Exclusive SVU Clip: Benson Meets Cragen's Strange Bedfellow! Plus 300th Ep Casting Scoop

Law & Order: SVU wrapped its 13th season with a major cliffhanger that found the stalwart Captain Cragen in bed with a dead hooker, and we have an exclusive first look at the Season 14 premiere (airing Sept. 26), which features what is no doubt the most awkward morning after ever.

In the following sneak peek, Dann Florek’s embattled boss calls on Benson to help in his hour of need. However, a couple of non-sex crimes cops arrive just in time to let Mariska Hargitay’s alter ego know that this case is alas outside of her jurisdiction.

In other SVU news, the long-running procedural will have a few new friends on hand to mark its 300th chung-chung.

Tom SizemoreHamash Linklater (The New Adventures of Old Christine) and Alex Karpovsky (Girls) will appear in the NBC procedural’s upcoming milestone hour, showrunner/executive producer Warren Leight tells TVLine exclusively.

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In the Season 14 episode “Manhattan Vigil” — which longtime fans will be happy to know contains many nods to the series’ pilot — Linklater  plays a man from a successful real estate family whose son goes missing. “His family is involved in the gentrification of Morningside Heights,” where some of the episode is set, Leight says.

Karpovsky portrays an auxiliary police officer, and Sizemore – who recently wrapped a run on Hawaii Five-0 — plays a man employed by Linklater’s character’s family.

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Law & Order: SVU’s 300th episode is scheduled to air Wednesday, Oct. 24 at 9/8c on NBC.

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  1. Jamie says:

    What a joke to bring in Tom Sizemore and not bring back Stephanie March as Alex Cabot in such a HUGE episode/

  2. Kelly Ims says:

    Cabot fans need to stop, I like her too, but how do you know if Stephaine March even wants/b> to come back for SVU season 14 yet? Or even episode 300? You don’t know!

    • Jamie says:

      Let me guess you’re on Warren’s staff trolling boards for Cabot fans

      • Kelly Ims says:

        No, but I am an SVU fan with a mind and wants for the show of my own. Wish I was on SVU staff under Baer though, Alex Cabot would have died on the courthouse steps in “Witness” and let the SVU solve her random actual murder.

        I love Stephaine March’s Cabot, but I don’t want her back if it’s for minimal guest stints and no further character development, also if Novak can’t rotate episodes with her.

        And as I asked prior, how does anyone know what Stephiane March (or Diane Neal) wants, she may not want to come back to SVU just yet! Anyone think of that? Nope!

        And as for Stabler/Meloni being in episode 300 or SVU in the future, it’s his fault and it’s on him if he wants to return or not. Jonathan Strauss, Dick Wolf, and Leight have said on seperate occasions Meloni’s always welcome back and Meloni has said he’s always considering it.

        • EV says:

          Yeah, sure you love Cabot – but you want her killed? Definitely a troll.

          What really annoys me, in an otherwise improved season 13, was how Warren Leight wasted some extremely good characters, and over-emphasised Olivia’s love life at the expense of the rest of the show. SVU is a Law and Order show, which works best when there are strong ADAs & legal cases in balance with the detective work. It was at its strongest when it had a great ensemble cast.

        • Not sure about Stephanie but I follow Diane on Twitter and every time someone asks her when she’s gonna be on SVU again (which is probably daily but she only quote tweets it about once a week. Same for NCIS) she says no but as soon as she is asked, she’ll gladly accept. I love both Novak and Cabot and am happy when one or the other is on. Can’t remember if they’ve ever worked together but I think that would be awesome.

          • Novak & Cabot did actually did one episode together when they brough Cabot out of Federal Witness Protection to prosecute the guy that “killed” her – it was the Irish guy, but I don’t remember his name. Novak won the case, and Cabot went back into protection, then appeared again and periodically throughout the following 2 – 3 seasons (Season 10 – 12). I actually liked Sharon Stone as the hard ass ADA. I think that she would make a very good PERMANENT replacement. I have to say that I am tired of seeing different ADA’s, and no one permanently in the line-up. Just like Dr. Wong is gone, and Dr. Warner being periodic. The show really needs some stability when it comes to those roles. Just my opinion….

  3. Zoe says:

    …But what about Elliot Stabler? No word on whether he’ll be back for Episode 300? You’d think if he came back anywhere, he’d come back then.

    Ah well. I knew I was being too hopeful.

    Thanks for the scoop, TVLine, I’ve been dying for some SVU spoilage from you guys.

  4. Mina says:

    Wouldn’t it be great, if after Benson’s informed of her jurisdiction problem, she (plot twist!) stops pursuing it and spends the rest of the hour frying churros

  5. Me Myself & I says:

    Just because someone is fine with Cabot not appearing on SVU does NOT make them a troll. I, for one, prefer Casey Novak over Cabot. Does that make me a troll? Besides, Stephanie March has a new TV series she’s filming. Where’s Casey? Bring HER back. Don’t like this post? Then bugger off.

    • Rain says:

      LOVE this post! I so prefer Novak to Cabot!!

    • Jamie says:

      Stephanie is no longer on that new show only the pilot episode so no she is not busy with a new show

    • Miriam Peruffo says:

      Hey you’re not alone. I just loved your answer, I prefer Novak too. xD

    • Miriam Peruffo says:

      Love your post.

    • I, also, LOVED Casey! She, to me, was more believeable and likeable. And, the things that happened to her, and how she was able to relate to some of the victims while still maintaining an agressive stance really worked for her, Having the schezophrenic boyfriend that ended up dead was a good twist to her personality. She had a good run, and I was excited to see them revive her role last season. I hope that it is more to come, or I have to say it again, more from Sharon Stone!

  6. Deja Vu All Over Again says:

    Isn’t this episode reminiscent of an X-files episode where Skinner wakes up with a dead hooker (played by Amanda Tapping) after an all-night shag? He didn’t remember much the next morning, either.

  7. jwbarr says:

    My favorite was Jill Hennesy. But killed in that auto crash cant bring her back! But the more Andre Braugher we can get the better.He transcends every scene hes in. Granpa

    • You’re talking about the regular Law & Order. Jill did get a sour deal by being killed off. Lenny Briscoe was the BOMB!! I absolutely loved his one-liners!!! They were always said at the right moment, and made you crack up at a point when you were supposed to be serious. I think that show began to fail when they took Jack out of the courtroom and put him in the DA’s spot. We got so used to having him “finish” off the show in the courtroom in a style that only “Jack” could do and having Linus Roache replace him in that ADA role just did not fit well at all.

  8. Dakota says:

    Stabler! Stabler! Stabler!!!!!!

  9. Stephanie Baker says:

    I would like to see Cabot back. I wish it was under different circumstances, but at least Cragen has a storyline! I never wanted Stabler to leave! He should come back and be with Olivia, the way it should have been all along! Can’t wait for the new season!!!!!

  10. Carrie Leras says:

    i love cabot, and novak…. and stabler, but you know kelly ims is right. these people do have a life you know. they don’t live in your television only appearing to please you. be happy with what there is left of a cast. like mariska… i would watch her fry churros too.

  11. ttccaitlin says:

    Two things about Cabot: First, Sizemore and the other guest stars are part of a case. They weren’t picked instead of March. Second, Casey Novak, Dr. Huang, and effing Elliot Stabler don’t seem to be back either. Have their fans been slapped in the face, too? I love Cabot and I’d love to see her back again. But she hasn’t been a regular character in years. There’s no betrayal going on here.

    Also, given that Sizemore will presumably be the most recognizable name in that episode, and given SVU’s track record with famous faces, can we just go ahead and assume he’ll be the perp? Not that I don’t want to actually watch the episode, but you know. (Now that I’ve said it, though, he’ll be totally innocent.)

  12. Emily says:

    I think that christopher meloni probably maybe wants to distance himself from SVU, after being on it for 12 years, it feels like he wanted a break, and hey who knows, maybe he’ll be back for the 350th, I also love cabot, but I think they need to find a real storyline for her to come back, plus isn’t she on the new CBS show?