Soaps Shocker, Part 2: Susan Flannery to Exit The Bold and the Beautiful After 25 Years

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before, but…. an original cast member of The Bold and the Beautiful has decided to part ways with the CBS sudser after more than 25 years.

Not two weeks after Ronn Moss announced his own decision to vacate the role of Ridge, castmate Susan Flannery, who plays grand dame Stephanie Forrester, has reportedly given notice as well, sources tell CBS Soaps In Depth.

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Per SID, Flannery — who has four Emmys on her mantel, including one from her stint as Days of Our Lives‘ Laura Horton — has inked a short-term deal to stay with B&B long enough for TPTB to pen a proper exit for Stephanie. (Moss’ Ridge, meanwhile, is being written off of the canvas temporarily and then likely recast.)

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Flannery, Moss, Katherine Kelly Lang (Brooke) and John McCook (Eric) were known as B&B‘s “core four,” all having been with the show since its 1987 debut. Of the two remaining original players (“The True Two”?), Lang recently shared her plans to keep on keeping on. “I’m very happy to tell you that I have re-signed my contract with The Bold and the Beautiful for two more years,” she said in a statement. “[Showrunner] Brad [Bell] has come up with an exciting new storyline for Brooke that I think the fans are going to love.”

B&B fans, what do you make of this latest jaw-dropper?

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  1. Mary says:

    Bye Bye, Bold and the Beautiful. What’s the point without Stephanie? They could survive without Ridge, but Stephanie?

    • don says:

      true. give it up.

    • natalie says:

      just because stephanie and ridge are leaving doesnt mean we should give up on b&b i mean what would i do without it

      im 14 and in love with b&b

    • blaster says:


    • blaster says:

      Stephanie is the anchor …. I’m thinking the cancer will return and they will kill her off because there is no way they can recast her. Just seems too sad though ..

    • Ronn says:

      I agree!! Stephanie makes the show.Thats the only reason why I watch it.

    • suzi says:

      Yes , I am so upset that she will leave, there would be no point without her. She is such a great act ores and lovely lady. She will be missed a lot. I guess the directors little by little prepared Brook as a mature woman now to take over after she leaves. I totally understand Stephanie’s age and she deserves time with her family.But I will miss her so much. I wish her the best in life and a long healthy one.Thanks for giving us such wonderful time during all these years. Best of all dear Stephanie!

      • I totally understand what you are saying Suzi. I have watched B&B for a very long time and the feelings you have is almost like a family member that you are very close to. I have watched the battles that she played out as matriarch and the low times as she prepares to leave. However I understand that the way she is leaving the show, will bring back all the memories and people that were part of her character as Stephanie Forrester, including a flashback of her nemesis Sally Spectra! Let’s all wish her well and know that she will definitely be leaving her mark in daytime television.

        • May Stamper says:

          Yes she will be truly missed. She,s like a member of the family. B & B will never be the same.

          • Janet Brown says:

            Yes I agree, I have watched b&b for as long as I can remember. Yes stephine makes the show
            and it isn’t going to be the same without her, also she is a very beautiful woman.she is going to be dearly missed. Good luck to u stephine Forster.

    • I totally agree, but I do also believe that there are other strong woman actors out there to keep the character of Stephnie. No Stephnie is no Bold & Beautiful. NO-one can match Susan Flannery but there are very strong seasoned actors who could continue the role; I honestly believe to kill off the character is a huge mistake. That show will come to an end. It already seems to becoming the Hope and Liam show… almost have me ready to stop watching. I love the character Stehpnie Forrester.

      • Carol cook says:

        I have watched the show since it started. Now that ridge and Stephanie are gone it is not the same. I want to see Liam and steffy together, get rid of hope she had her chance. The writers go back and forth, first ridge and Brooke, then ridge and Taylor. Now Liam and hope. Please get some new story lines, it is getting old. I am going to stop watching it.

        • Jo says:

          What I want to know is after Caroline fell from Bill’s porch and everyone ran off to the hospital, Who was minding the baby Will?

        • Sue Taylor says:

          Bring in new actors, not just back and forth with ridge, Taylor, Brooke / Liam,Hope, Wyatt
          New people, new plots PLEASE

          • Carolina says:

            I could not agree more. The storyline with Hope and Liam is akin to the shirt that fades over time with too many washings. The ‘love triangles’ of any drama are good for a bit but tire quickly. The character of Quinn is relatively well done. Every good story needs a villain and I’m glad to see her pairing up with Deacon, somewhat. Develop that story, even Wyatt’s frustration with her. The writers could work that for some time. But end this ridiculousness with Hope and Liam. They deserve each other, both can be very superficial and as soon as they hooked up again I could visualize yet another brand new wedding gown being designed for the same person! Ugh!!

    • I happen to agree with Mary. What is the point without this star. I also think the way you let ridge go is stupid. He has always been whimpy when it comes to makong a decision about which women he wants to be with. This never made him mre attractive too me, jusyt thought he was stupid.

      • charmaine says:

        I agree with Kathleen, I am sick of him he is a whimp, he can be replaced. I also think that was a stupid story line on how he left the show. Brad Bell you have to do bett

    • Margarita from Sacramento says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE WITH THE COMMENTS FROM MAGGIE ON OCT 20, 2012 Liam and Hope belong together. Bring them togehter now, the Liam Steffy Hope triange is getting SUPER BORING. Liam and Hope BELONG together. I always like Taylor but now anymore, she is helping her daughter be a wh____. the story line is so boring now but I will say that if Liam and Steffy stay together, I will no long watch the soap. I will stick with Y&R and thats it. come on writers, do something good.

      • Kelly says:

        It’s a soap opera, not real life. Chill out! I think the writers are doing a good job keeping it mixed up. You know, Stephie, Liam and Hope. This kind of drama is what we want and it would’nt hurt to have a little more. I say keep it new and fresh.

      • Show Me says:

        Well I am sick of the Liam and Steffy crap. The writers have made her the same slut just not” from the valley”, that Stephanie always tried to make Brook. Steffy called Brook a homewrecker and then look what she’s done. She went after everyone that Hope showed an interst in. Hope Loves Liam and gave him her First time and violated her morals because she was pushed by more than one person. Now look what that creep has done to her. He is so like Ridges character. Same old story line. Can’t he ever stop & look at what Steffy did over and over, back stabbing Hope and manipulating Liam. Using sex and her LACK of morals to get him into the sack. What they need to do is bring in some good looking hunk, let him fall for Hope and then let Steffy get the hots for him. Then let this new dude see what kinda of jealous ho she really is and let him tell her so!!! Let Liam have a taste of his own medicine when steffy can’t decide between him or the guy who is nuts over Hope. Hopes character deserves better!! The good guys(girls) need to win occasionally!!! And I have watched the show since the very beginning!!

        • Karen says:

          you aint lying about Steffy I can’t stand her but I think she and Liam deserves eachother. I want Hope back with Oliver

        • Melverina McGhin says:

          I totally agree with everthing u wrote. U hit the nail right on the head!!

        • MEB says:

          Pfffff Your Hope is the most boring hypocrite bitch!! so immaculate and unreal! I dislike this character so much – she has no sense of adventure, nothing whatsoever going for her!I. Wish they would write off this character from the show!!! BORING BORING BORING!!!!!!!

        • Anita Gibson says:

          Ditto except I was through with Liam when he was so tacky and gave Stephie the same ring that He had given Hope.

      • Chioma Johnson says:

        To the person who said that liam and hope belong together…….WRONG!!!!!!! Liam is better with STEFFY………. Now they BELONG together

        • Angela Smith says:

          I totally agree with you Chioma,liam definitely need to stay with steffy, hope is a woosie and needs to grow. if u ask me it,s about time her and her momma get what,s coming to them.

      • mrs. collins says:

        right on liam and hope should be together. isnt the bold and beautiful surpost to be about true love like hope and liam

    • bonnie says:

      Cannot imagine TV without Susan Flannery. She will never be replaced but understand she probably wants time with her family and retirement. Best of luck to you Susan; we will never forget you.

    • Merpie says:

      I also agree that the show will not be the same without Stephanie(Susan) or Ridge(Ronn). You can try to recast the parts but, those two people can not be replaced. Besides the story line has become to much one sided for the Logan family,and since it started I always loved that this soap kept it more to the Forrester’s family, to me the main reason I watched it. Not sure if I want to keep watching it! But to Stephanie and Ronn “THANKS”.

    • I agree completely. Brad Bell HAS MADE A HORRIFIC MESS of what was and has been one of the best soaps to survive TV. He should have given Ronn Moss (Ridge) more money to stay and he should, if he is smart, allow Susan Flannery (Stephanie) to disappear on her own and get a new lung and return when she is ready after getting a much needed rest. Brad Bell certainly lacks the creativative his parents had. Watch for Bold and Beautiful to lose viewers and disppear within 12 months. Now Stephee Forrester is leaving too. What a loser this guy is to allow a great show to fall apart because of greed.

      • Mayanna says:

        Thats true ,the ones that have followed this soo long will not continue bye bye…..

      • Dawn Craig says:

        Totally agree. The writing of this show has become a joke. So sick of wishy-washy Liam, stupid Hope, evil Steffy and the most unbelievable psychiatrist of all time, Taylor. Get rid of them all.

        • Sally says:

          I don’t like Hope either. She’s a Logan and they are so stupid. She reminds me of Brooke who is an opportunist and sleeps with her own daughters’ and sister’s men, married her own father-in-law Eric who was her mother’s first love, married her brother-in-law Thorne. I think Liam should stay with Stephie because she does not pressure him. She is not evil, she’s just smart. She really loves him unconditionally. I can bet that Liam will choose Stephie even before he learns of the baby.

          • Helena Nilsson says:

            Liam and Steffie needs to be the big and lasting love couple! It would be fun to have a nice lovestory in between all the madness.
            Hope is too nice, whose that sickeningly nice? You can overdo niceness too! Growe up is my advice!
            I rather follow Liams and Steffies lovestory than Ridges and Brookes. I really hope that we’ll see lots of children and lots of love between Liam and Steffie!

          • Carolina says:

            I could not agree more. the whole Liam/Hope story line has run its course. Steffie is much better for Liam and can help him grow up. We’ve already suffered through the bouncing back and forth love when Ridge couldn’t make up his mind. We do NOT need to see it with Steffie. And I agree that Hope is ridiculously and sickeningly sweet. She’s gone far from the character that was suppose to be such a role model for young women. Now she acts too much like Brooke…all for me…none for you. Hope should give Oliver a chance. He didn’t deserve the way she dumped him. If Liam doesn’t stay with Steffie than he doesn’t deserve her!!

      • Kelly says:

        Not true. I will continue to follow the show. I like the new and fresh stuff. Let Susan retire and enjoy her life. Would love to see new and younger actors.

      • Jone G. says:

        I agree with what Mary Ann has said. Please find away to keep Susan Flannery on the show. I have watch this show from the begining. It has be apart of my life, because I was a stay at home Mom. So you see it was apart if my day.
        Thank You, Jone

    • Elsa Caceres says:

      they will survive
      but the show will not be the same
      she is a class act!
      will she go to another show?
      or something totally different?

      thanks for the wonderful opportunity to see your work!

    • keisha says:

      I sure hope Brooks new storyline does not include her sleeping with her sisters husband give us a break already stop making her the neighborhood whore and you should refuse some story lines Taylor did when they wanted herewith Eric

      • kimzy says:

        HA HA , I am sure there is going to happen something between her and BILL I already starting to accept that, I have lost respect for the character Katie I really loved her I know about this form of depression but she did know what she was getting into when she decided to have the baby, its out of her character to do this, the only reason I can think of that would leave an answer is all the things Bill has done and what caused her nearly death, maybe that is why she is reacting to this so hard.

    • sherrie says:

      I agree with you they cant survive without Stephanie.

    • Island Girl says:

      I have always wondered why the show is only 30 min. All the other soaps are 1 hour. And even though Stephanie has to go i did not appreciate the way she left. She should have gotten a better send off. She was and still will be the lead of the story even tho she is no longer acting.

    • Kimberly says:

      I cannot believe this, there is no BB without her anyone knows who is going to play ridge? that they wrote of Stephanie by letting her die I don’t understand I am so tired of watching right now but hope the storyline will be so interesting that you start to follow again

    • Geneva Lemon says:

      Stephanie will be missed dearly. She makes the show. Never did care about Ridge he is not a good actor.

    • Angel says:

      I for one, wont see it anymore; Sry to see Susan go; loved her so much since she was Laura….

      • Fredrick M. Henry says:

        This soap is becoming boring. This is my best soap. The Bold and the Beautiful. I love Brooke, I don’t like what she is doing to Katie. Liam and Hope want be none for Hope. Hope is in love with Liam’s brother. This soap is on the last string. If, they don’t get any new and exciting story lines. Off the air is coming soon for this soap.

    • Angela says:

      I agree Stephanie made the show

      • Fredrick says:

        The Bold and the Beautiful is boring now. Never thoughts, I would say these words. I do believe this soap is on it’s last days on the air. I am so tired if this Liam and Hope mess and Wyatt. Wyatt no good for Hope either. Hope don’t know who she wants. I guess just like Brooke. I love Brooke but mother like daughter. Stephanie made this show….

  2. TV Gord says:

    They seem to be taking the OLD out of BOLD! She should go to season two of Dallas! She was a standout on the original series and who would be better to keep JR in line! Hell, she could even manscape those eyebrows! ;-)

  3. Dan says:

    It pains me to say this, but this is the end of Daytime Soap Operas. Without Susan Flannery and Ridge, there is no Bold and Beautiful and B&B was most likely going to be the last surviving soap.

    • Lola says:

      You must be kidding – Ridge irritates me to no end and even though I like Stephanie- I’m sure the show can go on without her – as they so – no one is irreplaceble….

      • trish says:

        You obviously have not been watching this soap from the beginning as they are the core of the show. I think your too Hung up on Liam, Hope and Steffy’s stupid messed up triangle that is dragging the soap downhill.

    • I believe that RIdge can be replaced, I also believe if RIdge’s character was not on the show, the show could survive. But to Kill off Stephnie’s character would kill off the show. You saw what happened to the Guiding light, and what happend to As the world turns, the big wigs better put on their thinkign caps, or the Bold & Beautiful will be replace by another talk show.

    • Barbara says:

      I think the same way. First, it was… ‘The Guiding Light’ then ‘As The World Turns’. Leaving only ‘The Young And Restless’ & ‘The Bold And The Beautiful’ on CBS. They said at the time that the days of ‘Soap Operas’ was coming to an end…that they no longer drew a big enough audience and were not profitable enough to continue. They wanted to try to reach the younger generation because there are more of them due to a lot of the veiwers that started out with the ‘SOAPS’ have passed on & the only way to keep both the Y&R and B&B is to let the younger generation become the ‘main storyline’ on both. That is happening now and while I will miss Susan and Ridge, and am sure John McCook(Eric) won’t be far behind….I do admire them for working at their age while most people would have retired a long time ago, she is 73 years old and deserves the right to enjoy her retirement ! Having said all that…once Eric & Brooke (she did sign a new 2 year contract) leave the show…that will be the end of the B&B for me ! As for the Y&R…the same is true when Victor & Nicky are no longer on it ! Just look at the different shows they have tried putting on in place of ‘ ATWT’ & ‘TGL’….not worth watching…time to change channels !! Way to go CBS……wrong decision !!

  4. Kvivik says:

    I expected her to leave years ago. Was always surprised when she re-signed.
    As for soaps as a genre, you may as well pull the plug on all of them now…seriously. Each soap had a core family (GH’s Quartermaine’s, Day’s Horton/Brady’s, Y&R Abbott/Newman’s) and except for Y&R all of the soaps have moved away from that solid core into other areas that lose some of the feeling.
    I miss all of my (now cancelled) shows and have tuned into GH a few times to follow the antics of the Manning’s and McBain…but it is just not the same.

  5. StupidPeopleShutUp says:

    Who cares? There are at least a dozen mature soap actresses I can think of who would be great Stephanies. I’m sure Erika Slezak or Gillian Spencer could step in tomorrow.

  6. justine says:

    Theu should get Susan Lucci to replacement her. She would be great in the role and make Stefanie her own. They would have to recast Ridge with a much younger actor cause I think Ronn and Susan are about the same age

    • TV Gord says:

      Susan Lucci already has a prime time series.

    • Jennifer says:

      Are you insane? Ronn Moss is in his very early 60’s. Ms. Susan Flannery is in her 70’s. Ronn Moss and John McCook are only a few years apart.
      I won’t miss mopey Ridge…why even bother recasting.
      I think Bill Bell Jr. is giving not only Susan, her character, and her fans a proper and respectable end to this iconic character. I thank Susan for bringing class to the Soap genre, but to Bill Bell and Bill Bell Jr., I thank them for bringing Stephanie to life and now showing us the strength of knowing you are dying and showing us the love and dignity in that process.

  7. maynepei says:

    I cannot say I blame her. B&B is a shadow of it’s former self now, The show has turned into Liam’s running back and forth between Hope and Steffy, I hate this story line I like the actor but they need to move forward. Yes it is a soap But for all that is holy how many women would put up with Liam?

    I do not believe the show should recast the role. They should let the character live off the show.

    • Bill says:

      I agree completely. B&B has become so boring and such a yaw. Changing actors/actresses won’t help. They need new story lines and new blood.

    • Mitchel says:

      Hey i got an idea CBS WHY DON’T YOU JUST PAY THEM WHAT THEY WANT donl’t ask them to take a pay cut there worth every dime

    • Helen Forrest says:

      I am totally worn out with Liam and Steffy. I will probably quit watching the show if they stay together. Liam needs to make his decision about Hope. His character at the time is a “wus” I think losing Stephanie and Ronn so close together has taken a huge toll on this show. I find myself skipping it a lot now, and I never missed it before. Get some new writters. Stephanie and Ridge were like family and I feel like we’ve been cheated But please, just get rid of Steffy. Asap!!!!! Also Rick is not a positive for this show. Get rid of hm too.

  8. Hugo says:

    Now that Susan Flannery is gone, it’s time to end the show. Seriously, what is the point to recast core characters like Stephanie and Ridge? It will be a huge mistake.
    The triangle Steffy/Liam/Hope is getting boring and there aren’t major storylines able to keep the audience.
    If B&B has to end after 25 years, I hope they let it go with dignity.

    • Rita says:

      I agree with the fact the this past summer the Bold and Beautiful is at an all time low.

      They kept that boring storyline way too long. Plus, what kind of message is being sent, that a young man can be as wishy washy and Liam and have two seemingly smart women both crazy for him. Besides he is not only a week person, but not very handsome as well.

      When you stop and think about the other young male actors on that show, who are not getting any air time, it makes me wonder if the writers have lost their minds.

      I enjoyed the past messages the show had; the Cancer illness which changed Stef and how she was able to turn around the lives of so many needy and worth while people. In todays selfish world it would be great see more of these types of storylines.

      • Hi Rita:

        I would like to see Susan Flannery stay as long as she will. The only concern I have is how she will leave the canvass. It she is not going to be killed off, they can always write that she left to be with Massimo, Ridges father. Eric would be devastated, however bring back Jackie’s character, spruce up Eric’s character a wee bit and life goes on. If they are going to write her character off. Let her health take its toll on the character. I know the storyline has been about the younger generation, however B&B probably goes on the statistical data of younger viewers as to what direction it will take. I do hope they take my advice and bring back some of the older sexy males to the canvass along with some cast members. Reva Shane’s character from the other soap would be good for Eric, Clarke Garrison and Jackie
        Whip and Donna. B&B won’t let you down. Have faith.

        • Andrea says:

          I agree bring baack Jackie and then add Susan Lucci as another love interest for Eric or even Ridge. All the old actors to me have a better story line then the young ones. Bring back Nick and Clarke even whip that will make it real interesting.

    • Skater boy says:

      Losing Susan Flannery will be a huge loss. The show won’t be the same. I would love to see Susan Lucci back on daytime but not taking the place of an iconic character like Stephanie. Besides while I think susan could do the role in her own way and yes, people I give her credit she can play non Erica roles – people want Susan Lucci to be Erica. Also, having Lucci play Stephanie is problematic. She just doesn’t look the part even with a wig and great acting physically she does not have the stature of Flannery. (Lucci is quite lucky she has a lot of presence because as some people have noticed she looks tiny often next to people.

  9. Brian E. says:

    NO! Devastating news. Susan’s been my favourite in daytime for years.

  10. NEK38583 says:

    Maybe she could go back to DAYS. Maybe they could do a trangle with Maggie/Victory/Laura or Kate/Stefano/Laura. I think it would be very interesting, and I bet alot of her fans would follow her.

  11. Susie says:

    She will be greatly missed. She’s the anchor of that show~

  12. Hannah says:

    They can’t recast her, they should kill her

  13. Jan says:

    Susan Flannery was the only reason I continued to watch B&B …especially after Darlene Connelly died.

    • susan says:

      I agree with Jan. I have watched B&B since the first episode. I would tape it when I worked. Now I am retired and I will miss the Stephany character. Susan, enjoy your retirement! I will miss you in your Stephany roll, just as I missed Darlene.

      • Beverly says:

        I am retired too and have taped this show since it first aired. However, I stopped taping the show after months of the never-ending storyline of Hope-Liam-Steffy. Every character in the show was always discussing these three utterly boring characters. Who would want a wishy-washy man like Liam? I don’t blame Ridge and Susan for leaving a show which has clearly abandoned its formerly meaningful storylines!

  14. James Baker says:

    Susan Flannery is absolutely the best. She is the heart and soul of B & B. There is no other actor/actress like her in soaps. She is one of the few reasons I still watch the show after all these years. I guess all good things must come to an end.

  15. sharon says:

    maybe she’s tired of the same storyline, get Brooke. that is so boring.

  16. vfocused says:


    • Nik.voul says:

      I am devastated that Ronn and Susan are leaving the series.
      The show is completely spoiled.

      • Norma says:

        I absolutely agree..I love Susan, she is the backbone in the show, and dont want to let her go! she is more beautiful now than then..
        also stop this triangle with Hope, Liam and Steffy, its overdone, and cooked to death and its getting boring! writers, erase this mess now.

  17. Nik.voul says:

    I will deeply miss Susan Flannery and Ronn Moss. The Bold and Beautiful will never be the same.

    • Sue says:

      Ronn couldn’t act his way out of a paper bag, as they say, and was no loss. The way the writers handled his leaving was ridiculous, though. Brooke slept with her daughters’ boyfriends, and Ridge forgave. Now she tells a white lie and he can’t forgive that? Ridiculous! As for Susan Flannery, now she’s a big loss, but I do like where they’re going with it–setting up Brooke to be the next matriarch as Steffy/Hope fight over Liam the way that she and Taylor fought over Ridge. Familiar and predictable? Sure. But this show has always been one of the worst soaps on TV, anyway. Its only saving grace is that it’s only a 1/2 hour.

    • sheri says:

      I totally agree

  18. Nik.voul says:

    The Bold & Beautiful looked way Better before. WHY IS EVERYTHING CHANGING. I FEEL SAD NOW.

  19. Nik.voul says:

    I didn’t want Stephanie or Ridge to leave .
    It was an unexpected surprise. That they are leaving the show.
    I wasn’t even expecting it !!!!!!!!!!!
    Steph Ridge don’t leave.

  20. Mary says:

    B&B is over. There is no Ridge and no Stephanie and no show. Good bye b&b.

  21. Barb says:

    Ridge was the most boring actor I’ve ever seen. Susan was awesome and will so be missed. They need to spice that show up, give Bill Spencer more lines and bring back that fabulous actress that played Amber Moore.

  22. Jo says:

    I don’t blame them for leaving. watching Liam bounce back and forth between Hope and steffy is so boring. They make him such a wimp! How about bringing Oliver back into Hopes life for a change. Or let thomas and Caroline get on with it. Bring Jack Wagner back into Brookes life maybe. I think I could write a better script than these writers are doing !

    • El says:

      I agree Jo! Hope/Liam/Steffy is getting old. Let’s move on. I’m finding myself fast-forwarding scenes with those three. Same sh*t everyday. I will miss Stephanie! She was the anchor. Just when she and Brooke were getting closer. Did I hear right? Susan Flannery had cancer in real life? I am a 2-year survivor of BC. Just a reminder everyone, please get a mammogram when recommended.

    • The show can revive itself. They have key actors on the show, however they do not know what to do with the characters they have. John McCook is still a vibrant man, however they seem to just be letting him waste away. Take a page from Y&R regarding Victor Newman. They need to bring in a rival company on the Bold, Bring Back Jackie Maroney’s character have her marry Eric and let Forrester Creations with Jackie and Eric at the helm of the company vs. Clark Garrison’s Character and another fantastic Character like Reva Shane’s character from Guilding Light be company enemies.. They need to bring back some of the old character’s for the babyboomers who watch the show. and they the younger generation for the show see more romance. That way, everyone wins.

      • Carolina says:

        Okay Deborah, ‘fess up…are you really a writer? These are good ideas and should be implemented by B&B asap. I dearly hope their people read this.

  23. debbie says:

    I was watching b&b today, had no idea what was going on. Now I know.
    I knew somthing was going on so I hit the internet. Sad about it all but
    soaps go on.

  24. diane a says:

    Quit wasting time on the giggling ninnie “hope” and get back to adult content—junior high drama gets old fast!!!! Lose the immature attention seeking little girl who wants to be married! Let steffie be happy with liam!!!!!!!

    • Libby says:

      Steffy is certainly no role model for the younger watchers. If she ends up “winning the boy” it was all because of sex.

  25. Carolina says:

    Absolutely agree with Diane A. B&B is the one daytime drama I can still watch, and it’s due to the great acting. But lately it’s become the Hope and Liam show. Let Hope reunite with Oliver and Liam stick with Steffie, they obviously make each other happy. Now to Stephanie…I will miss her character dearly. We loved her, gotten angry with her and cheered for her. Anytime an actor can get us to react strongly it’s because they’re doing their job. Cheers to Susan Flannery for years of making us want to watch. It is time however, to bring back the other actors like Thorne (who should be CEO of Forester C.), Nick (possibly getting together with Brooke) and others who’ve been pushed to the back burner to make too much room for Hope and Liam. It’s still the only soap worth watching and I wish it many more years of Bold & Beautiful life!

  26. Donna Swayne says:

    Did Susan (Stephanie) have cancer in real life? Maybe she needs to work on getting healthy. I will certainly miss her.

    • Carolina says:

      I’ve been wondering for awhile if Susan had cancer for real. If not, she’s playing the role beautifully. If she does in real life, we wish her well and easy days ahead. Either way she deserves a break. She’s graced the screen for many years now and like us all, she has well earned the chance to put her feet up and relax.

  27. Kelly R. Knosby says:

    Hey guys, how’s this one..remember Dallas??? (That’s how much I love Susan.) Maybe she could make a guest appearance on the new Dallas, and reak havoc on JR like she did before. See guys…maybe gone from B&B, but maybe reprising her role on Dallas. You never know!!

  28. kehau ching says:

    With Stephanie leaving …. lets see how long it takes before they cancel the show….I cant stand the fact that Stephanie is leaving .

  29. I’be been watching B&B for a long time. I’m so used to Stephanie n Brook goin at it. We get to see the softer side of Stephanie. She’s like the matriarch of the family. What will the show b without her. Her character was strong and brave. And in her final days she is still strong and brave. You will be missed and God bless wherever your journey takes you.

  30. Bettye Walker says:

    I will miss Susan because was the main character that had you looking at Bold and Beauty. She kept her family together and she will surely be missed.
    Susan enjoy your family and you have a Blessed retirement.

  31. Nora c says:

    Love and will miss Susan. Please find a great guy for Hope. Liam is a wuss. Jack Wagner should come back for Brooke. Will Pam end up with Eric? Hard to see him without Stephanie

  32. Fredrick M. Henry says:

    I have watched, The Bold and The Beautiful for a numerous of years. I knew eventually the emmy’s would start flowing for this soap opera. 3 emmy’s in a row fabulous. I do agree the scheme between Liam, Hope and Stephanie is stupid. This is causing the soaps ratings to drop. Now to the sad part that, I have just learned. Ridge departure caught me off guard. I was shocked now stunned to hear of Stephanie leaving. I know this is just a soap opera. Stephanie battling cancer on this show. Is a reality too me. I have lost immediate family to this disease. I don’t know if she has this disease in real life. This tribute to Stephanie is very emotional. Now the cancer has come back. To take a dismond and legend from this soap. Everybody in this life has known someone battling cancer.They say men shouldn’t cry. Real men do everybody has feelings. Stephanie’s last episode will be in December. It will be hard for me to watch her leave the show. Anybody who watches this soap. Know these 4 diamonds of The Bold and The Beautiful. Brooke, Stephanie, Eric and Ridge. Out of these 4 people, Stephanie has always been the bridge. That brought the cast over troubled waters. I had a feeling that if one more of these 4 legends leave this show. This soaps days on daytime will be critically in jeopardy. This day that is it’s fate. Stephanie and Brooke fought so many times that made the show. I thought to myself will they ever be friends? Now they have in sickness. In real life sickness brings friends. When Stephanie departs this show a diamond, legend and my friend. Will be off the show not in real life. I will still follow Susan in real life. Again, I say this was another strong feeling. I had after, Ridge left the show. I love, Brooke too her and Stephanie always fighting. Brooke is s lefend too. Stephanie is a true mother figure in this show. If you haven’t watched this show? You have missed a treasure. Over the many days to follow on this soap. It will be hard to say goodbye. To former, yesterday, today and forever MRS. STEPHANIE FORRESTER A DIAMOND A LEGEND. Who will be missed by a true fan of The Bold and The Beautiful.
    Fredrick Henry!!

  33. Fredrick M. Henry says:

    I would like to correct a mis-spelling. It should be the scheme between Hope, Liam and Steffy not Stephanie.
    Fredrick Henry!!

  34. Deborah says:

    I am so bored with this story line! Bring back Jack, Jackie, Owen, Bridget….I’m tired of the back & forth with hope& Liam… I have watch thus show for 25 years but I don’t think I can watch it much longer…

  35. Monica says:

    I always thought that 3 stars were the core of the show and so intertwined – Stephanie, Brooke and Ridge. Taking Stephanie permanently out of the show will make for some very boring story lines. She truly was the center around which the others revolved. And so talented. Bye Susan. B & B won’t be the same without you.

  36. Edna Miller says:

    Why did Ridge leave? I can’t see the show going on without both of them.

  37. Gigglingoth says:

    Even tho soap stars come and go there are ones that really will be missed. This is one of them. I’ve watched this soap from day one! It’s hard to take two huge losses in such a short time and on the same show. Even tho we all know they have real lives and families, we’ve still grown up with them to. They’ve been in our homes and parts of conversations for over 20 years! Some of the best memories are watching B&B and Y&R with my Mom after I got home from school. Even tho I dont live with her now and are states apart, we talk all the time and make sure we are “up” on our two fave soaps! But to both Ronn Moss and Susan Flannery…I wish you both the best. And Thank you for some of the greatest memories.

  38. Marva says:

    I will miss both of them. Now Brooke has another chance with her
    Older kids father and be head mistress of. Forester. Creations

  39. Alice Cooke says:

    I just want to give Susan Flannery the biggest thank you Her devotion to the homeless encouraged me so much to get involved with our homeless in Dallas Twxas. thank you very much. You will be truly missed. Congratulations on all your accomplishments.

  40. Mitchel says:

    Please don’t kill Stephanie off the show do something!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

  41. Linda says:

    Don’t like this, get rid of Brooke not Stephanie, Got to do something! Without Stephanie, don’t think I will watch anymore!! Would rather watch re-runs of Bonanza and Gunsmoke!!

  42. Judy J. says:

    A simple thank you Susan seems like so little for all that you have given us. Live long and prosper. Enjoy your retirement!

    • chhm says:

      There are many comments and expressions of loss for the joy of a favorite character and soap but Judy J. your simple thank you stood out for me! I want to add my thanks to Susan too.


  43. Tracie says:

    Stephanie Forester will be missed, she is the matriarch…Ron Moss….good bye…..he looks old and needs a new plastic surgeon…(take Doc with you…she is nothing but plastic and botox).Brooke should or will become the next matriarch and is well deserved, Outside of being a great soap star….she is a great person in real life. It will become the role of her life. Take a break Susan….you deserve it…enjoy the next chapter in your life…you’ve had me crying recently. xoxoxoxxo

  44. Mandy says:

    The writers could have given her a new face due to an accident to replace the character WITH MORGAN FAIRCHILDFROM FLAMINGO ROAD REMEMBER HER???…years ago on other SOAPS that was the way it was done. I Love Stephanie & Brooke together, in my opinion, the show will not HOLD up without Stephanie or Brooke…Liam has no BALLS…he’s back and forth between two women…NONSENSE!!, Mr. Spencer plays god with people’s lives…SO TIRED OF THIS!!!
    Susan Flannery is a LEGEND and that’s the end for The Bold & The Beautiful for me!!!…..
    Susan Flannery, I thank you and wish you all the very best.

    • Margie says:

      Amen Mandy My sentiment completely.

      • Mandy says:

        Hi Margie,
        Thank you! Because we’re fans does not mean we should accept what ever the writers put out, they keep this up and The Bold& the Beautiful will become somewhat of a Reality Show…
        Dallas great story line after so many years….would be nice to bring back Dynasty….Thanks again.

  45. Carroll says:

    So….what is going on with both the B & B and Y & R ?
    Look how many have either left or got the boot from Y & R and now this.
    These writers should all be put on the chopping block not the actors who have made the shows what they are.
    Sick of Liam, can’ t stand Steph and her ridiculous story line between the three of them…Larry, Curly, and oh no!!!!!

    Where is Jackie… great actress, and Clark, he was sooo interesting.
    Here’s an idea, bring Jill Abbott, Lauren Fenmore’s sister back and send her to The B&B to open up a Fenmore’s store, get hdr involved with Eric and Ridge at the same time, and watch Brooke and Jill go at it in thr Forester pool. Yahooo!!! Now that would action.
    Get Ashley to to come back to Y& R..pack up Danny and Christine ( cricket ) in the same rug the good doc was in and find them in the burned out house of Victors’.
    Bodies burned beyond recognition…At least that way they can always come back from time to time just to keep The Bell Heiress happy.
    Oh yeah better still just let them continue on the way they are and watch both shows go down for the count.
    Just Sayin’

  46. Nikki Harrison says:

    I hate to see Susan leaving the show, it would be like Young and the Restless loosing “Victor”. I believe B&B will keep its viewers if they do something different with the Liam, Hope, and Steffy storyline, it has gotten ridiculous!!!! Best wishes to Susan.

  47. Jada says:

    Having watched since the beginning it’s difficult to think of what the show will become without Stephanie (and Ridge too). B&B has tried in many instances to address real life struggles (mental illness, weight and body image, homelessness, illness, menopause, cancer, struggles with child loss-miscarriage-now post partum depression, and now death from cancer will be included). If staying true to life…. People die…. It sucks but we go on and if the writers pay attention and do their jobs right…. The show will continue too.

  48. TJ says:

    Susan deserves a chance to enjoy later life. I have watched B&B since day one. I never liked Ron Moss. Can’t wait until they recast him. I too wish they would have a significant story with others. Liam reminds me of Brooke. And my gaydar goes off everytime he comes on screen. That character needs to be recast too. Well, guess it is safe to say I miss the days of Thorn, Darla, Sally, Taylor, Clark, Felicia, etc. Some characters are no more and others seem to be filler with no substance.

    • chhm says:

      TJ, Like you, I miss the days of Darla, Sally, Clark, Felicia, etc……and the writing for their characters, “Those were the days”! WHO is casting now and oh my, the new cast…not so good,
      I like Liam ok but all the Logans need to be replaced. Hope is like a gnat you can’t get rid of. As for Eric bye, bye. I’ve never liked Brooke, the actress or the character. Stephanie and Taylor have been my favorites always. How sad to see Stephanie go. I have no reason to watch the show now. Perhaps if the writing was better and the cast replaced it could become interesting again. I’ve forgotten Thorn, I adore him. He was never made into the man he could or should be! Weave a wholesome story about him and his daughter….give him a new love interest, a beautiful woman in the fashion world. They could build their own empire :)
      I’ll check in to see what happens but I cannot waste time with the story lines now. GET NEW WRITERS. Nothing could possibly make me like Brooke and now she is with the show for 2 more years :(
      I’m off to watch Y & R, you’ve got a good one there!!

  49. Maggie says:

    I haven!t always loved Stephanie but do love the way they will exit her. The warmth between she and Brooke is great. I do believe that she is irreplacable. As for Ronn, I also believe that the love affair between Ridge and Brooke should be continued. There is absolutely no chemistry between him and Taylor. She is a bore and should be written out. The way she handled her daughter, with regard to Liam, would be written up in the psychiatric journals. A real doctor would never have condoned that behavior. Anything to best a Logan. The triangle is getting old. Liam and Hope belong together but no one is going to spill the beans about what actually went down to keep them apart. Come on Bell, get this storyline concluded. And, incidentally, if you put Liam and Steffy together, that is the end of my watching. I have been a loyal fan since day one and cannot believe that you allowed Liam to be such a pansy. No man could ever endure that nonsense. This is poor writing even for a soap!!

    • They need to blend the bold and the beautiful with some characters from the guiding light . i would love to see Kim Zimmer as aner Mrs. Eric Forester and Robert Newman as possibly the new Ridge! How about that soap fans? Are u paying attention Mr Bell?

      • Libby says:

        Awesome idea…they need to hire you and I to write !! Along with what I posted earlier and your would have to turn into an hour long show :-)

    • Dawn Craig says:

      Agree absolutely. Taylor should be written out. The triangle has gone on too long. Agree that Liam is too weak for words. Nothing interesting is happening lately. Getting to the point where I don’t care about missing an episode. Different to the old days.

      • JD says:

        I’ve watched this show since it started and also taped it when I worked. I would be so frustrated at Stephanie’s character being so mean to Brooke but it did keep me watching. I have watched for the Brooke/Ridge/Stephanie story line and agree the Liam/Steffy/Hope line is ridiculous and has gone on way too long. Liam doesn’t deserve Hope – I can’t believe what they have him do/say – he’s such a non-believable character as nobody would propose to someone within a day of breaking up with someone else. I get the writers are probably targeting a younger demo (18-15 yr old females) with this younger story line but enough. I will miss Stephanie and Susan Flannery is a fabulous actress.

        • JD says:

          oops meant 18-35 yr olds

        • Janet Hudson says:


  50. Dawn Craig says:

    Take a reality check – get rid of Taylor (most dysfunctional psychiatrist and totally irrelevant). Send Steffy with her. No wonder Ron Moss has gone, he could see how the writers have TOTALLY LIST THE PLOT! Viewers have become totally sick of the stupid drawn out Hope/Liam/Steffy storyline. Enough is enough. I now miss episodes because it will be the same old thing, over and over again. We don’t find the evil Bill Spencer entertaining either. Time for him to go.