Exclusive Walking Dead First Look: The Zombies (Literally) Fence In the Survivors!

As the Oct. 14 return of The Walking Dead nears, we’re getting a clearer picture of just how dire the survivors’ situation is — thanks to, literally, a picture.

In the exclusive first look from Season 3 below, we see our heroes inside the gates of the prison in which they’ll seek refuge, a pack of walkers only a chain link away. So, on one hand, they’re “safe,” and on the other, they’re trapped.

Our interpretation: Yikes!

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“I’m excited,” executive producer Robert Kirkman previously told TVLine. “There are new characters [coming] and a new tone. We’ve done some really cool stuff.”

Including the evolving of little Carl, which you can almost see for yourself in the second photo. Not only has Chandler Riggs grown into his character’s (no longer quite so) oversized sheriff’s hat, but his glare says, “I mean business!”

“He’s very much a part of the group now,” Kirkman has said. He’s “in the mix in really startling ways.”

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So, what do you think? Anxious to get back into AMC’s monster hit? And what are you most looking forward to — meeting David Morrissey’s Governor, getting to know Danai Gurira’s Michonne or… something else entirely? Hit the comments.

Photo Credit: Gene Page/AMC

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  1. Mina says:

    Needs more Daryl. These pictures, the show, my life…

  2. RJ says:

    I hope they kill of Carl. Annoying kid.

  3. Raul says:

    I’m most excited to have good ‘ol Merle back

  4. tisha madsen says:

    cannot wait for this upcoming season!! Love Love this show!! please don’t end it like their doing BB next summer!!

    • Lanello says:

      omg how sic was BB whoa the things they get away with doing on that show.wow im gonna MISS good ole Mr. White I mean (hiezenberg) or whatever that name is,but hey Mike yeah like that charactor bigtime. oh and please someone kille or gag hanks wife PLEASE>

  5. Jack says:

    What am I looking forward to? All of the above. 10/14 cannot come soon enough..

  6. Hurley says:

    The first photo is very cool…

  7. Omar says:

    I love Rick, Daryl, Beth, Carol, Carl, Maggie and Andrea! I hope they kill the black guy, and Lori… even Hershel.

  8. Michelle says:

    We’re waiting & hoping Lori is eaten. She’s the reason Shane’s dead & Dale’s dead because of Carl which I’d rather see the wife & kid take the place of Shane & Dale. As my husband say’s Dale was the reason part of the group & Shane was the muscle of the group & did whatever he had 2. It’s BS that because Rick’s wife f***’s his best friend & ends up carrying 1 of the 2’s baby then tells Shane what she does just makes her unlikable character. Every “plan” Rick has had caused a death to someone. I’m not saying to kill him off but the wife should’ve taken Shane’s place!!! We can’t wait til she gets eaten!!!!! The groups falling apart because of their actions & the death of 2 important character’s such BS!! Please have the wife eaten so we can be done with that dumb drama causing beep!! She doesn’t deserve 2 be part of the group anymore!

    • Cate says:

      Death to Lori! Preferably along the lines of the comics, but really, I’ll take anything.

    • Pam says:

      I’m still mad that Shane was killed off. I would much rather had Lori go. They needed Shane and she drove him to crazy. I like Andrea, strong woman that knows what has to be done.

    • Adri says:

      I agree they should have killed Lori off instead of Shane. Would have made a better story for two men to lose their love and work together to survive and to get over the heart break even though they loved the same woman. Would have been a way better story line plus I just want her gone. Like the post above say I don’t care how they do it just get her out of there!!

    • Lanello says:

      something needs to be done about Lori cause i cant see how anybody is gonna be able to survive any and all zombie attacks when a crying baby is gonna get ya all kill sooner or later… yep i can see it now “the tribe has spoken baby you need to go byeeee oh and dont forget your tramp mom too”dont need her fin someone else again putting all our lives on the line AGAIN… Bitch make yourself useful DAMN even beth did more than Lori ever did . im just sayin i hate her whoring ass.

  9. Scott Revels says:

    *SPOILER (but not so much really)*

    The great thing about Carl in the comics is that he does in fact come into his own. He becomes a valuable help to the group. He matures as a character to the point where he becomes a confidant to Rick. When Rick can’t confide his plans or feelings to anyone else, he always has Carl.

    • Lanello says:

      but the fact that his son is deranged psycho is gonna go right over his head too.Just like all the “your bff is an F-in wife humpin jealous hatin son stealing hates you cause he aint you being SOB flags “. ahh poor rick . he should shoot Lori . 2 birds 1 stone?

  10. Deb says:

    The thing i’m most looking forward to is the Dixon family reunion….ever since Daryl has become more a member of the group and started truly caring for the people, i’ve been dying to see it. i think it’s fair to assume it’ll be the same old Merle, and i want, NEED to believe when push comes to shove Daryl will stand for the group, but at the end of the day he’s still very much a wild card and may (please God no!) go back to Merle, simply because it’s been ingrained in him for 40 years or so…

    Is it the 14th yet?!?!?!?!

  11. TheSquatch says:

    Woohoo! It’s the 14th! Oh.. wait.. Crud! Wrong month. Hrmph.

  12. JR3 says:

    Considering DishTv still doesnt have AMC , I WILL be switching to DirectTv very soon .. DishTv YOU SUK !

  13. Dirty n8 says:

    Omg I can’t wait for this day to come. Best show on tv we’ll that and break. Bad. Amc is so hot with there programing I hope they keep it up. Do not cancel this please bb is enough I can’t deal with this shutting down too.

    I know the show is diff from the comics so its tough to tell what will happen with carl. I hope lori gets eating real soon. Carl might jave to go to only cause of filming he’s gonna be getting bigger soon and I think time is moving to slow to keep him around.

    Oct 14 let’s go to the prison and kill some zombies

  14. Jeff says:

    If Carl is wearing a Blackwater t-shirt, nice touch!

  15. JT says:

    I’m hoping that Carol wakes up. The time for cowering in the corner and screaming for help ended when the dead started coming back to life. The previews seem to show that she’s willing to take care of herself a bit more, which is good. As far as expendable characters go, kill Lori. She’s useless, unless you need some laundry hung up.

  16. Marko says:

    Omg I can’t wait for this day to come . It feel like forever lol .

  17. Looter says:

    Can someone tell me how they plan to deal with Carl growing up fast, as little kids do, but the story appears to be taking place over a period of a few months, not a few years. If this show lasts much longer Carl will be a strapping teenage boy but the story will have progressed what, 1 year? Come on.

  18. Emily says:

    Daryl is where it’s at

  19. B W says:

    Carl is a great character in the comics. Imagine what a world like this would do to a kid’s personality and outlook. I hope they do a good job with it on the show.

  20. nickgohring says:

    I am so excited to see how this season plays out! I’ve been reading the comics and Governor novel. So ready to see the twist with different characters in the same locations!

  21. Rhiannon J says:

    I want to see more Zombies, More Action, More Daryl, and can’t wait to see if they have Michael Rooker come back as Daryl’s Jackass brother! TWD is My Husband’s and My Favorite show we have been watching since the original Season One Air Date!!!! We <3 TWD!!!

  22. Melinda says:

    I agree……we need a lot more Daryl!

  23. Fernanda Prevedello says:

    Carls is soooo cute ^^

  24. Rob Two Eagle says:

    They need to kill off Lori, she’s annoying and just wanna kill her lol… they should keep Carl though he can become a strong individual… and I want them to keep T Dogg he is probably one of my fav characters of the show! They could turn Carol into Night of the Living Dead’s Barbara(Tom Savani verison) because she looks like that actress plus under the right circumstances she could become a major bad ass

  25. Adam Martin says:

    It’s not a Blackwater T-Shirt its a comic that some people on the show made. Atomic dog or something like that.

  26. Rebecca says:

    yeah i would be looking forward dick network would get amc back :'(

  27. diggity says:

    Its all fun and games until carl loses an eye!

  28. Mikel says:

    I’m wondering why I can’t see Hershel on the other photos? Will he die?

  29. I want to see more of Darryle with his shirt of killing more of those walkers, he is just so damn sexy, and Lori needs to be shot and the kid he is just a waste of a character.. also if you have read any of the books to this series, the kid is a little sicko.. so just saying more no shirt on Darryle.. and mmmmmmmmmm



  31. Estevan says:

    We got enough Daryl lol
    Where does TDog come in the mix. He hardly ever speaks anymore. It’s almost like earl completes TDog

  32. Phil Bowers says:

    lol its funny to read comments from the noobs who know nothing about whats happening in the comic book version and even worst to read comments from those who have read them and yet are still talking about someone being safe because they are alive in the comics

  33. elise says:

    I’m gonna miss the canibals… haha

  34. Sheila says:

    Can’t wait til season 3. I really can’t stand Lori hope she gets eaten

  35. Mick says:

    I would think that less people should die since everyone should be more savvy about living in the zombie apocalypse. I get plenty scared watching the crew fight and run…I don’t need the roller coaster of caring about characters and then watching them get killed.

  36. Beth says:

    Daryl is so HOT! If I was facing zombies I would want him with me. Can’t wait for season 3! It’s going to be a great ride.

  37. Mike says:

    They wont kill Lori. She is pregnant. TV cliche rules apply, big birth scene somewhere along the way. Then someone will get married in a “very special” episode.
    Bla bla.
    At least Dale got it. They wasted half a season with him sermonizing nonstop. If he said “lets all stop for a moment and think about this” aka, stop the expensive awesome action scenes. I was gonna puke.

    • diggity says:

      Dale was a better character in the Comic for certain.

    • Alex Cutler says:

      In the comic Lori was killed after she had the baby as they where escaping from the prison she was shot in the back holding the baby and they where both killed

    • Georgia S says:

      If Lori does carry the baby full term, I wonder if the child will carry the virus as well, and then that will bring up all kinds of issues. I don’t want to read ahead of the tv show as far as the comics are concerned. I’d rather see everything just play out. Also don’t want anyone in the core group to “die” even though I know it will happen. They are evolving into stronger characters, which they have to to stay alive. Since everyone knows that they all carry the virus, will anyone choose to end their own life, or ask someone to help them?

    • Lanello says:

      thats not tv cliche rules thats fcc law about children senoirs and animals . well it can happen but they cant actually broadcast that kind of stuff.

  38. Alex Cutler says:

    If they follow the same story as the comics for the prison it will be awesome but something tells me Rick won’t be losing his hand

  39. Red says:

    Did anyone else notice carl has a gun on his right arm? And it has a silencer attached to it…

  40. So excited for Michonne! Need more Daryl though :)

  41. one-riot-one-ranger says:

    Red Rover
    Red Rover
    don’t let the zombies come over…..

  42. MSJ says:

    The show doesnt follow the comic, first off…secondly did you really think they were gonna kill the ones they have already? T-Dawg for life!

  43. Christina says:

    I hope Andrea gets killed early in this season cause she is a terrible actress.

  44. mags says:

    It worries me that a regular is going to die. Just don’t kill my Daryl! He’s my favorite character! New season in just 25 days! I can’t wait!

    • Swift says:

      Daryl and his brother are not in the comic at all, so their fates are completely in the wind. T-Dawg is also not in the original story, but I assumed he was supposed to be Tyreese (a former NFL player) who comes in just before they find the Farm with his daughter and her boyfriend. If so, he’s a poor version of Ty, who’s the major badass of the group (along with Michonne) through the whole Prison Era. I hope they bring him in or do more to bring T-Dawg in line with that character (don’t see that happening). The fact is, the tv show has deviated so much from the comic that nothing in the comic can be taken for granted. Way too many plot and character changes to list (though I’m sure someone has somewhere). I’m glad for it, because it keeps the show from being predictable, and I approve of a lot of the changes. Other than Dale, I think they’ve largely improved the story with the changes. I just hope they bring in Tyreese and his family, and revisit the Morgan storyline this season. I think the comic storyline goes to crap after the prison, so I’m curious to see what happens.

  45. greg says:

    This is the start of the i hate carl fan club… he needs his little ass whipped for last season

  46. nikki says:

    I just wanna be a walk on zombie.

  47. nikki says:

    I hope to find out where the african american man and his son are this season.

  48. Cherry says:

    I wish people would stop complaining about lori and that, they bring drama to the show and make things interesting! If they killed the dramatic people like Lori off, the show would eventually become quite boring due to lack of surprises! It keeps me intrigued anyway, better it having a good plot than the same thing over and over!

  49. Devon says:

    Hope that Dish and AMC work out their differences so I can watch it! I love love love this show! Can’t wait for new season to start even if I have to swtich to Direct!

  50. Devon says:

    Hate typos sorry!