Fall TV Preview

Glee Hot Shots: Check Out the Season 4 Cast Portraits! Plus: New Directions Picks Its Star

The march toward Season 4 of Glee continued Monday with the release of the show’s official cast portraits.

With the exception of Dianna Agron (Quinn) and Jayma Mays (Emma), both of whom were out of the country working when the pics were snapped, pretty much all of the usual suspects — and a few new ones! — are present and accounted for (just as they were in this recently released group shot).

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Click through the following gallery to view all the new “class photos” and to sneak a peek at the season premiere, “The New Rachel,” in which Unique, Brittany, Tina and Blaine ask Artie to pick one of them as New Directions’ next star.

Glee returns Thursday, Sept. 13 at 9/8c.

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  1. Max says:

    I don’t get why Artie is the one picking when he should be in the race. Apart from Unique, he’s the best singer/performer left in the group. I’m assuming either the show is just keeping its ableist streak going or he’s a captain already and now has to choose a co-captain a la Rachel in the first season.

    • ashley says:


      • springdrop says:

        Stop fangirling and be rational for a minute. He’s good, but he’s not the best.

        • Gleek says:

          Darren Criss is the best singer they have!!! I love the whole cast but Darren Criss’s voice takes my breath away xD

          • springdrop says:

            I’m sure he takes your breath away, because you like him.
            But if you objectively take everyone else into consideration, there are way more skilled singers in the cast. I’m not saying he can’t sing, but you can’t say he’s the best singer either.
            You can say he’s the best to you, though.

          • MrScreenAddict says:

            @springdrop – “You can’t say he’s the best singer.” Really? Why not? I think it’s obvious that “Darren Criss is the best singer they have” is Gleek’s opinion, don’t you? Let’s not get nitpicky here. Gleek is entitled to think Darren is the best just as much as you’re entitled to think the opposite. That’s the beauty of opinions!

          • springdrop says:

            @MrScreenAddict – “Darren Criss is the best singer they have” is not an opinion. It’s a statement, and untrue at that. On the contrary, “To me, Darren Criss is the best singer they have” is an opinion.
            Yes, Gleek can think whatever he/she wants, I agree. I like the guy too, but that doesn’t mean that just because I’m over the moon in love with him I’m gonna say he’s the best singer they have when he’s not.
            It’s just a few words, “In my opinion, to me, I personally think.” I guess I should have probably used them myself, even though I was speaking from an objective, technical point of view, regardless if I liked him or not.

            That is what I meant with the last line in my previous comment.

          • Marieee says:

            Okay Darren Criss is an amazing singer. In my opinion he’s the next best after RAchel but if they make him the next star we are going to get tired of him just like most of us Gleeks got tired of listening to Rachel sing solo after solo. Less is more. I think someone who hasn’t been very appreciated should be the next ‘star’

        • Brydie says:

          He is the best, rachel and Kurtz and Mercedes were better, but they’re gone. In our choir we use Darren’s voice to help the boys, to show them what a guy can do, and we tour America yearly (from the uk) I’d say you just think Kevin McHale is the Best because you like him.

      • sm says:

        We all have our favorites. Many different characters fit that bill. I think Darren’s a wonderful showman and great performer. But not the best singer.
        I have my favorites and one sings seldom. So, I think that Darren gets a lot of solos and prominent performances on Glee. I wish one of my favs could have a song once in a while. He has the most mellow and endearing voice. Matt Morrison is the best of male leads, IMO. He just doesn’t get to sing to allow the students to have the limelight.

      • keith says:

        Kevin, Alex, Jenna, allmuch stornger singes then Darren.

        • BigAdam says:

          Are you kidding me? Darren is the best singer left in the Glee Club.
          Kevin & Jenna cannot compete. No way.

          • Beibi says:

            Let’s see your music degree.

            Just because Blaine gets to sing more than Tina and Artie, it doesn’t automatically mean Darren is a better singer than Jenna or Kevin.

          • Beth says:

            As a vocal coach, I’ve gotta ask: Is this a joke?

          • Becca says:

            Really? Darren is amazing I’m not going to lie, but he is no better than Kevin. You can’t compare a guys voice to a girls voice so no he’s not better than Jenna they are all equally good as eachother in there own way, honestly left in the club I’d have Artie and Brittany lead the club. 1 girl 1 boy it’s fair.
            But it will probably be Blaine because he is the boy version of Rachel and he is the guy who gets all the leads.
            Tina would be good to though, but I prefer Brittany as a singer dancer and actor so much more.

      • Max says:

        He may very well be your favorite, but he’s not the best singer on Glee. He’s not even the second , third, fourth, fifth, sixth, or seventh best singer on Glee.

      • Michelle C says:

        I totally agree DARREN CRISS is th ONLY choice!!

    • Artie was the director of the group they feel he knows who would best be a star

    • Rose says:

      Kevin is a good singer. But Artie’s not a great, charismatic performer.

    • Russ says:

      Why do they have to pick a new Rachel, can’t they all just switch out instead of having another “Rachel” dictatorship.

      • keith says:

        Rachel wasn’t a dictator that was Will’s choice. The TWO times she complained she didn’t get the song. stop rewriting things.

        • Caitline says:

          PREACH.It was never Rachel who decided that she sings most songs by herself,and she only complained a few times.It wasn’t her fault.Rachel is actually missunderstood to be a lot more selfish than she actually is:for example,giving up the closing number to Mercedes in “night of neglect”,giving Mercedes the oppoturnity to sing solo in their FIRST ever competition (it just didn’t go as planned),she was also ok with sharing the role of Maria,she eventually did drop out from the class president election and told everyone to vote for Kurt etc..Everyone just wants to treat her as a villain whenever something went wrong.And she got much colder treatment than the others did from their mistakes.

          I think Blaine and Tina should get the leads.Artie is not a very charming performer,and Brittany is a horrible singer,

          I know that most of you don’t think Darren is as good as everyone says,but watch the show:he has been lead in the Warblers,he has auditioned to perform outside school,even Finn told Blaine that after Rachel he is “the most talented and well rounded” member of ND.While Kurt had trouble of getting credits for NYADA Blaine has done everything he possibly can.I think it would be a big mistake if Blaine didn’t get to be the male lead.

          • Remy says:

            Artie is exceedingly charming, and charm isn’t enough reason for someone to be a lead. They’re a show CHOIR; singing is the most important factor. You can babble on and on about charisma, but Blaine doesn’t cut it as a singer.

    • Caitline says:

      I think Blaine and Tina should get the leads,and be co-captains.I think Blaine has the leading man quality that the team needs,and Tina has been ignored for 3 seasons so it’s long over due for her get to shine.

    • Sileena says:

      Actually, Blaine’s not captain, from what I’ve read on spoilers. I’m not sure if that’s true, but the mot likely candidates are Tina and Unique. Brittany’s out, too.

    • Kevin says:

      Definitely agree Artie should be in the race. He’s one of the best vocalists left.

  2. Britney says:

    Dianna and Jayma were out of the country shooting movies when they did promo pictures. How hard is that for people to find out before trying to imply something that’s not there. Dianna will probably be in a handful of episodes like Amber, Mark and Harry, and who knows about Jayma, but it hardly means anything.

    • You’re correct but would it really have been hard to photoshop them in using photos from old shoots? They did that back in season 2 because Dianna was shooting I Am Number Four at the time of the promo shoot.

      • Rianna says:

        People should stop freaking out as to why Dianna isn’t here.. She’s somewhere shooting a movie and they can’t do something like photoshop her or use past pictures cause this season will be highly different.. Using an old pic would suck.. They have very different images now especially cause of the fact that they have graduated..

      • ano says:

        when dianna shoot i am number four she was still filming in the US so she could go back and forth for the photoshoot, this time it was different though she’s filming in the different continent

    • Sileena says:

      Jayma’s definetly coming back. She’s one of the biggest characters. Dianna is coming back in the fifth episode; Ryan Murphy has stated he has “numerous Quick ad Faberry scenes planned”.

  3. dee says:

    OMG, can’t we please stop? Dianna has been out of the country for a vast part of the summer, including when these shots were taken. There is no evil scheme to exclude.

  4. Sam says:

    i’m sorry but considering Artie’s the best male singer, why isn’t he involved in the prospects of being the star…this show sometimes…

  5. Lex says:

    Its gonna be Tina. And also I wish everyone could stop asking where is Quinn… Dianna is shooting a freaking movie in France.. She can’t make it there right now, jeez. I figure you guys were smart enough to figure it out.

  6. Kate says:

    Didn’t Glee once show Puck, his mother and his SISTER? Maybe the brother is an illigitemate kid of his dead beat father who just shows up?

  7. Lore says:

    I dont like Alex back in Glee, and worst if he is gonna be a regular, i cant stand him, and finally i like the way Kurt is dressed!!! and where is Emma? planning the wedding?

    • Load says:

      Agreed. Plus, it’s highly unreal. You don’t see teenage transvestites in your high school. Can’t believe they’re transmitting this idea to young minds.

      • srb says:

        This storyline with Unique is just not for me at all. It is part of McKinley and the New Directions so when it focuses on that character I will tune it out. I have no desire to know anything about that type of character. I don’t mind any other storylines at all, in fact, I believe they are important to inform the viewers. But this is beyond the scope of showing viewers.

      • Maris says:

        actually, there was one in my high school, I can’t say it’s the most realistic storyline… but then again, it’s Glee

      • Jon says:

        The only thing about Unique is that Glee kinda messed up whether she’s a transvestite, or transgender. They’re not the same thing, but one episode said she identified as female, the other one said she just wanted to put on women’s clothes. Even now, for that reason, I don’t know if I should even be using the pronoun “she”. But saying that this idea shouldn’t be “transmitted to young minds” is absolutely ridiculous, she showed that she clearly struggled with it, and had the courage to finally express herself. and how on Earth are you to know how many people struggle with being transgender? It’s not unreal, it’s just that most of them probably don’t feel comfortable telling the whole school. Much like coming out as gay, but coming out as gay has become much more promoted in media nowadays. You don’t hear about transgender people in high school, but it’s not because they don’t exist, it’s because they’re afraid of being judged for who they are.

        You’re allowed to not like the actor, you are allowed not to like how he himself presents the issue. (A lot of gay people actually don’t like Kurt, but appreciate the storylines he’s a part of that stands up for gay rights). But as for the actual issue that Alex stands for, you should not have to be baffled that “they’re transmitting this idea to young minds” It’s very narrow-minded of you to be quite honest.

      • cc says:

        My high school daughter has been going to school with a transgender for the third year now. So I guess some people do see that kind of thing in high school. And we don’t live in a particularly large city and don’t live on the west coast. And as I understand, most of the kids in the school don’t seem to have an issue. Seems some people could learn some things from those young minds.

      • guest says:

        Actually, there was a lot of people in my high school that were like “Unique” and probably a lot of teens that would have liked to express themselves that way but didn’t. Either way, this isn’t Glee “corrupting” young minds, I think all of us are smart enough and capable enough to know what we want and watching Glee isn’t going to suddenly make a guy say, “Hey! I want to dress like that!” If that’s not at all how they see themselves as or how they are. It might ENCOURAGE teens that want to express themselves in that manner to just go ahead and do it and ignore everyone else that doesn’t like it, but if anything, it’ll make kids more open minded and not so quick to judge someone. It’s not freaking porn, guys. It’s perfectly okay that Glee is doing this. And I agree that Kevin has an amazing voice and should sing more. That is all.

      • don says:

        you don’t know s***! i had a transgender lesbian friend in my high school class from 1964-1968! you are close-minded and ignorant, load.
        also, unique has, by far, the best voice and emotional presentation while singing.

      • Mary says:

        how young exactly? because it’s not like this is a disney channel show. if a parent lets their 10 year old watch it, they’re responsible for the child being exposed to mature issues.

    • ali says:

      I don’t know why Harmony didn’t transfer instead.

      • Shannon says:

        Harmony didn’t transfer because Lindsay said she didn’t want to be on the show anymore, she wanted to explore different options. You can’t force an actor to come back to a show they don’t want to be on.

        • thefirstmrshummel says:

          Lindsay is one smart girl. The Glee fandom and the epic fail that S4 is sure to be are two things she’s quite intelligent to not want an association with.

          • Kelly says:

            I completely agree. I like to consider myself a fan of Glee, but I think you are right. Season four is going to be an EPIC fail. From what I’ve seen and read so far, it’s just not looking good.

          • Caitline says:

            Actually Lindsay said in twitter that she’d be honored to return if asked.And before you judge the entire season4 to be a failure,maybe you should watch it first.And I mean watch the whole season,because you can’t judge anything if you only watch 1 episode.Give it a fair chance,it might surprise you.
            As far as Unique transfering,I’m not too happy about it either,mainly because I don’t think Alex can act(same goes for Samuel,though Alex is a great singer).But if Alex gets bad reviews I don’t think they will give him that much to do,he’ll probably sit in the back of the choir room.But hey,who knows?He might improve.
            I wouldn’t bring Harmony back.I don’t think Lindsay is a tv actress,I think she does better in theatre.Harmony felt kind of forced and glued on top.Besides,she seems to prefer theatre herself.

        • Sileena says:

          Not true. She said she’d definitely come back if asked.

    • Danielle says:

      I agree too, I didn’t like Alex in the Glee Project and not happy to see him or his character on Glee

      • Austyn says:

        I agree. I didn’t like Alex from the beginning of the Glee Project. I can’t believe they’re bringing him back.

    • kay lauren says:

      OMG i so agree he is so annoying i was mad when he got a spot on the show after the glee project and now hes a regular. umm NO!

  8. Romy says:

    Is it me or is Rachel still wearing her engagement ring?

  9. Quinn’s body was cut into pieces and put inside the luggage from the first image, and Emma is in the mental hospital because she’s the one that killed her. I thought that was obvious :P

  10. LAR says:

    This makes me excited about the new season! Hopefully the fresh faces will give this show a much needed boost!

  11. Nothing here is appealing to my eyes. Sorry.

  12. Betts says:

    The idea of Brittany and Blaine trying out for lead is hilarious. They’re both mediocre singers.

    • srb says:

      I can see Blaine as a lead but not Britanny. Tina is far better singer. Haven’t heard the newbies yet.

      • Maris says:

        I’ve only heard Melissa Benoist’s voice and she’s actually pretty great, so I’m excited to see her on the show

        • dan says:

          She’ll be the new Rachel, because the others got greedy.

        • Caitline says:

          I sure hope that Marley is NOT going to be a new Rachel.Even if she’s good,I don’t think anyone else but Tina should be the female lead singer.Tina has waited her turn for so long,it just wouldn’t be fair that she would spent her senior year as ignored as the last 3 seasons.

      • lee says:

        I feel like Tina and Blaine would make good male and female leads, but I’d prefer (and I hope this is how they do it) that the idea of “leads” is just thrown out and they’re kind of a democracy, with competition solos and duets being distributed fairly. The closest they ever got to this was sectionals season 3 and it’s still my favorite competition setlist out of seasons two and three (sectionals s1 has too much sentimental value for me) because we got to see so many of them sing, even though they were on different teams. ABC is still one of my favorite competition performances ever.

      • anne says:

        Tina is never ever going to be the star. Never. Blaine has been the lead of a gleeclub before, very successfully I might add.

        • Sileena says:

          Actually, Tina’s best bet to be the lead. She has the best voice of all the females.
          And, at this point, Blaine is no longer in the Warblers, and, having already had more solos than most of the male cast put together, someone else needs spotlight.
          Tina was an original. As was Artie. They need their turn.

    • xxxx says:

      Unless Brittany can dance, Blaine just move his hips and do weird faces… This would be painful to see the WMHS Kids all are a mediocre actors at least
      Jenna and Kevin sing really great.

    • Laura says:

      You may consider Blaine to be a mediocre singer, but the show hasn’t made him out to be that way. He got solo lines in at least 1 song in every competition in season 3. He worked a Christmas job singing, and was auditioning for a summer job singing. He was lead singer of the Warblers when he was only a sophomore. He got the lead in the school musical. Cooper said he was ‘insanely talented’. Finn told him that, after Rachel, he was ‘the most talented, well-rounded member of the team’. Now I’m not saying you have to agree with that. Many people think he sucks, and they’re more than entitled to their opinion. However, within the show, they’ve set him up to be a star performer. They’ve given him even more performance experience than Rachel – where Rachel and Kurt were struggling to find things to put on their resumes for NYADA, Blaine has a tonne of stuff, more than any other character on the show. So while you (and I’m sure many others) find his singing to be simply mediocre, within the shows universe, they’ve made the character a ‘star performer’. So, having said all that, I think it’s perfectly normal they’d have him go out for the lead. The show considers him to be ‘the most talented, well rounded performer after Rachel’, so it’s obvious they’d have him go out for lead. Plus, he’s led a show choir before. Brittany, on the other hand, I totally agree with, but I do think it’s in character for her to put herself forward. You saw her bossy, controlling side with the senior class president/ prom organiser stuff, I could totally see her deciding she wants to be the leader of ND. The fact that anyone would actually entertain the notion of her leading is hilarious.

      • Adriana says:

        This is so true. I don’t see why all the hate on Darren’s Blaine. I think he has a good voice. Heather Morris not so much. I would like to hear Kevin’s Artie sing more often. I enjoy it when he sings.

      • Kay says:

        I think they should have Artie, Tina, and Blaine all be co-leaders. Artie and Tina have been in Glee since the show started, and Blaine was leader of the Warblers.

        • Rose says:

          I totally agree! I mean, they can have more than two “leaders” of the ND. but I do think that everyone should get more of a spotlight this year. especially since Rachel is gone. now they actually can give solos to other people without having a fight with Rachel. No Hate On Rachel, I just think other people should get more solos.

      • Caitline says:

        That’s so true.I don’t understand all this Darren/Blaine hate.I don’t think Brittany should be the female lead though,great dancer,but awfull singer.

      • Bobby says:

        The show also made Finn out to be a star. Excuse the rest of us if we don’t buy into the narrative because we can hear.

        • Laura says:

          Um… I wasn’t making expressing any kind of opinion on Blaine’s voice. Someone said it was ‘hilarious’ he was going out for the lead. I simply pointed out that, within the shows universe, it’s not hilarious at all. It makes perfect sense, for all the reasons I listed above, that Blaine would go for lead. Nowhere did I say anything about whether I feel Blaine deserves the lead. I was only stating that I don’t feel it’s hilarious at all that he would want the lead role – it’s entirely consistent with what the show has shown us so far. Plus, your point about Finn kind of feeds into my point anyway. Some people here are saying Blaine shouldn’t get it, his voice is only mediocre. Well, if Finn could be a co-captain of ND, Finn, who many people consider to have one of the weakest voices on the show…well, I don’t see why Blaine couldn’t.

      • msLopezDLG says:

        he did audition for a part at Six Flags. He’s passionate, I think. Probably more passionate than most.

    • Tina says:

      I thought Brittany got a scholarship to cheerlead. She got left back?

      • Kelly says:

        Santana got a scholarship to cheerlead. Brittany didn’t graduate, she failed senior year. Did you miss the last ep of season 3? There’s a whole scene about Brittany failing to graduate, plus, when all the seniors go up on stage to get their diplomas, Brittany’s in the audience, with the parents and the juniors.

    • Fanabr says:

      Honestly, I have been really sick of their ‘Blaine the super star’ thing since I saw him first… He’s good but not the best singer, and looking back, there was no chemistry between his and Rachels voice at all though he stole spotlights from Finn and other guys back then. I thought the Westside Story was complete fail. It’s obvious there’s chemistry between his and Kurt’s voice, of course, but only Kurt’s.

      My point is that whoever are supposed to be the leads, there should be chemistry between their voice just like Finchel.

      The only exception is Sugar, because she can’t sing to begin with but we all love her. So…Where’s she???

    • Kevin says:

      I agree. It should be Tina and Artie, not Brittany and Blaine.

  13. Lauren says:

    When did Unique join New Directions? I thought he/she was in a rival choir?

    • Casey says:

      They hinted in season 3 that unique might need to transfer. Obviously he/she did.

    • val says:

      At nationals before Unique performed starship….the last words she said were and I quote….Unique may have to transfer schools next year…..that’s how she ended up there.

  14. Dawn says:

    I vote for Blaine!!!! I could listen to Darren Criss sing all day! (Actually, sometimes, I do) :)

  15. Aw! Melissa Benoist looks so adorable! <3

  16. Tom Charles says:

    No Emma makes me sad

  17. Mercedes got a really nice hair cut

  18. TiffanyE says:

    Life on Glee was good…and then Alex Newell joined the pic…ugh…Why not the other people from Glee Project 2?? I disliked the kid on Glee Project and I dislike him now…double ugh.

    • Andyº says:

      Nobody likes him! Bring back Michael, Shanna, Aylin, Marissa or Cameron and replace Alex! Awful actor, awful character!

      • anne says:

        Um, if nobody liked him, he wouldn’t be coming back. He obviously did something right. I’m happy he’s coming back, but I do hope he took some acting lessons over the summer.

        • Alex SUCKS!! says:

          I think Alex is only there because Ryan Murphy liked him. I haven’t heard too many other people say they liked him, on Glee Project or on Glee. As for me, I’ll be tuning out when he’s on because I couldn’t stand him on the Glee Project and I also didn’t like him on Glee… I agree with Andy, bring on some of the Glee Project season 2 runner ups or Cameron…

      • Sileena says:

        Nellie. Bring back Nellie.

    • srb says:

      I’m not a fan either. I don’t want to watch him. Where is Harmony or any of the GP2 peoples?

    • Maris says:

      I would like to see Harmony back, didn’t really care for any other tgp kids

    • lee says:

      I really hope they bring in Aylin. Harmony was so much fun in her two episodes, she made me laugh and has an amazing voice. And yes, I would do anything for Cameron! Of all the people to bring in….

  19. screw quinn and emma where the heck is Samuel Lawson aka Joe why is unique there but not him?

  20. Matías says:

    I desliked Alex because in The Glee Project he had a loud annoying personality but to hear you say showing a crossdressing person is a bad example to kids… Why do you even watch this show? Do you even know? People are so goddamn stupid sometimes. Educate yourselves before you say embarrassing things. Thank you.

    • Bri says:

      truthfully, I don’t like Alex’s character because he’s a bad example of it. It’s like Glee tried to combine drag queens and transgender, and Wade is the result. If they wanted to portray a transgender, they’re not exactly doing the best job of it, treating Unique as more of a drag persona than who Wade actually is. If they’re trying to portray him as a drag queen or crossdresser? Still not doing the best job. So while some people are just being ignorant, others are simply noting that the trans community need a better representation.

      • twilight123 says:

        I agree with @Bri. I actually would LOVE for Glee to do a storyline about a transgender teenager. And it really upsets me to read some of the negative comments on this article about viewers who think that “this type” of storyline is inappropriate to teen viewers, brainwashing young men, etc. There are millions of teens in this country who are struggling with their gender identity. Who believe that the body they were born into is not the body they should have. And they should be represented on our television.

        BUT, if Glee is bringing Unique back full time then they need to take the time to properly research the issues that effect these teens, instead of throwing Unique up there as some kind of cross between a trans kid and Drag Queen (which is a performance style, not an identity, drag queens identify as men when outside of their dress clothes). For instance, if anyone off of that show refers to Unique as “he/she” one more time I will actually scream. I can not think of a more offensive pronoun for a transgender person! Is it so hard to google and find out that members of that community prefer words like “ze”, “they”, “zir”, and “he” OR “she” (not both). I just googled it to write it in this post and it took 3 seconds! Geez. On the other hand if Unique is going to be a drag queen, then awesome! Refer to Unique as her. Wade as him. And NO ONE as a he/she. See how easy that was?

        A storyline of trans identity should be done in this country! I just don’t know if I trust glee to carry out the storyline with the sensitivity that it requires.

    • Mafia says:

      The subject is kinda delicate nowadays. A lot of poeple may be comfortable around gay people, but being transgender or crossdressed may be difficult to handle. That’s all

  21. Katherine P. says:

    where the hell is quinn?????????

    • Shannon says:

      Did you not read the article before the pictures?????????????????

      “With the exception of Dianna Agron (QUINN) and Jayma Mays (Emma), both of whom were overseas working at the time of the shoot…..”
      And there’s your answer.

    • fffd says:

      no on cares, beigegron won’t be on much, yeah!!!!

  22. Crystalynn says:

    Can’t wait!! Whose the new cheerleader?

  23. jess says:

    CORY I love you :) :) :)

  24. Shut your damn faces! Just be excited there is GOING to be a new season, alright? It’s one of the best shows on TV so stop bitching and be happy it’s coming back! I’m super excited to see what happens!

  25. Grecia says:

    I supposed I hear it correctly that Sue said She’s gonna drop that cheerleading outfit?? Yep, Still there…

  26. Naomi says:

    Wooahhh! The fact unique is wearing the clothes of HER choice ( yes her because unique is a she) in a public school kinda shows that it’s ok to wear what you like, I mean it’s great to show that yes kids if you feel like wearing a dress to school it’s ok because ‘you are you and nobody is youer than you’ … Even though I’m from scotland and everyone wears uniforms in school but the message still stands. Also Brittany for leader and president again. The show needs her funnyy comments and awesome 1 liners otherwise it becomes a documentary on highschool kids ( the show is a comedy for a reason) woooo Season 4

  27. Shelba says:

    There were a couple of transvestite/cross-dressers in my high-school, so I don’t find this that far-fetched. I would, however, have liked to see some of the other Glee Project (1 or 2) characters. I feel like the writers missed a lot of potential by only casting one winner for GP2, and while I never disliked Blake, they could have developed more intriguing characters out of other contestants.

  28. Leann says:

    When is the guy from the Glee Project gonna first appear? Anyone heard any dirt on this?

  29. Jenn says:

    After reading how Rachel is supposed to be more “sexy” this season, I’m surprised to see that they’re still dressing her like a 5 year old. I guess I was expecting her appearance to change a little.

  30. isabella says:

    I’m I the only one that think the two new girls especially the cheerleader looks older than the rest. The new cheerleader looks like she can be a teacher……shouldn’t they look younger for future season. Brittany already looks older and still I don’t get how Kurt is older than Blaine in the show when seriously Kurt looks so much younger than the rest o the cast
    heck sometimes I think the only reason they put so much makeup on him is to make him look older.

    • kat says:

      The guy who plays Kurt actually is the youngest of the original cast

      • Kay says:

        Chris Colfer is 22. Darren Criss is 25. But Blaine is now a senior in Season 4 and Kurt graduated. I still think they should have made them either the same age or made Blaine older than Kurt. Oh well, at least we get to see Blaine (Darren) for another year until he graduates. I hope Kurt and Blaine survive this drama that is coming in Episode 4 (The Break Up) and hopefully be able to maintain the long-distance relationship without breaking up for good.

        • Mia says:

          Yes, I still want to believe that Blaine is older than Kurt or the same age. I hate Blaine being younger than Kurt.

  31. lexi says:

    So am I the only one wondering where Sugar is or…

  32. ggny says:

    please tell me Unique is not the new lead. I get it the character is edgy and fun but the character is being forced down our throats once again and the storyline is kinda lame

    • aren says:

      IMO, this storyline is just aweful. They will write it with humor but I don’t have any interest in Unique. Alex is a powerful singer like Mercedes.

  33. Lulimakaj says:

    If you look behind Tina in the pic where they are telling Artie to pick one of them for lead, Joe is sitting right there! Let’s just wait and see what happens, it’s a great show and though some things might be a tad unrealistic sometimes, it is still a glimpse into some of the things that really are going on in our highschools. Sit back, relax and enjoy, and if it isn’t your thing anymore, well carry on – it really boils down to the fact that it is just a TV show, and though they try to please the masses, it is impossible to please all the people all the time. I still love to watch it and can’t wait for September 13!

    • Adriana says:

      Agree! It’s been way too long without my glee! Don’t know how I’ve survived. oh wait, I listen to their music everyday.. lol

  34. christine says:

    Where is rory?

    • anne says:

      Gone back to Ireland.

    • Caitline says:

      I hope Rory would come back.In opinion,Damian wasn’t treated very fairly.They gave him a really bad storyline,and it didn’t show how good he actually is.Besides,I love Damians voice,he is a much better singer than Samuel.Hopefully he’ll return after mid-season.

      • Kristi says:

        I agree. Damian was not treated fairly. He did not get a chance to sing or show his acting talents . Bring him back.

        • Di says:

          I read Damian will be back at Thanksgiving. I guess I will have to watch that episode and see

          • Adyn says:

            I sooo agree with all of you. Finally— some people had the guts to stand up for Damian and state the TRUTH.. He, without a doubt, had the best male voice out of the cast and in my opinion was on par with Amber Riley. They both have beautiful voices and sing with heart and soul. Curiously, both have sung for President Obama. Damian was only about 15 years old when he performed for the president at the White House with members of the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives in attendance (and various other dignitaries!)….No lip-synching either!…He sang LIVE!!! As for his acting prowess, I don’t think the multi-million dollar enterprise called “Celtic Thunder” which performs worldwide would have hired him to perform in their stage show (for about 5 years) if he was the terrible actor that some people have accused him of being. The young gentleman is a very very talented intelligent person who carries himself with dignity and grace….mature well beyond his years! He is humble and probably one of the most positive individuals I’ve ever run across. I sometimes wonder how Murphy, Brennan, Falchuk, Ulrich and other Glee executives can sleep at night when they know full well that they behaved sooooo DISGRACEFULLY—–you just don’t kick puppies and that’s the essence of what they did to Damian McGinty, in my humble opinion—–period. Message to the Glee producers: Bring him back and give him the story line that he has more than earned one hundred times over!…..that’s if he’s even returning your calls at this point…..(wouldn’t blame him if he never spoke to those gutter snipes ever again!)….have a nice day…..:)….sending sunshine and lollipops your way…..

  35. I would love glee much more if it was just darren criss singing through the whole episode. and maybe some klaine moments here and there. :P so sick of finchel and i dont think the new ones will be any better

  36. ayve says:

    Wow lets see what’s going to happen for season four.

  37. Craig says:

    The reason Alex is in is because of you guys. You just help push the idea more to have him because the whole idea of this show is that anybody, whether they are black or white, straight, gay, transgender can do great things. Unique exists because of the hate that you create when you say “A transgender in highschool is unrealistic” and “I hated him because he had a bad attitude and was a bully”. Look at that one bully in the show, when you look deep within a person you find out that they are the same as you. All you look at is the outer shell.

  38. Emily says:

    Oh, my gosh. I never really paid attention to Kate Hudson, but all these photos of her as a dance instructor are great. She looks amazing.

  39. KL says:

    Ugh why are the new cast members SO OLD LOOKING? I don’t mind Brody cause he actually looks like he’s in college but Kitty and Marley look way too old to be in high school.

  40. Rima says:

    I love blaine, i hope he’s one of the leads. What about Rory or Joe?? They are both good are they not coming back? :( I would rather have them then Unique. He’s good but I love them better.

  41. daphne says:

    Darren Criss is the only star in this show that has mad something of himself despite glee. Broad way after Daniel Radcliffe and before NIck jonas. i think he should be lead… yes i love kevin he is absolulty amazing… but Darren is the star.

    • ashley says:


    • Boo says:

      He was stunt casted, just like Nick Jonas was, to try to match the ticket sales Daniel Radcliffe brought in to the production. It had nothing to do with him making something of himself outside of Glee, but it had a lot to do with how many teenage girls were willing to spend tons of money on tickets just to go see him.

      Don’t expect to see him again on Broadway soon, since apparently his performance in the play was more criticized than praised.

      • Rose says:

        The producers of H2$ have said they will look for a vehicle for him when he isn’t under contract to Glee. Darren Criss pulled in more than $4 million dollars in a mere 3 weeks on Broadway and money talks louder than you.

        • od says:

          so what he was stil stunt casting and it is disrespectful to real b-way performers who work their asses off 8 shows a week for a year or more. His voice hardly held out for those 3 weeks.

        • Boo says:

          Yeah well, I guess until his fangirls are willing to spend all their money on his mediocre performances he will sure pull in big money. That doesn’t mean the producers will keep their word. I’m just saying not to expect too much.
          And I know money talks louder than me, genius. That was the point of my comment in the first place. He was in the play simply because they knew he’d bring in tons of money, not because he’s insanely talented.

          Although, I’m sure that is the spirit of Broadway, isn’t it.

    • stop says:

      please. he was stunt casting for 3 weeks. Tired of stupid little fan girls acting like he is some bway vet.

    • wsho says:

      Lea, Chris, Jane and Dianna are all much bigger stars than Darren. He’s definitely not the only star this show has.

      • loky says:

        Not forget Cory Monteith He has two movies coming.

      • tay says:

        uhm darren the only star? yeah okay he’s good but he’s not the only one who’s making something out of glee, naya is doing her cd, lea did a movie, amber and kevin are working on their cds, dianna and cory movies too. sure darren did a movie but saying he’s star..?

        chris wrote two books,( tlos and sbl) starred in his own movie, 8, won a golden globe, is writing another movie and book, (sadly he had to turn down offers of movies and tv shows because of glee) it was nominated for an emmy twice, he has been on the list of the most influential people so yeah..i don’t think that darren is the only one.

    • Bobby says:

      Lol you people are obtuse. Darren isn’t even the biggest star to come out of Glee, let alone the only one.

    • Anee says:

      LOL wow. So many stars have come out of this show. Lea, Cory, Chris, Jane, Matt, Heather, Naya, Dianna, Mark…all of them actually.

    • hemo says:

      Well I like Darren best, but the other actors have done some stuff outside of glee. I couldn’t name all of it though.

  42. Naomi says:

    I wonder if Brittany is going to be Head cheerleader?? :O

    I hope Sugar is still there her and brittany would be an amazing comical duo

  43. Kat says:

    There’s no picture of Blake (from the Glee Project) which means he’s probably with the Warblers :(

  44. Laurie says:

    Where is Joe Hart in the line up? Is he not a “real” classmate. Teen Jesus gave character to the show. I”m disappointed!!

  45. H says:

    Where is Harmony/Lindsay ? T.T

  46. jodie says:

    So I didn’t read all the posts there was just too many but I see that some comments focus on the character Unique and the fact that she is transgender or a trasvestite. I think it’s a good story line and Glee is great for making these issues more acceptable which is great in my opinion. It will allow youngsters in a simmilar possition to be themselves knowing that they have a role model to look up to.

  47. Jessie says:

    I LOVE GLEE, can’t wait for it to start!
    But… I am worried if I won’t like the new characters as much as the original! :/ :)

  48. A says:

    Damn, Kate Hudson looks amazing and I can’t wait to see her. And I hope Santana is included in this season cause I’m really gonna miss her one-liners if she isn’t.

  49. Cyndi says:

    Didn’t they already decide that Tina would be in charge before season 3 ended?

    • Boo says:

      Yeah, well.
      Most likely, Tina is not FOX’s ideal leading girl. Which is incredibly sad, because Jenna has an amazing voice and she proved last season that she could put on performances that would blow people away.

      I do hope they’ll prove me wrong, though. And that she’ll be the lead in the end.

  50. Taylor says:

    Am I the only one wondering why Sam isn’t in the running for lead.

    Plus, I am so sick of Darren/Blaine and his annoying fans. Just because they build him up to be some omg-amazing performer in the show doesn’t mean it’s true.