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How I Met Your Mother Bosses: 'We're Writing This Season Like It's the End'

How I Met Your Mother Last SeasonIs How I Met Your Mother preparing for its swan song?

Although there’s a chance that the CBS sitcom could continue for a ninth season, cocreators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays are treating the upcoming Season 8 as if its their last. In fact, the premiere (airing next Monday at 8/7c) “is the first episode of the final season of How I Met Your Mother,” Thomas told a group of reporters on Tuesday.

“I don’t feel like we altered it because of not knowing if it’s the end,” he asserted. “We’re writing this season like it’s the end.”

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However, there’s still a possibility that HIMYM will live on, as negotiations are currently taking place between the studio, network and actors to extend the series. That puts Thomas and Bays in the position of needing “to have a Plan A and a Plan B going.”

But as time goes on and the future of the hit comedy remains uncertain, “it gets more and more difficult,” Bays admitted. “It’s going to be more and more work that we have to throw out if this isn’t our last season. We’d like to know as soon as possible.”

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Thomas used stronger words, saying, “We’re going to need to know pretty soon,” because the writers are fast “approaching the moment where those two [plans] would diverge.”

Whether this is the last chapter of the gang’s saga or the jumping off point for another year of comedic misadventures, the EPs are happy either way. “If this is the last season… it’s everything we ever dreamed of and more,” shared Bays. “Eight seasons is great. That being said, do we have a ninth season in us? Absolutely.”

“But wrapping it up in Season 8 would be amazing,” Thomas noted. “There’s a part of us as writers that [is] drawn to that. It’s exciting. We get to answer everything. Every episode of the season is so much more important because of that. [That’s] something sort of thrilling and very nostalgic and sad to think about, but it’d be exciting to write.”

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Should talks take them down another path to renewal, the showrunners are willing to rule out one possible scenario: Continuing the show without one or more of its original cast members. “We would never. Never ever ever,” reassured Thomas. “It’s a family, and we’re finishing this thing together.”

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  1. Jerry says:

    Wrap it up by having us meet the Mother, and if a Season 9 happens show us life with the Mother! We’ve seen so many of Ted’s bad relationships that it would be unfair to not see any of his good one.

    • Plea says:

      I totally agree, the worst possible situation would be for them to get the 10th season and then not tell us who the mother is ’til 2014 to meet the mother.

      • heather says:

        We already know that by spring 2015 Ted has the baby, who was about 6 months or more so he really does need to meet her by the end of this season regardless …

    • Maggie says:

      I couldn’t agree more! How are they not writing it this way??

      • Dexx says:

        If fans don’t end up liking the chemistry between Josh Radnor and the actress who plays the mother, it may piss them off, so having her on for a full season could end up being a big mistake in that respect.

    • Lauren says:

      They should end “How I Met Your Mother” at the end of this season. Then they should do a season called “How I Married Your Mother” :)

      It will be the same acronym so it won’t get too confusing

    • Ella says:

      Agreed. It’s a little ridiculous at this point, the whole thing reaks of greed to me.

    • jenna says:

      agree completely

  2. kyle says:

    let this show wrap up, so ms sherbatsky can move on over to ABC for SHIELD.

  3. R says:

    No.. It was enough trauma to go through the ending of Friends! Please don’t make me relive it all over after 10 years!!! PLEASE!

  4. It should be their last season. I love the show but it is time to end it. Then again – I’m not totally sure they would bring the epic love story they’ve promised between Ted and the mother.

    • Babybop says:

      Agreed 100%. I love the show, but it’s run its course.

    • jen says:

      Maybe this is an unpopular opinion, but I’m pretty sure the epic love story that Ted is telling will actually turn out to be the Barney and Robin story. Really, his story with the mother will just be beginning…

      • Maggie says:

        Doesn’t he specifically say that Robin doesn’t ever have kids of her own? During the episode where Robin thinks she’s pregnant?

        • I don’t think Jen was saying that they were Robin and Barney’s kids, just that the epic love story of the series was Barney and Robin. You’re right, Ted has said Robin doesn’t have kids.

          • jen says:

            That was what I was saying :) There was even one time where he said that some other couple was the second greatest love story he ever HEARD. And since he wouldn’t “hear” his own love story, I think it has to be B/R. Or Lily and Marshall, but I feel like he would have said that. But who knows! I’m not as obsessive of a fan as some people, so I’m sure I missed some things haha.

        • jakewon says:

          Didn’t he tell those kids to whom he is telling the story at one point “and this is how i met your aunt Robin?”

  5. Alan says:

    keep it going into season 9, finish this season with ted finally meeting the mother then have the last season with whoever will be playing the mother added to the main cast.

  6. soarin829 says:

    I like the idea of meeting the mother at the end of this season and then spending next season, the last one, showing us how Ted fell in love with her and asked her to marry him. I’d be okay with that happening this season, too if she was introduced early enough.

    • Babar Suhail says:

      For us to meet the mother this season, Barney and Robin will have to get married by the end of the season, which is just too fast for them.

      • Winston says:

        I disagree. The Barney and Robyn story is all that the current season has been about. They’ve been teasing that wedding for many episodes starting a couple of years ago. And the premise of the show is that it will end when Ted meets “Your Mother.”

        SPOILER ALERT ABOUT WHO TED MARRIES: It’s already been made clear to the discerning viewer that Ted is going to meet “Your Mother” at Barney and Robyn’s wedding. She will be attending because she’s Barney’s half-sister, the daughter that Barney’s father (played by John Lithgow) tried to tell Barney about in the episode when they were hanging out together. Lithgow said he had a daughter who was a freshman at NYU and he tried to show Barney a picture, but Barney wasn’t interested. We know “Your Mother” was in the class that Ted accidentally started teaching at NYU. It’s going to be Barney’s half-sister. Bank it.

        But the show is ready to be put to bed. I’ve loved watching it, but it’s going stale.

        • Yoni Belson says:

          Ted was teaching that class at Columbia University, not NYU. So it cannot be Barney’s half sister because she was a student at NYU therefore taking NYU classes and not Columbia classes.

          • Winston says:

            Then I must be wrong (oops) about where John Lithgow said his daughter attended school–must have been Columbia.
            But I stand behind my prediction that this is who Ted will marry.
            And I, like others, have dearly loved this show for many years but am ready for it to end.

  7. hello says:

    Meeting the mother doesn’t have to be the endgame, would be interesting to see the relationship form. And Chyler Leigh needs a job

  8. justafan says:

    I think we should learn who the mother is at the end of this season and then see that relationship grow a bit for at least 1 season. I am so glad they aren’t going to try to do it without anyone though. This show is popular because of the cast and to lose anyone would destroy the whole thing.

  9. Ç says:

    at the end of the upcoming season Ted finally will meet the mother of his children, but there’s a twist, he will meet her, the audience doesn’t. If the show gets another year, Future Ted would say another crazy situations before that encounter maybe in current time or flashbacks about summer with situation that the audience never saw or another crazy idea. That’s my theory

  10. Nicole says:

    It really should be the end. Either way, if they’re saying that at most there will only be 9 seasons, that’s okay, too. The show overall has a great concept, but has been too drawn out. As everyone ages, it’s nice to see them move on with their adult lives. It will be hard to incorporate Marshall and Lily at this point, as it is, and keep it even moderately realistic.

  11. tvaddict says:

    I will continue watching either way!

  12. John says:

    I don’t see the need for any “divergence”. As mentioned simply aim for Ted to meet the kids mother and were #9 to happen roll into their story from there. Or continue it if the meeting is logically early enough in the season, say midway to 2/3’s…

  13. Isaac says:

    I’ve got to agree: we need at least one season with the mother actually in it. There’s been so much hinted about the relationship (i.e. first time Ted said he loves her at “The Wedding Bride 3,” (or 2, I forget which), the quirks that annoy other people, etc.) that it would suck not to see it. That said, I also want Colbie Smulders on SHIELD.

  14. Babar Suhail says:

    With all the commotion that will be going on this season, I think season 9 will be necessary. Otherwise everything will seem to rushed. Barney and Robin break up with their partner, they get back together, they get engaged and finally get married; it’s all too much for one season.

  15. qeee says:

    I love the idea of Chyler as “The Mother”.

  16. Sg. Grant says:

    To meet the mother we have to have Barney and Robin’s wedding, since the mother is Barney’s half-sister Carly. I’m ok with having another season of how they got married, and even another one after that of the three couples being married.

  17. Allison says:

    Definitely agree. I love this show and everyone in it, but I’d LOVE to have an entire season of answers to eight years’ worth of unanswered questions. Dragging it out over two years would water it down too much. Seeing them say they’d never continue if they didn’t have EVERYONE is comforting, though.

  18. Larry says:

    If there is a season 9, they can always let Ted meet the mother in the last episode of Season 8 and have season 9 be “How I Married Your Mother”.

  19. Ken says:

    I agree with most of the commenters here – I don’t mind season 8 ending with the wedding, and I wouldn’t even mind an abbreviated season 9 with the mother as part of the cast. But we do need some time with the mother just for closure on the series.

  20. Esaul says:

    It’s refreshing to know the show won’t continue without the whole gang. They don’t have to try to replace someone when clearly no one on the show is irreplaceable. Good for them.

  21. Gillian says:

    I’m still reeling over the fact that they cast Katie Holmes as the Slutty Pumpkin and that the Slutty Pumpkin isn’t the mother!!

  22. Jenna says:

    They could have Ted meet three or four different women at the wedding, create reasons for him to call each one, and then devote season 9 to which is the mother.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      I like this idea, and then we can still have a season 10 after that too… it’s really true that meeting the mother doesn’t have to be the end of the show… even marrying her doesn’t have to be the end. As long as they find someone who fits in well, I’ll watch this cast do anything for as long as they want to keep doing it. The show doesn’t have to still fit the name… Cougar Town anyone?

  23. tara says:

    I hope there’s a 9th season!

  24. justsomegirl says:

    I was hoping for a ninth season for so long, because I’m greedy, but now that I think about it, 8 seasons is plenty enough. They started the show with a purpose, showing us how Ted met his future wife and that purpose is almost fulfilled. We know he meets her at Barney and Robin’s wedding, which is happening this season (I think if this is the last) and the show is “How I met your mother”.

    I don’t think Ted’s love story was the main story after all, I think the show was really about Barney and Robin’s love story (I don’t believe what the creators say when they said they had only decided on Barney/Robin romance recently, because anyone can see the chemistry between those two BEFORE the Sandcastles in the Sand episode). I even said from one of the early episodes (The Purple Giraffe) when Robin burned Barney and he said “I don’t know if I like her” that they should get together, they seem like a cute couple. That time when he was paying her to say inappropriate things on the air and he whispered in her ear, how can you not feel the chemistry between those two in that short little scene? The Lemon Law when Robin was admonishing Barney for his “Lemon Law” and he hooked her up with some nerdy guy after she said “That guy could be my soul mate” and he gave her that cocky smirk and said “Bad move Scherbatsky”. Come on, the signals were right there ALL ALONG. I truly believe Carter Bays and Craig Thomas set this show for Barney and Robin to get together from the very beginning, I don’t care how much they deny that.

    A fear I have for this show is that they will drag it out and a ninth season would probably do that. I’m glad they’re adamant about not continuing with the show if any of the five actors (Cobie, Neil, Josh, Alyson, and Jason) are not on board. Although I say it’s Barney who makes the show, I know the show will only work if everyone is there. It’s the chemistry of the cast that makes the show memorable and I love how they say “We’ve become a family, and we’re going to end this like a family, together”.

  25. Sharon says:

    As long as its not Robin. I’m kind of sick of the whole Robin, Ted &, Barney storyline. Blah, it keeps resurfacing. It would be nice to see whomever he picks integrate into the group in a ninth season. I say, yes, show us who the mother is in season eight.

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