Fall TV Preview

Super-Sized Premiere Week for The Voice Pits NBC Songfest Against Fox’s X Factor

NBC has extended the The Voice’s upcoming two-night premiere to three nights — and its final evening will put the Peacock net’s singing show directly up against Fox’s The X Factor.

Christina Aguilera is a Voice coach. Britney Spears is X Factor‘s newest (and biggest hyped) judge. Throw in a little Justin Timberlake, and we’ve got a real Mickey Mouse Club situation brewing.

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NBC originally scheduled The Voice’s Season 3 debut for Monday, Sept. 10 and Tuesday, Sept. 11. It announced Wednesday it would bump a scheduled repeat of America’s Got Talent in order to air a third part of the “audition event” Wednesday, Sept. 12 at 8/7c – which is precisely when the first night of X Factor’s Season 2 bows on Fox. (X Factor‘s premiere week wraps that Thursday at 8 pm.)

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While the musical competitions have their differences, they’re similar enough that the decision to choose Voice Night 3 vs. X Factor Night 1 may come down to whether viewers prefer their blonde pop stars “Dirrty” or “Toxic.” Where do your loyalties lie?

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  1. TigerNightmare says:

    I wonder what’s on the other channels.

  2. George says:

    This is why I’ve given up on most of these network competition reality shows. They’re WAY too bloated with there multi-hour, multi-night “events.”

  3. Thank goodness for Online TV sites.

    Now, the question is do I bother to stream any of these audition episodes live aka actual commercials and live posting my thoughts online forums and such or do I just wait a few short hours (often b4 west coast airs) and watch them both w/o commercials and only be a few short hours behind the rest of the US/World.

    BTW, I bet a lot of $ that XFUS2 Premiere beats out TVUS3 Episode 3 by a lot. In fact, I bet the avg of the 3 nights vs the avg of the 2 nights XFUS wins by a nice margin as well.

    Not sure how Britney (& Demi) will fare nor the new host(s)? over the whole season but Ep1 and the Premiere week def will do much better than TVUS3’s.

    I don’t think TV will last that many seasons unless they stabilize their numbers and fast. Yes s2 was higher than s1 but once people saw the show they started tuning out. And the end of s2 they really struggled. XFUS1 did stabilize somewhat esp with all the Baseball Playoffs.

  4. Alienate says:

    In this day and age, It’s common practice to watch BOTH shows. Which is what I’ll do.

    • Same.

      We can’t watch BOTH @ the same time though.

      So, IF we HAD to choose which to watch LIVE and witch to watch later…or maybe look at it as which one you will attempt to watch online first, which one do you choose?

  5. The XFactor “Premiere” concludes NOT the show but the Premiere “week”. Just like AI has a 2 day “Premiere week” even though all audition episodes are basically the same meaning that the “premiere” just happens to be the first 2 shows they decide to air….even if shot in a different order.

  6. blingedup says:

    Team X-Factor here, but definitely not because of Brittney.
    I’m still enjoying the reality singing competitions…
    The Voice is too gimicky, however. If it were TRULY about the voice, the judges would pick their final team without seeing the contestants. Then America would vote based on performances behind a curtain. The person would be finally be revealed for the first time at the finale. Now THAT would be a true finale for The Voice. lol.
    When the judges start narrowing down their contestants after meeting them, it loses it difference about being just about the voice.

    • Tim says:

      It’s not just a gimmick, it’s a tired gimmick at this point. They really should have given the show a rest for six months.

      I’m going with X-Factor, I need my Simon fix!

  7. daviduter says:

    My lord people. Stop feeding these shows with your viewership. Head out to your local kareoke hack off, no different.

  8. Emily says:

    Neither. I will be rewatching Dexter in preparation for the premiere and/or catching up on Doctor Who, which is a new love of mine. Hmm, and I’ve been meaning to dig into Homeland too… Almost everything else worth watching premieres two weeks later than this nonsense, anyway.

  9. Cindy says:

    I’ll be watching The Voice because there are real talented coaches and to see the new contestants to come. Also, cant’ wait to see Xtina Adam Blake and Ceelo rock there live coaches live perforamnce they do each season.Also the fun banter between all them together adamtina moments the blake and adam mometns blake and Christina moments. Ceelo with his adoraoble animals. This season 3 looks to be hands down of there best yet. Go the Voice. I’m glad that The Voice will be on Monday Tues and Wed next week only!! I get to see my favorite coaches this season 3 times a wk next week then 2 times a wk until the season ends. What more can I ask for!! Xtina, Adam,Blake,and ceelo you guys I love soooo much!!!

  10. Jesse says:

    I’ll be watching The Voice, I loved the previous seasons. I might download X-Factor online and check it out, but last season was absolutely horrible. Let’s hope it’s better this time around.

  11. MJ&XtinaFan says:

    Legendtina all the waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

  12. Morgan says:

    Neither. The only singing show I’ve ever watched, or ever had any desire to watch, was The Sing-Off.

  13. brendan says:

    the voice all the way. Come on! Britney? Judging people on how they sing? Nope, no thanks. Demi can do it, but she’s just a kid if you think about it. Adam, Cee Lo, Blake and Xtina all have what it takes to COACH real singers, not judge. The voice is amazing!

    Oh, I might add if you didn’t notice, how all the other singing competitions had to step up their games and change their judges to at least compete with The Voice. Idol dropped Lopez and Tyler and had to get Mariah and Nicki Minaj, X-factor dropped Nicole and Paula and had to bring in Britney and Demi, then all of a sudden there are new singing shows bringing in people like Kelly Clarkson and Joe Jonas. Way to jump on the bandwagon.

    • Britney all the way! No one can come close! Britney has done it all and is original, starts the trends and never follows them and her music and videos always delivers, sure she lip synchs but who doesn’t? Michael lipped most of his career and he will forever be a legend! Britney has been to hell and back she is a strong talented real beautiful humble woman and people are too judgmental and harsh against her.
      100 million albums sold, 100 million singles sold, 1 billion perfurms sold, sensational song “Baby one more time”, #1 tour of 2011 “femme fatale tour”, amazing 2009 tour (madison square garden SOLD OUT 3 nights in a row, and very high grossing), 1 billion youtube overall views,2 million google+ followers, the most circled person on google+, 13.3 million followers, 17.4 million facebook followers, sensational kiss with madonna, 5 #1 singles, 6 #1 albums, one of the richest singers ever.
      Proves she is the GOD OF POP

  14. Meg says:

    It’s last season for Xtina and first for Brit so I bet there will be a lot of fun. Xtina vs. Britney all over again. Who said that you can’t turn back time.

  15. liam47 says:

    X-Factor. Not here for watching The Voice 3 times a week.

  16. Jim says:

    We are still comparing Britney and Christina? God, feels like the early 2000’s all over again. It gets old and both are extremely talented women. We all know who has dominated in the past as far as ratings and sales. I doubt it will change based on a poll.

  17. Alex from Monaco says:

    I absolutely love “The Voice”, it’s so entertaining and respects the singers. I loathe talent shows that focus on the personal lives of the contestants and sell their personal drama like American Idol and X Factor. I hate reality shows and i’m not here for that. It’s all about good voices singing amazing songs. The Voice has the best judges out there, all of them are talented and successful, plus they have chemistry and nothing is set-up for the ratings unlike other shows which are disrespectful to the contestants. I’m looking forward to the new season of “The Voice” and of course the live performances of the judges. I’ve watched X Factor and it’s so bad and tacky, plus last year’s drama was the worst TV moment of the year (remember that little girl when she collapsed on stage because she was voted out?)

  18. Lucky says:

    Britney all the way. Not here for flops like XTINCTA~

  19. julie says:

    Britney all the way

  20. Anonymous says:

    I’ll definitely be watching The Voice for Christina Aguilera! The voice…

  21. Jaded says:

    Godney All The Way!!

  22. Brooke says:

    Actually, I’d like to see Britney and Christina dump their co-judges and team up for their own show. Way more fun!

  23. Lee says:

    Ill go with The Voice where there are REAL singers judging. Why would I ever watch a TALENTLESS HACK like Britney, who has written only about 9 songs in a 13 year career, who cant play an instrument and most importantly …CANT SING, judge other people on their talent?
    Britney is the least talented woman in the industry and got by on being a hot white girl with a bubble butt who pretended to be a virgin, while skating by on the hard work of OTHER people.
    The fact that Britney gets any praise speaks volumes on how far the Industry has plummeted.

    • Miguel Medina says:

      Some research before you go around talking smack about Britney… Britney has written well over 100 unreleased and released songs also some of her #1hits and album tracks.. and how how gonna say that Britney cannot play an instrument when there tons of YouTube videos of Britney singing live while playing the piano stopping to talk to the audience telling them about writing that song and composing the melodies and riffs all by herself ?? Britney is extremely talented but does not show it off

    • Miguel Medina says:

      Do actual
      Some research before you go around talking smack about Britney… Britney has written well over 100 unreleased and released songs also some of her #1hits and album tracks.. and how how gonna say that Britney cannot play an instrument when there tons of YouTube videos of Britney singing live while playing the piano stopping to talk to the audience telling them about writing that song and composing the melodies and riffs all by herself ?? Britney is extremely talented but does not show it off

      • ames says:

        Lol. Typical fandom here. So, Britney supposedly IS a songwriter and has some actual talent, she just doesn’t want to show it off? Lemme get this straight, a supposed ‘singer’ and musical ‘performer’ doesn’t want to show off her musical talents because she’s too modest? Oh, right. I’m sure she has some amazing material out there that hasn’t been exposed to the world and I’m sure she CAN actually sing well, she just chooses to be autotuned and not sing live and I’m sure she just chooses to put out crappy material that she didn’t write. OH. The delusion here is really disturbing.

  24. Jake says:

    The Voice actually has very credible, talented and intelligent judges that offer insightful criticism and advice and they call all get up there and sing their asses off and put on on hell of a show themselves! Will we see Ms. Spears hanging with the talent on the show? Probably not, because she LACKS talent. Simon has lost some serious credibility getting Britney and Demi and supposedly Justin Bieber (as a mentor) on this show. This is a singing competition, not the teen choice awards. Also, Ms. Aguilera is a brilliant vocalist of our time and is also very intelligent. Can’t see Ms. Spears offering useful advice like she can.

  25. WIll says:

    definitely Christina Aguilera… She really IS promoting talent… Even if The Voice is kind of gimmicky.. It still stands up for talent… and I will always support talent. On to of that, Christina IS really talented, she has every right to mentor/judge stars-in-the-making whereas Britney has ZERO talent.. Also, Demi Lovato might be talented but it’s too early to put her in a position to judge others.. She’s still got a lot ahead of her. X-Factor has no credibility at all.

  26. Leo says:

    Xtina. I’m not here for Britney and her drugged out self making money for her legal “guardians”.

  27. Amy says:

    Christina, always. She’s sexy, smart, talented, gives great advice and is extremely entertaining on the Voice. I love her sassy attitude on the Voice, but when it comes down to the wire, she really makes great decisions and truly seems to care about her team. The Voice!

  28. C/X says:

    Team Xtina!

  29. Paul says:

    Xtina can actually sing and her presence on The Voice has a porpose, the other girl is being used for raitings and probably will get judged even more for her work so, Im #TeamXtina all the way

  30. Samantha says:

    The Voice, but not for awful xtina.

  31. alex says:

    xtina for ever!she is the best of the world!the voice is amazing!!!!

  32. rob says:

    Id rather watch the actual musically talented one. Britneys derpy attitude might be fun to watch but shes a joke as a musician.

  33. Lee says:

    Lol Miguel ive seen those pathetic videos every Britney fan talks about. My 5 year old niece plays the piano better.
    And her singing Live? HA. The ten times she has sung live all sound DREADFUL. Geez Britney fans just need to accept it already. Shes a talentless hack.

  34. Vawn says:

    Lol at the Britney fans on Facebook posting this link and coming in droves to vote for X-Factor. That’s really sad. Always cheating..just like their Idol Britney.

  35. maria says:

    Only here for Britney. True legend.

  36. Francesca says:

    A tough choice, but my loyalty definitely lies with The Voice! The contestants are interesting and talented and the judges are fun, relevant and don’t just phone in their comments. I still might tape the X-Factor on the side, only because I like Britney and want to see what she’s like as a coach. I’m tired of Simon though.

  37. Jodi says:

    Christina Aguilera has the voice, but Britney Spears has the X-Factor. Christina is a great vocalist, but Britney is the bigger star.

    And that’s how these two shows are different anyway. Admit it.

  38. JC says:

    Britney Spears and the X factor! She will always be better than Christina :))

    • Leah says:

      In what way is she better that Christina? Singing? Acting? Dancing? Writing songs? Being respected? Owning Grammy’s? Having control over her life? Having an interesting personality? I’m so confused as to how Britney Spears is in any way ‘better’ than Christina other than having an amazing marketing team that has managed to make a completely mediocre performer (at best) like her last this long in the music industry. All Britney Spears has done for the music industry is make it possible for untalented/sexed-up women be worshipped as ‘icons.’ I don’t know why anyone in their right mind would pick someone with so little to offer over one of the most talented singers of all time.

  39. Alice says:

    Pigtina Who? I cant wait to see Britney Spears! :D

    • Chem Deqpreo says:

      “Pigtina” ? really? Lets not devolve into personal attacks. One could just as easily point out that Britney has the worst case of Southern-girl treestump neck AND isnt mentally fit to operate independantly in the real world.

  40. Rachel Morrison says:

    Of course Britney will win. Christiana hasn’t had a hit since I was a teenager. lol Noone is interested in what a hasbeen judge has to offer.

  41. jaaaaaaaaaay says:

    I can see right through Simon Cowell getting Britney to be on XFactor. He was so upset that the Voice stole XFactor’s thunder last year and went so far as to get her biggest ‘rival’ to try and beat her in the ratings. Pretty transparent. I’m surprised more people don’t see right through that. It’s too bad that by doing so, he sacrificed the integrity of the show, seeing as how she’s the anthesis of what these shows are supposed to be about. In the end, I think Simon will still fail, Britney will be a boring robot and the Voice will continue to reign supreme, having much better judges, talent and entertainment overall.

  42. Oliver says:

    Im Here for the Voice and Christina Aguilera. I prefer talent, Xtina purpose in show is to give credibility on the show itself. I think britney is only being used for rating purpose.

  43. Leah says:

    Hmmm I’ll be watching The Voice for sure. Love the coaches. Not here for boring old Simon, Britney cannot sing why even judge?

  44. julie says:

    The xfactor is in for the kill with Demi on Today Show, VMA, and Britney and SImon on Ellen, and Jimmy Kimmel, and LA Ried doing Billboard key not speaker. What does the voice have for promo? I thought so.

    • jewel says:

      Lol, the Voice is an established show and has done all of these shows this year already. They don’t have to promote like the Xfactor does, because they aren’t a new show with a whole new lineup. The Voice had the Superbowl time slot this year, the cover of Rollingstone and an Emmy nomination. Call me when Xfactor gets even one of those things.

  45. Jheorge says:

    i love THE VOICE of my queen CHRISTINA AGUILERA is the best forever

  46. Britney says:

    X FACTOR ALL THE WAY! I’m Sorry but it’s so Obvious that “The Voice” are trying to get in to competition with X Factor and they are silly to do so as X factor has BRITNEY SPEARS which can only mean one thing… RATING EXPLODING! We’ll see how it all works out but i’m pretty positive that X Factor are going to win the Ratings battle. #TeamBritney #TeamXFactor

    • NO says:

      The Voice is trying to get into competition? Sooo, did you just forget about the fact that Simon Cowell hired BRITNEY SPEARS to directly compete with CHRISTINA AGUILERA or the fact that he and L.A. Reid have consistently talked smack about the Voice for over a year now? Hello?

  47. shauna says:

    Xtina all the way. I love The Voice. The concept of it is great. People are actually judged on their talent and not their looks. Plus. The judges are actually talented. I mean, come on, Christina Aguilera has one of if not the best voices ever. She totally owns Britney.

  48. genesis says:

    I will watch the x fator that show it’s awesome , the voice it’s boring as f-ck

  49. charmedbionic says:

    I’m a huge fan of X and I don’t dislike Brit, but when it comes to really looking for genuine talent, The Voice has the edge just because the judges/coaches are legit.

  50. paul says:

    xtina you win! you are the number one! wednesday is the voice!!!!