Penultimate True Blood Recap: One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest

You know how nuts Russell always seems on True Blood? Well, in Sunday’s episode, Bill seemed even crazier (though, regrettably, without the twisted sense of humor that makes Russell such a guilty pleasure). After being told by Lilith that there could be only one vampire leader and “I choose you, Pikachu,” Chancellor Compton ordered Jessica to turn Jason into a fanger. And that was just for starters!

HEAD CASE | Rather than do as she was told, Bill’s progeny warned Jason that Russell was coming after his sister and her scrumdiddlyumptious fairy blood, then went into hiding at Fangtasia. Unfortunately, Tara’s assassination of Sheriff Elijah led his maker – surprise! Barb from Cougar Town! – straight to the bar. Quicker than you could say “type OMG,” Pam had taken the rap for her baby vamp and gotten arrested, and Jess had been dragged back to Authority HQ. There, Bill decked – actually decked! – his “child” and, jealous that Lilith was also telling Chancellor Kibwe that he was “the one,” beheaded his rival. Little did he know that the fickle nudie goddess was also delivering the same message to Salome…

BROTHERS & SISTERS | Speaking of Salome, she intuited that Nora was having second thoughts about the whole eating-the-world thing. And, though Still Not Kate Beckinsale insisted that she was as gung ho as ever, she was actually no longer gung nor ho. In fact, she had so come to her senses that she ran right to “sibling” Eric for some make-up sex. (Wouldn’t you?) Later, the quick-thinking Viking risked bringing down the wrath of the Pentagon on the Authority by killing a visiting general. This, we quickly realized, was his scheme to bust himself and Nora out of HQ: They’d go cover everything up, they said, and glamour everybody into forgetting about the damning video footage the government obtained of Russell and Steve sucking a frat house dry.

GRIM FAIRY TALE | Hoping to learn more about the mysterious Warlo to whom she was promised, Sookie questioned a gorgeously back-lit fairy elder – Coco from Fame! Alas, she only wanted to perform interpretive dance and discuss what a bad speller Ke$ha is. Later, though, after Jason’s attempt to protect Sookie from Russell failed somewhere half-past utterly – the crafty vamp glamoured him into being his and Steve’s guide to the fairy Studio 54 – the elder stepped up and took on the fangers… disastrously. Russell drank her down to the last drop and, in his heightened state of awareness, was able to see the entrance to Club Fae.

WHAT’S NUDES | Caught naked and human at Authority HQ, Luna allowed herself to be thrown in, for lack of a better term, the pantry (with all the other two-legged snack food), so that she could be close to Emma, whose kennel was next door. Meanwhile, Sam – unaware of how far around the bend Bill has gone – volunteered to be served immediately to his buddy from Bon Temps.

THE GOOD, THE DAD AND THE UGLY | When not chopping wood shirtless, Alcide busied himself by accusing his dad – the T-1000 from Terminator 2! – of stealing from his old pack. Later, though, the duo bonded when they stopped an attack on a neighbor by a pack of baby vamps.

PREGNANT PAUSE | So long after it happened that we almost forgot it happened, Holly got her boys to apologize to Andy for posting a picture of his bare butt on Facebook. The kids even seemed (almost, kinda) willing to give their mom’s beau a chance. So, of course, a scene later, Maurella was explaining to the sheriff that she looked extremely pregnant because she is extremely pregnant – with his magical baby!

So, what did you think of the episode? Is Bill beyond redemption? Were you hoping Jessica really would turn Jason into a vampire? And how clear is it that Jess was right on the money when she suggested that maybe, just maybe Tara was into her maker? (We even got the feeling the feeling was mutual.) Your comments below.

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  1. Darth Pablo says:

    Andy Bellefleur… ARE the Father!!!!!

  2. S says:

    Wow, Beel has really lost it hasn’t he? if he’s really just playing I’ll be surprised because I just can’t see him treating Jessica this way. I hope Sam and Pam will be okay and that none of my favs will be killed because I was already worried about Jason tonight but he’s okay. I’d love if either Jason or Eric or both would save the day cause how great would that be? if Jason of all people saved them? lol and I just really love Sookie/Jason’s sis/bro relationship and also that Tara/Jess sorta made up. I hope Bill stays bad cause he’s more interesting this way than being with Sookie.

  3. dave says:

    this episode finally showed some promise to bad only one episode left. there is no way they can redeem themselves in 1 episode. also if it wasn’t for Pam this season would have been a complete mess now its just 90% :) anyone agree?

  4. Amy says:

    No no no to Pam & Tara hooking up. I looove the maker/daughter relationship they have. It’s been the highlite of the entire season for me. They both had crap families as humans and both were on their own as children. They need to stay family. Lovers are a dime a dozen

  5. anna says:

    does this show has become a joke to anyone else? I mean It’s not like I ever took it seriously, but since last season I thought it couldn’t get any worse AND IT DID lol

    • Alrisha says:

      I’m with you. Alan Ball completely ruined this show. I guess Warlow is going to show up next episode, kill Russell (or at least noking down) and kidnaping Sookie, and that the new season. Bill should go at least 2 season ago. I glad at least Eric is out of the quarter. All that religious talk is tired and useless. This season s.uck. I can’t see how they can save the show.

      • icywinter2 says:

        It’s not Alan Balls fault, it’s the writers. They really messed it up

        • Temperence says:

          I like some elements of this season (the Authority part not at all being one of them), but again, too many subplots for minor characters (the whole ifrit storyline shouldn’t have happened, for example). I know they have some favorite actors, but geesh, there are plenty of shows where people ARE actually mior characters and only get an big episode every once in a while (not a whole plotline every short season). The show is overfull, and needs to be pared back to recapture the charm and the funny moments (and one of the main characters, Bon Temp itself, is pretty absent). Eliminate Russel and the Rev (and all the Authority drama), tighten up the shifter violence, skip Terry and Arlene next season, give Andy and Holly their due, and refocus on Sookie plot and getting back a little of the charm and magic of the original season. It’s too frenetic to enjoy.

    • Actually, I thought season before last was CRAP. Last season was okay, but this one has been the worst ever. I can’t stand Bill. What are the odds of him being killed off? Now, that would be awesome, and this would almost make up for all pain that’s being thrown around.

      • ohlala says:

        y’all are so retarded! if you’re bored by the social commentary of the show, or not bright enough to appreciate it and take a long look at how things in america really are, you’re just plain missing the entire point of the show aside from sookie sleeping with soops. try and think a little, and don’t just gorge on the stories and blood.

        • Josh says:

          Maybe you should try and think a little before using that word. It’s not something bright people would do.

        • B says:

          The problem isn’t that we aren’t bright enough to appreciate the social commentary…it’s that it hasn’t been done well, at all. Combine that with how heavy-handed it has been – yes, we get it, this country is full of nonsense these days – and it’s just bad. There’s commentary and satire, and then there’s a long-running SNL skit that just won’t end. This is the latter.

        • How dare you insult my intelligence? The “social commentary” of the show is possibly the only thing about it that has kept me watching it for five year. I’m bored by the lame characters — after five years, there’s just a bunch of characters that haven’t grown, except for Jessica and Pam, they’re the only goodish thing about it — by the lazy storylines, by how annoying and repetitive everything gets after a while.

          I get your precious show, I just don’t enjoy it. I think there are more pleasant and entertaining and intelligent ways to criticize society — ways that people would enjoy watching, starting with characters people would enjoy return to watch every week. I’m very character centric. In five years of show, everyone could die and I wouldn’t give a damn.

        • twoo bwud says:

          Except that the vampires really are mass-murderers, even the so-called good ones. If vampirism is a metaphor for homosexuality– and the writers have come out and said just that– then they’re implying that every vile homophobic slur is true: that gays really are sexual predators out to seduce your kids. Is that the “social commentary” that you love so much? I don’t (think) they INTENDED for the show to do this, but that’s how it works out. TVtropes calls this a Broken Aesop.

          Oh, and the anti-south bigotry has ALWAYS been intended.

          The show has always sucked, but lately it’s attained a whole deeper level of crapulent suckage that I didn’t think was possible. The plot twists come so hard and fast that you’d think they’d have thrown out their hips by now. Stuff changes so fast that you can’t really get invested in the show, since you know that whatever’s on the table this week will be gone in the next.

          They need to go back to a leaner, low-stakes, character-driven plot that we saw in the early years, when the show only sucked. True Blood’s always done best when it isn’t trying to be deep or artistic or political… or really anything other than soft-core porn.

    • Carrie says:

      I hate this season! It’s not what I signed on for. You writers…you suck! You have messed up the best thing in t.v.! Find other jobs! Soon rather than later!

    • B says:

      This was somehow the worst episode in a long, crappy season chock-full of them. Last week showed promise, but last night…WTF was that? It was ridiculous. I absolutely hate the Authority and the entire Lilith story line…and the faeries? Ugh. Even that amusing Ke$ha crack couldn’t save it.

      What a disappointment. I don’t even think they can make me care enough to tune in next season after this. Oh well.

  6. Jessie says:

    Ah, Fame the TV show – I was about to say that the Elder Faerie was definitely NOT Irene Cara. But us youngins might know her best as Wallace’s mom from Veronica Mars. And she NAILED it tonight.

  7. Älskling says:

    It may just be me, but this has really been a blah season. It’s had its moments of interesting and engaging, but it’s also been particularly uneven in the way the stories have been handled. As a result, I really haven’t connected to any of the plots or subplots. Most of the subplots came and went (Lafayette, Debbie Pelt, The Ifrit, the masked hate group) and were finished and dismissed with seemingly few consequences. Meanwhile the overarching Authority/Lilith/Russell line has been painfully slow and mostly trapped in uninteresting and claustrophobic sets. (They should have kept Meloni longer.)

    Character development has been interesting (Tara and Pam in particular), but it’s not been consistent either. LaFayette in particular has been nothing but a clichéd afterthought for the last few episodes, simply swanning through the few scenes he has with a sassy retort.

    And for me, Bill’s religious transformation has been not a little unconvincing. It’s hard to get any steam up over his epiphany when you don’t really buy any of it. He’s never been a threatening presence and that doesn’t help. And Russell first season on the show didn’t do anything for me, and his second isn’t really either.

    It’s not been boring, per se, but I’m not anxious to see the finale. Now that I think of it, I haven’t had a single “I can’t wait for the next episode” moment this season at all. Not once.

  8. Ha ha – love the you went with the ‘Fame’ reference, Ausiello! I totally went with “Angel from Profiler” and AV Club went with “Wallace’s mom from Veronica Mars.”

    I was pretty disappointed they got rid of her so quickly. I thought she was a fun character.

    Next week should be interesting: Salome vs Bill vs Eric?

    In our review, we’re totally down with a Tara/Pam hook-up. Wait…is that more incest?! Crap on a stick!

  9. Raine says:

    If I was Sookie and the other fairies, I would just simply get a nice bow (or perhaps a few bows) and some sweet silver arrows and shoot Russell and whatever vampires were at my fairy doorstep. Since the fairies are protected and concealed, there’s no real danger to them… Aim for the heart, and ta da!!!

    Or perhaps some silver ammo… something better than stepping out and giving Russell the key to your place… honestly… worst storyline/plot ever, use your brains people (or fairies or whatever)!

    • Temperence says:

      Yeah, I was wondering why the fairies don’t have badazz guards, too. Arrows and guns with wooden bullets work on vampires. Russel would be dead meat if they had a good shot with a sniper rifle… he’s stunningly careless for a vampire so old.

  10. Marie says:

    My opinion? This season had more suspense than last year. HOWEVER, Alan Ball must be reliving some bad acid trip from his past and wants to leave the show in shambles. If only he had stuck a bit (MORE than a bit) to the books this might not have become such a mess of storylines. Why are the best characters limited to one or two scenes per episode (i.e. Lafayette in particular)? And, according to Ball, I expected MUCH more air time for Pam. She’s one of the only characters that stayed true to their “character”, if you know what I mean. I waited half the season for Eric to unleash viking hell and all I’ve seen him do is get all mushy and weepy with his “sister”. And my GOD how they have RUINED Bill!

  11. Truefan says:

    Last week’s show was the best of the season . Best thing in this show was Nora and Eric making up. Russell and Steve, Tara , Pam and Jessica are great. Sam and Luna, Alcide and dad are boring.
    There are just too many story lines and the ones not following the main characters become uninteresting.

  12. Ruby says:

    I thought it was a great ep, and yes, Bill is beyond redemption. But I’ve never liked Bill (not Stephen Moyer’s fault, I hated him in the books too) so I’m probably a little biased.

  13. A says:

    BILL IS PISSING ME OFF!! Honestly I never used to hate his character. Yes, I did think he was annoying sometimes but I mean this is BEYOND AWFUL. He’s completely lost it and his character is completely ruined.
    Also, ENOUGH WITH THIS STUPID LILITH WOMAN. I CAN’T STAND HER. She’s so disgusting looking and gives me the creeps every time she comes on the screen. She makes me want to throw up with that blood over her all the time.
    And seriously, at this point, why even show any scenes with Andy or Alcide. I mean there are only two episodes left and we barely saw any scenes with Eric, Sookie, and this is the most we’ve got of Pam all season.

  14. S says:

    Yeah Eric hasn’t been on much at all this season. I don’t understand that? is it because he was on a lot in season 4? either way what a shame AS is amazing and Eric is such a great character :( They seriously need to show him more next season. I mean seriously what was even the point of Terry’s story? Patrick died and? Terry and Arlene should remain side characters. And as much as I love Joe and like Alcide what is the point ? he’s a sexy man though yumm. The only ones I even care about are Sookie, Jason, Sam, Pam, Tara, Lafayette, Jessica, and most of all Eric.

  15. NotThatKindOfFae says:

    So True Blood went from being an adult vampire-themed show with strong scenes (Sookie and Bill having rough sex in the dirt !) to a low version of, what, Charmed (which was pretty good in comparison) ??
    I don’t get it

  16. auds says:

    I absolutely hate how low grade this show has become & how far away from the books it’s diverted. I’m sorry, but this whole thing with power crazy Bill is a load of crap. Bill is a southern gentlemen who turns out to be a huge computer nerd & makes it rich by essentially creating a vamp version of Facebook in the books… Not to mention, Jason becomes a were-panther in the books, not a ridiculous vampire. I’ll just stick to reading & skip the tv, like I have this season.

  17. tvdive says:

    The three best relationships this season that saved the show for me are 1) Tara/Pam as maker/progeny, 2) Russell/Steve in a december-may romance (it is nice to see a new romantic relationship thru Steve’s point of view) and 3) the Stackhouses – Jason has really stepped up taking care of Sookie this season when he is usually busy having sex or trying to save the world. These three relationships for me kept the season from being a complete disaster with the Vampire Authority and smoke monster storylines. With one episode left, that means the war is starting so there will be multiple clifhangers. I hope Russell and Warlo duke it out and I hope Russell and Steve are back next season.

    • Martha says:

      Yes too all of the relationships!! Totally the best ones!!! Tara/Pam and Steve/Russell are funny and sookie/Jason are the best because you don’t really have family as a theme in this show but their relationship is a nice Change of pace :)

  18. Marie says:

    Once Alan Ball is gone, do you think this show will get better again? Don’t get me wrong, it’s still my go to show for real fantasy and escape, but they’ve “jumped the shark” too much over the last few seasons.

  19. icywinter2 says:

    The bad mistake they made was killing Roman off, if they didn’t none of this out of control stupidity would have happened. He was trying to prevent this from happening.

  20. Newo says:

    this may be ignored because its so far down the thread but, Alcide wasn’t chopping wood, he was using a pickaxe to make a hole for the silver fencing they were putting up around the trailer.

  21. Fran says:

    The most interesting parts of the season had nothing to do with the vampires- and considering the show is ABOUT vampires…. something is wrong here. The Lilith thing is incredibly annoying and I don’t buy Bill being a bad guy and getting all into it. It makes no sense to the character he’s been up to this season. I have enjoyed Sookie and Jason together though- I always loved their brother/sister relationship. Pam/Tara is nice to but I really don’t want them to get together. I like their dynamic as it is now. And I actually thought Alcide was going to have an interesting storyline since he was in the first few episodes so much, but then they just tossed him aside. I still watch the show but I’m hardly excited about it like I used to be.

  22. Karen says:

    Best episode of the season yet. Though I’m really scared that my beloved Jason Stackhouse won’t live through till next season – having a lovely, almost goodbye scene with Sookie, and Jessica telling him she wouldn’t mind spending eternity with him. He’s my favourite character, so I pray to the evil God Lillith that this won’t be the end of him.
    Kinda loving Bill being all evil – about damn time.

  23. Jill says:

    The only way this awful season can be redeemed is if next week they reveal that it has all been the dream of an autistic child playing with a snow globe.

  24. James says:

    If only they had followed the books a little bit more, next season would have been the story of Sophie Anne and one of the most interesting arcs in the vampire world… I’m not saying I don’t like the series, I think it’s great they introduce new things and everything, but I can’t help feeling that the “TV-Sookie Stackhouse” is completely different from the “Book-Sookie Stackhouse” I’ve come to love.
    Now, I’m just hoping to see a familiar face as a set up for next season, which I have no idea what’s going to be about…

    • Mikael says:

      I think if they had gone the book route and done the vampire summit thing, it would have been MUCH better than this Authority crap we were given. And the shake-up with Sophie Anne that resulted after would have changed things for Bon Temps too. Making Bill the king of Louisiana and then Chancellor was just not interesting and it’s destroyed his character. Now I hope he dies, though I know he won’t. Hopefully with Ball gone next year, they’ll stay closer to the books. And while I love to look at Alcide, his story is HORRIBLY boring.

      • Marie says:

        I agree. Alcide needs better story lines. I mean, in the books Alcide’s dad is a successful businessman and a well respected member of his pack and not an old trailer park trash drunk. They are really making it look like all the south is made up of is low class people. Charlaine Harris, a southerner herself, makes fun of people but has more of a southern sympathy. Every year I become more dissappointed with how they extract a minute part of a story line from her books and twist it inside out.

  25. Jake says:

    I am totally over the Russell story line..Please he has left himself vulnerable so many times, hell I am wanting to decapitate him myself. Also the Lilith thing is BORING!!!. I do love the Pam and Tara story line and Jessica is one of my favorite characters. I also want Chancellor Rosalyn gone! That actress is beyond annoying. I was really hoping Pam would take her out last night…That might be a show down for the season finale. This season wasn’t that great. I think my favorite season so far is the whole Michele Forbes/Maenad storyline. I hope True Blood goes back to the old ways we saw in season one and two…Also give Carrie Preston more screen time…She is awesome.

  26. Best season ever. I love all the plot lines and the attention paid to the other citizens of Bon Temps. Pam and Tara have been a joy. Russell is interesting, funny and dangerous. Jessica has really grown and developed into a wonderful character. Jason has even grown up this season. I will agree the Ifrit storyline was to much and that time could have been spent on something else or over a little sooner.

    I really hope they settle the majority of the plots next Sunday and don’t leave us with too much of a cliffhanger.

  27. Nellibly says:

    I missed about half this episode due to almost non-stop eye-rolling. Honestly, if it hadn’t been on color, I would thought I was watching one of those campy B horror movies from the ’50s. I just hope the end of the season isn’t the nail on the coffin (pun intended) for the whole series.

  28. Mark says:

    Are the faeries in the books as useless as they are in the tv series?

  29. NYCer4Life says:

    Please kill Bill already!

  30. JD2789 says:

    The best way they could try to save this season would be: Eric drinks Lilith to be done with her, then goes on a super-charged bender killing all the stupid Authority vampires – especially Bill. One of the fairies has a dawning revelation that they can kill Russell with a simple wooden bullet and end that thread finally, just in time for Eric to show up and cash his “Warlow” check for Sookie. The next season is now all about Pam.

  31. Greg says:

    Ugh this season sucks so bad!

  32. Greg says:

    I am forcing myself through it because I’ve already invested so much time in it…don’t the writers read these comments and listen to the fans?.

    Amp up Tara and pam….as for the rest of the storylines…blehh….sookie and the fae storyline is setting up for an awful next season. I hope they resolve it this season…

  33. Jeng says:

    Jason didn’t fail at protecting Sookie. He was supposed to get glamoured so he would lead Russell and Steve into a trap where the fairies would ambush them. The actual ambush was the failure.

  34. shirley says:

    You all are the lame ones, the only reason you are unhappy about the show, from day one, is that it didn’t follow the trashy, stupid books, an elementary school kid could write better. It’s all about Bill, Bill&Sookie and that’s the way it will stay. So just forget about your Eric and Sookie fantasy already, the worst season was S4.

    • Marie says:

      Didn’t think we were here to critique each other, just THE SHOW.
      Are you on HBO’s payroll or something?

    • Ana says:

      The books are 100x better written than this show. They have consistent character development and subplots that are well integrated and do not take over the main story arc. You’re just mad that Bill and Sookie don’t end up together in the books.

      BTW, Sookie and Eric together gave this show its highest ratings. :P

      Bill and Sookie have been a very unpopular pairing in the TB fandom (just see Youtube and Facebook for proof). They’re annoying and boring. Nobody likes them other than the 5 Bill fans that are left.

  35. kim says:

    If you don’t like what your watching… your a big kid turn the dang channel and quit complaining….

  36. AJ says:

    Wasnt the whole plan for Jason to get glamoured and lead Russell to the fairies as a trap? And then the fairies would all team up on him? The writer of this article makes it sound like Jason failed, but I thought he did exactly what he was supposed to do. It’s just went Russell got there the fairies changed their mind and only the elder went out.

  37. Amelia says:

    I think all of this negative feedback can only mean one thing. Sadly I have to admit that true blood has jumped the shark.