Christine Baranski Laments Good Wife Emmy Snub, Teases 'Cataclysmic' Season 4

Christine Baranski The Good WifeAlthough she’s been nominated for an Emmy nine times, Christine Baranski says she’s still psyched about being in the running Sunday night — and, after reading her Q&A with TVLine, you’re likely to believe her.

In it, the Emmy winner (for Cybill in 1996) not only explains why this nod for The Good Wife is so significant to her but also picks her favorite scene from Season 3 (it involves Will), previews Season 4 (the pink slips are flying at LG) and reveals her hopes for a return engagement on The Big Bang Theory.

TVLINE | You’ve spoken at length about “Alienation of Affection” being your favorite Diane episode from last season, but what was your favorite Diane scene?
It was the scene where I confront Will and tell him to stop having the affair [with Alicia in “Whiskey Tango Foxtrot”]. It was very powerful. I certainly think if [Emmy rules allowed nominees] to submit one scene for consideration, that’s the one I would’ve submitted. But they asked for a whole episode. And in that episode I had a few other good scenes, but it wasn’t as rich in terms of time spent on screen [as “Alienation of Affection”].

TVLINE | You’re a seasoned pro at the Emmy thing. What has it meant to get these nominations for The Good Wife?
These nominations have meant a lot to me because they’re for work done as a dramatic actress, and I have not done a lot of dramatic work. So to be recognized for excellence in that medium is very, very special to me at this stage in my career.

TVLINE | Was this year’s nod bittersweet in light of the show getting snubbed in the best drama series category?
It’s really a bummer. Why is our show even having to compete with these gigantic, lavishly produced cable shows that only do 10 episodes a year? It’s not a level playing field at all.

TVLINE | Looking ahead to Season 4, it sounds like Diane is going to have her hands full saving the firm from financial ruin.
Oh my God, poor Diane. It’s a really low point. I think it’s the lowest point you’ve seen the firm at. It’s just really bad. My first scene starts in bankruptcy court — we’re $60 million in debt and she’s pleading her case. We have to have a trustee [played by Nathan Lane] come on board to basically take over our finances. We’re facing liquidation. I’m not sure it gets any worse than that. People are getting fired left and right; it’s pretty cataclysmic. I like the fact that what we’re doing on the show is reflective of the times we’re living in. Everybody kind of thought the recession was over, but, actually, it’s really not.

TVLINE | Are Diane’s two male suitors (played by Bryan Brown and Gary Cole) still in the picture?
I think they’re going to keep both of those men in play because it’s been so successful. People have loved seeing Diane with both those guys. And I, of course as an actress, love getting to show that aspect of the character. She actually does have a personal life — she just doesn’t go home at night and drink. She gets out there and has a life.

TVLINE | Lastly, any plans to go back to The Big Bang Theory?
Yes. I’ve been in communication with [exec producer] Chuck [Lorre]. I’m really hoping this year we can work out at least one episode. It’s just a blast to do Diane and then go and do Beverly — I play a lawyer and then a neuroscientist.

The 64th annual Primetime Emmy ceremony airs this Sunday at 8/7c on ABC. The Good Wife kicks off its fourth season on Sunday, Sept. 30 at 9/8c on CBS. 

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  1. Will says:

    She is so well spoken, I like that. But she also sounds very pretentious, lol. Must be the new yorker theater actress in her…

  2. tp says:

    “Everybody kind of thought the recession was over, but, actually, it’s really not.” Truest line I ever read. I’m glad the show is sticking to some form of reality I just don’t want it to get too realistic. I see enough places going out of business in real life. I don’t want to see it on my “escape boox”. Can’t wait for the new season.

  3. Cathy says:

    Is there really anyone better than her out there? Just love her, and hope she gets to be back on BBT, too.

  4. omabin says:

    I love Christine Baranski. I also like Archie, but I somehow think she is a tad overrated and would much rather have seen Christine won the Emmy 2 years ago, so I am really pulling for her this time around. I really love her acting and she seems very classy as well. Also, Dianne is my favorite character on The Good Wife. Speaking of the show, I am really eager for the new season to begin, these financial issues they will have seem like they will be amazing, cant wait to see how everyone deals

  5. mia says:

    Diane is my favourite character on TGW and Baranski is just so classy and remarkable. I love her. Looking forward to hopefully seeing her back on TBBT; her and Parsons are SO funny together

  6. Kim R says:

    Could not agree with her more about the playing field at the Emmys not being level. I really don’t understand why the powers that be don’t fix this. I stopped watching the Emmys for the most part because of this.

  7. bobbie says:

    She really brings a scene to life. Just love her

  8. Saint Alicia says:

    Thanks for the interview, Mike! Ms. Baranski always has interesting and intelligent things to share. As for the TV playing field not being level, regardless of that, this season TGW was just plain BETTER than Downton Abbey and maybe even GoT. Downton’s second season was a hot mess (while TGW continues to be immaculate) and GoT’s second outing was actually a bit lackluster (if you aren’t distracted by SFX/explosions etc). Plain and simple, TGW was robbed on merit alone.

  9. Ella says:

    I love Christine but that jab about the cable shows was uncalled for.

  10. Chris says:

    She’s right though…the pressure from a broadcast network to produce a 22 episode season (dealing with ratings, advertising sponsors and censors). As opposed to a cable network 10 to 13 episode season– which have more freedom creatively and don’t have to stretch out storylines over twice as many episodes. … The playing field just isn’t level. I think the Emmys should split the categories into two sections (network and cable) or network shows should switch to 13 episode seasons.

  11. Tatiane says:

    I just love Christine on both shows, I think I love her a little bit more in TBBT. It’s nice to know she wants to do more episodes :-)

  12. Pat says:

    I love her. And I hope she finally wins that well deserved Emmy.

  13. Shaun says:

    They should just split up Broadcast tv award from Cable tv award.Then both mediums can be honored.