Emmys 2012: Best and Worst Moments

Emmys 2012 Awards ShowThe 2012 Emmy Awards are in the books, with the usual mix of perennial winners (The Daily Show making it a ten-peat), new blood (Claire Danes storming the Best Actress in a Drama category), and even a few “Why the Face?” victories (hello, Jon Cryer).

The winners and losers of the 2012 Emmy telecast, however, are an altogether different matter. Without further ado, let’s count down the 5 Best and 3 Worst moments of this year’s ceremony.

5) Presenting the statuette for Best Lead Actor in a Comedy Series, Mike & Molly star Melissa McCarthy makes hilariously ribald comments about each of the nominees. Among her best zingers? Jon Cryer (“God, I wore out that poster of Duckie”); Louis C.K. (“There’s something about that sweet, sweet, angry ginger baby skin that I like. I like it.”); and Larry David (“I don’t mind bald: Just think about it.”).

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4) 30 Rock‘s Tina Fey brilliantly sells a bit about forgetting her glasses and struggling to read the teleprompter, in which she describes the characters in the Lead Actress in a Drama Series category as a “an invisible shrimp trucker,” “a shoebrush lady of manure” and “another lawyer person…picture of a house?” Jon Hamm, horrified, deadpans, “You have to do better.” Au contraire, Mr. Hamm: Fey was absolutely perfect!

3) As Jon Stewart heads to the podium to collect his show’s 10th consecutive win for Best Variety, Music or Comedy Series, rivals Jimmy Fallon and Stephen Colbert wrestle him to the ground. A struggle (and hilarity) ensue.

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2) A documentary-style bit showing “behind the scenes” footage from Modern Family portrays its youngest star, Aubrey Anderson-Emmons (who plays Lily), as a cruel and inconsiderate brat, pranking Ty Burrell and Ed O’Neill into nasty on-set pratfalls, mocking Sofia Vergara’s thick Colombian accent and taunting gay co-star/onscreen dad Jesse Tyler Ferguson by eating Chick-Fil-A sandwiches during their scenes together. (“This is what I’m going to eat at my wedding. What are you going to eat at your wedding?”) Where’s Claire Dunphy to threaten somebody with a garbage disposal when you need her?

1) On her way to the podium to collect the prize for Lead Actress in a Comedy Series, Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets a warm embrace from fellow nominee Amy Poehler, and the duo “accidentally” swaps acceptance speeches. “First of all, I’d like to thank NBC, Parks and Rec, my beautiful boys Archie and Abel, and, uh…” begins the Veep star, before Poehler runs up to the stage and gives her the “right” notes. Louis-Dreyfus then goes on to give her “real” speech, before concluding, “There’s one last thing written here: ‘Lastly, isn’t it a shame that Amy Poehler didn’t win?'” Cut to Poehler, pencil in hand, nodding and mouthing the words “Good job.”

3) Modern Family producer Steven Levitan, collecting the Best Comedy Series prize, gets played off right after sharing an anecdote about the show’s cast watching the space shuttle Endeavor flying over the set. Then, as he tries to squeeze in some thank-yous, the lights get cut and his mic gets switched off. Congratulations?

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2) Jimmy Kimmel spends a few minutes on an “in memoriam”-style tribute to himself — with Josh Groban turning One Direction’s “What Makes You Beautiful” into a plaintive ballad — but it manages to score fewer laughs than the actual tribute to recently deceased TV stars that plays later in the telecast.

1) Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane takes cheap pot-shots at the entire reality-competition genre — while handing out the trophy for Best Reality Competition Host. “What a proud lineage our winner will join tonight,” MacFarlane snarks, while listing American Idol‘s deposed Brian Dunkleman, Blind Date‘s Roger Lodge, and “Joey Greco the guy who was on Cheaters and got stabbed on camera” as the only memorable hosts he can recall. Then, prior to announcing Tom Bergeon as the winner, MacFarlane notes the four also-rans in the category will be “put in a house together on an island with six douchebags” and forced “to team up in a race around the globe to see who can lose the most weight on a runway photo shoot and a tense bake-off with a pregnant 16-year-old.” Was this some kind of delayed payback for the less-than-scintillating Emmy hosting job by the category’s nominees back in 2008?

Anyhow, that’s my take on the 2012 Emmy telecast. What are your picks for best and worst moments of the 2012 Emmys? Sound off in the comments below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Stacie says:

    -I know Kimmel said at the end to the booing audience after Levitan and Modern Family got played off “what you wanna be here another hour?”, the answer is No, but the guy should be allowed a few more seconds. This is the last award of the night, meaning a lot of meaning goes to it, so for them not to finish, just so Kimmel can do that silly “In Memorium” thing to himself, is absurd. Or the Big Bang Theory bit that was all about the accountants, that thing went on at least 3 or 4 minutes and that was 3 or 4 minutes too long.

    -I’m not the biggest Claire Danes fan, but I kinda liked her getting her award and then kinda scolding the Emmys for cutting off her writers. That was kinda cool.

    -I thought the Amy Poheler/Julia Louis Dreyfus bit was very funny.

    -Pretty predictable night I’d say. Too bad New Girl or Girls or Merritt Weaver from Nurse Jackie didn’t win, that would have been different, but I guess there’s always next year.

    • cody says:

      Girls and Nurse Jackie, yes. New Girl, no. That show is vastly overrated, as is Ms. Deschanel. I think that Kristen Bell should have been nominated for House of Lies instead, though Julia Louis-Dreyfus definitely deserved the win.

      • MARIAPOMPEO says:

        Girls, no.

      • baned0n says:

        Your comments on New Girl tells me you’ve watched little of it. New Girl is more than Zooey Deschanel. While I enjoy her, it’s much more of an ensemble effort.

        • Sam says:

          except for some people, zooey is what kills the show. i find her to be incredibly annoying.

          • Nicotine says:

            At least New Girl is an actual comedy. Nurse Jackie & Girls are dramas, people. DRAMAS!!! It kills me that shows like that are put into the comedy category because other deserving comedies like Community, for instance, are left off the ballot.

        • Meg says:

          Schmitt was robbed!!

        • Ava says:

          I actually tell people that Zooey is the weakest part of New Girl. It really grew into a superb comedy despite having ZD as a lead (and this is coming from someone who is generally a ZD fan, this role is just ugh).

          • baned0n says:

            I’m not saying I have any problem with Zooey. I actually love her on the show. But I understand she’s not everyone’s cup of tea. But Max Greenfield, Jake Johnson et al are hilarious, and manage to be funny enough that Zooey can be in smaller doses. Which is probably for the best.

            In any case, it’s back tomorrow, and I can’t wait.

        • Princess Adora says:

          Agreed! New Girl has an amazing cast and the writing is superb. My favorite show on TV today! I wasn’t hooked until perhaps the 5th or 6th episode when it really came into its own. People just need to give it a chance.

      • djm says:

        Seriously? I can’t stand VEEP and I think one of the main reasons is I can’t stand Julia L-D (or make that the character she plays). I think she is WAY better in Web Therapy and had she been nominated for that I would totally get it.

      • L says:

        Zooey Deschanel is awesome.

    • Claire Danes is sick talented! Seriously! I thought she was, you know, a normal actress before, but she’s off the chart in Homeland! Just amazing! I’m glad everyone recognized that!

    • Gwen says:

      I thought the “Big Bang Theory” introduction of the accountants was the first interesting and funny way the accountants have ever been introduced! Usually they are introduced in a style best suited to…well, accountants! You know, kind of boring and prefunctory.

      • CJ says:

        It was a funny idea, and well-executed, but the idea that Sheldon would revere accountants is literally the opposite of what Sheldon would do–he reveres a few theoretical scientists, but accountants are the epitomé of someone who practically applies their field rather than advancing it through scientific thought. Sheldon would dismiss (or even disparage) accountants the same way he does Howard.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      It’s kind of funny how Comedy gets treated like Drama’s ugly step-sister at these awards, but this time around they switched the order of the evening’s last two awards (best drama series usually ends the telecast) lending best comedy a little more gravitas, AND THEN it goes on to get cut off (while just prior Homeland’s EP got to speak for as long as he wanted)! Just can’t “win” xD

      The Louis-Dreyfus/Poehler speech swap was great, as was the Stewart/Colbert/Fallon bit. Also enjoyed the “is this becoming tense?” exchange between Gervais and Louis C.K., and the dirty looks Cranston, Hall and Hamm gave Damien Lewis during his acceptance speech were priceless!

      • Scarlett says:

        Loved Emmy highlights. But, these stretched out indulgent skits wear us out. Not a Kimmel fan anyway but … his own Memoriam skit? Howwwwww tacky.

  2. Whitney says:

    I actually thought Seth MacFarlane’s bit about the reality tv was pretty funny. Reality tv is for people too stupid to understand scripted television and in my opinion has no place at the Emmys.

    • Margaret says:

      seth missing the microphone was one of the only things that made me laugh out loud tonight (besides lena dunham in the opener, that was pretty fantastic)

      • Stacie says:

        It might say something about society, but it’s interesting to note that the person who is watched by the most people that received an award tonight is Tom Bergeron host of Dancing With The Stars. Although maybe they should the majority of people aren’t watching Breaking Bad, or Homeland or even Modern Family as much as they do some of these reality shows, so making fun of it really is just a little easy to do.

    • Angela says:

      I understand scripted TV just fine and love many a show of that nature and yet still watch a couple reality shows. If it’s not your thing, fine, but thanks for painting everyone with the same brush and insulting them, though.

    • pam says:

      I could not agree with you more! It pains me every year to see shows like Parenthood or Friday Night Lights that are so intelligently written to get low ratings, while Big Brother and the Kardashians are running away with ratings.

    • CJ says:

      Every kind of television show has its place at the Emmys–we just don’t see a lot of the ceremonies that award them.

    • Alan says:

      damn straight it deserves no place at the emmys, if i had creative control over the show i would use the entire thing to ridicule the entire waste of time genre of tv

  3. marge says:

    Leave it to Amy Poehler (with an assist by the VEEP) to provide the best moment of the Emmys for a second year in a row. Can “repeat wins in the same category for the same role” be on the worst list? Jon Stewart was right about the ::bleepin:: predictability. So what if Steve Levitan got forced off – by that point who wasn’t sick of Modern Family winning?

    • Jane says:

      Agreed really tired of Modern Family winning, yeah it kinda sucks he got cut off but who was he going to thank oh you know probably the same people he has thanked every other year. It would have been worse if it was someone who had never won, but I have a hard time feeling bad for Steve Levitan.

    • Sam says:

      I’m not they should win more

    • Agreed. The Emmys put too much weight in a show’s reputation. Modern Family was so stale, predictable and safe this year. It’s like they’re running on formula. There’s not way that it deserved to beat comedies that were actually fresh and inventive this year. They need to stop caring what people think and award the people/shows that actually deserve to win.

      • Lyn says:

        Love this comment. MF includes some endearing characters, but this past season was increasingly stale and the characterizations increasingly cliched.

  4. Allyson says:

    Seriously ABC cutting off Modern Family acceptance speech was awful! It was 9:58 meaning the show had 2 minutes to spare. It was the LAST award of the night. You didn’t even give them a chance to talk for long. That unprofessional to cut the lights, the mic for what so the local news could start on time. It wasn’t like the show was running over time. How many times have sport games run over time before our shows come on!

    • Meg says:

      Or, conversely, it was 10:58 EST. East Coast always gets the short end of the stick with these award shows. I for one was glad a show finally came in on time.

    • Bob says:

      Local affiliates want to get in the commercials on the East Coast before their local news show start. Any delays and people may switch to another station for their news. Have to keep the affiliates happy!

      • jar says:

        You might have an argument if it weren’t Sunday night during football season. East coast NBC affiliates didn’t have the news until the game was over, CBS affiliates didn’t for at least another half hour, FOX affiliates with news programs would have run the news an hour before…a few seconds/minutes more wouldn’t have made any difference.

    • Simon Jester says:

      Agree it was unnecessary to cut them off. What *should* have been cut was the 3-minute bit with Tracy Morgan lying down on the stage that immediately preceded it.

  5. Travis says:

    I immensely dislike FAMILY GUY, but Seth MacFarlane saved the usually awful “Reality” segment. Leave it to a site like TV Line to be overly sensitive about someone taking shots at crappy television.

  6. GymRat says:

    Agreed to all of the “Best” moments. I have to also give Jimmy Kimmel props for (mostly) seamlessly pulling off what can be dry, forced and boring.
    I liked the opening bit in the bathroom beforehand! I laughed pretty hard when Julia Louis-Dryfuss came in…and Ellen Degeneres was perfect in her comedic timing. All in all a pretty good show, IMO.

  7. Mike says:

    Mostly agree with your list, except for you placing Seth MacFarlane as the worst moment. I actually thought his jokes were really funny! Cutting off the producer of Modern Family, after he won the Best Comedy award, was definitely the worst moment of the show.

    • Anna says:

      The jokes were (mildly) funny… but untimely and disrespectful. Way to make the nominees feel bad about themselves before presenting the award, Seth.

      • Susan says:

        Oh cry me a river, made them feel bad about themselves please. What they do isn’t a talent ergo shouldn’t be given an award. Hell the “best” one of them does what announce what D level (thats being generous) has managed to get the most votes from middle age housewives and not fall flat on their faces while dancing.

        • David7118 says:

          So what’s harder? Reading lines from a script someone else wrote or hosting a live show (I’m thinking specifically of Cat Deeley or Ryan Seacrest) where anything can happen and the host has to be able to think on their feet?

          • GMom says:

            I agree completely! Cat Deely does an awesome job on SYTYCD. So beautiful, warm, charming, and funny. I hope there is a next season for her and the show.

          • Susan says:

            Oh I’m sorry I didn’t realize I was talking to people who thought reality tv was actually reality. My bad, if you think that crap isn’t scripted to a tee is you are kidding yourself. Also before last night I didn’t even know who Cat Deeley was, I can’t believe people even watch So You Think You Can Dance. What does the top person win? Rent money for month?

          • Ok, you need to calm down. You’ve obviously never watched the show so you really shouldn’t be commenting on it. Let alone making hateful derogatory comments. In general I hate reality TV but So You Think You Can Dance does not deserve your scorn. The only things that are scripted are the 60 second background bits that they do on the dancers before each routine. Cat does a great job of staying ahead of the things that go wrong on the live broadcast (and there is always something) and she is warm, friendly and supportive to every one of the competitors and teases the judges when they mess up in a nice funny way rather than be a spiteful jerk. Her sweet supportive demeanor can’t be scripted. What she says can be but not how she says it. I hate all the Housewives, Big Brother, Crib… etc shows but So You Think You Can Dance is not one of those shows and a lot of people watch it. Save your spite for shows that deserve it.

          • Emily says:

            Scripted to a T? To a great extent, yes, but give credit where credit’s due. God knows I hate reality shows, but I can at least appreciate that not everyone can host. The few times I watched DWTS, Tom Bergeron vs. whoever the woman is was like the epitome of what to do vs. what not to do when hosting a show.

      • Alan says:

        its disrespectful to all the people who put effort into real shows to have to put up with utter crap winning an emmy

    • Its their third year at the podium, what’s left to say?

  8. I love Jon Stewart, and how supportive all the people in that category are of each other. I also love that he’s pretty much like “10 is enough”. :)

    • Angela says:

      Jon Stewart is awesome. His speech was the most refreshing and honest of the night by far. Stephen Colbert is pretty freaking cool, too. They both brought some genuine laughs and entertainment to an otherwise rather boring show and I thank them for it.

    • ohoh says:

      I’ll believe that they really don’t want another win when they withdraw their name from the ballot. Sorry, I love Jon Stewart as much as the next gal, but I think it’s disingenuous to go up to the podium year after year saying “Hey, guys, stop voting for me!!” but then still consistently submitting your show for Emmy consideration year after year.

      It’s totally fine to enjoy the winning streak or to want to keep submitting because of the whole crew and writing team, but then don’t act like winning is so ridiculous every year.

  9. martina says:

    Claire Danes’ reaction to her win saying “Holla, Mandy Patinkin!” should’ve made it to the Best Moments’ List.

    • Patricia says:

      I agree Clare Danes speech was the best and thanking her baby daddy that was pretty funny. But overall the show was a hot mess Jimmy wasn’t funny at all, that whole thing with Tracy Morgan, not funny and pointless, his in memorum IMO was disrespectful.

  10. M3rc Nate says:

    Why isnt Aziz’s British Accent bit on this list? I thought it was one of the funniest bits of the whole show. I love Kimmel, but i was surprisingly disappointed tonight. I thought it was funny, but not close to his normal level on JK-Live, let alone his after Oscar specials. The opening was alright but i dont find any of those women in particularly funny, and the bit about botex just didnt strike a funny cord with me. I actually prefer the tradition of putting yourself in the shows that are nominated (like Conan did and many others).—————————————————————-I totally agree with all the Best Moments, but i gotta disagree with the Worst Moments. First off, should ABC have played them off so fast? No, if they can cut like 30min+ into shows with Football they can do it with highly watched shows like Awards shows. However, i do agree with the commenters here saying “they have won like 10 times and a few years in a row…theres no one new to thank”. IMO after the second time, its time to do what Jon Stewart did and go up, say we are honored and this is for everything that works on _____ and leave the stage. Second: I actually thought the Jimmy Kimmel Memoriam was pretty funny. Third: I thought Seth was a tiny bit distasteful but for the most part, funny and on the money. Im sorry but no one disagrees that Reality TV is ruining TV and in general our society (obviously not all on its own). The fact when asked what do you wanna be when you grow up and “on TV! on a reality show!” is usually the answer..speaks volumes. However thats not to say shows like The Amazing Race (which wins for a reason) and some other real hard hitting reality TV shows dont deserve a catagory and respect. But dancing with the stars? Survivor? (Lets get a bunch of white people on a island, which already has people surviving on it for decades/centuries, take away their cell phones and pretend like they are surviving for their life by playing lame games). The fact that Honey-Bo-Bo gets watched..and ratings higher than the DMConvention…along with almost all other shows that are high quality scripted..its nothing short of disgusting. If that kid was a dog, the dog would be taken away from the mom because shes abusing it by letting it eat and drink itself to death..yet its a human being not a dog, and what? 20 million people watch and laugh and cant stop watching? The mom (and father) are literally killing themselves and their children (who dont have a say) with food/drink. And thats entertainment? Honestly how many years until those shows (Honey-Bo-Bo and Kardashians, Jersey Shore etc) get their own Category? How long till the Emmys buckles to the fact they are the most watched shows on TV and to get viewers they have to have them?

    • Anna says:

      Uh, huh? You do realize most stopped reading after they realize you had written a thesis on a 3 hour Celebrity love-fest, right?

      • M3rc Nate says:

        It took me 5 minutes to write (90WPM) and it got it off my mind. Sorry i write my thoughts in complete sentences and have more thoughts that are deeper than the average person? You realize you commented on a comment and didnt give any good feed back what so ever but basically just said “dude thats long”.

        • Anna says:

          That’s because I’m still in awe that you didn’t cover various celebrities’ bowel movements or sneezes…

        • Jill says:

          Do you want a trophy for your 90WPM?

        • Jo March says:

          Spilling your thoughts into a comment that most people won’t read because it’s too long doesn’t make you a “deep” person. It makes you an clueless egotist.

        • Ana says:

          Yikes! Wrong on so many levels. FYI, most people can’t spend all day on blogs so if a posting is too long they will just bypass it and move on to something else. Although deep philosophical and contemplative thoughts typically do reflect a higher level of consciousness, this is really not the site for that type of dialogue. I mean, you are welcome to comment. At least you get it off your chest, right? The question is, will anybody read it? Just sayin’…

        • Emily says:

          Stream of consciousness doesn’t work so well for you, my friend. Neither does bragging.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            It wasnt bragging. Its a fact i can type (relatively) fast and therefore the argument of “lame, who stops to read this, ur stupid, way to waste your time” is moot. I timed myself and it takes me a few minutes to read, it took 5 to type…it seems you guys just dont want to read anymore more than ” I thought it sucked, Kimmel wasnt funny, so happy for Homeland!” instead. Its not bragging, im proud i can type fast and that i am not apart of the ADHD generation that needs the comments to be small and quick to consume.
            Trying to put someone down about critiquing a show on a blog thats critiquing the same show…thats what i found sad. You all make these huge judgments about me off of what? Two paragraphs of a comment on Tvline? All of a sudden im a diagnosed egotist and clueless and a bragger? With all the comments you guys have posted you could have read it twice over & posted a thought-out rebuttal. Instead its YOU guys that decided to post comments judging me and my comment and pointing out (obviously) that its long and that most wont read it.

          • Emily says:

            In summary: Jimmy Kimmel wasn’t funny, but Aziz Ansari and Jane Levy were. You then go on to disagree (to varying degrees) with each “Worst Moment,” which then further dissolves into a rant about reality TV ruining the Emmys and television in general. And you did all of this without pausing to hit Enter.

            Look, you think everyone’s attacking you for no reason, but no one brought up how long it took you to type it or even that your thoughts weren’t deep, you did that. I will read long comments if they’re well structured and coherent. Which is not to say your comment was incoherent, but visually, it is incredibly off-putting. I’m not ADHD. I just don’t think it makes sense that you expect to engage others and inspire a well thought-out response (hello, stream of consciousness!) when you didn’t provide one to begin with. The internet community is self-policing — you post a messy wall of text, you will be called out for it. You lash out at those who do, you will get lashed out at in return. That’s just how it is. To everyone else: my apologies for the tl;dr.

        • Jeri says:

          You are so boring dude. Start a blog or website if you think you are so fasinating, this is not the place.

    • DG says:

      90WPM? AMAZING. Happy to say I didn’t read any of your comment, just scrolled on by. More thoughts deeper than the average person eh? Sounds like something your therapist tells you…

    • samaxe794 says:

      Do you ever make posts o this site that aren’t a wall of text that no one reads?

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Typically i do have a lot to say, and typically i get responded to with lots of people saying “I totally agree!” so i dont feel bad.

        Emily i totally agree, TVline comments dont let you click enter to create space. Obviously you found a somewhat work around with your “-” but i havent ever found anything that works that well. So yes it does end up looking like a huge block of text.

  11. J V Smith says:

    Glad Homeland won. Maybe Mandy Patinkin can’t quit running Criminal Minds down as destructive to his soul

  12. M3rc Nate says:

    Im also VERY happy Homeland won, i love me some Madmen but its getting a little old and Homeland was 24 done way way way right (i liked 24). Was upset Stephan Moffet and Sherlock keep getting snubbed, especially for some Sarah Palin mini series this year.

    • Ryan says:

      Mad Men as a show gets tons of accolades but the fact that Jon Hamm has NEVER won and that Christina Hendricks didn’t win last night is insane.

  13. Can someone shoot a memo to the women that go to the Emmy’s that less is more when it comes to their chest area? I saw more boob action tonight than is available at my local Hooters. Way to try to boost the ratings ladies? Other than that I thought this was a great Emmy. It was crappy of them to cut off the last award though. Uncalled for. I also was not offended by Seth’s comments.

  14. Mik says:

    I liked the opening with the five reality hosts making fun of themselves. I was a bit upset Bryan Cranston didn’t win for Best Lead Actor. It’s nothing against Damian Lewis, who’s fantastic. I was actually happy when they first announced he was the winner, but when he started talking and they cut to Cranston, all I could think was “how did he not win?!?!”. Claire Danes, Aaron Paul and Julie Bowen deserved their wins. Louis CK, Anna Gunn and Lena Dunham should also have gotten an Emmy in my opinion. My favorite moment was Amy Poehler and Louis CK’s Emmy presentation at the beginning.

  15. Top 5 yeah pretty much agree, although i couldn’t stand the Modern Family bit because i was already annoyed at the show by that point for winning awards when nearly every other nominee was better!!! I loved Seth McFarlane but then again I do love him and his humour. Tina Fey and Amy Pholer to host next year please!!

  16. Lauren says:

    I agree with the best of the night. And seeing the look of pure shock on John Cryer’s face was amusing. But I also rather enjoyed the Big Bang Theory parody about the CPAs (but I am a huge Sheldon fan).

  17. Jo March says:

    Six nominees in the best support actor (comedy) classification, and 4 of them are from Modern Family. That’s just wrong. I don’t like the show, so maybe that colors my comment, but there are so many other very good comedies on the air, with good actors. It makes the Emmys predictable and uninteresting. I couldn’t make it through the show last night, it was so boring.

  18. lilys87 says:

    I share your views on Modern Family, predictible is one thing (Claire Danes’s win was a done deal), but it is mostly undeserved. The only good news is the lead acting categories are safe from this invasion. And it is such a shame Amy Poehler didn’t win.

  19. SL says:

    Glad that Damian and Claire won for Homeland. Great show and such a surprise to hear Damian’s British accent.

  20. Emily says:

    100% agree with the “best” moments, can’t next years show be at least partially dedicated to the wonderful woman of commedy, I also thought the quick bites interviewing the comedy directos and writers were also pretty great, the opening however, except for a few zingers fell pretty flat for me, and I actually thought seth MacFarlene was pretty funny, but then again, I’m not a reality fan

  21. SnazzyO says:

    Best Emmy moments:
    1) Tie: Julia Louis-Dreyfess and Amy Poehler acceptance gag, Jon Stewart tackled by Jimmy Fallon and Steven Colbert. BRILLIANT
    2) Opening bathroom gag

    Worst moments:
    1) Playing off the Modern Family crew
    2) In memorium for Jimmy Kimmel

    Best Trends:
    1) Almost all Fashions were “hits” vice “misses”, well done stylists & stars
    2) They were done on time (although I WANTED the extra 30 sec of Modern Family and Tom Hanks was speed reading)

    Worst Trends:
    1) Predictable – VERY predictable
    2) Mad Men getting zero acting wins – AGAIN
    3) Fat girls are horny (MM’s schtick and naked Lena Dunham eating cake).
    4) Putting the miniseries/movie category last — as if they are better because it’s filled with movie stars — except for the big two awards

  22. kevin says:

    while i can enjoy Seth Mcfarlanes humor most times…I ‘d love someone to point out the guys only theatrical hit is a mish mosh of elements of his tv shows……

    TED? why not “the Single Guy” same old drek from Mcfarlane.

  23. tim says:

    I thought the funniest bit was Sherman Hemsley’s in the memoriam—hysterical!

  24. Polly says:

    worst emmys in quite a while.
    spoofs were all but funny.
    nominees, well we can talk about for hours on that.
    best moments: dreyfuss-poehler, gervais, the tackle on stewart.

  25. LilAngel says:

    Seth McFarlane’s joke was the best moment for me

  26. Beth says:

    Sorry, but I thought Seth McFarlane was funny as hell. I’d also add the sentence that will probably never be said again – “Mandy Patinkin? Holla!” Well played, Claire Danes.

  27. Sara says:

    Why is Seth McFarlane on the worst moment list? I don’t understand. I thought he was one of the best presenters. I’m very easily offended and I thought it was HILARIOUS. I love reality TV, so I just don’t get why everybody thinks it’s awful what he said. It was a joke, it was meant to be funny and it was. I’m surprised no one is b*tching about Ricky Gervais and his atheism comment…

  28. Ana says:

    My opinion, 1st, too much politics. Yukk. I just want the entertainment. 2nd, why didn’t Amy Poehler win? 3rd, why didn’t Amy Poehler win? 4th, can we put a ban on yellow dresses, please?

  29. Bobbi says:

    Very disappointed that Jared Harris, Christina Hendricks, Elisabeth Moss and Jon Hamm were all snubbed. They were amazing on the last season of Mad Men and deserved the award.

  30. Linderella says:

    The worst moment: the decision to have Jimmie Kimmel as host. The entire thing was a complete waste of time. They could phone this show in.

  31. Truth says:

    Here’s part of most of you peoples problem: you watched the Emmy’s. You should feel ashamed of yourselves. That is all I have to say.

  32. Kate says:

    Even though I thought the Amy/JLD was cute, I couldn’t help but think it was inappropriate. In the past Amy’s gags have involved all the nominees and were done while the nominations were being read and then the winner was actually allowed to enjoy their moment. This year it was only about Amy and JLD had to surrender her speech to make it work. Instead of seeming like a bit to support all the nominees, it came across as a way for Pohler to point out she didn’t win again. All I could think of was how do you approach people and suggest that if they win they use their time to recognize you? Not to mention I wonder what Amy would have done if she won, because I highly doubt they had that many contingencies in place.

    • horsenbuggy says:

      I assumed that all of the nominees had arrangements to do a similar with skit with whatever losing nominee was sitting closest to them. Like, JLD/Poehler, Fey/Poehler, etc. Seems like if fell to Poehler because she was sitting on the aisle. It would have been hard for the one from “Girls” to jump up from her middle-aisle seat. The only one I couldn’t imagine playing along was Kathy Bates.

    • Jessica says:

      Amy and JLD are friends, and Amy recently said she couldn’t corral a bit for all the nominees like last year because she was having a hard time getting responses from everyone (Comedy Bang Bang podcast). I’m sure she and JLD cooked up the bit in case one of them won, and JLD didn’t seem to mind at all so I’m not sure why you would.

      I mean, that was Julia’s third win, I don’t think she felt she was hurting for Emmy recognition.

      • Mags says:

        It kind of felt like an attention grab. If you can’t make a gag for everyone, maybe let it go. If you insist on doing the gag even when others won’t/can’t participate then you are making it about you. JLD was very gracious to go along with it, but I wouldn’t blame any of the actresses for wanting to give a real speech to thank people who helped them. Unlike Daily Show and Amazing Race, this isn’t a category where the winner is the same every year.

  33. JP says:

    Add me to the “enjoyed the Seth MacFarlane bits” group.

    Definitely thought Kimmel’s tribute to himself was pointless & stupid — if that wasn’t there, maybe the Modern Family folk wouldn’t have been played off so shabbily.

    Jon Stewart rocks.

    What was Kevin Costner smoking last night? Half of his speech made no sense (why didn’t they play him off?).

    Also, SHERLOCK was robbed in both awards & coverage. *pouts*

  34. horsenbuggy says:

    The thing I didn’t like about Seth’s bit was that it felt like kicking the kid who’d been knocked out my the schoolyard bully by making fun of Dunkleman and the guy who got stabbed. Yes, Dunkleman stunk, but dang! let it go already. It was more than a decade ago, give the guy a break. And why is it funny to make fun of someone who was stabbed? He was doing a job to put food on the table and he could have died for it. I hate bullying in any form and that’s what it felt like to me.

    I didn’t mind the joke about the four losers competing in that ridiculous competition because that was making fun of shows and the genre, not the people.

    Also, there was a comment about Philo T Farnsworth inventing the TV and now we have Honey Boo Boo. Then the next line was something like, “What a jackass.” I may not have that write, but it concerned me that the line could have been misunderstood as calling the child on Honey Boo Boo a jackass (or whatever the word was) instead of being applied to Farnsworth (sarcastically). It made me very uncomfortable. She is a child. No matter how much the rest of the country hates the way she’s being raised, it’s NOT OK to make fun of her.

  35. horsenbuggy says:

    Also, WHY DOESN’T COMMUNITY GET MORE RESPECT?!?!?! I think it’s the most brilliant comedy on TV. In years. And for years to come.

  36. Jessica says:

    If the Modern Family showrunner wanted time to thank everyone, he shouldn’t have started that pompous and overwrought space shuttle anecdote. It was dumb and eyeroll worthy, and it felt schmaltzy and insincere, especially following the jokes about how he directed so he could win. If he was grateful, he would get right to the thank yous.

  37. Gail Moore says:

    I loved Seth MacFarlane’s bit. Was way funnier than most things. And while I shifted between shows because I got bored with Kimmel. It pretty much made me conclude that neither Letterman nor Leno have much to worry about. Overall from the bits I saw it wasn’t one of my favorite Emmys. Thus the reason I kept watching other shows.

  38. L says:

    The new gown color of the night was chartreuse and it was hideous.

  39. sheri says:

    BOO to ABC for not providing any clips of the funny moments! C’mon, stick a commercial in front of each one, I don’t mind. I want to see the Modern Family skit! If you think that by not providing any clips, you’re going to force me to watch the whole tedious three hours next year, you’re wrong.

  40. This says:

    I’m really happy for Homeland and actors but devastated that Sherlock didn’t win a single thing. Lbr Kevin Costner won lead actor miniseries because he’s Kevin Costner and Game Change won cause it was HBO and oh so current. A Scandal in Belgravia was fantastic–the best possible episode to submit on all fronts, except maybe for Martin Freeman, I think Reichenbach gave him more of a chance to blow us away. Really bummed, they were up for 13 awards, got none, but imho deserved all of them.

  41. Sarabi says:

    I agree with all the best moments!

  42. Katrine says:

    All my favorite moments from the last three emmys are made by Amy Poehler. She is amazingly funny. It’s ironic that she gets no recognition.

  43. Alice says:

    How about Sherlock and Downton Abbey not getting more love. Just because they are British shows and PBS sometimes screws up editing and showing them, doesn’t mean they aren’t quality TV. I would much rather watch an episode of Sherlock than half the crap that got awarded last night. Maybe the Emmy’s should consider a boost in quality and taste before giving awards to formulaic, predictable, and ultimately boring choices.

  44. MonCherie says:

    I couldn’t believe that a) Jon Cryer even won! Since Charlie left, he’s whiny, always scamming money and constantly referring to jacking off. But I REALLY couldn’t believe that while he was thanking everyone that he didn’t thank Charlie Sheen-he MADE Jon Cryer’s comeback! He was known for “Duckie” how many years ago?
    Add more insult, he didn’t thank Ashton either!
    Personally, I don’t watch Two and a Half Men now. I enjoy the old re-runs of when Charlie was in it, then it was comedy. Now it’s just desperation.

    Big Bang Theory should have won-everyone I know of watches it and there are tons of great reviews out there.

    Normally I like Jon Stewart but he was being ridiculous.

  45. Terry says:

    The whole Breaking Bad/Andy Griffith Show skit was in very bad taste being shown the year Andy Griffith died. They could have easily picked another show to parody.

  46. Dee Kottkamp says:

    Jimmy Kimmel’s In Memoriam to himself was unfunny and self indulgent. Unfunny being the biggest crime. Couldn’t he have made another video like Ben Affleck? That was funny. I kept thinking why didn’t they pick Jimmy Fallon to host again or maybe Craig Ferguson

  47. Line says:

    Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler and Jon Hamm not winning