True Blood's Stephen Moyer Defends Evil Bill, Recalls Turmoil of Slapping Deborah Ann Woll

True Blood Stephen Moyer Season 5 Episode 12While you’re looking forward to the fifth season finale of HBO’s True Blood (Sunday, 9/8c), Stephen Moyer is already looking back. And who can blame him? This summer has been especially eventful for his toothsome alter ego, Bill Compton. In the span of just a few short weeks, he was transformed from a chivalrous romantic who’d die the true death for lost love Sookie (Moyer’s real-life wife, Anna Paquin) into a religious fanatic who’s not above slugging his own progeny, Jessica. No wonder when the actor thinks about it all, he (mostly) smiles: The ride has been just the way he likes it — bumpy and exciting!

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TVLINE | Are you having as much fun playing Evil Bill as it seems?
You’re saying he’s evil and I’d say he thinks he’s doing the right thing. But I suppose dictators always think they’re doing the right thing. [Laughs] He’s been lost and he’s found something to grab hold of that he thinks is the right way forward… When you play a character you have to ask yourself, “Can I make sense of what’s happening here? Is this authentic?” And if you can sort of find a through line of authenticity, then you can play that beat — which might come across to somebody else as evil. [But] there were a couple of things that were tough to play, and one of those was with Deborah Ann [Woll].

TVLINE | I was going to ask you what it was like slapping her across the room in last week’s episode.
I love the Bill and Jessica relationship. There’s genuine love there. When Sookie turned her back on Bill in Seasons 3 and 4, that was the one affectionate relationship he had left. And so that was a really tough scene to play. But she went against what Bill asked her to do. So, again, that was an authentic reaction.

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TVLINE | When you read that in the script, did you have a moment where you were like, “Um, I have to do what?”
Yeah, we all have those moments. There have been moments that Alex [Skarsgard] and a couple of the other people have questioned this year just to make sure that the reason it happened in the writers room works in our heads. You just have to make sure you’re doing it for the right reasons. Of course I questioned it. Deborah and I adore working together and I wanted to make sure that this was the correct route. The scene in Episode 10 where Bill tries to explain to her that he’s read this book and it’s made a real difference – that was tough as well. That was a really difficult scene because we’re seeing Bill truly believe, and I remember I had a conversation with Alex about it. And he was saying, “What do you think? Are you okay with that?” And I said, “I think I am.” Bill has this belief that what he is doing is right. Whether it is right or not we won’t know until the end. But he is like anybody who goes into a cult. He’s a victim. He’s brainwashed. But to get back to your first question, is it fun to play? Hell yeah.

TVLINE | It seems like it.
There’s been some really enjoyable stuff. Once you commit to it, it’s like, “Okay, Deborah Ann goes flying across the room!” [Laughs] It’s like, “Can we wrap our heads around this? Yes! Okay, then let’s f—ing do it!” And then at that point it’s, “Which hand shall I slap you with, Deb? Do you want to fly over your right shoulder? Do you want to fly over your left shoulder? Do you want to slide on the floor? Do you want to fly through the air?” [Laughs] Once you’ve [committed] to it, it’s just as much fun as every other part of the show.

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TVLINE | Bill and Sookie have had virtually no contact this season. What has that been like?
When I’m at work, [Anna]’s at home. And when I’m at home, she’s at work. And it’s been like that for a couple of years now. Truthfully, we don’t really talk about it. As long as we’re still loving what we do it doesn’t really come up as a topic.

TVLINE | On the flipside, Bill and Eric have spent a lot of time together.  
The whole ‘Bill and Eric on the Run’ thing was really, really fun thing to play. Me and Alex are close so it was great to actually not have to snarl at each other anymore and actually be able to laugh.

TVLINE | Do you recall ever being holed up on one set as much as you have Authority headquarters this season?
It’s interesting that you should say that. We have a great exterior for the Authority headquarters, which is this massive electrical complex outside of Los Angeles. But we’re rarely there. The [interior] of the headquarters is at the lot where we shoot. Consequently, [nearly all of the main] vampires this season are shooting during the day; we had no night shoots. [Laughs] We’re going home at 7 or 8 o’clock at night, which is not the norm. And all the other characters are running around in the dark. If you can think of a time that you saw me and Alex in the dark this season — outside — then it’s probably around Episode 2 or 3. And Episode 5 when we go to the Scooby-Doo haunted mansion. Thankfully, [the Authority set] is so f—ing big.

True Blood‘s fifth season finale airs Sunday at 9/8c on HBO.

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  1. xav says:

    Bill is basically just being a dick about a really good drug trip.

  2. Syrah says:

    So the question was ”Bill and Sookie had virtually no contact this season, what was that like? ” and Stephen Moyer replies to that by telling us about his and Anna Paquins real life? Excuse me, that’s no answer to the question and what do their real lives have to do with the characters they’re portraying. Please remember the difference.

    • xav says:

      That sounds like the exact answer to the question. We know what it’s like for Bill and Sookie to have no contact. We’ve been watching it.

      • Syrah says:

        The question was about the characters of True Blood, and what Stephen Moyer felt about the fact there was barely any contact between Sookie and Bill. Not Stephen and Anna’s daily life.

        • xav says:

          I thought that’s exactly what it was about. Hmmm.

          • Syrah says:

            Nevermind, you don’t seem to get what I mean.

          • PLM says:

            i gotta agree, the question was about the characters…who cares they’re married IRL? dun mix the characters w real life

          • Mike says:

            I have a better question. Who cares how he answered the question? That’s what came to mind when he was asked the question, that’s how he answered it. If the interviewer wasn’t satisfied with the answer they may have rephrased and asked again.

        • Fran says:

          Actually I thought that’s exactly what the question meant- if it was hard to not work with Anna or see her as much. But that’s just me.

        • Liz says:

          No, I think the question was “what was it like (for you & Anna)”, as they usually have more scenes together. So he answered correctly.
          The question was not “what was it like for your character”. At least, that’s how I understand it.

          • Syrah says:

            Maybe, it can be interpreted both ways I think.

          • Yossie says:

            Correct! Because the interview is about HIM, the actor, so the answer was his correct in his point of view. He wasn’t role playing. And because the characters had no contact, he was explaining how it was like for them – husband and wife. Thank you Liz for clarifying.

        • dude says:

          The question was “what has that been like?” How can he answer for the characters? We know what it’s been like for Bill and Sookie. We’ve been watching it.

        • Michael says:

          The question could just have easily been, “what’s it like not having any contact with your wife on set?” Stephen’s answer was a very acceptable response and interpretation. If the interviewer meant something else, he should have specified.

    • dude says:

      He answered the question he was asked. He was asked ‘what’s it been like not working with your wife’ not ‘what are the implications of Bill and Sookie not having contact this season’ he’s not a writer, he can’t answer questions he doesn’t know the answer to. Stop being a fangirl and looking for reasons to rag on him.

    • Patrick Maloney says:

      He didn’t state that he was asking about the characters, so I think there is room for interpretation

    • Sarah says:

      Look, he IS married to her, and they have spent the first few years on screen together, and now they don’t so when he’s asked about Bill and Sookie of course his first thought does to him and his wife. Generally when people ask a question like that it is what they want to know “Is it strange not to be on screen with your wife as much.”

    • Liz Sarkissian says:

      It’s pretty clear that was the intented subject of the question; the question was answered.

    • There was a implication in the question of “considering you’re together in real life,” and so the answer made sense. It was subtext.

  3. Fran says:

    I don’t think Bill’s craziness was done right at all. It happened so fast and didn’t seem believable to me. But then again not much did with this season.

    • dude says:

      They spent too much time playing the “is he really evil or is it all an act?” card before actually revealing that he genuinely believed it.

  4. caronal39 says:

    He is a wuss to me never liked his caracter Biil and never will .

  5. shirley says:

    Leave it to the Crabidz find something wrong with the interview or that Stephen didn’t answer the way “they” thought he should. *smh* haters are always going to hate.

  6. Liz says:

    I think Bill is trying desperatly to believe in something, to have something to hold on to, and he got trapped in a cult, like Stephen said. He is a victim, but at some point, he will have to snap out of it and make a choice: Sookie (and humanity, mainstreaming etc…) or Vampire supremacy & killing everyone.
    We will see. But I think it would go against everything we know about his character if he didn’t snap out of it and save the day in the end. He is a tragic hero after all.

  7. shirley says:

    Also, notice when there’s a question about Bill and Eric, it’s ok that Stephen talks about he and Alex, not the characters. *eyeroll*

    • I think that no matter how he replied Shirley you would not like it.

      • Guest says:

        I think that you should carefully digest what you’re reading before you reply. She was obviously referring to the whiner above who cried about his answer to the question of not having many scenes with sookie this season, and how it’s a bit of a double standard that it wasn’t an issue with said whiner when he spoke of his real life relationship with Alex instead of his character experience.

  8. SemiramisII says:

    Bill is my favourite character and I love that he is front and centre this season. I know the “good” Bill is in there somewhere, and look forward to seeing him back.

  9. Kat says:

    If Bill is so-called ”brainwashed” and ” a victim”, they don’t seem to go all the way with turning him all bad, sadly. Sick of the character by now though.

    • shirley says:

      Kat, you want some cheese with that whine?

      • PLM says:

        ur obviously a bill lover shirley, that’s ur right. not everyone is and many ppl are sick of him for a long time now. dun have to go all offensive on anyone for voicing their opinion

        • yor a you not a us says:

          “many ppl are….”
          Just talk for yourself and let many ppl speak for themselves, kay?

        • Guest says:

          Dun? Not sure where you went to school but so glad I didn’t go there! If you want anyone to take your words seriously, try piecing together a cohesive sentence without the awkward syntax. Actually, I haven’t seen any comments by Shirley that scream ‘Bill lover!’, she’s just calling out the crybabies that flock to voice their disdain for this or that regarding True Blood; there seems to be no end to them these days. Funny thing is, very few of the whiners ever offer any kind of constructive criticism, they just cry, cry, cry. Not that I’m saying people don’t have a right to dislike certain aspect(s) of the show or voice their opinions, but at least offer something beyond ‘I hate (insert topic here).’ At this point, I don’t even bother reading all the hater comments unless they give suggestions or input along with their criticisms. Not many people actually care what other people do or don’t like, especially regarding an obviously polarizing series. People DO tend to care, however, about discussing the show in an educated, intelligent, and respectful manner with other like minded people. It’s a shame there’s not a filter for morons hitting ‘post comment’ and spamming these comment sections with idiotic babble; they would be so much more enjoyable to read if there were. I’m sorry, only the first few lines were directed at you PLM, the rest is just me ranting. While I quite enjoy coming to these articles and reading what others have to say, I am so tired of seeing the same type of complaining over, and over, and over again. My sincere hope is that all those who profess their utter disappointment in this season and claim to be ‘done’, follow through on their word. Please be done, do not watch next season and do not comment on any more things regarding True Blood. Ever. You will not be missed.

          • Guest says:

            I digress, Shirley is definitely a Bill lover.

          • shirley says:

            If anyone thinks I’m not a Bill Lover, you’ve really been in the dark or out of the loop and yes even after the finale, I love Bill more then, clearly he is the star of the show, since no one can stop talking about him. :)

          • Diane says:

            Well, I for one am totally not a Bill or Billith fan. If they were both standing naked in front of me and I could only pick one. It would be Eric, Eric, and tons more Eric! If I could pick two. It still wouldn’t be Bill. I would have to pick Eric and Alcide.

          • cj says:

            Sigh. Ladies please remember it is the character that is important and not the looks of the actor. Alex is very handsome and it seems that many people think he is more handsome than Stephen. I personally appreciate their looks equally. But some ‘fangirls’ as you call them keep mistaking the actor for the character. For example, saying they are sick of Bill’s character and then explaining the reason by saying they would rather see Eric naked than Bill or that Bill looks old and gross and that Eric and Sookie look better together. That is not the point. The story is about characters and their trials and tribulations. In terms of Sookie- both men loved her equally and she was torn between them because of her emotional connection with them.
            In my opinion, it is almost insulting to Stephen that people do not appreciate the complexity of Bill’s character – a man tortured by the fact that he was turned into a vampire against his will and lost his family, and must come to grips with his identity as a vampire- as he said, he believed he had been damned and believed he was a monster. He lost the woman he loved as a consequence of his poor judgement in trying to do the right thing, but in the wrong way. He is trying to find his footing and some meaning in society.
            Anyway, it is one thing to not enjoy a character in terms of the plot /direction of the story, or the portrayal by the actor but I am annoyed when ‘fangirls’ obviously prefer Eric simply because Alex is handsome. Honestly, if Stephen were a lesser man, I am sure he would be annoyed by the whole thing. And I can only imagine that Alex also finds it ridiculous.

            I too thought that Bill’s embracing and rising to a leadership role in the cult was too rushed. They should have taken time to explain his motivations and his discovery that the belief filled a void in his life. Similarly, Nora quickly (too quickly) came to her senses. But all in all the actors did a fantastic job. cheers. I am excited to see what on earth they will do with this Billith character and my heart bleeds (no pun intended) for the Sookie-Bill relationship, while being excited to see how the Eric-Sookie relationship will go. In many ways, I agreed with her decision to leave them both…or….maybe she should go back to her previous (dream) idea of ‘LOVING’ them both and them being hers lol. I also love the family that is forming amongst Bill, Eric, Pam, Sookie, Tara, Jason, Jessica, Alcide etc. It’s cute and fun. I would like to see Russel Edginton back – he was a worthy adversary.


  10. Leif says:

    SM always brings up Alex in his interviews. Otherwise what would be the point of reading it? LOL

    • Liz says:

      And here is an Alex fan who doesn’t have a pb offending Bill fans or even the actor himself! (how nice to see you can make the difference between the character & the actor….).
      When will you people understand that these two are great pals?

    • lorna says:

      They’re very good friends. Would you prefer them to never mention each other?

  11. andrea says:

    I actually believe bill can turn like this, he never like himself as a vampire and he always want to believe in something not to mention he always want to be someone important that kind people actually really easy pray for a cult, the one thing that bother me is, it is too fast, I think there was too many unnecessary plot this season, so we can’t see the transformation as detail as it should, the same thing about nora too, she suddenly awake and realize she was wrong after all of that? c’mom really? next season please just put the Important plot, sometime less is more

  12. LAR says:

    I had to stop and try to think why Bill and Eric were even on the run in the first place, that’s how convoluted this season has been! And Bill’s fall into demise has made no sense really. I think about The Vampire Diaries (sorry to compare) and the comparable storyline of Stefan going off the deep end to become evil, and it made sense! He hadn’t been drinking human blood for years, in the past it made him “the ripper” and therefore it brought that out in him when he started drinking blood again. Plus the fact that he was forced to go on the road with Klaus after he made the deal to save Damon. Bill’s actions have no reason behind them! It’s like he was this great guy seasons 1 and 2, then all of the sudden he is a power hungry, religous zealot!

    • Fran says:

      I actually like your comparision :) Stefan’s transformation did make sense. Bill being evil seemed to to come out of nowhere. He was the King last year and completely against killing humans and then bam, all of sudden he changes his mind. I just wish it had been thought out a little better.

      • Galiana says:

        He had his own procurer last year, just like Sophie Ann. “Tru Blood only” was just for show. Just as the “great guy” from S1 & S2 was just for show. He had several secret agendas, let Sookie get beaten within an inch of her life so he could drug her with his blood & manipulate her and then tried to kill Eric & Pam to keep his secret. He looked very content with Lorena back when he was killing prostitutes and again during their killing spree in Chicago. He’s always been power-hungry, that was revealed in S4. And back in S1, we learned he was in a nest with Malcolm, Liam & Diane after he left Lorena. So this didn’t exactly come out of nowhere.

  13. sunny says:

    Bill, a victim??? Brainwashed?? WTF?? BILL does the victimizing and brainwashing, not the other way around. I am so sick of the inumerable excuses trotted out to justify Bill, while poor Sookie is left to defend herself from charges of being stupid, etc. BILL has victimized HER and brainwashed HER. Will this ever be made plain or will True Blood continue to act like Bill deserves our sympathy and understanding while the protagonist does not?

    • dude says:

      And Eric hasn’t?

      • Rae says:

        Maybe I just have different opinions of manipulation or something, but when has eric not been upfront with sookie except when he tricked her into drinking his blood?

        • That’s a pretty big “except” — except for the time that he tricked her into bonding herself to him for life…

          • sunny says:

            EXCEPT when Eric tricked Sookie into drinking his blood, he SAVED her from injury or possible death. Bill CAUSED Sookie GRIEVOUS bodily injury when he did the EXACT SAME THING. EXCEPT in Bill’s case, it was worse than a trick it was a criminal assault that would have resulted in an arrest if his victim hadn’t been so screwed up by the powerful hallucinagenic blood he forced down her throat. At least Sookie made the DECISION to help the man who SAVED HER LIFE.

    • Sarah says:

      If you hate one of the main character so much you might be better of not watching, seeing how you’re so sick of it. He’s an actor. He gives HIS point of view. This is HIS opinion of the character he has played for years.

      • Sandra L. says:

        You don’t have to like all the characters to be a fan. Duh!

      • sunny says:

        I’m not sick of the show, I’m sick of the stupid crap people say about the show. Like your comment. This dumb line of Billsh*t defense comes up all. the. time. Just because fans hate the villain of the piece doesn’t mean those fans should stop watching the show. If you love the villain so much that’s your business. Enjoy!

  14. Skarsgardian says:

    Why, TVLine? WHY did you not ask him about the Eric-Bill piggyback ride? Some of us are trying to live vicariously here, you know!! ;)

  15. Romagirl says:

    Great interview. Glad to hear the actor’s take on it. He obviously has the best frame of reference on it. The descent of Bill into madness has been brilliantly acted by Stephen. Looking forward to the finale this Sunday.

  16. Tracy says:

    He did a good job on the Jessica scene. I agree, his ‘transformation’ happened way to fast to be believeable, but so did Eric’s friendship with Bill. The Eric we know from previous seasons would not have tried so hard to save Bill this season. When exactly did he have a change of heart? Immediately after he got his memories back or when Sookie dumped him because she wasn’t over Bill? *rolls eyes* In fact, at this point, it would make Eric’s life easier if Bill died the true death.

    • Nellibly says:

      I think you hit the nail on head. The characters are way out of character this season. And, with so many plot lines, there wasn’t enough time to provide any insight as to why. I hope the series can back on track next year.

      • sunny says:

        What was so out of character about Bill knocking Jessica across a room? WAY before he got ‘vampire religion’ he was knocking her across the room because she ‘went against what he asked her to do’, ie to not feed on humans. Only she *wasn’t* feeding on Hoyt she was simply kissing a sweet boy. But Bill, ever the monkey-jump first ask questions later type, didn’t take the time to notice there was no sign of blood anywhere. What, did his hyper-senses of smell and sight fail him? Or perhaps he just felt like throwing something because the Viking had just made the first successful sortie into his territory. ‘Sookie is mahn!’ Hmmmmmmmm….

        • shirley says:

          You mean like when Eric grabs Pam by throat, almost rips her head, or maybe the part when he disowned her because she didn’t listen to him at the end of S4.

  17. Adam says:

    The only reason Im looking forward to the finale is cause this season just needs to end. Its pretty terrible.

  18. Miri says:

    I am not looking forward to the end of this season! In fact I am enjoying this season quite a bit. Moyer’s portrayal of Bill’s descent into religious fervor has been outstanding. I too agree that the change was a little too rapid but having said that, I am loving “bad” Bill’s hotness. TB STILL rocks!!

  19. idontcarewhatyousay says:

    Bill needs to die. Like, now.

    • shirley says:

      idontcarewhatyousay, good luck with that lol

    • shinystar says:

      I used to like Bill. But I got tired of him being shoved down my throat, after finding out he set up Sookie to be beaten I saw him in a different light. He should have been gone after season 3 finale. And now, Yes, Bill is an annoying worthless character. Stop wasting screen time with this ugly mug! Less stupid characters like him and more characters that audience actually wants to see more of, like Pam, Tara, Eric may be Sookie (if she stops being stupid and angry all the time).

      • shirley says:

        What’s it like to want? Stephen/Bil is the best thing to happen to TB. Talk about bitter. Go back to reading your “books”

        • Ana says:

          A lot of people who never read the books dislike Bill and find him annoying/gross/despicable. Are we all supposed to be fans of the guy who arranged to have Sookie brutally beaten and who is a religious terrorist? Well, I’m not. No thanks.

          BTW, Bill is hardly the best thing that happened to TB. Otherwise, he would be more popular. But he’s not. :D

          • shinystar says:

            There are many reasons trubies hate Bill. Shirley, you are known for being a nasty hardheaded Bill fan, and you prove it every time. He gets fans that he deserves.

            Eric has always been True Blood star and the reason it has such ratings. You know it, but it hurts to admit it. Sorry.

          • shirley says:

            LOL Also Eric gets the fans he deserves. Poor Alex.

  20. Leif says:

    Alan Ball said “Everybody loves a bad boy.” and “We are taking Bill *really* dark”

    LMAO ! First Bill is the romantic hero, then the kidnap victim, then the king, now he’s a baddie religious freak. *eyeroll*. Nothing is working out for Bill.
    You could dye his hair blonde, give him lifts, make him fly, speak Swedish, and Bill is never going to be as cool or popular as Eric.
    Give it up Alan. Oh wait you already did. *smirk*

    • Liz says:

      Wow… Bitter much? And btw, Alan Ball, the one you’re making fun of, you know, the Oscar winner? He is the reason why we have the show in the first place…
      Not that you care, you’re twelve.

      • Leif says:

        You’re mistaken, banger. I LOVE that Alan Ball has brought the beehl hate from the books to the screen. Way to keep to the spirit, awesome job! If anyone is bitter it’s the cronies at BWW lol. Reading over there the past few days has been a constant source of LOL’s.
        Seems y’all got your pantaloonies in a bunch. Enjoy the finale, I know I will. :)

  21. Sandra L. says:

    From King to fundamentalist. Bad season for Bill.

  22. Christine says:

    I can’t help but feel as if Alan Ball and co. have mangled a once awesome tv show. The books provided a terrific anchor but the further they veered from the source material the worse it became. This season is frankly a very pale shadow. Forcing subplots about Terry and other characters who are best as supporting players leaves little time for the core characters that people tune in to watch. The Authority story line is a bust. The characters are doing wildly out of character things that make no sense.

    • Kelly says:

      Totally agree with you! The show has always been broad in the sense of characters. They have a huge cast. But there are leading roles in the show with better developed characters and those are the ones we tune in for. Granted, some of the characters that were supposed to be leads have not been as popular with the viewers as some of the recurring characters. Eric and Pam quickly grew in popularity for example.

      I think the showrunners need to either shorten the subplots of some of the other characters or get rid of them altogether. I mean, I watch each 50-55 mins episode for just a few of the characters and they end up with about 15-20 mins of screen time at the very most. The rest of the episodes are about characters and storylines I’m not at all interested in. They need to cut down on supporting characters and/or their plots so they can focus on the leading characters and their storylines.

      Also, the whole Authority part of this season (which is pretty much the entire season) hasn’t been very interesting and should’ve only been given an arch of about three episodes in my opinion.

      I have actually enjoyed evil Bill (except I would’ve been grateful for a proper explanation of his sudden 180) and I hope he stays “evil” into the next season. I do love everything Eric so I can’t really complain about any of his scenes this season, but I think he’s been a little too good lately. Where is the colder, snarkier and more antagonistic Eric from the earlier seasons? Even if I did enjoy innocent, sweet Eric of season 4, I kinda miss the old Eric.

      So to sum up, get rid of some of the supporting characters and focus on the leads and the more popular characters. With less characters to take into consideration for the season 6 arch, there is a bigger chance of actually delving into the remaining characters and make their storylines interesting and believable.

      So give me a season 6 of Sookie, Eric, Bill, Jessica, Pam/Tara and Jason and cut Sam, Luna, Arlene, Terry and Alcide (even though I love the chemistry he has with Anna/Sookie) from the show. Also, work more on LaFayette’s storyline. Loved his character in the first couple of seasons but am now getting bored with his storyline. Nelsan is great as LaFayette – give him something more interesting to work with.

      This got longer than I had intended. …Sorry.

  23. Christine says:

    I think you can see hints of Moyer’s own confusion about the actions and direction of this season.

    • nymerias says:

      I agree with this statement, in every interview he gives he never seems to really ‘get it’. I wonder the same thing with Alan Ball and the writers as well. It seems as if the vision they see in their head while they are writing it does not come off how they want. At least that is what i

  24. nymerias says:

    I agree with this statement, in every interview he gives he never seems to really ‘get it’. I wonder the same thing with Alan Ball and the writers as well. It seems as if the vision they see in their head while they are writing it does not come off how they want. At least that is what I hear when I listen to their comments on ‘inside the episode’. Sorry for the double post, I accidently posted before I was done.

    • shirley says:

      Maybe you all don’t “get it”!!!

      • nymerias says:

        Oh I get it, trust me! It is obvious we are not watching the same show but no biggie. I have my opinion and you have yours so don’t get so uptight, no need to raise your blood pressure over my opinion of a ‘fictional character’.

  25. LuvBill4ever says:

    Thank you for an interesting interview with the lovely and talented Stephen Moyer. I enjoyed hearing his take on Bill and his actions. It’s nice that he is enjoying playing Bill and he is doing an awesome job! It’s unfortunate that the Bill haters continue to spoil the fun for everyone. I wonder why they even bother reading and commenting on an interview with Stephen when they know he will be talking about a character they hate.

    • mollie says:

      LuvBill4ever ~ so agree with you! Haterz gonna hate. Dont let them spoil anything for you. They are not worth it. Obviously, what they fail to understand is Stephen is ‘guarding’ his words, as to not give away certain spoilers as he talks candidly and expounds on Bill’s character and uncoming plotlines. ^That’s why he may take a moment to reflect. Not that he doesn’t ‘understand’ his character’s motivations or the direction of TB. That’s the haterz problem, if something is happening they don’t agree with. Too bad. All the cast understand their characters perfectly well. Haterz will never ‘get it.’ Stephen is amazing as Sang Bill! He is flexing his ‘acting chops’ and he is totally mesmerizing while doing it! BRAVO!

  26. Gary says:

    In my opinion, Bill is a self preserver and extremely clever so he does what’s necessary to stay alive (and keep his loved ones alive)..I think he just underestimated Liliths blood and being in a den with other powerful vamps and his ruse became his reality

  27. priscilla ramirez says:

    Who cares about the questions. And how he answered them. He answered wat needed to be answered. I just hope next season is better. Can’t wait for Anna to give birth so she can get it on already.

  28. Cantbelievewearealladults says:

    I hate this season! None of the actors have been given much good stuff. I think they r doing their best with it though. I find Bill and Eric’s characters both hard to swallow this season. Oh well maybe next season will be better?? Let’s hope

  29. bobbie says:

    I was watching an old episode of Midsomer Murders, and I thought I recognized one of the actors, so I had to imdb it to see who it was — Stephen Moyer! I had no clue it was him, was very surprised to find out he’s British! Really awesome actor.

  30. Jamie says:

    I understand the Bill Hate, he’s a complete douche right now but Stephen is such a lovely man, omg I met him a couple years ago and he was the sweetist out of almost the whole cast, between him and KSvB! I adore Moyer and don’t care much for Bill tho, shame on all the hate against him!

  31. kelli says:

    I actually really miss sookie having a love life its really interesting finding out about her parents and what really happened to them its also really great to see Jason and her get close and their relationship growing but I miss the love aspect of the show and the sweetness of it it was so innocent watching sookie and bill fall in love and seeing that’s don’t like bill as a mean guy I just can’t take that bill seriously he’s to sweet to be that mean

  32. priscilla ramirez says:

    I agree ^

    • kelli says:

      Yeah the show is just starting to feel like your watching a bunch of different stories not just one that ties together anymore I mean sookie hadn’t even worked really and there’s been no relationship with her and Sam at all I feel like the shows getting to far away from its roots

  33. Emily says:

    This season is just fifty shades of awful with a few golden moments…makes me sad. I’m not even excited about the finale.

  34. marced says:

    You people that only know how to hate are disgusting, it is shamefull the disrespectfull manner in which you refer to Stephen Moyer and his character. Stephen Moyer is an amazing actor he has nothing to envy from any other actor in True Blood. And he certainly knows how to play a character that raises the passion of those who watch True Blood, wether it be negative or positive.

    • Ana says:

      Your post is ridiculous. People are entitled to express their opinions. If someone thinks SM overacts, or if they think Bill is a despicable character. They have a right to say so.

  35. Jessica is seriously the only reason I keep watching this show. She’s the only character that keeps me engaged enough to watch this. Pam is starting to grow on me, too. But, man, I wish True Blood would meet Kill Bill and just end this thing.

  36. elmo says:

    Stephen is such an wonderful actor and it’s always a pleasure to hear about how he creates Bill.

    • mollie says:

      Totally agree with you there, elmo. Stephen can convey more in his eyes without any dialogue spoken, than some actors can with three pages of dialogue! lol He’s a wonderful actor. And that’s why AB and HBO offered him the Lead Male role in TB! He also has the most perfect chemistry on screen with Anna Paquin. She said, in a recent interview, it was totally evident when they did what’s called a ‘chemistry read’ when they first auditioned for the parts of Bill&Sookie. Their compatibility just jumps off the screen. Alan Ball is quite the match~maker;)

  37. tvdiva says:

    On the HBO web site the Inside the Episode video for Sunset shows Alan Ball and others discussing turning Bill evil and how they think Stephen Moyer did. You can also see an extended trailer for the finale on YOUTUBE which shows Eric along with Tara and Nora asking Sookie to come and save Bill. Eric believes she is the only one who can talk him into leaving Lilith. The finale is going to be great, but probably just a sestup for a long season of war next summer.

  38. MaryAnn says:

    I absolutely detest the entire Vampire Authority story line. All of them are so out of touch with reality and so over the top that they are simply not interesting to watch, just silly. And the worst of it is what they have done with Bill’s character. I always felt he was something of the “hero” of the show, and they have totally turned him into the either the brainwashed victim or the “big bad” — which ever they intend, it is equally unappealing. I hope the finale leaves things in not such a bad place for next season. This season just feels like a bridge between here and there without any merit on its own.

  39. Ana says:

    Bill is a weak minded fool who has become a religious terrorist. I have as much sympathy for him as I had for Osama bin Laden. With his “brilliant” plan to bomb the Tru Blood factories in order to force mainstreaming vampires to feed on humans, he has done more evil than the Rattrays, Rene, Reverend Newlin, Mary Anne, Lorena, Queen Sophie-Anne, Russell Edgington, and Marnie combined. He’s the worst.

  40. Fran says:

    I get the Bill hate- but why does no one mention the awful things Eric has done?

  41. Michelle says:

    I really disliked this season. I liked Bill as the romantic hero and I hope he returns to normal. I hate the idea that next season will be all about war between Vamps and humans. This season was way too dark for me. Why turn Bill dark you already have Russel. I like Eric the way he is, and I agree Sookie needs a relationship. Please do something better with Tara, I love her character also Lafaette.

    • mollie says:

      I agree Michelle! Bill has always been the romantic ‘tragic hero’ and Alan Ball described Bill as such. However, on a practical note, after actors have been playing the same persona in a long~time running successful series like True Blood, they naturally crave to do something different. They want to shake up their character’s direction, so to speak. Tara/Rutina received renewed ‘life’ after becoming a vampire. She was giddy about having scenes with other cast members that she had not ‘acted’ with before. And being a vamp gives Rutina a chance to explore ‘new’ direction in her character/acting skills. I suspect the same is very true for Stephen Moyer. ‘Bill’ has been on a fantastic journey since being ‘turned,’ living beyond his years, his struggles with his Maker and having found the ‘love of his life,’ and losing her. It was explained to us earlier this season that Bill is ‘searching for something to believe in’ now that he doesn’t have Sookie any more. So taking Bill on this horrifying trip down the Rabbit Hole into the Authority with Lilith’s blood changing his perspective, affords Stephen Moyer an opportunity to explore something different inside of vampire Bill. Just as his ‘directoral debut’ did. It’s something different and challenging. The powers~ that~ be at HBO want to keep their primary actors happy. So having Bill explore his darkside in Season 5 was the perfect way to accomplish that.

  42. Cantbelievewearealladults says:

    Stephen Moyer is a superb actor! I am semi obsessed with him now since TB lol

  43. NJ says:

    The “Bill and Sookie have had no contact” question, IMO, was “What has it been like for Bill?” SM says that his character is now lost and looking for something to believe in. Has B/S lack of contact caused him to lose his way? Did Sookie somehow anchor him and make him long for his humanity. Did her fae presence, love, light (or maybe even her blood) make an impression upon him and cause him to make different choices?

    Also, I can’t imagine Work not coming up between you and your spouse, especially if you have the same profession and employer but whatever. lol

    I wish that Bill/SM would just take ownership of the deeds and stop trying to lay blame elsewhere or justify his actions. Bad Boys are unapologetic, they don’t give a f*ck what anyone thinks. Bill would be respected more. Might determine the rights among dictators but their atrocities against humanity are still wrong. They just don’t give a crap and are willing to make all the heartless choices necessary to attain their goals.

    What’s more relatable, to me, is that Bill is tired of being the low man on the totem pole. He couldn’t protect himself or those he loved by being QSA’s or Nan’s flunky. He refuses to be pushed around by Kings, Sheriffs or the Authority so he decided to do something about it. I can respect that. He also hates being a slave to his vampire nature. Pam called him “Self-Loathing, Power Hungry and Pompous.” Those attributes make him easily influenced by Lilith because she feeds his ego and tells him what he wants to hear: You are top dog and you don’t have to do anyone’s bidding. Humans are food. You can have your fill of them, guilt free.

  44. Diane says:

    This season of True Blood is the only season I want the show to meet the true death. So, I can forget about it. I am looking forward to a much better season next year.

  45. Wow…ironically, one of the things that makes this country great is our freedom of speech. However, sadly, its one of the things that can also destroy a great thing! In retaliation for the bs that comes from those dumbass people thinking that the way that they feel is the only (right) way, I really wish it were legal to stake them, silver them, or, for the extra ignorant, I wish I could get a vamp friend to suck them dry, while biting them in as many places possible, and dragging it out over a long period of time.

  46. Proper B says:

    If you didnt like this season then you just couldnt keep up with the others because there were alot things that were hinted in previous seasons then this 1 just brought them to life so please dont say this season sucked because your a Dummy.

  47. Leif says:

    There’s your Alan Ball swansong! Y’all loved it right? RIGHT???

  48. Lesa says:

    I love Bill from the moment i saw the pilot… making him evil i dont like.. so much has changed this season.. Stephen is one of my favorite actors..

  49. Piggymonster says:

    I really enjoyed the past 4 seasons. But in season 5, it got bumpy…Eric turned too good to Bill, Bill is just impossible (his descent to evil is incomprehensible), with all those blasphemous nonsense (seriously. Lilith?! Just can’t take her, drives me nuts), & Sookie!(my favorite character) the writers made her look stupid & boring (somebody please make her interesting again!).

  50. Alina says:

    I disliked Bill before Season 5 because, despite loving Sookie, he was a whiny, power hungry, manipulative bastard most of the time. Season 5 just topped everything though… after 4 seasons of him feeling guilty over the humans he killed he embraces Lilith because he can finally justify all his crimes against humanity? Really? If that doesn’t prove how weak his character really is, I don’t know what is.

    Stephen’s remark on him being sort of a cult victim rings true. It’s the only way to play it… but I fail to see how this is supposed to endear the character to the viewers. Bill fell for it and betrayed everyone in the process (I know I’m mixing fandoms but freakin’ Mac/Molly – Tina Majorino – died because of it). And if that wasn’t enough, Eric’s story made him look even worse by comparison.

    I really hope the producers/screen writers are smart enough to ignore the fact that Stephen and Anna are a couple in real life, Bill is not likable enough to be the love interest in the show.