Exclusive: Castle Beams Up Star Trek Vet to Helm Comic-Con-Themed Episode

Castle is boldly sending Rick and Kate into the heart of geekdom with a little help from a former Enterprise commander.

The ABC drama has recruited Star Trek vet Jonathan Frakes to direct a Season 5 episode set at a Comic-Con-type confab, TVLine has learned exclusively.

VIDEO | First Castle Promo Shows the Morning After ‘The Night of Their Lives’

The ep, slated to air this fall, finds Castle and Beckett investigating a death at a science fiction convention, thrusting them into a “world of egotistic celebrities, diehard fans and enough drama for two galaxies,” previews series creator Andrew Marlowe, who first floated the possibility of a Con-inspired episode to TVLine earlier this month.

This marks Frakes’ second turn behind the Castle cameras. He previously helmed the Season 2 outing, “Kill the Messenger.”

Castle‘s fifth season launches Monday, Sept. 24 at 10/9c.

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  1. Winter says:

    Me thinks there needs to be a Felicia Day appearance on Castle. This ep sounds appropriate.

  2. yvette says:

    I agree! Felicia Day is Super!

  3. By the end he was Captain of the Titan. It took him over a decade, but he finally got his promotion (just saying :))

  4. “death at a science fiction convention, thrusting them into a “world of egotistic celebrities, diehard fans and enough drama for two galaxies,” ” Sorry, CSI did it first.

    • Winter says:

      It’s not about when it’s done, but how well.

    • Alan says:

      everything has been done by someone somewhere, there are no original ideas anymore. anyway who cares if someone else done it, its about how good it is not who can do it first, if that was the case we would have given up telling stories years ago

      • Joy says:

        I read once that there are only a few really basic ideas available for story telling So it just comes down to how the writers put their own thoughts to those and how the actors perform them.

    • Michelle says:

      Smallville did a Con themed episode too. Lois dressed as Wonder Woman!

      • neither here or there. CSI already did an episode set at a science fiction convention in which someone is killed. nothing at all to do with what Smallville did. Not comparable in the least.

    • uhyeahright says:

      Psych did a con-murder episode. They had a Trek alumni guest star in it (George Takai).

      • you guys do understand that the similarity isn’t in the “con” aspect, but in the entire summary? “a murder at a SCIENCE FICTION con” specifically. CSI did it already, and it did it very well.

        • If Castle was doing an episode at a comic book convention in which a kid gets super powers from reading a comic book, THEN it would be the same as Smallville, but they’re not so it isn’t.

    • asdfasdf says:

      Murder investigations on TV have been done as well. Including high-tech ones. Castle’s never been about innovative new concepts in crime-fighting. Like Castle’s books, it’s supposed to be high-quality pulp, a fun ride that’s light on its feet and a joy to watch. It’s when the show has its occasional Very Special Episode that things turn dramatic, and when they have too many of those in a row (as in season 5), things start to drag. Castle at its best is about having a blast with the journey.

      Frakes directed the great episode, Kill the Messenger, back in season 2, so I’m hoping this measures up. Ironically, the easiest place to go on location– at a real con –isn’t really feasible, since Nathan Fillion and Jonathan Frakes are such rock stars that filming wouldn’t be possible. Castle’s Season 2 script editor Jose Molina isn’t exactly a household name…. except among Firefly fans, who would probably swoon if he came back into the family as well.

      Cameos from Star Trek or Firefly alums are welcome, but I’m not holding my breath. I’m happy enough that we saw Adam Baldwin last spring, and hoping he re-appears from time to time. Seeing Jewel Staite or Sean Maher or Alan Tudyk would rock. Could Castle afford to pay for a Neal Patrick Harris cameo? Or Morena or Ron Glass or Summer Glau or…? OK, I need to calm down here.

      • The CSI episode had cameos from cast members from Battlestar. Ron Moore’s was very good. If Castle did an episode at a science fiction con with cameos by cast members from Firefly, it be using the same formula.

  5. Jerri says:

    Now, get Joss Whedon to direct an episode of Castle, and my life will be complete….

  6. Jennifer says:

    This is great! He’s done a fabulous job on Leverage and Burn Notice episodes. Can’t wait for the new Castle season!!!

  7. JP says:

    as usual, Castle is always the last show to do a/an “insert theme here” episode. Can’t they think of anything else? Contribute something new to TV.

  8. Andrea says:

    Also, thank you for all the Castle love lately! Much appreciated!

  9. leigh says:

    This sounds great!

  10. Alan says:

    so he’s going to have a cameo right, you cant pull in a director famed in sci fi for an episode with this premise without him having a cameo. also if felicia day could cameo as a character called penny that would be awesome

  11. I like it, Frakes is a solid TV Director and certailnly will be familiar enough with Sci-Fi cons to be able to get the “feel” right.

  12. Mari says:

    Nathan Fillion + Comic Con = Canon

  13. Courtney says:

    Yeah I agree it’s not exactly a new concept because “Bones” did it too but what are you gonna do? If Jonathan has a cameo I’ll watch it but otherwise *yawn*

    I got over Castle a while ago.

  14. leigh says:

    Michael – Did Frakes direct an episode of castle one time a few seasons ago? I thought I saw his name there before.

    • asdfasdf says:

      Yes, he directed “Kill the Messenger” in Season 2, one of the better episodes in probably the best overall season of the show.

  15. Shannon says:

    Yeah baby!!!!! There is no one better for a con episode than Nathan Fillion. NO ONE. :)

  16. Buddy Glenn says:

    More Firefly references!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. madbengalsfan85 says:

    Better see a Malcolm Reynolds mention in there somewhere

  18. Jodes says:

    I don’t think they are borrowing ideas from CSI and other shows. They just want to give more nods to Firefly. The premise really just sounds like a way to make Firefly references to me. Which is awesome, I might add.

  19. Bob says:

    Comic-con is great at doing panels. Any chance of throwing in a ‘Firefly’ panel as part of the Faux Comic-con???

  20. Julie says:

    I wish they’d get Kevin Dillon to play Johnny Drama and have him be the convention murder victim!