Covert Affairs Preview: Auggie Swings Into 'Battle Mode' -- Plus, the Scene Fans Have Waited For?

USA Network’s Covert Affairs blew viewers away last week by felling Simon with a flurry of bullets and putting a couple in Annie Walker herself, all from the silenced pistol of CIA legend/double agent Lena Smith.

But this Tuesday at 10/9c, it’s Auggie’s turn to reel from the shooting.

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Racing to the hospital and learning of Annie’s grave condition “is a really big moment for him. The first thing [he experiences] is shock,” Christopher Gorham tells TVLine. From there, the onetime Special Forces captain “almost goes into soldier mode, into battle mode. The emotions get cut off – ‘What’s the situation? How do we deal with this immediately?'”

And then? “And then it just rocks his world,” Gorham previews. “It just rocks his world.” Especially once Lena’s masterful plan to cover her tracks and frame comatose Annie as the treasonous mole is set in motion.

Suffice it to say, no one calls Auggie’s best friend a traitor.

“He’s furious. He’s overwhelmed and worried [to begin with], and then he finds out they’ve requisitioned her phone records? It just sets him off,” Gorham says. “He smells a rat right off the bat.” (Perhaps literally….)

Though Auggie strongly challenges the charges being made against Annie — and as industrious as he is for a sightless spook — there is only so much he can accomplish in his campaign to get at the truth. So he turns to Joan, who regardless of her own faith in Annie must face the mountain of (manufactured) evidence coupled with the suggestion that she pulled Walker off the Farm too soon.

“There’s a really nice moment, which I talked about with [the showrunners], where Joan says, ‘Do you trust me?’ And in the first version of that, the answer was different,” Gorham shares. “In that moment he feels so alone that he reluctantly accepts not only that he needs help, but he finds relief that he’s got help, and it’s coming from someone he does trust.” That said, “It takes a moment to get there.”

While Auggie engages in fancy footwork to chisel away at the cover-up, comatose Annie floats through numerous “dream” scenarios — some quite harrowing, but one of which pours her into a red dress and into the arms of dance partner Auggie. The waltz that follows contains an encrypted message to the series’ fans.

“It’s creatively fun to be freed up for a week to do some things that you can’t normally do,” Gorham observes. “It’s also nice to play what’s in her subconscious and give fans of that potential couple a moment that they’ve been wanting, but without the commitment of having to go there on the real show. It’s a really nice moment.”

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Gorham spoke with TVLine in between a string of New York City promotional appearances that he somehow sandwiched in between his work on the set in Toronto, where this week he’s directing for the first time, the 13th episode of Covert Affairs‘ third season. The episode he was handed revolves around CIA drones and involves a set piece populated by 260 extras, a chase scene, a fight sequence and a stunt work.

“We usually shoot our episode in eight days. But being that I’m a first-time director, they only gave me seven,” Gorham reports with a laugh. “Really nice!”

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  1. Lori says:

    Are they copying this dream from Bones?

    • tp says:

      Do you honestly think Bones was the first show to do this? Of course because I’m actively trying to think of one, I am drawing a complete blank.

  2. MGL says:

    I was never an Auggie / Annie couple fan. They have nice friendship, but no chemistry as a couple. And now after the 7 odd shows with Simon Fischer, and seeing what chemistry is and could be, this is so forced. The writers went too far ahead of themselves, never anticipating what might and did happen between Annie and Simon.

    • Marilyn says:

      I agree. I’ve always liked the Annie/Eyal couple idea. I don’t know why every show has to make the two leads a couple. Apparently, it’s also going to happen on THE MENTALIST, and that annoys me as well. I do think it works on CASTLE, though. ;-)

    • murley says:

      i have always thought annie and auggie have great chemistry. letting the male and female character the fans are most invested in fall in love may be an oft used plot development it is also one that makes sense since we care the most about them and their happiness.

    • CO says:

      I agree. I think Auggie/Annie have a very special relationship as friends. I am not feeling any chemistry there. Maybe had the writers not brought in the Simon character, I would feel differently. But the show was never interesting to me until the Simon/Annie storyline. I will watch it next week to see if Annie gets her revenge but I will be crossing the show off my list of viewing programs. I purchased the first nine episodes so that works for me.

  3. maryploppins says:

    Just started occasionally checking this show out recently after hearing that it was having a really good season, and I’m glad I decided to check it out last week, because it was a great ep. Can’t wait to see how Annie gets herself out of this mess. One thing I don’t get is what Lena expects to happen once Annie wakes up, given that she clearly saw it was Lena that shot her and Simon. Maybe Lena’s plan is to just make Annie look so guilty while she’s in the coma that no one will believe what she says when she wakes up? Hmm.

    • John says:

      Lena shot her in pretty much the same area that killed Simon: I expect Lena will deal with the problem of Annie’s possible waking by trying to finish the job the multiple gunshots to the chest started.

  4. bfmama92 says:

    On the Auggie/Annie chemistry: I feel like the chemistry was so strong on Season 1. Unfortunately, it hasn’t been the same since. Maybe that’s because Auggie has had his personal issues as well as his fling with Parket and Annie has been busy with other love/potential love interests. She has amazing chemistry with both Simon and Eyal (Eyal more than Simon, I think). In the end, I’m still a fan of the Auggie/Annie pairing because I rememeber what I saw in Season 1. If this pairing is going to work, the writers/actors need to get back to the Season 1 chemistry.

    I don’t see it in the Mentalist, either. Castle rocks!