Revolution Boss Previews 'Gripping, Harrowing' Post-Blackout Flashbacks, Says 'Magic' Is at Hand

Revolution Elizabeth MitchellWhat’s scarier: Revolution‘s post-apocalyptic, militia-controlled future, or the days immediately following the blackout?

While Capt. Tom Neville is certainly an imposing and imperious figure, flashbacks in the second episode of the NBC drama (airing Monday at 10/9c) — featuring Elizabeth Mitchell and Tim Guinee as Charlie and Danny’s parents — reveal that the aftermath of the power-down was no picnic either.

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“We get to see them trying to protect their kids a week or two after the blackout, when things are really getting hairy and violence and looting are starting to break out,” says series creator Eric Kripke. And as things get increasingly dangerous on the streets, “it becomes a more gripping, harrowing flashback.”

The quick downfall of society and order is not a scenario that is completely impossible. Kripke notes that “the government report we read said it would be hard to maintain any sort of civil order five days in — and that was coming out of Congress!”

Episode 3 of the freshman drama, meanwhile, will go back in time to expand another dynamic teased in the pilot: the one between Miles (played by Twilight‘s Billy Burke) and his former buddy-turned-enemy/leader of the Monroe Republic, General Sebastian “Bass” Monroe (ER‘s David Lyons). “Most roads to hell are paved with, as we all know, good intentions,” says Kripke, “so we start to understand how they set out to save the world.”

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Although Monroe is the one in command now, it might be Grace (Maria Howell) — the algebra teacher who briefly afforded Danny safe Revolution EP Eric Kripkeharbor — and her mysterious USB pendant who is really the powerful one, and in a Hogwarts kind of way! “What’s really interesting to me is that in a world with no technology, if very few isolated people can have it, that’s magic,” Kripke contends. “That’s a way to put magic back in the world. These certain people are, for all intents and purposes, wizards in their ability to enact technology.”

With no gizmos as go-to problem solvers, it’s also a way to breathe life into a contemporary TV series. “When you’re in the writers room, there is nothing more irritating than a cell phone because anyone can call for help and get whatever they need whenever they need it,” Kripke explains. “So to put rules back in the storytelling so that when somebody busts out a Commodore 64 it’s a miracle, that’s a wonderful gift to a writer. That’s a wonderful sandbox to play in.” (With reporting by Matt Mitovich)

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  1. Jerry says:

    If you replaced the dad with Joseph Fiennes you could have told me that the blackout was the final event foreshadowed in FlashForward and this is the sequel and I would have believed you.

    It doesn’t help that the kid is Charlie and the mom is Elizabeth Mitchell

  2. Sam says:

    Prediction: If this show lasts multiple seasons, Charlie will die. Just like the Charlies on Abrams’ other shows.

    • alexjones says:

      but she’s the main character and shows don’t tend to kill off the main character (expect maybe in the series finale).

  3. Matt says:

    I want to shop where the characters all shopped. No item of clothing I’ve ever owned lasted 15 years. Just sayin’.

    • Eli says:

      I have clothes that are more than 20 years old and still look fabulous; you must not know how to take care of your clothes…On the other hand, who said their clothes were that old? Things can still be hand made

      • EveatEden says:

        It was pretty obvious those weren’t hand made clothes. No hand sewing gets those perfect seams. That was really my biggest beef with the show, the costumes, otherwise I thoroughly enjoyed it.

      • Bob says:

        Yep. Like a slikscreened AC/DC t-shirt made by hand. Really?

    • Shaun says:

      There could have been mass deaths and hoarding of looting.People could have a lifetime of clothing stashed in their attics.Read S M Stirling books :p

    • Bob says:

      And I noticed that the clothes were sparkling clean, and it sure didn’t look like any of the kids were wearing hand-me-downs all those years later. The lead girl was wearing hoochie wear.

  4. Bob Smith says:

    I liked this show better when it was called Jericho.

  5. Tara says:

    This show is unintentionally hilarious. And in it’s own way, as irritating as Rubicon was.

  6. BrianR says:

    If Elizabeth Mitchell is only on through flashbacks then that will be it for me. No EM = No Show.

    • Morgen says:

      They really should have re-tooled the series and made Elizabeth Mitchell the lead, instead of the Katniss clone.

    • mia says:

      The chances of EM’s character actually being dead are really slim. I have a feeling that will be the mid-season finale, with Charlie finding her mother. Which will be awesome.
      Cause I agree, wasting EM on a backstory-only character is moronic. So I’m going to wait until we have confirmation that she’s actually dead.

  7. Patrick Maloney says:

    How the hell can anyone compare this show to the show Flashforward, that is like comparing Homeland and Spencer for Hire because they shared writers (I just watched the acceptance speech for the writers of Homeland by the way)

  8. mia says:

    I like this approach, that once you strip a story of its tech-ease, there’s a whole new world for storytellers to explore. And that those with power are actually somewhat like magicians. That’s how it worked in the past; those with knowledge had power.
    Really looking forward to watching this series play out.
    And I really enjoy the main young girl. I think she’s completely capable of carrying the series.

  9. Lucifer says:

    I think this show can be really good. Can’t wait for the new episode tonight!

  10. murph says:

    no ,,, the younger one :thumbsdown: nah

    just saw it off the dvr