Project Runway Recap: Learning Curves

Ven Budhu might never create a line of clothing that can be sold to women larger than a Size 4 — after all, when you’ve reached Size 6 proportions, you might as well give up on life and simply cut neck and arm holes into a burlap sack, right? — but I’m really looking forward to his book Ven and the Art of Douchebaggery.

Oh, sure, Ven’s not the first designer in Project Runway history to express his horror over having to work with a woman whose measurements and willingness to express her opinions don’t mimic those of a mannequin — Book Idea No. 2: Everything I Ever Needed to Know About “Women,” I Learned from a Dress Form — but his unfiltered cruelty toward and about his client Terri on this week’s episode have made him my least favorite contestant in the show’s 10-season history. Let’s put it this way, you know you’re behaving like a first-rate cad when misanthrope Elena is giving you the side-eye and saying she’s lost respect for you because you’re being so obnoxious.

I just wish Heidi Klum & Co. had made the bold decision to auf Ven from the competition — despite the fact that he’s an obvious front-runner, and even though his finished product this week wasn’t really the worst of the worst. Project Runway, after all, airs on Lifetime, a network with the tagline “television for women”; whether or not Ven’s villainous behavior makes for “good TV,” or whether or not his construction skills are impeccable, watching him pay the ultimate price for acting like a misogynistic, curves-phobic ogre would’ve truly made for feel-good TV, and built the kind of tremendous good will for the Project Runway franchise that would help it weather any number of woes for the remainder of the season.

Nevertheless, let’s cut to the chase. The week’s challenge was built around a L’Oréal “Make Over My Friend” contest. Each designer was paired with a fashion-impaired “real woman” (plus the doting friend who’d nominated her) seeking not only get a saucy new frock, but an updated hairstyle to boot.

Ven immediately began kvetching that he was “very disappointed” to find his client had proportions that were “completely off,” while some of his rivals were assigned women who looked like “actual models.” Ven didn’t try to mute his position when Tim Gunn came around to assess the garments in progress. “I’ve never worked with a plus-size before,” he huffed, before giggling derisively about Terri’s pre-makeover look. As increasingly adorable Fabio noted, Terri came to the show hoping to have a good time, to get a little bit of special treatment, and wound up stuck with a guy who couldn’t even give her  baseline respect as a human being. And there’s nothing sophisticated or cutting edge about that.

Things reached their nadir, though, during Terri’s two fittings, as Ven made subtle dig after subtle dig about his client’s physique. “Black is slimming,” he blathered, even thought Terri hadn’t expressed any prior phobias about her own body image. After that, Ven kept grabbing belts off the Lord & Taylor accessory wall that proved too small for Terri, then acting as if there wasn’t an accessories manufacturer in America that would cut a strip of leather long enough to accomodate the woman’s waist. “You keep saying that. It’s embearrassing, like I’m fat” said Terri, now on the brink of tears.

Oh, sure, there were sweet moments in the work room this week, too: Gunnar, redeeming himself a little from an early-season villain edit, bonding with his client and expressing his delight at bringing out her inner diva. Fabio, putting his mind to work on creating an edgy dress for an adorable tomboy client who didn’t want to be “sexualized.” Elena, not swearing or screaming at anyone for a change. But the Ven nonsense lingered in the air, like a pile of dog-droppings smack in the center of a department-store perfume department.

And on that sour note, let’s review the best and worst of the runway show. (Side note: Heidi said that guest judge Alice Temperley had designed for everyone from J.Lo to “Katherine the Duchess of Cambridge,” which I guess is a polite way of saying Temperley spans the spectrum from bedazzled hootenanny-huggers to sensible mid-calf sundresses perfect for a day at Royal Ascot.)

Judges’ Top 3
FABIO: Okay, so the week’s winning look (pictured, far left) was a wee bit Amish, but really chic and unique as well. I loved that Fabio somehow managed to design specifically for his client, yet not compromise his own aesthetic. Plus, it resulted in the second-best exchange of the episode. Nina: “You look like a professional!” Ko-Rely: “With an edge.”

DMITRY: As Michael Kors noted, Dmitry’s final look (pictured, second from right) was “beautifully tailored and well styled.” Which is pretty much the same thing you can say about Dmitry’s garments every week. Ms. Temperley wanted the neckline a little more plunging, and I can’t say I disagree. Because while Dmitry is definitely on my shortlist to make it to fashion week, he needs to get a little more daring in his design if he wants to win the whole enchilada.

GUNNAR: The neckline of this little black dress looked slightly askew, but I liked that Gunnar clearly put a lot of love and effort into the cut chiffon squares sewed over a layer of jersey. Again, the judges wanted more decolletage. “Why not show them if you have them?” exclaimed Nina. Indeed!

Judges’ Bottom 3
NATHAN: You knew Nathan was doomed the minute he agreed to his client’s vision of exposed abs plus sophistication. (Dream the impossible dream, girl!) Also troubling: Natha’s selection of “not your regular hooker mesh.” (Uff da.) The whole look (pictured, second from left) was very off-the-sales-rack at DEB, but at least it scored some fine zingers from La Kors — “no human being should wear tight satin!” Betty White wears sheer-illusion sleeves! [Your model] doesn’t need them!” — plus the night’s No. 1 exchange:

Heidi: You look more like a hoochie mama.
Alice Temperley: A what?
La Kors: A hoochie mama.
Alice Temperley: What’s that mean?
La Kors: A tart.
Alice Temperley: Oh, yeah, lots of those in England.

VEN: I loved Heidi’s response to Ven saying he’d never dressed a real-sized woman (clearly, someone had schooled him about using “plus-sized” in front of Terri). “Who is not real?” Indeed! And yet while on design alone, Ven deserved to stay over Nathan, his finished product (pictured, far right) was still pretty poor. As Michael noted, the top looked like a turquoise smock cut off at the waist, while the black skirt’s zip-wrap detail looked puckered and cheap. “She’s certainly not going to the office!” declared Nina, aghast. But Ven, who clearly has built a lovely palace in his own mind, remained totally confident in his righteousness. “I don’t think I should have been the last person there,” he sniffed in front of his fellow designers, after the judges had tried to scare him by revealing his fate after Nathan’s ouster. “There were some weak looks.” The audacity!

SONJIA: I didn’t hate this dress, even if it was a tad short, and even if Alice had a good point that the center knot needed to be pulled downward to better flatter her client’s body.

What did you think of last night’s Project Runway? Was anyone else totally in love with Heidi’s black, red, and white striped dress (pictured at right, work mama!)? Was Tim’s remark about Nathan being “a person of profound character” a subtle dig at Ven? Use the comments section thoughtfully to express yourself!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Trina says:

    Since this show is currently unavailable in Canada, pictures of the dresses in this blog would be great. thanks

  2. Emma says:

    I love you Michael Slezak! You have a wonderful way with words and you always make me think and, equally important, you always make me laugh.

  3. Lyndsey says:

    I absolutely believe Tim was making a point about how awful Ven was in his farewell comments to Nathan. However, I’m also quite sure Ven is too egotistical and delusional to realize it. Without a doubt Ven should have been eliminated last night. I’ve never seen such outrageous behavior in my life. If I had been Terri I would have refused to wear the outfit and made sure the judges knew why. Then I would have told him what he could do with it!

    I do agree Gunnar went a LONG way towards redeeming himself during this episode. His interactions with his model were some of the sweetest I’ve seen and I loved how she performed on the runway after he boosted her ego. Other than Ven, I thought it was one of the best “real women” challenges the show has done.

    • Daisy says:

      I totally agree with you Lyndsey. I would have written this if you hadn’t already done so! I sort of hated Gunnar in the beginning–I simply didn’t understand why he was so mean to Christopher, but his interaction with his client in last night’s episode made me think about him in a totally different light. It went a LONG way for me too.

      I have loved Ven’s designs, but yesterday he was so far over the line. He was a complete bastard to Terri. I wish Terri would have refused to wear his cruddy outfit too–nobody should make her feel crappy about how she looks–especially because this was supposed to be something nice for her. I was so disgusted and I truly wish that Ven had been Auf’d instead of Nathan.

      I wish Tim had been more pointed and less veiled in his comments to Nathan if it was truly a dig at Ven. Someone needed to have said something flat out to Ven about what a jerk he was being to Terri. Poor, poor Terri. I hope Lifetime somehow made it up to her. I felt so awful for her–the poor, poor woman.

      I just felt sort of sick after the show.

      • Lana says:

        Just had to say I totally agree with Lyndsey and Daisy, haven’t liked Gunnar and have loved Ven’s designs and now Gunnar won me over on how he treated his real “girl” and Ven can design the most fabulous dress and I will hate it and I will want him Auf”d every episode from now on. In fact Elena can be as obnoxious as she wants and I will still want Ven auf’d first. Could it be because I happen to be plus sized? Nah!! Though my body would have sent him from the room with screaming fits and that would have been fun!! I love Dimitry but he needs to let loose just alittle, show a little clevage. However he is turning out to be one of my favorite designers.

      • Ven should have been gone. Full stop. Winning designers are given money to start their own line; perhaps Ven only wants to design for certain people but, if you’re running a business, you can’t treat your clients like that. If he wants to cater to smaller women, fine. It happens. But in any other industry, someone who made clients feel like crap like that would either be canned or lose a ton of business. I wouldn’t be surprised if people refused to buy his stuff because of this.

    • itsmemartu says:

      I just wished Tim schooled Ven like he did with Gretchen in Season 8’s hideous team challenge.
      I usually hate these “real woman” challenges because designers don’t respond creatively to them, but this episode was pretty good.
      One question, though: Why is Alicia still here?! She should’ve gone home with Nathan!

  4. Linda says:

    Michael, the beginning of the article had me howling with laughter!!! May be your best recap EVER!!! “Unfiltered cruelty” says it all. Is Ven truly that clueless??? And she wore a size 14 – clearly not a plus size in many markets. The dress he designed was HORRID. I can’t imagine anyone wanting to wear it. And the debacle of trying numerous belts on her. Hasn’t he heard of a tape measure? You measure her and then the belts when she’s not in the room. If there’s not an appropriate one, you speak to Tim about it. You DON’T embarrass abd humiliate the client – especially not on national TV.

    If I had been Terri, I would have refused to walk down the runway. I would have refused to have continued to work with Ven after his numerous digs. And really, Project Runway OWES this woman for all she was put through. I’d say they should let any designer on the show (more than one, if possible) design a dress for her.

    Thank you, Michael, for writing this article.

    • Temperence says:

      And it’s even more obnoxious that Ven is a ‘plus-sized’ guy. I hadn’t seen the show yet, but I had not one but two MEN I know mention it – one a very gentle gay guy that literally said the he wanted to punch Ven in the face for his behavior! I was shocked, and now I know why. I thought the guy was an arrogant jerk before (and a designer that tends to be too old, boring, and repetitive), but wow.

    • SR says:

      When Terri’s friend was talking on the runway, my eyes were welling up. Ven is vile! PR absolutely owes Terri something. A few nice outfits, maybe a vacation for her/family. I’m disappointed that PR kept Ven, but they had already lost two designers so it’s all about the ad revenue related to the show and they know that Ven will generate “talk” value. Terri was incredibly dignified in how she dealt with that horrific situation. Team Terri all the way!

    • Brigitte says:

      I can’t believe that Ven stayed. Terri’s friend was in tears on the Runway. NOt sure what could be more telling then a client in tears to get him out of there?

      • KevyB says:

        Please, Runway has a long, sordid history with keeping the a-holes on the air! Way back in Jeffrey’s season, he treated a client far worse than this, created an atrocious outfit, and they kept him. He was a jerk all season and there were two more times he easily created the worst outfit, and they kept him. Finally, in the final episode before Fashion Week, he created one of the worst abominations in Project Runway history… so they decided to not eliminate anybody and all four went to Fashion Week! Where he suddenly became a good seamstress (no cheating here!) and won the whole she-bang!!! Jeffrey certainly wasn’t that good and he won, so I see no reason why they won’t make Ven win also.

  5. RJMD says:

    Ok so here are my feelings about last night
    1) I have lost all respect for Ven I am so annoyed by him and previous designers who have complained about the real women challenge who do they think they will be designing for only celebrities well what if a celebrity like Octavia Spencer who has curves would come to him for a dress would he tell her no i cant because you have curves and are not model thin? UGH
    2) Gunnar is starting to grow on me I found him to be an annoying and bitchy at first but he has put out some great designs and i espicially loved last nights
    3) Who knew Elana had a heart
    4) Sonjia really let me down last night her client seemed happy but I agree that the dress was way to short
    5) Last one…Shocked that Nathan got the axe really thought Heidi and Company would put Ven in his place and tell him to F*** off. But I guess that would have been me only

    • RJMD says:

      oops one more thing kinda feel bad for Dmitry always being the bridesmaid and never the bride but I do feel like he has to turn the dial up just a little bit if that dress last night had a lower neck line or even an open back it would have made a huge difference

    • Jane says:

      Agree pretty much with every one of your points. Ven made my BLOOD BOIL. Gunnar and Elena both grew on me last night as well. And I hope Dmitry turns up the volume because he will produce something great.

  6. Tara says:

    It’s not like Ven is all that svelte. why so judgmental ? I was hoping he would
    get auf’d. I wish Michael Kors had given those poor women on the bottom a shopping trip to one of his stores. they looked so sad after the panel got done with them….

    • Lisa (@KittyKay3) says:

      I kept expecting that to be the ending. I wish they had let them go to a real professional for a makeover or chose another designer to work with for a 2nd chance.

  7. CarolH says:

    Used to really like Ven but now I can’t stand him and really wish he would have gone home…how he could have spoke to her like he did was just horrible…I sure hope he goes home soon…if Project Runway did any editing at all before the finale they would have to know that a lot of the viewing audience hates him now.

  8. Mariya says:

    Loved heidi’s striped dress! Who is it by, any idea?

  9. Laurel says:

    Ven was HORRIBLE !
    What a hypocrite !
    Besides insulting his client Ven was acting like he’s NOT plus size himself.
    What’s up with that ?
    Gunner did redeem himself a little last night,he made his client feel like a Diva instead of acting like one.

  10. Melissa says:

    I was so sickened by Ven last night. His look of disgust when he said size 14. I’m a 12 and I do not consider myself plus size….just normal size. He should have been gone! I do think Gunnar redeemed himself some last night. I love the way he treated his client, and I really liked him last night…who knew that would happen :)

  11. HeidiH says:

    Who would have thought the the two designers who seemed to enjoy this challenge the most would be Gunnar and Elena? The two bitchiest complainers in the bunch. Gunnar was adorable with his client! His comment about how it took a complete stranger to recharge his passion and energy was really sweet.

    Elena actually jumped up, squealed and hugged her client when she came back with her new hairstyle. WHAT?!?! As much as I couldn’t stand Elena last week, I loved her this week.

    In a similar turn, as much as I have liked and respected Ven in the previous weeks, this episode changed that as well.

  12. Cyn Mackley says:

    That poor gal would have been better off swinging by Wal-Mart to pick up a dress. As Dimitry said, I think Ven is a One-Way Monkey

  13. Holly Faison says:

    Throughout this seaon Ven has been one of my favorites–until last night. He was rude and didn’t seem to have a clue about how to create an outfit that would flatter his client. Will he refuse paying customers who are not size 6 or smaller? The other designers really stepped up and were empathetic and attempted to really create something that would flatter and excite their clients. Ven didn’t even try. And yes, Michael, I loved Heidi’s outfit! It was the best of the night for me.

  14. Melissa29 says:

    I completely agree with every poster here. Ven is a horrible human being, who thinks he is above designing for real women (just the freaks of nature that call themselves models). He with the fat gut and double chin…please, Heidi and Co, kick his big fat a*s to the curb. I’m done with this one-trick pony. Every other designer who annoyed me previously showed their humanity this week.

    I really loved Heidi’s dress too. It reminded me a lot of one I wore back in the late 80s when I myself looked like one of those freaks of nature (5’9″, 125 pounds). Those were the days!

    • Will says:

      You’re an asshole. You get mad at Ven for being a judgmental douchebag about a woman’s body type, then proceed to call models “freaks of nature” and make fun of Ven for his body type and call him a fat ass. Next time don’t be such a huge hypocrite and you won’t come off like a person who is just as bad as Ven.

      • meleliot says:

        Will, obviously you need to go back to school and learn to read because if you will note, I compared myself to “freaks of nature” because I was one in my 20s and we joked about that amoungst “model” selves. My post was supposed to be ironic – pot calling the kettle black and all that. But, listen here you dumbass, I have every right to call Ven out on his douchebaggery in any way, shape or form I chose. And you can call me out as a “hypocrite” and an “a-hole” if you want (but doesn’t name calling make you look bad too?) At least I didn’t call Ven fat and make him cry on national television. I just said it on a silly entertainment web site that less than 50 people read. So frankly I don’t give a flying fig how you “think” I come off. Good day.

      • Becca says:

        Sounds like Ven or one of his friends, if he has any friends, is posting as “Will.” The irony in Melissa29’s post came through just fine to this reader.

  15. Christina says:

    I also have to say, I thought Terri was lucky to have a great friend who was willing to confront Ven and then also speak out on the runway. The friend made a case for why Terri deserved to be cared for and I felt bad that it didn’t happen. My mom and I both agree I hope off camera that they got something from the producers, if nothing else an apology.

    • D says:

      I would really like Heidi or someone to address this to the public. How did they compensate this fine lady?

      • Paula says:

        I absolutely agree that Terri is owed a public apology by PR. The judges should have given Ven a stern lecture on the ethics of a professional designer berating a client, and then let him go. This should have been done on stage with Terri there. That would have been a good start at some kind of compensation.
        Maybe her compensation is that Ven probably destroyed his own career. Who would ever buy clothing with his brand on it after seeing his treatment of another human being.

  16. RAZ says:

    I have watched every episode of every season of Project Runway and this show has officially jumped the shark for me. Let’s see, The judges decided to keep a designer who spent the episode complaining about his model and who was in the bottom 3 for a design that was ugly, totally unflaturing and hated by his client. In addition his client had only bad things to say about the designer himself. Instead they sent home a designer who’s garment was also in the bottom 3 but who’s client actually liked her outfit and her designer. I used to be a true plus size, not a size 14 but a lot more than that and I can tell you I wouldn’t have purchased Venn’s design if they were selling it for a penny and giving away a box of chocolates with every purchase.

    • Lisa (@KittyKay3) says:

      This isn’t the first time something like this has happened. This episode reminded me of the “Mom Challenge” in Season 3. Jeffrey treated Angela’s Mom in a similar way. He went on to win.

      • Gretchen says:

        Agreed. I haven’t yet seen the episode from this week (that is what Saturday mornings are for), but anyone so upset over Ven obvious ignored the bully what’s-his-name from last season, Irina, Jeffrey, Kenley and so on who all had vile attitudes.

  17. Toia says:

    Ven has been making bitchy comments for weeks now about other designers skills (or lack of) his design seem to be all very muck the same. I was very impressed with him at first but a designer without versatility are not designers that I have much interest in on this show. His behavior last night was inexcusable, was he not listening when they where being told what the challenge was about? Or is he just that pig ignorant? It was about making these woman feel good about themselves! I mean I know in the fashion world us big girls don’t exist but to treat that poor woman who from what her friend said seems to have a busy Life and handles it with grace so poorly, he is an just a bad man. In the end of the day fat girls exist and as a designer you can’t just opt out! As someone who knows a little something about patterns and standard clothing sizes real women (no just plus sizes) don’t fit a standard. All Ven managed to do was make himself look like an ass and confirm to me his arragance. I hope he will be gone soon

    • Linda says:

      And I can’t help thinking about Adele and how truly gorgeous she looked at the Grammys. She’s not a “skinny Minnie” but that doesnt mean she’s can’t glow with beauty.

  18. OloK says:

    ignorant sob
    this man will be in a rude awakening as we speak.
    he just put his professional and private life in a toilet

  19. Brian says:

    Michael, I love you, but your comment about “sensible mid-calf sundresses perfect for a day at Royal Ascot” makes me wonder if you know who Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is. Ummmm…that’s Princess Kate. Wife of Prince William. Surely you know that, right? Otherwise, they might come for your gay card….

    Yes, Ven should have been sent home. I did enjoy the mind-f**k of having Ven standing there alone at the end, sweating his fate. I would hope, though, that at that point he would have gotten a serious tongue-lashing for his horrific behavior. Perhaps they edited that out, but his attitude when he then met up with the other designers makes me think not.

    Please get Plus-Size Ven off my T.V.

    • D says:

      I don’t get your first comment. He knows who she is and assumed the rest of us did as well.

      • Brian says:

        The fact that he misspelled her name, put her title in quotes, and made a comment that really doesn’t describe her style at all made me wonder if he thought she was just some unknown aristocratic dowager. I think designing clothes for the future Queen of England is kind of a big deal, and I’d imagine Mr. Slezak would, too.

  20. Dave in Alamitos Beach says:

    Oy vey. I really have no problem with Ven staying on the show because I didn’t think his design was the worst, I just thought his behavior was the worst. I guess the show had a little integrity there as far as judging goes.

    I DID like the fact that Heidi kept emphasizing that they might kick off another designer and I was really hoping it would scare Ven, but nope, when he went back in with the group he said they were unfair to him and others were worse. Sheesh. Talk about not getting it through his fat, er, “real sized” head!

    At least now I can abandon Ven and cheer on Dmitry (or even Fabio whose design last night was amazing).

  21. D says:

    I didn’t care for the haircut on Dmitry’s client I thought she looked better with her previous hair. The cut they gave her was hiding her features, IMO.

  22. I feel bad for Dimitry. He is such a great subtle designer he keeps getting shut down by the flashy designs. Not that he shouldn’t turn up the volume a bit because he does need to step outside of commercial and dive into coutre. I think that Ven was a selfish jerk but he is hardly the first to do so. Oliver did this in not one but two challenges. He literally said that he hated boobs because they ruin the look of his clothes. Then he proceeded to insult a normal sized man by bemoaning his size. This happens over and over again on this show. I’m not sure where all the disbelief and outrage are coming from. This isn’t a one time thing and it’s not new. It sucks and it’s horrible but it’s not new. Obviously it isn’t important to the judges to correct that behavior because it’s happened often and it’s almost never resulted in getting auf’d. So perhaps instead of focusing on Ven we should all be focusing on Heidi and Co?

  23. Lisa (@KittyKay3) says:

    Did Mood have a sale on zippers Every other designer had exposused zippers showing most unnecessary. The designs this season still have not overwhelmed me. I hope this is the last season with shortened work time.

    • Sookie says:

      The zippers are making me crazy! Did you see in the trip to Mood when I think it was Christopher who said something like ” are you out of metal zippers?” I thought they must through in those big zippers for free!

  24. Gretchen says:

    Anyone who has watched Project Runway for any length of time shouldn’t be surprised that nasty behavior is ignored, if not outright rewarded–remember how Jeffrey went after the one designer’s mother for daring to have an opinion and being large? The designers with nasty attitudes pretty much outnumber those who are positive.

    Even last season, there was an outright bully who was kept time and again–can’t remember his name, and Irina who won, who was also nothing but a bully. But who can blame the producers? After all, show after reality show is built on the nasty meanness of those shown–it’s one reason I prefer Top Chef Masters. The chefs on that one are generally more agreeable, less bully-cutthroat than on pretty much every other reality competition show.

  25. Pho says:

    Okay, I can’t believe I’m letting myself get worked up about this but this whole episode was ridiculously unfair. First of all, I can’t believe so many people are succumbing to the pick-a-villain reality show manipulation this episode used. I mean, Ven isn’t exactly a peach to his model, but if you actually watch the episode there is not a single moment where he insults her. In fact, you can tell that he’s clearly trying to make up for his difficulty designing for her. How is he insulting her when the belt doesn’t fit? That’s not his fault. And I know he’s getting assaulted because many of the viewers are cheesy “embrace everyone” women and want to side with the client but she’s not a good person. Firstly, she came in wih a horrible attitude an she was the most frumpy client there. She didn’t want to cooperate with him and decided to be negative the whole time. Yeah, Ven could’ve tried a little harder but he did say that he’d never worked with someone her size. And, wow, I get the whole ‘real woman’ argument, but most ‘real’ women I know are not size 14. Honestly, if we’re going to say that anorexic models aren’t attractive, don’t we need a counterpoint? Healthy sized women are beautiful, but obesity isn’t. So yeah, give him a frakking break for trying to please a stubborn, uncooperative woman whose body is almost impossible to flatter. I hate this show.

  26. Kat says:

    Ven’s condescending, disrespectful behavior was awful. You don’t have to be plus-sized, merely a woman, to recognize that.

  27. jayden says:

    It wasn’t Ven’s fault that his model was fat. Designers of fashion shouldn’t have to deal with lumps and curves and bellies. In the real world they don’t. I was on Ven’s side this time.

    • j says:

      really? they don’t? I didn’t realize that the clothes in the stores above size 6 were made by weevils and not fashion designers :rolleyes:

  28. Lyn says:

    I think Ven should have gone home. The client hated it at least with Nathan- his client liked it and Nathan treated her better. I loved Heidi’s response: Who’s not real?

  29. bob says:

    I was really disappointed in Ven. I was rooting for him prior to last night. Thought Dmitry was robbed last night. Dmitry or Melissa ftw.

  30. chloe says:

    Ven’s poor client must be mortified. She tried to take part in something fun, and ended up being insulted on tv for an hour for everyone to see. Nothing more fun than public discourse about your weight. Shame on Ven.

  31. Amit says:

    That’s it. From now on, I’m calling Ven “GretchVen”.

  32. Holly says:

    I was horrified at Ven’s performance. I felt so bad for his client. When her friend started crying at the end, it was heartbreaking. Who does he think he is?! And seriously, has he looked in a mirror lately? You know he shops at the big and tall store.

  33. Vickie says:

    Yeah, and he’s not all that tall. It would have been interesting to see what another designer could have concocted for Terri. Something wonderful, no doubt. Ven dialed this one in and was SO snotty. He has lost all appeal for me. I hope next week they all design for Terri, except for Ven, who will be assigned dog costumes. Just my fantasy.

  34. Larali says:

    The only plus-size problem on this show was Ven’s ego! oh, i would have loved someone would have said that to him on camera!

  35. If it wasnt for designers making clothes for ‘plus-sized’ people, Ven would be walking around the workroom naked. I’m sure he wouldn’t be deriding someone like Melissa McCarthy for being ‘plus-sized’, he would happily design her something for the fame and $$$. Fortunately, after that violent spew of vitriol, he wont ever get to design for someone famous and can stick to making ‘romantic’ dresses for stick figures.

  36. Mara says:

    I could not believe Ven. He must have some mental issue, because he never has any expression in his voice or face. It’s like he’s an effing sociopath.
    I wonder how the male plus size designers make clothes to fit Ven? Ven looks larger than a size 14, so I guess, according to him, he’s shapeless and a chore to design for. I wonder how the designers who make clothes big enough for HIM to wear
    are able to ‘suck it up’ and do it? Quickly Ven, go ask them!

    Most of the clothes were just awful in the episode. Gunnars dress was…. terrible. I thought he would be in the bottom. The askew top was awful, as was the shapeless frilly skirt. Did not work for her shape (but I loved his interaction). Fabio’s dress was ok… I don’t know many women who would want to wear 4 shades of bland grey. The neck-line and skirt length are also hard to pull off.
    Dmitry had the best dress. Very safe, but was the best overall.

    • Lisa (@KittyKay3) says:

      I liked the grey dress. The length looked wrong to me.

      I didn’t recognize Sonjia’s girl when she came out. She looked like a cute, athletic college girl at the beginning of the challenge. The dress aged her 15 years and added 20 pounds.

      • Mara says:

        Yeah, Sonjia’s was the most horrific visually. It’s like she created something that showed off the least attractive proportions of her model in every way. The shoulders, the legs, the stomach…. the girl was perfectly attractive, but that dress was just… the definition of unflattering.

        You know, if the grey dress had been a little shorter, it might have been more young and fun. That length may work on a willowly model. Most women cant pull off the combination of high necklines and calf length skirts. I give the design props though. It was the most creative.

  37. ihmheavy says:

    As some commenters have mentioned, Ven will stay in the competition because we are all filling the tubes that are the interwebs with our comments about his terrible behaviour and that’s what keeps a show like this on the air…but I don’t have to like it! I have to agree with Dmitry that Ven is a One-way Monkey (that’s freaking classic) and I think it showed in this challenge. He basically tried to do that diagonal cut thing that he always does and it didn’t work at all this time. And his fabric choices were terrible. I mean it’s stunning that he seriously couldn’t wrap his mind around creatively designing for a different body type. All he had to do was look at some of the ways his own clothes are structured to get some hints.

    I still think Gunnar and Elena are heinously bitchy and difficult overall but they did demonstrate that they both have souls in this challenge. I never liked Ven but now I’m unsure of his overall humanity as well.

  38. Pat says:

    Did Ven not watch project runway before going on the show? There is always a real person challenge of some sort. And doesn’t he know he is being filmed? His behavior is inexcusable but worse because he should have been prepared for this type of challenge even if he didn’t like it. I agree with everyone who recommends that the Terri and her friend should be getting huge apology bouquets and a makeover with professionals paid for by the producers.

  39. AB says:

    Anyone know who designed Heidi’s fabulous red, black and white dress? I have to have it!

    • Charly says:

      Loved it, too! I’d like to re-create it for myself! if anyone knows who designed it or can post some better pictures, that would be great!!

  40. I wanted Ven to be kicked out.
    These people are supposed to be professionals – or want us to believe they are – and they way Ven treated his client was simply unacceptable. I don’t want him to win. If anything, the episode showed that Ven doesn’t know how to adapt and that he’s a douche.

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