Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Glee, Grey's Anatomy, Army Wives, Gossip Girl, Castle and More!

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Question: Grey’s Anatomy fan here looking for something, anything, on Meredith and Derek, please! —Jessica
Ausiello: For the most part, they’ll be shielded from all the sturm und drang unfolding around them at Seattle Grace when the season picks up this Thursday. “There are heavier storylines in other places so [the writers] have to create a delicate balance between the heavy storylines and the light storylines,” explained Mer’s portrayer, Ellen Pompeo, during my visit to the Grey’s set last week. “And I think Derek and Meredith are just dealing a little bit with his hand and whether he can do surgery or not, and what does that look like? But there’s not too much drama surrounding them because, the truth is, they’re happy to be alive and be parents for their daughter. So we can play the lightness and leave the heavy stuff to other people.” Patrick Dempsey, meanwhile, seemed a little surprised when I informed him that Shonda Rhimes was planning to put Derek and Mer’s sex life under a microscope this season. “I need to go to the gym more,” he deadpanned, before adding, “I hope so. They’ve been fighting enough over the last eight years. I don’t know how they stayed together… We’ll see how much sex they’re having. They should have it at least once a day. But I think the baby gets in the way.”

Question: Did Patrick Dempsey give you some good scoop when you were on the Grey’s set? —Tia
Ausiello: He explained to me why he decided to sign on for two more years of Grey’s last spring, “It was about job security,” he said, candidly. “You look at what’s going on in the world, how difficult it is to get a job. You see other actors who have been on other shows who aren’t working now. I’m like, ‘You know what? Why not?’ It’s here. It’s still going. Everybody’s working really well together. The scheduling is working out this year. And it’s still amazingly popular. I had a long time where I wasn’t working. I was struggling, so why not? And the money’s good, so I would be stupid to say no.”

Question: As the truest of Truebies, do you have any True Blood spoilers for next season? —Colleen
Ausiello: Wondering if Luna bit the dust in the finale? Well, prepare to continue wondering. “I may or may not be going back to work in January,” hedged the character’s portrayer, Janina Gavankar, at HBO’s post-Emmy soiree Sunday. “I’ll say this: We will answer any question marks that were caused in the finale.” In the meantime, the actress begins shooting an arc next week on Fox’s midseason comedy The Goodwin Games. As TVLine reported, she’ll play the ex-girlfriend and baby mama to TJ Miller’s character. “I’m so excited to meet TJ,” she enthused. “I’ve never seen his standup, but I’ve heard he is hilarious and he has so many fans and is loved by people I respect.”

Question: Please, please with a cherry on top, any Glee scoop on Artie? —Valentina
Ausiello: Kevin McHale let it slip, when I ran into him on the show’s set last Thursday, that Artie’s still experiencing something of a “Sugar rush” this season. “The Sugar-Artie thing may circle back around,” he shared. “I love Vanessa [Lengies], so I’m all for it. I wanted it to happen last season, but Rory won.” (Let’s all have a moment of silence for Pixie Boy.) Moving on, McHale also previewed this week’s “Makeover” episode, which finds Brittany and Artie battling Blaine and Sam for McKinley’s top office. “Sam and I get to debate each other before the [presidential candidates] debate each other. Of course, Artie does what Artie would do — he has great points. And then Sam resorts to doing what he knows how to do – stripping — which makes for a great debate.”

Question: Can you please tell me what is going on with Will and Emma on Glee? —Michael
Ausiello: I’ve got good news and bad news for you. The good news is they have some meaty stuff in this season’s fourth episode. The bad news is the title of that episode, as you know, is “The Break-Up.” Now, I’m not saying that they’re headed for a split. I’m merely reporting the facts.

Question: I’m  hoping we get to see Karofsky make an appearance in Season 4 of Glee. Are there any plans to bring him back next season? —Erik
Ausiello: Negatory. “I don’t have any plans,” confirms exec producer Brad Falchuk. “I’d never say never, but I thought we really finished that story nicely. It was very clear: He’s OK. He’s out now. In the future, there’s a possibility of him being really happy. You never know — he might come back. We might need him for something. You never know when you need someone to talk to Unique or something. But there’s no more story to tell with that character, as far as I’m concerned.”

Question: Based on the first two episodes, I’m cautiously optimistic about the new season of Glee. Any scoop? —Sandra
Ausiello: It sounds like the show is getting ready to introduce Season 4’s Big Bad. Ryan Murphy & Co. are on the prowl for an actor with impressive pipes to play an evil and dashing military-school grad who transfers to McKinley.

Question: Wow! I loved the Castle premiere! What a strong start to the season! Anything new you can share? —Cheryl
Ausiello: The top-secret “Caskett” coupling will start to come to light when a member of the team rings Beckett… and, well, she’s not the person who answers.

Question: What’s this I hear that Lena Dunham gave you a juicy scoop at the Emmys about Girls? Care to share? —Jacob
Ausiello: Can’t get anything past you, Jacob. It’s true — Ms. Dunham shared some NSFW news about the HBO hit’s upcoming second season. “You’re going to have the opportunity to see Patrick Wilson play ping-pong in a not-totally-dressed state,” she teased of the Gifted Man‘s guest appearance. “He’s hot as… I want to say something classy but all I can come up with is he’s hot as f—. And he’s a very nice person too. And a devoted father, which is such a sexy quality.”

Question: Any more details on Matthew Broderick’s Modern Family role? —Joanne
Ausiello: ABC’s press release simply mentioned that he’s playing a “neurotic friend” of Phil’s. Well, sources close to the show confirm to me exclusively that Broderick’s character is gay and thinks Phil is, too. And Phil being Phil, he’s completely unaware of the epic mistaken (sexual) identity farce that’s unfolding before his eyes.

Question: How about another clue on your X-rated blind item from earlier this month? —Georgia
Ausiello: Enough with the clues – you’re getting an answer in the next 24 hours. To ensure you don’t miss the big reveal, you can refresh your browser every five seconds or you can sign up for TVLine’s new, improved and customizable e-mail alert mailing list. (The blind item reveal will be going out to subscribers of the default “All Spoiler, Casting & Scoop News” category.) In the meantime, there’s still time to prove you knew the answer all along by posting your best guess in the comments below! THIS JUST IN: The secret’s out!

Question: Any intel on who dies tonight on Sons of Anarchy? —Jeff
Ausiello: No solid intel, but exec producer Paris Barclay said something at the show’s premiere earlier this month that has taken on a whole new dimension in the wake of the death buzz. Asked how much longer Clay and Jax’s cat-and-mouse game would go on, the writer/director responded, “It’s not going to go as long as fans of one of them would like. It’s going to end abruptly and quickly.” Hmm…

Question: Got a Happy Endings morsel you could throw my way? —Craig
Ausiello: How about I pass on to you the morsel that Damon Wayans, Jr. threw my way Sunday on the Emmy red carpet. Hint: It pertains to a new Season 3 cast member. Press PLAY below for the scoop.

Question: I saw that TVLine was quoted in an ABC commercial for Last Resort! As a reward for noticing and being excited, can you please give me some Big Bang Theory scoop? —Violet
Ausiello: Not only did you see it, but you were excited about it — and that’s why you’re getting this next scoop: Mayim Bialik reveals that there’s some “really, really funny Amy/Penny stuff” coming up, adding, “I don’t want to give away too much, but there’s an Amy-and-Penny-spying scene, where we’re spying on someone that I want to spy on, and I’m bringing her along with everything we need.” The CBS smash is also readying a Halloween episode that revolves a big party. “I think the notion of Amy and Sheldon in matching costumes is all that needs to be said,” previews the Emmy-nominated actress with a laugh. “It’s a ridiculous idea, it doesn’t really work out the way that it should — and that’s also funny — and it’s just sweet. There’s some really sweet stuff with me and Jim [Parsons].”

Question: I love Grimm! It is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me! It hurts to have to wait until Friday for new episodes, and I would be really, really, really happy if you could share a few scoops with me. —Oliver
Ausiello: Oliver, grab a paper bag and start blowing into it — your question has been selected for this week’s Ask Ausiello. The Event‘s First Lady ala Lisa Vidal has been tapped to guest-star in this season’s 11th episode as Lauren Castro, Portland’s ambitious DA who intends to run for mayor and won’t let anything — or anyone — get in her way. FYI: Vidal shows up in the same episode in which this happens.

Question: Any early scoop on the new season of Rookie Blue? I can’t wait until next summer! —Amy
Ausiello: Two new cops are coming to the precinct, including “a hilariously filter-less” rookie, previews executive producer Tassie Cameron. “She brings up a lot of stuff with the other characters because she’s one of those fun characters who says exactly what’s on her mind all the time.” The other, meanwhile, is a no nonsense senior officer who’s “weary” of the young officers at 15. “She’s tough. She’s nine years on the force, including a stint in SWAT as a negotiator,” shares Cameron. “So she’s a very experienced officer with some fast decision making skills that are in obvious contrast to the new rookie, for example. It’s fun always to bring somebody in to the series who’s not dying to make friends with people right away, who’s assessing our characters a little bit and not jumping in saying, ‘I want to be your best friend.'”

Question: Could you spare any intel on Justified — maybe something you found out at the Emmys? — Audrey
Ausiello: Production on Season 4 starts Oct. 3 and, according to co-star Joelle Carter (Ava), the action will pick up “a couple of weeks” after the Season 3 finale. “I visited the writers, and there’s some exciting new stuff [planned],” she told us at HBO’s post-Emmy bash. “I think it will be the best season ever. They’re going to stick [closer to] home a little bit more and work with already-developed storylines.”

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Question: I saw that Parks and Rec has an episode coming up called “Leslie vs. April.” Context, please? —Missi
Ausiello: A newly empowered April returns from D.C. determined to take on a more active role at work. There’s just one problem: The new initiative she pitches conflicts with an idea Leslie already has in the pipeline. Cue fireworks in Pawnee!

Question: Is this the season Parks and Rec will finally introduce Pawnee’s MIA mayor? —Jonathan
Ausiello: Exec producer Mike Schur remains very much on the fence about whether to introduce the man, the myth, the legend. “We’re of two minds about it; if we could find the right, perfect person and we could do a storyline that involved the mayor, we would be happy to do it,” he says. “But there’s also something to be said for never seeing the mayor. There’s something to be said for the mayor being our version of Norm’s wife on Cheers, and just saying that the mayor is just this funny figure, a shadowy person who we never really get to meet. If Bill Murray called us tomorrow and said, ‘Hey, can I do your show?’ We would write a very big, juicy episode for him to appear in. [Laughs] But we don’t want to do it just to do it… It’s just a completely accidental thing that we’ve referenced the mayor a number of times and never seen him, and now I weirdly kind of like that we’ve never seen him.”

Question: I’m ecstatic Lifetime has renewed Army Wives, but what’s going on with Kim Delaney? Will she be part of the new season? —Diana
Ausiello: If she is, I hear it will be an a limited capacity. The actress doesn’t have a Season 7 deal in place and word is, she’s unlikely to return as a series regular. A source close to the show, however, insists no final decisions have been made — and they most likely won’t be until closer to the start of production later this year.

Question: Anything on my favorite returning comedy, Don’t Trust the B— in Apartment 23? —Claudia
Ausiello: You’ll love this: After tuning in to a TV dating contest, Chloe and June decide to create their own reality series — with James as their version of Chris Harrison. Natch, things go haywire when the trio attempt to “workshop” the program without letting the bachelor over whom the girls are competing know what they are up to!

Question: Anything on Suits? —Jessica
Ausiello: Remember how exec producer Aaron Korsh told us that Hardman’s absence will “shift the perception” of the firm in the legal community and “possibly make them a little bit more vulnerable”? Well, I think the show is on the lookout for someone to capitalize on that vulnerability. Producers are searching for a Brit or Aussie actor to play the fortysomething head of a London-based international law firm on a recurring basis. “Avuncular, unassuming, likeable, you’d think he inherited his position — but he didn’t,” reads the casting notice. “He uses his simple-man charm to cover the fact that he’s deceptively smart.”

Question: Do you by any chance have any Dan and Serena scoop on Gossip Girl? I’ve seen those pictures of them on a Vespa (flashback to their first date, maybe?), but do you know if they really mean anything? — Jenny
Ausiello: I don’t have any info about a Vespa, but I can report that producers are planning a callback to the Season 2 episode “The Dark Night” and will once again trap Dan and Serena together in an elevator. Bonus Spoiler: Who’s the mystery person Ivy keeps taking calls from?

Question: Any idea what Chang will be up to this season on Community? Really curious considering at the end of last year he controlled a child army, kidnapped the Dean and nearly burned down the school. Thanks. — Leah
Ausiello: Let me answer your question this way, Leah: In Episode 6 — “Economics of Marine Biology” — a Greendale Community Collegian named Big Poppa (emphasis on the “big”) is put in an outfit that’s even farther out-there than some of the stuff the Dean wears while pledging the school’s new frat. (Who knew Greendale even had frats?) In other words, no, I have no idea what Chang will be up to.

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  1. ginger says:

    … Not a lot of heavy stuff for Mer on Grey’s? So… she’s not sad that her sister died horrifically like right before her eyes???

    • abbyoftroy says:

      RIGHT? I’d be like, “My boss murdered my sister.” (Because, really, that’s what Shonda did, and I’d never forgive her for how Lexie went. She could have gone ANY OTHER WAY). Instead, I’m not watching Grey’s anymore, and it feels liberating.

      • Alex says:

        Um, yeah… why would Meredith complain that her boss murdered her sister? Lexie died in a plane crash. Of course she’ll be sad about it, but seeing that months have passed, she won’t be dwelling on it and letting it ruin her life. People do move on and find happiness after loved ones die. I’m doing it right now myself. It’s the time to enjoy YOUR life and appreciate it even more, which it sounds like Meredith will do. A healthy attitude, rather than wallowing in grief forever!

      • Laura says:

        I second this. I have zero intention of watching Grey’s as Shonda killed off my favourite cast member. I’m also boycotting PP, not that it will matter because it’s in it’s last season anyways.

  2. ashley says:

    blind item is definitely private practice.

  3. I’m fine with Clay dying as long as it’s not Opie or Tig or Tara!

  4. I’m confused. Did Grimm move BACK to Fridays, or was that always the plan? I thought it moved to Mondays…

    • M says:

      I believe it premiered on the Monday following the end of the Olympics for 3 or 4 weeks to cash in on the Olympic viewing crowd. It’s official slot is Friday. They have been showing repeats for weeks but this Friday is a new epi.

    • smallville944 says:

      No that was always the plan to keep it on Fridays Monday was just a temporary time slot until it moved to its regular time slot

  5. Will says:

    Omg, I cannot handle anymore Dan/Serena nonsense… Their relationship is so contrived and ridiculous. It makes little sense at all how the writers would even waste time resurrecting a fallen ship. Dan and Serena are damaged beyond repair. No matter how hard the writers try, they will never be able to recapture what the two had in high school. It’s time to let it go. The writers never should’ve broken up Nate/Serena and Dan/Vanessa.

    • Joanne says:

      I COMPLETELY agree. I’m sick and tired of this Dan/Serena rehash garbage. They’ve been practically interacting as siblings for the past 3 seasons. They even SHARE a sibling. And I despise how the writers have just left Nate and Serena’s relationship in limbo. The only times I’ve seen Serena be happy and herself in a relationship were when she was with Nate, and then Carter.

    • dude says:

      I can say the same thing about Chuck/Blair but look at all the people dying for a reunion of that.

    • Couldn’t agree more. They are so dull now, they have no chemistry. The writers need to realise that they characters have evolved (badly) to the point where they wouldn’t work anymore. They were a pretty horrible couple originally anyway, they were constantly lying to each other. The episode last season where Serena pretended to be Blair just proved they are dull together now. I would much prefer a Nate/Serena ending, or even better they could get Carter back.

    • Fran says:

      Lost me at Nate/Serena. LOL!

  6. Nancy says:

    I am sure she is sad. But just because her sister died does not mean she has to mourn the rest of her life. Like EP said “They have a child” When you are a parent, you can’t just sit and stew in grief.You have a child to take care of who does not understand that you are sad! They can’t just wallow in grief. They need to be fed, and taken care of.

    • ginger says:

      I agree with that, I just think relegating them to being completely “light” does a disservice to Lexie’s character and Mer’s attachment to her only family (besides Derek and Zola). Of course I want her to be strong for her kid and not wallow in grief and be immobilized like Izzie was after Denny. But when she says that the only issue her character is working through is Derek’s hand, I get confused. Losing Lexie was a big thing for her.

      • Tia says:

        Meredith will be dealing with the loss in episode 5 I think, when an accident will be similar to Lexie’s. There was pics of Ellen filming.

        Ausiello thanks for the MD scoops. :)

  7. no says:

    I can’t stand Sugar. Her getting with Artie will be a nightmare. Poor Artie.

  8. finick says:

    lol as if the fabulous Unique needs Karofsky’s help.

  9. Sarabi says:

    Sturm und Drang? Attaboy, Ausiello, attaboy!

  10. Natalie says:

    Thanks for the “Castle” scoopage, Aus. And TBBT. Amy and Sheldon just sort of steal the show for me. I love all the characters, but Amy and Sheldon are so different, in a cute, interesting way. I can’t really think of any series that has a couple like them. I find that uniqueness adds something good to an already great series. Thanks again, Aus. :)

    • abbyoftroy says:

      I hate Amy. You know a person you know I wouldn’t be able to stand in real life? That’s her. She kind of creeps me out. Penny is actually my favorite. I love how she’s so… normal, and she’s best friends with all the geniuses. And how she’s really smart and resourceful, in her own way!

      • Natalie says:

        I’m sorry you hate her. I like Penny okay and she’s important to the show for her normalcy, but there’s so many people like her on television that she doesn’t interest me on the level that Sheldon and Amy do. I like her, but yeah. Hey, to each their own though. ;)

      • jessie higH20 says:

        Hear, hear. Hate Amy, too. She’s creepy, annoyingly pushy with Sheldon (and not in that sweet, funny way that Penny challenges Sheldon all the time, and, let’s face it: fugly. Adorable Sheldon needs a cuter girlfriend, one that doesn’t look like a Bible study buddy of his mom.

    • shirley says:

      thanks for the scoop on “Castle”, my fav program.
      can ahrdly wait for next week.


  11. Audrey E. says:

    OH SNAPS! My question (or some of it anyways) was used! I’ve never got picked before, and to think I randomly emailed at like 1:00 in the morning. Thanx for the Justified scoop; get more details, please!

    • Emily says:

      THANK YOU for asking it. I’ve been waiting for scoops on Justified to start up again. Best thing about the winter, by far!

    • Starla says:

      I was wondering if had started production already because Jeremy Davies seriously had the Dickie Bennett hair thing going on at the Emmy’s last week. I guess in preparation for next week… : )

  12. RachelA says:

    I am so offended by the way Glee has treated D.Karofsky’s character. They have him attempt suicide and then never show or mention him again after that? And then they have the audacity to say his story had a good conclusion and is satisfactorily wrapped up? I’m sorry but in what universe does that seem satisfactory to anyone? Brad Falchuk are you high?

    Glee, seriously, WTF!

    • Alex says:

      It’s probably not a good idea to get attached to a side character who is mainly used to prop other storylines, as Brad proved in this interview when he said he could come back to help Unique. I for one am glad they’re leaving his storyline where it is. Maybe they’ll bring him back to talk to one of the McKinley kids this season or next, to show that he’s in a better place. I’m sure that would make his fans happy at least.

      • Robert says:

        Something as simple as a one minute skype conversation with Kurt to show that he’s ok would be enough. You don’t need to bring the guy in and have him go to NYADA or join New Directions to actually end his plot in a better place.

  13. Robert says:

    Brad Falchuk is a great example of why straight people shouldn’t have a hand in coming out/outing storylines. Having a kid with a parent turning on him and no support system isn’t a kid that is “Ok.” Give me a break. One thing is to think that you’ve exhausted a character, which I get, but this BS about him being in a good place is offensive.

    • ErikaJ says:

      Karofsky’s SL still was treated more seriously than any of the bullying the straight kids have undergone for the past three years, which continuously gets treated like it’s a joke and it’s okay to bully as long as the kid is straight. At least he got to apologize and show remorse and show he’s changed and deserves his second chance, as opposed to the bitch Santana who’s never sorry and actually enjoys hurting people and doesn’t deserve anything.

      • Robert says:

        It getting treated more “seriously” in comparison to other storylines in the Glee universe doesn’t actually make it decent, acceptable, and inoffensive writing.

    • TraceV says:

      My thoughts exactly. How in the heck is sitting in a hospital bed, crying your eyes out while telling the one and only person you can talk to — the person who rejected your love, albeit kindly — that all of your friends have turned their back on you, that your mother thinks you have a ‘disease’ that needs to be ‘cured’, that you’re terrified to go back to school, and that you have NO idea what to do.. how is that ‘okay’??? Like one creative visualization exercise is going to solve everything and set him completely to rights?!?

      If they weren’t willing to follow this story responsibly, knowing that kids in similar situations were watching, maybe they should have found some other sensationalistic ratings ploy to use to try to regain some of the viewers they’ve lost because of weak storylines and inconsistent characterization.

      • di says:

        I agree with you Brad Falchuk does not have a clue. Glee is suppose to be a comedy- yet they tackle important issues suicide, bullying , texting while driving. No problem but do it right. Each of these isssues were addressed and dropped like a hot potato. No lesson learned. Maybe they should tackle adult ADD, for it seems to be condition the writers have- they start but never finish stories. I stopped watching when the cut Damian . But still see frustration, in those who continue to watch, in the message boards

  14. Zimbabwe says:

    Glad about Karofsky. That whole plot became a bit train-wrecky in the end. jfc

  15. Sarah says:

    On one hand, lol @ Brad thinking they ended Karofsky’s story nicely and that he’s in a good place just because he’s out. On the other hand, that story was such an offensive, mishandled mess from start to finish (and I have no idea what pearls of wisom they think Karofsky could possibly have for Unique so thank goodness we’re dodging that bullet) that cutting their losses now seems like their best option.

  16. Joanne says:

    No, just STOP with this Dan and Serena stuff. They were resolved and broke up back in Season 2. These writers are unbelievable. It’s the final season and they still HAVEN’T learned their lesson. These two characters have MATURED beyond each other. It’s a total regression for them both if they get back together. *facepalm* … And let’s remember that Nate and Serena were in love, and their relationship has been left up in the air since the third season finale.

  17. Andrea says:

    Thanks for the Castle and TBBT scoop!!

  18. Alex says:

    Excited for Artie/Sugar to return, I’m starting to wonder if Artie has a relationship curse or something. It just never ends well. Glad they’re dropping Karofsky, it was clear he’s headed in the right direction and will find support with people who love him, there’s no need to bring him back yet again, especially not in any huge capacity.

    • Jared says:

      In what way was it clear? One of his last lines was about his mother thinking he’s diseased and his best friend hating him. We also don’t know if Kurt actually kept his word and supported him.

      • Aud says:

        But why should kurt make sure karofsky is okay. Why should they have a skype conversation? They,re not even friends. They’re friendly. Karofsky apologized, kurt forgave him, end of the story. End of karofsky’s story.

        • Jared says:

          “They,re not even friends.”

          As far as we know, yes they are. Kurt told Karofsky that he (along with all of the other people who love him) would help, grasped his hand, and Kurt said they were friends.

          • Kay says:

            Right. That is how they ended it. Dave asked if they could be friends, and Kurt said yes and he would help him. I guess the audience is just supposed to assume that “off camera” they are friends but we will never see them interact “as friends.”

        • Beth says:

          Do you even watch Glee?

        • sam says:

          lol talk about revisionist history

        • elphaba says:

          Well it would be insensitive to deny at least the pretense of friendship to someone lying in a hospital bed like that.

          Doesn’t mean the whole thing’s not skeevey.

          • Marco says:

            Far less skeevey than your dear boyfriend suddenly wanting to have sex with you just because it would apparently make him better in a play, or him getting drunk off his ass and trying to have sex with you without your consent. driving you to throw him out, scream and cry, and then apologizing to HIM for having refused the sex to him.

          • @Marco says:

            Keep telling lies. Blaine didn’t want Kurt because of the play (after Artie pressured them, Rachel arranged to have sex with Finn while Blaine assured Kurt they could wait until they were both comfortable), and he didn’t try to have sex with Kurt without his consent. Kurt didn’t throw Blaine out of the car; Blaine voluntarily left. Kurt did not apologize to Blaine for refusing to have sex with him, but for trying to be someone he wasn’t, and Blaine dismissed his apology “it’s not silly”.

          • elphaba says:

            lol Marco no, the two things don’t even compare.

          • evudently says:

            Erm. Kurt didn’t throw Blaine out. Watch the scene.
            Kut didn’t want to have sex in a car after a night out with sebastian smythe in a gay bar. He wanted Blaine to remember having sex the next day too. He wanted to make it memorable and special because it should be, because he’s in love and it should be special. and Blaine was kind of ruining the whole idea of a romantic loss of virginity because he was all horned up. Blaine even cottoned onto it.

            You like missed the entire point of that scene.

          • evudently says:

            And then they both fought and cried.

            I loved them more for it.

            It’s Chris’s favorite klaine scene for a reason you know.

          • evergreen says:

            Yeah, Blaine said it didn’t matter if they weren’t in a field of lilacs doing it to a sting song while Taylor Lautner watched. And that was the main point of discussion. The back of Kurt’s car was looking attractive in his tipsy state or at least like, adequate. I don’t think he realized just how pissed Kurt was about Sebastian. He could definitely NOT persuade Kurt to do it that night then and there. He was so not in the right mood for sex. XD And Kurt would want candles and the whole shebang. But Kurt rejected him a bit too melodramatically.
            But then the fight portion of the scene was written a tad melodramatically.

            I still think they need to finish the seblaine thing in s4. They kind of left it hanging. I kind of thought there was some unsaid tension in I Want You Back too.

          • evergreen says:

            “It’s Chris’s favorite klaine scene for a reason you know.”

            He said that?

          • lilo says:

            Sebastian/Grant needs to not come back ever. So boring for a “santana” type. ¬_¬

          • evudently says:

            He said it made him “love kurt and blaine even more”.
            I think as an actor he thrives on melodrama/ things he can really get his teeth into.

          • evudently says:

            You know I actually felt like Sebastian’s presence made Blaine think more about what artie said. Because Seb’s like thiis huge playa who gets all the diq, and he’s rich and well travelled.
            Artie played into it too. He basically virgin-shamed Blaine and Rachel.

          • justanotherklainer says:

            I also loved how Blaine apologized first, and loved how Kurt additionally apologized for trying to be Sebastian-esque or whatever to be worthy of blaine or whatever. It’s such a kurt thing to do. And obviously blaine would dissmiiss it. (becuase duh kurt stuff like that is silly and doesn’t require apologising).

            Kurt: Oh sorry im such a romantic boyfriend to you, Blaine.

            Blaine: … Are you a dumbass, or…

            *smooch smooch*

            end scene.

            this may be paraphrased.

          • msLopezPierce says:

            Blaine you’re more to Kurt than a tumble in the back of a car bb.

        • Ann says:

          Agreed. Karofsky is not Kurt’s responsibility, especially after what he put him through. People made the mistake in trying to make the story about Karofsky instead of understanding that it was supposed to be about Kurt. The writers made that same mistake with Heart and On My Way.

          • sam says:

            Kurt offered his friendship to Karofsky twice. That doesn’t mean he’s his “responsibility.” That has never been implied unless you’re someone completely clueless to narrative intent who hoists their own opinions onto the narrative, convinced that they’re canon.

          • Sarah says:

            Kurt offered his friendship and then promptly ignored all of Karofsky’s calls and the narrative made it very clear that Kurt felt personally responsible for the suicide attempt. I dunno, I think it’s fair to read Kurt’s offer of friendship as being more about his feelings of guilt than any real desire to be Karofsky’s friend.

          • Ann says:

            Sarah has got it. Kurt didn’t really want to be Karofsky’s friend (and why should he?) and he was overwhelmed with guilt in OMW. That doesn’t mean his offer of friendship was genuine either time and it doesn’t mean Kurt owes Karofsky anything and it doesn’t mean their friendship would have been at all healthy for either boy.

          • Carl says:

            the story was about Kurt AND Karofsky in equal parts… and I’m NOT talking about “ships” or “romance”… don’t you realize that Kurt and Karofsky were two sides of the SAME coin? excluding one side of the story actually diminishes the other, and viceversa: Kurt reaching out to Karofsky was the main way in which he regained CONTROL of their past… Kurt isn’t a “lady in distress” that needs to be saved by any prince charming for god’s sake… by doing so he was overcoming the stereotype of the fabulous superficial gay guy who only cares about shiny pretty things… actually, that’s how stereotypes can be overcome, by learning about different experiences and finding common grounds… watching them bonding (again, NO romance!!!) could have been SO helpful for so many people, and an interesting storyline (actually, if the writers cared for giving Blaine a DECENT and consistent storyline, I’d be a fan of him too… what happened with his father? what I don’t like is when romance becomes THE only human relationship these writers care about, and when those romances, gay & straight alike, are all just about “being cute” and “will they, won’t they” break up, be reunited, love triangles, etc… that’s just lazy writing and already exhausted). This story had a GREAT potential for growth for everyone involved, Kurt, Karofsky, Blaine, Santana (whose own storyline got messed up just as badly), but the writers were just LAZY.

          • sam says:

            Again, that’s you forcing your headcanon on canon. There’s no indication that Kurt’s first, or even second offer of friendship was “forced” (especially the second), unless you make up stuff, which is what you’re doing. He easy could have not been answering just because he felt awkward after the thing at Breadstix and wanted to wait a while before talking to him. I might be wrong, you might be wrong, but the NARRATIVE was pretty explicit about their budding friendship. Anyway, Brad’s answer lends more credence to Kurt actually being Karofsky’s friend. Keep fanwanking though ;)

          • beth 2 says:

            @Ann “Kurt didn’t really want to be Karofsky’s friend (and why should he?) and he was overwhelmed with guilt in OMW.” IS YOUR HEADCANON. THIS IS NOT CANON. NOTHING INDICATES THAT THIS IS TRUE. Also, you might want to change your tone if you’re going to go by a different name on TV Line than on tumblr, because your nonsensical ramblings are noticeable from miles away.

          • @beth says:

            Ignoring nine of Karofsky’s calls is pretty strong evidence that Kurt didn’t want to be his friend :)

        • beth 2 says:

          “It’s Chris’s favorite klaine scene for a reason you know.” LMAO yet it wasn’t even Chris’s favorite scene just in that episode. That was the Kurt/Karofsky exchange ;)

          • @beth says:

            Chris looks at things from an actors perspective and apparently what he really liked about the bar scene was playing with the props. Also Kurt spent half that scene half listening to Karofsky while glaring at Sebastian and looking longingly at Blaine before he went up to dance with him at Blaine’s come-hither eyes. There was a lot going on in that scene for Kurt, including his discomfort in the bar and with Karofsky, his anger at but also longing for Blaine, his seething hatred for Sebastian, his insecurities and hesitancy; no wonder Chris enjoyed it.

          • hahaha says:

            Lol myfeetlitup, stop trolling with your dumba** headcanons already.

  19. Lisa says:

    Castle picks up Beckett’s phone. Damn you Castle! :)

  20. Jared says:

    They would have been better off ending Karofsky’s storyline in The First Time if their aim was just to wrap it up and jettison the character off. The suicide attempt plus the despair he expressed on a hospital bed was not adequately wrapped up in a dream sequence. Is Falchuk kidding me?

    • yes, are he kidding me :FINISH NICELY??? tha last time we saw him he was at a hospital bed with a mom who thought Homosexuality was a disease and a best friend who hated him…. that story is not anywhere near over…and this have nothing to do with Pirates wanting kurtofsky to be canon, is all about how freaking insensitive they are being with the suicide story line, like a 1min talk is enough to make everything ok

      • Carl says:

        PREACH! you really got it Renata… kudos to you… the worst is how some of those insensitive jerks claim to be “supporters of the gays” but only if they fit with their “pretty glossy emasculated coverboy” ideal… if they don’t, just “ewwww”; that’s just as much homophobic than the “F” word…

      • Jared says:

        Yeah, I don’t feed into the shipper thing because I’m not a teenage girl so a potential relationship isn’t even on my radar, but the way they treated his character and Brad’s take on it is crap.

  21. Caitlyn says:

    Is there ever anything on Copper on BBC America? I’m so sad I never find spoilers for it… :-(

  22. Adam says:

    I am glad Dave is officially done there is no need to bring back a minor character back to the show. I am just glad he will not be in Kurt’s life anymore.

    • Leo says:

      please girl… stop pretending you’re a guy, is obvious you’re not and is annoying as hell (you just treated Kurt as a passive defenseless fairytale princess when he is pretty much a MAN able to stand for himself and make his own decisions… please, realize that despite his high pitched voice and emotional sensitivity he HAS balls; is pretty easy to detect the “klainer girls playing gay” in the forums: they keep treating Kurt as a girl, as an alter-ego of themselves playing the romance fantasy with Blaine); the fault is at that thousands of RPGs flooding tumblr with privileged straight teen girls “playing gay” and then pontificating about what a “perfect” gay relationship must be (in which comes up very close to what racist white people used to do in the past through “blackface”)

      • Adam says:

        Hey asshole first I am a guy so there was no reason for your insult and second I am tired of people like you overreacting to a simple comment I made which is the truth he is a minor character and don’t put words in my mouth I never said Kurt was weak. Also Kurt is not responsilble for Dave’s well being.

        • L says:

          LOL Klaine chick detected… go back to your rpg ;)

        • Rod says:

          @Adam: your absolute lack of basic empathy is suspicious to me too… as a gay man I’d never ever call “minor” and irrelevant the tribulations of any lgbt person, queer, trans, etc… then either 1: you’re not a gay guy and never had to deal with any issue of it and you just like them being “entertaining and cute”, thus dismissing anything which doesn’t fit the pretty pink fantasy; 2: you’re gay but you can’t see beyond the one shallow side which may represent “you”, which mean you’re very young, self-absorved and too inmature to recognize that Karofsky was as much a victim of homophobia than Kurt (and suffered even more because of it, because it was internal and external), the real ones at blame being all that adults who failed to protect them and the whole indifference and toxic environment of the school… right, Karofsky’s well being isn’t Kurt’s responsability, but bonding and support between “us” is the only way to fight back against prejudice and stigma. Union = strength; Division = weakness… and Glee has failed miserably in that field.

          • Carl says:

            @Rod I agree in the Glee fail thing: In S3 they had two gay couples in ND, Klaine and Brittana, and they barely interacted with each other… instead of that stupid run for presidency plot and losing time on insipid romances were that two couples were almost forbidden to have any pda, they could have made a pflag chapter as it was initially planned and involve Dave and Unique in it, that could have been interesting, entertaining and fun to see while at the same time educating the main audience about our diversity. Shame on them.

          • Adam says:

            I do have empathy but the story they did was rushed if they wanted to do a bigger storyline for Dave then they should have done it better where they could built up in a multipy episode arc instead it was rushed in 1 episode because if you going to do a story like that then either do it right or don’t do it all. As a gay man I do take gay issues seriously but I am not going rely on Glee on doing it right because it is a fantasy show where they break out in song when the major characters have issues. Seriously why is everyone surprise that they won’t follow through correctly. As for the record Max was never a series regular he was the big bad villain for season 2 of Kurt’s big bully storyline before they finally redeemed at the end. Before that in season 1 he had a small part in just throwing slushies in the glee club faces that is why I said his role on Glee was a minor role that was just a throw away character to prop up the major nothing more.

  23. Remy says:

    Brad Falchuk needs to never speak again.

  24. nick1372 says:

    The TBBT and MF scoops look hilarious!

    As for your e-mail, why bother putting a selection of shows to choose from if you’re not going to include everything under the sun (or, in the television ;-) )?

    The blind item has to be either Grey’s Anatomy (see scoop, duh) or The Good Wife. The only other show racy enough on ABC or CBS is Revenge, and no one would allow that because it airs after Once Upon a Time, a very family-oriented show.

  25. Marco says:

    Is Brad Falchuck under the impression that the suicide attempt storyline didn’t happen? Seriously, he is describing what the scene in 3×05 was supposed to be like! Also, nice to see the ‘Glee’ outlook on characters: “We don’t want to write him/her anymore, so they’re in a good place (despite their not being there AT ALL), but they could come to bestow their wisdom on other characters, supporting their storylines’. Hell, we already SAW it happen with Puck last week! And what the hell would Dave have to say to Unique, apart from helping her lose her annoying habit of referring to herself in the third person? I say, give Dave a song to say Goodbye (hint hint), not to mention A BETTER FINAL SCENE so his story can actually end and not feel incomplete.

  26. myles says:

    private practice is the blind item!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Liz says:

    Well, at least Ellen & Patrick are honest: they do the show only for the money. Well, if they had said for the quality of the material, no one woul have believed them anyway…

  28. anakl says:

    I’m so against Marlo the new senior officer in Rookie Blue, and it’s not because she doesn’t want to make friends with them but because Tassie hinted that she might be more than friendly with Sam… Can you tell me if she really has or had some fling/ relationship with Sam or is she the lesbian/gay character that Tassie wanted to bring to the show?? please, I need to know something more… I can’t wait till next summer… and is it true that Sam’s a detective in S4?

  29. vdofan says:

    Any chance that it will be Gemma that dies? After all, Kurt Sutter is writing his new show “Diva. Clown. Killer.” with Katey Sagal in mind to star.

    Also, It wouldn’t be the first time that Clay and Jax put an end to their strife when it comes to Gemma. Although, this is a lot deeper stuff than previously when it was Gemma’s revelation about the gang rape. Clay tried to have Tara killed, beat the heck out of Gemma and killed Piney.

    Is there too much bad blood between Clay and Jax for that scenario to play out again with Gemma?

  30. Jane says:

    Going from spoilers already confirmed for episode 5, Wemma are safe from The Break Up. Glad to see them have meaty stuff. I am happy that they work through their issues and grow stronger in episode 5.

  31. gk says:

    Can someone please call Bill Murray’s agent, or send a carrier pigeon, or an owl or however you get in touch with him so he can be the mayor on Parks & Rec!

  32. meem says:

    Sorry, that GIRLS scoop isn’t really a scoop. Patrick Wilson’s wife tweeted months ago that he played ping pong in his underwear.

  33. Emily Page says:

    “I had some interesting conversations with Broadcast Standards & Practices about what was going to be happening,” Rhimes told TVLine during a press event at the episode’s taping. “There were some heated debates about what we’re doing.”
    ^^^ Blind Item is Definetely Private Practice & Charlotte & Cooper

  34. dtse says:

    Damn they are not giving us our lovely Serenate huh! I am not even a bit interested in Dan…Can’t he just go away…My poor baby S even for you i can’t stand to that d-bag…how i wish you could get rid of him and see NATE…Or if Carter comes and elopes her it will make my day! I hope 2×3 call back also means another “blow your candle” for CB <3<3<3

  35. I’ve been dying to know on Covert Affairs, will we ever see Auggie interact with his 4 mean ass older brothers or family which we hardly know anything about?

  36. Sam says:

    I think the problem with Falchuk’s reasoning is that he’s trying to say that Karofsky is ok just because he’s out now. but that’s like saying that his entire journey ends and everything is ok just because he’s out. and it’s not. the circumstances surrounding him are pretty serious with a mom who basically thinks he has a disease and a school that bullies him. one pep talk from kurt doesn’t fix it.

    doing that storyline in the first place without a proper follow through is actually really irresponsible. there are kids out there with stories just like karofsky who probably attempted suicide. and if they follow/watch this show and see a comment like that? it’s treating the whole situation as cavalier. i shouldn’t even be surprised by the silly things these writers say but come on this is ridiculous. it’s not even about bringing him back but taking responsibility for storylines that involve serious matters. this show likes to turn itself into a PSA but they do it the completely wrong way. it’s so annoying.

  37. Britta Unfiltered says:

    So what you’re saying about Justified here and how it hasn’t even started production yet…Jeremy Davies’ crazy hair, gross scruff, and porn stache at the Emmys was NOT because he’s in the middle of filming Justified??? Because those were assumptions I made when I saw him Sunday night. Are you saying he looked like that just because he wants to look like that??? Oh Jeremy…I’m still in love with you. You can run around with a porn stache if you like.

  38. spearx says:

    lol Karofsky


  39. Apolonia says:

    As far as Army Wives and Kim Delaney go……………they need to replace her or write her out entirely. The ridiculous comments made on the show are an insult to those who enjoy watching. “Claudia Joy” is the wife of the base commander. That’s a big job and it doesn’t work to just toss in a mention now and then. They need to DO something!!

  40. Mari says:

    Ummm who calls Beckett?!?!

  41. Angela says:

    Big Poppa, eh? Outfit crazier than Pelton’s? Hmmmmmmm… As for Chang, yeah, that’s a good question? Will be interesting to see what they DO manage to do with him, if anything.
    Also, the Will and Emma thing is intriguing. And kinda sad-I like those two together :(.

  42. Teri says:

    Keep the Castle scoop coming. The best writing and acting on TV!

  43. Laura says:

    Thanks for the Mer/Der goodness. And Patrick looked quite buff when he was on the Ellen show a week or so ago so he’s ready for sex every day. And Meredith used sex as a coping skill when George died.

  44. Shelli says:

    I hope Luna didn’t die. I don’t want to be a luv-triangle between Eric,Sam & Sookie. I always think Sam & Luna are cute 2gether.

  45. willow says:

    i don’t understand the gossip girls writers’ obsession with dan/serena. the most boring couple to have ever existed on telly. dan was in a better place with the chuck/blair/dan triangle. and give us serena/nate!

  46. Ella says:

    Can’t we have a Brittany/Artie reunion on Glee since Santana is now out of the picture? I LOVED them together, they were adorable.

    • Rod says:

      I agree with you, Artie was very sweet and caring with her… and Santana needs a real partner too, a woman who is truly aware of her identity as an out and proud lesbian (which I think Brittany doesn’t really do)…

    • beth 2 says:

      Artie deseves better.

    • KelliP says:

      Omg I totally agree!! I didn’t dislike Brittany and Santana but Brittany and Artie were just the sweetest couple ever. I keep thinking of the episode he gave her the magic comb for sectionals and the Christmas episode where he walked. Nothing very cute ever happened between Britt and Santana, for me that was more about Santana becoming comfortable with her sexuality. Yeah I love Finchel and Blurt but seriously we need some Arttany up in here!!

  47. j says:

    I love Artie!! i want him to sing more!!

  48. Svenja says:

    I used to love Dan and Serena together. Hopefully that kinda love for them will come back this season… I used to be so happy with them together. I am also a bit scared about the Grey’s Anatomy season premiere but I hope it’s good. I am glad not everything is too heavy. My heart couldn’t take it

    • cas says:

      Thank you. I loved Dan and Serena together too. All it takes is to rewatch the first season and you see how they are together. I hope they get back there too.

      • Will says:

        Again, that was back in S1. So much has happened since their high school days. It would be unrealistic for Dan and Serena to reunite given everything that has happened, especially with what transpired in that awful S5 finale. I don’t see how it’s even possible to recover from that…

        Dan and Serena had a number of opportunities to make their relationship work, but in the end it always failed. This proves that they just don’t work as a couple anymore. What will make it different this time around? Reuniting Derena promotes regression instead of progression, which solidifies the fact that the writers are incompetent.

  49. Nichole says:

    Brian Brown may be a bit old for the casting call on Suits, but he would be perfect against the Harvey character for contrast!!! :D

  50. Thanks Michael for answering my True Blood question. Hate to say I am only mildly interested in Sam and Luna, I want to know who Warlow is and what happens to Sookie now Bill is Bilith. I guess I should have been more specific. I need to know if season 6 will be the last or if we can look forward to more.