It's Official: Michael Strahan Named Kelly Ripa's Permanent Live Co-Host

Live with Kelly and MichaelThe worst kept secret in the TV biz has finally been made official: Kelly Ripa introduced former NFL star Michael Strahan as her new co-host Monday morning on the newly-rechristened Live! With Kelly and Michael.

“As a guest co-host, Michael’s chemistry with Kelly was off the charts, and continued to grow each time he visited the show,” said longtime Live EP Michael Gelman. “The interaction between the co-hosts always has been what makes this show different from any other on television. Kelly and Michael’s ability to play off of one another and just plain have a good time together creates great TV for the audience.”

Ripa has served as sole permanent host of Live With Kelly since Regis Philbin stepped down last November 18. During that time, a whopping 59 different men and women joined Ripa behind the Live desk following Philbin’s departure. But in recent months, the list of serious candidates was narrowed down to three: Strahan, SNL vet Seth Meyers, and classical singer Josh Groban.

Strahan’s Live duties reportedly won’t affect his other broadcasting gig on Fox NFL Sunday.

Thoughts? Thumbs up? Thumbs down? Still on the fence? Hit the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. katie says:

    What chemistry? I must have been blind the times that i caught the show while he was cohosting- i would have preferred seth or josh over michael; just didnt fell michael and kelly had all that much chemistry

    • Kim R says:

      That was my first thought….what chemistry? Off the charts?? Hmmmmm…..what show have they been watching? It is on right now and I have it muted until Claire Danes comes out. This is just not good. :(

      • tom says:

        i think your all nuts its a morning show good noise in the morning ur making something out of nothing

      • Hi Micheal and Kelly
        From Palm springs Ca
        Margaret ,
        Micheal I made your pumpkin crunch for Thanksgiving and was enjoyed by
        the family and want to make more, Love the desert will replace with pumpkin pie
        enjoy your show so very much

      • Bethany Dunn says:

        I hate stupid Kelly and Michael. I get that they would have the Bacelors pick I. Their show but did they have to put her name at the beginning lines of the show!!!???? Stupid!!! Will never watch again!!!

    • Mary says:

      I would of been happy with Michael or Josh, they both had great chemistry with Kelly. I am so glad it was not Seth. He is annoying after 5 minutes, and on a everyday basis I for sure would not DVR it.

    • Jalayne says:

      ho-hum choice. Loved Carrie Ann or Joel McHale with Kelly.

    • June Fischer says:

      I agree been watching since it was Regis and Kathy lee then Kelly wont be watching Kelly and Michael

      • Barbra C. says:

        OMG….Michael is now the victim of deplorable racist hatred in this country….I’m a white woman who is so sick and tired of all the racism going on in this country. I’ve visited many other European countries during the course of my life and the chemistry between Europeans and Blacks is like none other. Here in America if a Black man is doing something bad, he’s hated, If he’s doing something very positive, he’s hated. What is it with you Americans? If Kelly, Michael and the shows producers are happy then who gives a rat’s ass what everyone else thinks? If you don’t like seeing a White woman with a Black guy then by all means don’t watch the freakin show!!!! Go live on a secluded island or something. Racism is the one thing that’s going to destroy this evil country. “ENOUGH ALREADY!”

        • Cindy cax says:

          Your post was strange. No they do not have any chemistry. Racism? He is great for a football commentater but not with Kelly. Has nothing to do with his color….what’s the matter with you?

          • Barbra C. says:

            Strange? What’s the matter with me? LOL…..Cindy please get off of that farm you’re on and introduce yourself to the 21st century dear. It’s quite obvious Michael is receiving so much negative criticism because he’s a Black man, but your type always try and dress it up by saying it’s not about race or color. Unfortunately racism is a learned behavior, and a clear sign that most Americans suffer from the disease. Live. with Kelly & Michael currently has excellent ratings, so why are you idiots questioning chemistry when it quite obvious the ratings speaks volumes for their chemistry together. Please Note: Chemistry inspires ratings and ratings inspires sponsorship which causes most major corporations to open them huge checkbooks and write bigger checks for everyone involved. Because of Michael, there’s more African Americans and men watching the show now than ever before. Cindy….may I suggest you take a few courses in Marketing and educate yourself, because your type are very sheeple people indeed! What’s wrong with me is that I’m color blind and I was taught by very honorable people to treat every human being exactly like how I want to be treated.

          • Frances Crawford says:

            I am with you, Cindy. The only chemistry is sexual and I turned this program off after the 1st couple of times I saw them “pawing” each other. Doesn’t matter who the co-host is, it’s totally inappropriate for daytime TV. And a NUDE segment? This show was discussed on the Today show this morning. Sickening – no matter what race either of them are.

          • bmaxine says:

            What’s the matter with you, it has everything to do with his race… in America’s eyes if a black man has to be successful you can only see it with him being in a sport. It is really sad that you can’t see his talent and he’s very funny on the show if you ask me. I suppose Obama wouldn’t fit into your category of presidents either huh unless all your friends and family agree with you but you can’t help it because you’re probably raised that way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • dre says:

          You tell em Barbra!!

        • Toni says:

          You are a nut. Open your eyes. Not everything is about racisim when a black human is involved. Sometimes it is just talent or knowledge, not color. Are you a blonde or a brunette? Is dying your hair blonde an act of racisim?

          • Barbra C. says:

            Am I blonde or Brunette? Are you kidding me Toni? Is that the best you can come up with? What does the color of my hair and dye have to do with this topic? LOL….OMG! The responses here are getting dumber and dumber! It’s quite obvious Toni that weather your hair is black or any color other than “blonde” or “brunette”, your brain size can not be much bigger than your shoe size, and your IQ level has to begin with a decimal point(.) Boy…..What a stupid comment!

        • scott jenkins says:

          Your the one bringing race up so maybe u should look in the mirror.And americans come in all cultures so if u dont like americans than maybe u should go find a island

          • Barbra C. says:

            Scott, FYI….I don’t have a problem with Americans per se, I only despise racist people who have absolutely no reason to hate other people who did nothing to them personally. If Blacks, Jews and other minorities were taken off the Earth tomorrow Scott, many of your kind will find another group of people to hate, simply because they are slightly different! If it weren’t from Blacks and other minority ethnic groups today, us White women would probably be the victims of White male oppression now more than ever before! This is why I support Feminism to the highest! Ladies….stop being followers of global hatred and start pushing more for world peace! Racism do not conform to that constructive of mindset! Again, I wish Kelly and Michael all the best! Scott, I’ll continue to pray for you and your kind! Blessings!!!!

        • bmaxine says:

          well said!!!

        • Bowser says:

          If you think Europe is so much better go live there!

          • Barbra C. says:

            @ Bowser – Apparently you did not read and properly comprehend what I said above regarding America. It’s not the country I despise, but the multitude of racist scum that’s ruining this great country.

            I’m sorry you wasn’t able to read and comprehend that. So again it’s not America that I sorely despise it’s AmeriKKKlans that I totally despise! Hatred slows down human progression and hinders World Peace!

            Bowser, I certainly hope you and your kind can comprehend this on an intellectual level and not from the perspective of what you have been mentally conditioned to believe and understand.

        • Dave says:

          So I have to like Michael Strahan as a host or I’m a racist? You are the worst kind of clown there is.

          • Barbra C. says:

            @ Dave – LOL….I don’t think you like yourself, more or less Michael Strahan. And in case you are not smart enough to realize, you are not compelled to watch the show.

            And for the record, I’d rather be the worst of my kind than be the best of your kind…you Racist scum.

        • Mjc@yahoo says:

          I personally love Kelly and Michael together, watch them almost every day, and think they have incredible chemistry. I do find it disturbing that you hate this country so much. I too have traveled and have found that every country has its pros and cons. If I felt as strongly as you do that this country is so evil, I believe I would consider removing myself from it.

          • Barbra C. says:

            LOL….another idiot who failed to comprehend my exact views and perceptions. Mcj@yahoo, please re-read the message I posted to Scott. It’s only 6 comments above yours, if you can count that far up! Thank you!

        • Judy says:

          It’s not about racism it’s about him being to talk legibly!

        • Kayla says:

          You are awesome! I love Michael as the cohost of Live! He has done a wonderful job and he’s funny! Thank you for addressing the RACISM that is going on here. As a multiracial woman who identifies as black, I absolutely hate to see the racist remarks. We are still living in the dark ages obviously but it’s nice to know that there are still good people out here willing to stand up for HUMANS. You have a wonderful day. Since you have made mine. God bless!

        • david says:

          Sounds to me like you’re the racist… Commenting on here and putting people down,and calling them names. Hateful sk–k!!

        • Sherry Lancaster says:

          I never miss Kelly & Michael They make a GREAT TEAM!!!! It is so very sad when people feel the need to say such mean & hateful things, knowing that Kelly & Michael see it!!! The color of their skin, is just that!
          They are both wonderful people who love their work and
          They do have that special connection, Great Show!!!!!!!

        • Sebastián says:

          Lady your crazy i am european and theres moré
          Racism there and hatred towards Africans than USA
          We throw bananas at them in soccer games lmaof

        • KarenM says:

          What racism? I love Michael. Don’t watch bc Kelly should be replaced. I hate to see her to try to dance like Ellen. Come up with something original. You can’t dance!

        • John R. says:

          Barbara, you realize of course that by boasting about your travels to Europe and your all-around open-mindedness, you come off as an unbearable elitist, right? You may not be a racist (congratulations, by the way), but you sure do sound like the most annoying type of snob. And hey, if you’re ok with that, then more power to you.

          And what is it about someone disagreeing with you that automatically makes you shout “racist”? Do you have racist Torette’s syndrome like Glenn Beck had Nazi Torette’s?

          Please feel free at this point to insinuate that I am racist and live on a farm somewhere in rural America. You’ll only be proving me right about you…

        • George says:

          You are the racist you MORON. Just because people don’t like the choice or maybe even Michael himself, the fact that he is black makes it racism. YOU AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE THE PROBLEM. You should have STAYED IN EUROPE AH

    • Laura says:

      I agree with your comment ….I don’t see any chemistry ….They look so unbalanced in their heights also

      • barry says:

        No chemistry between kelly and michael? Just wait until they will be sent in some other location hosting. Since they became permanently paired…I have never seen kelly’s children being featured in this Christmas season. Why?

        • Frannie says:

          Because Kelly is so self centered she is probably afraid her children will take the attention from her. Why should she have them on anyway, all she does is say nasty things about them like her teen age son masturbates and her daughter is evil and nasty. Never a nice thing to say. She will not get the mother of the year award that is certain.

    • Rob says:

      Hardly watch any more, now,and then I’ll put on thinking maybe it will be better this time. Sadly it’s not. A very poor choice for cohost and it has nothing to do with him being African American , it just doe t work. I wonder how long of a contract he has?

    • hannah fovgerty says:

      haven’t watched in a long while, but what is going on? My mother in law told me she and her friends have quit watching because Kelly and Michael did a nude spot.??? I couldn’t find, and think they misunderstood, but she tells me they sat at the desk with just little black bars over private areas??Need clarification so I can explain to her. She enjoyed the show before that.

    • Paul says:

      Michael is a perfect contrast to Kelly. EXCEPT they are both exhibitors of the friendliness I enjoy. Good choice, Kelly. Welcome into our world of being enterained by top quality people, Michael. Love that smile and style from a giant!

    • 00tonytone says:

      didnt live with kelly and michael do a nude segment interviewing carson kressley . i cant find that video anywhere. my girl doesnt believe me. i know i saw it im not crazy lol.

  2. He was my choice all along! He’s funny and he and Kelly have great chemistry! !!

  3. Steph says:

    I’ve already stopped watching. :(

  4. sg says:

    Sorry have been a fan of the show since it was Regis and Kathi Lee but will no longer watch it with Michael. he is a disgrace and will downgrade the show. He is a joke and unethical.

    • KND says:

      How is he a joke and unethical?

      • Sam says:

        Taking Video Secretly while his Ex’s Sis taking shower. Enough Said! Perv!

        • dre says:

          Unethical? You don’t remember when Regis went to the nude beach naked? On the show, but blurred out private parts?

          • bmaxine says:

            how do they not remember Regis doing a nude act on the beach. so strange that that was okay for you coming from a man at his age. I guess it was okay to do that because he was of the right color and much more appealing for you to look at. That’s appropriate and funny, huh?????

          • Bowser says:

            BIG difference between taping yourself WITH PERMISSION and video taping your EX-SIS IN THE SHOWER…Without her permission….if you think that’s ok you are nuts…also its against the Law…

    • CardNation says:

      What the hell does that mean???????

    • Carol Taylor says:

      Say what you really mean about him being unethical! I will bet you have the same feelings regarding President Obama. I think Michael was an awesome & best choice as Kelly’s cohost.

      • Torrey Stephens says:

        Are you seriously race-baiting here? First of all, he’s a moron who holds that NFL sack record because his buddy, Brett Favre, took a dive. That is cheating, and it is worse than a bounty. Second, after seeing him on the show during the “tryout” period and even before, he adds nothing to the conversation or entertainment. All he does is laugh. Finally, he’s not going to appeal to the core audience that used watch for Regis. They are probably gone anyway, as I am. I will never watch again…PERIOD. I will say, at least he’s not a complete a**hole like Howie Mandel.

        • Mel says:

          This was just a silly comment altogether. I agree. You should just go away if you thought Regis was a great host. He was the most cornball, ridiculous host I’ve ever seen… always trying to be funny and he was simply retarded when it came to humor. I watched Regis & Kathi Lee maybe twice and Regis & Kelly a few times because I loved Kelly and hated Regis. Regis was so out of touch, it was unreal. I can’t believe he lasted so long on TV. Boring!!! Michael is real.. crazy and funny … if you can’t see the chemistry and fun Michael and Kelly have with each other… then you know nothing about chemistry. My guess is your taste remains with Regis… boring like a piece of dry toast!

        • bmaxine says:

          Tori it’s obvious that you have no sense of humor. sorry that your life is so shallow and boring that you can’t see any humor for others… it’s a good thing that they don’t rely on people like you who is very shallow minded and Prejudice…. instead they can see past the color and they rely on ratings!!!!!!! I honestly think that many of you would not have accepted any black man even if it was Eddie Murphy or some other black comedian or black talk show host!!!

      • dre says:

        They do have great chemistry together!! I hate giving the racist a point but, honestly I do think he’s going to boink Kelly.

        • sally wentworth says:

          I am with you!! She gets so excited when he sits next to her and she is always touching him and acts so silly. She never did that with Regis. If they don’t have an affair it will surprise me and half the audience. I watch it just to comen
          t on the frivilous way she acts, dumb blonde things she attempts..OMG what a mess!!!!

          • dre says:

            Right, its like we are just waiting for someone to confirm what we already know.

          • Barbra C. says:

            I think you are just jealous of Kelly because you’re stuck on a farm milking cows for a living, while Kelly gets to share the spotlight with a big handsome hunk by the named of Michael!!!!! I’m a Blonde and yes we love real men!!!!

          • Barbra C. says:

            Sally, I think you are just jealous of Kelly because you’re stuck on a farm milking cows for a living, while Kelly gets to share the spotlight with a big handsome hunk by the named of Michael!!!!! I’m a Blonde and yes we love real men!!!!

          • david says:

            She’s married.. Great chemistry hell!!! More like dollar signs.

    • maria says:

      wow some people sure don’t know how to pick there words, what is o unethical about michael strahan, I have been watching the show for many years and I for one think they have great chemistry. I liked Josh as well, steth has a weird sense of humor maybe not good for a morning show. but i know Michael and kelly will do great and i know many ppl who are gonna be watching them.

    • regina1956 says:

      You have opened the door with your comments. Now expand upon them. He is neither a joke or unethical. I would say that about Kelly though. Her ego is quite blinding also.

    • JEAN WYLIE says:


  5. L says:

    I was hoping it would be Josh Groban!!!!!! I don’t love Strahan, but I guess he’s better than Nick Lachey.

  6. David says:

    I’m still trying to wrap my head around the fact that Josh, Seth and Nick lost……to him?? Horrible choice. I understand that he and Kelly are friends, but friendship does not translate into on-air chemistry. And he is not a good interviewer at all. I have watched Live for as long as I can remember and I am a Kelly fan. But now I guess I am going to look for something new to watch at 9AM…..

  7. Donna Katt says:


    • helen says:

      I dont think I am going to be watching the show anymore, out of all the guest she had on the show why Michael, even Bryon Gombell would of been a better choice, or Nicolas Lachae dont know if I spelled their names right or Dana Carvey, Michael and Kelly dont even look good togeher on T.V.

      • Rebecca says:

        Michael Strahan is the best co-host for Live with Michael and Kelly. He is multi talented to say the least. He is smart, funny, easy on the eyes, never repeats a line or thought, sharp with conversations,is respectful, polite, considerate, can talk to anyone about anything, and needs to teach Kelly some rythem, less is more, he is a natural and did you see him with Shack playing Michael Jackson, the best ever. I started watching 15 minutes and he is so talented that I now watch th entire hour and still can’t get enough. He and Kelly bring a smile to everyone’s face.
        Congrats and much success to the both of you, continued fans of Kelly but the door’s open for Michael, we can’t get enough, you could have your own talk show anytime and where. We love you Michael. Can’t wait to get tickets to come and see you live.

  8. I don’t hate him but I don’t like him either. He gets on my nerves very quickly. I watch this show every morning while I’m getting ready and now I’m not sure that I will. I really really wanted Josh Groban, I was always so excited whenever he was going to co-host and he’s so funny! I don’t find Michael funny, I don’t see the “chemistry” between him and Kelly. i really think they made a mistake and i’m disappointed..

  9. Amber says:

    You guys crack me up. Unethical? Bad interviewer? If anyone was a bad interviewer it was REGIS! It doesn’t matter who was chosen. Not everyone is going to be happy. Congrats to Michael.

  10. april-ann says:

    So lame they tried to make it look like such a surprise when everyone has known for weeks. I watched for a little less than 20 minutes and didn’t even realize I had changed the channel lol. What a yawn fest. Does anyone know if they have abandoned the trivia phone call? Regis was so funny doing that, so maybe it’s a good thing if they are not continuing with it. I can’t see these two being entertaining enough to pull off something like that, especially every day and keep it funny and fresh. It wouldn’t matter to me who was Kelly’s new host, I guess I miss Regis too much to waste time watching something so inferior to the product put out with him there. Plus, it’s so boring now. Based on internet buzz etc. it seemed like there was very little interest out there as to who would occupy the seat next to Kelly, almost a non-issue. I’m sure he’s nice enough and all that, but I think ABC hired Michael Strahan partly to stick it to Regis, who LOVES football and is very knowledgable about it, so they went out and got themselves what they probably think is the “real” thing. Doesn’t matter though, Regis left enormous shoes to fill over there.

    • Debbie says:

      I agree, it’s hard to replace Regis, he at least had class, to balance out Kelly and her trashy mouth, I am a Jersey Girl and she makes me embarrassed to say that at times! I don’t want people to think we are all babbling idiots like her! I like Michael Strahan, but it took her no time to make him look like an idiot too! The show is nothing like it was, and actually “hard to watch” like a train wreck. Maybe they need to replace Kelly, then I may watch again!

  11. mdbchud says:

    Josh would have made it “must see tv”….now it’s back down to “who’s the guest today”.

  12. Eric says:

    Awful move, I’m sorry. I hope the ratings tank!!!!! Zero chemistry!!!

  13. xixi says:

    I personally love Regis & was very sad to see him go, I had only been watching for a short time but when they did the farewell episode i actually got teary-eyed. I do think that he left very big shoes to fill but I feel like Michael Strahan was a great choice. I think a lot of people must have been fans of Josh Groban & thats why they are so upset he wasnt chosen, but I dont have strong ties to him or Strahan but I do feel Strahan was the best choice. Im not even a football fan so i had no idea who he even was when he came on the show. Personally I liked Kelly’s husband best, they had “off the charts” chemistry, but that just goes to show how great of a marriage they have & I can understand them not wanting to work together everyday so I think Michael was the best choice since Mark wasnt a permanent choice.

  14. bella says:

    Stopped watching a few months after Regis left….just not the same :( best wishes to the new Era. If they’d only paid Reg what Kelly is making this would be a non issue!!!!

    • big cheddar says:

      What? Not only did Regis make a lot more money than Kelly, he wanted a raise AND to work even fewer days than he already worked. In this day and age? I don’t think so. Besides, while I wasn’t a daily viewer, it felt like wherever I did turn it, there was a guest host. The guy was ready to go.

      • Phirephast says:

        Guess what…Regis started the show and put umpteen years into making it what it was. He DESERVED what he requested regardless of what “day and age it is”. I’m not even sure what that was suppose to mean. How easily you belittled his ingenuity, consistency and amazing work-ethic. Sports does a great job of making room for its older heroes and it’s too bad ABC couldn’t do the same. Since it’s done I hope Strahan makes the show better.

      • maria says:

        I am an avid watcher of this show since the kelly era, (didn’t like cathylee, too much about her children) I Loved Regis, and he did make a lot more money than kelly, and if we are honest with ourselves, his time was over, no disrespect to him, but he was just not as sharp any more, kelly was carrying him, he frequently forgot names and hardly worked anymore. he wanted more money and more time off and yes in this day and age we should try to be grateful to have a job, he didn’t need any more money and when he demanded that abc said bye bye. I love michael strahan, and i think ppl should give him a chance, those who don’t want to watch are probably as old as regis and just cant accept change. get over it!

  15. brandy says:

    I watched out of curiosity, because I really do love Kelly, but I just wasn’t impressed. I want the best for her, but I’m not sure if I care to keep watching.

  16. Puddin says:

    IT was no secret that Michael was going to be the host. I just dont think that he will do the job well. I would rather have seen Kelly continue with guest hosts. Who had the last word? Whoever it was made a BIG mistake

  17. amandalynn says:

    He brings the athletes and the minorities, please don’t tell me you all are that blind! He can touch a base that Kelly (and sometimes even Regis) couldn’t get too. Though the typical housewife, retiree or females for that matter, might not respect or like him. Go say his name around a bunch of football guys who probably would never watch that show no matter who was on it and you might see their ears switch just a little.
    Robin Roberts came from ESPN with no daytime host experience and see how that turned out? All I’m saying is give him a chance!

    • Bowser says:

      Your not comparing him to Robin Roberts…pleassssss get real, a big difference…Josh is also from sports…and Michael S. ain’t Josh either….either you got it or you don’t …and sorry he don’t.

  18. Laura says:

    I have been watching for a long time… Can’t wait til Neil Patrick Harris is free so he can join her at the desk. I will watch occasionally in the meantime.

    • maria says:

      I Love NPH… he was my first choice, but he made it very clear that he was not giving up his gig on HIMTM due to his contractual obligations, now they have Michael Strahan who was my 2nd choice, so I don’t think NPH will be coming along any time soon

  19. Jared says:

    Horrible decision!

  20. Donna says:

    I think this was a terrible choice. I don’t see any chemistry between him and Kelly. He seems nice but very dull and amateurish when interviewing guests. And… IMO there is no comparison between him and Robin Roberts. Robin was great on GMA day one.

  21. CardNation says:

    Seth Meyers was way better, more funny and meshed with Kelly’s personality better. Too bad he didn’t want to leave SNL. I would have so much more preferred Live With Kelly and Seth.

    • Mary says:

      I agree. Seth made me laugh out loud and when I watched it felt like I was out laughing with friends. I don’t think it was a matter of leaving SNL, he could have done both, he only does a 5 minute news skit on that and if he wrote for the other skits he still had the rest of the day after 10 am to do that. He was just unfortunately not pickeed. Strehan is okay but not any where as funny as Seth. Hope he is still nice enough to guest host when Strehan is absent.

  22. sladewilson says:

    He had my vote after I watched a week of them together. They mesh well together. I knew NPH & SM weren’t leaving their main gigs and I just was not a fan of Josh Groban. Talk about ZERO chemistry. I can see some people calling them bland maybe, but horrible? Come on, that’s just harsh…

  23. Michael Smith says:

    Strahan ran out of interesting things to say halfway through his first guest hosting gig. On the plus side, we likely will not have to endure a Halloween episode where they dress up like each other.

  24. Kate says:

    I haven’t been a regular viewer since Regis left so not all that invested in who her co host is. I used to really enjoy Kelly starting back in her AMC days, but I just find her annoying now. When I have tuned in she is telling a story I’ve already heard from her.

  25. Kaitlin says:

    I DVR the show every day and have been a regular viewer for years. Michael is BY FAR the best choice! He is funny, charming, comfortable interviewing guests and has great chemistry with Kelly. He will make a great TV personality. Anyone who doesn’t see that is blind. Josh and Nick were not remotely funny; they were boring and slightly awkward. We watch the show to laugh and be entertained – that is what it is all about folks. ABC made a great choice.

  26. tp says:

    I haven’t watched in years. I enjoyed it. They seem to have chemistry.

  27. Engbunny says:

    I was really hoping for Seth Meyers but Michael is good too. Good luck to them!

  28. Baxter says:

    Yeah – I def won’t be watching any more…
    I believe that they do not have chemistry – as many others posted. He is not naturally quick and / or funny and his performance seems strained…its not comfortable to watch….Seth was funny and a great co-host … were many many of the others that sat in….too bad…..can’t help but wonder if Kelly even had a say or if it was left to others to decide…..

  29. skytzo425 says:

    Wow, what a bunch of morons! I’ve never seen so many haters hate on someone for absolutely no reason! Strahan is F-ing hilarious! How about before you morons pass around the hateraide you give the guy a chance, Dude is funny as F@#$

  30. Kapuzie says:

    Actually I did a survey for this Had to watch like over 20 videos and narrowed it down. I have never heard of Strahn had to ask my husband who he was. I picked him out of th co-host. There really was a chemistry. And now he got the gig. So glad I was not the only one who liked him.

  31. Mark says:

    They couldn’t have picked a worse cohost. I’ll never watch it again. Watch how fast their ratings fall. Such a bad pick.

  32. Rich B says:

    I watch for Kelly dont care who the other person is

  33. jeff reichenbacher says:

    Hmmm. Chemistry, interviewing skills and hilarity are subjective. My wish list: NPH, AC or Andy Cohen, followed by Josh, Seth, Cat Deeley, Sam Champion, Mario Lopez, Jerry O’Connell,, Essentially anyone but Nick Lachey or Michael Strahan. Don’t understand why more Latinos weren’t considered?!? Ricky Martin? Enrique Iglesias? Or Broadway talents like Cheyanne Jackson, Jonathan Groff (It is filmed in NYC). If they were that desperate for a retired athlete, why not Apollo Ohno, Phelps, Greg Louganis, Beckham, et,al? Another retired football player?!? Oh well, I wish them luck but I have cancelled the DVR recording. JeffR

  34. Lorraine Raney says:

    Absolutely love Michael Strahan with Kelly. They have wonderful chemistry together. Thoroughly enjoyed them today. Wishing them many years of co-hosting together.

  35. Jon says:

    Thumbs down. ‘nough said.

  36. DeShawn says:

    Oh pls People…Kelly sucked when she first came on and nobody liked her after she took Kathy place..They talked bout her…But after watching it she became very funny and an awesome host..Michael will do a good job as well…Give him time..nobody is perfect off back..not even Regis or Oprah in that case.

  37. pippa says:

    I don’t like the combination.

  38. AJ says:

    I don’t get why it took almost a year to find another co-host?

    Are you kidding me? Talk about taking your time jeez!

    I was never a regular watcher so it doesn’t matter to me who they pick.

    Do all those people who auditioned for the job live in New York?

  39. Harper says:

    I don’t get the combo at all. (Watched it today…yawn…) It seems they could have come up with someone much better in the amount of time they took to find a new co-host. Maybe they should have picked an older gentleman (similar to Regis) and put Kelly back in the co-host slot. I think she makes a great co-host. Will not watch again.

  40. Lyndsay Smyth says:

    Dump Kelly and start again with someone who is actually interesting and who has the ability to converse with some intelligence and wit.

    When it’s not Kelly’s juvenile bathroom humour…. it’s her brainless and boringly repetitive take on reality shows.

    This show has lost all its charm….and not worth watching any more.

    You would never know its filmed in NYC …has the production value now of a precocious and annoying eleven year old performing in front of her mirror.

    No one is more infatuated with Kelly,,,,, than Kelly.

  41. Marva says:

    It’s so hard to believe these r adults making such childish and insulting remarks. We should always respect someones success and cheer them on. Know wonder children are so messed up, parents who write such remarks or people in general are very poor role models. I loved the old show and I love the new show, and I will continue to watch.
    Congratulations Michael & Kelly <3

  42. heather says:

    As a morning show host myself…..I had always loved Regis and Kelly….but things change. I think Kelly does a great job….and I personally enjoyed the revolving co-hosts, but understand this can not be a permanant deal. I personally don’t care for Michael, and would have preferred Seth…(NO THIS IS NOT RACIALLY MOTIVATED!). But with that said, I wish Michael and Kelly the best and will continue watching from my own studio….As far as the hateful comments….There is nothing wrong with personal opinion…but try to be a bit more humane with the words.

  43. Patty says:

    Perfect together, I never watched until Regis was leaving, I couldn’t stand him!! Michael looks very comfortable and the way the two of them play off each other is very natural.

    • joe says:

      Regis made. The show. He had 7 nominees and was the first one to start the show, way back with Barbara.

  44. Karen P says:

    Loved Regis & Kelly….watched all co-hosts ….the only time I watched the entire show was when Anderson Cooper co-hosted. Now THAT’S CHEMISTRY!!!! ;)

  45. KathyW says:

    I do not find any chemistry with Kelly and Mike Strahan. I cannot understand him when he talks. He has terrible diction! I did like Anderson Cooper! He was funny and very relaxed.

  46. krc says:

    The show is PAINFUL TO WATCH!!! I HOPE IT GETS CANCELLED ASAP!!! I used to workout and watch when Regis was on and liked the show. Now I watch our local news morning show which is bad, but not as bad as Live with Kelly/Michael! Kelly is soooo stupid, scripted, annoying, and hard to watch because she thinks she is being funny and she is not!! REgis obviously kept her ditziness in check. This show is beyond stupid and frustrating to watch. Michael only makes it worse because he has nothing to add to the mix. He is stiff and there is no chemistry between him and Kelly. CANCEL THE SHOW!!!

  47. Adele S. says:

    I think Kelly and Michael are adorable together! I will be watching now more than ever because they are both so witty and fun! I wish them many, many, wonderful years together!

  48. G. Zeus says:

    Agree. Painful to watch. Kelly is so busy trying to fix everything she is no longer entertaining either. Looks like a King Kong movie. Big Mike and tiny Kelly. I find Mike’s speech to be distracting in addition to his teeth. Mike is not interesting in the least. Really, Kelly has chemistry with Sam Champion who would be the best professional choice, Josh Groban who is the most down to earth, “real” choice, and Seth Meyers is actually funny in such a different way, you never know what he will say.
    I too, can no longer watch. I really preferred her on her own. Also, I do not like to see her bicker with her husband Mark, it’s embarrassing.

    • G. WHITTIER says:

      I always said to my wife that if Strahan was chosen I would never watch again, and so is the case!In the past, while he was playing football, he was in the news for allegedly abusing his wife. I also remember once during a press conference he berated a female reporter for over 10 minutes, practicialy threatening her. Hopefully he has changed but those incidents made me lose respect for him as a man. For a great football player he comes across as a goofy, immature person, he reminds me of a Disney character with that gap teeth along with his goofiness!!! As for Kelly she has become an Oprah wanna be without the class! Bring back Regis!!!!!

  49. lucy guttro says:

    I am so sorry…I love you Kelly: however, it is not working with Michael. I certainly like him too, but something happened once he was permanent???? Yuk!

  50. miss O says:

    Love it.