Falling Skies Finale Recap: Watch the Skies

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” contains spoilers from the season finale of Falling Skies.

TNT’s Falling Skies concluded Season 2 with a big W for the 2nd Mass… but also the threat of the biggest fight yet to come.

General Bressler stuck by his coup and was about to throw the 2nd Mass into the brig, but he was interrupted by the arrival of Red-Eye, with Ben, who delivered significant intel: The Overlord that Tom and the 2nd Mass have been clashing with all season is basically a walking computer that manages the Espheni* race’s operations on the East Coast, so to kill him would seriously cripple the fish-heads’ plan. Red-Eye said the Espehni were constructing a massive weapon 500 miles away, and he knew a network of tunnels that could lead an attack team inside the perimeter and kill the Overlord. [*As spelled by closed-captioning]

Bressler was skittish about the know-it-all skitter — “What the hell is going on here?” is how he put it — yet ultimately he figured that a 2nd Mass deployed on a suicide mission was better than having them around harshing his coup. (But just for good measure, Bressler greenlit a black op massacre that nearly killed Ben and scared off Red-Eye.)

Sure enough, the 2nd Mass team — including Weaver, Tom, Hal, Maggie (oh, Maggie…) Pope and select Berzerkers navigated the long tunnel and blasted their way into the base of the massive ray gun pointed to the sky (?), but just as they began planting C-4 they were ambushed and captured by Karen and bad skitters, with the fittingly named Dai being one casualty.

Tom, Weaver et al were strung up, bound and left there for taunting by tough-talking Karen and her zapper stick — and zap away she gleefully did… until she got to Anne, whom Karen divined was pregnant with Tom’s kid. (Congrats, buddy!) But just as Tom fell prey to Karen’s bit of emotional blackmail, Red-Eye’s crew (flock? gaggle? murder?) of skitters crashed the torture party, with Red-Eye himself aiming to give the Overlord quite the ass-whooping. Alas, Overlord broke out his razor-blade wrists and felled Red-Eye, only to have Tom blindside the big guy and proceed to make chum out of his silvery noggin. But what happened to Hal, who ever since being forced into a liplock with malevolent Karen — who ultimately escaped, shimmying up the cavernous wall like Peter Parker — was unconscious? Well….

Back in Charleston, the 2nd Mass attack squad received a hero’s welcome. Hal woke up in private in the infirmary, then went to the mirror where we saw one of those “eye worm” ETs slink out of his eye, crawl across his cheek and enter his ear and presumably into Chekhov’s his brain — given that Hal then got a most evil grin on his face.

As the hour drew to a close, Tom and Anne a la The Walking Dead‘s Rick and Lori discussed their conflicted feelings about the baby, but quickly agreed that securing a safe Earth for future generations was their whole thing, so let’s go for it. Then, just as Tom and Weaver were doing some bonding as soldiers (after Tom declined Manchester’s invitation to lead the new government), an earthquake sensation began rocking the Charleston complex.

Running outside, they spied hundreds of shiny objects descending to Earth — one of which landed just outside their facility. It was a tall, oblong spaceship, big enough to transport what was revealed to be a single armored, somewhat-humanoid being… until his mask opened up, and we saw the new alien life form Will Patton told us about.

Friend? Foe? The likely target that the Overlord’s BFG was aimed at?

Share your thoughts on the Falling Skies Season 2 finale here, and your predictions for Season 3.

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  1. Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

    As I suspected the Earth is just a pawn in a big interstellar war of some sort. I have to assume this is an ally that dropped out of the sky and he was pretty badass looking. That gun was surely meant to keep them from getting on earth.

    • the enemy of my enemy is my friend?

    • grrr says:

      1. the wepons wasnt finished – thats the hole gap – its was too easy to destroy and they could have done this pretty easy – we will see if the writer will be able to write themself out of this major gap.

      2. resources? which? theres no resource on earth except biological lifeforms they could want.
      if you can travel interstellar its way easier to take those from asteroids and nebulars and compared to the asteriod belt of our sun system our earth has not even a 10th of a percent of any kind of metall

      no the real risk is in that storyline (and it would make sense) that were just between 2 stones.
      if the writers decide that they need us then i would say its super nonsense – they are in higher numbers and not starved beside their tech so… why they would need us for anything

      and comming to help us? well a little late isnt it?

      and still point 1 is in question.

      what i really hate is that they didnt made the big scitter rebelleion (they wanted todo tousands)
      instead they made that crap fight where everyone involed looked like a fail – first we got captured that easy – well good planing for a comando operation how did 2nd mass survied that long if they operate like that – then the super overlord super unprotected decide to deal with them right in place with no abckup at all – and then the scitter rebels who needed our help (why ?) now come in biig number of uhm 5? and the overloard dies – wtf

      na sorry that doenst fit – also that they discoverd the cannon in the last episode instead of working towards for a few episodes … looks very constructed and poor story telling.

      somehow second season looked very like the “war of the worlds” series – like a b movie
      all fights are in low numbers and closeups (no big set needed) – the big scenes are very cheap bad adnimated CGI (sorry on youtube you find better one lol)

      actually im still a big fan of falling skies, but somehow i think season 1 was more adult than 2. 2 has more action and new ideas while 1 was a bit slower, but better made and made more sense…

      btw if they can control humans with their nanotech why they didnt use it bevore ?

      and why they cant detect such a big city under the ground while they got all military bunkers and stuff ? hmmm

      well i understand that the writer change to season2 isnt so easy todo – but still man you guys get money for that start thinkling on a level its worth that money :))

      • sandy says:

        you don’t like it don’t watch it ; i think that it is a good show and i hope that they don’t cancell it out becase of replys like yours

        • Jeremy says:

          The writing this season was below par. Holes all through it and characters changing their minds in a split second. I’ve better writing on a soap opera. The fact that you can’t admit it lets us know that this season was target to below par thinkers like yourself.

      • Rinslowe says:

        You’ve touched on a sore truth I’m afraid and although I’m down for Season Three, admittedly only to find out who the badass looking unit at the end was/is, this seasons story was well below par.
        Totally uninspiring plot lines saved only by slick sci fi concepts and solid acting. But even with that being said it still fell short of acceptable.
        It’s a true shame, because it’s like the writers from season one were suddenly taken over by skitters and harnessed to an overlord who hates his audience, therefore cleverly left hanging on through each episode while simultaneously being repelled at the same time.
        I have to stop ranting now and immerse myself in HD Battlestar Galactica just to get that fix, Falling Skies so far has failed to provide…

      • Edumacated says:

        Learn how to spell before presenting an argument and you also sound like a 4th grade immigrant learning engrish. Sorry for being blunt.

  2. Staci says:

    I loved falling skies finale I hope they bring back red eye next season

    • Phil says:

      Red Eye is pretty surely dead. If anything, it feels like the tables are getting leveled if this is indeed an ally. I got the sense that maybe the rebel Skitters are like pawns on the chess board and that the two sides are fighting over Earth’s resources? Human might just be caught in the middle. Seems like we could be heading toward a French & Indian War parallel. That would work with Tom Mason’s character right?

    • Sean says:

      Red eye was awesome, but he played his part, be brought the rebel skitters together with the resistance, he helped destroy the weapon, and he and Tom kicked the overlords ass, and he got to see the overlords death, red eye, hail and farewell

  3. katie says:

    I think the new aliens are the same race as the skitters but simply before they were harnessed. We learned being harnessed changed the skitters, like the human harnessed kids. Theyre the reinforcements and want revenge.

    • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

      Yeah I agree. They had to cut the skitters open to even find the harnesses on them so I kinda assumed from that and the kid’s back that they can change any species into a skitter. It makes sense that Red Eye might have been one of these new guys long ago seeing as how he had them blow up the gun so that the ships could land.

      • Adam says:

        I agree… why the aliens invaded is unclear… to take resources or to use the earth as an iwo jima to attack other worlds or the new aliens or to capture us and rebuild their ranks… taking humans and using us to fight the new aliens? The harnesses turn any species into a skitter that much is clear… look at the kids that were on the bus… they were turning green and starting to mutate into a skitter… I think the weapon was to keep the new aliens off the planet… remember them saying ” THE WEAPON IS POINTING UP” before they destroyed it… the new aliens are as you said prob a race that was also invaded by these aliens… and the weapon was destroyed easily because the invading force probably used most of their manpower to wipe out the earths military… They also are probably fighting multiple planets at once we can only guess… I think the earth is like an aircraft carrier… they came here to harness us and rebuild their army so they could continue the fight with the new aliens…

    • tuck says:

      An interview with one of the writers said that the skitters looked like the skitters prior to the harness. The harness causes an exoskeleton to grow and protect the body in its original form. i think this alien is a brand new one.

      • Chuck Finley (AJ) says:

        I’ve never heard them say that. The skitter’s faces share a striking resemblance to the new guys as well. Do you have a link to where they said this? I watch 2nd watch as well as the show and I just don’t recall them saying that but it’s entirely possible they are just another new species.

        • M3rc Nate says:

          I seem to remember reading that too. More proof is the harnessed girl and her “brother” who were transforming, she was growing a exoskeleton but not more arms/legs or her fingers melding together or anything.

        • Rain says:

          I just read an interview with someone from the show that talked about the skitters being that way before they were harnassed. It was on EW.com.

    • Sean says:

      Since the harnesses only grow an exoskeleton, not extra arms and legs, and since these new aliens look kind of similar to skitters, maybe these are another race of aliens that were harnessed, but, like red eye, some began to rebel, and that they were on their way to help out red eye and his rebellion, that would explain why red eye needed that weapon gone, and why the overlords were so scared of a skiitter rebelltion

  4. Amanda Miller says:

    I heard Doug Jones joined season 3 last week and can only assume from his past work that he will playing the new alien species. Can’t wait, love him and falling skies!!!

  5. Warrior says:

    If the new aliens were foes they would have laid down fire power before landing. Any force that is invading softens up the enemy with so called shock and awe before landing on enemy soil. It’s basic military battle operations.

    • David says:

      Yeah but using common basic military operations would rip the hell out of this show. Some of the alien stuff is so bad its almost ID4 bad……….wait ill just up load this virus as the aliens dont have AVG :p

  6. Guy says:

    I felt the whole second season waisted alot of time. Half of every episode was just fill in Bologna that could have been skipped and progressed the story along much faster. With Speilburg involved and the humongus budget, i had hoped to see much more action and an abundance of mind blowing CGI and I feel we were seriously dooped for such an advertised series in 2012. Come on guys get it together! Tremendous talent abounds with the actors, writers, and producers, a gigantic fan base, and some major creativity with the falling skies interactive app and second watch. This could be sooo much bigger than it is, somthing like the star wars movement back in the day. Everything is in place for greatness to explode. My hope is that they amp up the show bigtime 2013. Surely someone that matters will have an opifany in the off season and wake up and see there is so much more potential here to raise the bar for the future of television. That being said the last episode was great and sets the scene for a potential mind blowing season in 2013 if they will just push the limits of their resources and explore the boundries of what they have available to them. Oh please hear my prayers great TV gods and bless this show for the greatness of my future TV veiwing experience lies in your hands! More action, more cgi, more blood, more explosions, more aliens, just more more more! Consult with Micheal Bay and listen to his advise then you can change the face of televions forever!

    • M3rc Nate says:

      I dont think the budget is as big as you think it is. And by that i mean, i doubt they stashed away money for next year, im sure they spent every last buck of this seasons CGI budget, so this idea that they could have more than one singular episode that is some huge CGI battle with mega CGI background etc…i think thats wishful thinking.
      As for “wasted time”…i couldnt disagree more. With shows like these, whats most important is the characters. It would be so easy to have everything be gun fights and battles and missions, but the character development and depth would drastically suffer for it. These people arent Spec-Ops soldiers fighting a alien invasion, these are fathers and mothers and kids fighting. So there is going to be a LOT of talking, and relationships and layered stories involving characters.
      Also even if they were soldiers, it wouldnt make any sense for it to be a all out battle and faster paced, because the humans are SO out gunned. This is guerrilla warfare, hit and run, quick and quiet, the lack of subtlety in TV shows lately is something im glad Falling Skies doesn’t have.

      • Guy says:

        Yeah you are so right on with the Characters, I may have overstated the amount of low productivity a little. You gota admit tho, there were some very slow episodes this year that just didnt live up to the hype and caliber of what this particular calaboration of people are capable of. With out our connections with these actors and our feelings of how they ineract others and their environment we wouldnt have a reason to watch. I truely understand those slower chacter building periods are required to build up the faster action based scenes but there was just so many times I felt this season that I could have gone to take a wizz or grab something from the fridge and I wouldnt have missed anything important. Its just that the way the show is portayed I let myself get all anxious about how much more explosive and dramatic the series can be but I get let down because it didnt build up as much as I had hoped for. I just feel they could have told the exact same story and accomplished the exact same goal with much more drama and action and much less of the mopey one on one pity party scenes and time waisted over explaining some of the writers views about some detail that was already glaringly obvious. Not to mention some of the poorly thought out details like the lady mentioned above…. when Karen kissed Hal and a bug crawls out of his eye. Or the episode about the crawlies–there is thousands of them, they chase you down and can eat through anything to get to ya, and they have never been seen before or since and they live in a small part of only one building ? I didnt mean to imply a full on mission impossible zombie flick where they all train to be ninjas is the way to go. Its just my opinion that the slow parts were too slow and took too long to play out and the faster jazzed up action parts could have been more dramatic and enhanced. Like you said theyre not spec ops they are families and I just think that if we were truely in that situation the reality of it would be way more intense with literally every second of every day being life or death. They just arent to the point yet where things slow down to the pace they are living. Anyways ive blabbered on way too long and hope I didnt come across too critical. Not every episode is gona make every fan happy. When we love a show I guess we love to see it progress as if we wrote and produced it. I will be a fan till the last second and will love the show no matter how anything happens unless they decide to add more stinkin commercials! And I dont know much about their budget for this show but Id be willing to bet that with one great idea and a couple of properly timed and executed phone calls that the budget for the show could quadruple over and over again in to a blank check if thats what the show needed. The power of the people involved in this show know that the skys the limit as far as financial limits go for this project. With the ratings and popularity continuing increase the shows only true boundry will be the creativity of the mind and the cooperation of the cast and crew to get the goods on film. Blah blah blah and so on, that is my 1.8924 cents worth!

        • Anne says:

          Did you ever here of paragraphs?

          • Guy says:

            Yeah sure I have heard of them but with MS im lucky to hit the right buttons when I want but I get picked on a lot forit cuz I tend to just run on and on and on about stuff but its just how my mind works tomarrow I may not be able to write at all and this is still America so im free to speak my mind I just cant worry to much about how it comes out but I wrote this all in one sentence just for you so if it makes you crazy im sorry but if you have a laugh well good for you cuz I did too.
            See how I did that there, that wuz for you to! ENJOY :)
            I be loving me some falling skies I think there will be robots and aliens and people shooting at each other next season and I for one cant wait so im off to my best friend the DVR to watch season 2 over and over amen!

        • M3rc Nate says:

          I agree that there was some fat that could have been trimmed from the show and not only would the show not suffer for it, it might have benefited. However of all the shows i watch that have fat to trim, Falling Skies is very low on my list in regards to how annoying watching that fat is. The top of the list has to have been the majority of the recent Walking Dead season at the farm. However i give them some slack cause it was partly budgetary (lack of). But the Comic book is the most streamlined 0% fat story iv ever read, so it makes me all the more harsh on the show, because i compare the two in my head and the show doesnt barely ever live up to the comic in any way.

          As for the budget, a few things off the top of my head have me not really believing thats true. First off id say Red Tails, George Lucas not being able to get funding or a studio to back him in the making of that movie, GEORGE LUCAS…he is a HUGE name and he couldnt get one studio to back him, he had to front the cost of the movie himself. Second, as for popularity, i would say look at The Walking Dead, it is HUGE yet they have pretty big budget issues. However ScyFy isnt AMC, but ScyFy also has had shows that are very popular and had big budgets that only grew every season, in the end the budgets getting so big they collapsed on themselves. Shows like BSG, SG1, SGU and others come to mind.

          I have to disagree a bit with the “every second of every day is life and death”. Though technically your right, they SHOULD be on their toes every second and prepped and ready to move/fight at a moments notice…they are families, mothers, kids, fathers etc. What the show is trying to show you is its human nature even in those situations, to relax a bit and live those little human moments of falling in love or flirting or joking around or fighting even when your in a war zone fighting for your survival. You cant really expect non military types to be standing-too at all times, perfect soldier robots that are acting and performing their duties like a Marine Vet. Hal is a 20 something HS graduate, Tom is a history professor. Now of course like they have, they can learn to operate/move like soldiers, and learn to shoot proficiently, but asking them to remove emotion and remove their humanity because they are at War…i think that would kill them faster. I think you ask any soldier now back from war and they would tell you to keep your sanity you need to keep your humanity. That its the brotherhood and the jokes and laughing with their fellow soldiers that they live for. If they were in their tents just sitting upright holding their guns silently just ready to run outside and fight, they wouldnt last. Not to bring it up again, but it would be a different story if Falling Skies was the story of a platoon of Marines or a squad of Navy SEAL’s, then i could say yeah, all those things you mentioned would not be meeting the commanders expectation of professionalism. But a big group of civilians, mothers, kids, fathers, teachers, former military, etc can not be expected to behave themselves like a trained tight-nit group of experienced Marines.

          • Guy says:

            Boy howdy you worked me over pretty good. I gota admit i find it hard to dispute much of anything you said and you have certainly tweeked my point of view on things. I dint mean to suggest that it would have been a better show if it was soldiers fighting. In fact im glad its who they are and where they come from that is so interesting. I would love to belive in a real world invasion i could count on a group of strong minded individualz to come together and survive before we would tuck our tail and run to the nearest group of marines and cower down behind them.
            I dont agree with what you said about Lucas and Red tails tho. Its not just a popularity contest that would determine the funding for a project its got to be about the content as well. If Red Tails were a weekly tv series there is just no way that type of content would command the big budget that Falling Skies as an action sci fi drama can command. I have to belive the era that we are in that sci fi has ten times the interest and following that a world war 2 era film has. If you were gona base the buget just on the body of work from Lucas or Speilburg, there is just no comparison. Speilburg and sci fi will command way more of everything than Lucas and world war 2 era film could even begin to think about.
            I am sure i will have to take a teaspoon of the heart felt lovey stuff with a giant glass of action packed shootem up bang bang but i just think they could kick it in the butt a little bit with all that they have to work with. I get they have to spread it out some and make a complete story but the potential is there for this to be so much more. I would just really like to see them ramp it up to the point that every week, in an hours time, you feel like you sat through a two hour whirl wind that you just cant wait another week to see what happens. This show has that kind of potential and i hope they get there. But if it rolls on just like the first two seasons i will happily ride along because I love it now but i want to love it more and i think they can make that happen for everyone.

          • M3rc Nate says:

            Guy- For some reason i cant reply to your post directly so i will here. Oh i know that you didnt mean it should be soldiers. My point was just that the professionalism and lack of human interaction you seem to be asking for in regards to the 2nd Mass when out in the thick of things, just isnt realistic unless the 2nd Mass was a full unit of Spec Ops guys or something. With regular men/women/children, you will always get all the mushy stuff and flirting and joking and bad attitudes and overall un-professionalism. It was that way on BSG with the civilians, that way with the civilians on Jericho, on Star Trek TNG, on Walking Dead etc.
            My point with Lucas and Red Tails was more that even someone as huge as Lucas, no matter what he said or did, couldnt get anyone to believe in him and his movie. So i dont think any show runner can call in chips based on their name or history. I totally agree Sci-Fi is where its at, including viewers and where the best stories are coming from. The most humanity is being show and the best writing is happening in Sci-Fi. Haha wow i just now remembered that Falling Skies isnt on ScyFy, its on TNT. But i think that more-so feeds my argument that there is a limited budget, and i bet they squeeze every last penny out of it.

            I can totally see what your saying regarding getting more action. The one reason why i have never really seen it that way though, is the 2nd Mass is a militia. Their tactics have been survive, and evade. They dont have the man power, the weaponry, the overall ability for it to be as action packed as you want. They still can barely kill more than a few skitters, and Mech’s well….from episodes i remember, they dont seem to have Mech killer bullets really anymore. So overall they can only win a fight in small skirmishes while running away, and act on intel with small team(s) on small secret ops. I think the bridge crossing episode is proof of this. They had to run away, when fighting it was super hard to take down skitters, Mech’s kicked their asses, and they lost their .50 cal pretty fast. Also they did that satellite destroying mission which is really the only offensive they can handle. They have limited ammo, limited medics/medical equipment, not very effective weaponry, limited soldiers, and a large group of civilians to make sure to protect and not get killed by going offensive in a big way.

            I THINK you might get your wish though. If those new aliens are friendly like i bet they will be, and will join up with the 2nd Mass how i think they will (1-3 of them) and can kick some major skitter/mech ass like i bet they can, i think next season might be more of a: Home Base where we can have our humanity (the underground city, set was too big for it to be used for a short time) and then the best soldiers go out (no civilians to worry about) with the new aliens and go on the offensive.

          • Guy says:

            I was thinking and had to add, that if this show was somehow different and it was all military, rangers, and spec ops type of a show that was all action bang bang shootem up that it would still be a wildly popular show that we mere mortals could still relate to. I dont think you intended to imply that those were bad things in anyway. I think that when i suggest amping things up people tend to think of a Tranformers and military type co-op, and thats not a bad thing either, but I like the format the way it is. I would like to see alot more butt kicking till the odds are little better. With no more time that has passed since the pilot I would think it would still be alot more fight instead of the Charelstown mentality of slow down, build a government, and repopulate. All of that is certainly required but I think they lean too much toward that stuff and too soon. With the new butt kicker that just dropped in, things are bound change. I hope he is the technology boost and human ally that they need to even things up and get on with the butt kicking. If spec ops and the marines do show up i sure dont think it will hurt the show any and if they have info about what happened at Rozwell it may just get real interesting. I guess we’ll find out.

      • grrr says:

        well youre right about the warfare, but after 1 year fighting they could do better and the did but the last fight was just like hey were doing this the first time lets see how it works.
        second – i never wanted big sgi – actually as it was in season one it was perfect – its unrealistic that that small group could do that major damage to such an advanced enemy – i would like have see more real guerilla warfare on a real battlefield,

        something like IEDs, hit and run, sniping and so on – but all we got are a few closeup fights (which usually horrific done) and some big blowups with supercrap cgi
        eally that looks so cheap you think its from the 90s

        and please dont argue those are not soldiers, 1 some of them are and could and should have trained the others, 2 if you fight that stupid as they did so often youll not survie that long – not even against a low tec human enemy

      • Rinslowe says:

        I can’t believe they spent much on CGI at all. Considering the decidedly average visuals.
        What we got was a budget offering from a talented studio. Certainly not the creme de la creme of visual mastery, which the show deserved.
        If it wasn’t for some talented acting and Seychelle Gabriels gorgeous face, this season would’ve been called out for what it was visually, which is B grade at best…

    • sandy says:

      i agree, i so love this show , ihope it last longer than some of them, as soon as you get in to one and get hooked ; it’s gone

  7. Mrs. Peele says:

    I must admit that the finale is the only episode I have watched of this show only because of the ads for it. Even though I really had no idea about too much of the plot or the characters, I was able to figure out who was doing what and why. I enjoyed the ending but I always object to the way certain things are written. Why any pregnant woman would risk the life of her unborn child to go into a field operation which would definitely put her in danger; also when the alien possessed or controlled ‘Karen’ goes after the son and it is obvious she is doing something to him, they do not have him confined when he is brought back to camp and also restrained. I figured she did plant something in him and why they wouldn’t realize that makes it hard to believe. I also didn’t understand why they would have her ‘kiss’ him on the mouth (I believe that’s what I saw) and then we see this little creature come out of his eye to simply go around to his ear and go in there. That didn’t make much sense. I guess to let us ‘see’ what it was since she could have just gone to his ear in the first place. They are fighting an alien army – who knows what else these creatures can do? I don’t know if the big guy at the end is good or bad – I don’t think our heros can handle another bad alien so here’s hoping.

    • Sub7 says:

      ahahaha such a long comment for somone who never watched it, karen was hal’s girlfriend from the very start of the series one of the first harnessed and now some super charged bitch, she had a bit of a run in with Maggie (the hot blonde one) who is Hal’s current girlfriend she had kissed him in order to make her jealous and conceal the fact that she had transfered the mercury cpu bug into him, so noone thought anything of it, and good eye because I didn’t realize that was where the transfer came from, as for freind or foe it is most likelly an ally all the above comments are very plausible comments, as for you watch the show from teh start season one takes a few episodes to grab you but it’s good.

    • Rinslowe says:

      You need to watch the whole series to understand that although it is totally insane to think a pregnant woman could go into battle, putting their unborn child at risk, the situation of facing species genocide may involve a measure of actual insanity?
      Remembering for arguments sake the Overlords proposal was not open knowledge at that time…
      Each and every person must feel constantly desperate and hopeless, while at the same time hanging on to a hope and prayer that they can survive…
      Not to mention life as they knew it is gone forever, even they manage to get through the situation and somehow defeat the aliens, how long before all civilisation is plunged into a retro futuristic hell of sorts?
      In some ways it would be a better future for the earth as industry is no longer left to run a muck across planet earth. But not all things to do with technology are bad is it…. It’s a lot of what has kept the second mass alive in the first place. Or did I miss the episodes where they took on armoured mechs with wooden spears and arrows?

      Eventually there would be no specialists alive to rebuild our civilisation, even a green one would be too much to ask for. And after a few years time, people would be at each other again over what little technology was spared from destruction and well no thanks…

  8. M3rc Nate says:

    I think that finale was AWESOME. Loved it! I would’ve been shocked by the pregnancy but the minute she threw up i knew it cause she was just on Conan and was pregnant. Though from watching the aftershow i now know that is just a insane coincidence, cause she got pregnant 2-3 weeks after shooting that finale.———————————————————-As for the new alien, first off, it looks badass. Theres a lot to consider, why would they land so far apart and separately in single person pods? There were no visible weapons on their person, and a few other things. Overall though, i am 99% sure they are “friends”. However of course to make things more interesting, im sure they arent some super friendly, “we are here to save you humans” aliens. They will have their alternative agenda(s) im sure. But overall i bet they will in a small group of 2-5 team up with the 2nd Mass and help fight the skitters/overloards.——————————————————————————————-Im intrigued as to whats going on with Hal. Of COURSE once Hal and Maggie seem to finally get to a point where things are open and great between them, the pot had to be stirred lol. Considering the source of the bug (Karen) it is a bad thing. It going into the brain? I have to assume a sort of mind control or information gathering. I really hope they dont ruin Hal and Maggie, but that however it all plays out, they are stronger for dealing with it. ———————————————————————————————————–All in all. Great season. I had some issues with it here and there, LOVED the subtle relationship between Tom and Ann, i think it is the most subtle and sweetest relationship i have ever seen on TV/in Movies and i watch a lot of TV. I was not a fan of the whiney girly b*tchyness of the younger blonde brother, especially towards Hal. If i was Hal i would have shot him in the thigh or rifle-butt him in the face in those earlier episodes.

    • Boston says:

      Let’s just hope this doesn’t devolve into some elaborate Aliens Vs. Predator tangent! Those “Pods” looked suspiciously similar to some type of “Predator” Hunting party arrival…

  9. Ruby says:

    That is the coolest alien I have ever seen in this genre. Also, I LOVE this show. They’ve really made me care about the characters. I will really miss it until next summer.

  10. But they can kill Dai without flinching, too bad for asian dudes

    • David says:

      He was wearing a red jumper.

    • Starscream says:

      Too bad for African American dudes on here too. Seems like the only ones that will be carrying the fight on next season will be white people..with the exception of a few minorities in the background here and there.

  11. catlover says:

    only thing I haven’t liked about falling skies is we never see the first evasion and how the aliens wipe out technology and humanity so fast,where were all the nukes or defenses thrown at these overlords?
    It better be a fiend or humanity is done for people are barely scraping by with the overlords and skitters.
    Im shocked they arent out of food since pretty much all the food is before the attack and cant be much good , yeah there growing some in charlestown but it seems unlikely that would feed everyone.
    The big weapon had to be for something most likely to shoot these new aliens down since it was pointed right at the sky.
    I dont know if these are red eyes people or not since he says that his planet has been wiped out by the overlords so maybe this was some small remaining people from there since in the face they look like skitters, but I dont know how they would have regrouped and known the overlords came to earth.
    Who ever the new aliens are they are a little late in stopping all of the damage they must have found lintel somehow to figure out the overlords are there unless its not about overlords and is all about human enslavement.
    Im still figuring out why the overlords are only harnessing kids and not adults as well if its about human enslavement, if its about resources they should be drilling or something for what they need,and we never see drilling only metal collecting surely its not about metal but who knows.
    Hope season 3 will explain once in for all why earth was invaded i think Ben knows some of the reasons.

  12. Gavin says:

    Well I think those aliens are good and that weapon was keeping the be aliens out. And I think the bug in Hal is controlling him, getting info, and then moving on or killing him. And for Ann and Tom and how there pregnant with a baby not the best conditions to have a baby born. I’ve watched this season from the start and I think it’s awesome from the time they captured Ben to the time Tom walked onto the ship. I LOVE FALLING SKIES.

  13. Ben says:

    For you guys talking about the bug inside hal, it is no different than the bug that was inside tom. However, the bug inside tom was used by redeye, only for surveillance. Kittens bug shows us that out may also have a control feature, not seen by redeye.

  14. Dave says:

    I hope Falling Skies doesn’t become an even weirder version of Earth: Final Conflict.

  15. kate says:

    This show has been a pleasant surprise for me. I started watching last summer and didn’t think I was going to like it, then this summer it had been so long that I wasn’t sure I’d keep watching. I’m glad I did. As far as finales go, this one was excellent, and I’ve really come to like all the characters (even Pope, who in his own weird way is loyal to the 2nd Mass). I was legitly sad about Dai, and much to my own surprise, I was upset about Red Eye. I was seriously starting to like him.

  16. Mark says:

    The new alien is the new weapon…not the heavy artillery.

  17. Mark says:

    Meant to add that the new alien is a hybrid of all species involved.

  18. Realist says:

    So…Season 1, the aliens got Ben. Season 2, the aliens got Hal (courtesy of Karen). Season 3…watch out Matt!

    Heaven forbid, the aliens get Tom & Anne’s baby in Season 4.

  19. MollyS says:

    The only thing I knew to expect from commercials was that something huge was going to happen in the final seconds. I literally jumped out of my seat and was freaking out, going “OH MY GOOOOOOOD” repeatedly after the reveal of the new alien’s face. I am so excited for next season. I am hoping this new race will be an ally to humanity, but I am sure there will be some complications.

  20. Alex C says:

    This show is becoming The Walking Dead and Jericho combined…with Aliens.

  21. ronald vegliano says:

    i think thay shoold spilt it in ti two season,s winter-summmer. i,m from mass, :):):)
    i love this show !!! even so i,m waitting the new star trek show

  22. ronald vegliano says:

    to: MR, MICHAEL AUSIELLO Founed & Editor in Cheif THANK YOU for this it,s graet keep up the graet work from Ron in MASS

  23. Susan says:

    Hope introduced alien is friendly. A raised hand by alien to gesture peace sign next season would a worthwhile consideration.

  24. Shawn says:

    I think that the new aliens are they to exploit earth or humans. I think that the current aliens are there just to harness more people and once everyone has transformed they were going to leave but now mankind had fought back too much so they want revenge. The new aliens are def red eyes species or at least one that he was in allegiance with and that’s why he wanted the weapon destroyed. I could see the whole skitter rebellion alliance being a lie just to get these other race to come and free the skitters but he had no intention on saving human life I think he sold them out for his own freedom

  25. Alex says:

    It’s spelled “Chekov” by the way… :)

  26. Skz99 says:

    Really enjoyed the finale. The cliffhanger at the end of the episode presents a number of opportunities of where to take the series next.

    I agree with prior posts—that these aliens are likely not going to attack the 2nd Mass. I suspect their home world was also attacked. The new aliens might be military scouts—send ahead to gather intel ahead of a larger, more powerful force. Or they could be the last of their kind which would make an interesting parallel to the 2nd Mass and humans of Earth.

    Will the new aliens provide more information about the overlords—where they came from, how old their species is, why they attacked earth (and perhaps other planets), how can they be defeated? Will the new aliens share their technology and weapons with the humans and train them to help fight the overlords? Will the new aliens be able to provide intel on what technologies the overlord’s possess? It would be great to see what technologies both alien species possess. For example—I thought the overlord gun might have been used to damage/destroy the sun (an efficient way to kill off the human/skitter resistance)

    If we learn that the overlords are indeed much more powerful that what humans of earth have seen, that could allow for an expansion of the series in the future (perhaps the series will ultimately extend beyond earth—to the domain of space itself where other alien species are already fighting the overlords)

  27. Rens says:

    I watched the landing scene over three times now and I believe the landed Aliens mean no harm to the humans at least. First, he steps out completely unarmed and alone against the population of Charleston. Secondly, he removes his helmet which serves as protection as well, thirdly the music changes very softly and gentle and the look on the entity’s face is very friendly to say the least, lastly, everyone lowers their guns because they can feel he poses no threat.

    The theory about the gun being destroyed points a lot to the fact that this species is an enemy of the overlords and her harnessed skitters/mechs. The red eyed skitter used to be the entity that stepped off the Ufo and cleared the path for resistance forces.

    Im hoping season 3 will be all about teaming up with the new species and learning from them why this war started in the first place. The humans are nothing, just pieces on the board between 2 sides. Now that they have this backup, i’m hoping the position in the war will change for them. Let’s wait and see.

  28. hadar says:

    i think that the fish head that they kiled is’t dead “it” moved to hal’s head

  29. Staci says:

    To all red eye fans he was such a big part of falling skies this season let all the red eye fans ban together and let the show know we want red eye back next summer red eye is awesome and he deserves to come back you rule red eye

  30. Ethan says:

    Didn’t the weapon the aliens where building looked like an AA gun

  31. Rakard says:

    What if…the overlords where in fact the good guys in a long term agenda (yeah, i know they’ve not been so friendly with humans in the previous seasons), and they were building the weapon to protect them and us from a much more dangerous race such as the new one?

    The overlords sure have plans when they let Matt live.

    New aliens could be so confident about themselves they could present to us, apparently unarmed and “un-helmeted”. Or mabe, they could initially come as friends and further into season 3 probe to be evil.

    Think it could be much more plot twisting and iteresting for season 3 that these new guys are evil. These aliens seem highly tech…wouldnt seem fair a fight betweem them with overlords. Why would the need us as allies?

  32. I read a theory on another site that made sense, the situation may be akin to the Island hopping campaign of the US military in WW2. Earth was conquered to make it a a supply base/depot in a long chain of stepping stones. the Planet has no intrinsic resource value to the Aliens beyond a stopover and resupply point on the way to the front or it is close to somewhere else strategically important and was conquered as a simple staging area for an attack.

    One other theory that I have read is that The “Overlords” are themselves the interstellar equivalent of Guerilla Fighters/Pirates/Terrorists fighting a larger Authority which could explain why there ships look a bit beat up, why they are scavenging scrap metal and “Conscripting” Locals.

  33. I like the show I personally don't notice holes and understand everything perfectly fine did you not see that the show is producer by Steven Spielberg? Does that not speak for itself? says:

    I have a hunch that the “alien” at the end of the season is actually a human or a skitter that was harnessed and has transformed through time. Earlier in the show, it was said that harnessed persons can not go back to normal. They will change over time so perhaps he is the final product of the harnessed. Please educated replies only.

  34. jim says:

    I think Hal and Maggie make a great couple and they both care about each other. I hope by the end of season 3 Maggie is Pregnant and Tom is not happy with Hal and Maggie.

  35. Rabbitto says:

    Even though the writing has got plenty of plotholes i mostly do not think of them too much. For me a show ”works” if it entertains me and I do not spot too many annoying mistakes per episode. Anyone who is constantly analyzing, basically ruins a perfectly good show for themselves. I mean, I will still watch it myself and I think plenty of folks will return for Season 3. No bad critic will stop people from watching unless they agree with those critics. Although I do respect everyone’s opinion on the matter and have read plenty of good arguments why the story might be bad sometimes.

    Anyways, Im really excited for the child seeing that this will be a very strong kind of human alien with all the neat tricks. Super strength, hearing and other senses (like detecting alien bugs inside Lourdes) will make her a primary weapon once the human forces are fighting without the Volm.

    Cant wait!