Exclusive: Find Out The Real Reason True Blood Stuck a Pin In Sookie and Alcide

True Blood Sookie AlcideThough True Blood tried to distract viewers with everything from Vampire Tara to Evil Bill, we never forgot that this was supposed to be the season that Sookie hooked up with Alcide. So WTH happened?

“The decision to not do it this season [came about because] every single season, it’s been all about Sookie falling in love with this person or that person,” exiting showrunner Alan Ball tells TVLine. “It seemed like she had enough on her plate this season to not just [say], ‘Okay, now Sookie’s gonna fall in love with Alcide!’”

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So that’s… it? The wolfman covers up his ex-girlfriend’s murder for her, she pukes on him, and that’s… it? No, no, no, Ball is quick to reassure.

“That doesn’t man that that door is closed,” he insists. Or at least it isn’t locked. “All of these supernatural guys in town carry a big torch for Sookie – even Eric, who doesn’t want to admit it.”

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What do you think? Are you sorry the show separated Sookie and Alcide before they’d even gotten together? Or did you think she needed another beau about as much as Bon Temps needed another fire monster?

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  1. Juliana Carvalho says:

    Team Eric! (sorry, couldn’t resist!)

    • Dark Defender says:


    • Kvivik says:

      I haven’t been able to watch True Blood since season 1 (keep up by reading recaps) but my roomie loves the show and I have seen bits and pieces over the years. To me, sookie has always belonged to Eric (and not just cause I’m a Viking worshipper). They have amazing chemistry, much stronger than she had with bill. He needs to loosen up and admit that he can have those feelings for her.
      I think it will be easier for him now that Bill is evil. It will no longer be like he is betraying a friend, and more like ‘I love her and must protect her from Bill because she cannot defend herself against his raw physical power now that he is what he is.’

    • Tatjana says:

      Team Eric of course!

  2. Sarah says:

    Can’t say I’m disappointed. For me, they didn’t really chemistry anyways.

    • Tania says:

      Sorry, they DO have some chemistry. Having said this, I find that the REAL chemistry/heat comes from these two: Sookie and Eric. I love Bill, but it really is all about Sookie and Eric. ;)

      • Sarah says:

        No arguments here! I’d love to see Sookie and Eric together again at some point. :)

      • Flora says:

        I have to agree with everyone saying that the chemistry is between Sookie and Eric but I couldn’t quite put a finger on why until now. It has something to do with Alexander and Anna’s unspoken body language. Even in the final scene of last season, there is more energy flowing from Eric to Sookie when he first holds her as she cries and then says, “Sookie…” to warn her that Bill was rising up out of that vampire soup on the floor than in ANY sex scene that has ever happened on that show.

      • I’m sorry but Bill & Sookie do have Chemistry and it is because their chemistry is there in real life between Stephen and Anna. It clearly shows through on screen! :)

      • Tahj says:

        Tania… ignore them. I don’t see all this Sooki/Eric chemistry everyone keeps talking about. Not a fan of her with Bill either but at least their sex scenes don’t feel as awkward.

  3. Hoping for better next year says:

    Should have avoided all that wasted screen time with the efrit (?spell) and just let them DO IT… we have waited long enough and most of this season was so BORING and anticlimatic…

  4. Sarah says:

    *didn’t really have chemistry

  5. DD says:

    Alcide who? Eric all the way.

  6. WTactualF says:

    Umm no. Alcide belongs with Rikki or some other V strung out we’re bitch. I hope the Alcide/Sookie storyline dies a long painful death.

    Sookie and Eric needs to happen again.

  7. giovanna says:

    Sookie debe quedarse con el churro de erick

  8. Lala says:

    I was relieved when it didn’t happen. It’s kinda of weird how everyone is interested in Sookie. Let’s not forget Sam once was too and if they follow the books there will be one more guy.

  9. I hated the idea of Alcide and Sookie hooking up, so happy to see it was over. But I’m biased.

  10. Nico says:

    Thank God they didn’t make it happen. Alcide is useless.

  11. Ashleah Youn says:

    Did she get pregnant after they were done filming, or during? If during, they could have avoided writing them getting together if she already had a little bump.

  12. Carrie says:

    I hated the way they almost hooked up and I don’t think they had chemistry in the first place. I’m happy if she stays single for once!

  13. yuka says:

    IMHO the real reqson Sookie had no romance or sexual encounters is that Anna Paguin was pregnant so they couldn’t have her do nudity this season.

  14. Shazipan says:

    I’m glad alcide and sookie didn’t get together. It makes sense story wise that she doesn’t cop off with someone each year, especially if she’s got the faerie issues going on. The show doesn’t have to follow the books, you just have to look at Bill to see that. I’m glad they did for the last season tho, Eric and Sookie all the way!!

    • Bambi says:

      I believe that eric and sookie need to stay together, not only does he love her which he has told her at the end of season 4, but he knows when she is in danger. Alcide does not have the connection or chemistry with Sookie, n she is going to need the protection only eric can give. Bill may be evil with new blood giving him no ties emotionally sook, but eric is twice his age and has over powered bill many times before in brawls. Eric n Sookie all the way

  15. Michele says:

    I actually would love them together. Eric is my absolute fave, but I dont like him with sookie

  16. I was SO VERY pissed off by that not happening! Ever since he met her I have been waiting for some Sookie/Alcide action then last year when he sniffed her I was lie oo its guna happen so when it was about to happen and it didnt yeah it pissed me off! For me I love Eric as a character but I haven’t ever really seen the chemistry on screen with Sookie I always just thought it was the book fans who reeeally wanted that to happen. I did love Bill and sookie for the first couple of seasons but now I much prefer Bill away from Sookie.

    • taim says:

      they have chemistry, I think it might be that she feels uncomfortable that her husband is on set too, but its unfair that the main couple from the book seriies – eric and sookie, never really got their time together. Normal eric and sookie have been never together.

    • I agree with you 100 percent. Alcide is the guy for Sookie, no ifs ands or buts about it.

  17. Rhoda says:

    I was very disappointed! I hope they explore Alcide/Sookie in the future! I love them together!

  18. Igor says:

    This season was so void of male sexuality. Not just with Sookie partners, but everyone. Jason, Lafayette, Sam, etc… And that was one of the main reasons the show became popular in the first place. I know many people (gals and gays) who don’t know or care what is happening. They just want to see the manmeat, mandycandy, hunkymonkey. So without that they haven’t been watching as often this year. It is like if watching Desperate Housewives without the housewives, or the desperation.

    • Delia says:

      That’s funny, because I was telling someone the other day that I’d really enjoyed this past season since they cut way back on the Ellora’s Cave crap.

  19. blackcat66 says:

    Yep Alcide is useless. Sookie and Eric!

  20. Whatever says:

    I like Eric & Sookie together and perhaps next season they will join together to fight evil Bill.
    However I think the Sookie / Alicide relationship does deserve some exploration.
    Preferably with Alicide in the buff.

    • Carey says:

      OMG!!!!!!!!!!!Finaly someone who agrees with me!!!Is Alcide HOT or what!!Dont get me wrong I love Sookie and Eric too,At least let them hookup in the future

  21. ripleyaeryn says:

    I REALLY want Sookie/Alcide happening. Why would she only be Eric’s (even if I like Sookie/Eric) or Bill’s ? She IS in love with Alcide, there are proofs ! Eric had his chance and Pam doesn’t want Sookie being with Eric, but Eric/Sookie can remain friends. And as the Bill she knew is gone, Alcide is the One than can give her some comfort. I’m not buying Alcide/Rikki “relationship”! This is as forced as Nora/Eric IMO. I don’t see any real feelings between Alcide and Rikki, their bond is not as strong as the bond he has with Sookie. Now, it has to be Alcide’s time with Sookie. And honestly, the only stuff I like about Alcide this year is his relationship with his father and chasing Russell, certainly not the JD stuff or Rikki.

  22. Just Me says:

    We can do without Alcide and Sookie hooking up, Alcide doesn’t even need a story line, just enough time to show his bum every other episode is good enough.

    Sookie’s most interesting seasons were when she was with Bill.

  23. Alcide is probably the only person Sookie SHOULD end up with. He’s the only guy who’s always treated her right as opposed to Eric and Bill who juggle between using and saving her.

  24. Steve says:

    I didn’t mind them not hooking up, but I was more confused by him confessing his love for Sookie, then the next day asking Riki to be his girlfriend. It was very odd.

  25. Maro says:

    All I can say is booooo! You know series is supposed to revolve around around Sookie. Ummm well she was a supporting character this whole season. And even that would have been fine is the season wasn’t all over the place. There was no focus. I guess there’s always next year

  26. Alicia says:

    Alcide is the most boring character on the show right now and I’d be glad to see him gone. He and Sookie have no chemistry whatsoever and it was painful to watch them making out. I’m disappointed that storyline wasn’t dropped after all…

    • Carey says:

      Are you insane??This whole season was so boring Alcide was the only reason im stil watching.Im hoping they give more airtime

  27. Jan says:

    I never liked the Sookie/Alcide thing. Sookie belongs TO Eric. Next season they’ll be working together to save Bill so hopefully we see them hook up and maybe a little love confesssion just to soothe the soul.

  28. st says:

    Out of all the guys Sookie has been with, I still say she has the most chemistry and heat with Bill on the show. I liked her and Eric for a little while in season 4, but they got really stale, forced, and cheesy real quick. Besides, season4 Eric/Sookie made me realize how great Bill and Sookie were–even when they fought they had amazing chemistry. I feel like in order for Eric to properly be with Sookie, they would have to change his character completely to be less bad ass and I sure as hell don’t want my Eric Northman to be a wimp. As for Alcide, he’s hot and all but Sookie and him are kind of like Eric and Sookie to me, I just don’t personally see it. If Sookie was smart she’d stay away from all these dudes lol. Personally, I hope she has her fun with Eric and Alcide so that I can see them naked, but in the end she should be with Bill!

    • taim says:

      ehm bill is evil he lied to her, let her get beaten almost to death, now was turned into billith. are you insane? don’t get it… and bill and sookie wer eonly together shortly in the books.

      • st says:

        ERRRRM Yeah because the show TOTALLY follows the books. EXCEPT OPPOSITE. I couldn’t care less about the books and most people that I know that watch the show don’t even know that they exist. That’s why I said Bill and Sookie were the hottest in the SHOW. He lied to her?! OMG, Nobody does that ever! What a creep! Gimme a break, he did what that Queen chick told him to do because he was infiltrating the vampire monarchies behind the scenes. Should he have told Sookie eventually? Yep. Has True Blood just made Bill into an all powerful boss? YEP. But conflict makes love stories. If everything was sunshine and rainbows it would be boring as hell and a TV show wouldn’t exist. Am I insane? If having an opinion is insane then I guess so. Hop off me.

        • lena says:

          Your opinion is that the heroine should go back to a man who cheated on her, lied to her, let her get savagely beaten for his benefit, and called her an abomination. Oh, he also became a religious terrorist and evil blood monster who believes people should be treated like livestock and slaughtered. Insane is too nice a term for you.

          • st says:

            Okay so who would you want the fictional character of Sookie to be with? If you throw notions of abuse around you have to open your eyes to the characters on this show. To say that Bill is abusive without also considering somebody like Eric to be abusive is laughable in any sense. Both characters are dangerous beings who no woman in their right mind should even consider being with romantically in the real world… but by all means please continue to tell yourself that you are morally above me.

    • Carey says:

      Sweety Bill is old and we all happy they are over

  29. Tanya says:

    I hope that Eric and Sookie get together and stay together! I wish it would go a little more toward the books! I at least hope that their together alittle more often, it looks like she’s going to need him alot more in season 6!!!!!

  30. s says:

    its called true blood not true fur we dont wanna see sookie with alcide just eric

  31. Brad O'Leary says:

    I did like the idea of Sookie and Alcide getting together but at the same time it was nice to have a season of True Blood that wasn’t centered around her and her love life. She’s always been the central character and they’ve put her through a lot so I think it was a nice change of pace to lighten up on her a bit this season and Alcide got to have his own storyline away from her and have some crazy-throw-you-around-the-room sex with another werewolf!!

    • Carey says:

      I dont mind Eric and Sookie at all, loved it when they were together, specialy the episode where he went swimming naked in the sun lol.Just hope to see some Sookie/Alcide action in the future.Mind you some werewolf sex would be awesome

  32. Tim Chipp says:

    It’s funny they stuck to the source material for the Sookie-Alcide relationship when they’ve veered so far into left field with everything else.

  33. Pepper says:

    I love Eric and I love Sookie… but separately. He’s a bad guy and he should remain that way. They should definitely keep the chemistry going but I’m afraid that if they end up together Eric’s gonna be a whiney softie like my love, Spike, after he fell for Buffy.

    • Mary says:

      As much as I love the chemistry between Eric and Sookie I don’t want him becoming a goody-goody, which is my biggest fear of them hooking up. I like Alcide and think his relationship with Sookie has the most potential for long-term.

    • Carey says:

      Thats a very good point!!!Id hate it if Eric turned into a softy,

  34. mohiksya says:

    For me, I think that they are the most realistic couple between the three options to be perfectly honest.

    & I wanted to see a little bit of that this season.
    But it was pretty hilarious when she puked on him.
    Though I was disappointed they didn’t bang & he banged that ugly chav instead.

  35. Allie says:

    I was so disappointed they didn’t get a chance this season. Yea… I love Eric and Sookie but I love Alcide as well. Even those who don’t ship them have to admit they have great chemistry. Hope they get explored next season. I won’t bet on it but I’m crossing my fingers.

  36. Ellipse Kirk says:

    I don’t know what plot twist would trigger it, but I’d LOVE to see Eric & Alcide paired up. Maybe in a recurring dream sequence.

  37. it's me says:

    Yeah…the books are about Eric and sookie but I feel they went a different direction with the show and made it about Bill and sookie. They’re way better tohether anyway and so not boring.

    Team Bill!

    P.S. Eric is sooooo hot tho. ;)

  38. brianne says:

    I was wondering what happened! I loved them together. Team Alcide then team Bill.

  39. Buffy says:

    I want to know when they plan on bringing Quinn on the show!!!!

  40. Brit says:

    I’ve never been crazy about Sookie and Alcide potentially becoming a couple. Sookie has much stronger chemistry with Bill and Eric. Heck, she even has better chemistry with Sam than she does with Alcide! I think we need something to erase the disappointment of the season 4 Eric-Sookie hook up, so I wouldn’t mind seeing the writers revisiting the Sookie and Eric romance even though I ultimately prefer Eric and Nora together. I’m probably in the minority on that last part though.

  41. dontbeallupinmygrill says:

    I have never seen any greater heat then Sookie and Bill’s, they were dynamic together (show) I didn’t care for Sookie/Alicide either, he’s just all body, I got too excited for the eric/sookie hookup which was as interesting as watching paint dry, why he had more passion with talbot! Alcide = fail, #billandsookiealways#

  42. Shelli says:

    Don’t believe that Alcide cr*p what Alan Ball said!!! He made sh*t up all the time!!! He isn’t charge the show next season,Mark is. I think it isn’t this spoiler,he just talked about it this season.

    It looks like Alcide have to deal w/ being a packleader & develops a v-addict. Rikki’ll be 1 who help to get through it. I would see that’ll happen in Season 6. Beside,Sookie doesn’t want to hang around a bunch of wild dog & a v-addict as boyfriend. She had been through that sh*t w/ Jason in season 1,she don’t want to through that again.

    It does looks like the future’s looking bright for Eric & Sookie. It looks like he’ll stand by her. She need to related to,it’s Eric. He had through a lot,he known how Sookie’s feeling. He have similar background to Sookie (i always think Eric’s like the male counterpart of Sookie from books.) Because they lost their loved 1(Sookie lost Gran & Eric lost Godric). Pam & Tara are the same(that’s why they get along a lot). Sookie have Jason as brother,Eric have Nora as sister(Jason & Sookie aren’t sexaul related). They have good relationship(Sam & Bill,but Sam didn’t become evil). See the point. They destined to be together. He was there when Bill “died” & comfored her,Alcide isn’t there & he’s out to fighting to win over his pack.

    What a idiot Alan’s thinking to putting Sookie w/ Alcide next season. I hope Mark disagreed w/ him on the plans for next season.

  43. Yvonne says:

    I wouldn’t mind seeing Alcide and Sookie giving it a try, even as I hope the long game is Erik. That said, the “Sookie ends up with a different guy every other book” is what finally exhausted me about the Charlaine Harris series… I gave up with the weretiger.

  44. Kelly says:

    Don’t like Eric/Sookie. I think she shouldn’t be with any vampire.

  45. Kate says:

    Every time I look at Eric, i see Meekus from Zoolander…and I just can’t find him sexy. I must be the only one on the planet, but as I didn’t read the books, I love me some Bill. Alcide is HOT, but i don’t love the match-up.

  46. Magically Suspicious says:

    I don’t care who Alcide is gettin nekkid with, just as long as he’s gettin nekkid. A LOT.

  47. Luz says:

    Eric > any other man in the show.
    I never liked Alcide, I prefer Eric, Bill, Sam or any other man for Sookie instead of Alcide, I just don’t find him atractive in any way, I get he has a lot of muscles, but that’s all!

  48. asfandancer says:

    As far as I can see Alcide does nothing for the show but take off his shirt, growls, and never smiles. I love a man with some humor in him and Alcide is completely devoid of any humor. I usually take the opportunity to get a drink whenever he is on screen. His character grates on my last nerve. So far Alcide has drifted from Debbie (whom he still doesn’t seem to have gotten over if he is really capable of caring for anyone but his narcissistic self) to Sookie, to the Rikki gal in the pack, and I found him a total bore with all of them. So as far as Alcide and Sookie are concerned, never in a million years would these two have any chemistry.

    While I am no Bill hater, I have always found his character rather drab and I never felt much chemistry between him and Sookie mainly they just grope and grab at each other. When she was with Eric there was real tenderness. Not that I am an advocate of Eric and Sookie because I think Eric is way to good for her. Eric is a class act and deserves someone equally classy. I love Eric and Pam together they really compliment each other, and the actors that play the roles make them come alive. I for one am all for Sam and Sookie.

  49. idontcarewhatyousay says:

    Please don’t even bother getting Alcide together with Sookie, she’s Eric’s. And Alcide is a pure waste of air time. He’s so damn boring.

  50. helen says:

    I think that Sookie did the best with Alcide last season, puking… I love Eric and Sookie together, they are so sexy, specially when Eric is naughty…Alexander and Anna are wonderful