Ratings: The Voice Beats X Factor in Head-to-Head Competition, Shows Tie for the Night

NBC’s The Voice, despite getting off to a quieter start with its third season, managed to eke out a small yet significant win over Fox’s The X Factor premiere in head-to-head competition on Wednesday night.

RECAP | Michael Slezak on The X Factor Season 2 Premiere: Oops!…They Did It Again

For the night, both singing shows averaged a 3.3 demo rating. But in their shared hour at 8 o’clock, The Voice scored a 3.3 to X Factor‘s 2.7. And in total audience, NBC outdrew Fox 10.7 million viewers to 7.5 mil.

That said, The Voice was down 6 and 17 percent from Night 2 of its three-part premiere week, and is now down 13 and 21 percent from Monday’s opening night.

Across its two-hour opener, X Factor averaged 8.5 million total viewers and the aforementioned 3.3 rating, down from both Season 1’s premiere (12.5 mil/4.4) and finale (12.6 mil/3.8). UPDATE: Per the Nielsen finals, both X Factor and The Voice were adjusted up to a 3.4 rating, maintaining the tie for the night.

In the 9 o’clock hour, the penultimate America’s Got Talent (11 mil/2.9) topped the back half of X Factor (9.5 mil, 3.8) in total audience but trailed it in the demo.

But you are all here to know about The CW’s Oh Sit! Well, it held up well against the singing shows showdown, holding onto its 0.3 rating while drawing 930,000 viewers.

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  1. Patricia says:

    Aren’t these numbers for x factor worst than the first year. I watched it but was not impressed Britney was such a spoiled bimbo everything was so staged. I bet they paid that guy Don Phillip to go audition and create that whole drama. The only thing I liked was Demi, I never cared for her before but she is actually very cute and nice.

    • lols says:

      yep, so true… Im with you.. that guy was a drama creator, and Demi was the best last night :D

    • Jon says:

      Spoiled Bimbo? Britney may have some problems but she’s no bimbo and she’s not spoiled either. She worked really heard for her career. Demi is definitely “cute and nice” but other than saying no a lot, Britney was also very sweet where it counted. She’s a very humble celebrity. If you think they paid Don Phillip, you’re stupid. The actual audition didn’t even air. There was way more to it and Britney was legitimately surprised.. plus Don tweeted and posted on FB after his audition that he was mad at Britney. So he obviously really wanted the spot on X Factor. People just need to give Britney a chance. No, she’s not the same girl she used to be but she still has something to offer and I bet X Factor will be the show to actually find a star. American Idol always finds boring singers and The Voice only cares about promoting the judges. I think people will get tired of Christina Aguilera’s obnoxious, egotistical behavior and warm up to Britney’s shy, short+sweet approach. At least Britney isn’t biased and she’s being honest. Can’t say the same for Christina.

    • KC says:

      Has anyone else noticed that almost NONE of these people can sing? I think Carly Rae Sonenclaire is the only one who’s close to star-worthy, the others just completely SUCK. “Let’s put a bunch of pretty faces who can’t sing on a TV show!”

  2. Steve says:


    Everyone was talking about how X-Factor would get 5.0+ in the ratings. I thought they were crazy.

  3. Michael says:

    Not surprised. The X Factor is all hype and gloss. Showcasing people (and judges) that are mentally ill doesn’t help either.

    • Jon says:

      That’s the only thing I’m iffy about when it comes to X Factor. Demi got a chance to get better soon into her problems but I feel that Britney is still recovering. At one point, after Don’s audition, they even low-key played her “issues” up. That really rubbed me the wrong way.

    • sara says:

      Agreed. X-Factor isn’t a talent show, it’s a freak show. If I had to describe it in one word it would be “ugly”. Blech.

  4. Alicia says:

    Of course Christina wins over Britney. She can sing!

    • Jon says:

      She can scream, that’s for sure. Anyways, that’s subjective. What a weak and pitiful argument.

      • Ugh says:

        It’s not a weak and pitiful argument. Maybe NOW Christina yells, but back in the day, most people said Christina could sing and Britney could entertain. Stop being so sensitive. They both have their strengths and weaknesses.

        • Jon says:

          It is a weak and pitiful argument. No argument can be won with a subjective opinion and perspective. Even back in the day I couldn’t stand Christina’s vocal acrobats. I’ve always preferred Britney’s tone and technique but I wouldn’t argue with someone because I think her voice is better that wouldn’t make sense because for every person who hates their voices, there’s 10 more who love them.

          • meem says:

            You mean you preferred Britney’s AUTOTUNED tone. There’s a reason she doesn’t sing live on stage, and it’s not so she can dance.

      • sara says:

        Weak and pitiful?? Huh?? Christina can most definitely sing (and I have never been a fan). Has Britney ever actually sang in a performance ever?? Britney’s career has been due to auto tune and most definitely not talent. For her to be judging a singing competition is ludicrous.

        • Jon says:

          I’m not saying she can’t sing, I’m saying I don’t like her voice. Britney has sung live in plenty of performances. First of all, she’s a performer first and a “recording artist” second. Just because she doesn’t sing live doesn’t mean she can’t sing period. And another thing, she got her record deal and recorded her first two albums with no vocal enhancing software like autotune. That was so long ago anyway. Talent is totally subjective. I FEEL Britney is 20x more talented than her but that doesn’t make it true. Same goes for your opinion, which I respect but I don’t think it can hold up in an argument.

          • meem says:

            Ummm, actually, not singing live DOES mean you can’t sing period. If you COULD sing, you WOULD sing live, just like everyone else.

          • Hmm. says:

            If you think it’s okay that Britney doesn’t/can’t sing live, then you don’t truly understand what “performing” and “being a performer” is all about.

          • I’m sorry but if I’m going to pay some serious cash to go see someone sing! they better sing! what is the point of going to see someone lip sing when you can hear the same thing on the radio or see the same thing on tv. Hearing someone on the radio vs Hearing them live is a whole different experience, and what you are paying for when you go see them live.

      • Miguel says:

        Yeah, it’s subjective. That’s why she has been praised as one of the best voices around by legends like Aretha Franklin, Etta James, Celine Dion, even Whitney Houston herself praised Christina for her voice. I don’t remember any of these vocal legends ever praising Britney! LOL

      • Sagiscor says:

        I don’t agree with this and I’m obviously NOT the only one… Christina although I don’t own a single album, don’t necessarily like her how she comes off as a person, don’t like the way she dresses and hate her taste in make-up BY FAR can outsing Britney- If that is what we are judging here- hand down Christina wins and has been praised as the voice of a generation..by many iconic voices even.Girl can sing. period. Britney has to use autotune and computers- that isn’t even in the same ball park.
        Who is a better “performer” Britney, I believe wins that one.

    • eddy says:

      OK let talk about who is really relevant..who has sold 100 mill copies and still actually touring the world… and hasnt flopped hard on the chart… thats right!!!

      • Elisabeth says:

        That’s because America likes crap. Just because something’s more popular doesn’t mean it’s better and certainly doesn’t give it any artistic merit.

        • Miguel says:

          Yeah Britney’s songs aren’t even personal to her
          It’s all fabricated by producers and her team
          The last personal song I heard from Britney was “Everytime”, about her relationship with Justin, God knows how many years ago.
          Every other song of her is all about “getting the guy at the club”, generic as it gets.

  5. lovingadam1031 says:

    I watched some of both and wasn’t impressed with the way shows are still focusing on the judges instead of contestants. XF was so over dramatic that I had to finally turn it off. They are exploiting the lives of some of the contestants by focusing on bullying and over dramatizing their experiences. Why can’t it just be about talent and forget all the dramatics. Sad.

    • Jon says:

      The X Factor used the judge’s popularity but they didn’t focus on them. They even added more backstage scenes of the contestants to focus on them. However, they did show Britney a lot, actually way too much but it wasn’t like how The Voice literally only exists to promote the judge’s “careers.”

      • Heck Tate says:

        Another lie “Jon” You are pathetic and arent doing your muse/obsession/employer and help by crapping up the joint with naked lies and delusion. The show is a rank failure. Nobody believes the reflexive “No! the opposite is true” evidence-free arguements.

        You dont even try to bring in any relevant examples, just blurt out stupid contrarian viewpoints.

        Get bent, get lost “Jon”

  6. Ugh says:

    The XFactor seems SO staged. Demi OS in no place to judge anyone, and I personally think Simon is so greedy. Like we don’t have enough reality shows here.

  7. Allan says:

    Flopney with Flopfactor :DDD

    • Jon says:

      PIGtina RAGUilera is the biggest flop in music. Her last album will probably never even reach platinum. It’s been over 2 years and it’s still so far away. She had to cancel her tour because no one was buying tickets. Whether or not the SHOWS outperform each other, Britney’s career will always be superior and outshine Christina’s. That is a fact because the numbers (both in record sales, video views, social network followings and their judging salaries) do not lie.

  8. Ashley says:

    I agree Patricia, she was trying too hard! normally i cant stand Christina Aguilera, but she doesnt try too hard.she’s just a bitch.Britney tried to be a bitch!

    • Jon says:

      Britney didn’t try to be a bitch… she was just being honest. She’s just so shy that when she has something even mildly bitchy to say, it comes off as try hard. She’s just short+sweet not obnoxious like miss Aguilera.

      • You Can Stop Now says:

        Are you going to reply to every comment you don’t like, just because you are a hardcore Britney fan? I thought it was all “subjective”? Or does that only apply to you? Grow up.

      • r0ckmypants says:

        Dear Jon: Britney does not know who you are, and she will never love you. Please get off everyone’s backs for having opinions that aren’t the same as yours.

        • UglyFrenchBoy says:

          Dear r0ckmypants, the supposed humour in your message blatantly treated a boy with disdain and deemed him inferior. Not sure who have to “grow up” now…

        • Jon says:

          Dear r0ckmypants, I don’t know who you are and I will never love you. Please get off my back for not having the same opinion as you.

          • Heck Tate says:

            Hahaha, I actually look foward to a season of co-dependant Brit-obsessives running in here and defending their pillhead, unfit parent, goddess all season long. There usually isnt anything worth talking about after a season of XFactor, so at least we can remind them how unstable and mentally blunted ol’ Stump-Necked Brit-Brit is these days.

        • r0ckmypants says:

          I never said anyone had to grow up… try reading before responding?

          The Britney vs. Christina thing is STUPID. Christina’s collaboration with Maroon 5 was the biggest single of 2011. Britney’s last album sold better than Christina’s. But when they go head-to-head, Christina always comes out on top… I don’t prefer one over the other, I’m just making an observation. The Voice beat The X Factor. Christina beat Britney for the Best New Artist Grammy in 2000.

          • Jon says:

            “Best New Artist Grammy in 2 0 0 0” And look where they are now. Grammy’s have snubbed huge legends in the past and they’ll continue to do so because it’s just a battle of who can buy the most awards for themselves.

          • r0ckmypants says:

            Yes, LOOK WHERE THEY ARE NOW: The Voice murdered The X Factor in the ratings. My God, no one can ever look at facts, can they?

  9. Greg says:

    Im shocked actually, how could the ratings be lower than last years premiere. I guess maybe Simon was right to say they share the same audience and the Voice was going to split it. Will be interesting next week when the Voice and X factor arent on against each other.

    • FreeHaley says:

      It was a dumb move to go head to head. And rebooting so soon, it’s getting to be too much and probably driving people away. I thought the new panel would help x-factor get the win though to start.

  10. Mary says:

    I am not surprise. I know a lot of people were going to watch the first hour of The Voice
    and then the second hour of XF. Many do not like the audition round, they prefer to watch the live shows, that is when they turn in.

  11. Kurt says:

    I have nothing against Britney. I think Simon is an A** for being so cruel to Paula and Nicole. They keep the 2 guys but dump Paula and Nicole. Ha ha, looks like Paula was bringing in more ratings than they thought!

  12. JC says:

    I love the season 2 premiere Britney still has a lot of tricks up her sleeve and I’m looking forward for those tricks to unfold on the X-Factor!!! Britney FTW :D

  13. Hmm. says:

    Maybe the reason The Voice is doing better is because it is actually NOT a clone of American Idol and is bringing something fresh and different to reality television? Instead of judges telling you you can or can’t sing, The Voice judges actually coach you and are a group of four extremely passionate individuals.

    • Jon says:

      The X Factor is nothing like American Idol. It’s more like The Voice, but better. The judges on X-Factor also mentor their groups, but they’re actually molding superstars. Not a boring singer who can win a singing competition show. What’s more entertaining? Someone who can sing? or someone who has the X-Factor? History will answer that question for you.

      • The Critic says:

        that’s the exact reason why X Factor was beaten….

      • Hmm. says:

        I have no faith in a show that has “mentors” such as Demi Lovato and Britney Spears. While I’m supportive of them and happy to hear they have overcome obstacles, I just don’t find them worthy to fill the role of mentor for a specified amount of contestants. And Demi is far too young to be giving any kind of career advice.

      • Luiz says:

        I DEFINITELY go for someone who can sing. And so does the audience of the X-Factor. People crowned Melanie Amaro last year, which is a great singer but can’t dance or do stage tricks at all. So, yes, the X-Factor has people who can’t sing mentoring a boring singer who can win a singing competition show, while The Voice has people who can sing the hell out of their voices mentoring a boring singer who can win a singing competition show.

        I also know that The Voice is definitely better than the X-Factor at this first stage (the auditions), and the ratings are enough for us to get that. At the live shows, things change a little bit, because the X-Factor gets better while The Voice gets worse. But it’s not a major change.

        • Amber says:

          I think both shows get worse actually. The x factor was fun initially last year, but then the judges were so biased for their team that they couldn’t give any true feedback, only strategic feedback. At least with the Voice, the teams are competing within themselves so the judges were a bit more honest.

      • meem says:

        Superstar? REALLY? Jon, who won The X-Factor last year? And how are THEY doing in the charts? Yeah, thought so. But thanks for playing.

      • Heck Tate says:

        “The X Factor is nothing like American Idol. It’s more like The Voice, but better.”

        This is the most dishonest comment I’ve seen in a long while. XF is a step by step copy of Idol. The camerawork, the staging, the progression down through towards the voting rounds. Its identical. The only difference is a red colour scheme and an incompetent host (whoever it will be)

        Now go report back to your boss at SocialMediaExpectationManagement Inc. that you’ve earned your 10-cents per post quota for the day and put away the keyboard. Someone is going to get hurt if you are this far off the rails of rational judgement.

        Ya lousy astroturfer.

  14. Jenn says:

    I actually was really excited to see Britney on X Factor but between her blatant rudeness and the way filming tried to make everyone turn against that blonde contestant The Voice quickly won me back over

    • Jon says:

      How was she rude? I’m curious. Because not once did I see her give any negative feedback to someone that didn’t deserve it.

      • Jenn says:

        I just think that her comments weren’t really helpful, you know? How she would say things like “Who let you on the stage” “You’re making me uncomfortable” “I felt like I was listening to Alvin and the Chipmunks” “You need a new teacher to teach you how to sing” none of it was constructive and I realize a lot of that has to do with the playful nature of the shows but thus far on the past two seasons on The Voice there hasn’t been moments like that when they LAUGH at contestants or make fun of them because a lot of these musicians are good, that’s the point – a small few have had record deals and even tours while the others are okay but it’s up for the judges to decide – so I get that X Factor will have a varied amount of good and bad but IDK, I guess I like the judges dynamic & real “trying to find a great voice that’s it” singing/battle aspect on The Voice

        • Jon says:

          But we didn’t even get to see those contestants that she said that stuff too. They were probably ridiculous auditions that couldn’t even be taken seriously. And the whole “Who let you on the stage” “You’re making me uncomfortable” was said to a perverted old man who actually shouldn’t have been on the stage. He was horrible, disgusting and delusional. I feel that everyone should hold off on her judging style until they actually start mentoring them in bootcamp and beyond that. She’s just short+sweet and very honest.

          • hannah says:

            Ok Jon I am now convinced you must be on fox payroll. I can’t beleive you can actually like an awful, staged, fake, disgusting show like XF. You konw what, the problem is not really the show, i believe the problem this year are the judges. Simon made people hate him for the (frankly embarassing) way he came out against the voice and for the cruel treatment he reserved to his previous judjes (looks like they weren’t the issue, were they?) and they don’t like seeing spoiled rich untalented girls like britney and especially demi judging other peolple. It just gets to my nerve.

        • Yo' says:

          I agree; I thought her comments were out of line. They were mean girl. Contestants are not there to provide a butt for snarky comments. Britney Spears is incredibly popular and she is getting a pass on behaviors; I don’t know all that much of her and so far do not think she is either good or kind. Her comments just aren’t as developed or mature as Voice judges. No doubt about it; it is the kinder, gentler show.

  15. CJ says:

    I specifically didn’t watch Xfactor – BECAUSE of Spears – she is a waste of humanity. Saw her on Ellen and the ONLY thing I noticed about her? She was trying to look like Adele (LOL) She is a talentless little B**** and I now hope the show will fail and be taken off air. :-)

    • Jon says:

      If she was trying to look like Adele she would have taken some pointers from Christina and gained about 100 pounds.

      • CJ says:

        troll? Because I don’t like Spears and am not afraid to say so? Because I think she is a horrible example for young women, or any women for that matter? I rarely respond to articles, but I had to for this one.

        • Jon says:

          Britney is actually a great inspiration. Before the breakdown, she was comfortable with her sexuality which made her strong and confident and sexy. During her breakdown she was smart about how to fool paparazzi and turn the jokes on them. After her breakdown, she came back and she still performed and got back into the spotlight where people continued to bash her. People like you. And yet she continues because she doesn’t care. She’s strong and inspiring. She doesn’t need to be cookie cutter, squeaky clean, soccer mom or a political activist to be a good example for anyone, not just women.

          • meem says:

            Oh my God, Jon, grab your folder of Britney photos and get yourself a room already.

          • Heck Tate says:

            Turn the “joke” on them? LIke the time she was caught driving with her baby in her lap that would have been squished like a rotten peach if the airbag went off? Man I love the ol’ child-endangerment joke. So funny!

            And like the time she play the joke on Adnan Ghaili to have him have sex with her during her state of mania? What a funny joke! She sure showed him a thing or two!

            And she dosent perform, she trots around to a backing track & fronting track and might be lucid enough, depending on her dosage, to coquette-whisper the name of the city in the most haggard sexpot-impersonation going.

            She has zero appeal to anyone that didnt have developmental problems in childhood and latch on to her illusion of fame and competentce as a mechanism to help them cope with difficult times in their life.

            Which is why your behaviour in this thread is understandable, but unwelcome. Please “Jon”, if you are going to stick around her, you can turn down the adulation to maybe a 6. Nobody else here seems to share your obsession, and nobody is going to get converted at this late stage cash-in phase when she goes through the motions and half-heartedly straps on the skank-dress handed to her by either conservator.

            If you actually wanted whats best for her, you’d want her to fade from the spotlight with dignity and learn to become an educated woman, a stable mother and someone with the mental faculties to enjoy the wealth that manufactured fame brought her. Productive life-improvement, you know, like repairing her relationship with her broken family rather than spending the time lazily watching planted joke-acts.

    • FreeHaley says:

      She actually did a good job though, far better than the Idol judges have recently so….

  16. Titina says:

    Yay for The Voice. IMO it is a much better quality show than the X Factor.
    The X Factor is a freak show that focuses on joke contestants I can´t stand!
    It just comes across very fabricated and contrived. Very staged.

    At least The Voice focuses on the real talent and it feels more genuine. I am done with the X Factor now. It just comes across very fabricated and contrived.

    • GMom100 says:

      I tried to watch XF last year and could not stand the over the top production! Carmine Burana as the theme song? PLEASE!!! I would check it out every now and then and could not stand the biased judging. And with Britany and the not-all-that-experienced Demi as judges? Nope! Not watching. And it is no way like American Idol!!

  17. brandon says:

    It’ll be interesting to see what happens when The Voice typically sucks after the auditions and The X Factor gets stronger.

  18. Brenda says:

    The Voice is nothing but good singing and feel-good stories. The X Factor has it all; good singing, bad singing, inspiring stories, crazy contestants, drama, and SIMON COWELL. Next week, when there’s no conflict, more people will tune in to The X Factor.

    • Heck Tate says:

      Wrong! The clear mesasge is that what you list as assets are the things everyone is tired of. Competent singings are winning. Simon is warmed over and the majority of people have clearly indicated they are tired of seeing his man boobs through distressed $1200 t-shirts. People dont want what they are serving, why cant you see that when the numbers are right there to spell it out?

  19. Ro says:

    I am surprised to hear so many who had the same thoughts as I did about X Factor. I did not enjoy the show at all. It was 29 minutes before we saw the first contestant sing. WAYYYY to much hype of Brittney before the show began.This is a talent show why can’t we just see the talent perform. The nasty comments were just plain unnecessary, if a singer has no talent give them constructive criticism and eliminate the vitriol. I don’t think I will watch again until live shows.

  20. Jared says:

    I find it really ironic that Britney is being bashed for the same things that Simon was being praised for while he was on American Idol!

    Straight to the point, honest criticisms that everyone is thinking but if too afraid to say!

    Just goes to prove people literally will hate on Britney Spears just because she’s Britney Spears! Its not fair.

    • Luiz says:

      Don’t worry, people do the same thing to Xtina when she does the same things that Adam Levine does. The problema is with women in general, they can’t behave like the guys without being criticized.

  21. tony says:


  22. Andy says:

    Idiots call Christina Aguilera a screamer. She hits high notes. She hits notes true artists can reach. And let’s take a moment to see what really makes an artist. Voice, of course. And attitude. And Christina as both. You may not like either of it. But she as them, and people either love her or hate her. That’s the thrill of the music industry.
    Is Brtiney more famous? Don’t doubt that. She as been pushed around by the industry for years. It’s pathetic to make fun of someone because of their weight, and one should be more ashamed of calling someone fat, than Floptina or Pigtina. It’s just disgraceful.

  23. Daniel says:

    Hahaha so happy The Voice destroyed the ‘x factor’ I wonder what will be done to try to regain some audience. Xtina’s coming you bitc**s! It’s the Xtina factor hahahahaha

  24. KS says:

    X- Factor numbers dropping

    I guess this is going to help Supernatural a lot.

  25. Christopher says:

    According to Matt, The Voice “managed to eke out” a “small win” over the X-Factor. Head to head, The Voice was 43% higher in total audience and 22% higher in 18-49’s. How is that a “small” margin? Matt, I realize you love the X-Factor, but come on!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I don’t watch either show; how does that translate into “love”?

      • Christopher says:

        Heh…my apologies, Matt. I assumed from the tone of your writeup (“eke out,” etc.) that you were pulling for XF. My bad. Having said that, you should give The Voice a try — this season has been really good, IMO.

  26. jb says:

    The voice beat the x factor on viewings BUT They should add those who saw X Factor by Stream! I mean all LATIN AMERICA!!!!!!!!!! SO

    • tv says:

      They only count people with Nielsen boxes. Only around 25,000 homes have a Nielsen box. The “number of viewers” is never accurate.

  27. Yes what I told yall The Voice would win over X Factor, its all about Christina!

  28. Emma says:

    I tried to watch the X-Factor but I just can’t hear the singing and I want to be able to actually hear the singing. But the music is sooo loud and the audience is soooo loud and they’re constantly cutting to the judges to show what they’re saying, that you really can’t hear the contestant’s voices. Maybe they do that on purpose because the contestants just can’t sing, but it’s just sensory overload and I get a headache and have to turn it off. I also tried to watch the Voice but instead of hurting my ears, it hurt my ears, serioulsy x-tina put a f-ing shirt on ffs!!!

  29. Heck Tate says:

    remarkable how the folks at SycoTV did nothing to re-invigorate the show over last year’s tepid opening. Truck montage, judges walking towards things motage, rediculous voice over, sail through first contestant, joke contestant, sobby contestant, troubled contestant, competent contestant, come-uppance contestant, hardluck scrappy underdog contestant.

    Its so lazy! They knew it was a dead horse but the only change they felt we deserved was an aged-out Brit having what looked like a week of badly concealed skin problems. The show will sink, and I’m sorry to the low-totem folks that puts out of a job, but it does nothing to merit success. The only variable this year is how they try and use it as a platform to repackage Melanie.

    Did her etiquite and media training work well enough to get her off the adopted accent and christ-based ranting? Who else from the mess of S1 will get a chance to perform on a results night?

    Also, the yes-men and others asleep at the wheel think they can hot-shot in a new host mid-season and have nobody the wiser. They’ll slot in a headline grabber, but they’ll have no experience working with the contestants, juding team or frantic pace that a sharp 10pm affiliate news cutoff demands. Unless they get timemachine Ant and Dec or clone Seacrest, its going to make an ugly mess worse.

    Still, I cant say I mind. I love when works of ego crumble. I cant wait to watch this one burn to the ground.

  30. joeycron says:

    I… Actually liked the X Factor? Haha am I the only one? I just think the Voice is kind of boring (even though I love the coaches) while the X Factor is fun. Especially when the live shows start.

  31. sarah says:

    It was way too edited and staged, this is why the ratings also dropped in the UK X Factor. Viewers want REALITY not an episode of The Hills.

  32. millie says:

    Out of the 3, I find XF unwatchable and won’t be back. Maybe I’m old fashioned, but I consider Voice, Idol, and XF to be singing competitions. While neither Voice or Idol are perfect, and whether you like some of the individual singers or not, the emphasis in these shows seems to be on singing talent.
    Last night on XF, there was blatant manipulation and over-the-top production. The judges used some of the contestants as cannon fodder and embarrassed them in a big way, then all teared up when Jillian said she was bullied. I like to learn a little about the people trying out and learn more along the way if they last. I now know more about some of these people than people I actually know – tmi. But the worst part is that it doesn’t seem to matter if you can sing. If you have a good backstory and they can find some way to package you, you’re in. Singing seems incidental to the process. I just don’t find that kind of show interesting enough to return, even though Britney and Demi were refreshing.

  33. greysfan says:

    America are morons if you ask me. The X Factor is way better than The Voice but i guess for a country that loves 2 and a Half Men i should say no more…..

    I thought it was a great premiere and really hope that it grows.

    • Ashly says:

      I think The Voice is way better than The X Factor. The talent is better, the judges don’t slam the contestants, and it has an overall feel of fun and lightheartedness. You feel good when you watch the show. When I tuned in to The X Factor, I felt that it was mean-spirited. I don’t enjoy seeing people ridiculed. Oh and BTDubs, I’m an American and I hate Two and a Half Men. Don’t assume there’s a correlation between people who enjoy The Voice and those who like Two and a Half Men.

      • greysfan says:

        Tell me this then, how is it that no-one has come out of The Voice as stars and sold records? We have had 3 seasons of The Voice US as well as many different international versions yet shows like Idol and X Factor all over the world have given us stars which have gone on with it but The Voice has come up empty every single time. Don’t get me wrong i love the blind auditions but after that its not worth watching it. Look i get liking the show but its only a gimmick if you ask me. X Factor is looking for someone who can become huge just like Idol used to (i believe the last 3 seasons have been way below par), The Voice just doesn’t compare. Sorry.

        • SagiScor says:

          Actually- Dia Frampton has sold records, Gwen Sebatian toured with Blake Shelton and Tony Lucca was signed to Adams Levine’s record label…so yeah.
          I agree- they aren’t overnight superstars like Kelly Clarkson- but that didn’t happen with even AI after the first few seasons either-Alot of the other contestants have records out- I don’t know the status of those sale for example- vicci martinez, beverly mcClellan, pip….
          Obviously any of those shows will make a person more known…

  34. shun says:

    I would like to see talented people singing so the people that are competing for the 5million can show their talent off. I believe this is a like America Got Talent. the people that are singing are not all of that you can keep the drama for later. I am tired of these shows making USA seem as if we do not have talent here. I know there had to be some people that sound way better than that. I feel like if they have a sad story and their singing justify why they are there then i feel you should show that. The other BS needs to stop. Your rating will continue to go down if you dont show the people that deserves a chance. I have yet to see any good original groups. except for Emblen3. However, i know there are more groups then that. Where are the girl groups? I do not want to see a group Simon or Xfactor had to put together because you are going to cause people to fight over the money when you put a group together. i know there were more groups that tried out. Show real talent and bring some noise to TV so people can tune in with who they think has the X Factor. The reason xfactor groups dont make it is because they can not sing and xfactor chose the people. I would like to see a group win this year too Simone i hope you keep it real. Show the talent you have discovered and blow the socks off of The Voice. If you continue with fake talent you will get fake ratings. I would love to see USA talented people.

  35. Joshua says:

    I loved both shows it is a fact everybody expected The X Factor premiere to be higher on ratings, just because it was the third night premiere of The Voice… I don’t think there is some point to compare between both shows… They are basically the same… I think it is nice for people with such talent to be discovered… Britney was great and so was Christina… Let’s compare the ratings next week when both shows aren’t sharing the day… And for what is worth, Let’s just enjoy there shows !!!

  36. JULES says:

    I find some of these comments about Britney Spears really sad and disturbing. I may not be a fan of her music, but she is a human being. I shouldn’t be surprised at the nastiness of people but it still makes me sick to my stomach.

  37. Emy says:

    X factor would be better without the mean comments. Say no without publicly humiliating the person. If they did a bad job singing they already publicly humiliated themselves. It sounded like some the ‘bad’ contestants were being put down as people for not being able to sing. You shouldn’t laugh at the contestants. People will fall in love with a show that treats its contestants with dignity. Being mean gets boring and viewers feel they are being manipulated. You’d think they’d get bored with kindness but they don’t and that’s why everyone rooted for Gandalf and not Saruman in ‘Lord of the Rings’. That’s why we liked Frodo and Samwise and not Wormtongue. You could comment, “not right now, you’re not ready, I’m going to have to say no to you but that doesn’t mean no to who you are, you’re more than someone who sings and you still have value and worth”. Because people can change and improve. Simon changed and improved from his younger wild days and he had people who believed in him and helped him to not give up on himself. Some contestants don’t have back up and hurtful words can crush them. Not right now could mean something better later or maybe they could realize another passion. Be kind and see how it works. It’s better than doing the same old, same old and it’s not patronizing someone, it’s having power over someone and not stomping your boot down just because you can, which is weakness. If you see an ant carrying a bit of food in his mouth you could stomp him but why would you? Just because you can?

    • FreeHaley says:

      They do need to watch their production, it has gone too mean spirited and after the Rachel debacle last year, they don’t need more disturbing melt downs. It is kinda ugly.

  38. DaniellaMN says:

    How can we get a hold of Fox to tell them we can barely hear the singing? Is it me…or are their voices muted and everything else, like the smoke canons, really loud?

    • FreeHaley says:

      I haven’t gotten to watch the live shows on TV yet, but just looking at some of their streaming replays I had to turn the volume down whenever the judges talked and up when they sang so something odd was going on and often their voice seemed mixed in low for all bit a few performers. Not sure how much was the crummy compressed web-streaming video or reality though, maybe it was reality judging by what you say.