Exclusive Vampire Diaries First Look: A Magical 'Reunion' For Bonnie and Jeremy

The Vampire Diaries‘ Bonnie and Jeremy may no longer be a couple, but as you can see in this exclusive photo from the Season 4 premiere, they’re up to something pretty magical together.

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Jer and his ex “are very bonded to each other,” executive producer Julie Plec previously told TVLine. “In spite of having found a piece of closure in their relationship, they will continue to be drawn to each other emotionally. Whether it’s romantic or not, I can’t really say.”

Well, nothing sets the mood like a bunch of candles and hand-holding, if you ask us. Check out the following sneak peek and then hit the comments with your thoughts on the spellbinding “reunion.”

The new season of The Vampire Diaries debuts Thursday, Oct. 11 at 8/7c on The CW.

Vampire Diaries Steven McQueen Kat Graham

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  1. I’m guessing that Bonnie and Jeremy are trying a spell that could undo Elena’s transition? Jeremy is Elena’s blood relative and a lot of Bonnie’s magic (I’m thinking of the spell her cast with Matt to get rid of Vicki) has a blood component.

  2. Marie says:

    Thank you for posting a picture from the new season and thanks for having Jeremy in it! He’s my favourite character and though I always loved him with Anna, I also really like him and Bonnie together. I’m excited to see where their relationship goes in the new season, no matter if it’s romantic or not. As to the photo, they are probably trying to do a spell to reverse Elena becoming a vampire. Can’t wait for the first episode back!

  3. inna says:


  4. Michelle says:

    I just want to see Bonnie tap into the darker aspect of her magic. They keep hinting at it, but never quite going there. That storyline would Bonnie a thousand times more interesting than her revolving doors of busted relationships.

    • Mary.m155 says:

      I think she is going to ark magic…remember when she did the last spell…and her face got all veiny, I’m pretty sure Mother nature wants her to pay for messing with the balance. It would be so much fun to see a bad Bonnie. Like in Buffy the vampire slayer, the red haired chick got really dark for a while… Soooo cool. Can’t wait!!!!! ;)

  5. Babybop says:

    I hope they can find a way to undo the transition… I just don’t see Elena as being a good vampire.

    • Doctorwho says:

      Elena would be stefan 2.0. She s better off as a human. I d rather have katherine, heard that she wont even come for S4 : (

    • Kristi says:

      Julie Plec already confirmed that Elena will be a vampire. I think it will add something to the show to have Elena become a vampire.

      • Nicole says:

        I love the fact that Elena is going to be a vampire, it spices things up..and hopefully stefan and Elena gets back together again

        • Kara says:

          I could really go for some more Stefan and Elena scenes S4 considering all their separation last season.

          • Michelle says:

            I totally agree. Didn’t get enough of them last season either.

            I love them together.

          • Elisa says:

            I totally love the ideia of Elena being a vampire, but i would love to see her with Damon.. they are so sexy together..and stephen is so calm.. he should be with katherine.. haha

          • maria says:

            I would love some more Elena and Damon, they look so great together and there is so much passion, the same kind of passion that Stefan has with Katherine ,i believe, if he would let himself go there.

    • Mary.m155 says:

      I will b sooooo super pissed if they undo her vampireness… That would be pointless. And there is no way, if it hasn’t been done before. Grrrrrr, I didn’t even think ab this possibility. Maybe they r just making her a ring, and Jeremy is the closest to kin to make it, quickly??? Idk

  6. Kara says:

    I love Bonnie and Jeremy, glad to see we are starting to get pics from S4, and not the main trio for once! Though I do love Paul/Stefan pics.

    I agree it looks like they are trying a spell for Elena to stay human. TBH I am really torn on this story line, Elena’s humanity was what I loved about her. But as a vampire it finally gives her something to do outside of the triangle of doom. But if they use her being a vampire as an excuse to further exploit the triangle, I’m afraid Vamp Elena will be an epic failure.

    • Wes says:

      Elena becoming a vamp was always the plan. It was a “when”, not an “if”. I can imagine Bonnie trying everything she can to reverse Elena’s transition. He resurrected Jeremy, so it is possible. Unfortunately when Elena died, she was immediately affected by the magic of Damon’s Blood, not only she she have to resurrect Elena, she has to break the vampire spell as well. Talk about difficult, so much so, we know she fails.

      Elena’s Humanity is not dependent on her on her being human, Caroline is a good example (once she stabilized). Elena, who is supposed to be our lead heroine, was quickly being regulated to a perpetual victim against impossible aggressors. Not a role anyone wants her in. Her mortality was constantly putting her friends in danger, and was indirectly motivational in all her friends greatest personal losses. She needs to be “buffed” to remain relevant. For the lifestyle she has found herself in, her transition is long overdue imho.

      • Mary.m155 says:

        And she really needed to become a vampire anyways to stop Klaus, she should have just offered to do it a long time ago, idk just saying. ;)

  7. J says:

    I miss Bonnie and Jeremy together. I thought they had great chemistry and their relationship was too short-lived.

    As to Elena being a vampire, I think it’s great! So many exciting new possibilities.

    Although I have to disagree with all y’all that want more Stelena scenes. So, so tired of them together. Booooooring. There’s so much more interesting drama when she’s around Damon, even if they never actually get together, the chemistry between them is much much more entertaining than between her and Stephan. Even when Stephan was bad it was still kind of blah. Bring on Delena!

    • jules says:

      I’ve got the same exact reaction!! I want Bonnie and Jeremy to get back together.. they had some great scenes together and it was over too quickly. They should get another chance.

      And while I loved Stefan in the first season, the nice, loving, sweet vampire boyfriend got old pretty quickly, the chemistry, especially because they don’t get together, is just so much better with Damon and Elena. Sparks fly in every conversation!

  8. Mel says:

    I hope so much that we see more Delena Scenes this season. I love them so much. Poor Damon deserves some good things in his vampire life.

    • Danielle says:

      Yes I love Damon!! For myself lol, but really Elena needs to be with Damon he deserves her. She changed his life for the better & he made her a stronger woman by always testing her.

  9. Silvia says:

    I hope for Delena too, it would be more than great to hear I LOVE YOU from Elena to Damon, and she should mean it and not only say it.
    Damon needs to hear that and Elena has to say this after all what happend. I love them so much, I can not describe.

  10. mic says:

    I hope Elena stays with Stefan they really belong together the last season was so boring because they weren’t together plus this whole love triangle story is getting boring making Stefan bad was stupid and I agree that if Elena becoming a vampire is just another way of making the love triangle more interesting its not gonna work I’d rather like to see her be more of the hero instead of the victim and I hope Jeremy and Bonnie get back together they both deserve some happiness and Matt also deserves some happiness he’s character is getting pointless unless they give him a storyline they might as well kill him off it would be sad but right now he has no meaning in the story

  11. Tiffany says:

    I think elena and stefan make the show mote interesting. I got bored with the last season with her and Damon actually so I’m hoping they get back together for the shows sake. And I would guess bonnie and Jeremy get back together eventually.

  12. quotequeenlolx says:

    i think bonnie may go deeper into darker magic to try reverse elena’s transition and she may find herself struggling to manage ‘tap into dark places ‘ places of temptation ‘ to quote aby bennet. i do think it will be interesting to see how elena is going to deal with becoming a vampire and all that comes with it . emotions are hightend so her feelings towards stefan and damon to one side . stefan once said ‘ when your sad your in dispair , greif loss , it can cripple you ‘ elena as a human was extremly compassionate so it will be interesting to see how shes going to cope with it all , if she does cope at all. elijah once said ‘ your compassion is a gift elena carry it with you ‘ lets hope she can.

  13. Danielle says:

    Can’t wait for season 4!! I hope Bonnie & Jermey will work it out. As far as Elena she Knows deep down this is her dream come true.

  14. Wabzo says:

    Meh, I don’t see why Damon deserves happiness, considering how selfish he is and how many lives he has ruined without remorse. Aside from that, he is no longer the awesome character he used to be and just acts like a love-sick puppy who is pretty content with being someone’s second choice so I can’t even root for him any more. I’m not a Stefan fan but out of the main 3 I prefer him. JP ruined many characters last season.

    • J says:

      When has Damon ever been content with being Elena’s “second chance” as you put it? Unless you’re thinking of the end of season 2 when he thought he was gonna die from the werewolf bite. Damon has NEVER been content with Elena not acknowledging her growing feelings for him. He Is a giant mountain of frustration most of the time. He’s tried distracting himself with other women (Rose, Andi), lashing out in anger, pushing Elena to admit she has feelings for him, and taking every opportunity she gives him to open that door of possibility a little further. He’s about as far from a love-sick puppy as he can get. And as for Stephan, talk about one-dimensional. At least last season he had something to do when he turned bad. But before that and now that he’s reformed again he plays the totally boring vanilla goody two shoes hero. At least Damon’s unpredictability is good television. Stephan’s behavior as his good self is painfully dull.

      • Ashley says:

        I completely agree about Stephan being one dimensional. I have a problem with Stephan and Elena together, Stephan seems so insincere and boring it’s not even fun to watch. More Damon and Elena!

      • Wabzo says:

        How many times has Elena chosen Stefan over Damon? Yet Damon keeps crawling back and that’s what is pathetic. He has tried to distract himself with other women, yes but look at the despicable way he treated them. Tell me, does someone who treats women like that deserve a girlfriend? And he and Stefan just stood around at the end of the last season, waiting to be chosen by a high-school chick. Are these supposed to be badass vampires? Because this just seems to be JP’s fantasy wherein she lives vicariously through Elena. The way he acts when it comes to Elena, disregarding the well-being and even lives of everyone else other than Elena is what makes him a love-sick puppy. It’s not sweet, it’s obsessive. I don’t love Stefan, I prefer the secondary characters to the main three but of the three of them I like Stefan most. That’s just because I don’t like Damon and our main Mary Sue much at all.

    • Astha says:

      Seriously? Wabzo, the “awesome character” you are referring to is the same person who killed and ruined lives. Pick a battle, you can’t have best of both worlds. And when has Stefan not not killed thousands? Damon at least kills for dinner. Stefan was the “Ripper of Montgomery”, was he not? Yes, maybe Damon does act too much in love, but don’t you remember Katherine? That is just how Damon is: He doesn’t just love you. He obsesses over you. It consumes him too. And I totally agree with J. He has never been content with being the second choice. He wants Elena to choose him, but he doesn’t want to coerce her into it. They both know he can charm the pants off her, but… It’s just not what he wants.

  15. J says:

    @Wabazo: damon didnt treat Rose badly. He gave her a merciful and peaceful death. Andi he did compel and manipulate, but i think he came to care about her before Stephan killed her. That being said, I will concede that Damon doesn’t deserve much of anything because of his evil tendencies. He doesn’t deserve Elena. But for me, that’s the beauty of their relationship. He makes stupid mistakes and then feels genuine remorse (killing Jeremy, for example) and seeks forgiveness. But even so, Elena still cares about him. She sees the good in him and she brings it out in him, albeit sparingly. And you claim that he and Stephan just stood around waiting for her? No. Damon was nearly killed by Dark!Alaric trying to protect everyone, including Elena. and when she told him she chose Stephan, he wasn’t whiny and tearful (like I suspect Stephan would have been). He accepted it even though he didn’t like it.

  16. Teny says:

    As for me i believe dat anyone who dare to tink, for a second dat elena shld go for damon, is probably the best idot,moron, on earth, i mean u guys say stefan is a cool-headed guy, dat he his too dull for elena; can i ask a question does elena lools lyk the type of girl who needs a very troublsome, skirt-chaser guy,lyk damon, i mean, stefan is the rite guy for elena, also u say damon love with all his heart, to the point of obbession, well breaking news,guys, anybody dat loves u to the point of obbession, is bringing u one step close to ur death, cuz we all knw dat, watever step stefan took in the film, good or bad, he did in elena and damon’s interest, i knw damon also loves elena, but stefan is the rite guy for, i mean look at stefan he didnt sleep wth elena until they relationship was steady, and even wen he did elena pushed him to do it, but damon, the moment elena gave him a go ahead, he immideatly, wants to have sex wth elena, and also someone says while elena, was making her chioce btw stefan and damon, damon was busy fighting alaric, well in case u guys must knw,he wasnt saving only stefan while fighting alaric, he was saving himself, so he had no choice at all, but to fight alaric, so guys love stefan, dont hate him, and for the ripper part of stefan, dat wus his past, every vampire always has a past

  17. ashlene says:

    i really hope they get together