Revolution and Last Resort have become my favorite new shows. I hope the numbers keep increasing!

  3. Stacy says:

    Dancing with the Stars numbers could have very well suffered from MNF. Her in WI, DWTS wasn’t on until 1:37am CST since ABC was playing the Green Bay game instead.

  4. Penny says:

    This doesn’t factor in all the shows that are PVRd and watched the next day. I’m watching Hawaii 5-0 right now from last night. I taped 3 shows and watched DWTS and Castle. There are too many good shows on at the same time, then on other nights, there’s nothing! If these guys would work together, everyone would win!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      And these morning-after rundowns will never factor in PVR/DVR playback. Plus, when all is said and done, the advertisers by and large only buy against live viewing (as reported by Nielsen households), since ads that get fast-forwarded are not of any value. (That I noted REVOLUTION’s Live+3 record above was merely to pass along a “headline.”)

  5. Aurora says:

    I need Major Crimes ratings. Come on pretty please. They’re included on what will you watch poll.

  6. shuayb says:

    Sucks for Partners. CBS will likely cancel it if it doesn’t improve. I thought it was good. Its from Will and Grace writers!!!

    • Penny says:

      Again, because they put too many good shows up against each other and most families now record shows in one way or another. Just because people don’t watch a show at a certain time does not mean they don’t like the show. Families are very busy and often can’t sit down to watch shows when they actually show on TV. PVRs and VCRs- great inventions. I did a survey for Neilson’s one time. It was all about what shows I watched live on TV- no questions about what I taped to watch or watched at a different time (time shifting). The only place I could mention that was in the comments at the end of the survey, but could not be specific enough that way.

      • JC says:

        Nice try Penny. But if you look at the ratings for the three CBS shows at 8:00, 8:30, and 9:00 it’s obvious that millions of people turned the channel (or turned their TV off) as soon as “Partners” came on, and turned back to CBS once 2 Broke Girls began. To imply that all of those people will catch up with “Partners” later in the week on DVR is ridiculous. Besides, live TV viewing is what sells advertising, not how many people watch the show 5 days later on their DVR. Partners will likely be canceled within a month. (And the name of the company is Nielsen, not Neilson’s.)

        • Penny says:

          I’m not trying anything. It’s what I do and I know I am not the only one so I’m just saying you can’t judge the popularity of a show solely on who watched when it was actually in that time slot. It isn’t accurate. If you don’t agree, that’s fine, but it doesn’t make me wrong!

  7. Jared says:

    Bad night for CBS. Hawaii Five-O is on the syndication track, so it’s fine for at least one more season, but still … ouch. On the flip side, that is a terrible debut for Partners, worse than How To Be A Gentleman from last year. Sure, HTBAG had a better lead-in thanks to The Big Bang Theory, but I don’t think that argument will impress the CBS schedulers too much. Even if it holds all of its audience going forward, I give it two weeks at best (Not that that I want it to get two weeks – the show looks comically bad.)

    While The Mob Doctor didn’t fall quite as much as I thought it would, it’s still dead. The first cancellation of the new season is imminent.

    Revolution had a big drop, but NBC will absolutely take those numbers. They may wait a few weeks before giving it a full-season order, but I still think it’ll get one.

    Castle, solid and steady – that’s what I like to see. And what a great episode!

    • Dizzle says:

      Actually, Revolution’s drop is pretty standard, thankfully for NBC! Rule of thumb for new shows is for ratings to settle about 25% lower than their debut. Anything more than that and they risk being dumped. But good to see this is what Revolution can do with the competition. Kid memory serves, Smash’s ratings took a fair tumble in week 2!

  8. Ste ven says:

    Dwts got more viewers…its just a older skewing show popular with housewives not teenagers. And voice has gotten better but has more sob stories and has yet to find a star even tho they tell every contestant they are one..wish spring season would use all new judges..not just 2 of them

  9. Ethan says:

    I give Partners 4 episodes before it’s cancelled. 6 million in CBS is horrible!

  10. Maro says:

    Didn’t enjoy Partners at all which I’m kinda sad about.

  11. Spike says:

    all this just shows that people dont watch live tv anymore. but ouch at Partners, too bad i wanted to see Sophia Bush on tv a lil while longer …

  12. Elyse says:

    i loveee Revolution :) i hope the numbers stay up!

    • meem says:

      Go to Netflix and watch “Jericho” from a while back. Same premise (all the power suddenly goes out), MUCH better writing and acting.

      • Joe says:

        If you’ve watched Jericho — then you weren’t paying attention to the premise of the show — becuase the power suddenly going out is not it.

      • Dean says:

        Not to mention a much different story! Don’t agree on another thing – you’re judging a 2-day old infant with a 12 year old kid. Also, the actors on Revolution are brilliant and the writers have high pedigree.

  13. Angie says:

    These ratings are awful! I wonder if there are more people than usual tuning into MNF just to see how the replacement refs are gonna screw up. For me, there are just too many shows on Monday nights so I don’t watch anything live, it’s all time-shifted.

    On that note, I did catch Partners and I really enjoyed it. Love the rapid-fire dialogue, one of the things that made Will & Grace so good. HIMYM was good, I’m not one that’s waiting for the mother-reveal, I just enjoy the characters. Also, really enjoyed the second episode of Revolution but I knew they were going to put Grace in peril quickly because she had all the info & answers to our questions and they just can’t let it be that easy for us to find out. Based on the Rachel twist–not unexpected, maybe that’s an indication that the answers will come quicker than The Event or Flash Forward.

    DVR’d Bones, Hawaii 5.0, 2 Broke Girls and The Mob Doctor for tonite. Just watched the premiere of Mob Doctor on Sunday and I thought it was decent, one of the better pilots I’ve seen in awhile but it doesn’t look like many people agree with me. I like medical shows, mobsters and Chicago plus I loved Jordana Spiro on My Boys so I gave it a shot.

  14. wrstlgirl says:

    Good news for Revolution, I’m enjoying the show and the interesting twists. The sword fight scenes are a bit cheesy but I can overlook that. And next week we get one of televisions favorite guest stars, LOL. I also don’t think The Mob Doctor is that bad.

  15. KSM says:

    Can we have this be the last year for HIMYM then so we can meet the mother?

    • NPH agrees says:

      I try to post a comment with similarities to yours’ for HIMYM everytime it is mentioned. For that reason i am curious to know if there is any movement to get to the end of this senile man’s story? The kids are not listening to the story, they had to get up off those couches, go to school, and live their lives. The guy continues to ramble about how he met their mom, but the boy is now in community college and the girl is taking care of her 2 year old. Life moved on for the kids, but we are now subject to listen to his run-on story.
      The 2 now young adults look at each other, than to the camera and go, “Its OK pops, just get to the gist of how you guys met. We need to go on to live a life where we can tell stories of how we met our significant other.”

      • Brendan says:

        I cannot for the life of me understand how you come to this conclusion upon watching the show. Meeting the mother is just a background premise that sometimes provides motivation and context for the characters, it has NEVER been the central focus of the show. The mother storyline factors into 5-6 episodes of each season at most. Over 75% of the show’s 160+ episodes have had absolutely nothing to do with Ted meeting the mother. It’s a show about 5 friends living their lives and maturing over time, and that’s what it has been from day one.

  16. Revolutionary says:

    The Mob Doctor and Partners are pretty much DOA. I’m surprised that Revolution held up pretty well against Castle and Hawaii 5-0. As long as it does that it should survive.

  17. I wonder if Hawaii Five-O is down because of people like me, who tuned in for the cast and just kind of stuck around hoping it would get better. I gave up after last season. I’ve always been so bored by the show. When it comes up on my DVR, I’m just kinda like, “Oh. That show is next.”

    • Maggie says:

      last night’s episode was really really good, bummer that more people didn’t tune in…

    • Lola says:

      I don’t know, but I’m with you. LOVE the cast. LOVE. THEM. Would watch DDK, O’Laughlin, Quinn almost anywhere. But the show – literally – puts me to sleep.

    • JuliaS says:

      I’m a huge H5O fan but even I found last night’s episode disappointing. It was like the writers said – hey, let’s put everyone in the episode because we’re paying them all to be season regulars, and everyone has to have “character development” to make the actors happy. And the action scenes were absurd. Trim back the number of characters and story lines. Let’s see more of Steve (shirtless). As much as I like Michelle, I can’t stand her character. Bring on a woman with some mojo to stand up to Steve. I did love the little Danno-Doris tease.

      I’m hoping the rest of S3 is much better.

  18. shar says:

    Hawaii Five-O is my favorite show. As long as it doesn’t go anywhere, I am happy. I loved the premiere. Can’t wait to see what happens with Steve’s mother and WoFat.

  19. Brit says:

    I hate that Bones, HIMYM, and Castle had slightly disappointing numbers, since they are 3 of my favorite shows. I wasn’t a fan of Partners but I’m going to give it another chance because I love the cast. So far, I’m really enjoying Revolution but feel it probably won’t last long. I wonder if some people just didn’t realize when their favorite shows were coming back. I rarely watch commercials so I wouldn’t have known without constantly checking tv line.

    • madbengalsfan85 says:

      For the timeslot it is in, and the competition they have to contend with (Those ratings don’t take into account Monday Night Football), Bones is doing well (Especially since it was adjusted to 7.61/2.3)…Bones was never going to win Monday night, it just needed to be solid, and it has done that. Mob Doctor, on the other hand…Bones is not a show you can use as a lead in, because the fan base is committed to their show, not willing to stick around to see what comes on next. If Fox was smart, they’d move Bones to the 9:00 slot

  20. M says:

    Castle was awesome last night.

  21. Wally World says:

    Wow, disastrous numbers for 5-0. Terrible for them because they need episodes to syndicate but they will lose money on these numbers, these are give-back level I’m sure (where they’re below what was guaranteed to advertisers). Sorry but deserved numbers, the scripts are awful and both the regulars and guest cast are totally phoning it in, Billy Baldwin was almost sleepwalking. I’m sure CBS is a tense place this week as their new dramas unspool. I think they will come to regret axing CSI MIAMI. MOB DOCTOR? We hardly knew ye. I’ll bet it’s gone by tomorrow. This week looks ugly.

  22. Boilerfan says:

    Hope DWTS drop continues and can’t believe The Voice ratings. They have had nowhere near a star, in fact only show that has AI, is 2, Clarkson and Underwood. Can’t speak for the quality of the other scripted shows but would rather see them succeed than the “reality” crap. Hope HIMYM, Bones and 2 Broke Girls hang in. Finally how many shows has Fox given up on that produced better ratings than Mob Dr. Fire Mr. Reilley!!

    • meem says:

      People don’t watch the TV talent show to find singing stars. They watch for the judges’ drama. It’s a TV show, nothing more.

      • Penny says:

        Just because you don’t care for a show does not make it crap. I can’t stand HIMYM but that doesn’t make it a crap show- it just means I’m not interested. All shows appeal to someone. I think the “reality” shows like Jersey Shores and Real Housewives of wherever are trash but other people obviously like them so go for it! The point is, they could redistribute shows and maybe start some at 7 rather than 8 to be able to not have so many good shows up against each other, and don’t depend on people to watch live to make your judgements of how a show did.

        • Lola says:

          They have to depend on people watching live to estimate how a show did for so long as advertising dollars remain the main stream by which the network receives compensation for airing the show. Why would advertisers pay for viewers who fast forward through their advertisements?

  23. Joe says:

    The Mob Doctor could be the best show on tv and it still wouldn’t be watched because of the horrible name.

  24. MuzzikLvr says:

    NBC is so quick to cancel their dramas that after My Worst Enemy, The Event and Awake, I’ve given up giving their new series a chance.

  25. RobMF says:

    With all the promotion ive seen from NBC this isn’t shocking. If CBS and ABC did a better job promoting and not thinking the could slide by because they have popular shows this would not be the case.

    The only thing about Partners I enjoyed was Sophia Bush and even Brandon Routh was not bad but the “stars” of the show are so uncharismatic together the casting on that show was backwards. Routh and Sophia Bush should be the straight couple and the other two guys should be the gay couple.

    • Sara says:

      anything would be better than the god awful promo for 666 park avenue following revenge that aired last night during castle. it was beyond ridiculous and something i would have expected from a major network in the 70s or early 80s, but not in 2012.

  26. Tom Hunter says:

    The wife and I really enjoy 2 Broke Girls and H50. BUT M&M, which was a really funny, charming show in its first year, has become less enjoyable as Molly has become nastier and more shrill. Something was definately lost when Mike moved in with her family.

  27. cj says:

    so unless i read this article wrong, the winners of the night are Revolution and 2 Broke Girls. I can’t complain about that!

    • cj says:

      i mean, they are not literally the overall winners of ratings on the night, but they performed well in comparison to their competition.

  28. Miles says:

    Sophia Bush was the only bright spot during Partners last night. Gave the pilot a chance and was extremely disappointed. As others have said before, I’m sure CBS won’t keep the show around with those numbers. Bring on Tuesday night…

  29. mac says:

    I’m not surprised by Partners ratings. As much as I hate to say it, the show was subpar at best. Chemistry was lacking, writing was weak, jokes were old. No wonder this took 4 tries to get on the air. Couldve been a decent show back in the early 2000s. Too bad it premiered 10 years too late. I expect Rules of Engagement to return in late October.

    • Patrick says:

      Completely miscast. The schlubby Straight guy is phoning it in, and Superman as the clueless gay guy? Should be switched. All of them seem unlikeable. On Will and Grace, Grace got pretty unlikeable, quick. Ditto Jack and Karen. But Jack and Karen steered into the curve and minded the “Unlike-ability” for big laughs. Last night was laugh free. Only gay writers could get away with such negative, stereotypical portrayals of homosexuals.

      • RobMF says:

        I just don’t understand how they decided Brandon Routh should be playing the dimwitted Gay character. If anything he should be playing Joe as I said earlier. It’s nothing against David Krumholtz because I like the guy but he has no chemistry with Sophia Bush at all. I get that the plot is she is supposed to be out of his league but it just doesn’t really work. Now if he were playing the character Routh is I think that would work a heck of a lot better but it’s way too late for that. It’s a shame Sophia Bush is going to have to have this show on her credits because I love her and none of the problems with this show are her fault.

  30. Eridapo says:

    Give any half decent show a 4.8 lead in, and it will give you a 3.5 rating. Smash had great numbers when the voice was in the audition rounds, and as the Voice started to go down in later rounds so did Smash.

    In three weeks, the battle rounds begin. This is the weakest segment of the Voice, and I expect its ratings to drop to the mid 3s. When that happens, Revolution will go down to the low 2s.

    • murley says:

      it seems like there would be a much bigger shared audience for the voice and smash than there would be for the voice and revolution.

    • Joey C says:

      yeah, I don’t know about this theory…I’m sure SOME people that sampled Revolution watched The Voice, for sure. But no one I know that watches Revolution watches The Voice…I think they have very separate audiences

    • GK says:

      Around 15 people I know watch Revolution. None of them even care for The Voice.

  31. Seb says:

    I feel like the only reason How i met your other has been renewed for a ninth season, is because the networks waiting to see how strong it is without two and half men etc, in the new line up, to see if it gets strong enough ratings still to pay out the extra bucks needed to secure NPH etc for an extra season. I personally can live with it either way, though right now i dont quite feel ready for the end, it also feels theirs still a lot to be told with just a single season. These rating are good but i feel if they dont get that extra bit stronger next week we’ll get an announcement of this being the final series.

  32. Seb says:

    Sorry typo for my post above ^^^^ , was meant to say “i feel the only reason How i met your mother hasn’t been renewed…”

  33. Ally Oop says:

    These numbers are just not sustainable for networks. A friend of mine is a net exec in Canada and told me that there’s been a lot of discussion about changing the way networks function and one of the ideas on the table is to eliminate all scripted programming from the network and put it on a cable channel. He actually said there was a major debate about doing it for the fall of 2014. The plan includes putting only children’s shows, news, sports, reality and game shows (things less likely to be DVRed) on the main network and scripted programming on demand, online or on cable. For instance, there would be an NBC Network and an NBC Cable Channel but to get the cable channel you would have to subscribe (pay extra) for it.

    • Sg. Grant says:

      This is ridiculous and would never work in America. Canada, maybe, but no one watches tv in Canada.

      • Ally Oop says:

        Canada is only following what the American nets are talking about. This might very well happen in America. There’s been a lot of talk about lessening scripted programming on American nets. Scripted programming is more expensive to produce and advertising revenues are steadily falling, especially during scripted shows because less people are watching live television. The nets lose a shocking amount of money each year on scripted programming and don’t be stunned if they put on even more reality crap, sports games, news shows, talk shows, etc and less dramas and comedies EXCEPT for generic crime procedurals which tend to be watched live more. It’s already started to happen. CW eliminated Sunday primetime. All nets have abandoned scripted primetime on Saturdays. NBC eliminated scripted primetime in the 10pm slot on Thursdays and Fridays in favour of news shows. Out of 105 possible primetime hours (8-11pm 7 evenings a week multiplied by the 5 networks) only 57 hours are dedicated to scripted programming–that’s part of a decade-long trend. 20 years ago, to be considered successful, a show needed 25 million viewers. Now it’s considered good if a show cracks 10 million. The profit margins are shrinking quickly. It won’t be long until scripted programming on network television ceases to be. Enjoy it while it lasts.

        • Renee says:

          If that happens hopefully people will start reading more books. There are more than enough “reality” television shows on now. I hate all these talk/singing/competition shows already. I will get rid of my TV if those become the only shows one watch. It’s just not worth it to me.

  34. I’m happy for NBC & ABC high ratings, even DWTS which is down it still came out number 1.

    I feel so bad for Mob Doctor, the second episode was really good, i hated the pilot but I stay and gave it a second chance and it prove it self.

  35. Well done Castle! Those are pretty solid ratings! If they managed to stay on that page, with a good demo and leading in viewers, we will definetly have a sixth season! :D
    Also, after seeing the premier and next week episode’s promo, i can say that this season looks like FUN! JAJAJAJAJA

  36. JP says:

    With that opener, IMHO, 5-0 has totally jumped the shark, which hate to say b/c I did enjoy it in the past. But last night’s premiere? So over the top my husband just turned to me & said, “Oh my god, this is stupid!”

    So much praise for Revolution, I just might switch.

    Partners was painfully unfunny. I expected more from KoMut.

  37. Michelle says:

    Is it too early to start worrying about Hawaii Five-0?

  38. I really love Revolution, I’ve watched both episodes and hope it doesn’t get cancelled. Of course though I had to watch DWTS season premiere first though. It was great!

  39. Leon says:

    I could place faith in the numbers if Nielsen wasn’t a monopoly.

  40. Grace says:

    Seems not even the Hawaiians watched Hawaii 50 . LOL..
    Revolution crashed Hawaii…Yes !!

  41. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Loved that Bones more or less held steady (demo actually adjusted to 2.3, on par with the premiere)…Mob Doctor is all but dead, perhaps Bones moves to 9 with something else filling the 8 slot

  42. sarah says:

    I love Hawaii 5-0 it is one of my top shows! I hope it stays on tv for a long time! Plus I need my weekly does of Alex! YUMMY! Makes Mondays so much better

  43. Anne says:

    I absolutely loved partners and could not stop laughing through the entire show! I don’t understand everyone because I think the cast has great chemistry together! I really hope it doesn’t get cancelled I will be really disappointed.

  44. GK says:

    Loved Revolution!! One of the better shows in a long time!