Exclusive Sons of Anarchy Post Mortem: Maggie Siff Weighs In on Jax and Tara's Surprise [Spoiler]

Sons of Anarchy Jax Tara WeddingWarning: If you’ve yet to watch Tuesday’s installment of Sons of Anarchy, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, read on…

Sons of Anarchy fans on Tuesday night were not-so-cordially invited to the impromptu wedding of Mr. Jackson “Jax” Teller and Ms. Tara Knowles — a ceremony that, while unconventional even by SAMCRO standards, amazingly went off without a hitch.

To quickly recap: Once again facing incarceration, the Sons’ new king threw caution to the wind and asked his ladylove to swap I Dos that very afternoon. In a brothel. Surrounded by madams and johns. Though initially left off the guest list, Gemma dropped in to wish the couple well and, after giving Tara a pretty major guilt trip, made nice by offering up the wedding bands from her marriage to Jax’s dad, John. After vows were swapped, Jax and several of his brothers were carted off to jail, leaving behind the newlywed and her mother-in-law.

Here, star Maggie Siff reveals to TVLine her reaction to the sudden but sweet nuptials, and discusses what’s next for her character, who she says is most certainly “sliding toward a Gemma-like way of being.”

TVLINE | What was your reaction when you found out Jax and Tara would finally tie the knot?
My reaction was a little bit like the character’s reaction: ‘Really?! Here? Now? This way?’ [Laughs] It certainly wasn’t a Luke-and-Laura, come to Jesus wedding moment. But I also thought it was strangely appropriate and kind of funny. What ended up making the scene so enjoyable was that a wedding is a wedding is a wedding, and no matter where it happens, it’s kind of momentous. It actually felt that way when we were shooting it, which made it fun.

TVLINE | And, ultimately, a large chunk of the club was there for the ceremony, which was nice.
Yes, and in true SOA fashion, that impromptu speech that Tommy [Flanagan] made as Chibs was so beautiful and soulful. He’s such a great actor. It really did feel like a blessing; it was sweet.

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TVLINE | From the proposal of sorts to the wedding itself, what was your favorite moment?
I actually think it was Chibs’ speech, that moment of surprise, of somebody getting up and saying something and — whatever he was saying — the benediction of that. Also, just saying those words [“I do”] felt really momentous — even though it was to a bumbling judge. I loved the bumbling judge, though. He was great.

TVLINE | It is funny how fitting such an off-kilter ceremony felt for such a beloved couple.
Right. I sort of liken it in my mind to being in a long distance relationship. When you’ve been apart from somebody for a really long time and you’re about to see them, for whatever reason you cannot anticipate what you’re going to feel. And then all of sudden you see them and it’s a flood of feelings. That’s sort of what the wedding felt like; it was so tossed off and last minute and haphazard, and then it happens and all of the feelings are there, right in place where they’re supposed to be.

TVLINE | How did you interpret the ring gesture made by Gemma?
That’s a complicated and interesting moment. At the end of the day, Gemma is the closest thing that Tara has to a mother, and in an unconscious sense, she always longs for her approval and for her love; she’s really hungry for gestures like that, for somebody reaching into their heart and their history and telling Tara that she’s a part of it and connected. She’s somewhat moved by it. But Tara is no dummy… The [rings] symbolize being locked into the family, and the fact that those rings belonged to Gemma and Jax’s father, in a weird way it’s Gemma claiming ownership of Tara and of Tara inside of this life. So, I don’t think that’s lost on Tara either… Although, she accepts the rings because she accepts the life.

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TVLINE | And now Tara is once again left raising her sons while Jax is in jail.
No, there’s no honeymoon, is there? [Laughs] Tara’s lived through that moment once before, and this time she knows she’ll survive it and she thinks he will survive. So, there’s a kind of acceptance that this is the life and that they will make it through. Even if she has fear about it, she doesn’t give herself as much permission to feel that as she used to. She’s figured out some strategies for coping with or being numb to it. It’s not a very healthy strategy, but it’s part of what she’s doing this season.

TVLINE | When Tara quickly apologized to Jax for voicing her fears about his going to jail, it almost seemed as though we were witnessing her losing a bit of herself — or at the very least turning more into Gemma. Is that a fair assessment?
There are certain ways that she is sliding toward a Gemma-like way of being. That moment, which I really enjoyed thinking about, was part of her stepping into the role of what it means to be the queen of the club, or the matriarch, or Jax’s partner. Part of what she begins to really understand about that role in that moment is that she needs to treat all of those guys as if they were her family, so that her children have as much importance as Tig’s children, and that Tig carries as much importance as Jax. The shift is toward thinking of them as blood. I don’t think she’s losing herself in that; she’s trying to wrap her mind around a different way of being, and trying to not just think of her family as Jax and her children.

Sons of Anarchy fans — including all you Jax/Tara believers — what did you think of the insta-wedding?

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  1. Cam3150 says:

    I love Jax and Tara! I am so happy the finally got married. While i pictured their wedding differently (less brothel,more sunsets and flowers) It was really a sweet moment. Chibs speech (what of it I could understand) was also touching.

  2. Garnet_and_Gold47 says:

    It was adorable and oddly fitting for the couple. I loved Chibbs’s speech. It shows another side to the leather-clad bike gang.

  3. Brenna says:

    loved the surprise wedding and it really is fitting for them. their life wont be rainbows, flowers, and constant happiness. They got to make it work with whats been given to them. They dont have an ordinary life so they dont get the ordinary wedding.

    • Pat says:

      I loved the wedding, and remember a wife can’t testify against her husband .

      • laura says:

        I too loved the wedding, it was spontaneous, he loves her with all his heart. Here’s something to think about, Who is Pope going to kill, Juice I think. Also how does the club get out from under RICO. Otto makes a death bed confession stating he lied because he wanted to get back at the club for not taking care of Luann and for Bobby bedding his wife. Don’t know how they will get out of Juice’s betrayal. It’s something to rack our brains….. I LOVE THIS SHOW!

  4. DRA says:

    Wasn’t Joel McHale supposed to be on tonight’s episode? I had to sit through the episode and he wasn’t even in it.

  5. dvdseriesonline says:

    when will this episode begin?

  6. Olive says:

    The eye contact between Tigs and his daughter after she asked about Dawn was fantastic. I am really loving Tigs this season. He’s got some better material than usual.

  7. Terry says:

    This is the best show on TV in my opinion, but I swear, I can’t understand most of what Chibb says!

  8. adam says:

    I find myself wishing Tara dies every time I see her on my tv. Besides that I love this season. Poor Tigs :(

  9. Jose says:

    I was kinda expecting jax to say that he would love her as much as his leather and ride her as hard as his harley…..that would have been hilarious!

  10. kiki says:

    Loved the wedding and Chibs blessing was really touching. This establishes Tara as a part of the soa family. Loved the way she put her arm around Bobby as they went back toward the clubhouse. That was a Gemma move and it was no natural and made my day.

  11. Jackie says:

    I loved the wedding. Maggie and Charlie are so great together, I don’t ship many couples but I adore Jax and Tara so much. I thought it was fitting that their wedding was about them and their vows more than all the frills that normally go into a wedding. That’s their life, and it isn’t a pretty life, but it is a life of being in the moment and taking the good when you can get it. Chibs standing up and giving them a blessing was absolutely perfect.

  12. I was surprised by how much it meant to me to see that ring on Jax’s finger. We know how well and truly he loves Tara, but marriage truly is another level of commitment. I got a little verklempt at that shot in the sheriff’s van.

    In other news, every time I see Damon Pope onscreen I wanna piss myself. I didn’t expect that either, since Harold Perrineau is such a teddy bear!

  13. Dixie Atkins says:

    I understood the feeling of acceptance for which Tara hungers, but I couldn’t help but wonder if she was thinking of the fact that those rings signified a marriage in which the wife conspired–and succeeded–in killing her husband lol.

  14. Dee says:

    I thought it was so cute.. I love Jax and Tara!!

  15. Amy says:

    It wasn’t a surprise to me,I always knew Jax wld marry Tara! I’m loving it and I think that there will be another ceremony beings that one was held in a brothel lol…

  16. Brent Figel says:

    whats going on?that is not what showed on FX canada

  17. Erica says:


  18. Niniann says:

    You would have to be Irish to understand how very irish that blessing given by Chibb was. All Irishmen are poets in their souls, and there was no way he could let the occasion pass without a blessing being said.

  19. Randyann Tauber says:

    I thought the wedding was perfect. Let’s face it. they are not the boy and girl next door.So having their wedding in a massage parlor/brothel was kinda fitting.I really hope Jimmy Smits turns out to be a “good guy” for the sons.

  20. Janice D Simmons says:

    I loved it, I feel I can relate to Tara and the need to be accepted….. I love the show, it brings back all my old club memories….. My favorite show……when I watch I go back in time……I think Kurt is the best writer, when it comes to reality…… and I loved the blessing from Chibs, it was beautiful…..

  21. cristina diaz says:

    I was born and raise in a biker family something like SOA.The wedding was a surprise but that’s what Jax felt in his heart to do before he left. Some people get the wrong idea about the motorcycle life we are not gangs we are a club with a life just like everyone else. Good for Jax and Tara

  22. Laura says:

    I absolutely LOVE this show. I actually knew people exactly like these and they were some of the BEST people I’ve ever known. The acting and the writing is superb. JAX and Tara’s impromptu wedding was just as it should have been and every time I look at Tig my eyes tear up. Thank you to the writers and the actors and to all who bring us this incredible series

  23. Amy says:

    I would love to read the translation of chibs blessing. The wedding was great no matter the circumstances

  24. Regina McMahon says:


  25. Steve says:

    I think he married her so she cant be forced to testify agaisnt him , even though it probably would have happened anyway later on .

  26. Katie says:

    I wish we didn’t have to wait another week to see what happens!! I wanna know what happens now lol awesome show and i loved chibbs speech great job to everyone on the show!!!

  27. Joanne Degirolamo says:

    I just simply LOVE the show!!! Each week I am never dissapointed….Keep on Rockin it SONS!!!!

  28. Julie says:

    My favorite moment last night was when Obie punched the sheriff in the mouth……..classic SOA brotherhood moment.

    • laura says:

      I was so proud of Opie, being there for his Best Pal Jax, keeping Jax safe is his mission. For a while I was thinking Jax is a better friend to Opie than Opie is to Jax, I as floored when he rode in and belted the sheriff, hurrah.

  29. Mac says:

    Was glad to see Opie come back, and a game of chicken was a great bachelor party for Jax. Greatest part about the show is you never know what’s next.

  30. Tammy Noland says:

    I do wish I could understand more of Chibbs lines too! Wedding was great!

  31. Edward Duncan says:

    Was true SOA fashion. Couldn’t have done better. And Tara all I can say is Wow.

  32. Jim Williams says:

    SO!! who was sitting in the truck reading John Tillers book as Clays safe was being thrown into the dumster? Looked like a SOA member. Last minute of last nights show, had to be quick to catch it.

    • Magun says:

      The three men in the truck (also the same guys who attacked Unser) were the 3 members that were voted into the club in the previous week’s episode. And I didn’t notice him reading John’s memoir, what I saw him reading was Jax’s birth certificate and Clay & Jemma’s marriage license.

    • Jen says:

      Also if you paid attention when Uncer got attacked they showed Peg Leg’s artrificial leg so already new it was the nomad recruits

    • steve says:

      yep caught it! Looks like a bigger role coming for real life Hell’s Angel, Chuck Zito (the Nomad reading the papers sitting in the truck.

  33. catherine klett says:

    Have to admit Im not a big fan of Tara ,I dont like the way she “tramped up” over the summer….and to take Jax hand .naw,,,she aint the one…bikerhood doesnt come easy for her,can see her “acting” every episode.All other SOA,VERY natural!!!!!

  34. Heather says:

    Love the roles of Tara and Jax! I enjoy the rest of the cast as well. Tara and jax are what keep me watching! I love.how jax opens up to her and truly loves her! Wouldn’t have.it any other way!

  35. April Dionisi says:

    ALL I have to say is Im glad to finally see it happen, Tara has been thru enough and definately deserves it! Congrats to Tara and Jax!

  36. guest says:

    Tara used to be cute and classy and that’s why her and jax made such a great cpl because it was against all odds. This year she looks trashy and it’s a little sad they took that away from the show

  37. hiedi says:

    I love soa its the best show around and last night was amazing its about time they got married and I hope gemma stays with the pimp and has lots of fantastic inter racial sex

  38. Trish says:

    Loved the impromptue wedding! Hated that Tigs had to see his daughter getting bumpped by her “Boyfriend” no dad should walk in on that! LOVED Opie punching the cops and going with Jax!!! Not sure what to think of the guy with no leg and whoever it is reading the contents of the safe!! I’m still really trying to figure that all out.

    • steven says:

      clay is the mastermind behind the home invasions

    • laura says:

      Ir’s Jax birth certificate. You are aware that Jemma was approx. 61/2 months pregnant when she married JT. I think Clay wants Jax to find out that his mother is NOT Mother Teresa, I also think Jax knows this mother had something to do with the death of JT. also I think Clay wants Jax to know Jemma was CROW EATER. What do you think about Clay telling Opie that Jax needs him, I thing Clay wants to get all the heavy hitters in one place so that they can be killed off, he wants the president patch back.

  39. Clay says:

    First off, I really enjoy the show. Secondly, are you people seriously congratulating a fictional marriage involving fictional people? Are country’s mind & soul are evaporating quicker than I thought.

  40. Jen says:

    Loved the All about the fairy tales line. Chibbs is one of my favorite characters

  41. Carrie says:

    I love the part of the wedding when Chibs spoke, it was really touching. I just wish he would cut his hair (like it was back in season 1,2 or 3) or at least wash it for gods sake. Chibs is still my favorite character!!

  42. Jennifer says:

    “Hurry up, the john judge has to go” “I don’t get out much” – you gotta listen for those great lines!

  43. Bill says:

    Season Five is nothing more than a version of “Days of Our Lives.” A little more action and a lot less talking! And since when has the CIA become overtly active within the continental U.S.?

  44. Big Fan says:

    Favorite lines “I’m all about the fairy tale baby” and from last week: Gemma said “I sucked your dick too, didn’t I?”

  45. john beaird says:

    Hey love this shown . Jax & all the cast . We seen jax butt Tara fine has well . When we going to see her fine butt has well . They better not be talking about you die ING Isure don’t think you sure die we love you has well has jax.

  46. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I watched Sons before I watched Parenthood. Good grief, what is wrong with me? I am addicted to this show!

  47. MS Terry says:

    I knew what Opie was going to do before he did it. How cool to get him back into things&he loves Jax so what else would he do.

  48. Melissa Hull says:

    i so love this season so far but all have been excellent ..the only season that drove me a little nuts was when they went to Ireland to get jax’s son it seem to drag on and on where most episodes are straight the action and something different each one…… Just wandering though is Tara now taken Jax’s last name (Teller) now that their hitched…Keep up the excellent work guys …….love Mel ..S.O.A fan

  49. Dermacka says:

    How many people do you know that clean up the remains of their crispy dead daughter in the morning and goes to a wedding in the afternoon. Better still what kind of friend decides that the best time to propose and get married is on the day one of his blood brothers is mourning the loss of their daughter.

    Sorry SOA – you can join the Dexter scrap heap. You’ve lost me. It may be easy on the eye but its sloppy TV

    • katie says:

      lol. but everything prior to this episode has been so ~realistically portrayed right?

      • laura says:

        I think it was great the way Jax proposed, spontaneous. Jax is strong, in your face kind of man, kind and gentle and a killer.He is living for today and hoping that there wii be a tomorrow for them.