Why Didn't Runway Auf Ven? Should Bunheads Keep Its Ghost? A Glee Mystery? And More Qs!

NewsroomWe’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about shows including The Newsroom, Political Animals, Bunheads, Project Runway and Glee!

1 | How fantastic has The Newsroom‘s Lisa turned out to be? When first introduced, she seemed like little more than a superficial foil for her journalistic roommate, Maggie. But in this week’s episode, girlfriend stepped up! She schooled Jim about choosing her only because Maggie was unavailable, then held Will accountable — on live TV — for the media’s lopsided coverage of child abuse and abduction cases. (We’re choosing to overlook the fact that she let herself be talked into giving Harper another shot. Hey, nobody’s perfect.)

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2 | If Political Animals scores a Season 2, who would you have preferred as Elaine’s opponent: Garcetti or Collier? Doesn’t the latter seem like an easier target? And was the president of France just being a realist when she alluded to Garcetti’s wife as a widow?

3 | How awesome was it to see Falling Skies‘ Red-Eye endeavor to kick the snot out of the Overlord? Where does the line form to smack tough-talking Karen? Why not reveal Anne’s pregnancy to us there in the weapon chamber? And was anyone a tad let down to see that the new alien has the face of a kindly pug? Also, doesn’t his space suit remind you of Prometheus?

4 | True Blood‘s action-packed penultimate hour — best episode of the season? Also, how do we feel about a Pam-and-Tara pairing? They make better frenemies than lovers, dontcha think?

5 | Didn’t Skyler’s almost-confession to Marie on Breaking Bad feel a little contrived? After all she has done to protect her children, she considers spilling the beans to Hank’s unhinged wife?! And did Jesse’s dinner-table monologue make you think twice about heating up some “scabby” frozen lasagna this week?

Bunheads6 | Did Alan Ruck’s appearance in the Bunheads summer finale make you wish he’d show up more often — a la the dead-but-still-kicking Lynda on Providence? And how tempted are you to put together your own “zombie apocalypse Vegas slut bag” — minus the pretty mace?

7 | Really, Brock Lesnar? You “retire” via Tout? No matter, we’ll see you at Wrestlemania.

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8 | How come ABC hasn’t considered hiring ridiculous/hilarious Bachelor Pad evictee Erica Rose to provide bitchy color commentary to break up ad blocs during regular seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette?

Web Therapy Conan O'Brien9 | Wasn’t Conan O’Brien’s totally insecure, possibly violent version of himself on this week’s Web Therapy one of the funniest celebrity self-parodies on television ever? And who wants to sign the petition to see Conan and Andy in a group-therapy session with Dr. Wallice in Season 3?

10 | Can all librarians please look like White Collar guest star Mircea Monroe? Also, Neal in a sweater cardigan: Even hotter than Neal in a suit?

11 | Dear L.A. Complex: Can we go back to the Kal and Tariq storyline?

12 | Who felt old when it was revealed that Alex Mack has a kid on Pretty Little Liars?

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13 | Is anyone watching The Week the Women Went? Is it wrong that we want to shake these spoiled, tantrum-throwing kids and some of their parents?

14 | Can the next edition of Terence Wong’s hospital docuseries — and there better be another season! — also be set in New York like NY Med so we can get more of this cute doc?

15 | True, So You Think You Can Dance‘s fabulous Eliana hasn’t been able to fully showcase her skills due to her undertrained partner Cyrus, but wasn’t this week’s opening group number — which was pretty much an extended solo that relegated the other nine contestants to supporting-player status — a wee bit of overkill on the part of Uncle Nigel & Co.?

Rookie Blue16 | How messed up, yet delicious and complicated, is Dov’s storyline on Rookie Blue this season?

17 | Which is worse: That Project Runway‘s Ven is a misogynistic, curves-hating douchebag, or that he felt perfectly OK publicly and privately dogging his “real woman” model throughout this week’s challenge? Also, are Heidi Klum and the show’s producers completely tone-deaf to the fact that auffing Ven would’ve been the most satisfying (possibly Emmy-worthy) moment of reality TV this year, or do they value his villain potential so much that they just couldn’t let him go?

18 | Remind us again, why isn’t Ingo Rademacher on contract with General Hospital? His reunion scene with Laura Wright’s Carly on Thursday was better than just about everything else on Daytime this week.

19 | We love MTV’s new comedy The Inbetweeners, but it must be asked: In what world would Joey Pollari and Bubba Lewis be considered anything other than studly?

Suits Elisabeth Hower20 | Didn’t Tess on Suits look like Donna’s doppelganger?!

21 | Could the CIA desk jockey who assisted Burn Notice‘s Michael, Sam et al this week have been any more of a “red shirt”? All that was missing was the nickname “Dead Meat” and a phone call to his expectant wife.

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22 | Everyone’s making a big deal that Quinn’s missing from Glee‘s Season 4 cast shot, but what about Emma?! Couple her absence in the key art with buzz that the show is pulling back on “Wemma” this season and we’re obsessively, compulsively freaking out.

Hit the comments with your answers — and any other questions you care to throw out there!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Suzie says:

    As far as I’m concerned they could bring back Alan Ruck and ditch Sutton Foster. She has the posture of a noodle and not even an al dente one. Unattractive in a dancer. The show is such a mediocre rehash of Gilmore Girls with so many cameos and re-imagined personalities it’s pathetic. The finale was a disaster and Michelle is IMO a bit slutty for an ABC Family show.

    • Have you ever watched some of the other ABC Family shows? Hint, Bunheads is probably the least sexually oriented show they have right now.

    • Evan says:

      What kind of misogynist trash is this? Not only is using the term ‘slutty’ to describe a woman outdated, sexist and all around demeaning, but in what world and criteria would that word apply to the character of Michelle?

      • dude says:

        I don’t think to call a girl slut is misogynistic if she is one. Just because a girl has sex, doesn’t make her a slut but if she is sleeping around and will basically do it with anyone, I see nothing wrong in calling her out on it.

      • KevyB says:

        It’s far from outdated, as it’s still in use. And men can be sluts too. You ever hear the term manwhore?

    • Lisa (@KittyKay3) says:

      What didn’t you like about the finale of Bunheads? it was the strongest episode of the series so far. They let the girls and Kelly Bishop dance. That made this episode worth it.

      I higher hopes as a Gilmore Girls fan. Every time they play GG music or bring back a character actor it just serves to remind me it is sub-par to GG.

      Alan Ruck returning as Hubble was helpful. It was the first time I have seen any liability in Michelle. I would like to see flashbacks to Hubble and Michelle. Did she really like him all along? It is hard to invest in a character that begins the show as a gold digger. Why is she still there? Why didn’t she go back to Vegas, New York? Why stay where you know no one?

      • Templar says:

        She married Hubbell without love, came on to rich, long driveway guy, slept with Digger 2 on short acquaintance, and made out with surfer dude bartender in front of everyone when she hasn’t been widowed that long. Way to show respect. But, OK, forget that, The show is recycling everyone they can from GG, rehashing dialog from GG and even re-imagining characters from GG. The bar owner’s wife is a re-do of Luke’s loopy sister from GG. It’s one big leftover.

        • Temperence says:

          And that makes her sex life problematic? Wow, half of the American women from 16 to 30 are suddenly ‘sluts’ now? Bizarre – and totally unrealistic. Apparently every Ivy League school in the nation is pumping out class after class of sluts…

      • Sheila says:

        She’s still there because she’s lost and doesn’t know what to do with herself. Being a showgirl was unfulfilling, she couldn’t get a dancing job, then she ran off with a nice guy in a whim (not as a golddigger), but then he suddenly died and she has no reason to go back. Ta da, premise!

    • Belle says:

      Yeah, so she gets frisky with the bar owner’s son and you’ve labeled her a s!ut come on! I bent over in the grocery store this morning and touched butt’s with the guy behind me…what does that make me? Embarrassed yes, but Michelle is far from your crude remark!!! Sure the show needs to be re-vamped, but it has potential – which is more than I can say for 85% of the stuff on TV these days!

      • Aryn says:

        Ditto!! Bunheads is the tamest thing on in that time slot; on any channel. Did you grow up in a bubble? You should look up the definition of s!ut…because you are wrong to call someone that who hasn’t been with MANY different people in a short timespan :)

    • Temperence says:

      And I love Sutton in this, and the finale, while not perfect, was pretty dman great.

  2. Nick says:

    Number 12. Uhm what! Mind blown!

  3. lp says:

    Didn’t Tess on Suits look like Donna’s doppelganger?!

    Oh my god i’m not crazy YES

  4. Aryn says:

    #6. I WISH they’d bring back Alan Ruck!!!!! I only began watching it because he was shown in previews…then he died and I was crushed. The show got a tab better, but the dancers girls (all but Boo) are not fun to watch, they need to take some acting lessons. It’s almost like the lead women are trying too hard, it’s not coming off as “real” just cartoony and weird. They canceled Jane by Design, but kept Bunheads…ugh, BIG mistake ABC Family!!!!

    • Ava says:

      I’m bummed about Jane by Design. I kind of like Bunheads but I agree that the girls all need to become more whole characters.

    • s says:

      One of the episodes actually reminded me of a play being staged. A bad high school play where the people were talking back and forth did not even sound like how a normal flow could ever even possibly sound naturally. It was the episode when they all went into Michelle’s house. It was just too much to watch.
      I really enjoy Boo. Her mother annoys me. Sasha is good. The tall girl with the brother, well I haven’t learned her name because in the show she is only around to be the tall, stupid one so why learn her name. She really has no value or story other than she is a 4th friend, who is tall and is the stupid girl out of the group and she has a brother. I am assuming that he is her older brother but in one show he seemed to be her twin brother so I haven’t picked it up yet.
      Michelle really isn’t pretty. Sutton is a talented Broadway star but I don’t get her as a ballet person. After having watched Breaking pointe on CW we should have all learned that real ballerina’s have incredible posture. Not to mention every time she dances it is in a “Broadway”routine, or tap but we have never seen Michelle take on a ballet performance to back up her ABC credentials.
      Hubble was cut out too early. He should have made it through 2 episodes at minimum. That would have given Michelle some reason to be tied to this place where she knows no one, because at least then she would have been really confused over her love of Hubble.
      And for the people who are complaining about her being called a “Slut” they are fostering that idea on the show. They call her a slutty, Vegas show girl. they mock the fact that she was a show girl and how her “Vegas” ways would corrupt the small town and girls. So if you have a problem with that reaction to the character. Every single episode is laced with it. the first episode and the party, the episode where they dress up the other girl for a night on the town. they are making her come off like that.

    • AGM says:

      They canceled Jane by Design? Way to ruin my Friday. Boo.

  5. Rebecca says:

    I LOVED Eliana as Cyd Charrise! Lived SYTYCD’s opening number homage to Gene Kelly- loved it.

  6. Pia says:

    I had no idea Gregory Smith was on Rookie Blue. Now I have to watch it. Crap.

  7. Jared says:

    I wouldn’t consider any of the guys on Inbetweeners “studly”..cute in a nerdy type of way?..sure..studly?..not so much.

  8. Belle says:

    OMGosh, I wish “Hubble” was still alive on Bunheads…he was my whole reason for even watching the show :(

  9. JamandaFan says:

    #18–totally agree! Seeing Jax and Carly together again was amazing! It would be so fun to see Jax go head to head with Todd over Carly!

  10. 6. Mostly Alan Ruck’s appearance reminded me of how amazing this show could have been if he was in it. He and Sutton Foster are fantastic together and his calm dependabiltity is just the glue that could have put Michelle back together and helped her move toward an adult life. I thought the finale was great but I still maintain that Michelle desperately needs a deeper connection to the town for the show to feel real and they seriously need to develop the ballet girls background if they expect me to care about them. It’s like the entire show is about characters with the same amount of development as Miss Patty, Babbette, Lane…. etc. They aren’t any real main characters yet.

    15. Yeah, it kind of felt a little over the top but if you look back at other group numbers she’s pretty much featured in all of them. She is just that fabulous. Too bad the crappy camera work makes it hard to see. Could someone please tell them that they aren’t going to win any artistic awards and to just show the dancing for Pete’s sake?!

    17. I’m not sure that Ven’s blatent disrespect of his model was known to the judges. Do they watch the footage from the work room? Heidi and Co. may not have known the depth of his douchebaggery. I also thought that Oliver was pretty heinous in his season for his commentary about how much he hated boobs because they ruined the fit of the garment. This show is a slice of crazy sometimes.

    22. Yeah, worried about Wemma. Mostly because if they break up then we will once again be treated to the horribly inappropriate way that Will allows his students to know about his relationships.

    • Lu says:

      Thank You!! for the camera comment on SYTYCD (15)… it often takes me a couple of watches (especially with group numbers) to see the brilliance of the choreography b/c of the quick and conspicuous camera shots that distract from the main attraction–and are sometimes off with the music and steps. This is new, it is not observable last season. I would really prefer they fire whoever is in charge of these decisions. So annoying.

  11. David7118 says:

    6. Alan Ruck’s appearance was perfect because it was so unexpected. Less is more and they proved that.

    10. I’m a librarian and I work with some Mircea Monroe types though, being male, I certainly don’t look as good as she does in a dress.

  12. RachelA says:

    I wish you’d had this column middle of last season. Then you could have put the question WTF HAPPENED TO DAVE KAROFSKY on Glee at the top of your list. Still not too late, though.

    • dude says:

      He’s a guest star. They bring his character in every now and again but there’s no need for him to be a main character. His story ended pretty beautifully.

      • Leo says:

        beautifully?? “oh, imagine yourself in ten years and everything will be roses and wonderful” BS… that “ending” was horrible, leaving him literally “hanging”… but of course, is not a relevant storyline for those who only want to watch a glossy pretty pink romance (sigh)

        • dude says:

          Well its completely unrealistic for him to try to kill himself because he has no hope and wake up a changed man. His ending gave him hope which is what he needed to get through this time in his life. Just because there’s stories left to tell, doesn’t mean they’re stories worth telling and I would rather be left with the impression that he eventually grew up and accepted himself and had a great life then be shown his journey from start to finish. It simply isn’t relevant to the show any longer.

          • Leo says:

            Wow, the absolute lack of empathy of your comment is quite impressive, “dude”… just because “you” don’t care about gay teen suicides and how it can “get better” for those who feel like going down that route, it doesn’t mean that isn’t a relevant plot for others, specially those real life gay teens who will never relate to the fabulous lives of the sparkling pretty twinkies, those with unsuportive families and without real friends, those who need something better than an “impression” of how things can change, and something better than a plain PSA…

            But… what’s “relevant” to the show anyway? since the moment they decided to explore suicide, the aftermath became relevant (the same with domestic violence, teen pregnancy, bullying, etc); that’s called “continuity” and is a must in any decently written show… for the people who just want songs, fluffy stuff and romance, there’s been plenty of it since the beginning, but what made the show good was the balance between elements, a balance which is lost now (is no wonder the decline in ratings, mostly between the adult viewers… and in this same vein, wasting the few remaining adult characters like Emma is a big mistake too).

    • heyang says:

      Karofsky was never recurring or a regular cast member. Thus, he’s not in the marketing campaign for the show and he’s not on the cover of the DVD’s. If he was, then they’d need to include Burt Hummel, Carol Hummel, Principle Figgins, etc. Now, what I’d like to see is Kurt bumping into Karofsky in the city and they become real friends and we see Karofsky being in an open relationship with another guy and him telling Kurt that attempting suicide was a mistake and that he’s happy being out and in love. Just has to happen before the series ends.

  13. MDEP says:

    17—Ugh. Ven! I have not liked him at all. I though in the very beginning I would, but no. I really think he should have went. He did not think of his client at all AND did not produce a flattering look. I know –SPOILER ALERT–Nathan went the extreme opposite and catered too much to his client, but at least he cared. If Ven has no desire to design for regular women he has no right being the winner of Project Runway.
    On a side note, I have loathed Gunner all season as well. Such a stank attitude. However, last night, he almost made me love him, if only for one episode. He seemed so sincere and caring. That Gunner should stick around (although I did not like his dress.)

    • Alyssa says:

      I thought the bottom and top 3 were really interesting last night. They were kinda backwards compared to the past weeks. I think that shows that Gunnar and the other guy are better suited working with clients that can inspire them, rather than trying to please the judges.

    • stellalunaa says:

      Besides last night all Ven’s designs have been amazing, but his attitude/personality has always sucked and hes an a$$. What he said about his client last night, not to mention what he didnt say to her face that she saw when it aired last night, was soooo hurtful and rude. not to mention he isnt a size 4 or anything himself!

    • heyang says:

      Ven is talented, which is why they kept him. He’s definitely not the 1st PR contestant to complain about designing for a real woman’s body (i.e. Jeffrey made Angela’s mother cry during season 3. (? or was it 4?) and Jeffrey ended up winning). It’s also not the 1st time a contestant has had to work with a client that is the opposite of his aesthetic (i.e. Christian Soriano designing the prom dress for a young woman who wanted lots of lace.) I also agree with MDEP – this was the 1st week that I thought I could find myself enjoying Gunnar.

  14. Ann says:

    Ven should have been sent home on Project Runway for being a total A$$!!! He’s one to talk, he’s not exactly a size 2 himself!!! He’s a jerk, I loved him until last night’s episode!!!!! He’s now on my crap list – I hope he was mortified when he saw it for the first time himself. You should be ashamed Ven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • anne says:

      He wasn’t mortified. Check out his twitter! Example “EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE HAD A CLIENT WHO WAS THE SAME SIZE…VERY UNFAIR… ” and “My client did not even have a nice attitude when we met, her attitude alone is what drove it… ” and “No belts fit my client that we had, and now they make me look like a bad person..I cant believe how unfair that is… ” Yeah, good luck getting women to buy your clothes after that Ven. Tool.

      • Temperence says:

        It was amusing that I hadn’t watched it live, but I had two MEN on my fb mention they wanted to comitt violence on Ven for that episode. I watched it today, and I’d join them in punching that jerk in the face. How utterly obnoxious and cruel… and hypocritical.

    • Jean says:

      I agree that Ven was rude, uncaring and generally a jerk on the show this week. However, are those reasons he should be sent home? Is it personality or talent that allows someone to stay?
      Just a thought.

  15. Ann says:

    I was a Ven fan, and hated Gunner – until last night that is! Ven you are just plain mean and nasty, how dare you make that poor woman feel that way, you were supposed to make her beautiful and even more importantly FEEL beautiful you FAILED bigtime buddy!!! I’d have sent you packing right then on the runway while you talked smack and looked disgusted during panel!!!! You sir are a waste of time and talent…

    Gunner – you converted me, you were by far the most gracious, caring, and genuine during last night’s episode. You and your family should be so very proud of you :) Thank you for taking such great care of your client, and showing you do have a caring side!!!

    • Norma says:

      I agree, Gunner showed me a side of him I didn’t think he had. Good luck to him and there are a couple others that also were truly caring with their girls!

    • Dawn Croft says:

      Ann, I felt EXACTLY the same way. Gunner has been acting like an arrogant d-bag the whole time and the way he truly cared about his client showed a big open heart and a sweet guy. Ven on the other hand… omg. He made that woman feel like she didn’t belong there, like she had no right to be pretty ever, and that nothing could be done with a normal sized woman, we must must all be worthless and ugly. I am fairly upset that the panel did not jump his ass about hurting that woman and f*ing forget about the fashion. I wanted to see every panel member apologize to her and give her the full royal design make over she truly deserved. Ven should have been booted for his cruel, nasty, hateful attitude. Lets not even discuss that AWFUL zippered skirt and what looked like a curtain valance for a blouse. She looked larger in the outfit he made than in the jeans she wore coming into the show. It made me sad and sick to my stomach. Shame on Heidi and the whole group for looking the other way.

  16. Sara says:

    How messed up, yet delicious and complicated, is Dov’s storyline on Rookie Blue this season?

    This season is driving me nuts!! They are toying with my emotions :( I was yet again screaming at the screen as Dov got jumped. I think he and the girl are actually a really cute pair, I like her way more than the bomb squad chick. But still. Ugh </3 I do not want to even know what this finale is gonna be like </3

    • Actually, it’s been a great season, but Dov’s totally a little whiny girl. Everyone else’s been amazing though! Dov’s gotta toughen it up. McNally killed a guy and didn’t become a total puss about it. He shouldn’t, either. Just sayin’. I’m over it.

      • dude says:

        I think Sara was saying that its been a great season. Also, Dov killed someone, I don’t see how he’s being a “whiny little girl.” It’s okay not to be kay after killing someone.

      • Sara says:

        I never said it wasn’t a good season. Obviously I’m emotionally invested in it. “Driving me nuts” means it’s just been an intense few episodes. Jerry dying, Sam and Andy breaking up, and now Dov getting the crap kicked out of him. Sam, Andy and Dov are literally my favorite characters so while I do agree it is a great season, I’m also still very upset everybody is still getting hurt.

        And quite frankly; I’d rather have a man who was sorry he killed somebody, than somebody who doesn’t give a s***.

    • Lu says:

      Ew… Dov’s involvement with that girl is totally emotional torture for himself. He and her need to go separate ways. It makes sense that he feels connected to her given they both are connected to this intense situation but it is messed up-guilt, shame, grief, anger…etc are all tied up in this relationship-not exactly solid things to build a healthy relationship. They seem to be using each other. How can this relationship last? I am curious how this will end up.

  17. Maggie says:

    I have never seen, nor do I ever plan to watch, Gilmore Girls. I wish people would stop calling Bunheads a cheap remake of it! The comedy is brilliant, the dancing phenomenal, and the acting astounding! Sutton Foster is an amazing Michelle. I loved seeing her sing that piece from Cabaret (can’t remember the name) on Monday. And it was her real, Broadway-trained singing voice, not a dubbed over recorded version. Her comedic timing is brilliant. (“Don’t be afraid of my pretty shiny little bottle, it won’t do anything but BLIND YOU!) And I love the girls, as well! Ginny reminds me of a mini-Megan Hilty, Melanie makes a great intervene in the whole Charlie-Boo-Carl-Ginny thing, and Sasha makes a great antagonist! And I feel a really personal connection to Boo, as well. And she and Carl make such an adorable couple! :)

    So can eveybody please quit tagging on the show? It’s great!

    • Look, I understand that you haven’t seen Gilmore Girls and while I find that to be sad I can see how you don’t like people bagging on a show that you like by comparing it to one you haven’t seen. However, the show itself is begging to be compared to GG because it uses approximately 50% of the cast from GG and it uses the music from GG. Add to that the fact that Amy Sherman Pallidino writes the same kind of dialogue for Michelle as she did for Lorelei and they are practically putting up a neon sign that says “COMPARE ME!” Based on it’s own merits I do like Bunheads. The show has a ton of potential and a really solid cast but it’s just not developed enough. It needs to develop it’s characters and find a really REALLY good reason for Michelle to be in this town (especially after the summer finale) for it to be a great show. Gilmore Girls was a GREAT show. If you ever decide to watch it you’ll see that from the pilot episode you know everything about the main character that you need to care about her and her daughter. The direction, tone and story line are rock solid from the starting gate. That is why a lot of GG fans are disappointed by Bunheads. This first half of the season has been kind of up and down. We’re not used to that from ASP.

    • Aimee says:

      No offense, let me say that before I make a little comment here. But if you never watched Gilmore Girls ..how so you know it’s not comparable. I can’t tell you because I haven’t watched Bunheads. I was a HUGE Gilmore Girls fan, there is still a Gilmore Girls shaped hole in my heart as a matter of fact. I was going to watch bunheads but it fell off my list and the whole reason I was going to watch was because I am a Gilmore Girls fan and want to support anyone who had anything to do with fantastic show.

      Just saying, if you don’t know then maybe you shouldn’t pretend like you do. But seriously, no offense you are entitled to your opinions, just like everyone else. For the record, I have heard great things about the show from people who watched Gilmore Girls and people who didn’t. But I have heard just as many complaints against the show from people who couldn’t tell you what a Gilmore Girl is…

    • Rachel says:

      I LOVED Gilmore Girls, and I love Bunheads. Sutton Foster is amazing :)

    • Templar says:

      @Maggie: Your post is comparable to someone who has never eaten a morel singing the praises of button mushrooms. Or someone praising a Pinto when they’ve never driven a Mercedes. Plain White Ts vs The Beatles. Nothing wrong with it just lacking in sufficient research.

    • NikkiQM says:

      I am a huge Gilmore Girls fan and Bunheads is a cheap imitation of it. i couldnt get through the first episode. Ill stick to watching Gilmore Girls repeats on ABC Family instead.

  18. fr33ddy says:

    I’d like to see more often Alan Ruck on Bunheads, with Michelle was a great great scene in summer finale!

  19. Michael says:

    #6. We want more “Hubble”, nuff said!!!
    #17. Shame on Project Runway for not getting rid of Ven last night!! They were all aware or semi-aware of what went on with how he talked about and to his client…you don’t give those kinds of people a platform, shows horrible judgement!!! Not to mention they kept Krazy Koohan, when he was clearly not there for the right reasons, how stupid can you be to fall for his shpill?!

  20. Michael says:

    P.S. #12. Who is Alex Mack on PLL???? Was that the girl from Ezra’s high school that supposedly had his child?

  21. Alex says:

    #3. Speaking of Falling Skies…two great guest castings for Season 3 – and I can NOT wait!!! Robert Sean Leonard from “House” and Gloria Ruben’s from “ER” :) both in 5 episodes – not sure if they overlap or not??

  22. Ava says:

    #16 YES! Dov’s storyline is so interesting! I love it. I really like Dov in general. I’ve pretty much liked all of his stories.

  23. nick1372 says:

    1. I didn’tl like her character at the beginning, but I’ve definitely come to accept her. I hope she comes back for season two.
    2. Who cares? It’s not coming back. Period.
    18. Carly & Jax have very good chemistry. I hope they bring him back for good and put Johnny in jail.

  24. Hod says:

    Actually they look pretty good to be seen as nerds. The show is awesome.

  25. roni says:

    #20 Yes she does. More importantly the question should be why mike doesn’t have a peephole on his door. Seriously him just opening his door all the time just ruins everything

  26. Amanda says:

    #6. I love me some Alan Ruck, and Hubble’s a sweetie, but I think keeping him around could make it difficult to root for any guy Michelle gets involved with. (Poor Godot.)

  27. Dov is, right now, my least favorite character in Rookie Blue. That’s behind new guy Nick. Thing is, I hate whiny. The one thing I REALLY like about let’s NCIS:LA and Hawaii Five-0 is that they kill a bunch of people and they don’t get all fessed up about it. In Rookie Blue, even McNally killed a man and we didn’t spend a whole season hearing about it. It’s like, omg, you’re a cop, get the hell over with it. You were doing your job, it’s gonna happen, move on!

    • Lu says:

      This is not very perceptive. In reality, killing another human being is a big deal and people deal with and are effected by these things (trauma) in there own ways…even cops. PTSD is common for those in protective services including the police force. Rookie blue, unlike the 2 shows you listed, seem to wish to explore the psychological side a bit more than just a case of the week action style show.

    • dude says:

      Yep. Gotta love shows that trivialize taking another human’s life. Just get over it.

  28. Preface: I’m a huge Gilmore Girls fan and I wanted to see Amy Sherman-Palladino’s new show in hopes I could find a NEW show I love as much as GG. I didn’t compare them. Sutton Foster’s voice was so grinding (personal preference, I know) and the story lines were so boring to me that I just couldn’t watch all of the the last two episodes. Constant loud-voice freak out sessions with little to no character depth. Even poor Kirk (aka the sniffing coffee bean guy) was nearly brutal. Must we keep repeating the same lines, ASP?

    Oh, and I hate Ven, too. :-)

  29. Jared says:

    Didn’t Tess on Suits look like Donna’s doppelganger?!

    Ummmm NO. not at all!

  30. Ivet says:

    #11 – Is Tariq coming back to the show?

    • dude says:

      I believe so, Alicia is too. They just got rid of them for a while so they could let those storylines breathe but I thin they should have brought Tariq back about two episodes ago. This Kal stuff is getting a bit dull.

      • Ivet says:

        Cool thanks for letting me know, I also think Tariq should have already come back. And I thought Alicia left for good, but it’s gonna be fun to have her back.

  31. dude says:

    1: I really am loving Lisa. It’s great that they’ve chosen a really likable obstacle for Maggie/Jim because it makes the situation more complicated but why is everyone hating on Jim? As much as I love Maggie, I completely understand the hate she gets but Jim’s done nothing and I don’t find him that annoying either. I feel like people just don’t like him because they don’t like this Maggie/Jim plotline.
    10: It was nice to see her on the show considering she played Matt Bomer’s wife in Magic Mike.
    16: This is without a doubt, my favourite storyline for Dov. It’s about time he got something worthy of his talent and this is a really complex and messed up storyline. My only question is, does he still have a girlfriend? He had one the day he killed her brother but she hasn’t been mentioned since.

  32. jill says:

    SYTYCD missed an opportunity to showcase Elena with Alex “Freaking” Wong. Both trained ballet dancers & they didn’t dance their own style. It could have been amazing!

    • I’m holding out hope for this in the finale. It would have been obvious favoritism if they’d given Alex and Eliana Ballet when no one else was in their own style all night. I kind of thought it wasn’t really fair giving them contemporary. Everyone else was so far out of their wheelhouse it felt a little like cheating to have Eliana in contemporary. Although she’s been saddled with a partner with a fraction of her technical ability so far this season so perhaps it’s only fair that she get a week to shine. Not that Cyrus isn’t a totally great guy, because he is. He just isn’t even on the same planet as Eliana.

  33. lilys87 says:

    # 6 : the whole ghost thing never works for me, I like flashback a lot more to bring back dead characters, bunheads was no exception.

    # 20 : I had the same thought watching Suits this week ! I would have liked (prefered) to see Jenny at Mike’s Grandma’s funeral, hopefully she’ll be back for the end of the season :)

  34. Becks says:

    That’s the first thing I thought of when I saw the poster. I love Dianna Agron, but Jayma Mays rocks!!

  35. Ginny Boo-Boo Child says:

    5. Marie is Skyler’s sister, not just ‘Hank’s unhinged wife.’

    6- Hubble still creeps me out, but that dream sequence was pretty great. I love when this show just embraces weirdness!

    20 – YES! Same facial expressions and everything!

  36. Templar says:

    GRRRRRR! It’s spelled Hubbell! Please excuse the interruption. Sorry.

  37. cj says:

    #1: she is awesome because she managed to pull off some kind of pseudo-chemistry with Dwight K. Schrute on The Office. for that she deserves an Emmy. forget about The Newsroom (but yes, i agree) (for the record, i’m ready to jim & maggie to happen) (though i realize i’ll probably be sorely disappointed for the foreseeable future).

  38. CJ says:

    10. ABSOLUTELY YES Neal Caffrey in a sweater cardigan is even hotter than Neal in a suit. And if you love Neal in that sweater, go find a picture of Tom Hardy dressed like that. Oh. My. Word.

  39. Winnie says:

    #10. No, because then you wouldn’t appreciate the hot Librarians who do look like that…

    And #6. Yes, please. Mace at The Nutcracker, We See Dead People, Ferris Bueller-esque scene, a Dead Poets society reference, and a beloved dead guy… #bringit

    #17. Damn, I hadn’t seen that yet – waiting for a friend who loves the “real women” episodes. But I’m not complaining (because I chose to check this page/tv line period) – the onus was on me to watch and get my weekly Qs…

  40. Amilah says:

    I just discovered the Week the Women Went Away and it is completely addictive! Watching a bunch a redneck men fall completely apart when the wives/girlfriends go away for a week. One husband retrieved his wife after two days! But I absolutely love the two dads, Doug and Darnell who are bunking together to help each other out taking care of a set of twins, an ADHD kid with a snake, and a major prima donna 6 yr old. Its a train wreck I can’t look away from!

  41. arial2 says:

    Re #6: would love to see Alan Ruck become a regular ghost. He has so many lessons to share with Michelle. I’m not sure Fanny could handle his ghost without falling apart, though.

    Re #17: sadly, Venn’s comments probably reflect the real feelings of the judges. This week was their one bow to the normal-sized woman; now they’ll go back to having the contestants design for the size zero models (who represent almost no one in the real world). Re Venn, is he really so blind that he doesn’t see that his model has a much lovelier body than he has? I can’t believe some of the statements that come from the mouths of contestants who are nowhere near size zero themselves. Fashion is truly an industry rife with hypocrisy. I would have liked to have seen Venn go home. Project Runway sends talented designers home for smuggling in pattern books, yet allows a talented designer (unfortunately, Venn is good at design and execution) to bully and insult a client on national tv and forgives him. Doesn’t that tell you everything you need to know about the lack of character within the fashion industry?

  42. Ingo is gorgeous, and he and Laura are amazing! Good catch, hope to see more of “CarJax.”

  43. Deena says:

    #10–Neal Caffrey looks hot in EVERYTHING.