Fall TV Preview

NBC's Revolution: Are You Signing Up? Plus: Why the Cubs Didn't Win this Year's World Series

NBC’s Revolution made its broadcast debut on Monday night with a worst-case scenario premise: There’s a global blackout, rendering DVRs obsolete, with the myriad hours of recordings on them lost forever. We kid, but the power does go out in the new adventure drama from writer Eric Kripke (Supernatural) and producer J.J. Abrams (Lost).

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Picking up the action 15 years later, Ben Matheson (played by Tim Guinee), who seemed to know the power-down was coming, and his two children, the Katniss-esque archer Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) and asthma attack-prone Danny (Graham Rogers), are now living on the outskirts of Chicago. (Mom, played by Lost‘s Elizabeth Mitchell, died sometime after the blackout.) In the wake of the crisis, the militia-enforced Monroe Republic rose to power and has sent the fearsome Capt. Tom Neville (a masterful Giancarlo Esposito) to track down Ben and his brother Miles (Billy Burke) in hopes of getting intel on how to turn the lights back on. Neville’s meeting with Ben does not go so well, however. Ben ends up shot, son Danny is taken into custody and Charlie only arrives on the scene in time to hear her dying father’s last words: “You need to find Miles.”

Revolution then shifts to more of an adventure show as we travel through overgrown landscapes to Chicago, where Miles is laying low as a barkeep and doesn’t seem very thrilled to see his niece and her cohorts, which includes dad’s doctor girlfriend (Anna Lise Phillips), his best friend Aaron (Zak Orth) and Nate, a member of the militia (JD Pardo) who has infiltrated their group by being a hot guy who catches Charlie’s eye (and saves her life). When Nate’s gun-toting buddies come knocking on Miles’ door, Burke unleashes a surprising action star side, felling them all with swift sword-fighting. Traitor Boy saves Charlie’s life, again – is he just pretending to be the enemy? Or is he bad with an inkling of good?

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FUN FACT: In the original Revolution pilot, as Charlie & Co. trekked past Wrigley Field, signage indicated that the Cubs had won the final pre-apocalypse World Series in 2012. How’d they lose the championship in the final cut? “I can’t comment too much on it, only to say that the administration of the Cubs felt strongly that that shouldn’t be there,” Kripke tells TVLine. “I’m from the Midwest, and it was not meant as a dig. It was meant as a ‘Wouldn’t that be tragic irony, that I’m rooting for the Cubs and they finally won the year the world ended?’ It was about rooting for a team I have great affection for, but they didn’t see it that way. It’s their team, and I get it.” Back to the recap….

The most revolutionary reveals come in the final moments. The woman (Maria Howell) who temporarily gave Danny safe haven when he managed to escape possesses a USB pendant — just like the one Ben downloaded something onto shortly before the blackout — and a wind-up computer in her attic that makes AOL dial-up look advanced. Yet it manages do the trick and send out her message: Neville and his people were here, but they didn’t find the mysterious “it” (the USB?). Meanwhile, Miles flashes back to the night of the blackout, where he was with his buddy… Sergeant Sebastian Monroe (David Lyons)!

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Now it’s your turn, TVLiners: Hit the poll below to let us know what grade you give Revolution, then hit the comments with your theories on who’s on the other end of that computer. Is Ben really dead? And how did Monroe become the enemy?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Mike says:

    This was the worst. Esposito, please run! Run as fast as you possibly can away from this!

  2. TMW says:

    The young girl who plays Charlie is extremely bland. Jennifer Lawrence she ain’t. Bad casting mistake.

    • Dick Whitman says:

      As opposed to what could have been a “good casting mistake”? She’s not supposed to be Jennifer Lawrence, the only reason people mention Katniss is because she’s good using the bow.

      • TMW says:

        Dick, I meant that she’s in no way distinctive like Lawrence. She’s bland and uninteresting, like a 2012 Heather Graham. She’s a bad casting mistake because a vivid, interesting young actress would have been the right choice.

        • Josh says:

          Wow I couldn’t put my finger on who she looked like! You are so right. She does look like Heather Graham! I don’t think she’s terrific and agree she’s sort of bland but she’s young, so I’m going to give her the benefit of the doubt and let her grow into the role before judging her too harshly. She wasn’t TERRIBLE, nor was she terrific. She was just sort of…blah.

        • cjeffery7 says:

          i agree that her performance was underwhelming, but if you’d seen her on Being Human i think you’d be slightly more optimistic. she still needs to prove herself, but i wouldn’t go so far as to say it was casting mistake.

        • Lucifer says:

          Wait! Who says Jen Lawrence is everyone’s favorite? She’s an alright actress, but I don’t like her! This Charlie (Tracy) girl can definitely be a favorite of mine! Just because she’s good at handling bows doesn’t mean you have to compare her to Katniss (Hunger Games sucks)! Green Arrow would be a better comparison!

        • Alex says:

          Dude, “bad casting mistake” is a redundancy. “Casting mistake” says it all. Writing “bad casting mistake” and then not understanding why this is dumb makes you look really clueless.

      • Simon Jester says:

        @DickWhitman – “She’s not supposed to be Jennifer Lawrence.” I very much suspect she is. The show is a clearly designed to appeal directly to the HUNGER GAMES crowd.

        • Miranda says:

          How? Other than the whole post-apocalyptic scenarios, the two concepts are different. One has children killing children for entertainment and as a punishment that eventually leads to a new world, the other has the entire world losing power and the questions surrounding it.

    • wordsmith says:

      I don’t think she’s bland – she’s just not as dark and tortured as a lot of modern heroines seem to be. I’ve read interviews where the creators describe her as Luke Skywalker, and I think she’s interesting when viewed from that perspective.

    • Lisa says:

      Agreed. I kept wondering what the casting director was thinking when he/she case Charlie. Meh.

      I wasn’t sucked in like I was with LOST, but I’ll give it another shot but ONLY b/c of the last 2 minutes that was such a throwback to LOST and the computer in the hatch/attic. Sigh. I miss LOST.

      Also, my first impression, which I can tell from all the comments wasn’t unique, was this:
      If LOST and Hunger Games had a baby, it would’ve been this pilot episode ;-)

  3. J says:

    It wasn’t the best thing I’ve ever seen, but I’m interested enough to keep going. The twists at the end were pretty intriguing.

    • Meg says:

      I bet one of the twists is that the mom’s alive and she’s the one communicating via wind-up computer.

      • maltru says:

        That’s what I said too!

      • Allison says:

        I hope she’s alive! Elizabeth Mitchell was a big reason I checked the show out. I liked the pilot enough to watch next week. I almost didn’t bother since everything like this I enjoy (Flash Forward, Alcatraz) gets canceled but we’ll see.

        • AmbleAlong says:

          Agreed! It was not as bad as I feared, but I was sorry to learn Elizabeth Mitchell was gone so quickly. Since all Ben said was something like “she disappeared out there” to Charlie, I trust that she is out there but alive and will help in the journey. The show should not waste her talent!

          BTW, was really impressed with Burke, and the biggest twist to me was that Miles’ friend in the car during the blackout was Sebastian Monroe… (I just knew he had to be a bad guy.)

          The timing (dad knows something, blackout, slow pan around “new” world, militia arrives, dad dies, send his family to find a long-lost brother, they all get into a fight scene in Chicago, etc.) seemed like a weird Glee mashup assigned by Mr. Shue… Pacing for a two hour premiere where things could unfold more slowly with some buildup would have been helpful.

          It really felt like Kripke and Abrams already worry that they will get cancelled without any payoffs, so I do hope they actually get us caring about someone other than Miles and Monroe, though.

  4. Stormy says:

    Thank you for clearing up the last few moments for me. I was called away for a few minutes and when I came back the lady was holding the pendant and I thought it was the one Aaron had. I’m in. It was good.

  5. Taryn says:

    Looks interesting

  6. Tami says:

    What can i say, I’m a sucker for sword fights. :-) I’ll be back next week.

  7. Abby says:

    I just can’t get over how many other shows/franchises one single episode can rip-off. I get it, post-apocalypse is hard to do without treading where so many other have tread before but…really? I mean this just felt too much like a mash-up of LOST + Hunger Games + Terra Nova. It felt like NBC just had a round-table meeting and tossed out all the things that have “worked” for other shows of this type and were like “GREAT! Let’s do it!”.

    I also feel very strongly that it is against some unwritten rule for an actor to play a principle (or close) in two primetime series at the same time..I’m looking at you, Esposito.

    • dalunt says:

      Well he got killed off Breaking Bad, and is merely a guest star on Once Upon A Time.

    • Smigglesby says:

      Erinn Hayes and Paul Scheer have two jobs, so do Jeffrey Tambor and Jessica Walter now that arrested development is in production. And if you count animated roles, Walter has three series on the air.

    • jeni says:

      Eh, I disagree. If an actor is good, and can handle the schedule I say let him have at it.

    • Girish says:

      1 – Eric Kripke gave the world three absolutely brilliant, terrifying, devastatingly compelling seasons (3-5) I have ever witnessed, in his show – Supernatural! So, if NBC doesn’t put a noose around his neck, Revolution will be, at the very least, good! Just because the show had greenery and camerawork like Terra Nova doesn’t mean its going the same route. The showrunner of TN had no clue as to how to create a good show, unlike Kripke!
      2 – Hunger Games sucked! Do not even mention it!! I’ll take another Lost any day!
      3 – Esposito is a principal character only on Revolution right now. In OUAT he was a guest star and a pretty bland character at that. Breaking Bad’s shooting is over for now. He won’t go back. He’s an amazing actor, cut him some slack.

    • Abby says:

      Ok, first of all I wasn’t talking about non-network shows; I don’t count AMC shows when discussing this “rule” and I def don’t count animated shows. Secondly, it’s nothing against the actor…it’s just a tricky situation, in my opinion. I also hate when actors are cast as multiple characters on the same show (cameos, guest roles), to me..this is sort of the same thing.

      I feel that if you’re going to jump into an, in my opinion, already played out genre…you have to wow. This pilot didn’t do that for me. So many plot holes (not just in the technical stuff) but in the story itself. I’ll have to rewatch it to make sure I didn’t miss something but it seemed to me to be pretty dang easy to find the Uncle (despite knowing the city he was in..I mean, Chicago is pretty big), and it didn’t take very long to get there. That’s just one piece. This is a post-apocalyptic, post-Hunger Games/LOST/TWD/TN world…so you’re going to get those comparisons no matter how great your show was.

      • Jon says:

        Hmmmm, so you wanted them to roam around randomly for 10 episodes before finding him? They also probably cut out scenes of them asking for Miles at other places to save time. Just a little imagination from your end goes a long way…

      • raven says:

        Actually, her dad told her she could find him at The Grand.

      • amelie says:

        We don’t know where they were coming from – they could have been coming from any of the suburbs of Chicago so it could have simply not taken very long to get there. And yes, her dad told her that he’d be at that specific hotel.

  8. JustOFO says:

    how something so high concept has so little wattage (excitement) baffled me….beautiful sets though, but not enough to watch again.

  9. Patrick Maloney says:

    I really hate the comparisons people are making with Hunger Games. Y’know, there was a guy in green tights with a crossbow long before Katniss Whatever. Compare this show to what it deserves, because Hunger Games is beneath this show. Star Wars and Lord of the Rings are way more similar to the epic scope of that show. I love this show to say the least.

    • LizLiz says:

      Your going to get that comparison regardless. It came after Hunger Games & female lead with a crossbow. I think producers wanted that comparison. Come these are lost people I’m pretty sure they knew this

    • Chris says:

      I agree that the comparison to Hunger Games is forced but I do feel the similarities to Jericho are many. I loved that show but it didn’t survive so I don’t know why this same concept show would be given the green light.

  10. corey says:

    Billy Burke was better in this then the Twilight franchise

    • AND Rizzoli & Isles. I was actually surprised to see him *act*.

    • Alichat says:

      Interesting. I have always thought that Billy Burke was the best piece of casting they made in the Twilight series.

      That said, I will give the show a chance. There are plot holes, and yes, it conjures up comparisons to Lost (the AT computer) and various other shows/movies. (I had a Matrix flashback when Uncle Miles was beating all those militia guys) But I thought it was interesting, and has potential. Plus, it’s nice to see Burke in a lead role.

    • Josh says:

      Don’t forget his role in the Closer!

      So basically, Twilight equals suck for all involved.

    • Chris says:

      No, that would be Anna Kendrick.

  11. VACastlefan says:

    Since it was the only new scripted show on, I thought I’d take a look. It was painful–and that’s being generous.

  12. Am I the only one who thinks the girl looks like Jennifer Garner’s little sister?

  13. Matt says:

    It was interesting,I’ll give it another look or two before making up my mind. Anyone else get a serious Heroes vibe from it (not story, just look and feel) which probably means I’ll want to like it a lot more than I actually do.

  14. I’m intrigued. Billy can sword fight every episode and that’d be fine by me!

  15. Required Name says:

    Dumb premises, one blatant cliche after another. I kept waiting for Jeff Goldblum to materialize from the thin air and give militia “the virus”, but I guess that’s what the finale is for.

    P.S. We will NEVER run out of blonde hair dye, apocalypses notwithstanding.

  16. One more thing: the computer at the end reminded me of Fringe and the “typewriter” but I love Fringe, so that’s a good thing.

  17. StupidPeopleShutUp says:

    Eh. Seen better, seen worse. I liked the scenic design. Casting was all over the map. I’ll give it another viewing.

  18. Gretchen says:

    I couldn’t understand how Charlie, et al, we’re able to locate Miles so quickly and easily yet the militia had been searching for him for a while. Also, did no one consider solar energy?!?

    • Alichat says:

      I was wondering about that as well. And steam engines…..could they not travel by steam engine?

      • Sg. Grant says:

        This is what I was immediately thinking. Even though physics has gone crazy, I’m pretty sure water still boils.

      • Nikkobaud says:

        That was my reaction to the show’s premise: they went straight from the 21st century back to the 18th century, totally bypassing the 19th century and age of steam, you know: steam engines, steam-powered factories, steam ships, railroads — see “Hell on Wheels” if you’ve forgotten steam locomotives and there’s even a shot of an abandoned railway line — even steam automobiles. It undermines the series’ most basic premise. As if all knowledge was stored electronically. Real books and libraries, anyone? And my first reaction on seeing the woman with the crossbow was to think the show is going to feed on “The Hunger Games”. Still, considered just as a contrived adventure fantasy about good guys defeating the forces of evil yet again (yes, it still needs to be done), it might watchable — just not believable.

    • R Carr says:

      Hopefully this will be explained. Sure, most modern cars have computers that could go out, but there are plenty of vehicles that have no computers associated with them. We got along pretty good before the ~1960s.

    • Girish says:

      Well, Miles was obviously lying about his identity for years. They ‘found’ him after he realized she was his niece and confessed.

    • John says:

      Solar panels and other stuff are needed to create solar energy. Don’t think people had all the necessary equipment or time to go into that. Or if they did, maybe something is stopping the devices from working.
      To add to the above commenter, Charlie’s father also told her where exactly Miles was before he died – Chicago.

    • nick1372 says:

      It’s not that they couldn’t make it, but they couldn’t harvest it and make it travel to the machines, because there’s no electricity. It’s just not possible.

    • TC says:

      Solar panels create electricity… so in this show that wouldn’t work.

      However, there was a time when cars were powered by steam, and steam locomotives, steamships, and steam turbines to power machines that could be used in factories. Water power too and windmills. Bullets were manufactured before electricity, swords and crossbows would still be outdated weapons.

      The whole no- electricity premise was not well thought out, IMO.

      Finally, the woman uses a trinket to fire-up a computer to send a message which is immediately answered… what??? Someone on the other end is spending 24 hours a day with electricity and waiting for messages — how boring for them!

    • L says:

      Just before her dad died he told her she could find him at The Grand in Chicago.

  19. Amanda says:

    I have to say I really enjoyed – which seems to vastly differ from the comments here. I think once we get into the meat of this story it can catch on to something wonderful.

  20. Tammy says:

    It was better than I thought it would be but that’s not saying much because I thought it looked horrible during the million commercials over the Olympics. I only watched it because I happened to have The Voice on while doing some stuff around the house. I will give it one or two more episodes to hook me.

  21. Ella says:

    I have Castle and Hawaii Five-0….so the DVR is full at that time ;-)

  22. Drew says:

    It has to be Elizabeth Mitchell on the other end of the PC at the end of the premier episode. The exposition said she died, but I’d bet there’s a bigger story here for Mama Matheson.

  23. Heather says:

    Elizabeth Mitchell’s chracter is alive until flashback proves otherwise!

  24. tlbrownlie says:

    It’s not as good in the apocalyptic category as Jericho was but it has promise.

  25. samaxe794 says:

    Had high hopes, but the pilot felt weak to me. I thought the sword fight and muzzle loaders was a bit silly consider a regular gun should work just fine. Unless there is just no more ammo left or something. But still, you can reload ammo without electricity. I’ll watch it and give it more time but there were a lot of plot holes.

    • Lola says:

      I got the impression that the militia had rounded up most of the guns, since there was that part at the beginning where they said to a ‘villager’ (for lack of a better descriptor) that owning a gun was a ‘hanging’ offense. And, clearly, guns work – Esposito had one.

  26. QuinnMallory says:

    In the original pilot for this (which I saw few months ago before they recast the mother role with Elizabeth Mitchell), the mom was somehow working with Monroe. They apparently decided to not do that. Interesting…

    • YowzaPowza says:

      I saw this also. It will likely be a similar story, unless they did some serious reworking. Also, the reveal of Monroe being the father’s friend at the end was strange, as in the original pilot we already knew he was his friend but hadn’t seen him. The reveal in the pilot was that Monrie was the main baddie, not that the main baddie Monroe, was the father’s friend. This seemed kind of unnecessary. No?

  27. Chester says:


  28. TaMara says:

    Eh. It was good enough to waste an hour after Bones and the Voice tonight, but I found myself wishing we’d actually followed the people after the blackout instead of jump 15 years. I probably won’t tune in again (Castle).

    • Jacob says:

      My gut tells me they’re trying to tell a different kind of story than say The Walking Dead or Falling Skies. I see what you mean, but I was actually happy they jumped ahead. Getting a little sick of the “survivors band together to face a new and unknown world.” Curious to see what kind of stories they’ll tell.

  29. ABC says:

    Two words: Magic. Amulets.

    That means I’m out.

  30. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I didn’t watch it. It looked like a tamed down version of Walking Dead to me without the zombies. And I do think it’s NBC’s way of trying to ride AMC’s coattails. I probably won’t try it unless it gets incredible reviews along with a few recommendations from friends I trust. And even then I would probably wait until the 1st season finished up. No time for new shows right now anyway. I’ve just discovered The Wire! Gotta see how far I can get in that before Treme, Dexter, Homeland, and Walking Dead make their debuts in the next few weeks.

    • jim telly says:

      The show seems to be a rip-off of Jericho down to the mysterious african-american with a working computer and a source of power.

  31. Jon says:

    Count me out on this one.

  32. Jacob says:

    Not a killer pilot, but intriguing. Could prove interesting, just as long as audiences stick around long enough to let us see what happens…

  33. The Kaibosh says:

    Yeah we’re supposed to believe THAT guy is sickly and asthmatic. Yeah. Sure. Whatever. Also why are they using muskets? The US has more guns than anywhere else in the world. Gun ownership is practically a religion. We’re supposed to believe only a handful of people have real guns and the rest are relegated to using arrows and muskets? Seriously?

    • samaxe794 says:

      Had the same feeling. I kinda laughed when they had Espisito’s character say “owning a gun is a hangin’ offense.” ROFL. So the power goes out and we simultaneously go back to the wild west with hangin’s, pirates with the sword fights, the civil war with muskets, and Robin Hood with the arrows lol. And then we have a magic amulet that is really a usb drive with a program on it. We’ll see, but I am betting this is a miss for NBC.

      • C says:

        keep in mind its been 15 years since the blackout, normal bullets for normal guns might be harder to make from scratch than muskets. i don’t know that for sure, just pointing out that after 15 years you’ll start running out of certain things

      • Alex says:

        I can see how people with low IQ can come to these conclusions. Disappointing really.

        • Alex says:

          That was intended towards Kaibosh and samaxe, not the show’s logic which is just fine.

          • samaxe794 says:

            lol, being a physician I am willing to wager that my IQ is at least twice what yours is, especially if you buy the ridiculous premise for this show. Magic USB amulets must make a lot of sense to people with an IQ of 70 I guess….. The only thing that would be hard to come buy when making bullets would be the primer. But please, keep making that tired and ridiculously poor argument that people who see through the glaring plot holes in a show you like are “just too dumb to understand.” This show is actually targeted at stupid people that don’t understand physics, or reality for that matter, so guess where you fall since you like it ;)

          • Alex says:

            I’m a design engineer in mechanical field and so, no. Your IQ isn’t as high as mine. Physicians are boring. The only real flaw in the pilot was the crashing of the plane in an almost vertical angle. And the ‘reality’ in this situation is, its been 15 years since the blackout, there’s no democracy, the militia have acquired every gun they could and bullets aren’t easy to make with no power and an oppressive regime at hand. So, its all sensible! Some device is actually stopping all the devices that run on electricity from functioning (maybe even others which doesn’t rely on electricity. Who knows). That’s no ‘magic’ amulet. Its a communicating device of sorts which cuts through the blanket. Its a science ‘fiction’ show which you’d know had you actually viewed it properly. So, shut it!

          • The Kaibosh says:

            Dude. 1) You’re a douche. 2) For someone as smart as you claim to be (so very school yard “I’m smarter than you” sad really) you’re not showing yourself to be very bright. You’re predicating your response on certain assumptions that just aren’t there. My original comment was saying that it was unreasonable to expect that in 15 years so many of the country’s weapons and ammo would have disappeared. It does defy logic regardless of what a typical design engineer might think. Understand also that I wasn’t challenging the whole show; just the two items I mentioned. In the future try not to make personal attacks. You might get a response you don’t like.

      • jim telly says:

        The revolutionary war was fought with muskets not the civil war. (maybe a sly reference to the title)

    • Dirty n8 says:

      Its a tv show. People need to chill out. If you didn’t like it and don’t wanna watch, don’t watch. Don’t bash on people if they liked it. Nobody said this is suppose to feel real or anything like that. Every show has flaws in reality if that’s what keeps you from watching I feel bad for you. Its called an imagination. Try kicking back and enjoying something. Miserable f#*%

    • teatime says:

      My guess is all the registered guns were confiscated. So the more irregular weaponry is what is still available to those not in the militia.
      Either way, I don’t think it is a critical issue. If I can ignore that the Walking Dead folks can’t find about 5 years worth of food and other supplies in a single remote Walmart, I am not going to be too critical yet of the characters in this show not having fancier fire arms.

  34. cjeffery7 says:

    underwhelming in that i didn’t find it particularly exciting to watch; there wasn’t anything in the pilot that hadn’t already been previewed in one form or another; will watch it again as i’m a sucker for the genre and i’m interested in seeing new material.

  35. Morgen says:

    Nice twists at the end, but not having Elizabeth Mitchell as a full-lead character in the ‘present’ storyline is a mistake. She should have been the lead character, not the bland Katniss clone.

    • mia says:

      I completely agree. Mitchell is probably their biggest draw for audiences and to not feature her more prominently is a mistake. Hopefully she’ll become more involved as the series goes on (especially after we find out she isnt dead).

  36. Emily says:

    I hope this doesn’t turn into a show where the kids are insufferable. Terra Nova, I”m looking at you. Carl from TWD is starting to fit that description too.

  37. samaxe794 says:

    My guess is the plot is going to be some super secret government experiment to shut off power and kill off most of the population NWO style. Eventually something worse than the militia is going to come along.

  38. Mary says:

    I give it a U for undecided. Maybe after next week’s episode.

  39. Peter says:

    Charlie was a terrible heroine. She can somehow avoid not getting dirty (despite travelling on foot with no clear source how the hell they keep everything so clean) but in a scene dedicated to showing how awesome all the characters are she kills a guy she ambushed from behind and then had to get saved by blandy mctraitor von loveinterest? Yeah its no wonder the actress isn’t getting the first credit…

    • Alex says:

      If you want that young girl to have first credit over Esposito, Burke, Mitchell and numerous other great actors on this show, then you, my friend, have serious problems. She was fine. Did you know its quite logical to assume that there were water sources while they travelled (they even showed one)! Also, this show is on network tv! What did you expect? But yeah, that bad/good guy was bland.

      • samaxe794 says:

        There is seriously nothing more entertaining than when a stupid person tries to explain glaring inconsistencies in network TV as being logical. I bet you think that Medical dramas that show ER doctors defibrillating people in asystole are medically accurate too. Or even better when they show someone lying there in asystole who just spontaneously develops a heartbeat, gasps, and wakes up. Yes, TV is logical lol.

        • Alex says:

          I hate med dramas, my dear physician!

        • Dirty n8 says:

          Thank you couldn’t have said it better myself

          • Snow says:

            ITA with Alex!!! Other shows do you have stupid inconsistencies but this show didnt have that much!! You went off topic there!!

        • murley says:

          Your comparison doesn’t really work because you are talking about known circumstances (a patient in asystole in a modern e.r.) versus what the reality of a world without any electricity would be like 15 years in- a complete unknown or at the very least totally speculative scenario. when watching a show based on that kind of premise a certain amount of leeway for the creators to establish the rules of their INVENTED world is required. otherwise you’re just that d-bag who is constantly saying ” that would never happen”.

  40. Renee says:

    I like it. It really started to pick up towards the end which is good. I don’t think the Charlie girl is memorable at all. Hopefully we will get some good character development to make up for that. Love Giancarlo. Will tune in next week.

  41. GeoDiva says:

    Will stick around for a few more episodes. I fully expect Elizabeth Mitchell to be alive by the season finale.

  42. Tara says:

    My husband and I really enjoyed it. Even set the DVR to record the series!

  43. Scott says:

    Sorry but no. There are just too many holes… I was actually wondering how, after 15 years of no electricity, they were still able to produce those GAP looking clothes. The colors, new looking plastic buttons, and did anyone notice their shoes? Why is everyone so clean?

    As for the weapons… I suppose semi/auto weapons could be for higher ranking militia only, but where do the seeminly endless supply of factory made arrows come from? C’mon now, that cul-de-sac? Reminded me of desperate housewives.

    The action was very bland and the sword fighing scene horrible. Soon as I saw “Danny” I felt a sense of here we go again. Another overly muscled young guy in a tight fitting shirt, which one would expect to see on almost every CW show.

    Magic amulets that run computers connected to some sort of network… This belongs on the CW for the tweenies enjoyment. Way too nonsensical for my taste. I think this show will tank in that time slot, on that network, and in general.

  44. Dirty n8 says:

    I was really excited for this show although I was a little let down it wasn’t a total waste. I really like the idea and I’m hoping it comes through. I’m not a person who looks for holes in a show or a “this makes no sense” person. So I will keep watching and I’m hoping that it picks up and becomes the show I know it can be. Lost is my fav show of all time have complete br dvd set and I love it. Hope jj gives us another great series.

    I know a lot of people didn’t care for it I just hope people give it a chance. I hate when shows I like get canned. Just give it time

  45. Elyse says:

    i loved it!

  46. Patricia says:

    I thought the show was ok, I’ll watch it again next week. It has potential. It’s so obvious that the mom didn’t die, she’ll be popping up soon

  47. Sue says:

    I don’t kno wat ur all complaining is bout I thought it wad really good! Hooked already!

  48. Jodee says:

    I liked it and will definitely tune in next week. Hope that lots of people tuned in because it would be a shame to see a show with such promise get cancelled.

  49. mia says:

    I actually quite enjoyed it; there are some issues (and every pilot has them). I like the fact that there’s so many interesting women in leading roles on the show; that alone will keep me watching for the season. I didn’t mind the main girl, hopefully she’ll improve as the series goes on but for now she was good enough.
    My only real issue is how racist this show is. All of the bad people are people of colour. And all of the good people are white. That is SO not okay. The woman at the end is perhaps the only suggestion that not all people of colour are evil…but really? One person who is good compared to the rest of them?

    • Jess says:

      What? Did we watch the same show? No, all of the bad people are not people of color. The worst person, the most evil one? General Monroe? He is white. The entire militia was not made up of colored people. The only ‘bad’ colored person in the show was played by Esposito, and that is because he’s an awesome actor who can pull it off. Pretty sure those bandits on the plane were white too, but to be honest I can’t really remember all that well because it’s not something I concentrate on; I pay attention to the characters and the story, not what the actors look like. I don’t think it’s the show that is racist here – looks like you’re the one with the problem.

  50. WenRaz says:

    Billy Burke kicking butt Aragorn-style. This is all that is required to keep me tuning in.