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Castle Break-Up Begets 'Out-and-Out Hostility' -- Can a 'Spectacular' Gesture Change the Tide?

Things may be better than ever for one pair of Castle crime-solvers, but for NYPD detectives Kevin Ryan and Javier Esposito, the tension can be cut with a knife.

As Season 5 of the ABC drama arrives this Monday at 10/9c, picking up just hours from where the finale ended, “There is a schism in the Force at the 12th precinct,” Seamus Dever, who plays Ryan, shared with TVLine during our visit to the set.

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The issue at hand, of course, is Ryan’s decision in the aforementioned season-ender to loop in Captain Gates that Beckett and the boys were still investigating the murder of Kate’s mother. “Ryan did the right thing — and the end justifies the means in his mind,” says Dever. “Beckett is alive because of what he did,” seeing as it led to Kevin being able to pull her from the ledge where Cole Maddox left his prey hanging.

Esposito, however, didn’t and still doesn’t see it that way. As Jon Huertas notes, “Out of the ‘core four,’ Beckett and Esposito have known each other the longest, and Esposito is a pretty loyal guy, so for Ryan to go behind our backs and show a sort of disloyalty to our team really affects Esposito in a way that undermines his trust of Ryan.”

And that dissolution of trust, the compromise of their bromantic bond, will be evident in not just cold shoulders but “out-and-out hostility,” Dever previews. “Esposito is sort of fiery anyway, so yeah, it’s not going to be just chilly looks at each other.”

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Luckily, as it were, Esposito was suspended by Gates for his off-book complicity, so he and Ryan won’t be crossing paths at the precinct straight away. Yet a hot lead on stone-cold Cole Maddox will reunite the partners for a common cause.

“We’re at Beckett’s trying to figure something out when Ryan just kind of shows up,” Huertas shares. “It’s the first time I’ve seen Ryan since I walked away from him in the precinct [the day before], and I don’t want to have anything to do with him — though Beckett tries to convince me otherwise.”

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When I spoke to Dever and Huertas, it was apparent that “Rysposito” won’t be making nice any time soon. But when that time does come, what will it take to restore that trust and friendship?

“I broke a code in his mind — in a lot of people’s minds,” Dever says in character, “so there’s some mending that needs to happen.” Adds Huertas: “Ryan’s going to have to really work hard and do something spectacular to maybe change the tide. But it doesn’t happen in the first episode, and I don’t think it happens in the second, either.”

Which is kind of a shame, if only because the boys surely would love to compare notes as they each pick up on tiny clues that something is “different” between Beckett and Castle, who (“finally,” cheers Dever) hooked up in the Season 4 finale. To that end, though it’s Ryan who finds Rick in Kate’s apartment — fully clothed and in broad daylight, mind you — in one of the released promos, “There is something very telling that Esposito picks up on [in the premiere],” Huertas teases. “The great thing about him is he’s always been in tune with that vibe, that energy, so I think Esposito will probably be the first one to find out what’s going on.”

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  1. Mikaylah says:

    This makes me sad. Ryan made the right call. He trusted his gut, when it told him what they were doing was wrong and dangerous. He saved Beckett’s life. I can understand Esposito’s anger, but seriously, you guys are bros. Get over it!

  2. I really need these two to make up. Their bromance is one of my favorite things about Castle.

  3. Andrea says:

    I think it will be a nice change of pace to see them fighting, though they are so funny together. I’m looking forward to whatever happens to bring them back together. And then I’m sure the scenes between them talking about Castle/Beckett will be comical. Can’t wait for Monday!

  4. Alan says:

    so they will likely be split for however long the castle/beckett honeymoon phase lasts because they probably wont be as belligerent with each other until things settle down leaving a pretty big void for other characters to fill with snarky comments

  5. Bella says:

    One of the greatest things about this show is how they’re fleshing out the characters other than Castle and Beckett so that they’re not just cardboard cutouts. Ryan and Esposito have a lot of history together and a very strong bond, so I’m looking forward to seeing them mend their relationship and hopefully be even stronger for it.

  6. Molly says:

    Ugh, I’m not gonna be able to handle Esposito’s pissiness about this. If it weren’t for Ryan, Beckett would most likely be dead so he should at least appreciate that.

    • zaza says:

      Yeah, it makes me mad that Ryan has to “make it up to Esposito.” Esposito should be thanking Ryan for saving their friend’s life! I hope at one point that Ryan gets mad at Espo and points out that his wonderful “code” would have gotten Beckett killed and that apparently he cares more about his code than about his friends. Hah! That’ll fix him.

  7. Mari says:

    They both did that cause they love their ‘family’ at the precinct and wanted the best for Beckett… so please guys just make up already!!

  8. Sable says:

    I don’t mind the friction between Ryan and Esposito; it will give their characters more depth. My only hope is that they won’t drag it on too long.

    On the other hand, I just wish they would replace Gates. I haven’t liked her character from day one and she adds nothing to the ambience of the show. Castle is wonderful at mixing drama, danger, and terror with intelligent humor. Gates just doesn’t fit.

    Castle may well be my favorite tv show and one I would never miss watching. However, I’d like to see the end of the Beckett’s mother story. It’s time to resolve it and move on.

    • James says:

      Beckett’s mother story is the mythology of the series, if they kill that story there’s nothing left other than the crime of the week and it soons become repetitive.

      • beckstle says:

        Definitely agree! I think Marlowe is going to remove the immediate threat of Maddox and solve the mystery of who ordered the hit on Beckett’s mom, while also expanding the mythology. So while Beckett will have answers, it will create larger issues to be dealt with. Just like Castle & Beckett have moved to a new level, the mythology will also. The mythology and the relationship have been intwined from the beginning, so it seems unlikely that it would be just solved and over.

      • zaza says:

        But the show is called Castle not Beckett, so I do think they could resolve that storyline and move on without sacrificing what makes the show great. There is always the story of Castle’s dad to explore.

        • Alan says:

          but the main storyline from the very beginning of the show was the johanna beckett murder, if that were solved then we would be in another twin peaks situation, that show died a horrible death after laura palmer’s murder was solved

      • Lynn says:

        I agree ! Beckett will never get over her mothers murder and anyone who has lost a parent especially in this manner will never let it go!

  9. mia says:

    So glad to hear some spoilers about the other characters on the show! So excited for the premiere

  10. Nicole says:

    I can understand both of their point of views. If going on the end justifys the means Ryan was right to go to Gates. Epso view is all about loyalty. Ryan did say to Espo once I’m with you to the wheels follow off in season. He feels betrayed by his partner his “brother”. It is hard to decide who is really right. I leaning more toward Ryan side Beckett would probably be dead if not. Beckett and Espo went off half cocked and which made them more vuniable (sp)?. I excited for the season 5 4 more day!

  11. Kelly says:

    Yay he betrayed the friendship and got his friend in trouble, I look forward to them working back to trusting each other again.

  12. I hope this separation doesn’t last too long. They’re great together! Hopefully Espo sees the light and apologizes to Ryan for being mad at him. And thanks him for saving their sister’s life :)