MTV Cancels Jersey Shore, Season 6 Show's Last

Jersey Shore CancelledGym. Tan. Look for a job.

MTV has announced that Jersey Shore‘s upcoming sixth season (debuting Oct. 4) will be its last.

The network will air an hour-long retrospective, followed by an interview with the cast, as a lead-in to this year’s MTV Video Music Awards on Thursday, Sept. 6.

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Prior to the look back, which begins at 6 pm and features a sneak peek at the upcoming season, MTV will show a marathon of noteworthy episodes.

If you just can’t handle this Situation, slap on a fresh coat of Chapstick and take a deep breath. The series was the highest-rated in the network’s history, and although it lost some vodka-fueled steam in the last few outings, its Season 5 averaged 8 million viewers. Bottom line: MTV will likely fist pump out some more spin-offs (a la Snooki & JWOWW and The Pauly D Project) in the future.

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  1. TigerNightmare says:


  2. Tybois says:

    Thank You Lord!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Thank God!

  4. Jeff Winger says:


    Good riddance you piece of crap.

    • Kaleb says:

      Lol, mtv used to be music television. It was good music, now they show crap. Thank god Jersey Shore is gone, if it was still here I would commit suicide.

      • mindy says:

        I saw a comment where someone is glad jersey shore is gone just cause u don’t like the show u shouldn’t say that I had family there that might have git hurt of died.. u know u should just keep ur mouth shut dumb ppl…

  5. ck says:

    And people say God doesn’t exist. Pffft

  6. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    I guess this proves that this year isn’t bringing the coming apocalypse hehehe

  7. Jarrod says:

    I’m not sure if this is a dream come true or someone has slipped me drugs I am unaware about. Either way, thank MTV for finally doing the right thing!

  8. Lia says:

    oh thank God. Finally. thank you america for making 6 seasons of this crap when they are other way better shows which deserved to stay on air but couldnt. thank you to those who contributed to the ratings that helped it last for so long. i’m sure that the dead brain cells from watching this show can now rest in peace.

    • Elyse says:

      you’re welcome :)

    • Eliza says:

      It’s MTV. They’re not known for quality programming. The only good thing about MTV is Awkward and Teen Wolf. Both are awesome shows! Other than that, I never turn on this channel.

      • Lia says:

        i agree! i love awkward and teen wolf. which shows that mtv has the potential to back good shows instead of this nonsense.. too bad there’s still the spinoffs that exists.

  9. Miffy says:

    Oh dear , what will happen to the horrific “Snooky”? Hopefully she’ll fade into the oblivion she deserves.

  10. helen says:

    Thank God we will get our town back. Now go back to NY where you came from.

  11. Mikaylah says:

    It’s about time. I’m sure they’ll be some off-shoot though… Ugh.

  12. helen says:

    great now go back to NY where u came from

  13. finally some minute faith in humanity has been restored
    now i’m scared about what’s gonna come along & take it away again

  14. Elyse says:

    i watched the show even though i knew it was awful and staged but i am not sad to see it go.

  15. VCI says:

    I thought it was already cancelled, I mean half of the cast is unfortunately in spinoffs.

  16. kev says:

    finally!..crappiest reality everr!!

  17. TMW says:

    The Situation is currently in the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK. He’s been in there for 2 weeks and will probably be out of there by Wednesday. It would be fun if the host sprung this news on him on live TV when he’s evicted. He could possibly make it to the end, though, he’s proving to be quite popular.

  18. res says:

    6 years too late. But finally

  19. BetaRayBob says:

    Literally the best news I’ve heard all day. Thank God. Maybe now this whole thing will fade away and we can regain some intelligence.

  20. K. says:

    It’s like Christmas came early!

  21. Brendan says:


  22. godzilla's foil says:

    Yeah, good riddance and all… but only after SIX seasons. And no less than EIGHT MILLION people watching. Nothing to celebrate here.

  23. Chris says:

    Thank goodness. Now cancel Teen Mom, Teen Dad, Who Are All These People I Just Slept With?, Toddler Moms, Everybody’s On Crack, No Fatties, and whatever terrible shows are left and MTV can finally redeem themselves.

  24. Emily says:

    So when are the Kardashians going to be following them out the door?

  25. Tee says:

    Just watch an episode or two of The Soup for a reminder of how many crap shows are still out there.

  26. Jake says:

    Strange how there are so many haters out there yet it still brings in an audience so why was it cancelled?

  27. BonesFringeFan says:

    There is hope for humanity.

  28. Summer says:

    Umm. It’s about frickin’ time.

  29. Hurley says:


  30. colleen says:

    whats said is i actually got into the show kinda sad its going off the air cause it was a good soap to watch for myself cause itless everything was all real and not fake

  31. Nick says:

    all of you sound very immature no one is forcing you to watch it so teh “Thank God” mess can just stop the show was already said to end after this season it’s just now being confirmed.

  32. Abondanza! says:

    Oh, thank Christ. Now I can admit to being Italian again without being regarded as a drooling idiot.

  33. guido says:

    I would love to SIISB


    • co.mende@ says:

      I agree with every one,yesssss finally it cancel.jwoo is stating burning down the shore house if they do jersey shore 2 with new cast.What a big idiot,that to show everyone they need a lot to learn.jwoow u dump always remember don’t. Threat because if some one does burn down the shore u b the first .police will b coming keep ur dum comment 2urself.

  34. Steve says:

    Im surprised they didnt try to reboot it by casting a new group of younger Guidos and try Jersey Shore 2 or Jersey Shore – The Next Generation. Or maybe find another beach resort on the East or West Coast and find some similar interesting people…or even go to Fire Island or s something and find a group of 4 gays and 3 straights or something

  35. Rose says:

    Any chance Mtv will go back to playing music vi…
    Never-mind – wasn’t thinking.

  36. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Thank the stars. I know nobody was forcing me to watch it, and I never did, but it made me really sad there were so many people in our society addicted to that show. It made me lose faith in humanity and I felt like we were doomed intellectually. Now if we can get that Honey boo boo crap off the air along with Toddlers and Tiaras, I might actually think there’s hope for our culture. Exploiting real-life people on television for their addictions, mental illness, stupidity, or the fact that they are complete and total sex and tanning addicts is really uncool. I wish TV executives would stop putting shows on the air like that, and I wish people would stop supporting those shows by watching them.
    I believe people watch shows like these because it makes them feel better about themselves that they’re not as bad as the people they see on TV, but you don’t have to go to reality shows to do that, ya know. There are many scripted shows on television about fictional horrible characters that you can watch to make you feel better about yourself. Just turn on any episode of Girls, Breaking Bad, or Boss. Then you can feel good and say, “Hey, I’m not that bad!” and no real-life person gets exploited in the process.

  37. Mack says:

    gotta love there’s only a couple of people upset about this ;) and yes, about freaking time!

  38. FairyTaleLover says:

    Thank God! It’s about freaking time.

  39. Alyssa says:

    Wow, finally someone came to their senses..Now can we get rid of the rest of this crap like maybe Real Housewives.

  40. kate says:

    only five seasons too late.

  41. Ella says:

    Thank GOD.

  42. Josh says:

    Thank the gods, so say we all

  43. madbengalsfan85 says:

    My faith in humanity is restored

  44. Gwen says:

    Our long national nightmare is (almost) over.

  45. John says:

    You all suck cock

  46. angel says:

    Waaaaaaaaa :'( love JS!!!! All u haters are just jealous that the JS cast get to live their normal lives n get paid for it whereas u all probably have to work sum crappy job with long hours and minimul pay! Waaaaaaaa! Will miss u JS!!!

  47. angel says:

    Waaaaaaaaa love JS!!!! All u haters are just jealous that the JS cast get to live their normal lives n get paid for it whereas u all probably have to work sum crappy job with long hours and minimul pay! Waaaaaaaa! Will miss u JS!!!

  48. monstur says:

    NOOOOOOOOOOOO miss jersey shore ;(