Fall TV Preview

Hot Shots: Dexter and Deb Get Close -- and Sexy!

Dexters Season 7 looks dead sexy!

Showtime has unveiled a handful of new promotional shots for the killer drama’s upcoming season (premiering Sunday, Sept. 30) that find Dex and Deb getting eerily — and seductively — close.

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Click through the sultry new artwork below. As an added treat, we’ve thrown in a first look at Yvonne Strahovski as mysterious newbie Hannah McKay. Looks a little like Sarah Walker in Chuck’s apartment’s courtyard, no?

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  1. Luke says:


  2. Mike says:

    Maybe because I saw the name “Chuck” in the article above… But did anyone else think of Chuck when they saw the photo with Dex and Deb on the white furniture on the white background? Really reminded me of my Chuck DVD cover!

  3. Beatriz says:

    I’m sorry but I’m not on board…They are brother and sister (or they grew up and talk as if they were). And siblings are not suppose to seductive towards eachother.

    • People aren’t supposed to commit cold-blooded murder either.

    • Dexter's Sister's true love ... says:

      Yeah — I know … It’s OKAY to be a serial killer … but hints of incest upset my dark passenger … he hates it when reality gets mixed with his fantasy! LOL … and you’ve watched Dexter 6 seasons already ?! ….

    • Briny says:

      He is adopted and they grew up together as brother and sister !!

    • Theolin says:

      I think the reality of the situation is funny because Jennifer Carpenter (Debora Morgan) and Michael C. Hall (Dexter Morgan) are divorced and now their characters are involved in this story-line. good thing they are professionals because working with your ex isn’t easy not matter even if they parted on good terms.

  4. Alex says:

    So hope we avoid any real romance between Dex and Deb. I am glad that she has found out that he is a killer. I think that will drive the season in an interesting, urgent direction.

    Looking forward to seeing how they utilize Yvonne. She doesn’t look much like Sarah Walker I don’t think. Hannah has a bit of a trashier look, so it should be very interesting.

  5. justine says:

    I think Dex will hold Deb Captive this whole season while people to believe she is dead or went MIA on her own.

  6. lilys87 says:

    This romance is ridiculous. This will ruin the show for me, I hope Yvonne will be enough to save it !

  7. sam says:

    From the moment I started watching the show, I expected a relationship or at least feelings from one of them. I don’t know how other people never saw that coming.

    • Em says:

      I totally saw it coming! From the very first season Dexter said that if he could ever love or have feelings for someone, it would be Deb. There have definitely been hints throughout the years!

      • Sam says:

        Finally! I’ve come across only a few others that thought the same thing. Obviously we know what Dexter’s issues are but Deb has “daddy issues” as he focused on Dexter most of the the time and she can never keep a good relationship. Her love is in the wrong places (Lundy, Dexter) but Dexter is really the only person she can fully open up to. It seems only natural for her to have feelings for him.

        In reality most people would find this to be wrong since they grew up as brother and sister but like someone else said, all the killing, dismembering, violence, etc is ok. Like I said, it was one of my first thoughts, I’m just surprised more people didn’t catch on and/or are so against it.

        • Leah says:

          Declarations of a mass viewer exodus are always greatly exaggerated. I think there are plenty of people who agree with you, but they don’t feel strongly enough to raid the message boards (what is there to say?). I think the “incest” storyline was introduced just to complicate the actual reveal, and as a nod to the the first thing Dexter’s ever said about Deb — if there was anyone he could love, it would be her. After all, if you show a gun in the first act, it’s gotta go off in the third. I get the feeling the show wanted to address that, but I don’t think it will play out the way these commenters fear. Judging by the photos, the show is just toying with the viewers that cry foul the loudest. Bottom line is, Showtime’s never going to cancel their most popular series before the final season, even if viewership drops by 50%. Which it won’t. At its worst, Dexter is still better than a lot of other shows.

          • Sam says:

            You don’t have to “raid” a message board or forum to express your opinion. It’s just nice to find someone who thinks the same thing instead of the usual complaints the show gets in general. Some think they got this idea out of no where and some people picked up on it early on, unfortunately there aren’t many that post about it.

          • Leah says:

            By “raid,” I meant that the people who feel strongest are most inclined to leave comments about it, constantly and vehemently. Many agree with you/us, but there isn’t much reason to talk about it, unless it’s to defend. I didn’t mean any offense to you!

          • Sam says:

            You didn’t, I assumed you weren’t being rude about it lol. And yeah it’s mostly to defend. It usually it’s pointless with a majority of people.

    • Nyia says:

      I completely agree with you. The bond they shared was too weird or too intense. I never could put my finger on it. And he killed his blood brother for her.

  8. Tara says:

    Forget about the storyline! I want to know what Michael and Jennifer were thinking during the photo shoot. Seems like it would be awkward.

  9. Jenny says:

    These pics are far from seductive/close… Look pretty normal shots to me… Good thing though cause I was about to throw up when I read the headline…

    • Brooke says:

      Yeah, I thought they looked more menacing than seductive. If that’s seduction, then I’m fine with not being seduced.

  10. Nat says:

    I’m sorry. EW.

  11. qeee says:

    They give me the YUCK. factor, In my eyes they are siblings. I don’t care if they’re aren’t blood related its still weird. I wish DEXTER would stop this.

  12. mmartian says:

    You can tell a lot about a person by the response from this story
    seriel killer- check
    blood, gore, extreme violence- check, check and check
    religous fanatic-check
    sex between non-related siblings- yuck-call in the sensors, this aint right

    • moobear says:

      I’ve wondered why I, and most people do have such a visceral reaction to incest, I’ve always thought maybe our ancestors knew from their animal husbandry that inbreeding tends to produces an inferior stock, but that wouldn’t explain why the practice is continued in the Middle East, especially considering how many still work with animals. I’ve spent time in the Middle East (a 1/2 dozen or so countries) and it’s a little talked about problem, but there are a lot of special needs children and deformities, which can be contributed to inbreeding (first cousin marriages are very common). Then I read a paper that thinks that the Church pushed an anti incest shift because it helps to weaken tribal bonds and allows for power and loyalty to be shifted to a centralized place and people. Basically Constantinople and Rome knew it needed to make people more pliable to their edicts, even if they were coming from a different country.

      Any which way, I agree with everyone else…..eeeewwwww, the Deb/Dexter was probably the worst thing to come out of the worst season of the show.

      • cj says:

        my layman’s answer is our brain’s got too big and we’ve gotten so smart we reason our way out of what our more basic instincts tells us. OR every animal inbreeds a certain amount, we’re just more aware of it, again – cause of the big brains. sorry, not trying to start a thread, but this plot line HAS caused me to think about why incest is seen as so bad. it hasn’t changed my mind, but it’s made me think.

      • firstroyal says:

        except this isnt incest, and not even illegal. The story line is about step siblings, adult step siblings and would cause no birth difects. Sometimes you have to wonder about someone that has no problem watching a someone murdered and then dismemberd, being ok with and then watching someone question their feelings (but not act on) about their STEP sibling.

        If you ask me its kind of a warped sense of morality.

        • moobear says:

          They’re not step, they’re adopted, and when a parent signs an adoption contract it states that from here to forever this adopted child will be viewed exactly the same as a natural born child to this family in the legal eyes of the court. There are a lot of adoptive parents that would bristle if anyone makes the distinction between a birth children and adoptive ones.

          Now the problem we, the fans, have is that adopted, step, or whatever they were raised as brother and sister from a young age, which means that even though Dexter is psychopath, his sister should of developed feelings that can’t eventually change into romantic attraction.

          As for the violence, for the most part Dex is killing people that escaped justice, it’s vigilantism that feeds into our moral outrage. We live in a society and culture that is much more accepting of depictions of violence, so I admit I wonder that if all of the Dexter fans were actually living in ancient Rome, if we would all be at the coliseum cheering for our favorite gladiator. Anyways your assertion that accepting sibling love is the same as accepting all the gore, I find false.

          • catbean says:

            I’d just like to say — and actually I can’t stand my “brother” – as someone adopted with an older brother, who was my parents bio-child, my mother did tell me that the agency discussed with my parents what to do if me and my brother developed romantic feelings for each other even though I was raised since 18 months with him so I don’t think it’s as uncommon as people think since agencies have protocosl in place to discuss the possibility. There really can be a difference in how you feel about your “family” if you are not blood related. Trust me – I know.

      • Paulie says:

        You are right it is practiced and among royals as well…yet most of our reactions are ewww. Sure there are parts of the world that would shrug…but….will be glad when they drop this and get down to business…..of killing

    • Geo says:

      I think a lot of people’s rejection of this storyline isn’t simply some moral stance on incest, it’s 1) the story is not in league with what we’ve been shown about these characters since the beginning of the show, no matter what some may say. If the show has been “hinting” at this all along, they’ve been doing a really terrible job at it; 2) the story feels like an un-needed and desperate subplot from middling writers (Deb discovering Dexter as a killer is more than enough to deal with and THAT storyline the show’s been legitimately building toward for years; 3) the story’s just f*ckin’ stupid.

      • moobear says:

        Oh, I agree there is so much more to dislike with this story line beyond the [adopted] brother and sister angle. It feels contrived, forced, adolescent, and like a cheap ploy, which since we just had a whole season that could be summed up with those exact words it just makes me want to gnash my teeth.

        I just hope that Dexter and company (and by extension the writers and producers) are off the stupid pills and we’ll get the quality show that we’ve grown to expect from these guys.

      • firstroyal says:

        I agree, characters should never change, because people never change. We should watch the same stale characters over and over until it gets cancled.

        • moobear says:

          Last season it wasn’t the characters changing, it was the characters becoming unrecognizable versions of themselves…..seriously Dexter makes his kill room an ACTIVE CRIME SCENE, where he was SENT and he even lite a candle for pete’s sake?!?!?!??! This is just an example of three ridiculous things that Dex did that season, and I wasn’t the only fan that wondered at the inexcusable stupidity shown by the characters, and there is a difference between the showing growth and change versus whatever you want to call last season.

  13. Mc says:

    Yes very gross if they continue with this storyline a dexter and Debra intimate I will not watch this show anymore . That is too bad cause I really lIked it too.

  14. Mina says:

    I hope Dex and Deb have dirty, extended sex scenes on plastic wrap and then he strangles her to death to keep his secret. Because that kind of jaw-dropping jolt might be the only thing that could resuscitate this once brilliant show.
    The places my mind goes…

  15. cj says:

    i’m starting to think/hope they set up this weird & wrong deb-loves-dexter story line in order to make deb’s discovery of dexter and subsequent complicated issues less about family, and more about deb being able to deal with the situation impartially. like maybe she needs to divorce herself from the idea of their being brother/sister (much less lovers BLEGHK) before she can take the “right” step and turn him in… i mean, that’s gotta be the season’s end game right?? is deb gonna turn in dex or not? although if they were REALLY good writers, they would flip that plot-line on it’s head by season’s end – perhaps something to do with yvonne’s character?? like shift the attention from that struggle onto something even more batsh*t crazy, eclipsing the morgan family drama.

    • moobear says:

      My thoughts are that they’ll use the whole ‘I’m in love with him’ to to sway Deb not to turn him in, and she only has a narrow window in which to turn him in, which if she did we would have no show, but if she did wait she becomes an accessory after the fact, and then all the cases that are gong to be handled by her department between the time she knew Dexter’s secret and her turning him in would be basically thrown out, cause even the worse defense attorney would still have a field day with news like this.

  16. A says:

    Can’t wait to see Yvonne. Still in Sarah Walker withdrawal :(

  17. Nina says:

    ughhh… I would be okay with it if it was hinted from say, 2 seasons ago. this is soo coming out of the blue, started with that crazy psychiatrist last season. I mean, come on, would a real psychiatrist told her patient to realize that you’re turned on by your brother, ew.

    • Amy says:

      Psychiatrists will want their patients to acknowledge what they already feel – whether it’s morally right or not. In normally psychology terms, Deb and Dexter became siblings young enough that the westermarck effect would have prevented sexual desires. However this is a TV show…. stuff just happens.

  18. Federico says:

    Funny how everyone is on board with killing spree but incest… oh my god, there you crossed the line showtime. Just think of it as another storyline, it’s not you and your siblings for christ sake.

  19. And just like that, it’s finally sinking in that there will be no Chuck this season. Now I’m bummed.

  20. Dave Chow says:

    It’s not real life. Get a grip.

  21. Catalina says:

    Am I the only one who DOESN’T get “sexy” or “sultry” from these images? I get deception and betrayal.

  22. maxime says:


  23. tamim says:

    Ok, so where is the fine line between brother and sister relations? Is there an age split? Is there some magical mental separation that happens because a court signed a document that states that the brother and sister are now legally related as opposed to begin related as “step-siblings” or growing up in the same house? Does the relationship have to take place over a long period of time? If the pair are raised together but only siblings through marriage, is the relationship considered terminated after a divorce, so all previous psychological preventative measures would thus end as well?

    I know that Dex and Deb were raised as siblings and the adoption paperwork makes everything legal, but how many people had a problem with the relationship in Clueless? The lead couple was raised as brother and sister (at least for a time) and the boy still considered the girl’s father to be his father figure even though his mom had divorced the dad. They were once step siblings, but some time after that situation ended they started dating. As far as I can remember, most people thought it was cute – not a lot of eewwwwsss. Also keep in mind that Dex and Deb have a LOT of issues that lead to “not very normal” thinking. I think Dexter’s writers are wanting to examine the lines that people will accept and are taking this story line because it makes the audience think. Dexter’s brother was fair game for Deb after all, so biologically there is no issue. What if Deb’s attentions had the power to calm Dexter’s dark passenger? Would it be Ok then? or would it still be better if the moral line were held on this issue, but Dexter continued to kill? I’m not saying that I support their choices, I am just very intrigued by the grey areas they are dealing with.

    • Sara says:

      The characters in Clueless were a completely different situation. Their parents were married for a few years when they were teenagers, and they were divorced when the movie took place. Whether he still saw her dad as a father figure or not, the Westermarck effect is already in place by age six, and they didn’t meet until after that point.

      Deb and Dexter were raised together from the time Dexter was three, and if the show follows the books, they’re two years apart, which made Deb a year old when he came into her family. Psychologically, their relationship should be no different than if they were biologically related.

      You really can’t compare the two.

  24. Bender says:

    These don’t look seductive. At all.

  25. Fernanda says:

    Nice butt Dex, I always love you since Six Feet Under

  26. Gina Anderson says:

    Did anyone ever consider that they ARE biologically related? Remember when we found out (Like in season 2) that Harry was having an affair with his Bio Mother? And- Harry came in and yanked him out to adopt him right away when his mother was killed- leaving poor Brian to grow up a psycho with no guidance and become the ice truck killer? Baby Dex was always shown as fair haired, and baby Brian was shown as dark haired like the mother. Harry was Dexters real father, which makes him half sister to Deb. Yikes.

    • tamim says:

      OOhhh, I had forgotten about that. THAT makes things interesting (and much more icky) than simply non-bio-related bro and sis. But, with as much psycho-messes these two have gotten into, I can totally believe that their personal relationship could also get so screwed up that lines could get crossed and they (the characters) barely bat an eye. When you are covered in blood, chopping up bodies, kissing your sister is not such a bad sin.

    • James says:

      Harry wasn’t Dexter’s father. If you remember in season 1 Dexter’s Biological dad dies and Dexter inherent the house. I know a lot of people thing it would be super wrong for them to put in a love story for Dexter and Deb, I honestly wouldn’t mind it so much and not because I support incest. It is just a tv show for one with fictional characters, but the other is the one thing dexter wants is someone to accept him. with season 5 Deb already admitted she has no problem taking a life, so I could see Dexter and Deb becoming a serial killing team, whether its Brother and Sister team or creepy lovers wouldn’t matter as much. I think the fact that Deb is in creepy love with Dexter will make her keep the secret and accept her brother.