The Newsroom Recap: Fool Me Once [Updated]

Warning: The following recap, by its very nature, contains spoilers for The Newsroom‘s Season 1 finale. If you haven’t watched the episode yet, avert your eyes! All others, read on… 

The final episode of The Newsroom’s first season didn’t surpass the excellent “5/1” bin Laden hour from a few weeks back, but it did deliver some big relationship moments while reserving some reveals for next season. Now grab your show rundowns and adjust your mics, and let’s review what happened during “The Greater Fool.”

THERE WILL BE BLOOD | The episode opens with Will unconscious in his bathroom, surrounded by blood. Did the death threatener finally make good on his or her promise? Nah. Will’s just got a bad bleeding ulcer, brought on by mixing too many anti-depressants with booze and then taking too many pain relievers to treat the resultant headache. At the hospital, Mac tells the doctor her boss is upset about the “hatchet job” News Night profile that finally ran in New York. The piece’s unfortunate title? “The Greater Fool.” When Will finally wakes up enough to have coherent conversation, Mac beats him about the head with a copy of the magazine. “I’ve been waiting two days to hit you!” she cries. “I appreciate your patience!” he replies. Heh. Will’s in a funk – he says the piece was right, that News Night is an embarrassment and a failure. There’s a lot of whining and some Jell-O, then a mean nurse complains about how her great-aunt is getting squeezed out of the voting process in Tennessee… and all of a sudden, Will’s back! (To the opening strains of The Who’s “Baba O’Riley,” no less.) Let us also note that, during his hospital visit, Charlie has two absolutely kickass phrases that I might need to stitch onto a pillow sometime in the near future. One is pretty much unprintable here, but let’s try anyway: “P—y-ass coward-ass p—ified p–sies.” The other: “Hell hath no fury like the second-rate.” And while we’re at it, let’s take a moment for what a great fit the bushy-browed Sam Waterston is as Charlie. It feels like he’s letting loose after all of those buttoned-up years as Law & Order’s McCoy and having a lot of fun doing so.

TAPPED OUT | To be fair, Mean Nurse’s great-aunt is only half of the fire newly ignited under Will’s convalescent tush. The other half comes from Nina Howard, who meets with Mackenzie to say she knows Will was high on the night of the bin Laden-capture broadcast, and when she has one more source, she’ll have to run with the story. Gone is the nasty-but-consistent Nina, who tossed a drink in Will’s face and later tried to shake him down in exchange for killing a tabloid piece about Mac. This new Nina feels really bad about who she is and what she does, and urges Mac to make sure there’s no one else who’ll confirm the drugged-up broadcast. Ugh. Mr. Sorkin, not everyone who’s ever cranked out a piece of news has to turn out to be a highly principled acolyte of Murrow. It’s more fun when the bad guys are unapologetically so. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go peruse my copy of Columbia Journalism Review and then catch up on my DVR’d episodes of PBS NewsHour. Elsewhere, Charlie’s NSA source is so bereft by the news that his past is too dirty for ACN to use him, he jumps off the Queensboro Bridge, but not before sending Charlie an envelope. Charlie brings that envelope, as well as Will and Mac, to a meeting with Leona and Reese. Will admits he was high on the night of the bin Laden show. Leona fires him. Charlie plays the NSA trump card, which forces Reese to admit to tapping cell phones. Leona’s genuinely shocked, and I loved her response to Charlie’s query about where she thought TMI’s scoop came from: “I assumed they made it up.” Ha! Charlie has secretly taped the entire encounter, so he informs the Lansing family that News Night is going to go on as planned, and that TMI should be shut down ASAP. (I love you, Charlie, but you’re reaching a bit on that last request.) Will goes on the air and does the broadcast he wants – with Mean Nurse’s great-aunt Dorothy front and center – and wraps by calling the Tea Party “American Taliban.” No need to couch things, Will. How do you really feel? Later, after Mac reveals that she was in the audience at Northwestern during Will’s meltdown in the pilot, we hear part of his voicemail to Mackenzie that TMI stole. “I’ve never stopped–” he says, but we see Nina pause playback before we can hear the rest, and then she moves the digital file to her trash and gets rid of it forever. You couldn’t grow a conscience after we heard Will’s innermost thoughts, Neener?

I COULDN’T HELP BUT WONDER… | Roommate Lisa really likes Sex and the City, so Jim asks the News Night team how he can become more well-versed in the show. Because that’s a totally appropriate topic with which to open a pitch meeting. And because there are no DVDs or video streaming services that would allow you to watch the entire six-season run on your own schedule. If only TVLine recaps had been around back then, eh Harper? Neal suggests the NY tours based on the series, but I prefer Maggie’s reaction: “Mother of Moses.” Meanwhile, Don wants to ask Maggie to move in with him, which Sloan (who’s thinking about leaving ACN for a venture cap job) tells him is a really bad idea… because she’s got feelings for him. Um, huh? Don’s look of surprise at her admission mirrors mine. Yes, they were friendly and flirty throughout the season, but no more so than they were with other characters. Whatever. If this outta-nowhere attraction helps split the ridiculousness that is Maggie and Don, I’m on board. Meanwhile, Maggie’s post-work drink with Lisa turns bad when Mags spills her suspicions about Jim’s true intentions the night he came to their apartment. Lisa leaves in a huff and Maggie follows her out onto the sidewalk… where she’s splashed by the Sex and the City tour bus a la the SATC opening credits. She launches into a fantastic, shouted tirade about what being single is really like – including falling for someone who then dates your friend – only to see that Jim is on the tour. Mother of Moses! He runs after her and they kiss, but her remark that Don’s failure to commit is the reason she and Harper are where they are sours the moment for Jim – who knows that Don wants her to move in. Maggie walks to Don’s, scribbling out a speech as she goes. She’s disheveled, her hair is a fright, she’s quibbling over definite articles and word choice – throw in a bag of Kit-Kat minis and a cluttered workspace, and you’ve got a good picture of my Sunday nights. But when she shows up at Don’s, he’s got candles everywhere and he asks her to live with him. Jim calls, and she lets it go to voicemail. A kiss in the newsroom later in the episode seals it: Mags and Don are still very much together, which Jim (who himself is still very much with Lisa) finds hard to stomach. But Sloan’s changed her mind – she’s staying at the network to fight the good fight – so methinks this isn’t quite as done as it seems.

MUSICAL THEATER MOMENT | Unsurprisingly, Don Quixote and Camelot were hit hard and often throughout the hour. Can someone buy Sorkin a copy of the Book of Mormon soundtrack?

Now it’s your turn. Where do you think the show will go with the death threat storyline? Thoughts on Nina’s sudden transformation? Are you looking forward to Northwestern Question Girl’s presence as an intern? And do you think Nina and Reese will really back off in Season 2 – if so, who would you like to see as the Big Bad? Hit the comments and sound off!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. slizabeth says:

    The whole thing was just really solid and still quite surprising! I expected a lot more doom for the News Night team. I must say, I don’t think that season 2 of The Newsroom will continue at this level unless they actually show McAvoy BEING a Republican. I get that he dogs the Tea Partiers for being too radical, but the only conservative policy he’s really ever shown support for is immigration reform. Still, I look forward to another season of Sorkinisms. Great, GREAT (!!) first season!

    • slizabeth says:

      PS: I think the Sex and the City homage was just about perfect. Maggie is my hero.

      • Eric says:

        It was the most perfect Sex and the City moment NOT on an episode of Sex and the City. Great episode, and the ending was super tense because I kept expecting something to happen that didn’t. I really like the show.

        • Slizabeth says:

          Yeah! I kept thinking “roadside bomb?” haha.

          • Jessie says:

            Me too! I was expecting the real death threat guy/girl to shoot Will sniper style or for the car to get rammed. Some massive, gripping cliffhanger that would have us all bemoaning the long wait to see what happens. Overall though another great episode. Pity there are so few in the summer season.

        • Meg says:

          I kept envisioning some season finale cliff hanger a la West Wing Season 1’s shooting (one of the best pairs of episodes on TV ever, in my opinion). Obscure, but delicious.

          • Vicki says:

            Truly, In the Shadow of a Gunman I & 2 were certainly two of the best episodes ever!!! Hard to stack up to them.

    • Kathleen Ryan says:

      I think you meant to say that the Tea Party is reactionary, not radical. A reactionary person or group is generally defined as having an ideology at the far right of the political spectrum (i.e., ultra conservative), whereas a radical person or group’s ideology is at the far left (I.e., ultra liberal). Just sayin’.

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        While what you are saying is absolutely correct it’s hard to get on people for calling the Tea Party radical when the news does it day in and day out. I’m a Republican and I am not a fan of the Tea Party myself. My biggest gripe about them is all the “take my country back” talk. It’s not just your country. The same holds true for extreme liberals that feel as if it is upon their shoulders to constantly force change on people faster than they can adapt to it. He had some good points about the days of old school Republicans actually governing instead of what our party has now, but Democrats are just as guilt of being obstructionists at this point.

      • ASM says:

        It’s hard to not think of the Tea Party as radical and instead reactionary, when like the Voter ID laws they are reacting to a problem that is statisically insignificant… or fictional.

  2. Peace Maker says:

    This show is definitely growing on me.

  3. Willa says:

    I laughed a lot during this episode. I loved Mackenzie yelling at Jim in the hospital room. “Do you WANT to end up like us?! A beautiful, vibrant woman and a dried out husk of a man that’s practically dead?” It delightfully poked fun at the trainwreck of decisions the characters make romantically. And I loved the Sex in the City moment. See, even though when I look at them objectively, I get mad at Jim for having no spine when it comes to women, no spine whatsoever, and likewise with Maggie being a pushover. But then they have a moment like the bus and I’m like, aww, forget it, I want those two idiots to be happy. The show definitely improved over the course of the run.

    • Meg says:

      Mackenzie was grating on me this week. She was yelling so much that it turned screechy and whiny, particularly when it came to the whole “Tell me what the last part of the message was!” plot.Yikes.

      • ASM says:

        I agree about Jim. He’s obviously not that into Lisa and so just brake it off, instead of leading her on. Even if he wasn’t into her roommate, but just makes things more painful for everyone. Same for Maggie, hasn’t she realized yet that Don set-up Jim and Lisa to distract Jim from nabbing Maggie from him. The whole moving in together seems shallow, I don’t feel that Don cares about Maggie that much. It’s like he is only trying to hold onto her, because if they brake up again she won’t come running back now.

  4. Dennis says:

    just canceled my HBO, this show wow… American Taliban, that was offensive and i’m not a tea party memeber. I don’t agree with most of what they stand for but how can you attack someone beliefs with such an offensive disgusting comparison.
    I really love most of the characters but the political assaults are horrible and so very biased they make it unenjoyable to me

    • wordsmith says:

      They attacked those beliefs after an hour of point-by-point comparison, complete with transcripts and actual video footage, of why it was an appropriate label. There were bullet points and everything – which of those was fake?

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        Here’s the problem that you are all overlooking. Week in and week out this show attacks something Republicans have done and every know and then throws in one line about Obama or the Democrats that is utterly meaningless. Until they examine some of the things Obama has done, like bypass Congress time and time again with executive orders, make veiled threats to the SCOTUS about overturning Obamacare, hos failure to secure our borders, Operation Fast and Furious, his refusal to uphold Federal Laws passed by Congress that he doesn’t agree with, I could go on and on. Or how about some of the antics of Democrats out there. Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi deserve a little criticism. That’s been my complaint about this show from the beginning. You can’t just claim that your Character is a Republican and have anyone seriously believe he would never criticize a Democrat because he spends all his time trying to get people not to vote for Republicans.

        His stat about voter fraud was very misleading as well. Cases are rarely brought because it can be hard to prove. What we do know where I live is that as many as 500,000 illegal immigrants voted in the last Presidential election. I live in a large border state and it’s pretty believable. I’m not sure voter id laws will help when these people are using fake id’s and social security cards, but when it comes to something as serious as casting a vote for the leadership of this country I don’t get why Democrats simply want us to take someone’s word that they are who they say they are and are eligible to vote. Of course they are against it here too, they want all those illegal votes because they are not Republican votes.

        • James Y says:

          Chuck, I agree that Sorkin will need to take a harder look at some democratic idiocies next season. But remember Its still entertainment and nonsensical comments from Tea partiers are a lot more entertaining then a philosophical conversation about how to secure our borders. That being said there are plenty of democrats that say stupid things to give some ammunition.

          Your comments about executive orders are fair but did you complain about GWB’s 290+ executive orders or only about Obama’s 230+ that you don’t agree with?

          Your comments about voter fraud is just not true. A recent independent news organization (well before this show was scripted) investigated 2068 cases of voter fraud over a 12 year period and found that in those 10 were voter ID fraud. 10!!!! The story on News Night was not illegal immigrants registering to vote it was requiring ID to actually vote.

          From how it is described Voter fraud is rampant and out of control. Do your own research, its not

          • Andrew Bell says:

            Chuck and James, I think that this is party because the majority of points raised across the term of the show were the Republican Primary – problematically that leads into the nomination this year – but lets hope by next season it can appear at least a tad more open to both sides – apart from Weiner’s weiner.

          • Willa says:

            The main character is a Republican and is frustrated at what the Tea Party is doing to his own party. It makes sense that this would anger Will more than what the Democrats are doing, particularly because at this point in the show’s timeline, it is having a huge influence on the Republican primary- and that’s his party’s chance to take back the White House. You heard him talk with his old college roommate last episode about how they wanted to get the two brightest candidates to debate, that was the idea, but now they have this field of 7 candidates, several of them Tea Party darlings that are not remotely qualified, and they needed a way to make them answer questions.

            And I’m glad the show had Sloan being relentless about the debt ceiling debate because we are still living with the damage they did to our credit rating by waiting to the 11th hour to raise it and talking about defaulting on the debt like it wasn’t a big deal. But no one talks about that now.

        • aunt_deen says:

          Voter fraud is not happening. There is absolutely no evidence that it is happening. If you took every verified case and multiplied it by a hundred, it would still be statistically insignificant.

          Furthermore, as you say, a fake ID is pretty easy to get. So if someone DOES want to show up at the polls and impersonate a registered voter, he or she can get a fake ID and do that.

          So we have a problem which doesn’t really exist, and a solution whose primary effect would be to disenfranchise a significant number of legitimate voters.

        • ASM says:

          If you’re looking for ‘news’ shows that attack all parties with more depth and comedy then I’d suggest you check out the Daily Show with Jon Stewart and the Colbert Report. Seriously, everything news item, criticism of both parties, other news channels etc has been done on Stewart and Colbert’s show, usually with more depth.

          Plus the shows are more current, watching the Newsroom often feels like watching parts of rerun episodes of Daily Show and Colbert Report. As well as Colbert says he’s a Republican and acts like it too.

          If isn’t wasn’t for copyright laws, it’d be interesting for someone to splice episodes of the Newsroom that criticise other news shows for not airing important issues with segments of Daily Show and Colbert reporting about those issues… I guess in the Newsroom’s world the Daily Show and Colbert Report don’t exist.

          • Willa says:

            Daily Show and Colbert are comedy shows. I love them, and I think they, sadly, often do a great job of reporting on stories that the other stations ignore, but they are not Will McAvoy’s competition. They don’t air at the same time, and they are 30 minute satirical programs as opposed to major network news. Basically, if only the Daily Show or Colbert is reporting something important, that does not count as being adequately covered. And of course they are more current, The Newsroom is set over a 12 months in the past! If you are watching and HBO drama to stay updated on current events, you have a problem.

        • ddriz says:

          Chuck Finley, are you saying you expect Sorkin to be…objective? C’mon. This is a show about liberals for liberals. Let them wallow in the mud with each other and tell themselves how smart and better they are.

          • Mike says:

            Except this show also shows how Republicans are sick of Republicans. You can be a Republican and still want your party to be better, to be what America needs. They are not saying that the liberals are better. They are saying they can be.

        • Paloma says:

          Chuck. You say “What we do know where I live is that as many as 500,000 illegal immigrants voted in the last Presidential election.” When you make a statement like that, you need to show us the proof. Because we you say “we do know” you are not saying we suspect but that we can prove it. So, prove it. We want facts to back up your allegations.

      • Dennis says:

        wow you are right, looking more into it i saw how the tea party stoned a woman to death for getting raped, banned women from going to school and supported terrorist just because you make a couple of comparrisons between 2 groups does not make them the same. i could make a bunch between liberals and communist does that make them communist? i bet i could make some with charlse manson if i looked hard enough

        • wordsmith says:

          Ummm… the Tea Party calls Obama a Socialist and even Hitler ALL THE TIME. That argument is the definition of ironic.

    • Jean Heller says:

      I say, if the shoe fits …

    • kate says:

      what would you call a group of fundamentalists who want us to live according to christian law the way a place like Iran lives by sharia law?

      • ASM says:

        There is no such thing as Christian law though, just try to count how many different denominations there are in the world. Fundamentally christianity is all about free will and choosing to do what you want. However your analogy still kinda works, because the Tea Party seems to believe in a set rules, that they claim are from Christian values etc.

    • James Y says:

      Sorry if you’re troubled by reality.

      • Dennis says:

        I’m sorry james y that your prejudice and hate have distorted your reality so much tha you can truely belive that the tea party is like the taliban

  5. Jean Heller says:

    In a world of TV where the networks carry almost nothing worth watching any more. The Newsroom, Longmire and Boss are my new Must See TV. Having worked in news for almost 30 years, I forgive a few things over the top for the sake of drama. But the show is spot on, and once it starts, it’s impossible to look away. The West Wing was the same way. Nobody carries on animated conversations in the hallways, at least not during the 15 years I spent there. But it all felt so real. If you haven’t seen S1 of The Newsroom, find a way.

    • Durgesh says:

      absolutely spot on… there’s an almost perfect balance between the drama and the content. the fictionalized world of news-world didn’t seem so fictional after all. The way will/jeff answered twice (once in the beginning and then at the end) the question about america being the best country in the world is like two polar opposite ends of magnet getting amalgamate at the center of it. good job.

  6. Jean Heller says:

    As to your specifics, the lunch with Leona was very cool, and the ending made me laugh out loud. The romance things will be ongoing for a while, I think. I was concerned they would intrude on the stories, but not so far. And Nina’s finale was very satisfying. Perhaps she has a shot to be Mackenzie yet.

  7. kate says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. It was a good finale…I’m really glad there wasn’t any remarkably stupid cliff hangers. It was funny, and I LOVED the scene with Leona and Reese. I started rooting for Nina when she emptied her trash can. But my favorite scene in the whole thing might have been Don and Sloane’s entire exchange. “Why are you still single?” … “Men are often intimidated by my intelligence.” … “No, really.” … “Because you never asked me out.” I really like Sloane, and I really like that Olivia Munn was used as a smart woman and not just a pretty woman. Can’t wait for next summer.

    • Ruby says:

      Olivia Munn is wonderful on this show. I mean, so is everyone else, but she’s a real standout, along with the kid who plays Jim.

      • Tom Charles says:

        Agreed, after the fiasco that was Perfect Couples I was starting to become less enamored with her than I had been, but she changed my mind and I couldn’t be more happy that she did.

      • Margaret says:

        john gallagher jr! he’s so great!! saw him on broadway in the original cast of spring awakening with lea michele, jonathan groff (jesse st james) & skylar astin (upcoming move pitch perfect)

        • Daryl says:

          Didnt know about his Glee connections, which makes it all the funnier that, all along, I’ve thought he bears a strong resemblance to Cory Montieth.

  8. Ruby says:

    This show is breathtaking. Everyone I know is in love with it. This was a perfect episode. And I really enjoy watching them point out how horrible the Tea Party has been for our country with irrefutable facts from week to week. Maybe people will finally start to listen and stop letting this plague ruin our country.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      It’s their country too. Many European leaders have suggested what you just suggested in the past. And of course we know how that turned out. But small minded people that can’t tolerate differing opinions always lead us down the path of repeating history, on both sides of the argument. Think about what you are suggesting. Don’t like someone’s politics? Let’s just get rid of the dissenting opinions (as long as it is not you that we are getting rid of). If you want people to ever take you seriously in life, stop saying moronic things like this. It’s just as much their country as it is yours and your opinion is no more valuable than theirs.

      • Eli says:

        Really Chuckles? Many European leaders? Please do enlighten me when you get the chance…

        Also, considering some opinions are based on facts, while others are not (*cough* tea party *cough*), I think you can make a case that some opinions are more valuable than others. What’s next, we have to take conspiracy theorists serious because “their opinion is just as valuable”?

  9. Kategrmx says:

    Just wondering why this season finale episode it´s not called “What Kind of Day Has it Been”?? In all Sorkin´s TV shows that was the name of the Season 1 final. Does anybody know??

    • wordsmith says:

      I was waiting for that too, but seeing what the episode entailed, I don’t think it would have fit. Mostly because the episode doesn’t take place over a single day, or even a single week for that matter. I’m betting the title pops up later in the series though…

  10. Tom Charles says:

    Frakking loved it! I guessed very early on that the source was Will but I didn’t think it was via hacking. LOVED the stuff about RINOs and seperation of Church and State. Was a bit surprised it wasn’t called “What Kind of Day Has It Been”, Sorkin broke tradtion. Bit surprised after he continued his “debates should really be debates” idealism last week. Still, really looking forward to next season.

  11. A says:

    Don is stupid. Maggie over Sloan?

  12. Anonymrs says:

    Didn’t care for the speed up of the music over the intros they needed to do to compensate for extra time needed given this was the finale but …small stuff, that. I find the romance entanglements a bit boring and the show is a little ‘holier than thou’ bleeding heart liberal but I really do enjoy it – particularly the political plays and what Sorkin does with the news footage. I wish the female actors would speak more clearly. I know that’s hard given the amount of words in a Sorkin script but it is vital. My fave dialog tonight was the nurse’s …and the nurse herself was great + she spoke her lines more clearly than any of the other female cast. Hello – hire her again plz. My question – did the show get continued for another season?

  13. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    Looking at the comments and seeing people say things like the Tea Party is dangerous or calling them radicals pretty much shows how right I was about this show. Sorkin has successfully manipulated all of you drinking his Koolaid into believing that people exercising their legal right to join whatever political party they wish and to vote for whomever they wish are a danger to this country. People see no problem with this if they agree with his sentiments about the Tea Party. I’m not even a fan of the Tea Party, but I don’t find them to be dangerous or any more out there than extreme liberals who actually do things like spike trees to hurt loggers, or break into businesses for PETA. It’s irresponsible of grown adults to suggest that others who are expressing their opinions are a danger to this country. The only danger to this country are the people that are so hellbent on having their way that they would suggest we should “get rid” of people who have opposing viewpoints. It’s very clear that the division is only going to get worse in this country when we have morons on both sides suggesting that the other side should have their voices stifled. The only thing I can agree with Sorkin on is that I miss the days of Republicans AND Democrats who knew how to compromise. Sadly we now live in a world of one side forcing their agenda down the throat of the other side. It will not end well.

    • Eli says:

      LOL, you are so full of crap Chuckles. “The only danger to this country are the people that are so hellbent on having their way that they would suggest we should “get rid” of people who have opposing viewpoints” + “I’m not even a fan of the Tea Party, but I don’t find them to be dangerous” = hypocrisy.

      Yes extreme liberals who hurt people or break into buildings are scary and wrong, they are NOT however a big national political movement that has a huge influence on the current political and social climate. There are also plenty of extreme reactionaries out there who use violence and other illegal activities to get their way.

    • slizabeth says:

      Sorry, but Sorkin definitely didn’t decide for me. I have a degree in Political Science. I decided for myself. And no one is saying “get rid” of these opposing viewpoints. They’re saying that most mainstream Republicans don’t even realize that the Tea Party is much, much different than the Republican Party used to be. You say you miss the days of compromise, yet the Tea Party ran candidates on a platform of strict values/stances and no compromise. That is very contradictory of you. As for “forcing their agenda down the throat of the other side,” that’s a bunch of rhetoric. The majority voted for a democrat… and now they are getting their democratic policies. The world would be a better place if people stopped taking rhetoric as fact. That’s the point of News Night 2.0.

    • Andrew Bell says:

      I seriously agree, and forget the people arguing with you in a ridiculous manner.

      That said, I love the show, but you have to give a lot more of a Republican side to things than just pointing out “I’m a Republican and here’s why we’re all stupid and going to hell because of the Republicans”. Yes, it’s about the Tea Party, and yes it’s pretty spot on, but there was no real Republican voice – we’re just supposed to be more accepting and open to the criticism because it came from a Republican.

      In Sorkin’s defense, I think he has realized he hasn’t gotten away with it and has said there will be a greater Republican viewpoint, more Republican advisers, and more input from the writing team in general in this regard.

      That said, I love the show, I love the point of view, I love that it’s being shown in a news environment when these facts are usually only the ground of The Daily Show, who has hammered them home over and over and should get a writing credit for all the input they have had.

      I agree you can’t paint all Republican’s with the actions of the Tea Party, but you have to admit a lot more Tea Party minded people are getting elected and not so many PETA, people who spike treas or extreme liberals. There was an episode where, after hounding the Tea Party, Will and the others mention that the Republican party is being decimated by the Tea Party and that the party is being taken over because while statesmen get railroaded for working with Democrats, for taking an open view and for compromising.

      It’s a state of play that’s happening not just in the United States, but democracies are becoming so much more Us vs Them, so much more attacking and while you’re in power trying to do anything to keep power, and while you aren’t – stalling and blocking, and criticising and doing everything in your power to not give an inch, not give a political point.

      It’s become about hatred and fear, about good Christians and those other people that make up the rest of the world who don’t need a say, and it’s something that needs more press, more discussion and more minds.

      That said, I don’t think The Newsroom will ever reach such lofty goals of spurring real debate – it was written off as liberal biased mainstream trash from before it started, because it began from Sorkin’s voice. Unfortunately, because he hasn’t given any real Republican voice inside the debate it’s tough to defend that that is not what the show is.

      I like what you’re saying and I appreciate it.

      • MSJ says:

        In an earlier episode, they disclaimed the myth of balanced reporting. Basically, news isn’t about giving everyone an equal voice, its about reporting the truth. The editorial segments that Will does are well identified as opinion, but opinion based on some hard facts.

        That said, I haven’t seen much of a “real Republican voice” as I remember it from G HW Bush and before. While the social/moral issues have always tended to have more sway in the Republican Party, earlier I seem to remember that fiscal responsibility, and sane government really were to the forefront. Today we have the moral/social issues pushed to the front (Akin’s legitimate rape, Roe v Wade, “this is a christian nation”), the fiscal responsibility issues turned on their head (*sigh* the Norquist pledge, playing chicken with the debt ceiling), and sane government gone by the way side (no negotiation, no compromise, no shaking hands with a Democrat).

        So let me ask the question – who of the current crop of Republicans with a voice on the national stage would you consider a “real Republican voice”? I can’t think of a single one that hasn’t bought into Norquist.

        And for real debate – I’d love it if Will were the debate moderator for a Will style debate between Obama and Romney. But I’m afraid neither side would go for it.

  14. Jenni says:

    Another great episode to my favorite new show! I was really hoping for Maggie to finally ditch Don and be with Jim. I was really thinking there would be more of a cliffhanger, like previously mentioned Will being shot or maybe even the college/sorority girl “Jenny/Jennifer” being Karisma. I will say, I did not see Reese being the one to sabotoge Will. I’m just so glad that Sloan (Olivia Munn) is staying!

    Can’t wait for Season 2 and all that is has to bring. Anyone know when Season 2 will air? Also, with recent news stories on the Loch Ness Monster, could Neal (Dev Patel) finally get to do his story?

    Thank goodness for Boardwalk Empire to help pass the time.

    • Andrew Bell says:

      They were all sabotaging Will, but in an earlier episode Soloman said to Charlie that it went as high as Reese, that he ordered the wire tapping.

      The sabotaging and attack went all the way to the top, but the wire tapping went as high as him.

  15. Andrew Bell says:

    I still honestly can’t believe that after a season of discussing, yes the bad divisive politics that occur, but lamenting that politicians can’t find a middle ground, that we are losing the middle and becoming as a society more polarised than ever – that Sorkin can throw out a term like “the American Taliban”.

    That is an inflammatory term that would infuriate people, and not to discussion, but to empty pitchfork waving and torch gathering at the foot of HBO.

    It’s not a way to end a show showing that uniting makes us stronger, it’s an attack that would hit far more than targeted at and the collateral damage is a group of people with strong beliefs that go beyond the Tea Party movement, and can take more of a centrist view.

    Maybe I misinterpret it, but it could be taken up as an elitist, Hollywood liberal view and a banner to signify the attack on “average Americans” – equating them with a group that is at the lowest view for America.

    Anyway, I love the show, but I’m still unsure that raising that term is the best approach to cut out a cancer, or raise a debate – am I just not aware of it? Is this something that has been raised in the past, or Sorkin coining the term?

  16. flyers12 says:

    This is a fictional show, people need to relax. But how is this fictional show any different to the real news shows we have? Looking at you Fox News/MSNBC. Also, considering this is the first season who is to say that season 2 wouldn’t be about Obama’s term or Will bashing the other side. Like everything else if you are offended by the show stop watching or continue watchinng and wasting your time just so you can complain about something.
    I like the show but the whole Jim/Maggie storyline is draining, not everyshow needs a love triangle or will/wont they aspect. Just end it already. It would be nice next season to see the other producers other than the brief pitch session, especially Tess! Plus Mack should not be allowed to yell, ever.

  17. Beef Stooge says:

    You do realize this is just a television show, right? They have the right to say anything that isn’t squashed by the censors. Television programming is -across the board- filled with ‘derogatory’ and ‘inflammatory’ words, phrases, names, accusations, etc. Just because it offended you, doesn’t make it wrong or baseless, it just makes it effective.
    And if I may add my two cents – if this show were a Network channel, I would say without a shadow-of-a-doubt that the newly-hired Northwestern grad is responsible for Will’s original death threat.

  18. cjeffery7 says:

    i really enjoyed the finale, lots of good character moments, although i didn’t get the SATC water splash thing cause i never watched it, but now i wish i was in the joke, lol.

    i would also like to point out how it’s pretty ironic that Neal’s plot line from the last few episodes has been about Trolls and how they try to create disorder in comments sections across the internet. it’s ironic because some mild examples of Trolling can be found in THIS VERY POST!! and yet, a few people have been falling prey. like, clearly a few people haven’t been paying attention to much else besides the political or romantic story lines?? sorry for the rant, i realize this would have been better suited to, ya know, when the Troll episode actually aired.

  19. Jay says:

    Not to split hairs here Kimberley, but Mac beat Will with the New York magazine. she beat Jim with the pillow later on in the episode. Sorry, I tend to pay attention to silly little details like that.

  20. cuius says:

    Sorkin has some problems for next season – how current should the news be related to the air date? Episode 1 aired June 24, 2012 dealing with events April 20, 2010 = 26 months gap – episode 6/July 29, 2012/April 11 & 13, 2011/15 months – episode 10/August 26,2012/ August 1 & 8, 2011/12 months. At this rate by the end of the next season it will be based on current news!

    • Andrew Bell says:

      If the next season doesn’t start until late June 2013 then he has plenty of time to get another 22 months in before it’s “current news”.

      Chances are it’ll run for around 12 months news time you’d imagine, maybe taking us to Jan 2013 which gives them 6 months to have written the last episode and filmed it all – but he has over 12 months worth of the year to be writing already.

      I don’t think there’s any problem where they’d reach current news unless it’s an extremely slow year for news.

      My prediction, the next year will be a lot about gun control and the threats on Will in the background and probably build up to the Aurora shootings and political landscape there.

      I could be wrong and it could go as late as Paul Ryan, but I can’t name a big thing happening now that would end it well – unless it was manufactured like the Hacking scandal on the show.

      • Paloma says:

        Gun control will be interesting because the Republican rhetoric has been that Obama wants to take away gun rights, when, in fact, Obama has been doing the opposite of that.

  21. Karen says:

    I get most of my news from Jon Stewart and Fareed Zakaria… so I really enjoy The Newsroom. I like the mix of romantic, light social with a straight punch in every show. The news media is awful and irresponsible and government…. well in this show, just like West Wing, Sorkin is writing my news ideal. An ideal that is nowhere to be found anywhere else on television, specially not in the real world. And like Jon Stewart, it gives me a break from my usual anger, fear and frustration at what my fellow citizens and our representatives in Washington are trashing, regularly.

  22. Tj says:

    “I’ve learned there are three things never to discuss with people religion, politics, and the Great Pumpkin.” – Linus Van Pelt (Peanuts) That being said… I LOVE THIS SHOW SOOOOOOOOO MUCH!

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