Glee Recap: Britney, Baby, One More Time

glee rachel oopsJust because Glee dipped into the Britney Spears songbook for the second time in its four-season history doesn’t mean Fox’s (partial) high school musical is out of fresh ideas. (SPOILERS ahead, so stop reading if you haven’t seen this week’s episode.)

Indeed, “Britney 2.0” found Rachel channeling her inner sex kitten (while still finding time to whip up an oversized serving of foot-in-mouth stew), Brittany grappling with loneliness (and her catastrophic academic record), and Mr. Schuester huffing and puffing that New Directions might come under fire from the National Show Choir Board of Review. (Insert eye roll here.)

Okay, okay, so Schue’s persnickety brand of self-righteousness is familiar territory, but two out of three’s not too shabby, right?

Anyhow, if you were too busy hanging with Lord Tubbington and his new gang, here’s what you missed on Glee.

* Sue ousted Brittany from the Cheerios because of her pitiful grades (apparently drawing a “crayonscape” of Happyville, the town where math was never invented, wasn’t the right way to go on her algebra test). The subsequent ban on her rocking a high pony, along with a lack of attention from college-set girlfriend Santana, sent Brittany into a tailspin than included binge eating, a violent assault on Jacob Ben Israel using an umbrella (he was kinda asking for it), and eventually, an unsuccessful attempt to lip sync a New Directions performance at the fall assembly. While fellow dim blonde Sam eventually offered a little understanding — and possibly a romantic rival who might draw Santana’s wrath? — and helped Brittany recover from “rock bottom,” the girl who can’t tell the difference between George Washington and Glenn Close (a truly amazing sight gag) ended the episode with a case of melancholy, staring glumly aT an instant-message program that found Santana “unavailable.” It was a sad end to an episode that contained dozens of Brittany-centric laughs, not the least of which was “Kiki,” the smart older cousin of Siri that lived inside the super-cheap phone Brit found at the laundromat. (Here’s hoping Kiki becomes a recurring presence in Brittany’s life throughout the season, yes?) (Also priceless: Sam’s map with the misspelled message “meet me hear.” I know Brittana fans don’t want to hear it, but from an intellectual perspective, Sam and Brittany were kinda made for each other, no?)

* Cassandra July continued to torment Rachel in Dance 101, calling her “awkward and tentative” in her body. This prompted our plucky heroine to enlist new crush Brody and some of her classmates to put on a piping-hot performance of “Oops!…I Did It Again.” When the wretched dance instructor responded by telling Rachel she was best-qualified for roles like Maria von Trapp, Willy Loman and Shrek, Rachel exploded, telling Ms. July that she’s nasty to her students because “we’re the future, and you’re just some YouTube joke!” (“Crazy July” it seems, fell from Broadway grace a decade ago after attacking a cellphone user in the middle of a performance. We won’t quibble that YouTube didn’t launch till 2005.) Due to school policy, Rachel was allowed to return to Dance 101, but was forced to hand-wash the class’s dance belts as punishment. (As if!) And so the torment will continue?

* On a personal front, Rachel went and painted the exposed brick wall of hers and Kurt’s $1,800-a-month apartment in Bushwick, with a giant heart and the name Finn. (I hate to see what her landlord will charge her for that act of “redecorating.”) But by episode’s end, she’d painted over the romantic installation, possibly because the persistent Brody had shown up at her dance class, and then at her apartment bearing gifts of orchids and promises that he’d always be thinking about kissing her. The real question, though, is whether there was foreshadowing in Cassie’s passing comment about Brody’s continued interest in “ingénues.” If this isn’t the dude’s first time trolling the freshman dorms for naive love interests, one has to wonder about his intentions, no? Still, I applaud the Glee writing staff for at least temporarily ignoring the brickbat-wielding mobs chanting “Finchel!” and exploring the realistic story of a young woman exploring her options in a new city and a new life — even if she ends up making bad mistakes along the way. One burning question though: Would Kurt so readily make himself scarce to give Rachel and Brody their space, when it might lead to his BFF breaking his stepbrother’s heart? It’s possible, but I’d have liked a little more clarity on the matter.

* Meanwhile, back at McKinley, Marley continued making googly eyes at Jake, he invited her to hang out by the bleachers, and she said “heck yeah” despite his rep as a womanizer. A kiss almost happened, but Marley dodged it at the last second, opting to let Jake chivalrously loan her his jacket to ward off an autumn chill. Mr. Schue then brought Jake’s estranged half-brother, Noah, all the way from California for what amounted to a 60-second pep talk in the McKinley choir room with a basic message of “join glee club; it’ll change your life.” (Wait, so these guys meet for the very first time, and all they discuss is whether or not to join New Directions?) Noah did have “a date with a chick who was third runner-up on The Bachelor,” though, so I guess you can’t blame him for not sticking around. Still, who paid for that plane ticket? The episode closed with Jake agreeing to attend practice in the choir room, Marley thinking it might be a sign of a brewing romance, and then Kitty revealing that, nope, it was too late: She’s Jake’s new girlfriend. Love triangle instated!

And now, let’s get to grading this week’s musical performances:

* Brittany and the Cheerios, “Hold It Against Me” | B- (might’ve been an A- had it not been for the aggressively fast editing that made it impossible to appreciate the actual choreography)

* Blaine and Artie, “Boys”/”Boyfriend” | B

* Unique and Tina, “Womanizer” | B+

* Sam, Tina and Joe, “3” | C (this just felt like a time-filler with no connection to the episode; also, I really think this might be Britney’s worst single ever)

* Marley and Jake, “(You Drive Me) Crazy”/”Crazy” | A- (clever, clever mashup)

* Rachel, “Oops!…I Did It Again” | A- (Anyone think for a moment that Rachel might throw in the rap from Paula Abdul’s “Cold Hearted”? A recapper can dream.)

* Brittany and New Directions, “Gimme More” | N/A (We do not grade lip synced performances, lest we come under scrutiny of the National TV Recappers Board of Review)

* Marley, “Everytime” | B

And with that, let me turn things over to you: What did you think of “Britney 2.0”? What was your favorite musical number? Take our poll below, then hit the comments with your thoughts!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Katie says:

    am i the only one who is rooting for brody?

    • Amy says:

      Nope I am rooting for him too. I think he is good for Rachel.

    • Debra says:

      I think he is a creepy stalker but hey to each his own.

      • nel says:

        I agree, he comes off as creepy.

      • Holly says:

        Agreed. Stalker! Shows up at her apartment unexpected. Shows up at her dance class unexpected. And from what Cassandra says, he does this often. He “likes the young ingenues.”

        • Tess says:

          He didn’t show up at the dance class unexpected – Rachel asked him to dance with her during her “show Cassie I can be sexy” number. He said he wouldn’t at first because Cassie hates that but then decided he would do it just to annoy her (and score some points with Rachel).

          I’m not quite getting why he’s so into Rachel already (it’s not like she’s all that and he could surely do better) but I do like him more than MIA Finn.

          • Ashleytv says:

            Yes, he did. Later on during the final performance by Marley, when it was showing scenes with Rachel doing the tango, he was standing outside her classroom watching.

          • Sasha says:

            @ Ashelytv

            I know right….I mean yeah i understand new love interests and what not but he comes off as a stalker when he has that weird smile on his face.

            Doesn’t he have classes…friends…something else to do than show up a girl’s class and stare at her

      • Bryn says:

        He seemed really weird and pushed way too hard. Creepy guy is creepy!

      • Candy says:

        And Finn was a cheating pin head. We all have our flaws, Debra.

        • Debra says:

          Are we watching the same show? When did Finn ever cheat on Rachel?

        • Sarah says:

          You tell ’em Candy!

          • vrn says:

            I agree that brody is creepy, and that coment of Cassie`s mm… I want Rachel happy and for that she needs Finn so…. I want Finn back now

        • Erin says:

          And Rachel’s an abusive bitch. Except that’s not a flaw. That’s something that makes her a horrible person who doesn’t deserves people in her life.

        • jaz says:

          if we’re being anal about things, who in glee has not been a cheater? both rachel and finn have done things that can be considered cheating. on the other hand, the discussion was about this brody guy being a creep, and I agree, he did behave like a creep. and finn has and never will be a creep, because his intentions with rachel will always be pure. this new guy? i doubt it.

      • Jenna says:

        Yeah, I thought he was creepy, too. And I think his sudden interest in Rachel is completely unrealistic.

        It doesn’t help that Dean Geyer is a weak actor.

      • Jess says:

        yea i’m with this side. And I agree about the Kurt thing! Why would he want Rachel get a new guy? I’d think his loyalties would lie with Finn

    • Melissa says:

      No. I’m right there with you. Gotta give the newbies a chance, and I’m loving them (with the exception of Kitty. No thanks).

    • Lilly says:

      Wow great to know you have no respect for Rachel just like Brody. Trying to kiss a girl who has told you that she has a boyfriend in the army who she still loves and won’t turn her back on? Telling her one minute that you won’t try to cross her boundaries but then the next saying you’ll be thinking about kissing her whenever you’re together? You’re rooting for that? You have excellent taste. You probably enjoy getting stalked, too, huh?

      • Megan says:

        You should probably relax. It’s someone that you do not know’s opinion on the fictional relationships of fictional characters. They’re not arranging your marriage.

      • Melanie says:

        It concerns me when people get so invested in fictional characters. Almost like you think they are real people.

      • Kay says:

        I agree with you. I think he needs to step back and allow her time to get over Finn before trying to take Finn’s place in her heart. I just wonder if he will turn out to be controlling and abusive. You never know with these guys. They can seem all sweet and wonderful at first, but then the real truth comes out. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with this.

      • Jo March says:

        Gosh, chill out! This is a freakin’ tv show. Why do people like you have to take comments to an exagerrated (low) level.

    • Candy says:

      I like Brody. I mean I loved Finchel, but I’m willing to givw Brody his fair shake.

    • Different Amy says:

      I wouldn’t say I’m rooting for him, but I’m not opposed to him.

    • Bobbie says:

      You like Brody, fine. I’m sure you’re not the only one. But I miss Finn like crazy.

    • LC says:

      NO! Rachel needs to forget Finn immediately!

    • Kristy says:

      Nope. I am too. There comes a time where Finchel is in fact, not the be all, end all. I much prefer their dynamic anyways. Finchel fans can be so agressive sometimes.

    • Brachel4TheWin! says:

      Nope, not at all, KAtie! Same here. He is way more mature, more talented, a much better fit in a lot more ways than Finn. Brachel for the win! Brachel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Jay says:

        Brochel or Brachel hmmm. Both work. And god, Finchel, definitely not looking forward to them pining over each other and pulling and twisting ugh, ready for Rachel to be in a mature relationship already.

    • Katy says:

      I’m totally shipping Rachel/Brody not even sorry.

    • I love Rachel and Finn but I really like her with Brody too. Lea Michele is great at eliciting chemistry with people.

      • LilAngel says:

        absolutely ;-) . Brochel is cute and it’s a nice change. We can have Finchel later anyway

        • vrn says:

          but why we cant watch Rachel single for a while? i think is better, watching Rachel alone and growing up like Lea said… not jumping on another relationship with a guy who is just…weird…. I want to see Rachel alone with kurt please.

      • caryle says:

        unfortunately, despite lea michele’s ability to have chemistry even with inanimate objects, she could not elicit an iota of spark between rachel and this brody guy in their scenes; i guess we know where shortcomings may lie; just saying

    • Para says:

      All I know is that I had a feeling Glee is going to end after season 4, like ugly betty did. But I will keep on watching until the show gets canceled..
      Here is something to whine about.. Marley seems to be the female lead now and she doesnt have lea’s chrisma or diana’s prettiness or santana’s hotness n bitchness,. and jake seemed to be the male lead…while he doesn’t have Cory’s innocence or Mark’s bad assness or Darren’s coolness m Chris’ uniqueness… dont like that!!!!! why cant they all graduate together last season and then all start a small production company in new york while keeping interning for vogue/studying in imaginary school/and go to acting school /pool clean(there’s pools in manhattan, right?right?lol)…..

    • Kris says:

      GO BRODY!!!

    • Lucy says:

      Not at all…rachel and brody look good together and I’m looking forward to their duet next week

    • Alex says:

      I like him, he seems nice. And him and Rachel could be really hot, can’t wait for their number next week.

      • Danni says:

        Hate brody. Comes off really bad, after knowing how she feels about Finn and saying/doing what he did, yeah he’s a real nice guy lol. I’m all for giving the new guys a chance but after two episodes he is the only new character that I’m not liking at all. Not just the obvious reason that he’s just a pointless finchel stall, but because his acting skills aren’t to par with lea or any of the newbies for that matter. Abs don’t get you everywhere!!!

        • Jay says:

          Um, Finn kissed Quinn even though he knew she was with Sam and didn’t care at all so Finn fans calling Brody a jerk for trying to kiss Rachel is hilarious. Just, wow. The only people on this show who haven’t kissed others while in a relationship or while they were in a relationship are Blaine and Kurt (and Artie), nobody else is innocent.

          • Julie says:

            Actually, in the Super Bowl Episode Quinn kissed FINN in the hallway, when she was dating Sam. As Rachel told her in Rumours, Quinn is a “cheating cheater who cheats.”

            After that, they BOTH were wrong, but the first kiss was definitely Quinn instigating it while she was still dating.

        • LilAngel says:

          so what? In real life, people try to kiss when they want to kiss. It’s the person who is in a relationship who must stop de the kiss and that’s what Rachel did.

    • Lindsey says:

      I like him too and might be a great rebound for Rachel but we all know somehow someway Rachel and Finn will get back together.

    • Mike says:

      I don’t like Brody and I really don’t see a longterm future for him on the show. He has nothing going for him but a creepy obsession with Rachel.

    • Lauren says:

      I’m with you. Brody’s hot.

      • vrn says:

        and just because Brody is hot he and Rachel should be together? wow I hope he is not a serial killer because we dont know nothing about him so…. but you know, he is hot so is a good man for Rachel for sure… lol no.

    • jari says:

      Brachel all the way. :D

    • Randi says:

      I really like Brody! To me, Finn always seemed insecure and would bring out Rachel’s insecurities. With just two episodes, I think Brody has given her this new confidence. Attention from a VERY attractive upperclassmen who has been in her shoes and encourages her to get out of her comfort zone can do a girl some good. I think she should say goodbye to Finn- at least for now if not permanently.

    • mary poppins says:

      yes, you are; finchel forever

    • Gabriel says:

      No ur not! :) Me too! Finn MUST GO.

  2. Lilly says:

    3 was, hands down, the best performance of the night.

    Also can Brody step back? He’s reaching stalker status plus trying to kiss a girl you KNOW is still in love with her boyfriend, who is vulnerable and lonely without him, is you being a douchebag. That’s not honorable at all, Dean Geyer. Add in the fact that he tells her one second he won’t try to cross her boundaries but then tells her every time they spend time together he’ll be thinking about kissing her? Yeah way to shatter those boundaries.

    Can’t wait to see what Cassandra meant when she hinted at this not being Brody’s first time trying to get with a “young ingenue”. I knew the guy was slimy.

    • Para says:

      Also Alex’s gotta go!!!!! I’m Not offended by a guy plays a guy who dress like a cafeteria lady, he’s just too green you know…. like he’s trying wayyyyyy too hard,looking at him doesnt feel like looking at a character like Rachel or Kurt or Blaine, it’s like looking at Alex being Alex and it is really not plausible….., He’s very stiff and very….. still that word.. green……

      P.S Glee season 2’s tribute or gueststar(and of course the music) fits so well with the storyline,(for example the rummors episode(still my second favorite right behind the promo episode) )
      I hope in the future the music would serve better with the story, afterall we not just tuning in to see their cover songs(which is brilliant btw), we are tuning in to see love, dreams, and heartbreaks…

    • Alice says:

      I thought ‘3’ was great as well. I’m surprised the recapper gave it a ‘C’. Lyrically the song is quite terrible (Peter, Paul, and Mary, really?) and it was a bit incongruous to have those three characters singing a song about a threesome, but the arrangement and the vocals were fantastic.

      • the girl says:

        Alice, I completely agree. The arrangement and vocals were gorgeous on 3. The song itself isn’t the best, but they really elevated the material.

    • Kay says:

      At this point I already suspend reason about on how they chose song on Glee. Having said that I suspended the logic part on “how does this lyrics fit into the storyline” and just listened to what I consider the best song in the episode.

  3. Holly says:

    I loved 3 and Drive you crazy. i gotta say that Brody came off pretty creepy tonight. I hope he has a history of preying on the young freshman b/c that would be way more interesting than his blande character now. #watchoutRachel

  4. Erin says:

    How about none of the above? So bored through all this episode.

  5. Amy says:

    The best parts of the show now take place in NYC. Rachel, Kurt, Cassie July, Brody, and now SJP working at Vogue, with Finn to reappear after a few more episodes – more of this location please!

    • Alex says:

      I love Brittany and Blaine and Sam but I can’t take Puckleberry 2.0 being pushed as the new Finchel and it’s gonna be even less fun when Finn 2.0 enters the picture ugh ugh would rather be watching a show all about NY tbh.

      • Haley says:

        Exactly. Looking back on this episode I was like “well that was pretty lame. Oh, except for those parts in New York, they were good!” And when Kitty walks all up and is like “I’m Jake’s boyfriend” I could have sworn I was having season 1 flashbacks.

        • the girl says:

          I have never seen Season 1, but having heard so much about it, as soon as Kitty announced the relationship it reminded me of the Rachel-Puck-Quinn-Finn love square. They may think they are setting up something totally different because its a Marley-Jacob-Kitty triangle, but there are so many similar elements.

    • JAO says:

      Yes! I’m liking the New York storyline more. The high school seems so empty and missing something. I want more.

    • Julie says:

      I agree. NY C is so interesting and fresh. I wish there was more time there with more supporting/recurring characters. Things at McKinley are so boring now. The new kids aren’t interesting to me like others, and the ones left from the original New Directions are the most boring.

      Too bad they could just make 2 30 minute shows — one original Glee, the other Rachel, Kurt, and (eventually) Finn in NYC. That would have been good. Then I could skip having to watch the rest of it.

      • Kay says:

        Give it time. We’ve only seen 2 episodes so far. I thought the first episode was really good. The second episode not as good but still entertaining. They (newbies) just haven’t been on the show long enough to hit their stride yet. Let’s be patient and give them time to develop the characters. I’m looking forward to episode 3 where Kurt starts his job at and we get introduced to Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker), and whatever the McKinley kids are up to. Then, of course, episode 4 “The Break Up” is coming too so that will be an emotional one for me. But I will continue to be a faithful viewer and hope that we get happy endings to all the couple drama eventually.

    • Kay says:

      ITA. I basically just watch for the NY parts. Looking forward to next episode with SJP and Kurt.

  6. Patrick says:

    I was completely in love with Marley and Jake last episode, but the bleachers scene was some of the worst acting in recent television history! I didn’t even cringe that hard while watching The Glee Project!

    • Different Amy says:

      Agreed. The dialogue was awful and the line-reading (especially the pacing) was awful. That’s part of the reason why I find the NYC scenes so much more compelling. The abilities of the “NYC” cast is far greater than that of the “Lima” folks.

    • Abby says:

      I couldn’t agree more. I really loved both characters in the last episode, but watching that scene was so painful. I was embarrassed for both of them. It’s seems like both of their acting skills took a nose dive in this episode.

  7. nel says:

    Loved Marley and Jake and their song but my fave number was 3. Love Tina getting solos!

    Other than that, I really miss Finn and I was happy to see a little bit of Santana.

    I want Finn back soon!!!!

    • Kay says:

      I liked Artie and Blaine’s duet (Boys/Boyfriend) I thought they did a really good job with that. All the way through it, though, I kept remembering how Darren Criss hurt his toe when Kevin ran over it with the wheelchair when they were rehearsing this song.

  8. Jess says:

    This episode sucked hard. I was SO bored the entire time. Love how New Directions basically has no story but just sings. Yawn. More interested in NYC this episode. And um.. that Marley girl has terrible eye control problems. Like… looking up and down too much. Her voice was good last week, but Everytime was SO terrible this week. WTF?

    • Severine says:

      I thought the New York part was dull even though I’m a big Lea fan. I don’t know, it was just so depressing.

    • Pepper says:

      Totall y agree. This episode was weak. Boring.

    • JR says:

      I agree I did not enjoy this episode. It was not as funny as promised, the acting was forced and the music was just ok. While I like the Rachel and Cassie July interaction, I’m surprised at how flat the NY scenes are. Maybe it will get better once Kurt’s storyline kicks in and Finn returns. (I agree with the reviewer that I found it very off putting that Kurt would leave Rachel alone with Brody, and please can Kurt stop being Rachel’s wise sage advisor and get back to S1 snarky sweet funny Kurt?). Mostly though I’m waiting for Finn to return because Glee just isn’t Glee without him.

  9. Finchel extremist says:


  10. Gabe says:

    Loved Jake and Marley and Lord Tubbington and thought the Blartie duet was cute! Brody seems a little strange to me now…..I hope they make him Rachel Berry’s first stalker! LOL I kinda missed Finn tonight….

  11. Cass says:

    I miss Finn. I miss Cory Monteith’s face on Glee.

  12. Jay says:

    I am a Finchel fan but I want to say this before the um…more enthusiastic ones…chime in.

    I happen to like Brody very much (he’s HAWT!!) and it’s mainly because while I do think Finn/Rachel are endgame, it’s more realistic to see them apart right now. I personally know high school sweethearts that broke up in college, dated other people (whom they honestly loved), and ultimately found their way back together. They got married two years ago when they were really ready AND they both admit the time apart made them appreciate each other & their love more. I think people need to chill out & give Rachel/Brody a chance. No one’s saying they’re forever but it’s not the apocalypse!!

  13. 23S says:

    Heather Morris for the win tonight. She killed it so hard tonight. Just a fantastic, hilarious job by her. From her one-liners, to her scenes with Santana, Sam and Sue(pretty much anyone with an “S” name) were just wonderfully done. I think it’ll be interesting to see what happens between her and Santana. How they weave Santana in, how they weave all the other graduating seniors not named Rachel or Kurt will be interesting.
    – I’m not really in love with Jake at all. I think Marley is sweet but she’s not Rachel because we still have Rachel on the show. Kitty is a horrible Quinn/Santana Season 1 mix. Really super stereotypical cheerleader. And the fact that Jake is now dating Kitty is absurd? Where did that come from? But other than that a decent job, and again Heather Morris blew it out the water.

    • courtney says:

      were we watching the same show? i thought heather morris was awful. she’s good in a very limited capacity, but devoting an entire episode to her character was a very poor decision.

    • chistosa says:

      Wow. I rarely disagree so emphatically but Heather Morris’s talents lie in dance, not acting. She is a mediocre actress at best and last night’s episode did not show her at her best. She is at her best when there are random hysterically funny one-liners that are non-sequitors. But she cannot carry an entire scene let alone an entire episode. Producers should keep her doing what she does best, dance and deliver the occasional deadpan one-liner.

      • Aren says:

        I absolutely and totally and formidablely agree!!!! I like Britanny in small doses-one liners as you’ve said. Heather Morris is a dancer trying to be the best at acting as she can. Ryan Murphy really likes her so he gives her this kind of opportunity. But when they do each scene falls flat. She mumbles so. She is the last character I see in a scene. I hope with the brouhaha over Spears and her management being livid that Glee took liberties with its content of the episode to mimic Spears during her low times and her troubles, will make Glee stay away from silly stuff and not copy some celebrity’s troubles and be inventive and original with their content. This is something they haven’t done for a long while. Being their own creative source and bring new and honest ideas to an episode. As of now they are renewing other characters with different backgrounds and names but still the same rehash of storylines and scenarios. To redo a Britany episode was a wash to me and absolutely deadpan. The humor was pointless because it was to mimic Spears. Glee isn’t Glee anymore as with this episode. The premiere was really good.

    • HAS says:

      I really like the character of Brittany and I think Heather did a pretty good job. I mean, I think it gets a little old playing dumb and there’s only so much you can do with that.

      About what was said in the recap though: I agree, I kind of like the Sam and Brittany thing. I thought Brittana was cute for a bit, but I always thought Santana was way too smart for her. Also, I just want to see Santana with someone else.

  14. Kelly says:

    Let’s just take a moment and realize that Kevin McHale and Darren Criss are adorable!
    I LOVED 3! It was seriously AMAZING, the mashup was perfect (Jacob Artist’s voice. oh my gosh, i just love him.), Oops! I did it Again proves Lea Michele can sing ANYTHING and it sounds fantastic. I love Britney Spears, Lea’s version was just a billion times better! Heather Morris’s numbers were good, Womanizer was cute, and Everytime was pretty.
    I am so happy Glee is back. This season is looking like their best yet.
    Finchel Forever, but I am definitely not opposed to Brody. Definitely curious to see how it all goes.

  15. 1,2,3.... says:

    “3” was my favorite performance with “Drives me Crazy/Crazy” being a close second. I really like the Sam/Brittany friendship. For the sake of some militant Brittanna shippers (and for Chord’s sake), I hope it NEVER evolves into anything more.

    • HAS says:

      I’m a Brittana fan, but I kind of hope it does! I want Santana to find another girl. It would be fun to see and I think Brittany is cute, but they’re writing her too dumb, especially for someone like Santana.

  16. Tina says:

    I love they planted the see that Brody might be stalkerish! LOL Watch out Rachel someone is always following you!

  17. brandon says:

    This was the best episode I’ve seen in a while, in my opinion. Britney’s entire story and one-liners had me cracking up. And the music was pretty great. Alex needs to go though.

  18. Bender says:

    finn sucked, he broke up with her when he could have went with her. rachael deserves someone thats just as hot as her.finnchel is dead.

    • Kath says:

      If he didn’t break up with her, Rachel would have stubbornly deferred going to NYADA. And if he had followed her to NYC without having a place there, their relationship wouldn’t have sustained and it would have ended badly. He actually did the right thing. Now, he just has to work harder to find his place in the world. And as Finn said, if Finn and Rachel are meant to be, they will get back again, wherever they may be.

    • charlie says:

      your comment only shows how immature you are and still lacks the deeper understanding of what real love is. if you cannot recognize the purity of finn’s love to rachel by what he did, then there’s nothing more to say except that i’m sorry for you and whoever you choose to fall in love with. there’s a lot to be learned about love from finchel that you choose to ignore because you let your prejudice and bias prevail.

      • Bender says:

        wow you put alot of thought into that. real love is sticking with someone through thick and thin and not running away. why am I immature? I call you immature. ive been married for 10 wonderful years. next time ask you immature high school educated elephant dung.

  19. Sarah says:

    Watching this episode just makes me miss the ‘old’ cast singing together in the choir room. Britney (s2) > Britney (s3).

    I miss Santana’s dirty/mean comments, Finn’s constipated look, Quinn’s crazy, Puck’s mohawk, Mercedes voice and sassiness, Mike’s dancing. Sigh.

    I know all of them will be back sometime during the season – I just miss what they were.

  20. JR says:

    Not as bad as S2 Night of Neglect but close.

  21. Jodee says:

    I’m not getting the stalker vibe at all but maybe. I like Brody. He is way sexayyy.

  22. Aren says:

    I thought it sucked bad. I don’t like Britany Spears anyway so the music was a total loss to me. None of the performances were any good. The editing was choppy and flitting around. I usually at least say the music was good. Heather can really dance. Puck almost beating up a police horse was “the” funny line in the whole episode. Thank you Puck. I’m sorry there is nothing positive to say about it. This was about as bad as season 2 Britany

  23. Angel says:

    Brody is the Creepiest thing on glee. Go away. And Finchelforever

  24. Kath says:

    The best part of this episode was Brittany and the dullest part was Rachel in NY. This is a sad statement coming from me, because I’m a great Lea fan and not really much of Heather Morris’s in the past.

    • Pepper says:

      I love Rachel and Hummelberry but to me both McKinley and NY were dull. I know there are alot of Britanny fans and glad she got featured here, but this was crap.

  25. Lisse says:

    Rachel can get with Brody. It’s ok girl, I understand. BUT BRING BACK MY FINN AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I cannot go another episode without Finn. I miss Cory’s presence sooo much.

  26. Really liked the episode. Not nearly as good as last week but that was probably my favourite episode of Glee ever so it was a tough act to follow. I feel like this was their do-over. They got to prove that they can do a Britney tribute episode right and they did. The first 15 minutes I was a little “meh” the first three of four musical numbers felt very wedged in but after the bleachers scene between Marley/Jake it really turned around for me. I thought the Brittany meltdown was hilarious and really cleverly done and I love all the NYC scenes. The episode moved the story forward and wasn’t just a collection of Britney songs which was great. I really like the idea of Brittany/Sam too.
    I’m not crazy about the song selection, I feel like with the exception of Everytime, Crazy and Opps I Did it Again, it was most of her worst and more forgettable songs. I know her songbook isn’t legendary but I feel like she had some good hits they could have worked in better. Marley could have easily sang “Criminal” to Jake over “Womanizer”, the episode could have started with Brittany singing “Circus”, Rachel could have sang “I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman”, “From the Bottom of My Broken Heart” “Radar” “Shattered Glass” all would have been better songs.

  27. ashleytv says:

    I love how everyone is saying “3” was their favourite performance (mine was Rachel’s Oops, I Did it Again and Blartie’s duet) but didn’t anyone else find it incredibly weird and terribly written to have Joe part of the “3” song? His character would never sing a song about a threesome! He could barely get through singing a love song to a lesbian last season. Did they just forget he’s this uber christian, then realize their mistake and make him spout some “God Loves You” at the end of the episode? Terribly written, writers!

    • I wouldn’t say that was “terrible” writing. People really throw that word around when it comes to Glee and writing. If there’s even the smallest error in continuity it’s TERRIBLE WRITING JERKS. I think its clear they haven’t given up on his Christian beliefs. It’s possible he wasn’t aware what the song is about and even if he was, Christians like sex too. He’s not a super conservative Christian. I’m sure he’s still into having sex, that’s not against the bible. The reason he was apprehensive about singing to lesbians was because a lot of Christians believe homosexuality is wrong (even though Jesus says nothing of it in the bible). There are plenty of Christians, even devout Christians who freely believe in sex for pleasure and not just procreation. The bible doesn’t say anything about threesomes.

      • Hypocrit says:

        LOL “The Bible doesn’t say anything about threesomes.” Are you paraphasing the God Squad when they said, “The Bible doesn’t say anything about homosexuality”? I’m Christian and most Christians have sex for pleasure. We just feel guilty about it afterward. HaHa

  28. Patricia says:

    I like Brody and Rachel but I don’t trust him I think he might just be playing Rachel but I wanna see more. I really liked this last 2 episodes it’s fun to watch again last season I recorded the episodes and watched when I had time u’m living the season so far

  29. Esaul says:

    Wasn’t a fan of any of the songs. Season four feels like season two already. Weak.

  30. jake says:

    Personally I thought 3 was the weakest performance. Now I’m not a Britney Fan so this episode all in all was “meh” to me when it came to musical numbers in the first place, but the lyric change they had to do to make 3 acceptable for Glee (even if it was just one word) made the song sound so weird to me, and it didn’t fit at all.

  31. Kaitlyn says:


  32. Xavier says:

    Not a great epsiode and I found the NY scenes pretty dull and once again Dean proved his acting skills are lacking, but yay to creepy Brody.

  33. Flo says:

    Simply as a piece of music, “3″ was by far and away my favorite song. But I found the music in the episode overall boring because almost all the songs were just stuck in there for the sake of doing performance tribute numbers. They didn’t relate to what was happening with the people. I won’t think back on any of the music from this episode as things that told a strong story. Disappointing.

  34. Nikki says:

    I’ll take Lea’s singing anytime over anyone else’s, but my word that episode was DULL. I was so looking forward to the NYC scenes this season, but they’re really falling flat so far. This new guy has all the acting skill and charisma of a piece of cardboard, and Lea’s trying to prop him up, but it isn’t working. And the new kids at McKinley are like “Glee meets Disney Channel.” So sickly sweet and uninteresting. Just get Finn and Santana to that Brooklyn loft that Rachel and Kurt are currently sharing and then maybe we can get this party started. This episode might rank even lower than the first Britney one, and that one ranks pretty darn low.

  35. Marie says:

    Brody sucks. Simply like that.

  36. Nina says:

    Did anyone else get a Joey potter vibe from marley in tonight’s episode?

  37. Ruby says:

    Well, I love this season so far. And I could listen to Jacob Artist sing for every second for the rest of my life and never get sick of his voice. And he ain’t bad to look at either.
    But when Rachel sings, it’s still so stunning and shows how far beyond anyone else she is on the show. Her voice is just…there’s nothing more beautiful.

  38. Bee says:

    As an episode overall, I found it really dull and boring. The only parts that I liked in the episode is Jake, Marley and yay Puck! Other than that, I was bored to tears throughout the episode and it doesnt help the fact that this Brody character is a creepy creeper. In the first episode, I found Brody to be bland, and now after watching this second episode, I just find him straight up creepy. I’m so glad that Finn will be coming back in next week’s episode because now the story will really begin because there was just “something” missing altogether from these two first episodes. It was also good to see Santana too, even if it was briefly.

  39. L says:

    I love how all the comments about Brody being creepy/stalkerish are all Finchel/Finn stans. You’re all LAUGHABLE!! lol

    • JZ says:

      How can you really say that all the comments about Brody were from Finchel/Finn stans? You can read the minds of all? As a fan of the show, I think Brody was creepy but more than that he adds nothing to the show except as an obstacle for Finn and Rachel to get back together. Tonight’s episode was a total bore. I was so glad to see Puck and that brief glimpse of Santana. And eventhough I am not a Finn stan, I am looking forward to Finn’s return.

      • L says:

        Are you reading the comments at all, JZ? They’re all from Finchel and Finn stans!
        I didn’t say anything about everyone else. Please read properly.

      • Nia says:

        I think tonight’s episode was BORING also. I don’t really care for this Brody character, he’s doing too much to please Rachel. I actually thought that I was going to like him last Thursday. And I’m not a stan for Finn eithier but would rather see Rachel with him instead.

    • Aria says:

      I know right??? Crazy Finn stans who have nothing better to do! I actually really like Brody and want to see more of him.

      • vrn says:

        Im a Rachel stan (not all the finchel fans are Finn stans) and i dont want to see Rachel with brody because yes, I found him weird and i dont trust him, not after that coment of Cassie…

      • mary says:

        I`m a Rachel and Lea Michele stan and dont like Brody`s character. I get Rachel needs to grow and I`m glad she has friends in NYC but so far Brody doesnt bring anything good to her storyline. Not the actor not the character. All I see here are fangirl “he is so hot” LOL. All I want is Lea`s chance to shine and Brody`s character and the actor are no par for her. Sorry but he`s boring.

      • idina says:

        so why are you here posting comments if you have better things to do? at least Finn and Rachel fans don’t hide the fact that they are passionate about Finchel and are willing to spend time to show that passion in every which way. Finchel Forever

    • Jacob @Alphabad says:

      Brody was totally creepy. I happen to hate Finn. These two episodes without him have been awesome. I only really miss Santana, because without her choir room feels really Disney Channel at times. The other graduates who aren’t currently on the show were great, but I feel like the show gas gone on well without them.

      I’m hoping Rachel gets with Brody only to find he’s bad news. NYC scenes have helped distract from the Disney vibe.

  40. nosi says:

    i know compared to season premiere this episode is underwhelming but i think people are overdramatic about this is as bad as night of neglect or pot of gold. honestly this is still more enjoyable than night of neglect and pot of gold(especially with the puck/shelby storyline)

  41. Sara says:

    Does anyone else think that one of Britney’s conditions for doing the X-Factor was Glee doing another Britney episode? And that this was the producer’s way of thumbing their noses at her? Why else would the dedicate an entire episode to rehashing her embarrassing mental breakdown? I thought it was hilariously done though. I loved when Britney whipped out an umbrella and then her Gimme More disaster. That was seriously my favorite song of the episode, because it was so brillantly done.

  42. Aria says:

    Loved seeing Puck!! Brody is so cute! I’m definitely excited to see more Brody/Rachel!!

  43. sindella says:

    Heather Morris looked like a young Anna Gunn, maybe Lord Tubbington is in the meth business these days…

  44. Liam says:

    Really liking the newbies..Marley, Jake, Cassie and Brody – they’ve been part of giving Glee a fresher energy this season. Finn and Rachel was soooo boring. They were kinda cute in the first season, but all they’re storylines were just predictable and they never seemed right. Actually I think a lot of the OG’s were boring and that’s why they never got big storylines (Mercedes, Puck…and so on).
    Season 4, I think, has (so far) re-energized the show and made me really like it again. Keep it up.

  45. serena says:

    I’m obsessed with Jacob Artist’s voice! Loved the jake and marley duet. I have to admit that I really like the newbies. Also loved the scene with rachel and Brody at the end. He was really sweet.

  46. Lindsey says:

    Is it me or does Cassandra July just like Abby Lee Miller but younger and skinnier?

  47. Tricia says:

    Is Sam dumb now? I thought the map/compas thing was him joking…but then in the scenes for next week he asks “what’s a debate”- he was never a genius but I really hope they aren’t trying to make him Brittany level stupid.

  48. Jared says:

    I hate to say this..but after watching the first 2 episodes of season 4 becoming more interested in Rachel..Kurt and Brody in NY than any of the characters at Mckinley.

  49. Kris says:

    thank you glee for giving us the gorgeous dean geyer <3

  50. G says:

    I like Brody. He is hot. I want to see more of him.