So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 Finale Recap: And the Winners Are... [Updated]

Warning: If you haven’t yet watched the So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 finale, might I suggest you Quickstep your way to a different URL? Indeed, this article contains the unkindest of spoilers. The rest of you, carry on past the jump!

The So You Think You Can Dance Season 9 finale was like a double serving of dessert — with only half the calories. (I’m not the only one who burned off a third of my dinner by chair-dancing to the night’s final group performance, am I?)

Yes indeed, this was SYTYCD‘s first season crowning separate male and female winners, and whether or not you fancied Chehon or Cyrus, Eliana or Tiffany, it’s hard to argue against the decision to spread the wealth, to offer a pair of six-figure paydays, and make room for more than one smiling face on the cover of Dance Spirit magazine. (Speaking of the final four, look for my Q&As with all of ’em later this week right here at

PHOTOS | SYTYCD: The 15 Best Performances of Season 9

Before we get to the results, let’s dish the 11 “Best of Season 9 Encores” and the four new performances that filled a two-hour telecast that was, at its heart, about a pair of announcements that, had she been feeling dangerously mischievous, Cat Deeley could’ve blurted out in about 15 seconds. I’ll spill my own feelings in the form of some jaunty awards:

Hands-Down, the Best Routine of the Season (Equaled Only by the Same Exact Routine the First Time Around): Eliana and All-Star Alex’s “Bang Bang”

Number That Still Looked to Me Like a Bunch of Frantic Leaping, Without Any Romantic Oomph: Audrey and Matthew’s “chaise lounge” contemporary

Piece That Lost None of Its Emotional Impact in Spite of Mary Murphy Spelling Out Its Meaning for This Encore Presentation: Chehon and All-Star Kathryn’s “Suitcase”

Best Evidence of Why SYTYCD Deserved Its 2012 Emmy for Lighting: Tiffany and All-Star Brandon’s Disco (oh how those thousand points of light brought every sequin on Tiffany’s pantsuit to life)

Piece That Was Like a Blaring Alarm Announcing “This Duo Kinda Got Robbed by the Judges”: Lindsay and Cole’s stunning Paso Doble

Right Couple, Wrong Encore: Oh how I wish we could’ve traded Tiffany and George’s good but not entirely memorable Sonya Tayeh contemporary for their vastly superior Fox Trot

Most Fun: Will and Amelia’s cats-in-heat hip-hop

Piece That I’m Going to Watch Back on DVR With a Completely Different Song to Accompany It: Tiffany and All-Star Ade’s sultry contemporary to Celine Dion’s “Power of Love”

Most Overhyped: Chehon and All-Star Anya’s Argentine Tango (Am I the only one who felt like every part of this number was too soft and languid, with none of the crispness or friction you’d want from the sexiest of dances?)

Most In-Demand All-Star: Twitch, who reprised his East-Coast Hip Hop with Witney, his ‘Genetically Altered Heroes’ with Cyrus, and turned up in two of the night’s new routines, too.

Best New Number: NappyTabs’ thrilling, hypnotic Lion King remix. (I kept gasping and oohing every time one of the Season 9 Top 10 or one of the 10 All-Stars performed some fantastic move that captured my imagination, which was about every 3 to 5 seconds.)

Most Pleasant Surprise: A full routine by the Dragon House dudes (sans Cyrus) — including a completely sickening (in a good way) trick where the creepy, gold-masked dude bent down on his left leg and crossed his right foot over his left knee. Dream or nightmare, it’ll be replaying in my head for the next few weeks.

Moment Where I Felt Certain Cyrus Would Win: True, the affable animator had only one encore number, but when he got to share the stage with choreographer Christopher Scott, plus Comfort and Twitch, on a very amusing piece about a cheating card player and a trio of Vegas heavies, I thought that was a sure signal the title was his. As it turned out, this was a pretty damn good consolation prize.

Most Gasp-Inducing Outfits: Those pleated blue satin skirts the Top 10 women wore in the opening Sonya-Christopher collaboration. When the dance began, the guys swept the girls so effortlessly across the stage, I briefly wondered if they were performing on a sheet of ice. Gorgeous stuff!

Most Unnecessary Comment: Nigel’s “I still didn’t vote for you” following his speech about what had gotten Cyrus to the finale.

Most Incredible Comment: Nigel telling Eliana that Desmond Richardson had told him early in the season that he intended to hire her for his dance company the moment she was voted off. (Will dude make good on his promise in the post-season? I’ll be the first to buy tickets if he does.)

And now, without further ado, let’s get to the results: The Season 9 Women’s Champion is Eliana Girard. (It was always Eliana, right from her audition, wasn’t it?) And the Season 9 Men’s Champion is Chehon Wespi-Tschopp. (See Uncle Nigel, America’s Favorite Male Dancer and America’s Best Male Dancer can actually be one and the same!)

From my couch, this was the right pair to share SYTYCD‘s first dual crown. Viva the Hot Tamale Train! Viva ballet training! And viva the whole dang show — which had better get a Season 10 pickup immediatemént!

What did you think of the SYTYCD finale? What was your favorite new routine? Which was the best of the encores? Hit the comments with your thoughts!

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  1. I am honestly SHOCKED and incredibly happy at the same time. So, so happy for Chehon. I was expecting the finale to be the Cyrus show, and it was… And then, at the last minute, Cat called Chehon’s name. Ugh, I am so glad. :D

    This was, in my eyes, the show’s pardon for Russell’s win over Jakob back in season 6. Yes, talent prevails! :D

    • Kate says:

      The only thing that could have made the show better is if the Top 10 dancers had requested that tWitch and Alex “Freaking” Wong had go the chance to do there encore “Get Out of Your Head” they never had the o[opportunity to do in their season. That’s the only thing :)

    • Marge says:

      I agree & disagree with your comment. Chehon is by far the more talented & trained dancer of the two guys, however, this is not “America’s Most Talented Dancer” it’s “America’s FAVORITE Dancer”,. Having said that both these guys were my favorites, so it was a toss up for me. Although I was silently hoping for Cyrus, mainly because of his spirit and true genius of his style of dance. I give him HUGE thumbs up for even trying to do this – all the while with a smile on his face. I don’t see many of the other dancers (Twitch & Comfort excluded) being able to do his style.

      • BethT says:

        “I don’t see many of the other dancers … being able to do his style.”

        I see that argument a lot, but the same can be said of Ballet – which is never given as a style to other than ballet dancers – or Tap, which is also never given as a style to other than tap dancers. Like “animation”, those styles just require skills and techniques not taught in a few hours. Just like Cyrus, Eliana and Chehon (and Nick last year) competed out of their own styles except when they got a routine developed specifically to showcase thier styles. (How many ballroom routines did Chehon get stuck with?)

    • Daisy says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more on the Russell/Jakob comment. When they replayed the finalists of the past 8 seasons, I was taken back to that moment and was bummed all over again. Also, while I didn’t watch the season where tWitch was in the final 2, I’m completely surprised that he didn’t win! I think the guy who did win came back this season and I thought he was good, but couldn’t compare to tWitch. Then again, it’s been many years since this happened and maybe tWitch has grown a lot as a dancer.

    • CAM says:

      You are SO right! I had actually forgotten about Russell’s win over Jakob (And his incredibly poor behavior that night) until you brought it up!

  2. JVC says:

    Eliana’s victory was inevitable. Chehon’s i was so surprised and in a good. Chehon looked surprised too, he earned it. So Slezak was right, season 9 is where ballet reigns supreme. HOpefully this will teach Nigel why it’s important for america’s favorite dancer to be the best (or at least in the top 8).

    • Nigel Is Pervy says:

      I hope so too, JVC! One question: why is Executive Producer Nigel Lythgoe so damn cheap?!? Xfactor, also on Fox, pays their winner 5 MILLION dollars! The cast works so hard on SYTYCD and the winner only gets $100,000. The ratings of both shows are similar. Why the extreme disparity?

      • KevyB says:

        It’s not Lythgoe’s money. Furthermore, XFactor gets twice the viewers that SYTYCD does. Plus, they are dancers, they aren’t going to make millions like singers might.

      • Don says:

        The X Factor winner gets a “$5 million contract” – nobody said they get the whole $5 million. For all we know, the contract says, “You get $100,000 up front, plus up to $700,000 for each of the first seven albums you make with our recording company.” (It’s sort of like America’s Got Talent’s $1 million prize – the winner can take $25,000 a year for 40 years, or a smaller one-time cash amount.) Also, The X Factor makes FAR more money in commercials and other tie-ins than SYTYCD does.
        (Also, I think the SYTYCD prize is $125,000 – $250,000 split between two people. Cat said that each winner gets “over” $100,000.)

      • KartofflMuter says:

        X Faxtor -has a dictator-Slimin Simon. Who knows what he does with the money,where it goes,how much comes back to him? How much goes to botox? We know money is his only desire. He’s turning into an old queen and dance is not his thing. Anyone notice how boxy and jowly Simon looked this year? And his new slut? 300 years younger and passed around so often, she’s calling it her exercise program,Carmen Elektra.


  3. BethT says:

    I am delighted!

  4. AnaB says:

    YES!!! YES!!! YEEEESSS!!!! I voted for Chehon like 50 times last week… I’m in heaven right now! Thank you, America!!!

    • A says:

      Same here!!! I was up all night voting for Chehon! I still thought Cyrus was gonna win. When she said Chehon’s name I was shocked but super happy at the same time!

  5. Becka says:

    I am so happy to see two Ballet dancers win. This season the BEST dancers won! Though I was truthfully shocked that Cyrus didn’t win. He wouldn’t have been the best but the favourite.

  6. Jill says:

    Am I the only one who envisioned Slezak climbing on his furniture, over his husband, jumping off the back of the couch & rolling on the floor after reading “(I’m not the only one who burned off a third of my dinner by chair-dancing to the night’s final group performance, am I?)” Thanks for visual Michael!

  7. Kim (@AD76) says:

    I am so crazy happy that Chehon won. I really thought Cyrus was going to win. Chehon was hands down the better dancer between the two boys.

  8. tjj50 says:

    Thrilled with the results. Zeroed in on both of them during the auditions. How great was that Lion King routine?! I need to get that re-mix.

  9. Sha says:

    I am so happy for both Eliana and Chehon! They have been working hard their whole lives and totally deserve this victory and others to come. Chehon especially was a pleasant shock. He grew over the course of the season a lot more than Cyrus. I only wish they were getting better prizes.
    Ballet FTW!

    • Nigel Is Pervy says:

      I agree, Sha. $100,000 to the winner is incredibly cheap compared to the 5 MILLION Xfactor gives. Cheapskate Nigel.

      • Sg. Grant says:

        Dancers can’t put out albums like singers and make the producers and labels a lot of money. Sure, they could put out some sort of dance dvd, but it wouldn’t sell 1/20th of what some of these albums of American Idol winners do.

      • djm says:

        OK, you can stop trying to create a “Nigel is cheap” controversy – it’s just not gonna stick. As everyone has pointed out on every comments section you’ve posted this on – the winner of XFactor signs a contract with the producers of the show and then (hopefully) recoups that 5 MILLION for the producers in CD sales and concerts. The winner of SYTYCD doesn’t sign a contract and doesn’t end up producing the type of revenue for Nigel, so why would he pay them more? Eliana and Cheon just got paid a lot of money for a few months of work – way more than they would have been paid for any other dancing gig. Plus they will now have the title and ability to tour and host events and can make (and keep) $$$$ going forward. Is Nigel a saint? Nope. But in this case I think he deserves a lot of credit for helping to keep this show on TV at all.

      • graciegirlfeminist says:

        xFactor is filled with pepsi plugs and is sponsored by many big brands. That’s where their money comes from…

  10. fiona says:

    Love Love love the ending

    I felt that having Cyrus have his own performance and tiffany get to dance 3 dance were illusions to the fact that they lost but man soooo awesome and glad the Ballet towers conquered!

  11. Carol says:

    So happy the right people won, and it was amazing to watch the season’s best dances over again. Such a great episode!

  12. Babybop says:

    The right people won, no doubt. Love them both. But I was bored this season. I spoiled the results so I can skip the finale.

    • Michelle says:

      I agree, this season was insanely boring – I didn’t even have a favorite girl until Eliana did the Bang Bang routine with Alex Wong, which was very very late in the season. I don’t know if it was the lack of a second episode in which to get attached to them, or just because they weren’t as awesome as other casts.

  13. Wesley says:

    The right people indeed did win. Although during the George/Tiffany piece by Sonya, I sorta wished it was George winning the crown :/

  14. Michelle says:

    Loved seeing Chris Scott on stage DANCING! This was a great season and relatively drama free. It was hard to get too upset over eliminations when ALL of the dancers had so much to offer. I can’t wait for next season now.

  15. Barbara says:

    I absolutely agree that the right two dancers won tonight! Loved ELIANA from the beginning. Her routines with the awesome ALEX WONG were incredible. TIFFANY was a good dancer but needs to mature a bit to be in ELIANA’S league. I’m also very happy (and surprised!) that CHEON wound up winning. He was the better overall dancer by far but I would have bet money that CYRUS was going to take the honors. The best two prevailed! Hooray!

  16. Brenda says:

    Best of all endings for the best season yet! America definitely got it right and the ballet season ends with the two best ballet dancers winning! Ballet FTW… Team Ballet Forever!
    Seriously though, I really hope this show gets renewed and goes back to the 2 night format…I really missed the separate night for results.
    So glad that Alex Wong finally made it back this year, too…his two dances with Eliana were really amazing…”freaking” ah-mazing! :)

  17. bass says:

    Ok, we get it that Chehon is the better dancer. Just because Cyrus wasn’t “trained” doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve his place in the competition. I was very happy when Eliana was rightfully announced winner, and very happy Chehon was announced winner. He was so surprised! Great opening number from Sonya and Christopher Scott.

  18. Peggy says:

    Rather surprised… Really did want Chehon, but thought the big push for Cyrus would prevail. Eliana is certainly amazing. Chehon’s Argentine tango was so amazing!

  19. Marilyn says:

    I was delighted with the results! I’m hoping so hard that this show is renewed. It’s my favorite dance show, period.

    • Lana 1 says:

      I totally agree with you Marilyn but I am soo scared that this show is not comming back and it is my favorite show period. I loved dance ever since I saw Fred Astair and Shirley Temple (I was pretty young so I loved seeing a child dance) and the love has just grown and I want to thank you, Nigel, for giving us “So You Think You Can Dance”, I really hope you can get it renewed Nigel but I feel it may even be beyond you. I don’t think you have been given enough credit for bringing this wonderful tribute to dance and single handely giving the dancing community the notice(thats not the word but I can’t think of it right now) that it has deserved for years. Yes, DWTS did bring dance up but SYTYCD brought the different gengres and dancers and showed a whole new generation how wonderful dancing is even without Fred and Ginger, Gene and Cyd. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Thank You Mary Murphy for making the Hot Tamale Train so desirable. I loved your screams and your tears and I would not have enjoyed the judges table as much without you. I do hope this isn’t the last time I hear your Whoo Whoo but if it is I want you to know how much I loved them. Cat Deely you are my favorite host and I have felt the love you have for each and every contestant and I thank you for them. You make me laugh and I adore your clothes and shoes. You make me feel better every time one of my favorites get voted off and I know you must do the same for them. I have never seen a host with as much warmth as you exude. You are a jewel!!. Please Fox if you can ever get something right get this one right and bring this show back.

      • Brenda says:

        Could not agree with you more, Lana…definitely the best dance show on television for the last 9 seasons and so under-rated.
        While this show has received well-deserved Emmy wins for lighting and some of the amazing routines by various incredibly talented choreographers, the entire production from all the great graphics, fantastic close-up camera work during the routines where you can feel the emotions
        the dancers are portraying, as well as the fabulous outdoor location shots of all the skylines or landmarks of
        the different cities is really so well done and has improved each year, along with the level of talent in both the dancers and choreographers.
        One of the many things that has made this show in particular so special is , not just its endearing judges and the ever-lovely and gorgeous Cat Deeley, but getting to share the journeys and growth of the beautiful dancers we fall in love with each year, including getting to see many of them return to the show both as All-Stars, choreographers or both, and seeing this wonderful dance family grow through the years.
        So, who else gets thrilled every time you see some of the sytycd alums on award shows, tv shows, movies, hear one of them has started a new dance company, landed a Broadway gig or will be back on sytycd as an All-Star? And don’t even get me started on the news of an adorable new baby boy and a return with that amazing Lion King finale…how precious was that?
        My point here is that, for those of us who have been glued to our sets for 9 seasons, this is our favorite show with our favorite cast and if Fox does try to cancel this show, we have to be the ones to save it by letting Fox know. If the fans of Family Guy and Fringe can protest and get those shows back, then surely we can save an incredible show like this one which has helped launch careers for so many wonderfully talented dancers.

  20. Raquel says:

    I liked the winners. But I so not think The show this season 9 was as good. Kinda flat. Sorry. I am a fan, but the show has lost it’s sparkle.

  21. Mack says:

    I have so many mixed emotions about this finale. Chehon’s win was shocking, and I was rooting for Cyrus in an extreme way, but I’ve loved them both from the very first episode.
    It’s a bit harder for me to be happy for Eliana, and it’s not even her fault. So disgusted with how many people are overlooking the hard work Tiffany has put in through the years!
    People keep discussing Chehon vs. Cyrus winning and how Eliana was always the favorite, but they don’t mention Tiffany at all. Nigel even admitted he had downplayed her for the entire season! Eliana is wonderful though, and she’s so charming it’s hard to not fall in love with her; I would never downplay that unlike how some others have done that very thing to Tiffany.
    I’ve always been an enormous fan of this show, but I can’t help but feel that two ballet dancers winning could create positive and negative feelings from people.

  22. Diane Eugene says:

    There were nine more talented male dancers across all genres of dance than Cyrus, many used as utilitarians to advance a “reality show.” Congrats to Chehon, well deserved.

  23. JW says:

    Big winner….CHRISTOPHER SCOTT! That guy is amazing. From the opening number to the closing number, there was hardly a highlight that didn’t have his signature touch on it.

  24. Chris Y says:

    I was happy with the Top 6 tho I would have preferred Cole to Cyrus in the finals. I like Cyrus but Cole is amazing to watch. I was pretty sure Chehon would win since Cole’s votes would have gone to him with all the lobbying done by Cole himself. Eliana and Witney were my faves but I wasn’t sure about America’s penchant for voting in the (WGWG-equivalent) girl-next-door, Tiffany. Nothing against Tiffany but I just feel she’s totally forgettable. I guess the dance audience is a bit more discerning.

  25. shuayb says:

    So happy for Chehon and Ileana. I knew Chehon would take it after that suitcase dance and his solo performance that night! Amazeballs.

  26. Erin says:

    Psst. “Immediatement” has an accent on the first “e”, not the third.

    Aside from that, I was absolutely thrilled with the results! The best and most deserving dancers won–all their years of grueling technical training finally paid off. Chehon’s win, although definitely an upset to the roaring crowds of Cyrus fans, was certainly justified and allowed the show to retain credibility. Plus, he just kicks ass. And his parents are so precious.

    • JB says:

      And an e on the end of it.

      • Lea says:

        Nope, it doesn’t. Immédiatement is the French adverb of immédiat, immédiate (prompt). Adverbs don’t have male or female forms, they are derived (if regular adverbs) from the female form of the adjective and with the ending -ment. No e.

  27. Damian says:

    I always enjoy any dance that bryan gaynor ( season 3 ) part of. I enjoyed his dance with dragon house but otherwise was bored with most of the night. That being said the right two won.

  28. Very happy that Chehon won for the guys. As for the girls, while I certainly feel that Eliana was deserving, I just wished she moved me this season even once. Nope, not in “Bang Bang” (either time), not in… well, I honestly can’t even remember any of her other numbers. All technically flawless, but not one made a blip on my emotional radar, and I wish I knew why.

    • Jess says:

      I totally agree. I personally just didn’t connect with her.

    • Daisy says:

      I thought I was the only one too. I think Eliana is a lovely dancer, but I rarely felt moved by her performances. Certainly deserving of the win, but she was not an early favorite of mine–she grew on me as the season went on. I couldn’t really figure out why her performances didn’t move me–I remember being so moved by many of Melanie’s numbers last year–the statue routine for one, but not so much this year. I’m really kind of glad that I’m not the only one who felt this way.

  29. Magically Suspicious says:

    I was Team Eliana from the get-go, but I have to say….her Taylor Swift-esque face pulling and hamming really annoyed me last night.

  30. LisaM says:

    I thought the finale was very entertaining and I’m so happy that Eliana and Chehon won. I did think that the dance w/Cyrus and Twitch was terrific once again. Loved the opening number and the Lion king number as well but the neatest thing for me was Sonya Tayeh’s new look. So Pretty!!! I love her funky looks as well but I adored the new “do” and plaid blazer. Pray the show gets renewed for another season!

  31. Morisot says:

    I thought all the repeated numbers were softer copies of the original performances. They just didn’t have the snap of the originals. The show was good. Did love the card-playing number. (It might sound weird, but do you think SYTYCD has just become TOO polished?)

  32. G-Mom says:

    I was SO GLAD that Eliana won, but disappointed that she was in only ONE routine (not counting the group numbers)!! I was also shocked (and glad) that Chehon won, as was he!! I really thought Cyrus would win. I really liked him. Also, I was disappointed that there weren’t more “judges picks”. Tiffany is a doll and talented, but I never noticed her until the top 6. Eliana was my fave pretty much from the beginning. Cole was, too. I really hoped/thought he would be in the top 4 – and win!

    This has been a weird season! It was only on one night with fewer episodes due to the Olympics, holidays, etc, I hope they go back to two nights! But JUST COME BACK!!

    SYTYCD is one of my favorite shows because it’s ABOUT dancers. (I don’t count DWTS because it is a celebrity thing, even though a lot of the pros are from SYT.YCD.) Most dancers are backup performers that you have to be really quick to actually SEE them. Kent (one of my faves) was on “Glee”, but you really had to be watching closely to see him. (BTW, why wasn’t he an all-star this year??). I wish there were more opportunities to see dance numbers like these on TV! Great show!!

  33. Vivi says:

    Never got on the Eliana train. Fantastic dance, sure. But she does nothing for me. Happy for Chehon. He looked shocked and so was I. I thought Cyrus had it in the bag.

    I loved all the judges and Top 4 choices for their favorite routines. So much better than Michael’s list.

  34. Laura M says:

    Re: the suitcase routine…I was more bothered by Mary’s pronunciation of “holly-cost” than I was by her spelling out the story behind it.

  35. Dee says:

    I thought the finale was great! The lion king routine was phenomenal!!!! I’m happy my girl Eliana won, she was flawless all season. I like both Chehon and Cyrus, but I was happy for Chehon, it was well deserved. Tiffany wasn’t memorable for me, she was good, but not really memorable. I think Cyrus had a right to be in the finale, he grew as a dancer, and he had an incredible spirit that made people route for him. I’m so sick of the negatives comments, his journey and story was an inspirational one, that’s why people cared. It’s funny how people can sit home and criticize someone’s talent as if their doing anything. If you feel he was garbage, then you try out for the show, and let’s see how good you are. Anyway, again congrats team ballet did great this year!

  36. Ann VerWiebe says:

    I always thought that Chehon’s “journey” wasn’t played up as much as it should have been. He may have started way down the road as far as his dance skills go, but this experience seems to have been truly life changing for him. And, I picked Eliana as my winner week 1 – so I feel very special today!

  37. Harry Lime says:

    The “gold-masked dude” dancing with Dragon House was Bryan Gaynor, who auditioned in season 6. He was a good fit with the Dragon House crew!

  38. Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

    I was REALLY surprised when Eliana won. I thought for sure Tiffany would win since she’s very good and very inoffensive. After Eliana won, I thought the show really blew it as far as suspense goes because there was NO chance that Cyrus would lose. Well, I was even more amazed for the second winner. I think Chehon was a very deserving winner of the show and both he and Eliana will represent the show well.

    And my other big feeling was that this was it for the show. Whittled down to one night, and then the ratings still went down. Please can some basic cable channel pick up the show and at least ensure that Cat and good dancing continues on in America? Please?

    • bass says:

      What do you mean by “inoffensive”? Eliana was flawless ALL season.

      • D says:

        May be referring to the pole dancing?? Don’t know.

      • Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

        Just because I said Tiffany was inoffensive I didn’t mean Eliana WAS offensive! ;-) I am Eliana’s biggest fan – the best female dancer that they’ve ever had on the show. What I meant to say was that Tiffany never did anything to “bother” people, i.e. get people to vote against her. She was always a good, safe choice. Eliana was the more daring dancer all the way through. Usually on these shows the winner is relatively harmless, and everyone likes him or her.

  39. glatzj in Fresno says:

    Terrific show except for Jessup! I would have preferred Tiffany’s Jive to go along with her Disco – they all set a new standard for SYTYCD. I was surprised there was no Janelle belly dancing. I would have liked to see Janelle dance the piece she didn’t get to dance with Audrey and Tiffany. I also would have liked to see Cole dance with Mark K. in a twisted Sonja piece. Christopher Scott was the bomb – how long before we get Travis to dance?
    In retrospect, I loved Tiffany’s energy and personality and look forward to seeing Lindsey and Witney as competitive ballroom champions. All the girls were great – I was disappointed in the quality of dancing from the guys and Cyrus and Chehon were too specialized. I needed a Jakob, Alex, Twitch, Robert – but I got them anyway as All Stars. Great Season – but no more double eliminations and remakes like the Mia show.

  40. If there is a season 10, which I hope there is. I hope they do Battle of the All Stars.

    • Marilyn says:

      I don’t! I like finding new dancers and pairing them with the All Stars. Frankly, I’m far less interested in the competitive aspect of this and other talent shows than in seeing the brilliant talent. I know this is sacrilege, but I don’t even care if we can vote. I trust the judges in this case more than the public because few of us know much about dance technique. Now, do I feel different about voting for politicians? You bet I do! EVERYBODY ought to vote then! ;-)

  41. Rachel says:

    I think we all could’ve avoided a lot of bickering and annoyance this season if only one winner were crowned: I think we can all agree that Eliana was the best of all 4! Glad to see Christopher Scott onstage!!!! He’s just as phenomenal a dancer as he is a choreographer!

  42. Tess says:

    I stopped watching once Cyrus made it through to the top 10. It got really old listening to the judges give him nothing but glowing remarks about the dumbed down choreography he was given. Keeping him around was a disgrace to the other incredible dancers that were sent home while he made it through to the finale. Even if the show is renewed, I for one won’t watch. All credibility the show had was lost when Cyrus made it into the top 10. Keep it real Nigel and Mary. Cyrus isn’t now and never was a dancer!

    • Get Over It says:

      You’re a disgrace. Cyrus made it as far as he did because AMERICA VOTED FOR HIM. What part of that do you people not understand? The judges didn’t “keep” him on the show. Just because he isn’t “classically trained” doesn’t mean he isn’t a dancer. Let’s see YOU go on the show and make it to the top 20.

    • D says:

      Have a nice life. You sound humorless and judgmental. The show gives me so much joy, pretty much nothing could get me to stop watching.

    • Tam says:

      Wow, maybe you should go back to Oz, Tinman?

  43. Katie says:

    I suspected that Chehon was gaining on Cyrus from all of the increased activity on social media about him since the top 8 episode. I was impressed that he was the only one who chose to reprise a dance out of his genre. I believe him when he said the main thing he wanted from the show was the chance to learn and stretch, not to gain the title. The tango represented that for him. Unlike Michael, I loved that piece, perhaps my favorite of the season. No deafening, heart-pounding music, no smashed glass or camera tricks, no complicated props. Just quiet, simple, believable, heart-felt dancing. Loved it.

  44. Gabrielle says:

    After all TV’s years, now I know what it is for….SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE !
    The talented, obviously devoted dancers 20, were a very good bunch.
    . With the variety of the experts, to learn from, they all won. and hopefully will earn worthy job offers. The winners….YES YES. Got that right…the cash and hopefully a load of offers after the 2012 show travels. Wish the $$ was more for the win.
    As regards Cyrus…..We will see him (as suggested) on commercials, TV and probably movies too. Cyrus is simply naturally fabulous all round.
    I can’t wait for all of this and will be looking forward to the Next SYTUYCD The most entertaining show on TV.

  45. lizfbrown says:

    I thought the finale was spectacular, and the winners correctly chosen by America. Though I agree with past commenters that all 4 finalists are winners and I look forward to seeing their careers develop. What I loved about lat night’s finale was that instead of showcasing the goofballs at the auditions, they re-ran some of the most heartwarming moments. Kuddos to the producers for that!

  46. janine says:

    Hi all, do the runners up receive any prize?

  47. Denise Tuffin says:

    I am from Souh Africa and we are only seeing the final show tonight (2 Oct) but I think Season 9 has been wonderful and the right dancers deserve to win. Its certainly one up for Ballet – many children will want to do ballet after this show. As for Cyrus – definetly the most popular Male dancer of the whole season – a very brave young man to take on all the different dance techniques and to deal with America’s top choreographers. I think the judges were wonderful throughout altho I did not like NIgel’s comment to Cyrus about not voting for him – not really acceptable. I hope the show returns for a new Season. We love it here in South Africa. Denise Tuffin Plettenberg Bay REp of South Africa

  48. Noluthando says:

    Cyrus my fav. All round – not trained to dance but he has it in him and has the spirit just as well. Chehon and Elana were great dancers so i guess it fair. I look forward to seeing more of Cyrus doing his thang!!! Thando from South Africa- Pietermaritzburg

  49. Not fair, Cyrus shuld have won! He was the best.