Army Wives Is Renewed -- But Who Will Return?

Lifetime has renewed Army Wives for Season 7, the network announced on Friday — not two weeks after the drama’s sixth season came to a close. Which Wives will return, though, is at this moment up in the air.

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Army Wives is a very special program,” Lifetime EVP Rob Sharenow said in touting the pick-up. “It’s rare to find a series that connects with viewers and resonates so powerfully after six straight seasons, and we couldn’t be prouder to have it return to Lifetime next year.”

Season 7’s 13 episodes will air sometime in 2013.

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The ultimate fate of the series seemed in limbo throughout Season 6, though Lifetime consistently and firmly maintained that the Sept. 9 episode was but a season finale. That said, exactly who from the series cast will return for Season 7 has not been detailed, and is not expected to be announced until closer to the start of production. Instead, the renewal press release conspicuously states, “The series’ sixth season starred Kim Delaney, Sally Pressman…,” etcetera. [Our emphasis added.]

UPDATE: Our sister site Deadline confirms that only Catherine Bell and Kelli Williams currently have deals for Season 7, while Kim Delaney is not likely to return.

Which of the Wives do you hope or expect to see back, given the big moves being made in the finale as well as the tragic twist that seemed to cap the hour?

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  1. MJ says:

    Ok…Lifetime. What about Drop Dead Diva?

    • Carolyn says:

      If the old Jane is in the Judge’s body, I’m not going to watch it

    • whittnie says:


      • Hope says:

        Does anyone know which season Claudia Joy died? I have watched the entire series on Netflix up until it looked like there was a tradedy with the army aircraft and General Holden got the phone call. Then the series ended on Netflix in 2012 sometime and I was hoping to get the rest of it.

      • Pop star says:

        I want all old charecters mixed with new the only one I super wish would stop is Michel and his mistress that his daughter don’t know about it. I think she should know because her mom/wife just passed away. I want Clauda Joy back so much. She was the glue. Reply if you think I’m right.

    • Chi says:

      I just love Drop Dead Diva! Jane just makes a stand for large Women and how they can be Beautiful too!!!

  2. KB says:

    The woman who plays Denise has a contract through season 7…

    • Her name is Catherine Bell ;)

      • Rolanda K. Jones says:

        Kim Delaney is Claudia Joy…Catherine Bell is Denise.

        • Rolanda says:

          I really hate al, that Denise has had to encounter throughout the series. It’s time to close it out. As a former soldier and an Army wife….the story lines are a bit far fetched, but only so much of actual Army life can be displayed. Also as far as friends between ranks, when my husband was an E-1, my 1st friends were an E-7’s wife, a Cpt, and a Majors wife….no they were not generals, but they were officers and officers wives…,friendships across ranks happens.

        • Barb F. says:

          Kim delay started the series as the main character she needs To come back she is the rock of the show love her

    • bw says:

      We have watched Catherine Bell from the time she was starring in JAG. She makes Army Wives happen, even though we all know that that the army really does not work as is shown on the program. Denise, Roxie and Pamela were the biggest stars at the beginning and I would like to see them bring Pamela back into the program.

      • tina says:

        I would also love to see you bring Pamela back into the picture I always look forward to watching army wives it is my favorite show on the air today I will devastated if it is ever taken off the air. I totally love the story line and all of the characters .

    • Marcia Woodbury says:

      I sure hope this comes back. It is my favorite show.

  3. Jennifer Essad says:

    I think the opportunity is there to re-think some of the story lines, I was not a faithful watcher the last couple of seasons due to them getting way off track, my best friend is an Army brat and married an Army man herself, we talked often about the stories and they were far fetched at times regarding the relationships between the ranks. Please be considerate of our intelligence this year!

    • mary says:

      I have a son that was in the marine corp. and his best friends on his off time with his wife, was a major and he was a lance corporal. It truly happened and they are still friends today even though he is out. In the marines you have a family for life no matter what rank u were. Mary.

  4. bkwrm says:

    As long as Roxie is back, I’m there. I didn’t miss Claudia Joy at all.

    • Julia says:

      I hope Roxy and Trevor be back as well.

      • Nikki says:

        EXCLUSIVE: Army Wives star Sally Pressman is moving on from the Lifetime drama series after its upcoming sixth season. Pressman has signed a talent holding deal with NBC. Under the pact, the broadcast network will cast the actress in a project it has in development for next fall or have her join an on-air series. Like the rest of the Army Wives cast, Pressman is set to return to the set of the series next month to begin filming the sixth season. But the lead actresses have no deals beyond Season 6, and there have not been any overtures yet from the network or producing studio ABC Studios, making the women available to take other series regular jobs. Fellow Army Wives star Catherine Bell last month signed on to headline the TNT movie Good Morning, Killer which is being eyed as potential backdoor pilot, so Bell has a series option behind it while also exploring possibilities on the broadcast side, where she made her mark as the star of CBS’ JAG. Lifetime has not announced its plans for Army Wives Read More »

    • Sue says:

      I don’t miss Claudia Joy, either but I really want Michael (Brian McNamara) to come back. He’s essentially the reason I watched the show in the first place.

    • Peggy says:

      I don’t care about Claudia Joy, but I want Roxie and Trevor. Also Pamela.

  5. I think Roxie and Trevor should come back.

    • Emma says:

      Roxy Trevor and the boys should definitely come back. I know a lot of people that say they will stop watching if they don’t come back.

      • Sarah Carey says:

        Yes I think it would be fun to watch the twins grow up from season 7. I don’t know of Claudia joy is essential. I think it will bring a twist to the plot by having one of the wives die instead of the soldier. As long as Denise doesn’t leave I’ll keep watching. She went through so much and it was so suspenseful to watch her season 3 when her and frank were having problems. Catherine bell is a great actress and I think she holds the show together.

  6. Linda says:

    It would be nice if Claudia Joy is around at least a little bit. Roxie definitely needs to come back and I’d love it if they could bring Pamela back. Well heck, I just want all the Army Wives and Roland of course back.

  7. heyang says:

    I’m guessing that the newer wives (i.e. Gloria, the other colonel’s wife/Sophie’s mother) and Catherine Bell’s character will be back. As much as I love Roxy and Trevor, he’d basically have to give up his new job to go back to Ft Marshall and I’d rather they live happily ever after off screen vs Trevor dying and Roxy coming back to the hump bar.

  8. CONNIE says:

    Roxy and Trevor are gone, Claudia joy has been written out basicly. So that leaves us Denise, Roland,Gloria and Mrs.clark. The plane blew up, but don’t know which one, there were 3 planes, but you had to look real close to see all 3. So who knows about Joan,Frank,Hector and the sgt. oo or the capt who has left her wife to adopt Hector”s baby. The 7th season is whacked already. Pam and Roxy both are gone.Claudia Joy is up in the air as to where and when she will come back.

    • BrianR says:

      The plane may have blown up, crashed, or had a hard landing so we don’t know. I agree that Roxie is gone leaving Denise, Roland, Gloria, and Mrs. Clark. I do not know Kim Delany’s status but she might come on a couple times.

    • heather says:

      i dont think anything happened to the plane that would be too obvious i think something happened to claudia joy and thats why she is written off

  9. Maureen says:

    I hope that Roxie, Denise, and Gloria are back for sure. Roland I like too as I do Joan. It took a while but I did warm up some to the character player by Kelli Williams. Honestly didn’t really miss Claudia Joy but I do like Michael and Trevor. Not a big fan of Frank.

  10. Dennis says:

    Roxy and Trevor are out due to Sally Pressman’s holding deal with NBC. Catherine Bell has a talent deal too, but with ABC, which owns Lifetime, so she could/should be back. Kim Delaney — who was only unavailable for the last half of Season 6 because she was off shooting a movie — has no contractual commitments preventing her from returning, but she’s pricey, and Kelli Williams could easily slide into her position as the “top” wife. The actors who play Roland, Joan, Hector and Gloria are inexpensive and will re-sign..

  11. Robet swanson says:

    How about all three planes land safely, BUT that phone call was about Claudia Joy dying?

    • Jenn says:

      That’s my thought too. The plane crash is too obvious and they mentioned Claudia Joy several times in that season finale then ended with Michael on the phone. An easy way to write her out, and keep the rest of the ones in the planes to be able to continue storylines with a good chunk of the cast. I sadly don’t see the LeBlanc’s being back in much capacity at all other than maybe the first episode “via phone” or something. The Moran’s are gone. If they kill off those in the plane then that just leaves the “wives”, Michael, Roland and Gen. Clark to drive storyline for 13 episodes.

      I am so happy that it was renewed though. It’s definitely one of my favorite shows on tv! A never miss!

  12. Robin says:

    I am so SO SO happy to hear about this renewal! Thoughts of certain people not returning do not even cloud my happiness right now!

    • Kristi says:

      I would have to agree with you!! I love this show and have watched it for all 6 seasons. So happy they are bringing it back. And I think they need to leave Trevor and Roxie at the new base and bring in some new faces. That is the military life – people only stay at a base for a few years before getting orders to move on. But I am excited for season 7!

    • mary says:

      I agree. Let’s just get this show going and quit talking about it . Mary.

  13. If Roxy does not back then I will not come back, I’m sorry but my two reasons for watching the show was because of Roxy & Pamela and either or arent on the show anymore so unless one of them come back or both, I will be done, I never liked Denise and CJ was ok to me at times, I do like Gloria but she isnt that great to bring me back.

  14. So glad it’s coming back, but I will miss Roxy and Claudia Joy!

  15. Justathought says:

    I believe Kim Delaney will not be back if for no other reason than she became a pr nightmare with her personal issues being front and center at a dinner honoring military families. Not a great way to represent a military setting television show regardless of how accurate it is to real life.

  16. Jerri says:

    I don’t think the plane crashed. The phone call Michael received is him getting news that Claudia Joy died. Which is why Delaney won’t be back next season. That’s my theory anyway.

  17. Diann Smith says:

    Roger that! Whirling and twirling in happiness.

  18. Phlossy says:

    Sally Pressman is going onto NBC…Kim Delaney (according to multiple sites) is in recovery from a relapse :( which is why she hasn’t been on …God Bless her & her family! This doesn’t mean she won’t be back next season. But all the others could be back unless they’ve been approached by other networks. But on real Army posts families move every 3 years or less…so I’m really surprised the “Core” group has lasted this long. Great show though!! Although 13 eppys doesn’t seem long…

  19. I am so glad there coming back, but, since roxy is not coming back, we need someone like her, to play her part, the good looking southern lady!!! or maybe gloria getting married and running the hump bar !!!

  20. Rita Donovan says:

    I am excited about ARMY WIVES coming back in 2013!!! I was thinking it would be pretty cool if they did something totally random and hook up Gloria and that one military guy who got disfigured in afghanastan…..they were in a episode together this past yr!! I think it would be an awesome inspirational storyline to bring Gloria back into the military life and share a storyline which so often reflects real military life………spouses that come back injured from combat and what goes on during the post combat journey!!!!

  21. nity says:

    I want every single one to come back… Claudia Joy, Denise, Micheal, Frank, Roland, Joan, Roxy, Trevor, Pamela, Chase, Jackie, Kevin, Hector, Gloria, Nicole, David, TJ, Finn, Sara, Molly, and Emalin.
    If everything change… Just cancel season 7…
    Just don’t kill them in a plane crash…

    • Cheryl says:

      You have a really good .point! I have been thinking all this time that it was automatically about the planes….forgot all about CJ! I hope she is ok. I really like her and she has always been the voice of reason on the show. I just want them all back! Come on Season 7!!!!!’

    • Cheryl says:


  22. Me says:

    For the person who said the incident with Kim Delaney happened years ago…it happened late last year. But I do hope she can get her act together and come back for what will likely be the final season. I really enjoy the show and will miss it when it’s gone.


  24. romaine says:

    bring them all back please – they made the show a success – esp if this is the last one…..come one lets give the ladies credit – what ever the issue im sure it can be worked out – so please bring them all back and end it off well. how about an army wives movie?

  25. Mandy says:

    I think all of them should come back!! I like all of them!!

  26. Ditto,

    They all need to return. this is not fair. i look forward to Army wives each time they come on and my husband has TVO it so he does not miss anything.

  27. Rebecca says:

    Please bring them all back–love this show.


  29. ANIE says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK LOVE THE SHOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Ellie says:

    The show went very far downhill when when they took the drama to a bit of an overkill. Anyway nearly all of the original cast has left and its just isn’t the same show anymore. I mean i always knew people would leave and be replaced but they just messed up the transition.

  31. I am extremely happy about the return of Army Wife’s. I really am going to miss Roxy and Trevor, but it was Sally’s choice to leave. I will continue to watch Army Wife’s because of Catherine Bell and Frank who are my favorite characters. The only thing I hope doesn’t happen is that they make the plane crash and we lose a lot of our other favorite characters that were on the plane when it left. Best wishes to all those who return and good luck to those who have moved on.

  32. Emma says:

    Im pissed that Sally and Kim are leaving! I kind of expected that Kim Delaney would leave, but Roxy is my favorite character!! First Pamela, then Claudia Joy, now Roxy??? This is so unfair! So what their saying is that their still not sure Sally is leaving for good??? I’m really upset that the Army Wives family is falling apart! It’s like their replacing Jackie for Claudia Joy and Gloria for Pamela! Sorry of this rant was annoying and long…I love this show but let’s face it’s changed too much! Not only with the characters either. “Army Wives” use to stand for family and friendship…. I don’t know what it stands for anymore.

  33. Jeana says:

    I would like to see all the army wives return including Pamela.They all had such a bond in one way or the other. I dont’s know of any of the wives I would not want to be back. I just love the show. It also give’s such an appreciation for the military and their families in general and what they go through as well as good friendships. “Thani you for bringing it back..hope it’s around for another 6 season’s”,,,,,,,,,,,,,,;)

  34. I hope all the characters return. But Denise Frank.Michael.Joan Roland. Gloria.. Roxie.. Trevor .Pam .Chase come back.

  35. Sarah says:

    I too like all the characters however Joan and Roxy are my favorites. Joan because she is truly ‘military’. She’s the female version of Frank. Roxy because she is Roxy. Sharp and street smart. I haven’t made up my mind on Gloria yet.

    I do believe Frank is on the phone learning about CJs death. Only an idiot writer would have that plane crash and lose so many characters. Remember the show is about army wives so if any of the military characters die, out goes the spouse. No one would be left….

  36. Emma Jane says:

    I don’t care who comes back as long as Trevor, Roxy, and their 4 boys come back thats all I care about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Traci says:

    I would love for Roxy and Trevor to come back so we can see the boys grow up. Would also love to see everyone else come back too but don’t really like Hector, he brought back way to many memories with the way he acted about my ex-husband. Can’t wait for the new season to start!!!!

  38. Anne Riojas says:

    I think that the plane(s) do not crash, but that the phone call is about CJ dying. Moving on, I would like to see the army base that Roxie and Trevor are sent to, and also the area that Pamela and Chase are in, to show what is happening with them and then continue with the new people added to the cast in Georgia. I think it would give a good over view and closure to a lot of questions. I’m just happy that the show is coming back. Anne in UCCA

  39. MARCI says:


    • Donnie says:

      well i seen the new episode of amy wives, it was very fitting and well written
      but if your new to the show, it made no since,
      i am really interested to see how bad the rating ratings are going to be when people notice the old reliable people gone,
      what i am guessing army wives id going to turn out being like the housewives shows,
      that will ruin the whole thing.

  40. BO says:

    I feel that the show army wives has made to many changes with the cast. I also feel that this may be the last season for the show. It was a very good show, but I really can’t say that at this time.

  41. TSA says:

    I missed a few of last season and didn’t see the first few of Season 7 b/c I didn’t think it was coming back. But watched it this past Sunday. Not happy with those that are gone. I liked DeLaney (CJ) and hate that they killed her off. And that they had her being sick all the time in the last couple of seasons. I hate what they did with her in the show. I love Roxy and Trevor. I was okay with Pamela but could take or leave her. I love Denise but don’t care for Frank. He seems to rough. Joan and Roland are okay too. Don’t know that I will continue to watch now though. To many of my favorites are gone now. I know in army life there are always changes but watching new folks come in and try to fill those old shoes is a bit much for some of them when you’ve been so turned in for so many seasons to your old favorites. Good luck Army Wifes!!

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