Post Mortem: How I Met Your Mother Bosses on Season 8 Premiere Reveal: 'That's the Moment'

How I Met Your Mother Season 8 PremiereWARNING: If you have yet to watch Monday’s season premiere of How I Met Your Mother, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

As Ted started recounting the day of Barney and Robin’s wedding in Monday’s How I Met Your Mother Season 8 premiere, viewers got one step closer to meeting mom.

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It all began with the bride wanting to see the best man, because she was seriously considering climbing out the window, the very same one — cue flashback — he climbed into to leave Victoria’s note to Klaus (Thomas Lennon). After finding out that the groom was planning to ditch Victoria at the altar too, Ted couldn’t help asking him why he’d want to leave behind such a perfect girl. She’s “almost the thing you want, but not quite,” Klaus told him, adding that one day, he would meet the right woman and know it instantaneously. For Ted, it looked like that day wasn’t too far off: At the Farhampton train station after Barney and Robin’s wedding, the future mother got out of a taxi, guitar in one hand, yellow umbrella in the other, and stood on the platform as Ted read a book on a nearby bench.

If you’re worried she might get on a train before they ever exchange any words, executive producer Craig Thomas assured a group of reporters, “That’s the moment we’re going to meet the mother. I feel like we can honestly say that. That’s where it happens.”

Added fellow EP Carter Bays: “ We specifically made it the day of a wedding and not at a wedding. I think a lot of people were a little misled by that. It’s not actually the wedding, but it’s at that train station.”

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As for whether those legs really belong to an actress who’s been cast as the titular mom or if what we saw was just a stunt mom, the EPs were more coy. “I don’t want to say because, ultimately, when we do cast the actress who’s the mother, it’s going to have to be shrouded in secrecy,” said Thomas. “If we already did it, I don’t want to say.”

How I Met Your Mother Cobie SmuldersIn addition to leading up to that fateful meeting between Ted and his future wife – “We’ll see more of that moment as the series goes on,” teased Bays – the writers will also have to explain how Barney and Robin both went from having cold feet to actually getting hitched (remember, they do tie the knot). “We’re going to fill in all of the blanks on that day,” promised Thomas. “That day is the biggest day in the history of the group, obviously, and that’s where the series is heading, and we’re getting close.”

Rewinding further back, there’s the matter of how Barman and Robin go from being with other people – him engaged to Quinn, her with new boyfriend Nick (Michael Trucco) – to betrothed. As the montage of Barney smiling to himself as Robin looked through his storage box of photos from their relationship made it clear, just because they’ve moved on doesn’t mean those feelings are all gone. “The chemistry between Neil [Patrick Harris] and Cobie [Smulders] is so great that she doesn’t even need to be in the scene with him for them to have chemistry,” raved Thomas. “When I watch that scene, I always think, ‘It’s Robin.’ He has his fiancée asleep on his shoulder, and he’s thinking about another woman.”

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Come October, three relationships will explode to make way for the reunion of that legendary couple, as well as for Ted’s mystery woman, and each one will have its own unique flavor. “Ultimately, the challenge was: Can all three of these break-ups be completely different from each other?” shared Thomas. “Can there be a funny one? Can there be a dramatic one? I think we’ve done it.”

And before Ted can live happily ever after with his bride, “there’s still stuff there” between him and Robin left to tackle, added Bays. “As we get to the end of the series, we’re going to explore that a little more.”

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  1. powerturtle90sdudemon says:

    Spoiler: The mother is a human-umbrella hybrid

  2. TV Gord says:

    I decided tonight that this is my last episode. The show has just gotten too silly. Other than the death of Marshall’s dad, last season was a chore to sit through. I’m done.

    • Seb says:

      You clearly haven’t been paying much attention, considering Marshall’s Dad died in season 6, not last season. I felt last season was stronger than it had been in a while.

    • LizLiz says:

      this show is a shinning example of evolutionary characters. The plot lines never loses sight! No jumping the shark just pure awesome sitcom

    • lilys87 says:

      It was my episode-test as well and I really don’t think i’ll be watching the rest. The show isn’t funny. I watched the premiere of Parks and rec right after and it’s day and night. I watch comedies to laugh and HIMYM isn’t one of them anymore.

      • Ava says:

        I love both Parks and HIMYM. Parks is streets ahead of HIMYM but HIMYM still has qualities that I love. It’s definitely a different flavor of comedy. Parks is so whimsical and HIMYM is very much grounded in a more real version of reality.

  3. Danielle says:

    More Ted and Rob

    • Guest says:

      I think Ted will marry Nora because:
      – Remember before Barney and her dated she was one of robins friends so why wouldn’t she be at the wedding?

      -they both want the same thing

      – Very similar


      – if you look at the daughter closely then look at Cindy from Teds college, they look very similar so maybe Cindy’s roommate is like her sister or something.


      ( by the way the mom isn’t robin! She’s marrying barney and he calls her aunt robin.)

      • Guest says:

        I don’t think that Ted will marry Nora, because Nora would definitely NOT be at the wedding of Barney & Robin. Barney left Nora for Robin. And even if it’s not obvious that Nora knows it’s Robin Barney betrayed her with, I can’t imagine her to attend the wedding of her ex-boyfriend…

        • robertkrasser, dirk says:

          Hi “Guest” all your arguments are terrible unlogic. You say that Nora will not be at the wedding because “never bring a(n) “ex” to the wedding therefore Ted will not be invited as well. He is the ex of Robin. So my theoriy is anyway that the final wedding is not between barney and Robin.

  4. Danielle says:

    Robin and Ted coming what the heck? I thought we were down with that crap. Ugh! Seriously! Over it!

    • Annie says:

      Oh God THIS, yes, a million times over. OVER being the key word. Just – leave it already! I mean, honestly, what ELSE do we need to see/say/do/explain? Enough with the FEEEEELINGS crap already – haven’t they both pretty much shared whatever there was ad nauseam by now?!

  5. Colin says:

    No more Ted and Robin! Please! I thought we were done with that nonsense last year!

    • lorna says:

      Eh was never into Robin/Barney, but tonight was cute with the storage box. Um, I have not seen all of last season, but they used the guy who married Claudia to play Klaus [anyone else thinking of TVD?] Guess they really like the guy. As long as they never never bring zoey back. She was atrocious. Love Michael Trucco, glad he is back. His abs didn’t look like that on One Tree Hill.

  6. JDHetherington says:

    There is no more Robin and Ted to explore. The only thing you can do with that is have Marshall pay Lily the $20 they bet on whether or not they get together. You’ve given us the answer already, they don’t get together. Lily won. Season 7 was damaged because of this revival of a Season 1-2 story, that reached it’s natural conclusion. There are a large amount of people who are already mixed in regard to whether or not Robin or Barney SHOULD end up together. Convince the anti Barney/Robin shippers of the legitimacy. Don’t drown us in more Ted and Robin crud.

    • Babybop says:

      YES. Just yes.

    • Little Scarf Girl says:

      I totally agree. If Barney and Robin are meant to be, the show should be going out of its way to show how perfect they are for each other, not disappointing half the people who liked the pairing in the first place with stuff like Tick, Tick, Tick from last season. :|

  7. nas says:

    I’m a sporadic HIMYM viewer but I saw the premiere tonight and thought it was awful. All the teasing of who ends up with who is tiresome when you know what the result actually is. The journey’s supposed to be the fun part just felt tedious in this episode.

  8. Lime says:

    That final pan-up? When the umbrella was covering her face?!?? I was literally like, “F%&$ you guys!” Carter and Craig, why do you guys keep doing this to us? You know whay would have shocked the ENTIRE HIMYM fandom? SHOWING US WHO THE MOTHER IS!!!! No one would have ever expected it.

    Sorry for the shouting, but seriously.

    • Drewer says:

      Yeah, my heart started racing like “Oh my goodness they are actually going to tell us,” but they didn’t. I was disappointed they didn’t meet at the wedding though, I really thought the mom was going to be Barney’s once-mentioned but never seen half-sister. I’d love for Spencer Grammer or Hillary Duff to play the mother.

      • Billy says:

        I still think it will be Barney’s sister even with the train station thing. In all clips of future Ted (I’m thinking back to the last “Wendy the waitress” episode where he sees them in Hong Kong years later), he mentions it as a “funny story”. Also think back to how Ted did not want Barney to meet his sister. IMO Barney is the same way about Ted meeting his sister so he tries keeping them apart at his wedding but they still meet at the train station. They need to say where she was coming from. Was it the wedding or somewhere else?

      • Ann says:

        I stil think it can be Barney’s half-sister….I’m hoping it is. It’s possible that through the entire wedding madness that Ted was too busy making both the bride and groom happy that he didn’t have time to meet Barney’s sister…

      • Britta Unfiltered says:

        It definitely sounds like they got wind of the online rumors that we figured out it was Barney’s sister and are now trying to throw us off the scent. I’m still going with Barney’s sister on this one. I believe it was here on TVLine that someone came up with that theory, and whoever that person is was a mad genius to come up with that. I want to keep believing in their theory.

  9. hello says:

    I can’t really stress enough how much i want Chyler Leigh to play the mother.

  10. A says:

    I’m over this show.

  11. lariet50 says:

    I kept waiting for this big twist they promised, but I never saw anything surprising. That was disappointing. Also, just out of the blue saying “here’s this guy Robin’s had a crush on and they’re together” – BS. I was hoping to at least see them meet again and start going out, not join the relationship already in progress.

    • c-mo says:

      I’m so glad you said that, I thought it was just me. I waited the whole ep for the twist and thought I had figured it out when Ted hinted at the mother and then the cab pulled up…but alas, once again it was just the same yellow umbrella we see when C&C apparently think that we’ve forgotten about it…ugh! And the Robin/Nick thing, what a let-down, it would have been so much better to see them meet again after all this time…and it’s never a bad thing when Michael Trucco fills my tv screen, yumo!

    • Liz says:

      The twist was subtle, but it WAS big.
      Ted doesn’t meet the mother AT the wedding– he meets her on the DAY of the wedding, which is different from what they’d been hinting.
      It also effectively blows the whole “mother is Carly” theory out of the water.

      • A says:

        I don’t see how it ows that theory out of the water at all.

      • Jessica M says:

        While it does give me less hope that the mother is Carly, it doesn’t completely eliminate it. The mother was wearing a dress and nice shoes, which means she could have been at the wedding. She could have even been playing the guitar at the wedding or reception, like some family members do. Considering that it’s implied that the wedding does not go over smoothly at all, amongst all the chaos Ted might have not noticed her at the wedding or reception.

        I don’t know. Like I said, this new piece of information makes me think that it’s less likely to be her, but it’s still possible. Who knows, the writers might have done this because they were pissed that all the viewers figured out Carly that early, so they want us all to have our guard down.

  12. Kate says:

    I’m actually dumbfounded by any negative comments the premiere may get. Granted, the majority of it was filler, but the last five minutes more than made up for it. I thought it was truly touching, especially the Barney/Robin side-story. Kudos to the writers, the quality was (finally) very reminiscent of the early seasons.

  13. steveh says:

    Not a great stand alone episode, and that did disappoint. Holding out hope that this will get better. Not a strong start to a much anticipated season, though.

  14. dave says:

    i think people are upset not because the episode wasnt good (it was ok not the best and def not the worst) but because we were so sure we will see the face but instead it was another tease. oh well

  15. JBS says:

    I’m feeling conflicted about this premiere. On the 1 hand, I’m happy that Ted is actually close to actually meeting the mother & I’m pleased with how they handled this portion of the Ted/Victoria story-arc. On the other hand, I have this gut instinct that it won’t be until at least May 2013 when we get to see the actual meeting between Ted & the mother. But as long as we get to have at least half of a season with the mother as part of the cast & have the series finale be Ted & the mother’s wedding, then I will be happy as a fan, because that will be biggest day for the group that truly matters: the fans.
    2 other thoughts:
    – PLEASE don’t drag out Barney & Robin’s reunion. Let it happen by Thanksgiving 2012 or Christmas 2012.
    – Marshall & Lily are still as great as ever.

  16. Roy says:

    The show has just become too boring and stale. The spark and energy were draining away last season and I think it may be gone.

    Used to love it, but it’s just so tired now.

  17. sasha says:

    agree with roy! and I will always love more ted/robin than robin/barney but I know they are done and their friendship/relationship is beyond love, I like that!
    I love BR but at the begining now it’s annoting they love each other so back together mainly when we know already the end BR married, ted with the mother! Like now he’s with qyunn but he think about Robin and she has a new hot bf (love micheak trucco) and she’s still thinkg about Barney!…And hen in the wedding they don’t make their mind!

    JDHetherington season 7 i NOT a revival of season 1/2 (the first seasons are the best, and RT was the best there) season 7 was bad and it was more a BR cheating on their partners but love each other but can’t be with each other than TS revival, plus this time Robin wasn’t in love with Ted, and Ted out of the blue has in one episode feelings for Robin, ugh!

    ML are not as funny than before, sadly… Hope we will know the mother soon and they end the show!

    • JDHetherington says:

      I wasn’t saying Season 7 was on par with Season 1 and 2. I was saying bringing back a Season 1-2 story that had reached it’s conclusion, and was awkwardly placed. They acknowledged the past relationship through Season 3-6, but in funny ways, flashing back to moments, referencing their relationship. In earlier seasons they even had themselves hook up or pretend they were dating when it benefited a greater purpose. Season 7 didn’t do this well.

  18. mandy says:

    why does anyone think we are going to know who the mother is? It’s what keeps a lot of us coming back no matter how frustrated we get. :) It was a great finale and a great ending song by Band of Horses. The quote Klaus says, “It’s the thing that is almost the thing you want, but not quite” great quote. I love how every little thing came back tonight and is starting to get tied up. LOVE IT!

  19. Naten says:

    what song was playing at the end of the episode

  20. Jay says:

    Fat legs….hmmmm

  21. justsomegirl says:

    I liked it, but I didn’t believe the episode lived up to its hype. Marshall and Lily’s zombie states, were getting rather annoying. I sure hope they cut that out in the episodes to come. Still not quite on board with the whole Ted/Victoria running off into the sunset, but the fact that Klaus planned on abandoning his own wedding makes me think that maybe Victoria felt Klaus didn’t love her and she didn’t really love him, so when Ted called her up, it was like an opportunity for her to get out of a loveless relationship.

    Now, as a Barney/Robin fan, I have to say I was overall very pleased with the episode. I wish they would’ve given us a confirmation in the episode that they really did get married to each other, and I know Craig Thomas and Carter Bays confirmed it time and time again that they do get hitched, but I still have that cynical feeling they’re going to twist it and break my BRotp heart :( I want to say what my fave moments are, but I don’t want to spoil most of the episode because there were just so much B/R goodness that it gave me fuzzies in my stomach. I can’t wait for their big reunion.

    What annoyed me most in this episode (besides Marshall/Lily zombie state) was how fast they introduced Nick. If this was some random character we’ve never seen before, then I would let it slide. But this is a guy we’ve SEEN before and not only that, future Ted had acknowledged him in season 6, like he was going to be an important part in this season. I’ll bet there are people watching this series who don’t remember that we’ve seen him in season 6. I just feel like he should have been introduced more properly.

    Overall: good episode, but I was hoping for that “mind blowing” thing we were all promised.

    • Mikael says:

      I was annoyed at Marshall & Lily by the end of the ep too. I was like Just go to bed already!!! And I think people are getting way too technical about how the show is How I MET Your Mother, so they cannot possibly continue the show after Ted meets her. Cougar Town is no longer about cougars! The title of a show does not mean the show HAS TO follow it! They can show Ted and the mother together after he meets her. Ted clearly loves to talk, he can continue to force his kids to listen to him babble.

      • Azerty says:

        Exactly! What the point of 8 or 9 years promising Ted’s true love if they show only the meeting, the first minutes of that story? What makes a great epic and awesome love story is the development, not just the meeting but what happens next and I am pretty sure we won’t see that…

  22. ktbanks says:

    Honestly, yes, I would like to know who the mother is, but at this point, I almost don’t care. I LOVE this show. This isn’t so much a show about a mother (although, yes, that’s part of it), but it’s a show about 5 friends. That’s the show I love. So I don’t care if it takes us awhile to get to the end game. I’m enjoying the ride.

    • Shannon says:

      THANK YOU!! Seriously I am soooooo tired of all the negative, whiny people who are demanding to see the mother like that is going to make the show any better than it already is. This show is so much more than how Ted met his wife! Over the past 7 seasons it has become a show about 5 friends on a journey not just 1 guy. I love this show and it all the twists and turns is what makes it such a great story!!

  23. lara says:

    I know that a lot of people were thinking that YM was going to be Barney’s little sister AT the wedding(which would explain why his journey to meeting the mother technically began when he met Robin). This definitely makes me rethink that theory.

    • cj says:

      mmm i don’t think the slightly different location changes the feasibility of the theory.

    • Shannon says:

      Although it looks like the mother is wearing nice clothes like she just came from a wedding. It may still be Barney’s sister. Or maybe she was in the band that played at the wedding???

  24. Leah says:

    People complain about this show constantly, but I don’t know anyone who actually ever stopped watching it. I’m in for the long haul. Has the show had ups and downs and seasons that weren’t that great? Sure, but even bad HIMYM is better than a lot of stuff out there. I’m more excited for this season than I have been in a while. I thought it was a great opener.

  25. Hojana says:

    Hey i heard you like stories so we put a story within a story for you in tonight’s episode lol

  26. Allison says:

    The show is called How I MET Your Mother. It would be bad story-telling if they showed us who she was – and yes, as TV show they have to keep prolonging it, but I don’t see it as a tease, it’s the show. We’ll meet her at the end of the series – which may be this year.

    • Hojana says:

      i think the only thing i don’t like about this. I don’t want them meeting to be the end of the series which might just turn out to be the case. I would ideally like some of their life story told.

    • tripoli says:

      They could have easily shown some random actress that we’ve yet to see in any way connected to Ted, rather than giving the same damn umbrella covering the face shot. It’s not like that would be giving away anything but what she looks like. I think many viewers would have appreciated that. And yes, it is called “How I Met Your Mother”, but why does that not include a decent amount of storyline for the viewers to enjoy after all the years of Ted and his ridiculous love life? I for one would like to get more than just the story of how the met and finally seeing her face in the final episode.

  27. cj says:

    when they panned up toward the yellow umbrella and then didn’t show her face i audibly squealed. not because i actually thought they were going to show her face, but it was just a perfect teasing shot.

  28. Anna says:

    Can I just complain about how bad Klaus’s “German” was? I am German and I didn’t even understand everything he said. Plus, the word “Lebenslangerschicksalsschatz” does not even exist. It just makes me really sad how badly the German language is presented in American TV shows. It’s no wonder some people think of it as an especially ugly language!

    • tara says:

      I love German, it sounds cool and I enjoy those long words that mean specific things. Btw, Canadians are not afraid of the dark!

    • Kary says:

      I totally agree with you. I was like “what the hell?” This was soooo not German. I mean aren’t there desperate (talented) German actors running around in Hollywood willing to play this part? Or couldn’t they cast some American actor who actually knows how to speak German (or fake the German accent)?. I guess not. I am disappointed. German may not be the prettiest language (god no) but it does not sound that harsh and stupid. I am German. I should know :))))

    • Steve says:

      Don’t forget that Ted is telling the story, and he can be an unreliable narrator! Ted doesn’t speak German, so he forgot whatever it was that Klaus actually said, and made up a words to tell his kids.

    • adi says:

      well how about the words lebenslänglicher Schatz des Schicksals…can you plaese translate these

  29. abel says:

    yes, this show has gotten less funny compared to the earlier seasons.You can barely hear the laugh track. But, these last 2 seasons get me exited the most, as we’re getting closer to know who the mother is. So, you just can’t stop watching this show. And, btw great episode today.

  30. thomas says:

    thomas lennon as a german was almost as convincing as arnold as an american. why don’t you cast german actors as german? i’m from germany and my english sounds better than thomas’ “denglish” (deutsch-english) and so i would have understood what he was saying is “german” which i didn’t. i think they just made up words…

  31. Azerty says:

    So now it is pretty obvious (and disappointing) that Ted will meet the mother in the last scenes of the serie…so basically, everybody will have a long and developped love story with a wedding except the main couple: Ted and the mother :/ I hoped that they would show the mother at the beginning of this season and keep alternating between present day and flashforward about Ted and the mother (first date, first ‘i love you’, proposal, wedding, childbirth…) but I guess I am dreaming.

    Anyway, did anyone notice that Ted has a bandage (not sure if it’s the word I am french) on his right hand? Will he punch someone during Barney/Robin wedding?

  32. meni says:

    In the Barney 60 seconds recap, he said that Robin went to brazil. She was in Argentina.
    Was the mistake on purpose?

    • thomas says:

      it’s barney, he always mixes stuff like that, like sweden and france , i was surprised that he knows that leipzig is in saxony or even knows of saxony…

    • Liz says:

      Barney also said that Ted got hit by a bus, when he really did. I bet it’s just Barney being Barney. He does that stuff.

  33. Babar Suhail says:

    “there’s still stuff there” between Ted and Robin left to tackle?
    I thought we were over this.

  34. A says:

    A nawesome start to an awesome season for an awesome show. Period! :)

  35. O'Brien says:

    I thought this was one of the strongest season premiers in a while. And when the camera zoomed in on the “Farhampton” sign, and Band of Horses started playing in the rain, and you know, OH MY GOD, IT’S HER! I cried. I’m not kidding. Because the great thing about this show is how much you know that Ted wants this person, and that when it happens, it’s going to be so incredibly earned. LOVED IT.

  36. rinaldo john says:

    realy an exciting begining for the perfeact ending all been waiting for ..!! :):) ..

  37. Michelle says:

    Why is everyone complaining about Ted and Robin? Those two’s story is NOT over. You want it to be over but it can’t, now that the writers have dragged it far too much and made it clear how important these two are to each other. I ship these two and I was ready for closure back in last season’s “No Pressure” episode until we had Marshall say “Not yet.” I had mixed emotions about it (because a, tired of my heart being ripped; and b, don’t think i can continue watching knowing it’s completely over with the two), but by now I think the writers are building up to something. (And if I’m wrong, ugh, thanks for the false little hints from which I get my hopes from, writers.)

    Also, am I the only one (I shouldn’t be because ugh) who thought the end quote in tonight’s episode doesn’t speak for Robin and Barney AT ALL? He would meet the right woman and know it instantaneously? That you just know, you just feel, this is the girl for you? Because that sounds a hell of a lot of Ted/Robin to me. From the bar meeting to Ted’s instant “I love you.”


    • Andrew says:

      Robin can’t be the mother because Ted has refered to her as “Aunt Robin” to his kids, in many episodes.

    • Robert says:

      Ted and Robin is not over, and finally they will end up together. This is simply the story from the Pilot to the end no matter what happens in between.

      If you think opposite answer following questions:

      – Why the name Robin was not spoken in the Pilot?
      – Why the wedding went terrible wrong?
      – Why Robin get clod feed? (Weather Barney and Ted know so far that she cant have a baby, and this is/was the reason in “No pressure” why she said no to Ted)
      -Nowbody knows Ted better than Marshall and he know why he said “Not Yet” to Lilly at the “Ted Robin 20$ bet.
      – teds favourite book is “Love in the times of Cholera” this Book is basically the same than the Robin- Ted story. And why CC would make an unhappy and?

      The only thing I dont know: How they will solve the yellow umbrella thing?

      • Kate says:

        I can’t believe people are still stuck on this. TED AND ROBIN WILL NOT END UP TOGETHER. Period. End of discussion.

      • Kate says:

        Why the name Robin was not spoken in the Pilot? Clearly to let the kids/audience think this would be a simple story with the first candidate being the mother, which went out the window the second Ted said, (paraphrase) “that’s how I met your AUNT Robin.”
        Why the wedding went terrible wrong? It doesn’t matter. They DO get married, as the writers have said, time and time again.
        Why Robin get clod feed? That tends to happen, you know. Seven years ago, she was completely against marriage, and she’s progressed far more than she ever thought possible.
        Nowbody knows Ted better than Marshall and he know why he said “Not Yet” Yes, and that will be resolved (even though there’s nothing yet to resolve) before the Swarkles wedding, the showrunners have said time and time again.
        And why CC would make an unhappy and? Unhappy end…? What?! You’re quite naive if you still thought Robin was the mother after the pilot. I don’t even know what to say for you if, after seven years, you STILL think she’s the mother. The writers have confirmed that she never becomes a mother (in any way, including adoption) and that she ends up with Barney. Seriously, people.

    • anon anon says:

      Oh, honey, you’re in for a world of hurt if you still seriously think Ted and Robin will end up together.

    • dirk says:

      You are not the only on – I still want Ted and Robin end up togehter and there are strong signs for that. please read my other comments

    • justsomegirl says:

      Well, barney did fall for robin instantaneously when he was hit by the bus and that was the moment he knew robin is his dream girl.

  38. Philipp says:

    I have to say I liked the premiere, Robin finding the box was a heartfelt moment, I like that Quinn’s around, I like Marshall and Lily as parents. I liked Victoria (which is new for me).

    However, isn’t the mother supposed to be carrying a base? AND why did they choose “The Funeral” by Band of Horses for the montage at the end? I mean the sound kinda fits but the sentiment doesn’t…

  39. Schnitzel says:

    Ok, don’t get me wrong, I am a huge fan of the show, and all the characters…. Normally. BUT last night’s episode irked me.

    Firstly, Robin is becoming a pain in the ass. When Barney or Ted are with someone else, she always wants them back. When Ted was going to get married to Stella, when he was with Victoria the first time, and now with Barney, and also with Barney when he was with that cute Indian girl. She cheated on dude from Harold and Kumar, then Barney ended his relationship and she baulked. When Victoria said that the the main thing holding back her and Ted was the unhealthy relationship with Robin she was spot on. She does not seem to want either of them when they are single…. She is destructive to their lives, and is coming across as a selfish manipulative bitch.

    Secondly, Ted has always played the nice guy, but what an ass! On a whim after a conversation he calls Victoria, helps her leave some guy at the alter, and then listens to the advice of some random German guy. What the hell happens to poor Victoria? She gets screwed by two men in one day, and not in the good way.

    I hope they make up their mind as to whether there will be another season or not, as they really need to know when it finishes so that they can get their story lines sorted out, otherwise it is going to turn into a roundabout and ruin all the good work that they have done.

    • Bob says:

      You’re just supposed to take it all in stride and say, “Awwww” when they marry. That’s the formula (and it’s getting tiresome). End the show already.

  40. Sg. Grant says:

    I still think Barney is dead and the kids only know Barney from the legendary stories.

  41. Amanda says:

    NO MORE TED AND ROBIN. Just stop. We know from the 1st episode that she wan’t the mom, so let’s move on. Why would we want to watch a couple that we know fails? So one more time to really let it sink in, NO MORE TED AND ROBIN.

    • dirk says:

      Amanda, do you think fans who where watching HIMYM for 7 years would be happy when “THE MOTHER” would be introdruced at the ultimative end in S08E24 on the platform of farhamton. I am pretty sure Carter and Thomas will have a final swift some big turn. I dont konow how they will do it but, I am pretty sure the Mother will be Robin. Have you read Love in the Times of Cholera?

      • Amanda says:

        So you think Robin is going to marry Barney then leave the wedding … run to a station and see Ted, and realize he’s the one. What about all the stories Ted has told his Children about the Aunt Robin? Robin is not the Mother.

        • Robert says:

          Carter Bays and Craig Thomas love to tease the viewers all the time. It is theire job to extend the series and to make it exciting. So I am not sure how they will explane it. But is there a real evidence that the narrator is speaking to teds kids?
          An again and again:
          Why the name “Robin” was not spoken in the Pilot? untill the Narrator said and this is how I met…(pause) your Auint Robin.

          So in the end he could easy explane ” So kids in the beginning I was swiching names Robin to … otherwise you would have not listening to me” Of course your Mum is…

          Other Questions are:

          – Why the wedding went terrible wrong?
          – Why Robin get clod feed? (Weather Barney and Ted know so far that she cant have a baby, and this is/was the reason in “No pressure” why she said no to Ted)
          -Nowbody knows Ted better than Marshall and he know why he said “Not Yet” to Lilly at the “Ted Robin 20$ bet.
          – Teds favourite book is “Love in the times of Cholera” this Book is basically the same than the Robin- Ted story. And why CC would make an unhappy and?
          – There are many indicators who lead to a Mother of Robin

          The only thing I dont know: How they will solve the yellow umbrella thing? But I am sure there is a solution. maybe the narrator is the older barnie? So there are many crazy options.

          And the “Aunt” thing is a stupid argument the narrator says also uncle Marchall..

          • justsomegirl says:

            Seriously???? Ted and Robin WON’T end up together. Sorry, but they’ve already confirmed that. Robin’s not the mother. As for your questions, challenge accepted!

            1) Why Robin’s name was never spoken in the pilot… probably to build suspense. He had the kids believing that story he was telling was the meeting between him and the mother and then at the end, he says “And that kids, is the story of how I met your Aunt Robin!” They freak out and say “AUNT Robin?! I thought this was the story of how you met mom!” Exact words, go watch the pilot again if you don’t remember. Then he laughed, like he was thinking “Ha! Tricked them!” So then why did Ted begin the story of how he met his future wife with the meeting of Robin? Because, he eventually meets the mother at Robin and Barney’s wedding. I’m still holding onto the Barney’s sister theory because it would make the show come around full circle, but I’m not holding my breath.

            2)Why did the wedding go terribly wrong? Good question, that’s what we’re gonna find out in season 8 but both writers have CONFIRMED Barney and Robin will get married, We’ve seen both bride and groom suffering through cold feet and Robin’s having a crisis, which I believe is career-related. Too bad I can’t give you a straight answer because I don’t know, nobody knows until season 8 continues.

            3)As for Robin getting cold feet? Most marriages have cold feet at the start of their wedding, but they still get married in the end. It’s also not unusual for both Barney and Robin to get cold feet. After all, those two were the most terrified of commitment and Robin has always been the one to choose career over love. I personally think she was offered a promotion that would result in her moving away and she can’t decide if she wants that job or if she’s ready to settle down and marry Barney. Which, I truly believe she would choose to settle down. Remember, she was in the same predicament with Don when she was seriously choosing to move to Chicago (I think it was Chicago) for a job offer and she finally turned it down so she could continue being with Don. I think that’s how it’s all gonna go down on her wedding day. Also, about her saying no to Ted because she can’t have a baby, that is false. She said no to Ted because she doesn’t love him like that. Ted told her he would be happy to marry her even if she can’t have kids, so why would she tell him no? It’s because she doesn’t love him anymore. And I think that’s why the writers said they’re going to “tackle the stuff” that’s there between Ted and Robin. While I still believe “No Pressure” did a decent job in closing the door on the Ted/Robin relationship, they never did say Ted stopped loving Robin, just that he’s finally understood it’s not going to happen and that he should just give up. I think “this stuff” their going to tackle is to make Ted realize he doesn’t love Robin anymore and he’s ready for someone new and we all know who that is… the mother!!!

            4)As for the Marshall and Lily bet… smh. Seriously bro, who out of Marshall and Lily are the BEST at reading emotions and knowing what’s right for their friends? Who was it that noticed Ted and Karen were not a great couple, who noticed that Ted and Robin hadn’t discussed their relationship and what they want out of life? That would be… *drumroll* Lily! Marshall is Ted’s best friend and so, of course he would bet against Lily on the whole Ted/Robin ending up together because he knows that’s what Ted wants deep down, even if he tries to hide it by dating other girls. But, Lily knows, call it a woman’s intuition, but she knows Ted and Robin won’t end up together. As for the “not yet” part, that’s what Marshall was saying when Ted and Stella were getting married and he kept saying “not yet”. I think Marshall still just has hope for Ted/Robin and he won’t pay up until he sees either Ted or Robin tying the knot with different people. The moment Robin finally ties the knot with Barney, will be the moment he pays Lily that $20 imo.

            5)As for the book, sorry, I don’t think that’s really important at all. A character can have a favorite book and it’s not symbolism. I’ve never read the book, so I’m going to need you to explain to me why it’s the story of Ted and Robin.

            And the aunt thing, is NOT a stupid argument, it’s a VALID argument. Those kids have called the narrator “DAD” in some episodes. I can’t tell you which ones, but if you need proof, I’ll gladly go back and watch some of the episodes. And plus, it’s CLEARLY future Ted narrating the story to his kids. Why would future Barney or future Marshall say they got beaten up by a girl and the son says, “You got beat up by a girl?” That episode is the one with the girl with the sock monkeys, the one who beats up Ted because he tells her she’s not the one for him after he begged her to take him back when he dumped her on her birthday on an answering machine all those years ago.

            Bottom line… Ted/Robin… not endgame. Sorry bro.

          • dirk says:

            Well justsomegirl, thanks for your long statement and answering the questions. Everything sounds plausible and logic what you are writing. And most likely you are right that Robin will end up with Barney, Marshall stay with Lilly and Ted will meet “The Love of his Life” an a Platform in the rain at the end of S08.
            Isn`t this to easy, to predicteble.
            Even when Carter an Thomas cast the most beautiful girl like “Mila Kunis” for the Mother and give her all the attributes which would fit perfectly to Ted (playing bass, drawing robots etc.) there would be something missing because this girl would have never been part of the gang. She will always be the one dont know what happens before Ted turned 30.

            “Super Big Love stories” always end with somebody get killed (The Great Gatsby, Out of Africa, The English Patient, Titanic etc.)
            “Big Lovestories” always end that those people come together who ment to be together and during the story/film/series the writer telling the up and downs and getting engaged to others but finaly the two main carracters will end up together.

            Imagine: Amelie Poulain would have run into another and fall in love guy 10 minutes before the movie ends?
            Imagine: In the movie “Slumdog millionaire” he would marry another girl 10 minutes before the movie ends instad of Latika
            Imagine: Florentino Ariza will not ent up with Fermina Daza in the end of Love in the times of Cholera? This story would not even be worth telling…

            It is not only about the search for the right person but it is also about timing and that every woman is perfect (Please see the old french movie “This Obscure Object of desire” where the director simply swiched the main actress. (something like “fight club” – sidestep I hate “fight club”)

            Fore sure you where lovesick when you where teenager. What would you give to get together with this person dumped you? Gatsby become rich, make big parties, just to get his love of his life back. I am not American (I am Austrian) but I think this are the core American attetudes “Hold on to your love….”

            Do you realy think: “TED DO NOT LOVE ROBIN ANYMORE”? Do you really think he is over her? 3 years after his relation he proposed to her again (in no pressure ithink) that he is loving her. Marshall said “Robin you must move out – He (ted) loves you way to much….

            Conlusion: Most likely you are right – but it will be not very creative- meet a girl at a train platform wich fits perfect however tricky and long the way was to get there.

            I would like to see a real happy end where finally Ted and Robin are togehther get children etc. (there is a new treatment which makes it possible that Robin may get babies) So everything is possible. Sandwich = Joint and Dudelsack playing is Sex, reading a magazin is …

            So well I am sorry for my english but I hope you have at least a clue what I am thinking about HIMYMs ending

            If you like we can take one day at skype


          • justsomegirl says:

            Ok, there’s something we can agree on. I agree that Ted just meeting the love of his life at a train station in the pouring rain isn’t exactly a jaw dropping or even poignant moment. I really hope the mother is a woman we’ve seen before. Not someone who was part of the gang or who Ted talked to, but at least a woman who was like extras or something so that when she is revealed the audience would remember her and go, “It was HER the whole time?” There’s a theory floating around out there about Ted randomly bumping into a woman at the St. Patty’s party and people were asking: Why would they include this if it was nothing more than a causal bump? But, since that theory has gained popularity, chances are it won’t be her. But, I agree that Ted meeting a casual stranger isn’t quite the love story we’ve been waiting for seven years to hear.

            Second, I never said that Ted didn’t love Robin anymore, and I guess my wording was a little off. Sorry about that. I know Ted still has feelings for Robin, what I meant was, he realized after No pressure, that the door on him and Robin is closed. Remember future Ted’s voiceover, “… For once, there wasn’t any part of me clinging to the dream of being with Robin. When a door closes… well… you know the rest…” It’s been a while since I’ve seen the episode so that might not be exactly what he says, but that is the gist of it. He’s given up on being with Robin. He still loves her sure, and I think that’s what the writers are going to tackle with the whole Ted/Robin thing. Robin has confirmed she does not love Ted anymore, Ted hasn’t confirmed he does not love Robin, so that’s what the writers are going to do with the whole Ted thing, make him come to a point where he realizes he and Robin are never going to happen and he accepts Robin marrying Barney and that love he’s had for her for years will finally fade away. When that happens, then he can be truly ready to meet the mother, who won’t be a consolation prize.

          • dirk says:

            I think now we come closer to the point what I want to express. HIMYM is about Ted and his love of his life and the story how they met. If you said “The Mother” could be a girl he (we the viewers) already know – who may it be? If not Robin? The waitress in the bar? The slutty pumpkin? The only real other option is Victoria.

            If you agree that “Ted is still loving Robin” a non-marrage between those two would be a unhappy ending of HIMYM.
            I think that Robin has confirmed that she does not loveTed anymore was simply becaus she just got the information she cant have a baby. And she is affraid of telling Ted. I think by he does not know this issue – isnt it?

            If Barney loves Robin and Robin Barney there is no point of running away at the wedding day. Anyway now is enough with runaway brides in HIMYM dear C&C or is this common courtesy in NY?

            I have to agree as well.
            If the Mother is not Robin – C&C MUST introduce “The mother” at least at Episode 12 and it has to be a real stunning, funny perfect girl. So that also the viewers may have 12 episodes of chance to fall in love with her. But if this happens some viewers will still belive in a big 180 degree turn in the final episode 24 – and belive that Ted will marry Robin.

            So it was probably not such a good idea from C&C that they introduce the yellow umbrella storyline. Beause suddently you see a face under the yellow umbrella this will be the mother – “and the air is out (can you say it in english)” It would have been more exciting if Ted is dating lets say 30 girl during 8 years and all of them have the potential to be the one. But this way was choosen by C&C and I am pretty sure they know what they are doing.

            Concerning what went wrong with the wedding:

            Sorry to have another crazy idea: Maybe Robin is Barnies Half sister didn`t Robin told once that Barnie has canadian roots? This might be the reason for the “cant go threw the wedding…

            I would realy like to know what would have hapened if HIMYM was no sucess thy had a exit strategy on Episode 15 and on Episode 24 and 48. I think thy know since ages who the mother will be (The big Masterplan of C&C) If they changed the “Mother” to extend the series I would like to know when it happened?
            Anyway is nice to think complex and abstract. There are many more things I am curious about. What will happen if a main actor get really killed? can you replace a actor? is there a exit strategy? Have they already filmed the end? Mybe after HIMYM is finnished I fil get a flight to NY and invite C&C to o beer in McGees.

          • justsomegirl says:

            I said that the mother should be someone we’ve seen before, but never really paid attention to and no, not someone like the waitress at the bar or the slutty pumpkin, not Victoria, or anybody Ted has ever met or known. What I mean is, someone we’ve seen and never really thought she would be important. Like, when they reveal who the mother is, and let’s say the mother is the girl he casually bumped into at the St. Patrick’s party, then future Ted would come on and say, “This was the girl I accidentally bumped into at the St. Patrick’s party” and then we have a quick flashback scene to that moment and the audience would be like “Omg, it’s her!” You know? But, I don’t think that’s gonna end up happening. I guess we’ll see very soon.

            Yes, I do believe Ted still has feelings for Robin. When you love someone that much, it’s hard to let them go. I felt the same way about a guy before and it was hard to let him go when he dated someone else, but I learned to accept it and now, I’m completely over him and I was able to move on with someone else. I bring up this anecdote because I really believe that is what’s going to happen to Ted/Robin. Ted will probably be upset when B/R reunite, but in the end, he’ll soon accept it and won’t love her like that anymore, then he will meet the mother who would be more perfect for him than Robin could ever be. Ted DOES get his happy ending, he gets it with the mother. Robin is just one more obstacle for him to climb over and then, he will be happy, Robin will be happy with Barney, so I don’t see any unhappy ending here. This is a comedy after all, and comedies always end on a happy note. Just because the Ted/Robin marriage won’t happen, doesn’t mean it won’t be a happy ending. It will. You’ll see.

            And, I’m sorry, but clearly you need to watch No Pressure again. Actually, watch the episode before that. I haven’t seen all the episodes of season 7 of HIMYM, but I know Robin tells Ted about her infertility. I’ve seen clips on youtube and CBS when Robin tells Ted she can’t have kids and then she says “What guy would want me now?” and then, Ted replies, “I would. I love you Robin”. So, no, Robin has confirmed she REALLY DOES NOT LOVE TED. And it’s not because she found out she can’t have a baby, it’s because she really doesn’t. She’s confirmed that to him. Robin tells everyone about her infertility EXCEPT for Barney. He’s the only she hasn’t told yet. Ted knows, Marshall knows, and Lily knows. If Robin did love Ted, she would have told him so, because he already told her before that he would still want her even if she can’t have kids. Watch those episodes or look up the clips online. Robin has no more feelings for Ted and if you watched the S7 finale and S8 premier, it’s obvious she’s still in love with Barney.

            Like I said before, Barney and Robin are TERRIFIED of commitment. Of course they’re going to experience pre-wedding jitters. Apparently, as of this moment, Barney loves Quinn but even he freaked out when Robin asked him, “Do you really want to spend the rest of your life with Quinn-” and he interrupts, freaking out, “God you’re right!” So, that right there kind of shows his hesitation at getting married. As for Robin, well, we know she’s dealing with a crisis that we’ll find out later as the season progresses. Having cold feet tho, doesn’t mean the two people don’t love each other, it’s just a big step. Wouldn’t you feel nervous on your wedding day too or did you? And for Barney and Robin, marriage isn’t just a huge STEP, it’s a huge LEAP. They’ve always been so independent and now, they’re going to spend the rest of their lives with each other as married couple and make comprimises. If you’re not the least bit nervous on your wedding day, then you really don’t take marriage seriously. It’s a huge commitment and its a huge Barney/Robin character development as both characters were so against the idea of marriage.

            As for Robin being Barney’s half sister… What? LOL. That’s the most funny, ridiculous theory I’ve ever heard. Please tell me you were just kidding. And if you REALLY need proof to disprove that: Barney’s dad says his daughter “Carly” goes to college, pretty sure Robin hasn’t been going to college behind our backs. And for the reason why Barney’s got canadian roots is because his great grandmother was canadian, that’s why he’s 3/4 candian. Not because he’s really Robin’s half brother. Ew.

          • dirk says:

            In brief: you -justsomegirl- think about following option:

            – Barney brake up with Quinn, Ted with Victoria
            – Ted will have another “love interest” (already confirmed” before he is meeting “The one”
            – We will get some more hints of the wedding
            – Barney will get back together with Robin
            – Ted will meet the yellow umbrella girl at the platform in the rain and hopefully it will be a girl like the “Bump Girl” ore someone we have seen already a bit.In german we say: “The circle get closed”

            This option is solidly based on what we (the viewers) know so far and what we viewers feel so far (eg, Barney and Robin have chemistry)

            My option is more based on open questions and on the believe that C&C want to fool/confuse the viewers with a lot of twists and turns especially in the endgame. Remember the simmilar to Episode “Ted Mosby Architect”

            So for me there are a lot of inconsistand things happening and open questions:

            – e.g. Ted always said “Never, never ever bring a EX to a wedding”. (After the Stella wedding where he invited Robin) So now he (Ted) appears on Barnies wedding.
            – Where is the evidence that it is Barnies and Robins wedding ( I still night be that it is a double wedding)
            Wheather Barney said the word “Robin” he is just speaking of ties
            Lilly said: “The bride wants to see you” Why she dont say simply “Robin wants to see you”
            It could be someones bride. (Teds?)

            – What about the Cholera book?

            What I want to say, is that there are millions of options and C&C will not take the most logic one.

          • justsomegirl says:

            Okay, first of all, the double wedding idea is a stupid argument. Why on Earth would Barney and Robin have a double wedding when they are each other’s exs?! I most certainly wouldn’t want a double wedding with my ex, now that is just plain weird. As for Lily saying “The bride wants to see you” she says that because the writers wanted to milk this wedding mystery up to the finale. In an interview both the writers confirmed “Barney goes through with the wedding and we’ll show you to whom in the finale.” Who was it in the wedding dress? Robin. Need more proof? How about the fact in the premiere when she asks Ted, “Don’t sugarcoat it Mosby, just give it to me straight, how bad is Barney freaking out?” Why would she ask Ted if Barney’s freaking out if he’s not the one marrying her? Come on, the double wedding idea, is stupid. Please don’t bring up that argument anymore. And if I’m somehow proven wrong and it is a double wedding, I will be pissed. That is just a dumb idea, I’m sorry, but it is.

            As for the writer’s “tricks” I read an interview somewhere that Carter Bays and Craig Thomas confirms there will be no more fake outs. Look it up. Ted really does meet his future wife that night at the train station. They have confirmed this.

            As for the “Never bring an ex to the wedding” rule, I guess that doesn’t really apply to Barney and Robin’s day. After all, Ted is best friends with both of them and Robin has said before she wants Ted to be her best man because she knows that she will freak out at her wedding no matter to who it is and he’s the only one who can calm her down and get her down that aisle. And we all know Barney thinks of Ted as his best friend so of course he would want Ted to be his best man as well.

            As for Barney’s tie metaphor, I really think that was just put in there for comical purposes. If you really want to look at it deeper, you can say Barney is just feeling nervous about losing his bachelor life. Remember he was the Barnacle who seduces women and sleeps around with all of them and always ridicules the idea of marriage. Now, he’s marrying Robin. So you can say the tie he’s wearing symbolizes him marrying Robin while the other tie symbolizes his bachelorhood that he’s kissing goodbye. Like Robin is experiencing her crisis (which I think is career related) Barney is suffering a similar crisis that he will no longer be the awesome bachelor who picks up women. But the two will come to their senses in the end and get married.

            What about the cholera book? I still don’t believe this adds validity to the argument. If you think it does, then tell me what this book is about and why you insist it’s the story of Ted and Robin. As far as I’m concerned, a character can have a favorite book and it doesn’t have to be symbolic. I asked you this before and you never gave me an answer about it, soooooo I don’t know what the book is or what it’s about, so tell me why it’s the story of Ted and Robin.

          • robertkrasser says:

            First, I alreaydy gave-in and said most likely you are right and in all likelihood it will happen on the platform in farhampton with the yellow umbrella. So your theorie is plausible maybe too plausible for those creative writers. So I want you (with this conversation) make you think out of the box. Are there other endings possible? Is it possible that Ted and Robin will end up togheter….. I say YES, It is still possible. Yo say strictly “NO” and you hear only your arguments.

            I would like to answer just two comments of you.
            (1) First the “Do not bring your ex to the wedding”
            Whenever I bring an argument (like the ex on the wedding) that the writers are not consistant at all, fooling the viewers and changing theire mind all the time. You simply dont accept my argument.
            I am sure there is a “big” turn somewhere in the endgame. Remember C&C said when they where filming the end on the couch with Lyndsy Fonseca and David Henrie, everybody has to leave the set and the actors have to sign to keep the secret. If your theory is true (Barney + Robin, yellow umbrella girl + Ted) there is no secret anymore, everybody konows this so far. Just the name of the “yellow umbrella girl” the face and the shape of the boobs and the colour of the hair is missing.

            That is the reason I belive in a big turn (most likely that Ted end up with Robin)

            (2) “Love in the times of Cholera” is “not just a book” it is sort of a synonym for big love stories it played a role also in other Movies like “Serendipity” see:wikipedia

            Basically it is about that a young guy in Colombia fall in love with a girl, but she got married to another guy because of there diffrent “classes” “poor rich”. But he never stoped loving her.And only after 40 years when her husband died they reunite and spend the rest of theire life together.

            Why is Ted reading the book on the platform?
            Maybe Robin marries Barney and they are breaking up soon and Ted …

            I am sure it is not just a random choosen book by C&C

            well I hope I can make my thoughs understand.

          • justsomegirl says:

            Is it possible for Ted and Robin to end up together? No. Why? Because it’s been confirmed. Look up the interview where Carter Bays and Craig Thomas promises there is no switches or fake outs or anything of the sort. How they put it… Ted is just moments away from meeting her. If you still believe Ted/Robin are endgame, then you’re in for a lot of disappointment. For the do not bring an ex to the wedding, I still stand by what I said before. Ted is best friends with both of them, so naturally they would want him as their best man. And maybe when Barney/Robin get engaged, Ted will realize he no longer loves Robin and so, they’re more than happy to have him at their wedding. The whole idea of “never invite an ex to your wedding” is because Stella had feelings for Tony and vice versa, which was very obvious to the viewers. They’re going to have to make Ted get completely over Robin before the wedding so that he is fully ready to meet the mother and embrace a long, happy life with her. And why not get all the secrets out? Season 8 is most likely the last season and they already said they are writing out season 8 as though it’s the last, so might as well let all the secrets out of the bag. Endgames are Barney/Robin, Ted/Umbrella girl, and of course Marshall/Lily.

            Ok, maybe I’ll agree that the cholera book could actually be symbolic. BUT, it’s not the story of Ted/Robin. Sounds like to me, the story is Ted/Mother. Here’s why. Ted already loves her, even though he hasn’t met her, he already loves her. Have you heard the song, “I Loved You Before I Met You” by Savage Garden? If not, I guess the song could be interpreted as both romantic and as a father saying he loved his baby before the birth, I heard both interpretations but to me it sounds romantic. Anyway, I’m getting off subject. Anyway, the romantic interpretation: Guy thinks and dreams of the perfect girl and he finally finds her, with one of the lyrics being “I think I dreamed you into life” Seems like Ted has already thought of his perfect girl, that perfect girl being someone who’s pretty, plays bass, loves star wars, etc. So, like the guy in the song, Ted loves the dream of her and in the end, when he’s reading that book, he finally meets and eventually marries this perfect girl at the end. Maybe I’m grasping at straws here, but it makes sense.

      • anon anon says:

        So you’re actually saying:

        1) Robin attended the third season St. Patrick’s Day Party (even though we know for a FACT that she was with Lily and Marshall that night)
        2) Robin attended Ted’s botched first “Architecture 101” class even though she is not a college student and was locked up in a room with Barney at the time
        3) Robin lived with Ted’s ex-girlfriend Cindy even though she was living with, uh, Ted at that time
        4) Robin secretly plays bass guitar
        5) Robin is somehow miraculously able to conceive children even though the show runners have REPEATEDLY confirmed that she will never be a mother in any way, shape, or form.


        • Robert says:

          Well I do say – I dont know how they will solve those things arround St. Pats Day, Arch.- Economy 101, and the “Cindy yellow umbrella thing”. I just say that there are options to turn out that Robin will end up with Ted.
          Remember Dallas I think Bobby Ewing died and after one year everything turned out it was a dream – or something like this.

          Well there are plenty options especially when you are telling a fiction story. Remember the series where Robin takled to her imaginary future kids!

          The whole HIMYM is about endless love, and I simply dont belive that the creators will interdruce “The Mother” at the ultimative end. Agian why the Book “Love in the times of Cholera”?

          And I dont belive Marshall will loose a bet.

        • Robert says:

          No I dont say that Robin is doing 1+2+3+4+5. Maybe the narrator is just teasing the viewers to make HIMYM more interesting.

          • Kate says:

            You’re a bit ridiculous. Do you actually think people would be, at all, satisfied with Robin being the mother, when all evidence points to the contrary? The writers have never before thought their viewers morons, why would they at the finale? If Robin is the mother (and I would honestly bet my life on that not happening) then Carter and Craig would get SO much flack for it.

        • dirk says:

          Kids, yes I know the story is quite long and I apreciate that you are still listening. To make the long story more exciting I was not always telling you the truth for Example our Sandwiches where not real Sandwiches and also that your mother was in the Classroom of Economics 101 was not the truth, also it tuned out that your mother was not the roommate of Cindy ….but it could have been the truth. I was chasing 8 years “The one” but finally ….

        • Johnny Madrigal says:

          Great points. These a key details Ted mentioned about the mother (I want to add the school bus).

          Barneys dad mentioned that his half-sister, Carly, was studying at a university. When Ted was a professor, he mentioned that the mother was in a classroom (I think it was the Econ class). If the mother is the gal at the train station, she wouldn’t be a “stranger”. I could imagine a conversation in which they’d both recall Professor Moseby’s sheepish moment. Ted could also learn in early conversations that she was Cindy’s roommate.

          One far stretched possibility could be:
          * Barney-Robin get hitched

          * Ted-mother (train girl/university student/Cindy’s roommate) get hitched and have two kids

          * At sBarney dies (Ted ponders the familiar from his favorite book)

          * Ted ends up with Robin, because he’s always loved her. ( the kids always feel more comfortable thinking of her as aunt Robin, because she’s not their biological mother).

        • Johnny Madrigal says:

          Great points. These a key details Ted mentioned about the mother (I want to add the school bus).

          Barneys dad mentioned that his half-sister, Carly, was studying at a university. When Ted was a professor, he mentioned that the mother was in a classroom (I think it was the Econ class). If the mother is the gal at the train station, she wouldn’t be a “stranger”. I could imagine a conversation in which they’d both recall Professor Moseby’s sheepish moment. Ted could also learn in early conversations that she was Cindy’s roommate.

          One far stretched possibility could be:
          * Barney-Robin get hitched

          * Ted-mother (train girl/university student/Cindy’s roommate) get hitched and have two kids

          * At some point Barney dies (Ted ponders the familiar from his favorite book)

          * Ted ends up with Robin, because he’s always loved her. ( the kids always feel more comfortable thinking of her as aunt Robin, because she’s not their biological mother). The kids maintain a relationship with their bio-mom.

          * Marshall pays the bet, then gets reimbursed and paid.

  42. Robert says:

    this might be one of 100 options, I am sure there are more elegant ones than the fight club theorie – agian whatch the pilot and tell me whythe name Robin was not spoken out during 21 minutes and in the last minute the Narrator says to the kids and this is the story how I met …your AUNT Robin. Why not during the first 20 minutes because he swiched the names Robin to “blabla” during the first Episode. TO MAKE THE WHOLE LONG STORY MORE EXCITING.

  43. lila says:

    ted n robin will not end up together! just let it go… btw m i the only one enjoying robin with her new bf?they look good together..if barney eventually doesnt work out. she should end up with him….

    • justsomegirl says:

      I also like him too, they look kinda cute together. Plus, I LOVE jealous Barney. “You know he’s got chicken legs right?” Lol. Hopefully, we see him smashing things again, that made me laugh so hard when he was smashing tvs when Robin and Ted were telling the group they were trying the whole “friends with benefits” thing.

  44. Ella says:

    I REALLY want them to cast CHARISMA CARPENTER in the role of the mother. The kids, especially the daughter, look a lot like her and year ago BTS on Veronica Mars, Alyson asked Charisma to guest star on HIMYM. That would be awesome. Ausiello, put it out there :p Also, Quinn has really grown on me, I used to be a huge Barney/Robin fan but now I really want him with her.

  45. airhead says:

    finally we’re getting somewhere!
    that being said, i still miss the crazy adventures the group used to have. i get they had to grow up and stuff, but seasons 1-3 were by far my favourite

  46. Ashley says:

    I think the mother will be the girl Ted was supposed to meet from love solutions back in season 1. She was his prefect woman and fits all the clues about the mother: she plays bass etc. Ted blew off this meeting because he wanted to try again with Robin. He was not in a place that he could have met the woman he was supposed to be with so we see the journey of him getting to that place.

  47. AndreaS says:

    I have invested a lot of time to this show and will always be a fan…through the funny and not so funny episodes. As far as casting the mother goes I like Marla Sokoloff for the part. She is gorgeous and super talented. I think she would mesh well with the cast and “Ted.” She is on the top of my very short list of actresses that I think are worthy of becoming the mother. Thoughts???

  48. You have to take the perspective of Ted telling the story to the kids. He is rehashing how he met “their” mother. This does not mean she is a.) living b.) the biological mother or c.) their adopted mother. Furthermore it doesn’t even mean he will tell this to the kids but would rather indirectly let the audiance know say when he shows them a picture. Could Marshall and Lily pass away as the result of a car accident and he adopts the kids. Or could the same happen with Barney and Robin? What if either couple has children and Ted takes in them and the Mom? Yes I know, they keep saying “Aunt Robin” but if she is unstable and alone, couldn’t Ted and his “wife” step in as the parents. Come on people it’s not just going to be some random beautiful woman he is compatiable with. I am bracing myself for a MAJOR twist.

    • justsomegirl says:

      Don’t bace yourself for any kind of major twist. The writers have confirmed that Ted will meet the mother at that train station on that night. There’s NO twist.

      • Robert Krassr says:

        Justsomegirl, why are you that sure that there is NO major twist? HIMYM is very complex jumping in times, using words like “pole vaulter” for “mother” and “sandwich” for “joint”. So again it would be to easy if Ted just meet the girl at the Platform. Everybody would know instantly it is “the Mother” This is no secret anymore. I am pretty sure there is a mayor twist. One good indication for a major twist is that the Actors of Teds children have to sign a contract that they will not tell who is “the mother” . So justsomegirl lets put it another way arround: If the Mother is a random girl at the platform why to sign a NDA? They could have said already it is for eg. “Susi blabla” played by the acress Mila Kunis?

        • justsomegirl says:

          Hey, it’s you again! How have you been? :) the reason why i am confident that there is no twist is because Craig Thomas and Carter Bays confirmed it. I’ve said this numerous times before, but look up the interview if you really don’t believe me. Here’s a little excerpt, hopefully NOW you and everyone else will understand there’s no more fake outs of any kind. Just type in “How I met your mother: Showrunners promise no more fake-outs after season 8 premiere” By Hollywood Reporter

          “There won’t be a swerve,” Thomas told The Hollywood Reporter and other press at a screening. “That’s the moment. We can very honestly say it. He’s moments away from meeting her.”

          Now, read this entire interview and I challenge you to come up with another crazy theory that would make T/R endgame WHILE keeping true to the interview said above. Good luck ;)

  49. wazeer says:

    I honestly think there needs to be more robin and ted. Berney and robin where not ment for each other bt robin and ted are. And they need to stop making robin look like a slut

  50. Babak says:

    Any ending other than Ted-Robin will not be
    logical because:
    1. he loved Robin throughout the
    2.He left victoria because of Robin.
    3. Even after the episode Robin rejecting his
    love and he sayin”when a door is closed…”
    In another episode he still saw robin on
    every thing(beerbottle, other girls face)
    4.Marshal said not yet when lily asked him to
    pay up.
    5. The reason we love Robin is because he
    has an out of reach and free personality
    and he ending up with Robin will disappoint us.