X Factor Exclusive Video: L.A. Reid Says, 'This Year, It's More About the Talent Than the Judges'

la reid x factorThe X Factor‘s Season 2 premiere is only a few days away, and there’s good news for fans who felt like the show’s maiden voyage spent too much time on dewy closeups of glistening teardrops falling from Nicole Shoobeedooby’s false eyelashes.

“I don’t feel like we’re taking ourselves too seriously this year. It’s probably more about the talent on the stage than it is about the judges’ panel,” says mentor L.A. Reid, in the exclusive X Factor promo video embdedded below.

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In addition to receiving some very kind words from his fellow panelists — Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, and Demi Lovato — the video finds L.A. taking what can only be perceived as a not-so-subtle dig at The X Factor‘s reality-competition rivals. “It’s not some has-beens. It’s not some wannabes,” he boasts of his show’s panel. But is he throwing shade at The Voice, American Idol, or maybe The CW’s recently launched The Next?

Oh, who are we kidding? Nobody knows what The Next is!

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Press play below for more L.A. Reid goodness, then hit the comments and express your excitement level for The X Factor season premiere on Wednesday, Sept. 12 (8/7c on Fox). And do follow me on Twitter @MichaelSlezakTV for all my X Factor news, interviews, and recaps.

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  1. lovingadam1031 says:

    What a joke. Probably more about the talent than the judges LA? “Probably?” It is or it isn’t? Which is it? Phony. Demi sounds like a 12 yr old when she talks. Not going to tune in to this show this season it was bad enough last season. All hype and about the judges. Britney needs to wear less flesh and more clothes.

  2. Aba says:

    Haters are so pressed. This year is going to be amazing and you all will deal with this show dominating your favorites. Sorry!

  3. Josh says:

    Really, because none of thepromos have shown singers just Juliet and that girl from disney who had a drug problem(which means she should judge talent).

    • Ronnie says:

      I agree Josh. For a talent show, all the promos have been about nothing except th judges. We haven’t seen anything that reflects anyone’s talent. So far, the only promos I’ve seen have just been bad performers, the typical “i want this” proclamations, and hype about the judging. I officially have no interest at this point.

  4. Saulo says:

    I’m very excited, Michael. But just so you know… I think I speak for everybody when I say that every singing competition on TV is WAY better with an Idology-esque review… maybe a weekly video comparing the episodes of The Voice and The X Factor??

    • Gorm says:

      I too would like to re-ask for something video for this (the final) season of X-Factor USA. Its going to be a train wreck, its going to be vainglorious and it will need a scribe that gives voice to the sense of disgust that most of the audience will feel deep down.

      Mr. Slezak, could you please produce something on video for consumtion here and on youtube. However low-fi it must be for easy production. Take some emails from your readers, Creepy skype callers, whatever you can do to highlight what could have been done better and which lesseons werent learned from season 1. Bite the hand that feeds a little, c’mon, it will be for the greater good.

  5. Steve says:

    Are you kidding? Its about talent and not the judges? Every promo we see is about the judges…All the publicity has been about the judges. OOOH BRITNEY (even though she cant sing live, shes going to be judging others with better voices than her)…OOOH Demi – shes going to lure in the young viewers we basically need. OOOH we
    ‘re going to go up againstThe Voice so that is another Brit vs Xtina battle. Yeah all these singing shows have been about the judges…Idol started it with Jlo + Tyler…Voice upped them; and now Idol 3.0 is trying to trump them all with Mariah and Nicki and some country and latino also rans. The Voice contestants fall of the face of the earth after winning, and will melanie ever make Simon back her $5 million or will she end up being dropped and still collecting money in 2014? Her first single went nowhere – and sounded very generic – and now a year after the XF began, we still dont have an album from her. Yeah its not about the judges at all – thats why we spent millions on getting Britney instead of some unknown music critic or record exec. And yeah LA is not going to fight against Simon to create fake drama – and neither are the ‘girls’ – and of course, we’re not planning to have Khloe Kardashian as a host because its only about the singers and we’d never resort to using a reality star who has tons of Twitter followers to get more young viewers. NEVER!

    • Saulo says:

      Steve Jones???

    • ejones says:

      The conflict of interest between being a mentor and being a judge is inherent in the format of the XFactor show. That’s how Cowell lost his integrity on the UK version when over the years it became more and more a contest between him and his fellow judges rather than between the talent of the show. The US version majored on that conflict from live show 1. The US version also allowed contestants who were far too young for the ups and downs of the show, presumably this issue has been corrected for season 2.

  6. bert says:

    The only good thing about these talent shows are the auditions, the rest is just one big ego trip for the judges which is often their only talent, for the judges that is.

  7. RD says:

    Hopefully the powers that be gave him a rap on the knuckles for being such an egomaniac…

    • Gorm says:

      The power that bees IS Simon, so no, his knuckles will remain soft and moist as his knuckle-care personal assistant can keep them.

  8. Dennis says:


    yeah, right.

  9. Omar says:

    Nicole Shoobeedooby HAHAHAHAHA!

  10. Dw Dunphy says:

    “Because this year is all going to be about nothing but the talent” says every promo every year for every one of these types of shows.

  11. SSS says:

    let’s face it it. they wanted mature audience so they got Britney , they didn’t forget about younger audience so they choose the hottest teen star that can sing Demi. The views are for the judges not the talent

    • Gorm says:

      A mature audience would be drawn in by hiring Sade or Bono. Britney is bringing three groups to the table, her rabid fanbase, people that slow down when they pass a wrecked car and twinkish gay men. Thats it. Nobody else cares about her. Nobody else buys her music.

      She represents nothing “mature” and has no connection to a demographic that gets targeted for insurance commercials.

  12. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    All the promos I have seen have had the judges berating people and that idiot Brittney saying things like “she is just uncomfortable with a person even being on the stage in her presence” because they were awful. Get off your freaking pedestal you drug addled idiot. It was truly funny when the guy quipped back that at least he didn’t use autotune lol. That was pure awesomeness.

  13. Lovatic4_Demi says:

    I personally mainly care about the judges!! I LOVEEE the promos & everyone else does too. Seeig Demi & Simon fight really make me wana turn in & watch more or even to see what there dissing about! Haha it’s priceless!! So happy for dem dem.

  14. Ana says:

    Well, that kind of sucks. I don’t watch reality tv or competition shows but I’m planning to tune in because of the panel. If it’s all about the competition I’m out.

  15. Z says:

    “It’s not some has-beens. It’s not some wannabes.” Could he maybe be talking about Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger? If so, OUCH.

  16. teatime says:

    I saw season 1 of X Factor. I remember a couple performances I really liked. Mostly I remember some bad eliminations. Overall it did not leave much of an impression. They need to focus on the contestants and the performances.