Fall TV Preview

Vampire Diaries: Check Out the New Cast Photos!

The CW has unveiled a slew of new Vampire Diaries photos — and they are (un)dead sexy.

While altogether unspoilery, the stunning new shots — which showcase series regulars including Nina Dobrev and Paul Wesley, as well as guests like Torrey DeVitto — do contain a few fun Easter eggs. Jeremy, for example, is standing next to a mega-sized crossbow — which is a pretty solid vamp-hunting device, no? And a new (and improved?) Elena is propped up near a clock — she is, after all, on a bit of borrowed time at season’s start.

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Click through all 13 pictures below — including one from the premiere (airing Thursday, Oct. 11) that finds our leading lady being a bit… cagey.

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  1. Josh says:

    Two questions on this increasingly frustrated shows
    1) Why is Meredith a regular? She’s not very…umm..interesting…
    2) Why is Klaus still alive!? Why can’t they actually just get rid of a villain and move on. Klaus has long overstayed his welcome *prepares for the attack from Klaus fanatics*

    Bonnie looks gooood.

    Still I just don’t think I’ll be sticking around this season…I just don’t like any of the choices this show has made in the last season. I’m tired of Klaus, the love triangle, the plot over character decisions(meaning characters act the way the plot needs them to instead of the plot just moving along organically because of the characters). It’s a shame because I loved the first two seasons.

    • Josh says:

      And also, no I won’t forgive Rebeka for KILLING ELENA. I get the show wants us to forgive their villains but like Klaus killing Jenna, Rebeka killing our main character and turning her into a vampire is sort of a “cross the line, can’t be considered even an anti-hero..” type of deal.

      • Bubba922 says:

        You do realize you are watching a show about vampires and you want the plot to grow organically? It’s a guilty pleasure, take it for what it is.

        • Josh says:

          Buffy was a show about vampires and it had a plot which grew organically. The Walking Dead is a show about zombies, and it’s plot grows organically. Supernatural is a show about demons, vampires, etc and it’s plot grows organically. Just because a show has a supernatural element, doesn’t excuse it from being poorly plotted.

          • tvfan says:

            You are correct. I feel like they are so busy NOT doing things done in the books that they forgot how to plot a decent series.

        • MusicGrrrl says:

          I love Klaus and decree that he must never leave!!

      • Ari says:

        Somebody had to kill Elena. She was a terrible character as a human. Hopefully she’ll be better as a vampire. At least now she might get more than her three repeated lines last season. I swear if I never hear Elena say any of the following again I’ll be thrilled:

        “Let her/him go or I’ll kill myself”
        “It’s Stefan, it’ll always be Stefan.”
        “Blah blah annoying annoying whiny blah”

        • dude says:

          LOL that last line is basically all Elena says. What a horrible character. I get that Ian is in love with Nina but if he describes Elena as “bad ass” one more time, I think he’ll lose all credibility in my eyes. She is such a whiny victim/martyr.

      • sara says:

        It’s funny that you say this when everyone has either forgiven or forgotten that Damon killed Jeremy…yet they continue to root for him and elena?!

    • Ari says:

      I find all of the Originals, except for the Original Witch, vastly more interesting than all of the other characters except for maybe Jeremy (who has outlawed to Colorado for most of last season). i wish they would make a show just about the Originals so all of the Original haters could watch TVD and the rest of us could watch The Originals.

    • dude says:

      I don’t think Meredith is a regular. Daniel Gillies is in the photos too and I don’t think he’ll have a big role in the season considering his commitments to Saving Hope.

    • G says:

      You do realize that if they kill Klaus that everyone else on the show pretty much dies as well. They are all from his bloodline, it was confimed last year that Katherine, Stefan, Damon, Tyler, and now Elaina are all connected. AKA = End of Show.

  2. Aide says:

    Jermey looks good!!!

  3. lorna says:

    Meredith needs to go. I miss my Ric!!!

  4. cyndii says:

    TVD writers are awesome! I love love love this show! Can’t wait until oct11!

  5. dude says:

    Claire Holt is perfect. Rebekah is the best part of TVD.

  6. Isabelle says:

    I’m hating what Elena is wearing. Jeremy looks very good and hope so see more of him in the new season. I’m so exicted to see Elijah in the phots I hope it means we get more of him too. He’s hands down my favorite vamp and I agree the originals are awesome to watch

  7. oblibrarylady says:

    Where is Kol?

  8. Martin says:

    Am I the only one that looks at that 4th picture and thinks less “Nina Dobrev as Elena” and more “Nina Dobrev as Katherine”.

    • Nisha says:

      You’re not alone. She has on that smirk that we’ve come to know as Katherine’s smirk.
      Maybe season 4 is going to be more interesting than we hoped

  9. cas says:

    Jeremy is so hot. I really like Rebekah too even though she killed Elena, but I think we should all rejoice that Elena is a vampire and not a ghost like I have heard in the books. I do love Klaus, but mainly because he is hot, on that note I would agree that maybe it is time for him to be done. However, let’s keep Rebekah. And is Meredith only on the show because she is Paul’s wife? Because I think it is sime for her to go too.

  10. lauren says:

    no mention of how good matt looks in that chair? shafted yet again matt

  11. Cassandra Elise says:

    Guh… All the men are incredibly hot! As for people complaining about the direction of the show, especially the love triangle….You do realize the entire book series was all about the love triangle?!? Why would the TV adaptation be any different? If you want a vampire show without a love triangle, look somewhere else. -_-

  12. Ally Oop says:

    I’m tired of all the whining and complaining about this show. No one is forcing you to watch. Is the writing good? Well…maybe not always but neither was Dallas or Grey’s or any other soap (maybe good at times but not always). Vampire Diaries is a soap. It’s character-driven and exciting to watch. It is, for many people including me, a must-see show, one ripe with cliffhangers, sudden but not-necessarily sensical plot twists and plenty of both overused and underused characters. At its core is entertainment. Come on you all, its a show on the CW about teen vampires. What did you expect?

    P.S. As to the person who said Buffy flowed much more organically, um, no. I am a huge fan of Buffy and have seen every episode at least five times but that show could be equally frustrating yet equally entertaining.

    • kali says:

      Thing is vampire diaries had fans before the show. The books were phenomenally well written and the characters developed despite the plot not because of it. Elena was less aggrivating, and damon was equally sexy. fans of the original books really have a hard time embracing the show cause it isnt what we grew up loving. Also theyre missing characters still which sucks

  13. Kristie says:

    Why are three of the guys wearing the same shirt?

  14. Kaycee says:

    I love the series regular additions of Claire Holt and Torrey DeVitto!
    Rebekah is a great character, you can really feel her pain and she’s a character with some actual depth that isn’t melodramatic. And we need more humans on the show! which is why the inclusion of Meredith is awesome.

  15. Ace says:

    This is certainly an attractive cast! Yowza.

  16. ISFoundation/TVD Fan says:

    Ok i see everybodies point but personally I love the show and all the characters. I love they kept Klaus and the originals around you grow to love them and yes you actually forget all the bad crap they did, that’s why it FICTION!!! I love Damon and yea Elena is a little lame but hey look at Bella in Twilight UGH! I will be watching the show till it is no more huge TVD fan and supporter of Ian Somerhalder Foundation.

  17. Steph says:

    I love tvd it is the best show on the Cw and everyone on the show are amazing to watch

  18. jane says:

    Nina dobrev’s outfit here sucks – every other girl on the show looks waaay hotter in these photos

  19. EDzmac says:

    i love you damon salvatore
    claus is super hot

  20. zariah hayes says:

    Is there gonna be a season 5?

  21. ann says:

    TVD,hmm…vry addictive tho!