Ask Ausiello: Spoilers on Walking Dead, Once, Castle, Gossip Girl, New Girl, SOA and More!

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Question: Okay, after watching that new Castle promo, Sept. 24 can’t come soon enough. Can you tell us anything else about the season premiere? —Cheryl
Ausiello: I’d much rather flash forward to November sweeps and tell you to be on the lookout for a big twist involving the return of [spoiler].

Question: Will a series regular die on The Walking Dead by the end of first half of Season 3? —Soso
Ausiello: I can confirm that a series regular will become zombie kibble during Season 3, but whether that death takes place in the first half or second half I can’t say.

Question: Could you please provide some scoop on CSI? —Jane
Ausiello:  Well ring-a-ding-ding, Jane, I certainly can. Executive producer Don McGill tells us that an upcoming, Greg-centric episode will be heavily influenced by Ol’ Blue Eyes himself, Frank Sinatra. Called “It Was a Very Good Year,” the hour looks at a murder at a Rat Pack theater in Vegas, and it involves a cold case “that has now become a hot case with the murder of a journalist with whom Greg had a relationship,” McGill says. Expect to hear a lot of Sinatra standards in the ep, because the crooner’s estate “was really awesome in working with us,” he adds. “It’s just going to be a great music episode with some really cool, stylistic flashbacks to the ’60s and Vegas.”

Question: Okay, I’ll bite — what’s the big Lost-esque twist coming up on Once Upon a Time involving Mary Margaret and Emma? —Victoria
Ausiello: Remember how Lost would forever find new angles from which to tell a story? And you know how Once already uses flashbacks to the fairytale land that was? Well, you didn’t think they’d leave the narrative as linear as that, did you?

Question: I miss Happy Endings so much but it’s not coming back until October 23! I’ve been going through Penny withdrawal for several months now. Please send an addict some juicy spoilers: that would be a-mah-zing. —Magaii
Ausiello: Looks like someone didn’t get the memo. A-mah-zing is over. Kaput. Finished. Not sure what’s replacing it, but that is for sure dunzo. You know what’s also dead? Mandonna. In Season 3, Brad and Max launch Boyz 2 Menorah, a potential cash cow that proves to be a big hit at (major spoiler alert) bar mitzvahs!

Question: How about a Glee scooplet on Brittany for a change? And notice I said Brittany, not Brittana. —Theresa
Ausiello: Yep, I can read. I don’t particularly enjoy it, but I’m able to do it in a pinch. It probably comes as no surprise that the show’s second Britney Spears tribute will be a big episode for Heather Morris’ IQ-challenged chanteuse. “It’s one of the funniest episodes we have done,” declares exec producer Brad Falchuk. “Brittany is having some troubles and Will and Emma come up with a plan to [cheer her up].” But whereas the last Spears-athon “inspired her and brought her out of her shell, this time it backfires in a very bizarre way,” teases Falchuk. Bonus spoiler: It all works out in the end!

Question: What the heck is up with Finn on Glee? Lea Michele keeps teasing that his storyline is shocking and unexpected, and the wait for the reveal is maddening! —Quinn
Ausiello: Here’s what I know: In Episode 4, which just so happens to be the big “Break-Up” episode, he will encounter a drill sergeant. In Episode 5, he helps McKinley newbie Ryder (played by Glee Project champ Blake Jenner) get into New Directions. And at some point after that, per Falchuk, he will get a new love interest. Does that help at all?

Question: Any Suburgatory scoop? —Lori
Ausiello: When George meets up with some former colleagues from New York, the architect is forced to examine whether his relocation to the ’burbs has turned him into, in essence, a Real Housewife. Yikes!

Question: Counting the nanoseconds until New Girl returns. Got anything to tide me over until Sept. 25? —Carla
Ausiello: You betcha. Jess is about to find out how tough Cece’s “glamorous life” really is when she tries her hand at modeling at a car trade show. Cue Zooey Deschanel falling into and/or out of a convertible in 3, 2… Bonus Spoiler: We’re going to meet Schmdt’s cousin during November sweeps. The twist? His name is also Schmidt!

Question: How about I trade you a pineapple upside-down cake baked in an Easy Bake Oven for a scoop on Psych? — Esaul
Ausiello: You had me at cake, Esaul. How about some new deets on two-hour musical episode I told you about at Comic-Con? Apparently, the plot is going to revolve around an institutionalized playwright composer — paging Mandy Patinkin! — who is suspected of murdering the theater critic who was bent on trashing his show.

Question: I am completely obsessed with Don’t Trust the B—- in Apt 23. I need recaps, I need spoilers, I need a shrine built to Krysten Ritter for playing the bitch I wish I could be. — Sue Ellen
Ausiello: Your favorite B is about to become a VIP at People magazine, which means a whole bunch of new characters. Among them: Chloe’s schlubby cousin, Jonah; grand dame Marjorie, who gets to pick the Sexiest Man Alive every year; mousy underling Carol; Peter, aka the publication’s resident Joe Cool; and Liz, the executive editor that Chloe cans (or tries to!). Oh, and as for the shrine, that one’s on you, Sue Ellen.

Question: Any chance Paige Turco’s character will return for more episodes of Person of Interest?  —Carole
Ausiello: There’s a very good chance seeing as how I can confirm that Turco returns in the fifth episode of Season 2 (premiering Sept. 27). She’s not the POI that week, but helps out in a way that only Zoe can.

Question: I saw on Facebook that you watched the first two episodes of Sons of Anarchy‘s new season. And… ? —Kevin
Ausiello: And… holy crap. Something ghastly happens in the Sept. 11 opener that raises the stakes in the war between Damon Pope (a frightening Harold Perrineau) and SAMCRO tenfold. On the bright side, the incident in question could land an underrated member of the show’s ensemble if not an Emmy nomination in 2013 than certainly a place in the kudos conversation.

Question: Any Sons of Anarchy scoop on Jax and Tara? —Megan
Ausiello: As much as parts of the premiere made me turn away in utter despair, there’s a sequence in Episode 2 featuring Jax and Tara that had me looking on in pure bliss. I laughed, I cried, I scratched my head in disbelief that Charlie Hunnam and Maggie Siff have never been nominated for an Emmy for these roles.

Question: Any 90210 scoopage? —Adam
Ausiello: The soap is going to Comic-Con — kind of but not really. Allow me to explain: To promote the action movie he shot last season, Liam heads to a Comic-Con-ish convention. Resident fanboy Max tags along, presumably to show him the ropes.

Question: Any Season 2 scoop on my favorite Revenge character, Ashley? —Joey
Ausiello: Would you settle for something on the Hamp tramp known as Fauxmanda? We’ll meet the knocked up interloper’s spunky BFF Destiny (shocker: she’s a stripper too!) this season when she attends her pal’s baby shower. Destiny tries to act like a lady but her inner skank cannot be contained!

Question: Any intel on which member of the How I Met Your Mother crew will find Abby Elliott irresistible? —Amy Marie
Ausiello: My money’s on Ted, and here’s why: Back in July, exec producer Craig Thomas confirmed that Mosby will find himself in a turbulent romance after he breaks up with Victoria. (Elliott’s character has been described as borderline psychotic.) “Ted and Victoria will have their arc, but then Ted will be single again at some point because Victoria’s not the mother,” Thomas said. “Ted will date at least one more person before he meets the mother, and it’ll be very interesting and chaotic.”

Question: I’m dying for some Downton Abbey scoop on Lady Sybil and Branson! —Ashley
Ausiello: The relative newlyweds are back at Downton in Season 3, which doesn’t sit well with the onetime chauffeur’s former colleagues. “When they come back from Ireland, where does he belong?” muses series creator Julian Fellowes. “It’s difficult for him because here are all these people he worked with and now they’re bending over and serving him. It’s a difficult journey he has to make.”

Question: Hey, any info on the casting for Cary’s family on The Good Wife? —Lisa
Ausiello: Nothing concrete, but it sure sounds like the show is getting ready to introduce his father. Producers are seeking an actor aged 55 to 70 to play a booming-voiced Suit named Nestor who’s the “kind of guy who kicks his son out of the house at 18 to fend for himself.” Bonus Spoiler: The Sept. 30 opener will find Kalinda channeling her inner Charles Bartowski circa April 27, 2009 (or to be more precise, this scene.)

Question: Any news about Community Season 4? —Craig
Ausiello: Summer Glau’s ears must be burning. The show is looking for a jaw-droppingly beautiful thirtysomething actress to play a groupie at the Inspector Spacetime convention that Abed (and possibly Troy) attend. The casting notice describes the character as a “Sci-Fi nerd trapped inside the body of a gorgeous woman.” If not Glau, then who?

Question: Anything on The Mentalist, for God’s sake? I am dying here. – Kah
Ausiello: Far be it for me to deny aid to the dying, so here goes: Jane’s declaration of love to Lisbon will play a big part in the year ahead, when she’ll run into “complications in her feelings for Jane as the season rolls on,” says executive producer Bruno Heller. “Lisbon is not so much revealing feelings for Jane, but she’s discovering feelings for Jane.” But the senior special agent better hurry up, because she may have competition in Lorelai, Red John’s agent (Entourage’s Emmanuelle Chriqui), whom he must seduce in order to obtain information.

Question: Hey Ausiello, can we please get a Rufus/Lily Gossip Girl spoiler? Is there any hope for a reunion? —Anais
Ausiello: Considering who Rufus schtups in the premiere, I hold out little hope for a reunion. Granted, Lily is now with Bart but still.

Question: Will Michael Scott return for the final season of The Office? —Carter
Ausiello: That remains to be seen. A more pressing question is whether the show is going to stage a musical episode during sweeps. Reason I ask is that returning boss man Greg Daniels is casting a young male who can carry a tune to play a college student in a November-ish episode.

Question: I know Suits just finished it second season, but I’m desperate for some spoilers regarding next January’s episodes! What do you got? – Raquel
Ausiello: I got a casting scoop: We’re going to meet Rachel’s dad, a well known lawyer who goes head-to-head with Harvey on a high profile case. Father and daughter have a strained relationship, something Harvey uses to his advantage by having Rachel sit in on the depositions.

That’s a wrap! Please send questions, comments, and anonymous tips to (Additional reporting by Kim Roots and Vlada Gelman)

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  1. mary says:

    No DEXTER scoop again? Thanks Michael……

    • Leo says:

      Yum at Suits scoop. About time Rachel’s dad appear. Now can we have Norma and Harvey’s little brother too? I feel like I know about them so much yet they haven’t been cast.

  2. Ren says:

    If you can read you’d know that it’s *Britney* Spears, not Brittany Spears.

  3. I hope that Jane/Lisbon doesn’t end up being a sort of -will they/won’t they- kind of thing this season. I liked that The Mentalist didn’t seem to be going down that route (before the season 4 finale at least).

    • MaryAnn says:

      If Jane and Lisbon are headed in a romantic direction, I am very disappointed. There is just no chemistry there of that sort, and if they try it then it will be forced and likely ruin the show.

      • zaza says:

        I think there was no chemistry there because there wasn’t supposed to be. But I did notice that the writers were allowing Lisbon’s feelings to change ever since the episode where she viewed his dating-site video. As for Jane, he may or may not have those kind of feelings for Lisbon, but I’m pretty sure he won’t allow himself to acknowledge them to her or even himself until Red John is caught. There is no way he would risk declaring love for anyone, Lisbon or otherwise, with Red John waiting in the wings to destroy the object of Jane’s affection.

    • moonlighting troll says:

      I’m with you on this. Always like that Jane & Lisbon had a more teasing, brother/sister type of relationship.

    • Saint Alicia says:

      There’s always been will-they/won’t-they tension between them, and it’s ABOUT TIME they address it in a meaningful way. Hopefully there will be a kiss in season 5, I mean, where do you go from a love declaration, hug and hand-holding? Don’t let me down, Heller!
      As for having a “brother/sister” type of relationship… ಠ_ಠ
      If you flirt with your sibling, get jealous when they interact with someone of the opposite sex, they make you blush etc; that’s some “Flowers in the Attic” type creepiness.

      • Harriet Specter says:

        Saint Alicia, that is so accurate…. I agree with you 100% GO JISBON ALL THE WAY… My shipper heart can’t take it any more… So many feels.. btw loved the name “Saint Alicia” haha TGW ROCKSS

      • @ Saint Alicia says:

        I can see how some might think it’s only bro/sis if they’ve forgotten a few instances in the series. But I’ve always thought it’s been like Simon has said about them: sometimes it’s bro/sis, sometimes it’s co-workers and sometimes there’s a “did you just flirt with me?” sort of vibe. But bro/sis? Lest we forget one of my absolute favorite episodes of season three, ‘Red Moon’, where he was trying to peek at a very lovely and sleepy Lisbon after shooing her in to get dressed because he had, “…a play in motion.” I’d like to say that’s one very creepy bro/sis relationship if that’s what they are going for. Luckily, I’m pretty sure it’s been more like Simon said. I see it as a natural progression. I’m glad they’re going there. Just another thing to love about my favorite show. And I know I’m not alone. There are A LOT of people who are team Jane/Lisbon. ;)

        • Marla says:

          :) I’m all about Team Jane/Lisbon. I couldn’t be happier about all the recent spoilers. And can you believe I missed the last two episodes last season, so I haven’t even seen/heard the “I love you” from Jane. I hope CBS will repeat this soon.

    • Crochetowl says:

      Lisbon & Jane just don’t have any romantic chemistry. Leave them as they are.

  4. Alan says:

    would really like to see mandy patinkin in that role in the psych musical episode, and yes if there is anyone better suited for that role on community than summer glau i havent seen them yet

  5. Allison says:

    Castle… return of triple killer?? Hm?

  6. Maro says:

    Come on dude why can’t we get scoop on some scifi shows??? I love Warehouse 13 but it never gets a mention!

  7. alison says:

    Flash forward!

  8. Ross Bonaime says:

    If I were to guess, The Office is probably looking for that type of person due to Ed Helms Glee club past. Maybe a Helms duet with someone?

    • Jen says:

      i thought the same thing…i would be pretty funny if Andy hired a college intern and then it came out that the intern was a better singer than he was. I sense some kind of sing-off situation. And i like it.

  9. Anne B says:

    I need more spoilers about Finn on Glee. Is he in the army or not. And when will he make it to NYC? I don’t want him to be stuck in Lima!!!

    • JR says:

      So excited to see Finn’s story unfold this season. I know that he will find his dream and follow it to NYC!!! Hoping the writers appreciate that Finn as played by Cory is the heart of Glee.

  10. Kate says:

    I’m hoping 3XK is coming back to Castle!

  11. Kim says:

    I agree, Allison. It’s about time they brought back 3XK

    • Yay Castle Scoop says:

      They wanted him back before, but the actor was on Pan Am last year. Yes, it was another ABC show so it should’ve been doable, but he was on so much that he probably didn’t have the time for a guest appearance. Since that show’s done, he can come back!

  12. Dan says:

    But…but…but, we already knew all that about Finn. I need more about Finn. I’m looking forward to his storyline as it’s been kept so secretive. Season 4 for me is all about him….

    • Bette says:

      I don’t think there’s much secret about Finn. He somehow comes back from the army and goes back to Lima. No, I’m not happy about it. But I hope this at least translates into an interesting storyline, something for Cory to sink his teeth into. Fingers crossed.

      • Mary says:

        I’m sure there is more to it than that and I just hope not to see his character tied up in relationship drama all season. As much as I’m pumped to see him with another leading lady, I want the focus to be on Finn as an individual. I’m just hoping the reason he ends up back in Lima is a good one

        • Bette says:

          Knowing Glee, I think the reason would be something dumb and unrealisitc. We’ve been burned too many times Lol. I also just want a good storyline for Finn. Is that too much to ask?

          • Me says:

            I feel like that spoiler was implying that he’ll be Blake’s new boyfriend since he’ll get a new “love interest” (notice that female or male was never specified. “Shocking” and “unexpected” would definitely fit that.

  13. JRose48 says:

    As long as the chick on Community isn’t Felicia Day I’m good. I’m really tired of her showing up on everything I enjoy. She’s annoying.

  14. Jen says:

    I dont get why only Finn, Brittany, Rachel and Kurt stories are being talked about? I wanna what in the world is going on with SANTANA next season?!!?! I haven’t heard almost anything on her and I’m really curious to see how she’ll be fitting in with this new season!!!

    • Sean C. says:

      She and Finn are apparently going to be barely in the first four episodes, and with this show there’s likely to be very little written beyond those at this point, so there’s not much to report.

    • Juliet says:

      So just wait and watch and you’ll find out!!!

  15. Mary says:

    So excited to see Finn date someone that isn’t Rachel and to see Rachel with someone who isn’t Finn. Finally a break from the most boring TV couple known as Finchel! Looking forward to enjoying a Finchel break up!

    • Kat says:

      Cue the sounds of thousands of Finchel shippers weeping at the breakup.

      • aria says:

        they really don’t have so many fans outside this article lol

        • Kaylynn says:

          It’s time for you to turn off your computer and go out into the real world. Or if you still want to stay online, just get off your tumblr dash and take a look at the Glee Facebook.

          • Emma says:

            Actually the more people who I talk to in the real world, the more I find people who thought the Finchel storyline in S3 turned them either of the show completely or of that couple. So try harder next time sweetie. And I’m not even the person you’re responding to

    • Laura says:

      NGL, I’d like to see Finn with someone who is not Rachel. We’ve seen Rachel with lots of guys. I want someone for him who is not a bitchy cheerleader.

      • Laura says:

        We haven’t really seen Rachel with a lot of guys. Not really. I mean Puck was just her way to make Finn jealous both times. Jesse, she always had Finn at the back of her mind and the first time he was just using her.

        And with Finn the only other relationship we’ve seen him in is with Quinn and both times Rachel was always there trying to win him over.

        I just think it’d be fun seeing them both with someone new, especially now they’re in different cities so Rachel won’t be always trying to win Finn back and Finn won’t always be trying to win Rachel back.

        The feelings will still be there, I don’t expect that to go away, but I want to see them both actually fully commit to another relationship with someone they didn’t meet in high school to see if they’re really meant to be.

        I want to see what another girl would bring out in Finn and another guy would bring out in Rachel. Otherwise the whole ‘they’re together, now they’re broken up, now one is chasing the other, now they’re together again’ cycle is going to get even more boring

  16. coln says:

    Thanks for the Brittany spoilers, even though we kinda already knew that. I’d like to know if we’ll meet her parents. Lisa Kudrowsaid she’d love to play her mom.
    And unlike Theresa I’d like Brittana spoilers because those are non existent right now.

  17. cynthia says:

    Okay thanks for the Mentalist scoop! I’m so excited for this new season, oh my god!
    I also love this Suits spoiler, it looks promising.

  18. Mari says:

    Who’s gonna return on Castle?!?!?! WHO???

  19. wordsmith says:

    I think Olivia Munn would be the dream “get” for the Community groupie role.

  20. I heart HEMO says:

    I’m soooooo excited that brittany/Heather is finally getting something. Last year she was muted. I hope they keep giving Brittany/Heather stuff she is a comedy genius…

  21. tahina says:

    On Castle big twist one of his exs coming back for sure..:(

    • TheRandomObserver says:

      Here’s hoping it’s Kyra.

    • Yay Castle Scoop says:

      He’s not interested in his exes romantically. They had flings back before he was in a real relationship, but that’s it. He’s having hot sexytime with Beckett now. Why would that be a big twist? They’d what? Make a pass at him which he’d rebuff but not before it makes Beckett jealous? I doubt that’s the big sweeps episode. Besides that’s already been teased as a minor plot that’ll come up to be mostly played for comedy. This is new. Obviously 3XK (or it better be, the story’s great and the actor’s hot).

  22. kel says:

    Hooray for Paige Turco returning to PoI!

  23. lll says:

    Thanks for the POI scoop!

  24. nel says:

    That really doesn’t tell us much about Finn, but it’s okay, the show starts in a couple weeks and I can wait. I’m actually excited to see what’s coming up for him, about time they give him a storyline of his own, he’s one of my favorites. If he does get a love interest, it’d be interesting to see how it plays. Of course, I’m still waiting for him to get back with Rachel as we all know they eventually will. Also very excited for his scenes with the glee project winner.

  25. Nerwen Aldarion says:

    My Jisbon shipper heart is FLIPPING OUT!!!! YESSSSS!!!!! I knew that “love you” was going to have to come back!!!!


  26. aria says:

    and no dexter this time sigh

  27. moobear says:

    Poor Lady Edith, no one ever asks about her….it makes me think of the SNL sketch I saw for the show, if it ran on Spike TV….there are three daughters, named Hot, Way Hot, and the Other one.

    • What is a 'weekend'? says:

      Yeah although I’d reverse the hot and way hot (Edith’s only just now coming into her pretty self. The more confident she becomes on the show, the better she looks, but we haven’t seen the shows where she’s going to be at her best yet). As Downton Abbey spoilers go, that person really wasted their question as it’s already available via Google search. I’d rather hear about what Edith/Sir Anthony or what Matthew and Mary are arguing about (how is Matthew being ‘so disappointing’?). All we got was a spoiler that’s already out about Branson, and it’s not even really a spoiler because you could’ve seen that problem coming a mile away. Of course it’s gonna be weird now that he’s a former servant being served.

  28. oh jesus! who does Rufus Shtup!!! i must know.

  29. Britta Unfiltered says:

    I just can’t figure out what to do about Sons of Anarchy. I’m curious to continue on with it, and I believe it’s a much better show than whatever crap dramas the major networks are putting on, but I have to know there’s a reasoning behind the madness of Jax’s violent and shocking outburst towards the porn star, or I won’t be able to keep watching it. Her scaring his loved ones was not enough of a reason for him to slam her into a mirror when her back was turned, breaking her nose, and spitting on her. He’s supposed to be the hero of the show. If they’re trying to make a statement like, “Oh, look, Jax is slowly turning into his wife-beating stepfather,” then I can happily handle that as a reasoning, but I’ve read no hints of that online anywhere. Mostly when I see people discussing the show on comment boards, it’s to talk what a sex god Jax is, or, how Ima had it coming to her. Both of those train of thoughts make me sick to my stomach as I can’t stand to see violence against women on TV, and I get even sicker seeing people support it. And the fact that there are women in the world who still want to get down and dirty with Jax’s character despite seeing what he’s capable of doing to women who have pissed him off….ugh, it’s so disheartening. How could anyone be attracted to a man who does that?
    Anyway…with the return of the show, I wouldn’t be disinclined to read an interview with Kurt Sutter where violence against women on SOA is discussed in his view and where he’s going with it. Just, ya know…if TVLine ever gets the chance to talk to him, I would love to hear that topic discussed.

    • A.Rae says:

      Kurt has addressed that issue, multiple times, most recently when the Clay/Gemma beating happened last year. Basically, it’s not a world that is kind to women, period. How those women try and rise above that pressure is one of the million reasons I love SOA. And no, I’m not into Jax…

      • the girl says:

        I agree with you, A.Rae. I remember reading something that criticized Kurt Sutter for having so little violence against women on the show, because the women on the show are treated relatively well in comparison to their real-life counterparts. I don’t think SOA is trying to justify violence against women on any level, but I do think they have to be realistic about the environment and what that means.

        With that said, these men are criminals and oulaws who purposely live outside of the law and are encouraged to respond to perceived disrespect with their hands and their guns. Any woman involved with them, such as Ima, should not expect anything less.

  30. Loki says:

    Jisbon? Jizz bone? How about Lisbane?

  31. a says:

    Death To Lori lol

  32. I heard Rufus has sex with Ivy. Gross.

  33. Alyssa says:

    Holy crap…NO TVD scoop..THANK GOD. My prayers were finally answered.

  34. stefany says:

    Thanks for the Chuck shout out… nice little treat in the middle of AA… fall won’t be the same without the Buy More gang. Kalinda is amazing… but no one can plan that scene but Charles Carmichael.

  35. Alicia says:

    Finally some Rachel and Harvey interaction on Suits! I don’t think they exchanged one sentence during the course of two seasons…

  36. Sounds like a lot of Finn Hudson’s story on Glee is still a mystery, but thanks SO much for answering a question about the character!

    I’m firmly on Team Finchel, but if Finn and Rachel are going to be apart for a while (ugh) and if it looks like Finn will be in Lima for a while (ugh again) and if Rachel, indeed, gets a new love interest (ugh ugh ugh), how about this idea I’ve seen kicking around for a love interest for Finn: let him have a short, 1 or 2 episode fling with visiting-back-in-Lima-favorite-McKinley-High-substitute-teacher Holly Holiday?

    Glee’s already gone there with the age difference, but at least this time it wouldn’t be student/teacher; and Rachel’s always resented Holly when Holly appeared, so that could make for some fun & interesting story telling when she finds out. And they’ve got the perfect portmanteau: Folly (Finn/Holly) — descriptive of what it would be, and also suggesting hilarity. Plus, I think Cory Monteith and Gwyneth Paltrow could do a killer job acting together.

    Mostly, I hope we don’t see Finn stuck in Lima for long. I want to see him out in the adult world with Rachel, Kurt, and Santana, finding and going after his dream. And then #FinchelForever.

  37. Maria says:

    Lily/Rufus were my fav couple on the show. GG’s writers are great ruining couples…

  38. Chris says:

    Was your comment about paging Mandy Patinkin you suggesting who should play the part or is he really guest starring? I’d love to have my favorite actor of all time be a guest star on Psych!

  39. Saint Alicia says:

    Thanks for TGW scoop; though I hope that Chuck clip (and I’ve never watched the show before) was some kind of ~homage to the The Matrix, otherwise straight-up copying dialogue (“I know Kung Fu,” and arguably the premise) is some tacky bullsh-t.
    As for how it pertains to Kalinda; she gets in a fight with someone (husband Nick? whoever is at her door?) in the premiere and goes postal on their ass.
    Hope she doesn’t scuff her boots.

  40. Me says:

    I really feel like the spoiler about Finn was hinting at the fact that Blake from Glee Project might be his new “love interest” (notice that the gender was not specified). When Blake won, Ryan tweeted something along the lines of “wait till you see who he’s dating.” Plus, it’s also described as “shocking” and “unexpected.” Does anyone else agree?

    • jixxx says:

      this is the most stupid thing I ever read.. Finn is not gay for 3 seasons he was pretty into in boobis. Maybe he would date with Rachel dance teacher or Maybe with Rachel the “New Rachel” with her new makeover or some random girl this spoilers are just assumptions from what Brad was saying in some interview and Ryan´s Twitter begin writer scene for Cory and Blake he never say it was a scene together.

  41. bobbie says:

    I’d much rather see Bart and Lily together!
    I can’t wait for Psych! yay pineapples! Dancing, singing, hahahaha

    all the good shows make me wait sooooo long for their return – everything else is just filler material

  42. James says:

    Can someone explain me the OUAT spoiler? I’ve never seen Lost. Maybe a fast forward or something? I actually thought it was something more simple like Henry being kidnapped, but apparently things are going to get complicated. Anyway, I’m excited for the new season because of the new “rules” the show acquired with the season finale (magic coming, new villian, characters remembering who they are/were?)

    • Gilda says:

      I’m not exactly sure what they mean by the hint, but lost started out with character flashbacks each episode like Once does and after a few seasons starting using flash forwards instead. But I’m not exactly sure how that’s going to apply to Once.

  43. Me Two says:

    POI is by far my favorite show. Love Caveziel, Henson, Emerson. Not that interested in the return of Zoe, she’s really just the Great White Hope of female blockers, isn’t she?

    • Celeste says:

      No. I find her an interesting character and am glad she is coming back.

    • Marla says:

      I think that’s what Zoe is to some viewers, but then again, I see Carter and Zoe BOTH being “blockers” of any kind of meaningful character study that was happening between the two male leads of the show during the first several episodes of the show. Some viewers think Zoe is a strong female character, but all I saw whenever she showed up was a caricature.

      POI had the makings of an outstanding show when it first started. But now all the writers seem to do is add more and more annoying female recurring characters to the show. I hate Root, for instance and wish Mark Snow could’ve killed Stanton. I was fascinated by Alicia Corwin, though, and really interested to know more about her. So, of course, since this was the one interesting recurring female character the show had, she had to get killed off by bitchy Root.

      I think CBS is simply dedicated to keeping POI as mediocre and safe as possible. Reese has to get a dog, for instance, because I suppose if he was getting a cat it would be too “gay” or something. And don’t expect the show to ever closely examine the wrongness of American citizens being electronically tracked and surveilled.

  44. Steven says:

    Having Summer Glau on Community could bring the show one step closer to cancellation, giving it’s current ratings and her effect on TV shows (besides CSI and TBBT).

  45. Sandy says:

    Yea for Zoe returning to Person of Interest. Good news!!!

  46. suzi says:

    I’m happy to see a Greg-centric episode on CSI. His character is very under-used, and his retro stories are always enjoyable-this one sounds great.

  47. nick1372 says:

    Thanks for the PoI, Suburgatory, Castle, and OUAT scoop.

    I’m having trouble with the Once scoop’s Lost refrence, can someone explain it to me without any spoilers? Thank you. (If you spoil anything you’re in deep, dark trouble…) ;-)

  48. Shannon says:

    Gaaah!!! Who’s coming back on Castle?!?!?! I would love to see 3XK, or maybe Dana Delaney’s character again.

  49. mikeyp1986 says:

    Felicia Day for Community nerd

  50. Natalie says:

    Thanks so much for so many good spoilers from “The Good Wife”, “Castle”-although that one well–I’ll be waiting, OUAT, “New Girl”, “Person of Interest”, and most of all– “The Mentalist”. That’s why I love this place; you get the good stuff.
    About “The Mentalist”– I love that they are progressing and not burying under the rug, the I love you. Jane and Lisbon are actually my favorite on-screen pair because they’ve been built up slowly, realistically and well. I am afraid Jane having to seduce Lorelai just gives me one more reason to very much dislike her (not the actress, who does a good job playing the bad “guy”, so to speak).
    Between Bruno and DC writing the first two eps of the season (they are just fantastic at what they do and have a gift for continuously writing fan favorites), new info on RJ that’s actually significant, the Lisbon arc, Summer coming back and Minelli coming back, not to mention the 100th episode which is supposed to be special, and progression in Jane and Lisbon’s relationship — this promises to be one of the best seasons yet.

    • Dan says:

      Amen to that! This season looks great and finally something about Jane/Lisbon. I’m tired ot this bro/sis thing, it’s such a lame excuse. They’re by far my favorite pairing on TV

    • Marla says:

      Summer is coming back? Oh, that’s good, too. I thought she was good for Cho, who can be hilariously uptight. Well, I hope she has gotten off the drugs, so they can have a real relationship.
      I just love this show because I feel it’s always been honest with the viewers. I really don’t appreciate shows that manipulate the viewers big time in order to try to grab every possible segment of the audience that’s out there. For instance. I’m glad they didn’t have some flirty thing going on between Jane and Cho and then just stop and turn everything upside down by suddenly introducing some c-blocking female character from out of nowhere to ruin the whole thing. No, with “The Mentalist” I’ve always known what the show’s direction was, and that the main pairing was Lisbon/Jane. It was just a matter of time. Can’t wait to see this next season. And I can’t help wondering about Grace and Rigsby, too.

    • Seuss4prez says:

      I agree. The subtle build up has been perfect for these characters. It reminds me of Scully and Mulder. Heller doesn’t overwhelm you with. And after years of that slow building, the pace is getting a tad quicker. I like it. I definitely don’t want to see them together/together unt the last few eps, but the ever emerging feelings and flirting between Jane and Lisbon gives the show a much needed boost. I like that Jane doesn’t get his head turned by every flirty female guest on the show. He seems to have something true and intense for Lisbon, but he keeps it under wraps until he gets his closure on RJ. Heller is awesome at the character development.