Exclusive: Grey's Anatomy Targets Bones Baddie Andrew Leeds -- Plus, a First Look Clip!

Andrew Leeds Grey's AnatomyBones‘ Big Bad has landed a killer gig on Grey’s Anatomy.

Andrew Leeds — who for the past year has been terrorizing Booth and Brennan as hacktivist-turned-murderer Christopher Pelant — has booked a potentially recurring role on ABC’s medical juggernaut, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Grey’s is keeping a tight lid on the specifics surrounding Leeds’ Grey’s character in order to protect an upcoming, top-secret storyline, but we can confirm he is not playing a doctor. Or a serial killer.

Grey’s Anatomy‘s ninth season premieres Thursday, Sept. 27 at 9/8c. Leeds is slated to first appear during November sweeps.

In other Grey’s Season 9 news, here’s a first clip from the premiere, in which Derek bonds with Callie:

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  1. Alex says:

    Because this is exactly what this show needs: more characters.

    • Kimberly says:

      There are a lot of characters for sure. But Leeds is a welcome addition. I have really enjoyed his work on Nip/Tuck and Bones. He’s a solid actor and super cute! Can’t wait to see what’s in store. New season is about to start!!! Hooray!

    • Dexx says:

      If he is a patient is does make sense cause well…doctors do have patients

  2. gigixo says:

    HOW many more characters do they need on Grey’s??

  3. Kel says:

    Grey’s has always had guest stars as patients, family members and so on. I’ll never understand the need to whine and moan EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. a guest star is announced.

    • Danyelle says:

      AMEN TO THIS. Some people act like the show should be doctors walking around with empty rooms and no patients. It boggles the mind.

    • Joan says:

      Yes! There was similar reaction when Mandy Moore was cast a few years ago, and her arc turned out to be pretty great.

    • Ros says:

      Some people will complain, no matter what changes take place on a show. Every season has a new story arc, and every episode has new guest stars. Also, we’re losing Mark and Lexie on Grey’s Anatomy, so, of course new characters are going to be introduced. I have never known of any other series where people (I won’t call them fans) complain so much about the writing and direction of a show, as this one by Shonda Rimes. And yet, it remains a ratings hit, heading into it’s 9th season. To those people, I would say, if you don’t like the show, don’t watch it!

    • Dawn says:

      I TOTALLY agree! They have to have some new patients or they’d be operating on themselves.

    • Shanna Francis says:

      Exactly. It think its good they throw in new faces here and there. Keeps the story lines interesting.

    • Shuayb says:

      Preach! I love a show with a big cast and great guest stars! He’s gonna be good. H8rs gonna H8

  4. McKenzie says:

    After watching him on Bones, I can’t past his creepiness.

    • L says:

      I agree about his creep factor. I don’t watch Grey’s anyway.

      • Brian says:

        Duh. He’s playing a character on a television show and that character is supposed to be creepy. The guy is doing his job. He comes into my J Crew all the time. Couldn’t be a nicer guy and not creepy at all.

  5. Good for him – he’s great on Bones, genuinely creepy.

  6. ggny says:

    Betting he is gonna have ALOT of pilot offers next pilot season

  7. Rob says:

    Well, “top secret” leads me to believe it has to do with Arizona. I believe that they are going to put Arizona in a coma which will allow Sara Ramirez to have some great scenes. This leads me to believe that he is going to be playing the “ghost” but not ghost but more like figure to the comatose Arizona of her dead brother Tim that they have been talking about for many seasons. It will be a way for them to get him into her narrative by having a very supernatural thing like they did with Denny only it will all be in her mind (and potentially better than Izzie/Denny) because she is comatose. Mark my words.

  8. Abby says:

    I’ve heard there are sides going around for lawyers, so maybe he’s part of that storyline?

  9. Miranda says:

    Is anyone else’s link for the video not working???

  10. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Maybe he’ll hand people creepy flowers on Greys as well

  11. Ana says:

    Ok, first of all it’s ‘potentially’ a recurring role. And even a recurring role doesn’t mean that he’s going to be on every single episode. There have been plenty of recurring characters on Greys that we saw sporadically. Like Thatcher and Adele. I’m usually not one to go for new characters but the show needs something. Some new energy. And after seeing how well Glee managed to do it this season, I’m hopeful that Grey’s can pull it off as well. I mean, after 8 seasons things can get stale and things have gotten really dark at SGMW lately and everyone is walking around with a dark cloud over the heads. Owen and Cristina trying to work out what is so obviously a doomed marriage. Mer running behind Cristina and trying to tell everyone what to do. Alex still not recovered from Izzie, acting like an a** and now will have to deal with the consequences of his decision. Webber has Adele in a home. Avery is very cute but as far as acting, he really doesn’t bring much to the table. He is a forgettable character. April I’ve come to like but she is still a bit annoying and sometimes overacts the funny scenes which makes them not funny. Callie was finally in a good place and now she loses Mark and has to deal with Arizona. And Arizona, the brightest, bubbliest, mostly likeable character after the recently defunct Lexie, will now be REALLY dark. The only one that has some happy going for her right now is Bailey and even Ben is going away. I mean, really. Can’t we just go back to focusing on cool medical cases and let people be normal and have some fun for a change? How about some dancing? A much needed vacation? Get out of that hospital once in a while! Hopefully the recurring characters will bring a much needed break from the doom and gloom.

  12. Ana says:

    Btw, really looking forward to the Callie/Derek friendship. Maybe she can make him more intresting. And they do have really good chemistry and rapport.

  13. Sarah says:

    i bet he plays a relative of callie’s – he kind of looks like her. maybe he comes to town for emotional support? they would be amazing in scenes together. he’s someone whose career i’ve been following for a while. he always pops up in really interesting roles. really great actor. he’ll fit in nicely on the show.

  14. Shuayb says:

    Not much bonding in the clip… Derek is his normal self (slightly arrogant) and Callie is giddy cuz she gets to see her handiwork in surgery… Oh well…. Can’t wait….

  15. Sg. Grant says:

    He will probably play a lawyer that is a love interest for one of the younger female characters. He might be representing the doctors in a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the plane that crashed.

  16. tutsy howard says:

    i saw this guy on broadway in Falsettos when he was a kid!!! i have his autograph in my playbill! so cool!!!! lol

  17. stewart paps says:

    This actor was in Niptuck years ago and I thought he was amazing. Now, he’s on my favorite show, BONES, and honestly the best villain they’ve had on that show. I can’t wait to see him on Greys. Is he playing a new doctor?

  18. Tia says:

    Didn’t see much bonding for Derek and Callie in the clip so good, I am not interested in it since I can’t stand Callie at all.

  19. Maybe we can have a Grey’s/Bone’s crossover someday lol seem to have alot of the same actors/actresses back n forth. Even JCap started with Bones as Booth’s ex.