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Supernatural Scoop: Stargate's Amanda Tapping Snags Major Role - Plus: M*A*S*H Vet to Guest!

Amanda Tapping SupernaturalSci-Fi staple Amanda Tapping (Stargate, Sanctuary) is joining Supernatural‘s eighth season in a major recurring role, TVLine has confirmed.

Tapping will play Naomi, a character showrunner Jeremy Carver describes as “cool and mysterious, part of a new group of angels we’ve never seen before.”

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The original casting breakdown for Naomi called her a “no-nonsense bureaucrat” a la Matt Damon in The Good Shepherd. “She wears a business suit and has her hair pulled back,” read the notice. “However, Naomi is less together than she appears to be. Her efficient manner belies a deeper emotionality.”

Tapping will turn up in this season’s seventh episode, titled, “A Little Slice of Kevin.”

In other Supe’ news, M*A*S*H‘ vet Mike Farrell will guest star in Episode 8 as Fred Jones, “an aging mentalist with a slippery grasp on reality,” explains Carver.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, Oct. 3 at 9/8c.

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  1. Lisa says:

    OMG!!!! This is FANTASTIC news!!! WOOT! LOVE her!!! Jeremy Carver is rocking the casting already!

  2. Polly says:

    I’m always happy when amanda tapping is on my tv screen!

  3. Carla says:

    Hope she doesn’t have that fake British accent, though…

    • wordsmith says:

      Technically she is British by birth, though you’re right – she was raised in Canada and the accent isn’t her own. Her parents probably had accents, though.

  4. AnaB says:

    YES!!!!!! Please, let her be the one that gets Cas back on his feet… pleeeeeaasee!!!

  5. eaksoy says:

    yay new women! This is what, the first time we’ve got recurring women characters on the show since season 5? (Jody Mills not withstanding who should also totally come back) Loving Carver’s additions to the cast.

  6. heather_kaye says:

    Freaking out about Mike Farrell – Cap. Hunnicut set the bar awfully high!

  7. letmefall says:

    sweet! I love the angels, I’m so glad we get to see more of them. And finally we get a female angel who doesn’t get killed right away (like Rachel and Hester did).

  8. Cain says:

    It’s great news, however Supernatural doesn’t exactly have a good track records with it’s treatment of females characters. Hope I’ll be proven wrong

  9. Girish says:

    I loved her on Sanctuary!! Awesome casting!!

  10. ebau1 says:

    It will be nice to see Amanda Tapping play a role where she isn’t the know-it-all genius. I’ve always wanted to see her play a deeper, more emotional character who is “less together.” Good for her. I’ll certainly be watching.

    • I’m not sure I’ve ever seen characters that were more know it all than the angels in Supernatural. They are collectively the most arrogant know it all, holier than thou bunch of characters on television. Even Carter and Daniel (SG-1) would find the angels from Supernatural intolerable….. that being said, HOORAY! I love Amanda Tapping. The only really good season of Stargate Atlantis was when she was on it and she and Richard Dean Anderson were incredible on SG-1 together. This makes me do my geek tv happy dance.
      P. S. Why does Supernatural treat women so crappy? They are either victims, sexual objects or psycho killing, lying demons/witches. Jo and Ellen were the exception until they offed them too. Bring on some ladies. And I still hate them for killing Bobby… just saying.

  11. Dilys says:

    Fabulous casting news. I’m very excited. Now Carver, just give me some good Cas news and everything will be perfect. And happy Cas Day to you Michael. This is the 4 year anniversary of when Cas gripped Dean tight and raised him from perdition.

  12. L says:

    Soooo awesome

  13. jason says:

    “Hope she doesn’t have that fake British accent, though…”

    …But she IS English. She was born in Essex and lived there until she was 3, and her parents do have thick accents. So it not TOTALLY fake. Its just posher than her parents actually speak.

    • Janine says:

      Sorry, but AT never speaks in a British accent posh or not. She mangles the language as she pulls silly faces in place of actually trying to act a bit, Pulling faces and speaking in tongues is no substiute for acting. Hope she only has a very small bit part and then gets killed off before she kills off the show.

      • Deee! says:

        You clearly don’t like her. May I suggest boiling your head in oil, then? Cos she got the part, and the rest of us can’t wait…

        • Janine says:

          Just about the sort of comment I would expect from a fan of AT. Lowest of the
          low. i don’t like her acting and don’t want her spoiling a show I like but I would never suggest she, or one of her fans, boil their head in oil!!!

  14. L says:

    Obviously, Amanda will be a strong character. I don’t see her any other way.

  15. L says:

    This is the absolute best news I’ve had today.

  16. Milan says:

    BJ Hunnicutt from M.A.S.H is back! Thank’s god, M.A.S.H is best show forever.
    Sorry kids ;-) is thrue….

  17. New angels! Hopefully that means we’ll be seeing more of Cas too. I love Amanda Tapping, so great choice!

  18. TV Fan says:

    ‘M*A*S*H‘ vet Mike Farrell will guest star in Episode 8 as Fred Jones, “an aging mentalist with a slippery grasp on reality,” explains Carver.’

    Is he going to see a talking Great Dane and drive around in a paisley van with his ‘gang’ while wearing an ascot and setting traps for all of the monsters?

  19. Awesome…Samantha Carter and BJ on Supernatural!! More great guest actors for our boys to bounce off…and that includes Misha (especially Amanda Tapping as she’s playing an angel). Love Amanda Tapping, she has played one of the best female characters on tv in recent years and hope that this is a turning point for Supernatural to have regular female characters that are written well and stick around. Still no news on Cas I see, he MUST be the big mystery this season otherwise what’s with the silence – I’m not worried, just curious.

  20. Kay says:

    This is FANTASTIC news! Amanda Tapping as a recurring angel! Will Farrell too!
    What a striking change in my interest level in the show from the last couple of years!

  21. Mel says:

    Great News!!!! Season 8 is comming !!! :D

  22. Sandra says:

    Awsome news, love Amanda and I love angels, great combo.

  23. Ela says:

    Oh gosh. This is awesooooome! Yaaaaay Amanda! :D

  24. Karina says:

    Lol hey fandom? This is Amanda Tapping, you are NOT allowed to bitch about her.

    This looks like a new era. Hopefully we get kickass females that LIVE.

    • Ezra Moore says:

      I like Amanda too and I hope the lunatic fringe of the fandom will get back on their meds and leave all of the new female characters alone. I like the spoilers I’m reading, sounds like Jeremy Carver has great ideas.

  25. Ty says:

    Oh look more angels, what a shock. Remember when Supernatural was actually a good show? Oh how I miss those days. WTF do you need Sam & Dean around for with all the angels running around? You want kickass woman how about some friggin female hunters? Man I bet Kripke thanks his lucky stars he ran when he had the chance.

    • Dee says:

      Agree with you, Ty. Why more friggin’ angels? I am sick to death of angels on Supernatural. The apocalypse was a non-event. Let them go already. Don’t know the actress at all.

      I do love BJ Honeycutt, though!!! Can’t wait for him to be on my tv again.

    • Dalek says:

      Kripke had a 5 year plan in motion and he finished it with astounding success. Dafaq you going on about! Angels were the best things in season 4 & 5!!

  26. Kristina says:

    YAY! Both her guest appearance and the role sound great :)

  27. L says:

    Whine and moan, blah, blah, blah…No is ever happy. Love Supernatural

  28. Debbie Proctor says:

    Have not been a Supernatural watcher but certainly will be now that Amanda Tapping will be on it. Beauty, Brains, and Talent all rolled into one.

  29. rainyday says:

    And as soon as this new character has any kind of interaction with Sam, I fully expect some fans to whine, scream, and moan that she should only speak to Dean or Castiel. I can just see it now.

  30. majorsal says:

    all i have to say on this news is…

    yeeeessss! :D

    • Janine says:

      All I have to say is Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooo.Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.Why not get an actress instead of Pine head.

  31. Alicia says:

    Loved her on Stargate. May have to check out this show!

  32. Rachel says:

    can we have Michael Shanks back again too.

  33. Shelli says:

    I would luv to see her as Cas’s luv interest

  34. tlbrownlie says:

    LUV LUV LUV this! i’ve been missing the lovely Ms. Tapping since Sanctuary’s abrupt (imo) cancellation. I Syfy’s mistake is Supernatural’s gain!

  35. Ella says:

    Angels, huh? I seriously hope this means the return of Cas topside.

  36. Jane says:

    Such exciting news! It’s also cool to hear that angels will be back this season.

  37. Dana R. says:

    I love the idea of having Amanda Tapping on Supernatural. I’m a fan since she was Carter on SG-1.

    But as an angel…..really? Can’t they come up with something new on Supernatural?

    The angel plot has become so boring and redundant after “Swan Song”, I hoped Mr. Carver would add something new and imaginative to the show, since the Levi plot so didn’t work last season……….*sigh*.

    Obviously that was too much to ask. Again.
    Hopefully the show will last 10 seasons despite the endless repeating of old plots.

    New ideas, you guys in the Supernatural writers room, new ideas please, ASAP.

  38. Soozee says:

    Amanda Tapping, my favorite scifi gal. I am so thrilled she’s on my favorite show. This is one lady they won’t be able to push around. Amanda and Cass as a hook-up??

    • Janine says:

      Cradle snatcher! No thanks, might be a good hook up for Bobby, oh wait, they get rid of a decent character and bring in a plank of wood.

  39. Janine says:

    Oh no! I can’t stand her – I stopped watching Stargate because of her and her really, really, REALLY bad acting.I love Supernatural but will never watch an episode that has Mrs Woodentop in it. Why, oh why, have they cast her? Have they seen her trying to act? Have they heard her pathetic attempt at accents????? It is painful to watch. Oh well another show bites the dusts. Next please.

  40. tvdiva says:

    Amanda Tapping back on TV is always a good thing.