Covert Affairs Post Mortem: Show Bosses on [Spoiler]'s Betrayal and Annie/Auggie's Future

Covert Affairs Piper PeraboWARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s episode of Covert Affairs — and beyond. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed….

USA Network’s Covert Affairs made an unexpected move in this Tuesday night’s episode, packing a season finale-sized twist into a regular installment. After briefly flirting with the idea of running off to a remote island with fellow spy Simon, Annie and her beau were shot by none other than her mentor, Lena! Annie’s near-fatal wound will send her into a coma in next week’s episode, during which she’ll be plagued by dreams — including a very important one involving her pal Auggie.

Below, executive producers Matt Corman and Chris Ord preview the ramifications of Lena’s betrayal and Annie’s conflicted heart.

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TVLINE | Is Simon really dead?
CORMAN | Yes. He’s dead. We stand by that move. Audiences should take it at face value. And I think we talked to you about this at the beginning of the season, how our goal was to make the audience aware of real stakes and the dangers people in the life of a spy experience. It was important to us in the early conception of the season to really do dramatic, big things and show the audience the perils. And we were really excited to do it at this point, as well. Sometimes, TV shows will shoot somebody or kill somebody off as a finale. We thought it was an interesting concept to do it in the middle [of a season].

TVLINE | How much danger is Annie in after the shooting?
CORMAN | Significant. Everything has changed for Annie. Her life is never going to be the same, inside the CIA or out, after this experience.

TVLINE | How much is she going to remember when she wakes up?
ORD | Oh, she’ll remember how she got there, certainly. She’ll remember everything that happened. Beyond just her own memories, it’s certainly on the CIA’s mind. This is something that they’re going to be dealing with going forward. The dreams – we’re keeping them in their own space. We’re exploring her subconscious [in these dreams], and that’s the point of the whole Auggie/Annie dance floor scene. But whether she comes out of that dream remembering that, we’re saying no.

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TVLINE | Can you talk about how those dreams might forward relationships, even though she doesn’t remember them? They’re saying a lot about how she’s feeling for Auggie.
CORMAN | The dream can project what you’re feeling, but as Chris said, she’s not going to carry those forward. It’s almost like her conscious self needs to catch up with her subconscious self, and that will be the journey that she takes, where she comes to the realization of some of the things she’s experiencing in the coma state. It was a really interesting exercise for us, and it was fun to do something that’s a little different in its format and storytelling. We’re proud of it and feel that it’s still very much a part of the show.
ORD | Certainly the characters that are still alive and not in a coma state will be carrying forward the feelings that Annie’s situation evokes. Auggie is very honest at her bedside and really opens up to her. That may surprise him, and those are big feelings that he’s going to have to think about and question in episodes going forward.

TVLINE | Will Auggie find out that Annie almost ran away with Simon?
CORMAN | It’s interesting. The events on the ground — that they were together — are there, and it’s sort of like he would have to fill in those gaps in his mind.

TVLINE | There are a lot of feelings on all sides – Annie for Auggie, and Simon, Auggie for Annie. How do they reconcile?
CORMAN | Reconciling those different ideas is what the season is about. Annie’s a highly emotional person, and she makes emotional decisions. Sometimes, those decisions are bad for you. Sorting that out is the work of [Season] 3.5 and beyond.

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Covert Affairs Piper Perabo Sarah ClarkeTVLINE | Moving on to Lena: What’s her game? What’s driving her?
ORD | Lena is a double for the FSB, which is a Russian spy [group], but her motivations go beyond ideology. She’s in it for herself. It’s frustrating for a spy to be working for an institution with tons of bureaucracy. Ultimately, Lena found a way to transcend that by working both sides and putting herself in a position of power where she was privy to all the information. She found that intoxicating and, ultimately, it corrupted her and made her the devil that we see in Episode 8 and 9 [airing next week] and even Episode 10 going forward. For Lena, the motivations are [about] self-fulfillment.

TVLINE | This is a woman who Annie thought she could trust and counted as a mentor. How will Lena’s betrayal shake Annie?
CORMAN | It’ll shake her to the core. For a spy, their No. 1 tool is their intuition and their ability to read people. When that’s called into question, everything about their skill set is called into question. The fact that Annie did align herself with Lena is going to be something very tricky for her to unravel.

TVLINE | What’s Lena’s next course of action? Does she have a new target?
CORMAN | She factors very heavily into Episode 10 [airing Sept. 18]. Our summer finale is all about Lena and Annie. (Covert Affairs resumes Season 3 on Oct. 16.)

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  1. Mina says:

    Damn. Who keeps letting Sarah Clarke into the US government?

  2. Kristen says:

    I did NOT see that coming! I knew something was off with Lena, but wow! Bummed that the dance scene is a coma induced dream, but I’m excited for the A/A bedside scene next week!

    • MGL says:

      Loved Simon and Annie. They should be an end game! Annie and Auggie have a great friendship but should stay friends. Simon and Annie have or had the real chemistry. USA should reconsider his fate and soon.

      • Di says:


        • shattered says:

          AGREE AGREE AGREE!!!!!!! Please bring Simon back–we know the stakes are high in the real spy world, but this is TV and this shooting broke my heart–their chemistry is/was totally believable and my belief in escapism TV is totally shaken. Who needs real life heartache with this sort of escape series?!?! As riveted as I’ve been to this series, if I’m going to be let down on this level (and after only a mere few episodes of Simon), I don’t know how much I can take. Plus, Simon won me over. He’s cute, witty, and totally charming. BRING HIM BACK, PLEASE!!!!

          • Nikki says:


          • Cathy says:

            I AGREE!

          • Anna says:

            I totally agree with this. The producers say they are committed to keeping Simon dead, but they should also listen to their fans. It’s foolish not to. In fact, it’s downright insulting to the fans! The relationship between Simon and Annie is SPECIFICALLY what drew me into this show, changing me from a casual “sometime” fan to a devoted, “plan my week around it” fan. I am actually watching the reruns on ON DEMAND – which I never did before! No… They need to BRING SIMON BACK. This was an incredibly well-written character to begin with, but Richard Coyle brought so much depth to Simon. He did some of the finest acting I have ever seen, making this role so much more than the words in a script. You cannot ignore the chemistry between him and Annie. They are the truest example of “soul mates” I have seen on any series – ever. We don’t want someone “like Simon” – we want Simon back. He made us care about him. Simon made Annie better… and Richard Coyle made Piper Perabo shine! She did some of her best work opposite him. None of her other romantic interests – including Augie – carries the truth and the impact of her interaction with Simon/Richard.

        • sylvia quillin says:

          Simon is WAY too interesting a character to kill off! Big mistake you guys!

      • Kel says:

        He’s dead people! Move on!

        • Ex covert affairs watcher says:

          Shut up!!!! Most people realize it’s a rough line of work BUT this was way too much jerking us around. If they want to put love interests in then don’t make Annie have the almost 10 she’s had in 3 seasons and get people invested!

        • njjoany says:

          No – no way

      • Cathy says:

        I agree, I loved the chemistry between the two of them also. The show was really interesting and it was difficult to wait for next week.

      • T says:

        I agree – very good chemistry. Please don’t kill Simon off – just his voice alone captures audiences. let him stay for a while.

      • Chris says:

        Loved the Annie and Simon chemistry. The chemistry just hasn’t been there for Annie and Auggie…I think a relationship between them is too artificial and forced. I’m quite bummed that they killed off Simon after he proved to be such a chivalrous murderer. Right down to pushing Annie out of the way and taking the first bullets from Lena. I knew something was off about Lena, especially when she sanctioned Annie’s trip to Cuba and fronted an envelope of cash for the passport; but I did not see her as a double agent or someone who would assassinate Annie. I hate growing fond of characters and having them killed off before they are able to find some type of peace and happiness. I realize that’s the point of fiction, but sometimes characters resonate with the audience and Simon was a prime example of such a character.

        • moderngoddess says:

          So so so sad. Can’t believe Simons gone. the chemistry was amazing. Not sure if I can still watch. Again I am devasted. Please make him a twin or resurrect him :- ( shattered

      • Vicky Burkett says:

        Liked Simon and Annie but I love Auggie too. I am really torn about who I want to see Annie with romantically – she and Auggie are best friends and I think there could be something very real between them romantically but I am also interested Eyal Levine getting together with Annie. They have been flirting with that for awhile so I guess Annie has a few choices since Simon is gone now.

        I was totally shocked by the Sept. 4th episode!

  3. Alichat says:

    I got a little suspicious of Lena when she took all the heat for Annie still working Simon, but I thought it was more that she was going to try to use it to further her career……take credit for intel or something. But once Annie walked into Lena’s office, and she suspiciously closed that file, I knew Lena was the spy. I wasn’t expecting her to shoot Annie though. I thought Annie would return to the kitchen to find Simon dead. I can’t wait to see next week’s ep, even if the bulk of it is a coma dream!

  4. But why is Simon dead? He is far too pretty to die, that is what Malcolm Reynolds told me. Pretty people don’t die. I feel lied too.

    Seriously though, excellent episode. Also seriously someone give Richard Coyle a show pronto. He is fantastic.

  5. Kristin says:

    I’m so bummed about Simon!

  6. theFatBaron says:

    So bloody upset Simon is dead, I really loved him and Annie together. Please, I’m begging you, to reconsider him dying. Let him be so shaken that he runs off without telling Annie. Despite Lena, if Annie had just moved and closed her mouth, she and Simon could romping in the Maldives.

    • Lauri says:

      I agree 100%. I really liked Annie and SImon together; it was fun anticipating what was going to happen next. I had become a little bored with Covert until they brought them together. Unfortunately, I don’t feel that way about Annie and Auggie. So disappointed that they killed Simon.

      • MGL says:

        Totally Agree. Covert Affairs had become almost boring until this summer season and Simon. No matter how dead Simon may appear, it is TV and summer TV at that. Bring him back and say it was a ruse. And Annie and Auggie should not be a couple. They are good friends.

        • Mary says:

          Ever since the introduction of Lena and Simon the show has become a snoozefest.

        • Chester says:

          I hate it when there is goal coupling, like Chuck and Blair on Gossip Girl or Annie and Auggie on Covert Affairs. You know that everything that happens in between is just temporary, even if it turns out that the couple has super chemistry. I would love it if Simon were still alive and if the producers could be a bit more flexible on the Annie/Auggie thing. After watching Simon/Annie, Annie/Auggie seems lame.

          Bring back Simon

          • Annabel Kennedy says:

            Agreed. So tired of the Annie/Auggie angle. Their unfulfilled relationship is not a new or original concept…it’s not even interesting. Please move forward minus the Annie/Auggie romantic relationship. *Viewers are bored.* It’s too bad the writers and producers of Covert Affairs resorted to this concept. I’d argue that nearly any other relationship Annie has been involved in has been more interesting. If viewers are going to be subjected to the trite “goal coupling” angle, we may as well bring back all dead characters – soap opera style. Let’s say Jay (sp?) is not really dead, Ben returns, Auggie miraculously regains his vision, etc. Unfortunately, the show has gotten this predictable and trite. I won’t be watching the last summer episode – no use for purely time-filling coma/dream episodes.

  7. Annie says:

    Didn’t see this coming at all. Super bummed that Simon is dead.

  8. Karen D says:

    At one point, I could have sworn Arthur called her Nina. Then I thought to myself…oops wrong show…her name is Lena. But I guess I was not too far off the mark!!

  9. diannawolf says:

    Every time I looked at Lena I instantly expected Keifer Sutherland to pop and kill her!! You just can’t trust someone who’s been a double agent on another show…sad that Simon is dead. I really liked him….

  10. Tami says:

    Lena/Nina really?? Was anything expecting something different here

  11. Ninja Defenestrator says:

    Lena = double agent was a pretty obvious storyline, but the show did a reasonable job of not telegraphing it too much. Still, who else could it possibly have been, the food-oriented tech guy? Jai from beyond the grave?

    Even if Simon/Annie were doomed from the beginning, I still winced when he tried to shove her out of the way and take those first few bullets for her. Kind of bittersweet to know it really was a love story on both sides, in the end. I’d wondered if Simon the master spy had been playing Annie the rookie all along- at least he did finally admit he’d identified her as CIA before they even spoke.

    And hey, now Annie’s on equal footing with Auggie in the “damaged after the dramatic end of a multi-episode torrid love affair” department, and it sounds like Auggie’s on the way to developing a set of unsettling non-platonic feelings for Annie that matches hers for him. Looks like we’re progressing to a new level of unresolved sexual tension after the Lena storyline is finished!

  12. AT says:

    I knew it was Lena the whole time. Too close to Nina. I thought it was supposed to be some kind of tribute to her 24 character since they’re practically the same. That said, I’m disappointed they killed off Simon. He was turning out to be a great character.

  13. metstare says:

    I’m so-so sad that Simon is killed off. Please bring him back…. :( :(

  14. tvgeek says:

    I LOVED this episode… it was awesome! I thought Annie and Simon had great chemistry but I think Annie has great Chemistry with a lot of people. I can NOT wait until next weeks episode… seeing Auggies reaction is going to be the highlight of my week lol

  15. loved simon says:

    OMG I was wishing Simon and Annie would make it as a couple. What a sad story plot! Now I just hope someone kills off Lena.

  16. hazel says:

    This is the first ep in 3 seasons where I was truly blown away. Great job cast and crew! However, I’m bummed that they killed off Simon. He was one of the only characters on the show that got me interested in the Annie storylines. Hate to say it b/c I love Piper Perabo, but I only watched Covert Affairs for Auggie.

  17. Marge says:

    This is very upsetting that the writers chose to not bring back Simon (Richard Coyle). Annie and Simon have the best chemistry, more than anyone of Annie’s pairings. Simon is such a great character, and I think the writers have made a huge mistake in killing him off. Simon and Annie are the reason why I was watching this season.

  18. Alicia L. says:

    I’m guessing that means Lena killed Jai then right?

  19. crb03 says:

    Don’t kill off Simon! He’s too good of a character to kill off! I feel like Annie is getting warped with relationships too quickly, and she and Simon were really good together!

  20. T says:

    What??? Why?? Well that’s just no bueno. Im going tools Simon!

  21. Keisha says:

    My heart is broken about Simon. I can’t believed they killed him off. Him and Annie had fantastic chemistry together. This is such a letdown. This was the best ep though of Covert Affairs until the end. I was somewhat shocked about Lena, but more so shocked that she shot both Annie & Simon. Not sure as if now how I feel about the show. I love Auggie, but think him and Annie are great as friends only.

  22. Nae says:

    Simon was the best character introduced on the show up to this point, and the best part of season 3. And you killed him off for “shock value”? Establishing stakes I can get behind, but this…I saw it coming because he was the only expendable character on the show, and that just makes it worse to me that they went this route. Predictable and terrible terrible writing.

    That’s it. I am done with this show. I sincerely hope it gets cancelled.

    • Esther says:

      So, because you don’t enjoy it anymore, no one else should be able to enjoy it either. God, I love mature people -.-“

    • Annabel says:

      Sorry to agree because “Covert Affairs” was previously one of my preferred shows, but I’d also support the show’s cancellation. The plotlines have become trite and boring and the writing unoriginal. While the “Covert Affairs” was initially a novel, different show on television these days, resorting to (as another viewer commented) “goal coupling” has led to a going-nowhere, predictable, uninteresting show. I’ve stayed with the show this season out of hope it would improve, but it is clearly declining.
      Unfortunately, if viewers are going to continue to watch Covert Affairs, they must lower their expectations.

  23. Anthony says:

    Am surprised that they haven’t tried getting Keifer Sutherland to make a few cameo roles as a black ops/wet works operator like Ben Mercer, could even call him, Jack Bauer if they got Fox’s permission, could bring him in as someone that knows all about Lena being a double agent and helps Annie nail her her ass to the wall

  24. Eliza says:

    I don’t really have any interest in Annie/Auggie getting together. So….
    Noooo, come back Simon!
    I had started to really care about him. And was hoping and looking forward to more of him and Annie. Totally bummed.

  25. Ethan Whitmire says:

    Simon brought out a side of Annie which is extremely appealing. We got to see that side for a brief second in season 1, since then she has had her guard up. Simon succeeded where several others have failed on the show & brought that guard down. Which, added depth to the show, by adding depth to Annie. Piper did a excellent job in conveying that moment of surrender when she told Simon she would leave with him.
    At that moment every male fan of the show wanted to be Simon.
    It would have been interesting to see if the master spy could have managed to find a way to be with the woman he loved the woman he lied, killed and betrayed so much for. That story line would have made the show about Annie and Simon not Annie. I understand but I’m still disappointed!
    She will recover and go on but finding another to take his place, as much as I enjoy Auggie, will be next to impossible. Good luck to the writing staff they will need it!!

    • Cathy says:

      I agree Ethan, the chemistry Annie and Simon had is irreplaceable. I watch several television shows and have not seen that kind of chemistry in a very long time. I am pretty much done with the show now because I have no interest in the Annie/Auggie relationship or anyone else at this point. You are right, good luck to the writing staff.

  26. Megan says:

    Guess it must be time for the return of none other than BEN MERCER!!!!!!!

    so sad about Simon, bummed that he died. Lena what a bitch, i also thought it was a bit iffy when she closed that file so Annie couldnt see… protocols are there to protect and Lena allowing Annie freedom and no orders she has fallen on her sword.

    • stacey says:

      It would seem weird if Ben didn’t come see her when she is in the hospital. Wonder if it will actually happen now…
      Super bummed about Simon, he was the best part of S3

      • Megan says:

        They didnt end Bens storyline, they just left it as “your both safer apart” well Annie isnt safe anymore… shes been accused of treason and shot nearly to death… i think the White Knight needs to turn up and help Auggie prove her innocence!

  27. wednesday says:

    I hate that they killed Simon. It took me awhile to warm up to him, but I really grew to love him with Annie. He just brought out a completely different side to her that we hadn’t seen before. I loved the two of them together and am really going to miss him. I hate the idea of them trying to pair her with Auggie as much as I LOVE him. They just work much better as friends. I would hate to see their friendship ruined by them trying to be involved together. The only other person I would want to see her paired with WAY on down the line would be with Eyal. But not for awhile. She needs time to grieve for Simon.

    • Svenska says:

      Agree on the Eyal comment. I have always thought that Eyal and Annie had amazing heat and chemistry. Eyal is very protective of her and has opened himself up to her recently. It’s a shame that they have not developed that relationship. I am thrilled that Eyal will be back this fall but how can they have all of that flirtation between them now when she is grieving Simon? :-(

      Auggie and Annie? Close friends, nothing more.

  28. katy917 says:

    It seems I’m the only one who didn’t like Simon! I found him and that storyline a bit boring and dragged out. That being said, this was the best episode of the show to date bar none! I thought killing Simon off was good, it provided genuine shock value and allows the story to progress – becuase honestly, how could the story continue without going stale, they work for competeing intelligence agencies, it could never have really worked out for them. I’m sorry, I know this is an unpopular idea and I don’t deny the chemistry. As for Lena – I called it from day one! The character, even her name, was just far, far too close to Nina. I was not the least bit surprised that she is a double agent. I think the most surprising thing is that Sarah Clarke would take on a role that is SO close to the one she is best known for. It kinda gave the game away, as she played her in a similar, although not identical, way to Nina (she was a lot more relaxed/laid back than Nina, who was very uptight until revealed as a baddie!) Up until this episode, I was getting really bored with Covert Affairs and on the verge of quitting but this has really shaken things up and I’m now really looking forward to the next few installments!

  29. Jill says:

    So now Simon has been killed off all in the name of the contrived Annie and Auggie romantic relationship. They have a great friendship and working relationship; why does the show have to ruin that by the romantic feelings that I don’t see or get when both Annie and Auggie have such great chemistry with everyone else they’re involved with?
    I would have loved Simon be the competition with Ben. I love Ben and Annie, and until the show shows me his dead body, I know he’s still out there.
    So Parker breaks up with Auggie over something that in theory she should have been okay with, and I loved their bonding over her brother, and now the show kills off Simon.
    Oh, and it was pretty obvious Lena was up to no good from the get go. I mean I’m watching as a third party vs. Annie, but I’m not a trained spy, yet I pick up that something is off, and she chooses to work with Lena over Joan?

  30. Ana says:

    Last night’s episode was a shocker, mostly. Because the moment that I saw Sarah Clarke and her name was LENA, I was just waiting for the other shoe to drop. I mean, seriously. It hasn’t been that long since Clarke’s Nina killed Jack Bauer’s wife in 24 while being a double agent. It would have been more creative to have her actually be a good guy. But I’m enjoying the ride. Please, no Annie and Auggie. They’re like siblings. And he is still recovering from his recent loss. It would be too quick….

  31. gooloo says:

    To writer: Don’t let Simon die this soon, for a spy who started his spy work so young….it’d be many many stories to write about him!

  32. Robin says:

    I was way shocked at the end of last nights episode. Specifically when she shot Annie. I was absolutely shocked. I even thought for a second that maybe Annie had on a vest or something…and it wasn’t real. I still don’t understand what Lena told Arthur about Annie…that she’s a traitor? How did she paint that picture? So are there two episodes next week then?

  33. Allison says:

    Disappointed in the loss of Simon; I wish he and Annie had that small bit of time to be happy the way she did with Ben. I feel they could have had her take off with him but while gone, she and Simon figure out Lena was the double agent and come back to warn them. At that point if Simon were to go, I feel their story would be more complete. All I can hope for now is that they respect the character enough to have Annie mourn for him and not just move on right away – they did love each other, regardless of the circumstances keeping them apart.

    • Pearl says:

      I’m not sure about the love part. You see, Auggie askwed Annie if she loved Simon, but she never answered. If she had said yes, i guess Auggie would act in onther way. Plus, yes they were both spies, they had fun, and they had some chemistry, but i dont really see the love for their relationship. You dont just walk away from the family you love, your sister and nieces, knowing you’ll never, ever see them again, especially when they are the only family of each other, for some man that you had been playing with a game of “i know who you are, i’ll pretend i don’t and we’ll have a lot of sex”. Annie have beeing a devoted agent, it’d be very strange that she would put everything she worked for so much time in the pst to live this romantic adventure betraying her country.And, after all, if he knew who she was all along, who can say he was really telling the truth, she certainly wasn’t complete honest with him. This romance was faded to end from day 1. Is about be smart, and not fall for the enemie. She needed to learn that can’t mix this level of job with feelings. Yeah, Annie and Auggie are friends, and most of us will probably date and marry our best friend, because is the one person that you can trust, confide and open up. Their relationship has been progressively getting strong, and more intricated. They wont be together now, like that, but they’ll realize how they are important to each other. And, forgive me, but they have LOTS of chemistry, they just aren’t overplaying it. Its suthil and sometimes sweet, but it is there.

  34. Michael says:

    Sarah Clarke is the best thing about this show and now that they copied 24 is a mess. This show is so bad without Sarah Clarke. She made the show special

  35. Debbie says:

    Please don’t let Simon die or atleast keep an option open for him to come back!

  36. Candice says:

    I’ve never seen 24, so I had no knowledge that the actress that played Lena previously played a traitor on that show. So I was 100% surprised by the end! Holy crap! Really sad to see Simon go- great character, fantastic actor.

  37. Caro says:

    I am loving Covert Affairs this season! It’s grittier with higher stakes and that is very refreshing! Most shows are so busy pandering to network execs or playing it safe that they become predictable which makes Covert Affairs a stand out. Add in a very talented cast and great writers and you’ve got must see TV! I like the twist with Lena and I’m glad we are seeing some traction in the Annie/Auggie relationship. Can’t wait for more!

  38. Rachel says:

    Am I the only one thats happy that they’re exploring the Annie/Auggie background. I nearly screamed at my tv at the tease that they’re giving us for the next episode, granted it is even in a dream sequence. So happy………..

  39. a says:

    I have to say i will really miss Simon. I agree with those who are against the Annie/Auggie romance….they are great friends and partners but i see no romantic chemistry between them. Also, i really want to see ben mercer back in town.

  40. bart says:

    You all sound like Gossip Girl fans. Did I miss something? Or am I the only fan who knew Simon was going to die eventually? Maybe I wasn’t caught up in paring everyone together…

    • Allison says:

      I knew he was going to die, it was disappointing that it happened this soon in the season for me, though. I liked the dynamic he brought, but ultimately he had to die because they couldn’t keep him around – no one tunes in when the characters are all happy!

  41. maryploppins says:

    Heh wow I’m surprised to see that most of the comments on this thread are opposed to the male and female lead getting together on this show … usually it’s the other way around. Clearly there must be something I’m missing, since I don’t normally watch this show, so I don’t have the history.

    I had only seen a total of like maybe 1.5 eps of Covert Affairs before, but last night I flipped to USA about 10 minutes into the show just because there was nothing else on. I figured I’d check to see if anything interesting was happening. Anyway I ended up being glad I had flipped over to it, because the ep was fairly entertaining and then ending was pretty cray. Now I’ll have to check it out next week to see what the heck happens.

    I do remember Sarah Clarke playing a bad guy on 24, but I never watched that show (more of an Alias girl myself), and I haven’t been watching Covert Affairs either, so I had zero suspicion that anything bad was happening with her until the last few minutes of the episode last night. I did suspect that something bad would happen to Annie by the end of the episode because they kept foreshadowing it, but I didn’t expect it to be nearly as severe as two bullets to the chest and having her boyfriend killed as well. My goodness.

    • maryploppins says:

      Oh sorry and one more thing – Props to the writers of this show for bucking the usual formula and shaking things up a bit in the middle of the season rather than making this a cliffhanger in the last scene of the season finale. I am so sick of that formula, so it’s nice to see that some showrunners are thinking outside the box. One of the many things I’ve always liked about Breaking Bad is the same thing – they will throw in several INSANE episodes right smack dab in the middle of the season, and you never know when things might blow up completely. Much more interesting that way.

  42. WHO ELSE is a little in love with Simon?? –
    The episode was good, it had good moments but to be completely honest, IT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER.
    I already knew that Lena was the leak, I have known for a while since she pushed Annie to get more on Simon.
    When a storyline becomes predictable, the viewers get bored. It doesn’t matter what the ultimate goal of the producers is, but I don’t think it is to lose audience.
    With amazing shows on the air and so much competition, the bar will always has to be set high, if you want to succeed and have the show renewed for more seasons. On this case the only reason people was hooked again was to see Annie grow up into a full person and see her developing another dimension of herself. The only way a person gets to know herself it is with love, doubts, lost, and soul search.
    Personally I hate when writers and producers underestimate the viewers, we are not stupid, and we have brains and sensibility. We already know that in this world nothing is what it seems and love and tragedy is part of human life. A spy is not the exception of the rule, it doesn’t matter what they do or how they are played on the spy game, they are still human beings.
    Well I’m very pissed off that they decided to kill Simon, not only was an amazing character but a perfect love for Annie. The Romeo and Juliet story keeps repeating all over again and even if Shakespeare were alive would be so disappointed of seeing this again.
    Richard Coyle could have been such a perfect addition to the show on a permanent basis; his character has so much soul, so much mystery to be developed and a lot of chemistry with Piper Perabo.
    It’s a real shame to waste such a great talented actor on guest appearances; it was a bad decision, just bad.
    I’m done.
    That’s all folks, probably will see some of you on another show’s message board. It was fun while it lasted.
    Good luck!

    • BGRL says:

      I agree. This was the best story line in a while and it brought the show back to its roots of “spying”. And Annie and Auggie have no chemistry. They are friends and that is great, but Simon was exciting. Hopefully the writers or producers will have a change of heart and soon. You can always bring someone back from the dead, on TV.

  43. Liz says:

    To the writer’s of this show, please rethink your decision of killing off Simon Fischer. It’s NOT the smartest decision at all by any means. Please change the direction you’re taking this show and make it that Simon somehow escaped, but everything thinks he’s dead..then he’ll appear later on in something really significant.. I guarantee you’ll have more viewers. I absolutely loved this show, more so because of Simon. He’s too vital to be killed off. He was an integral part of this show. Now that I read he’s dead, I really am so uninterested. I can’t take the Annie/Augie relationship seriously. Let me guess, oh they love eachother secretly and they started off as friends, became very close best friends and were always there to help eachother. Then fell in love. Oh so creative. Not.

    I understand completely that in the real world, these sick twisted things do happen and you’re trying to shed some light on it discretely. but a lot of people like to shut that reality out because it’s hard to grasp. It’s too devastating. Think in the mind of your viewers. Please reconsider this and bring Simon back. And dont bring him back in just a dream!!! How lame!! Don’t kill him off. I never thought I’d post a comment like this about any show but that’s because I barely watch TV since most shows bore me / piss me off. But I loved this show. Please don’t kill it for me and many other people. If you DO reconsider the outcome, thank you infinity times!!!!!!!

    • njjoany says:

      I agree 100%, The chemistry & sexy romance was so believable…..they could have had him in and out of her life ( a lot of current shows do this), coming back for a romantic interlude that she tries to stop and fails because she LOVES him!!!!! Stupid to kill him off

  44. Pam says:

    All along I thought Lena was a bad person and even a double agent, but I was still suprised at what happened last night and in a way, I’m sorry about Simon and wished he could’ve been turned, but I understand now why that couldn’t happen. Bad Bad BAD Lena!

  45. Liz says:

    Another thing, (I promise this has relevance) WHY do you think so many people are in love with the movie The Notebook?? (i understand it’s a movie and Covert Affairs is a T.V show…with spy’s… but just hear me out.) in The NoteBook, Noah and Allie had so much passion for eachother and ended up being together in the end although it was somewhat bittersweet(Allie had dementia when she was much older) but regardless it gave us comfort and we could enjoy it even with the somewhat bittersweet ending….I understand Covert Affairs is completely different and the only thing I’m comparing between the two is the fact that many people fell in love with the characters and their PASSION for eachother. I could watch The Notebook over 10000times and never get bored. Ever. If the writer’s change the story and make Simon alive and hidden somewhere then very ending of the last season where he’s been on his island near the Maldives and Annie meets him there.. Something like that… .I will buy the series and watch it over and over just because it has that ending with Simon and Annie being together at last.

    • Cathy says:

      Liz, you hit it ALL right on the nail. THANK YOU! I will also buy the series for the same reason, the first 8 episodes only!

    • moderngoddess says:

      Completely agree absolutely shattered Simons gone. Sad day in my world. I am shattered. I only really started watching the show because of Simon. Again shattered. Now I wish I didn’t watch. Make him a twin or resurrect him. Buying a movies tomorrow. Devasted. Auggie is very nice but and handsom buy not simon

  46. njjoany says:

    Loved it!

  47. E says:

    Poor Simon. I knew Lena would turn out to be bad. I didn’t think she would shoot Annie It was almost as shocking as when she killed Jack Bauer’s wife. That is still one of my favorite all time shocking TV moment.

  48. Sparky says:

    I really liked Simon like a lot of others. Apart from Eyal he and Annie had great chemistry. I loved the way he started off as just someone that she was trying to recruit turn (whats the right word?) but you could tell she was or had fallen for him and she was trying to fight it. Doesn’t look like he’s coming back though:( if the writers have their way!! Really great episode but I don’t like this Augie/Annie pairing…

  49. myh says:

    I agree with everyone who said that Simon needs to come back to the show. I’m not sure how much longer i’ll watch the show now that he’s gone permanently. Annie’s and Auggie’s relationship was never convincing – it has nothing on the chemistry between Annie and Simon – the forbidden but genuine love was wonderful to watch. Annie and Simon brought something out of each other that was beautiful. It’s going to be hard to top off this story line! Until then, I’m highly disappointed with the loss of Simon.

  50. Eleanor says:

    Okay — seriously, who falls in love with a character who’s introduced to a show as a love interest? How often does that work out? ‘Cause from where I’m standing (and okay, I don’t watch THAT much TV) most of the time they end up dead, horrible, or otherwise gone. Like, every single other time that I can remember. Every time.

    I did it, once. I fell in love with a character, a temporary character who was a love interest. He was a lot like Simon, except not as much of a BAMF. I was fourteen, and ten years later, I STILL kind of mourn for the character…but it taught me a valuable lesson. DON’T GET ATTACHED TO ANYBODY THE SHOW INTRODUCES AFTER THE FIRST SEASON. All caps because it’s pretty much the most important rule of TV watching I’ve found. I actually thought it was more of a well-known rule.

    So why all this hate towards the writers for Simon? He was introduced two seasons in, he wasn’t in every episode, aaand…all previous evidence of how shows work suggest that bad things are gonna happen to him. He’s a RUSSIAN SPY for goodness sakes.

    How would they have written in Annie running off to the Maldives? Where would the ‘Annie’s a spy’ part (…you know, the main part) of the story have come in? HOW could she morally reconcile that with the character they’ve established — the girl who loves her family, for one. The VERY first tenant of starting over is that you NEVER speak to your family again. I’ve got nieces. I’ve got family. I’d do anything for them, and that includes turning down a very nice offer from a wonderful guy to go live out a dream life when that would mean my family never, never knew what had happened to me. That would be torture for them. Not to mention Auggie. I mean seriously, what kind of person would that make her? I wouldn’t watch that. That’s unacceptable. Selfish in the absolute worst way.

    I’m not saying I’m not sad that Simon’s dead. I really am; he was a kind, brave person, and I liked him from the start. More than I should have, really, because now I’m sad too. But I didn’t love the character nearly as much as I love the main cast, because…well, he wasn’t. I’m a total hypocrite here because I’d probably weep forever if they killed Eyal, but he’s been there way longer at this point and he’s the only non-regular character I’d be devastated for. Heck, I started watching the show for Sendhil Ramamurthy and I haven’t stopped watching it because they blew him up.

    TL;DR version: For the love of God don’t fall in love with temporary characters, guys.

    NOW. On to the spoilers.

    Okay, I’m addicted to spoilers in the worst way, and I’ve been waiting for this episode since spoilers FIRST started coming out for the season. I was STILL surprised, absolutely shocked and horrified by the ending. The fact that they could manage to put me in a state of stunned silence for a full five minutes after the show ended is a testament to the awesome; in my eyes, at least. Because holy crap. Even today, nearly a full day later, my brain is still trying to assimilate all of the information and make it work in a way that doesn’t end up with feedout like ‘ERLOKTJNRGOLKRNGPKRMFLKGMEFEROGEDJVDSLFMWR!!!!!’ and it’s really not working. Because when I try and think on something like “did I really expect Lena to SHOOT ANNIE in the CHEST” my mind spits out something like “OH MY GOD LENA SHOT. HER. IN. THE .CHEST. TWICE. OH MY GOD.” and then that fuzzy white noise old TVs had.

    I have my reservations about the coma dream thing (still can’t stand to rewatch the Bones one because it feels like a LIE) but I honestly trust the writers, staff, and actors of CA. They’ve done a bang-up job this season of keeping me rabidly interested, and heck, I’m really just excited. I can’t wait.

    • Rina says:

      I feel exactly the same way. I really like the fact that they shake things up but never thought Annie would run off with a foreign agent. She is too guarded to fall in love to that degree, still, even if she cared about him. The whole slow burn with Auggie makes great sense and so far the writers seem determined to take baby steps with that relationship. I enjoy their friendship and growing spark and trust right now…this season has dinged their relationship a bit and they need some time to getback on solid ground. I dont think we will see impassioned declarations or moping at this point.