Glee Project Judge Robert Ulrich on 'Terrifying' Challenges and Winner Blake Jenner as...Blaine?

glee robert ulrichIf you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to be in charge of casting for a major network TV show, The Glee Project will give you a pretty accurate idea, says head mentor/judge Robert Ulrich. “The mechanics of casting are exactly the same, just extended over an entire season,” says the man who also serves as casting director for the Glee mothership.

The one main difference, though, is that the Glee Project kids are enrolled in “a wonderful master class combined with the most excruciating torture chamber,” and the inevitable lack of privacy and 24/7 pressure means not everyone is always on his or her best behavior. “That’s an advantage to us,” he says with a laugh, “and a disadvantage to the contestants.”

TVLine caught up with Ulrich for a little post-mortem on The Glee Project‘s recently concluded second season, dishing everything from the controversial eliminations of Nellie and Shanna, to some of the show’s more physically grueling challenges, to Ulrich’s own prior history with eventual winner Blake Jenner.

TVLINE | After the Season 2 finale, there was a segment of fans who were saying things like, “We’ve had two seasons and three male winners. Why can’t a girl win on The Glee Project?” How would you respond to that?
It’s funny because heading into this season, I thought for sure a girl would win. Halfway through the season, I thought for sure a girl would win. But ultimately, any competition should be fair. And I know that [choreographer] Zach [Woodlee], [vocal coach] Nikki [Anders], and I had a conversation going into the final episode where we said, “This would not be fair if Blake doesn’t win. Somebody who not only will be a star, but who excelled in every single thing he did.” Okay, he didn’t do harmonies well, but that’s exactly what made him special is that he was a singing-in-the-shower kind of guy. I loved his voice, but he was not a signer or dancer; he was an actor. Blake convinced us that he was a singer.

TVLINE | So at the end of the day, it seems like it was really the acting part of the equation that pushed Blake over the top.
The main thing we learned doing Glee Project, and it was really evident this year, is that [we’re casting for] a television show, which makes the acting so important. And Blake is a really, really good actor. I knew it from the start. Actually, I didn’t know Blake, but because Blake was a working actor in Los Angeles, we had had him in him a couple of times [prior to The Glee Project] to audition for Glee. It’s so funny to go back now and look at an audition tape that I just found [recently]. I was [the casting director for] his first audition in Los Angeles when he just turned 18 and moved here.

TVLINE | Really? Do you remember what role Blake came in to audition for back in the day?
Let me think. The very, very, very first… I think it was [the role of] Blaine that he read for initially. And he sang three songs, and like I said, he was right from Florida, just turned 18. And then he came back after that for a role called Strando, who was a football player who danced, and for one of the bad-guy jocks, and then for Amber [Riley]’s boyfriend, where we ended up casting someone very different from Blake. It was so funny because we didn’t really realize [how many times we’d seen him], and suddenly we went to the computer and typed in Blake’s name and he came up like 10 times. We were like, “What?” Because you see so many thousands of people [in the overall casting process]. So I remember his first audition, but I didn’t remember all of those other ones.

TVLINE | Are you feeling good going into Season 4 that you’ve picked the right Glee Project contestant to join the Glee cast?
Since the competition ended, I have learned so much more about Blake’s talent. He is an extraordinary comedian, which you saw very little of on The Glee Project. He zoomed through the first and the second level of the Groundlings, and is waiting for the third. He teaches improv class. One of his idols is Jim Carrey. He has literally a rubber face and rubber body. It’s so funny because on The Glee Project, what came up was this leading man, but I think what makes Blake so special is that he is so much more than that. He’s one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever seen. I would say that he could be on Saturday Night Live. It puts him into that Ryan Reynolds category, the good-looking guy who can be funny, which there aren’t a lot of.

TVLINE | I wanted to ask you some questions about specific contestants through the season. More people seemed to be upset by Nellie’s elimination than any other contestant. Vocally, she was mind-blowing. I want to buy her album tomorrow wherever it may be or whatever genre it’s in.
Oh my God, my favorite voice ever on The Glee Project. One of my favorite voices ever, period. Vocally she is just extraordinary. I just love, love, love the tone of her voice, but there were areas where she needed work. If the camera was in a closeup of her face, oh my God, she was mesmerizing. But if it was ever a situation where she was joining in [with a larger group], that’s what she had to work at. Maybe if she had had a few more weeks, who knows? But I was devastated when Nellie went.

TVLINE | Shanna was the other elimination that was really painful. All season long, she was considered a front runner, she had never been in the Bottom 3, and then — bam! — she went home. How did that happen? And do you feel like she is somebody who might potentially make her way on to Glee if there’s a role that’s right for her?
When we brought these 14 contenders here, any one of them could have been on Glee, and that’s the honest-to-God truth. So, yeah, I think that Shanna could absolutely be on Glee, as could any of them. But her elimination was really hard — for her and for us — we’d kept her every week and she was so flipping good. But this is really how the business works. [When she got eliminated], it was the first week she had done anything remotely wrong, several slight things in the recording booth, the homework assignment…so she was justifiably in the Bottom 3. Meanwhile, we had Michael and Lily, who both typically struggled in everything. But how could we put them in the bottom when they both had their best weeks ever? And so, you know, it’s almost the flaw in the system — this thing that makes the show exciting and really like real life — and makes us different from all of the other reality-competition shows.

TVLINE | Casting has got to be a cruel business in and of itself, no?
Casting is a very cruel business, really. There’s nothing fair about it. It’s not black and white. There’s no right or wrong. It’s completely subjective. The Glee Project was hard for me in that you see the rejection happen in front of you. I came home every night and my wife would say, “Robert, it’s a competition show, somebody has to go.” People think that in the casting business, I tell [actors] “no” every day, but I don’t. In casting, you don’t get to personally know the actors; you deal with their agents, and that’s who you say “no” to.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about the incident where Ali got hit by all those slushies, and her body shut down due to her paralysis making her sensitive to extreme temperatures. What was it like seeing a contestant push herself to a physically scary point in the quest to get a role on Glee?
It was terrifying. It was much worse than it even looked on the show, because the whole process took more time. I can’t wipe it out of my mind. Ali usually wears a brace under her chest because that’s where she’s paralyzed, from the chest down, but [during the shoot] she was holding herself up, she didn’t have the brace on, because she was in a bathing suit. They began throwing the slushies, and we were like, “Oh this is fun. She’s laughing.” But she couldn’t express what was happening, that her body was having this reaction, because she was being slushied and she couldn’t [physically] react. What was crazy and amazing about Ali is that, you know, she asked to come back and finish the video, and she got slushied again.

TVLINE | Similarly, during Tenacity Week, contestants got pushed to the physical and mental breaking point — when they had to complete an obstacle course all in one take — but I wonder how realistic a test was that.
Will the Glee cast ever have to do anything as physically demanding as that obstacle course? No. But as mentally demanding? Yes. Being able to show the tenacity? Absolutely, 100 percent, all the time. Plus, I swear they had rehearsed about 45 times before they did those 34 takes. Shanna had a broken knee cap, which they never brought up [on air]. Abraham sprained his ankle really, really bad.

TVLINE | So you get down to the final episode and you’ve got three contenders — Ali, Aylin, and Blake. How much did you weigh what “types” you might need during the season? Was there any consideration of existing roles on Glee that you had yet to cast? Was Blake’s versatility a plus because he might have the ability to fit into more than one potential future role?
Ryan was always very interested in Aylin’s story, right from the beginning. And Ali is just so good. But first of all, you have to keep in mind we had Finn leaving [McKinley High]. One thing that didn’t end up on air was how Ryan said many times, “Robert, the most difficult person to cast for Glee is the jock. Because to find a masculine, good-looking guy who can sing and act is so tough.” That had made the role of Finn super-difficult to cast [for Glee‘s first season]. So yeah, it was a plus for Blake, because with Finn leaving, Ryan was like, “We need that anchor in the choir room.” But I think it also was that as the competition went along, as you said, it was his versatility that pushed him over the top. The fact that they know that he can do anything that they give him, and is willing to do anything. He’s very much an actor without shame. That’s what ultimately helped him win.

TVLINE | Blake didn’t seem as much of an underdog, though, as some of the other contenders — which is a consideration that comes up a lot in judging.
I don’t know if it came across as much on TV, but Blake is not this cookie-cutter good-looking guy. He’s the guy who is very close to his family, but in many ways raised himself. At 16, he decided that he would come to Los Angeles, graduated from high school early, moved here on his own, and has, with no help, worked three jobs. He’s really an extraordinary young man who I have so much admiration and respect for, and with all that, he was also a little nerdy. If you go online and pull up any of his pictures of when he was a kid, he had big thick glasses, and big teeth, and was just this little teeny-tiny skinny guy. That little nerd is just underneath Blake’s surface at all times. He is super vulnerable.

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  1. Meh. I don’t care what Robert stays. Blake is just a cookie-cutter good-looking guy. I don’t look forward to him being on Glee at all.

    • Lia says:

      i didnt look forward to alex/wade/unique being on glee. still don’t. im fine with gay characters/actors. but he just rubs me in a way that i wanna cringe so bad. i always skip thru his part, i dont care what im missing, i dont like seeing him on my tv. just saying. u cld do the same for blake.

      • Blainey says:

        She’s trans. We don’t know if she’s gay.

        • Lia says:

          dosen’t matter, i was giving an example that i dun care the about the character they are portraying… it’s just he/she makes me cringe everytime i watch. so i just don’t and enjoy the rest of the show.

        • Alex is gay so technically what Lia said is fine.

        • angel says:

          Alex/Wade/Unique is gay in real life. During the 1st season of the Glee project he kept talking on and on about his versatility as an actor, specifically, his ability to play female characters. In truth, he could never pass as a guy and has no choice but to play trans.

          • Conradin says:

            Remeber the scene in “I am Unicorn”, when Kurt was so discouraged because the only roles he would eventually get on Broadway would be “La Cages Aux Folles, Falsettos and Miss Saigon… as Miss Saigon.”? Every time you bully Alex/Wade/Unique, you bully Kurt!

      • Ann says:

        I’m with you. I fast forwarded through all his songs last year. Then wish I had fast forwarded through his speaking parts as well because he is a terrible actor. Then when they hinted that he might go to McKinley, I thought to myself….”oh no….of all the people from Glee Project…why him?”

    • tgpfan112 says:

      I disagree, I think Robert is right in that there is much more to Blake than the cookie-cutter good looking guy. I have seen some youtube videos of him improving and he is so talented!! I couldn’t be happier to see Blake on glee!

    • Leo says:

      Oh, please. Like Blake is gonna get fair spotlight in the show. We’ve seen what they do with Damian and Samuel. And this interview made it seem like Blake will play important leading-man crap while the only thing he will get is a stereotype slapped on his forehead and once it’s resolved, he will sway in the background for the rest of the season.

  2. Adryana says:

    So, Blake is an awesome actor. We understood Robert. But what about the continuing misogynist message each time the show give to us. Always those beautiful, amazing, super talented young girls need, a Jock (always is finn) to push them. Remember the awful Santana’s coming out episode? I felt really bad. And let’s not forget coach Beist scene. First, Santana, Mercedes and Britt came to her asking about the other coach who used to beat her. What Coach Beiste said to them? I really appreciate your worrying girls, but i’m okay. What happened next? Coach Beiste is thanking stupid Puck for being there for her and singing Taylor Swift’s song ” Mean”. Glee is a really mysoynist show and I hope they change this path in this new season. (English is not my native language, so sorry for any mistake in my comment :p)

    • Kay says:

      I agree to all of this. And this interview just makes me feel worse about the whole “what we need is a guy to save everyone/we can’t create completely new characters/we have to fill the formula” thing. They don’t even try to be subtle -_-

    • Rachel says:

      I felt bad not for Santana the bully but for all the victims that she still bullies who can’t defend themselves because she creys victim whenever anyone calls her a bully. She’ll be the person rightly fired or expelled for bullying but creys about how it’s not her fault, she did nothing wrong, because she doesn’t see what she does as bullying. She’s pathetic.

      • Amy says:

        Dont care you don’t out someone sorry BB Finn could of done things differently I understand the heat of the moment but for your sexuality to just be yelled out in a high school corridor is freaking awful.

      • Casey says:

        Yes Santana is nasty and a bully but Finn used her sexuality as a weapon, as something to hurt her with. I don’t care what she said to Finn what Finn did was disgusting and pathetic he used her sexuality as a comeback because she mocked his lumpy shape. I don’t care what she said to him no one ever deserves to be outed like that and in no way is what she said worse or even close to equal to the crap he pulled.

    • Nottaday says:

      I agree with everything, except the part where you say this guy Blake (if it’s the one I think, the one who won “TGP”) is a good actor. I’ve seen this video where a lot of people in the fandom says he’s doing some great acting (I can’t remember the name of the video since I didn’t watch “TGP”), but all I saw was this guy screaming in the whole 1-2 minutes it lasted. Practically, every girl that was in this video, was much better than him.

      • adryjzz says:

        “So, Blake is an awesome actor. We understood Robert”, it was sarcarsm Nottaday. (I forgot to include the “”). I don’t see him as a good actor neither.

  3. Otavio. says:

    Aylin should win this thing! Blake is so….. boring.

  4. adryjzz says:

    Aylin was my favorite since the beginning.

  5. Strandoooo says:

    Lol remember Strando?

  6. Snix says:

    The problem with that is they think they NEED the lead football jock guy when they could have had a more interesting and diverse character. But because of its decline, this show has to fall back on its main fan base which does consist of the tween-teen girls. This is unfortunate considering the potential it had as well as its main slogan being about misfits and outsiders.

    I do wish it didn’t constantly convey the message that girls/women needed their boyfriends or just guys in general to even have a storyline and/or a decent personality but hey Ryan and Fox have all the cards.

    • Katy says:

      Glee actually became High School Musical even though it claimed that would never happen in the beginning. In the beginning the show really had potential to be something different. I think now that most of the vets are gone they are just casting new characters to play clones of the old ones.

      • GLEEKS says:

        I fear you may be correct! I keep remembering during the first season when the creators kept saying in interviews “we don’t just break out in song during a middle of a scene or anything stupid like that….like High School Musical does.” Now that’s ALL they do. It’s like watching a string of music videos filled with pretty, tall, thin, able-bodied, predominately white people. The show is completely losing its’ heart and soul!

        • hellifiknow says:

          THIS. Oh god it’s like watching 5 minutes of exposition for songs. And the rest of the time just mindless singing in the coridoors. Where did the plot go?

  7. zigazigah says:

    He read for Blaine, for ‘Strando’, for background bad-guy Jock #7637899, and then he read for Shane/Bubba?

    Like they were just looking for an opportunity to use this guy.

    “The most difficult person to cast for Glee is the jock. Because to find a masculine, good-looking guy who can sing and act is so tough.”


  8. Jacob says:

    Why do they feel the need to recreate characters? So Blake will just be Finn 2.0 can he be someone else? What happened to Glee being about the underdogs? Now they need another football jock to come in and be in charge? The writing NEEDS to get better for this show to survive.

  9. Jill says:

    It’s cute the way Robert is still trying to convince himself that Blake has talent. We all know why Blake was cast. I wonder if they’ve let him do any clothed scenes yet?

    • Larry says:

      Pretty uncalled for dude. Not sure how to take your comment. To me, Blake worked hard just like any other actor to get on the show. He was the most qualified as evidenced by this article. We should be giving him where credit is due.

  10. mofickle says:

    Isn’t Sam there anyway? If they needed another straight white “anchor” for people. Why not just use him?

  11. hellifiknow says:

    Sam, Artie, Joe, Jake

    Are all male.Sam is already a jock. Some of them are white and straight. All of them are good-looking.They’re all probably better than Cory Montieth was at singing and dancing.

    “we need that anchor in the choir room”


  12. Geo says:

    So, Blake, who’d auditioned for the show at least twice before– unlike most of the other contestants– and who came to the Glee Project, as his bio noted, through “industry sources”– unlike most of the other contestants– won the whole thing.

    In other words, Glee brought in and hired an actor who’d they’d already previously considered in regular auditions. Which doesn’t sound much like the kind of competition the Glee Project was supposed to be about– it just sounds like they cast a part with a professional actor like they usually do and pretended to build a contest around it. It sure explains why the judges virtually wet their pants every time Blake so much as sneezed even from the first episode of this season of the Glee Project– they already knew him.

    The thing that makes this really irritating is the pretense at diversity on the Glee Project. It sure sounds like none of those other kids ever had any real shot at this.

    • Jacob says:

      That’s exactly what the did. The other kids never stood a chance, not to mention they hired the good looking jock character instead of an underdog (how the show should be)

      • vtr says:

        Actually, they hired a really good actor, that is what the show needs.

        • Joslin says:

          I agree that he’s a good actor but…well the show already has Sam, Jake, Artie, Blaine, and Joe am I missing anyone? Did they REALLY need another guy? He’s cute and he’ll play a good jock/lead/Finn 2.0

    • Hey says:

      Yeah I agree it sounds like they wasted everyone else’s time, when they knew who they wanted the whole time! They had some really interesting people this season that could have helped bring the show back to it’s original potential!

    • Ann says:

      They hired a struggling actor who hadn’t made a name for himself. Yes, he’s gotten small parts here and there on tv and yes, he auditioned several times for Glee and other shows and got rejected. It just shows you the amount of dedication he has and how serious he is about becoming an actor. They are audition for a job, afterall. It’s nice to have a resume. I’m sure the other contestants have auditioned for other things…they just aren’t known and hadn’t gotten tv roles like Blake has. How do you know that none of the other contestants have auditioned for other roles before? They are all fresh faces. You can look at other reality shows, like The Voice or X Factor, or American Idol, and see how unfair it is. Some of those auditioning have had recording contracts by major studios. They just haven’t been successful. But they keep trying.

      • TeAmBlaKE says:

        so true! didn’t samuel from last year audition for glee? why does it matter? hes amazing and i LOVE him… team BLAKE!!!!!!

  13. Claudia says:

    Okay, so Blake read for Glee before he was cast on TGP. Samuel Larsen auditioned for Sam before he was cast on TGP. Nobody sees what’s going on here? The results are fixed way before the season starts! They were trying to cast a Finn 2.0 when they cast Sam, same with TGP1 and TGP2. So, if both Samuel and Blake auditiones for Glee before and after they both “auditioned and won” TGP is so people could be forced to “like” them and have an excuse to be on Glee. TGP is just a charade.

    • Joseph says:

      And since the person you wanted to win -didn’t -it explains your comment. Really, out of the thousands that audition -MULTIPLE times, mind you. That there are going to be occasions that someone eventually gets on from one of those auditions. Think about it. So this charade that you proclaim is all really about because the person you were personally rooting for didn’t win. Because if that person had won -you would be singing a different tune. Admit it -you know you that is the truth. No matter how ugly it may seem. I was rooting for Aylin -but even I can see that the best actor won and I’m okay with that.

  14. Hey says:

    This annoyed me! It sounded like they wanted Blake the whole time! Team Nellie and Shanna all the way!

  15. Igor says:

    Wait. Robert has a wife? I did not see that coming.

    • adryjzz says:

      Best comment ever !!! !LOL

    • Samuel says:

      What are you trying to say there, Igor? Are you implying that Robert is gay, huh. Why bring it up then. Robert is married to actress, Kim Johnston -who played the role of Ivy Winthrop Crane on the soap opera, Passions. They’ve been married over 30 years. I really can’t take people catagorizing individuals into a particular type. Just because is soft-spoken or nice -people make assumptions. Do your research!

  16. This article just feels like a justification of why they cast the boring hot guy. With so many talented girls this year, it really felt like it was a girls turn to win. Oh well, I’m sure Aylin will go far without Glee.

    • Kevin says:

      You totally didn’t get the point of the competition at all. Blake was the most qualified to be on the show. And I’m very happy they picked the best actor. And who is to say that the girls from TGP don’t get on Glee? The competition is over -a winner was chosen. But the girls are NOT exempt from winning their way on the show on their own. We need to stop making assumptions here.

  17. tgpfan112 says:

    I think this is an amazing article! Robert is so right! Regardless of what people may say, I believe that Blake is going to be a fantastic addition to the show. I don’t find him to be the “cookie-cutter hot guy” at all. He is very much a comedian, and I definitely see some vulnerability there. Personally, I cannot wait to see what he will bring to the table on glee as I think he is a much needed addition to the show!!

  18. Sarah says:

    Lol @ “because to find a masculine, good-looking guy who can sing and act is so tough.” With the exception of Chris, Kevin and Alex, every single dude on this show fits that description. Flop excuses for their flop choice tbh.

  19. Melissa Vasquez says:

    I don’t get all the crap being written about Blake is. first of all its ridiculous that you think that someone has to look a certain way to be an underdog…ppl dont know what someobdys really like or what theyve been through. thats saying that Quinn Puck and Finn aren’t underdogs..?? That’s stupid! Plus – blake isn’t a new “white guy” he’s half cuban. Again doesn’t matter how somebody looks……..

  20. Jessica says:

    If they wanted another Finn (ew) so bad, they should’ve called “The Finn Project”. And what about Sam? Why can’t he be the leading guy? He’s adorable, a nice guy and not a douche. There’s still Blaine too. They def didn’t need another Finn. Plus, Aylin and Shanna are way more interesting than Blake.

    • Travis says:

      Just because they’re more interesting doesn’t mean that they were right for the show. If they didn’t have the acting range than Blake did then they would’ve brought the show down a notch. Blake may not be the flashy choice, but he was the right one.

      • Jessica says:

        I think Aylin is both interesting and the right choice for the show. Her acting is pretty solid, she is an awesome singer, she can dance, and she has an interesting story. Don’t get me wrong, I think Blake is pretty talented too and I can actually see why they chose him, I just don’t agree with them.

  21. Travis says:

    While I wasn’t thrilled to read that Blake’s probably going to end up being a jock, he was still the right choice. Plus, who’s to say that all of these newbies are going to be 2.0s? Maybe they will be totally original characters. Why don’t we wait and actually watch the show before making judgments? Oh right, this is the Glee fandom which is notorious for manic mood swings, jumping to conclusions and overreactions.

  22. Amy says:

    You should totally download Nellie’s single “Lights”. It’s fantastic. Though best to search by her last name veitenheimer in iTunes since last I saw her first name still hadn’t been fixed. :D

    • nelliefan says:

      I believe that it has been fixed now but yes best to search by her last name! It is a great song and hopefully the first of many!

  23. Ansi says:

    After seeing the last episode I really wanted Ali to win. I was afraid they were going to pick Aylin. I’m sorry to all the hardcore fans she seems to have, but I think that she would be a weak actress. Her acting is fine when she’s singing, but that doesn’t nescessarily mean that she could act her way through a regular scene. I hadn’t watched season 1 of the glee project so i didn’t know Alex (now that i do I hate his guts), but he was a terrible actor. I seriously cringed when he came in that first time. But when he was singing he was even enjoyable. But I think that the glee team noticed that they didn’t focus enough on acting and this is why they did this year. I think Blake and Ali were both better actors than Aylin. In all honesty though, Ali, as she has had theatre training, was a bit too theatrical for television sometimes, but Blake on the oher hand was exactly what they needed. He was solid, a good actor that could play many different things with ease. I really hopped that they wrote an original character for him, something different and not just a Finn 2.0 one. the first time I saw him I actually thought was more like Sam rather than Finn. But anyway if the things I heard were true his character has no depth at all. Plus, the poor thing’s gonna be eaten alive by Brittana fans if he breaks them up.

  24. Adyn says:

    Every single comment I’ve read has some merit to it. My personal opinions are: A.) Blake Jenner most definitely was a ringer put in by Ulrich and Murphy, as was Samuel Larsen last year. B.) Jenner has a less than stellar voice— almost identical to Samuel Larsen’s (Uh-oh…better watch your back, Samuel…think your Glee days might be numbered, dude!).. ….He has that typical crappy nasally sound with a 5 to 7 note vocal range…wouldn’t categorize either one of them as singers….could never make a living as singers as their voices are like a dime a dozen in Hollyweird…can find one like them on every street corner in the “U.S.of A.” with big dreams but don’t have the voices to make their dreams come to true. C.) He is assumed to be a “GREAT actor” why?…because Ulrich and Murphy said so on a TV screen?…. Then 1,000’s of viewers went out and parroted what THEY and some of the other mentors said ….and…voila!….instant Laurence Olivier status is bestowed upon him! (He was purposefully showcased on TGP with favorable edits to manipulate you, the audience, into thinking he’s a good actor…Y’all been hoodwinked!)…Frankly, I thought he was over-acting in most of his onscreen time. D.) You cannot compare HIS acting skills with last year’s winners. Why? They were NEVER! (never, never) given enough dialogue to show off their acting chops and that’s the god’s honest truth—especially in Damian McGinty’s case!!! He was set up by Murphy and his cohorts—they NEVER (there’s that word again) intended for him to be a success….did every single thing they could to “kill” him off!…. As for Sir Alex Newell, he in all honesty, was pretty bad in the acting department (which makes it even harder to swallow the fact that he will be back this season with a HUGE story line!!!, while, conversely, Mr. McGinty was unceremoniously given the Glee boot with absolutely NO explanation!!!) E.) Ulrich’s veiled reference to the unsatisfactory acting abilities of last year’s co-winners really made me want to go up and give him a couple hundred good swift kicks in the shins just for the PURE meanness of his comments…not to mention the fact that he was 100% dead wrong!!….Snarky much?! F.) And lastly, none of this probably really matters because after the “Alex and Rachel Berry Show” ends next May, Glee will no longer exist. The Glee part of Glee is being phased out and next year, well….you know what next year will be…:(…On a brighter note (a brighter note for me, anyway), none of these negatives bother me as I won’t be watching Glee any more….Shot yerself in that old foot ya’ did thar, Mr.’s Ryan, Ian and Brad of Glee!…You, too, Ulrich….I see you skulking over in the corner there trying to dodge all of the slings and arrows bein’ flung yer way….Time to pay the piper you weavers of deceit!…..Have an extra nice day…..that’s if your conscience will let you!!!…..

    • Lindsay says:

      You spent all that time complaining about a show that you’re not even going to watch? There was nothing else you could’ve spent that time on? That’s pretty sad. Seriously, get a life.

    • Jess says:

      I’ve gotta come in here and correct you on Samuel Larsen’s potential to make it as a singer. He was lead singer and songwriter, and played guitar, for an award-winning band that performed in huge festivals and made television appearances from the ages of 14 to 17 years old. At 17 he auditioned for American Idol and made it to Hollywood Week at age 18 (so top 46 out of about 50,000 who auditioned?). He then sang back up vocals and played guitar for Alex Lambert and the Light, which put him on episodes of If I Had a Dream. Still 18, he auditioned for the part of Sam Evans and made it into the final 5 along with Curt Mega (Warbler Nick) and Chord Overstreet. I believe Robert pulled him directly into the Glee Project with no new audition tape at age 19, where he then won the competition. When he gets to sing on Glee, which is regrettably rare, they take good advantage of his skills in harmonizing and his wide range and remarkable falsetto. He sings both the highest and the lowest notes on Glee’s NIght Fever, and most recently in their version of Britney Spears’ 3. He also still has a band, writes songs, and performs at places like the Roxy, the House of Blues on Sunset, and the Viper Room, where people are barely aware that Glee exists. He writes music and lyrics, plays drums, guitar, bass guitar, and keyboards, and sings. His potential to break into music is immense.

  25. Adyn says:

    Lindsay, I have opinions just as you do and am entitled to voice them just as you are. Don’t know why you felt the need to attack me for stating an opinion armed with a whole lot of truths….Perhaps that is what upset you soooo much….I’ll take a liberal helping of truth over fiction any old day. Perhaps you need to “get a life” as you’ve wasted valuable time out of your day trying to dictate to a complete stranger what their opinion on a particular subject should be. I sincerely hope you enjoy watching Glee this season. I still won’t be for all of the reasons I’ve stated in my previous comments. I have zero tolerance for manipulators and liars…..The only way to stop the deception is to “hit people upside of the head” with the truth and start an honest discussion, emphasis on the word honest. Hope I’ve cleared the cobwebs out of your head and started you to wondering what really is going on regarding TGP and Glee. I will continue to not enjoy Glee any more for the obvious reasons—-used to love it! Thank-you Mr.’s Ulrich, Murphy, Brennan, Falchuk and other relevant Glee execs for taking the “bloom off the rose” for me. I wouldn’t like to be your consciences when you start evaluating what you’ve done to achieve your goals, shallow though they may be.

  26. Ruth says:

    I think majority of people would agree with me that we are GLAD Blake won and is now on the show, but was he the best choice out of so many talented people? I don’t think so. I wouldn’t have picked him out of the two girls, but I will continue to watch glee and see what he can bring to the table! He better step it up in season 5!