Glee Exclusive: Lea Michele to Duet on Billy Joel Ballad -- But Who'll Cover 'Call Me Maybe'?

We’re not sure if there’ll be an actual piano man in the mix, but NYADA freshman Rachel Berry (Lea Michele) and McKinley High student Marley (Melissa Benoist) are slated to join forces on an iconic Billy Joel ballad during Glee‘s upcoming fourth season, TVLine has learned exclusively.

The pair will tackle “New York State of Mind” in two locations, with Rachel in Manhattan and Marley in Lima, OH.

“It’s a really beautiful number,” enthuses exec producer Brad Falchuk of the duet, which will take place in one of the season’s first few episodes.

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Furthermore, TVLine scored some additional scoop about the New Directions’ cover of Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Call Me Maybe” that will be featured in the Season 4 premiere. Falchuk revealed lead vocals will be split among Heather Morris’ Brittany, Jenna Ushkowitz’s Tina and Darren Criss’ Blaine, and that the finished product is “awesome.”

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  1. anne says:

    Rachel, Rachel, Rachel.

    • Mary says:

      Go Rachel! You’re the best

      • ruth says:

        Totally agree with you! She is amazing! I only care about Her!

        • reality says:

          Agree..where are all the Kurt lover / Rachel haters? They seemed out in force on the other post.

          • elivy says:

            but what do you have against kurt fans? oh god. you seems rude. i love kurt and i like rachel,

          • reality says:

            I have nothing against Kurt fans, they are the ones who like to attack anytime you say anything against his character. If you call him whiney then you are a hater, if you say you don’t like his voice then you have no musical ear..blah blah blah. I’m rude for a comment? So you are like all other Kurt fans. No one can have an opinion but you. Get over it.

          • elivy says:

            excuse me. we never attacked anybody. we are stating the fact that is one of the most loved characters. and he has an amazing voice, like example i agree that cory has nice voice though personally i don’t like him. this is a personal opinion and i’m still saying he’s talented. you bash people instead saying he can’t sing. fine if your personal taste but other thousand of people will disagree with you just so you know. i’m going to start a war but it’s like that with everybody else

          • reality says:

            So you speak for all Kurt fans? You are the ones regulating when they claim you have no musical taste becasue you don’t believe he has the range of Rachel? You support their claim when they say that Kurt is the most talented performer on the show? He has thousands of fans for a show that averages 6 million. Rachel has thousands of fans, as does Brittany, as does Blaine, etc. He is one of the most loved characters by a faction of the fanbase. The other faction grow tired of his whiney self pitying nature. Case in point: Go back and read the comments when he had the nerve to say being a gay teenager was harder than being a pregnant teenager who gave up her child, or when he acted like a whiny brat when he didn’t get his part in the musical, etc. p.S. I never said he can’t sing, I said he’s got a limited voice and can’t come close to performing like Rachel. But like all blind Kurt fans you claim I say he can’t sing.

            Chris Colfer is a great actor, Kurt however is a whiney character who appeals to some of the fan base and not to others. Yet if you criticize him his fans come out in force. Case in point; YOU. My original post did not criticize Kurt yet you choose to turn it into some mini war.

          • elivy says:

            well the other factions as you said it’s very small because it’s very loved and i hardly see negative comments about him. the public loves his character. mom, dads and so on, teenagers etc etc and when did he whine about excuse me? he even showed blaine support with the flowers. and for the quinn deal is what the writers made me said. i was angry too in that moment i’m not denying but how other moments like that did you see? not many. so stop it blaming it on him. all the other characters have flawls as well, like finn, santana , sue and so on, and i didn’t start a war.

          • elivy says:

            and also suggest everyone to stop trying to talk with you because it’s impossible. i’m done

          • @reality says:

            Kurt didn’t act like a whiny baby when he didn’t get a part in the musical. He was upset because the directors were being unprofessional effemiphobic douchebags and laughed him offstage. Then he sucked it up and gave Blaine flowers to congratulate him on getting Tony.
            What he said to Quinn was wrong, but what she was saying was also wrong. The difference is that the writers were once again using a white male to put Quinn in her place – other characters who have done this are Mr. Schuester, Finn, Puck, and Artie. They do it a lot. So that’s why Kurt’s seems worse. But the truth is, he is normally a very kind, caring person, and he was dealing with a lot of confusing emotions and hurt at the time, so he said something stupid. That doesn’t define who he is.
            Kurt and Rachel both have their strong points in performing. I like Rachel’s voice better, but they bring different things to the stage.

          • reality says:

            Keep saying that you know everyone loves Kurt. I think you just don’t open your eyes. Kurt gets plenty of dislike as like you said the other characters, but other characters fans don’t attack and call you def or dumb. Kurt fans take it like you just insulted their baby. Yep, I’m the difficult one to talk to. You took a single sentence and turned it into a persecution of Kurt and his fans. Grow up. And please stop pretending you know what everyone feels or thinks. Glad your done, go cry in that corner now.

          • reality says:

            hey he who posts @reality…Kurt did in fact whine when he didn’t get the part. He sulked and acted like a tool, he then made up for it with flowers. Did I ever say he wasn’t kind? I said he was whiney and he really is. He had times where he had a right to be mad, upset, scared, but then there were others where he was just a drama queen. So when he has a good scene it’s awesome Kurt, but when he has a bad scene it’s the writers fault. gotcha, okay I’m sold Kurt is the greatest character of all time…seriously, one can’t have an opinion without a Kurt fan just having to get upset and try to make excuses.

          • marie3 says:

            yeah well i want to remind you that dianna agron said this : “Our cast is blessed to hear things like “Your character has helped me through this, or helped me do that,” but none more so than Chris. To witness the power he gives to his audience firsthand? It’s wonderful”

            Lea said that glee’s success was due to kurt/chris and all the other actors/fans/producers said more or less the same thing.. this looks like well liked character. there’s no need to saying that othet people hasn’t fans. they have but the majority of fans are kurt, santana, blaine.

          • reality says:

            Are you kidding me? I like Blaine but have you seen the comments section? You are confusing Leah praising Chris Colfer as a great actor as saying Kurt is not a whiney character. You do know the difference between an actor and a character right? The directors love the gay storyline if you haven’t figured it out by now. I’m fine with that, but each character gets stupid and annoying and they get criticized, yet if you criticize Kurt you’ve just insulted Christ. Get over it. He’s just as whiney and self pitying as people say Rachel is. Only difference for me is I actually like Rachels voice better.

          • reality says:

            oh and @marie3, you are just another example of a kurt fan who doesn’t allow others to have an adverse opinion to him. He’s got his fans and I gaurantee he has his detractors. His storylines hit home for some and he becomes an inspiration, but it doesn’t hit home with everyone. He hit on Finn and was mad when Finn didn’t like him, yet we are supposed to feel sorry for him? Really? You guys can have an opinion, but just like your opinion others can have theirs too.

          • reality says:

            Yep, Kurt is the most loved character…oh wait…


          • marcus says:

            reality stop hating on the characters, will you? everybody has different opinions and you can’t change them . keep loving rachel or whatever without saying bad things to the others, they keep talking because you gave them a good reason.i would have done the same. If you say “i love rachel” nobody will “attack” as you said. just chill out dude

          • reality says:

            Hey Marcus, where’s the hate? Where did I say, damn Kurt sucks? How about the Kurt fans chill. How about you let someone say they don’t find him as talented and let it be? You go ahead and chill and deal with it.

          • elivy says:

            hey look at me, I post as marcus, marie3, and selene.

          • Marcus says:

            “Hey Marcus, where’s the hate? Where did I say, damn Kurt sucks?” you kinda say it when you called him a whiny bitch or something. his fans replied to this because you were rude, like if i was rude now with idk santana her fans would be mad at me. so stop it. you can have your personal opinions but be nice about it

          • elivy says:

            Again, you are reading I called him a whiny bitch. Never did I say that term. Also, my original comment was not about Kurt being a whiny brat, it was saying that Kurt loving fans normally come out in force if you show love to anyone but Kurt. Case in point, this post. I wasn’t any more rude the elivy or any of the others who tried to say I was wrong with my opinion becuase it didn’t fit theirs. But now I will be rude, please go pound sand go find someone else to try and direct. Thanks.

          • Selene says:

            yeah and did you also forgor the other kurt’s fans down there? read all the comments, we’ll see then

          • Selene says:

            also ely something stopped posting if you haven’t noticed because he/she said that it was pointless arguing with you.

          • reality says:

            It’s not pointless arguing with me, it’s pointless starting an argument when I simply stated an opinion that had nothing to do with liking or disliking Kurt. The pointless argument is that you can’t have an opinion about Kurt, or bear the wrath of his fans. I know on this board he has plenty of fans, and most are diehard and like to attack. yet then they turn and say it’s you who start the rudeness…rrriiiigggghhhhtttt.

          • Holden McNeil says:

            In during gigantic fight over fictional characters. Get it? Fictional charachters. Am I getting through to you guys?

          • Sara says:

            Not sure why people here are arguing. Everyone has different tastes. Chris Colfer is an excellent singer, but I don’t find him as talented as some of the others. As for his character, he’s not my favorite. I’m happy that he has inspired many people to truly be who they are, but the character’s personality is rather pushy. To each his own, I suppose.

    • CHiddy says:

      GO TO BED GLEEKS! However, I must agree with Reality. Kurt is annoying as hell and I don’t get why everyone loves the kid.

      • Selene says:

        that’s your personal opinion and i respect it but many people adore him like many other people loves blair waldorf and i could say “i don’t get why everyone loves her” but i don’t . keep your personal opinions and be polite and everything will be fine.

        • reality says:

          You can’t keep it polite. Because even if you criticize him politely then you get attacked and are told you have no ear for music and are dumb, blah blah blah. Selene, you type an awful lot like marie3 and elivy, hhhmmmm

          • Selene says:

            I typed by my phone thank you very much. just coz someone write similiar to another person doesn’t mean they are the same. you need to deal with the fact that there are more people here who likes kurt,.

          • elivy says:

            You not only write similar you also have the same gramatical errors. I’m sure there are plenty of Kurt fans on here, and i’m happy for them. However, your post said be nice with criticism. What it should have said was criticize everyone else, but don’t dare criticize Kurt.

          • reality says:

            Ha.see, I can change my screen name also.

          • Selene says:

            maybe because i’m european and english isn’t my first language because i’m french..? jeez.

          • reality says:

            Is elivy too?

            I stated an opinion and you’ve helped back it up. I stated you can’t have a polite criticism because then Kurts fans will attack and you opted to start attacking. My original post had nothing to do with hating kurt, it was saying be careful with the Rachel love because Kurt fans (who generally hate rachel) will come out in force, didn’t know i’d be the comment who’d open the flood gates. Shoudl have known better.

          • Selene says:

            not all the kurt fans hate rachel in fact some or i should say many of them love the hummelberrye friendship. and i’m not that ely something so i can’t know if she’s american, if she types wrong, if she writing by a computer so. i’m speaking for myself

          • reality says:

            Read the story about Rachel and Kate Hudson…kurt fans out in force attacking Rachel and claiming she didn’t have the talent of Kurt. So yes, the majority of Kurt fans who post on this board attack Rachel.

          • Selene says:

            he/she again i don’t the sex. *also hummelberry

          • reality says:

            I don’t disagree you can’t force someone to like a character. But Kurt fans will have none of it, becasue if you state any opinion criticizing him then you are wrong. I can say “I don’t like his voice” and Kurt fans will turn it into he’s a crap singer who isn’t talented. I can say “he is whiney” and Kurt fans will turn it into I’m a hater and then try to spew how everyone loves kurt. Um no, a lot of people like him, and a lot of people are annoyed by him. Get over it.

          • reality says:

            Please do go back through all my posts and find a point where i said he sounds horrible? Please do..I think it would be great to see how you skewed reality to fit your vision.

          • Adriana says:

            So I just read all of the comments above and honestly, you started the argument when you attacked Kurt’s/Chris’s fans by saying that they always attack when somebody doesn’t say anything nice about him. Kurt’s fans had not said anything at all, and you came and started a fight for something so silly. I couldn’t care less about who you like best, I have no favorites in Glee. I just love the show and the characters just the way they are. You’re asking respect for your opinion, yet you have no respect for others. How immature. How old are you? 5?

        • Selene says:

          well if you take a look outside the article the world is full of guys and girls who support rachel and kurt together there’s maybe a slight preference but that’s all and as i said you can’t force someone to like a person.

          • Selene says:

            no you didn’t say it “i personally don’t like his voice” (this was normal) you said “he sound horrible” like the other person said about Darren “he’s horrible” not ” i don’t like his voice for my personal taste” like i love kurt, mercedes, santana, kevin voices. i will admit that yes mark has a nice voice but i will say for my own personal taste he isn’t my cup of tea, which is polite and kind.

          • reality says:

            Please do go back through all my posts and find a point where i said he sounds horrible? Please do..I think it would be great to see how you skewed reality to fit your vision.

          • Selene says:

            “Perhaps because the majority of us are tired of his drama and don’t believe he really can sing” there lol btw i’m not going to argue over this

          • say_it_like_you_mean_it says:

            There are also plenty of people who can’t stand either. Rachel is a skanky, clingy little b***h that is waaaay too into Barbara Streisand. Kurt is a whiny little homo who sounds like a cat in heat.

          • marie3 says:

            Okay this is exactly what i’m talking about it. this comment is just horrible. if you don’t like it don’t listen but stop saying things like that they aren’t just rude but offensive as well since you called “h”

    • I’m sorry but I think there’s just too much rachel! More Santana please :)

  2. DD says:

    Darren Criss needs to stop singing so he can stop ruining songs.

  3. maru says:

    aaagggg!! so obvious that they’re gonna sing that song!! i don’t like a lot but let’s see how the manage to make it work!! still…i don’t like that song!!

  4. KR says:

    Just give me Cory Monteith as Finn, PLEASE:) A great storyline would be awesome gravy!

    • Alex says:

      Right, because you haven’t had enough of him in 3 effing years already.

    • sky says:

      I adore Cory as Finn. Finn’s story line and Rachel with Kurt in New York are what I’m looking to most forward too. I also adore Santana. I wonder what she will be doing also. But Finn has been in a quandry for so long. His personal discovery will be my passion for this season. Thanx Glee for this format for the show.

  5. Freyoda says:

    This is exciting stuff, but if brittana breaks up there will be a war!

    • Jen says:

      Same! But i have faith that Brittana will be fine… well maybe sine WE STIIL HAVEN’t HEARD ANYTHING ABOUT SANTANA LOPEZ in season 4!!!

  6. Isistelle says:

    In fact Darren nails all his songs…so I’m looking forward for his covers

    • Todd says:

      Yeah, he really nailed songs like Candles and Fighter. Nailed them to a cross and then left them to die.

      • anne says:

        Nobody has nailed every song, because the writers aren’t musicians and make mistakes with songs sometimes.

      • ney says:

        You need a doctor. Darren has the best male voice on the show ! You should be a brittana/santana fan.

        • Alex says:

          Don’t try to start a war, especially based on nothing. I’m a Santana fan. What does it have to do with if I like Darren’s voice or not? Personally I would disagree, I like Kevin’s better. Still, I know that Darren has a good voice. I also know that he failed miserably sometimes. You should take those stan goggles off buddy.

          • trollinginthedeep says:

            That explains it.

          • Elvenkind says:

            Kevin sound like Kermit the Frog at times, bless him.
            It’s adorable, and very in character for Artie but not to my tastes unfortunately. He’s a swetheart, however.

          • Gob says:

            Kevin never sounds like Kermit the frog, and Darren always sounds like a guy that should have stayed put at the back of a coffee shop.

          • Imsofunny says:

            Well he was in the Lima Bean a lot in season 2.

        • Todd says:

          And you need an otolaryngologist if you genuinely think Darren is a better singer than Matt Morrison and Kevin McHale.

          • Ann says:

            I like Darren’s voice better. It’s just more aesthetically pleasing, even if he isn’t as technically proficient. And his voice has only gotten stronger. Let’s face it he and Kevin’s voices are meant for mostly different sounding songs anyway, though they actually sound good together.

          • Seth says:

            That doesn’t make Darren a better singer, it just makes your taste awful…

          • @Seth says:

            Um, no it doesn’t? It means that there are different ways to evaluate what makes a “better” singer, and technical proficiency is only one of them. Someone can have a really great voice technically, but if they don’t move me emotionally, I will prefer someone else.
            Like, Amber has a great voice, I like it, and it’s technically superior to Naya’s, but I still prefer the sound and emotion of Naya’s voice more. Darren is the same way.

          • sefmos says:

            I actually prefer how Darrens voice sounds.

        • Vtr says:

          Kevin is way better than him. Although I like almost all the male voices.

        • e says:

          Kevin and Matt are much stronger vocalist than Darren.

      • Alex says:

        And Gotye omg lol. I like some songs because the guy obviousy sing (if given the proper material) but you have to admit that he has butchered some too beyond repair.

      • Ann says:

        I thought Darren sounded great on Fighter.
        And actually if you listen to just their voices, Darren and Chris sound good on Candles. The arrangement wasn’t good though. Not Darren’s fault.

        • Todd says:

          Darren sounds awful when they reach the crescendo of the song. He strains with the belt.

          • Ann says:

            Disagree. Well, you could say they’re both straining; I think Chris sounds a little sketch up on those high notes. Again, bad arrangement.
            I’ve listened to the acapella. You don’t have to be a music master to know if something sounds “awful” and he didn’t sound awful.
            Why am I even talking to you? You’re obviously biased against him.

          • :alic says:

            Fighter is still charming. He picked his battles with that one since it’s a challenging number.

  7. Alison says:

    I can’t wait to hear Rachel’s songs this season!

  8. Amanda says:

    The Rachel Berry Show. Staring Lea Michele as Rachel Berry slowly turning into Lea Michele.

    • Mary says:

      Rachel in NYC I’m excited

    • anne says:

      You got that right Amanda. I’m hoping to be able to like Rachel again this season, but the extraordinary amount of Rachel spoilers compared to every other character doesn’t reassure me.

      • Ann says:

        Agreeing with Anne and Amanda. Season 4 isn’t looking promising. I blame Brad Falchuk’s obsession with all things Rachel, Finchel, and Hummelberry (he ruined the last one for me).

        • Selene says:

          personal opinion i think the main reason of why many people dislike rachel with kurt now it’s because it was all a storyline based on her victory and his failure. (unfair) or the fact that she said that line ” my best gay ” among with souffle or something i don’t remember correctly. like even those scenes are incentrated on her instead of the two of them together. in season 2 they had a beautiful duet all the scenes were great, rachel wasn’t a very good friend to kurt when she wanted to run for president and when kurt got his finalist letter she cried instead and he conmforted her and he didn’t celebreate for her, when blaine was sick kurt didn’t want blaine to continue his speech because he didn’t want to make rachel upset and when rachel finally got his letter he was the first one happy for her, but it’s all about her and never about him because those moments haven’t a storyline for him anymore

          • tired says:

            You really do have an alternate reality of what happened. Kurt is the one who got upset when Rachel decided to run for president. Remember it was Rachel who risked her chance at NYADA to cheat for Kurt..oh wait, you wouldn’t remember that because you want to only focus on what supposedly makes Kurt a hero.

          • Selene says:

            ” Kurt is the one who got upset when Rachel decided to run for president. ” and what did i say in fact? rachel shouldn’t have done this. when she was heartbroken he was the first one who was at her side. like i really liked season 2 when he did the barbra evention because as we noticed in the yearbook scene she said that cute stuff about not changing because because he loved her nose, like puck helped her too. but the only time in season3 where kurt was angry at rachel was for the president thing at the end. and for the prom he was supportive of her before the party and with her coronation but other that nothing ,

      • enough already says:

        And of course you can’t figure out why we know more about her storyline?? 1. Lea tweets things more often. 2. they are trying set up the new premise 3. they filmed in the public so we saw more. 4. they want the other stuff to be a secret to build interest. . Also I guess you didn’t notice but this was a spoiler about 4 characters only one being Rachel. Also Lea didn’t work for an entire week while the other were filming so hard to have the Rachel Berry show when she isn’t even filming.

        • anne says:

          No need to get so defensive. There is no requirement that every Glee fan has to love Rachel.

          • reality says:

            And yet when you criticize kurt you are labeled a hater and homophobic…funny how it’s okay to criticize one but not the other.

          • enough already says:

            Anne, Who said you had to like her? I was pointing out why we know more about her storyline than the others so far. We are still a month away from the premier and they aren’t spilling as much.

        • harvey says:

          jesus not everyone likes rachel and not eveyone likes brittany or blaine and so on. you need to stop this madness. you should say i dislike kurt not i he can’t sing. that’s your problem

          • reality says:

            Who said Kurt can’t sing? Or is that another Kurt fan making up things to just have an excuse to attack? Saying he can’t sing is vastly different than saying Kurt doesn’t have the range fo Rachel. It’s no different than Kurt fans saying Rachel is boring and is no different than any other singer. If any comments screams pettiness than it’s that one. To even claim Rachel isn’t talented shows where the comments come from.

    • e says:

      Yes. Great news. Glad you are excited.

    • really says:

      blah, blah.

    • beth says:

      that’s why nobody likes her now. i’m friend with a rachel stan and she said that she hopes the shows will be focused on others because it’s getting too much and she doesn’t enjoy her moments anymore

      • Jason says:

        I used to stan Rachel but they’re turning her into a Mary Sue. I hardly recognize the girl from the first two seasons.

        • Selene says:

          the problem with rachel is that they turned her into a whole new girl personally i get the that the ep is called the new rachel but all those pics seems more “lea” than rachel even rachel isn’t drastic like that i get the change of look but it’s too much.

      • Anne says:

        Please don’t say nobody like her any more, that simply is not true. Many people enjoy Rachel and want to she her in NYC.

    • Kate says:

      i am so tired of the Rachel Berry show. Among such a talented cast they can not go one stupid episode without her singing. Never really liked her but she has gotten more and more annoying and whiny….. kind of like Lea Michele

  9. Taylor says:

    I’m looking forward to this. Heather, Darren, & Jenna’s voices suit pop songs, so Call Me Maybe should be a fun number :)
    As for the duet, it sounds really cool. A girl with dreams to look forward to dueting with a girl whose dreams have just begun.

    • Darcy says:

      I’m looking forward to Heather, Darren & Jenna singing together – it will fun to hear new combinations of voices. They are already having Rachel 2.0 duet with Rachel 1.0 – that didn’t take long… but then they are already pushing Jarley (aka Finchel 2.0)

      • Ann says:

        Exactly. They should focus on the characters we care about and build their friendships (Blaine, Tina, Artie, Brittany, Sam, Sugar) as well as telling the stories of the popular and inspiring romances like Klaine and Brittana (I also like Tike and wish Samcedes was sticking around). Rachel’s story shouldn’t be about how she needs Kurt or Finn, and Kurt’s story should be about him, not Rachel!
        They’re trying to introduce these newbies too fast, and instead of making us care about them, we’ll probably just resent them.

      • Alex says:

        More like the Puckleberry they didn’t go with… but IA with your comment.

  10. Sam says:

    I shouldn’t be surprised that Glee brought on a new white girl to lead ND instead of letting Tina do it her senior year but I’m still massively annoyed.

    • reality says:

      Your a petty stupid person. Tina is a great backup singer, she can not carry a voice. Jeez, reverse racism is the biggest pile of crap ever.

      • Jason says:

        What do you mean, reverse racism? Saying that a white girl gets privileged over an Asian girl isn’t calling reverse racism; it’s pointing out real racism.
        And Jenna (Tina) has a fantastic voice. You’ve barely heard it, but she rocked Because You Loved Me, for one.

        • reality says:

          Really? Priviledged? And you have evidence how? So are you saying Rachel only had the solos becuase she was white and it had nothing to do with her amazing voice? Did you also realize this past season that a “Black” and “Brown” girl also got priviledge over an asian, is that racism. tina has a good voice, not fantastic. But it’s sad you think it’s okay to use “white girl” as a description, I’m sure when I typed “black” and “Brown” that people will be in an uproar and claim racism.

          • Anne says:

            Really Santana doubled in song and storyline last year. Mercedes had more songs and story than in season 2 as well.

            That said the new club so far is not too diverse.

      • harvey says:

        reality you can’t call people stupid. take your negativity outiside this topic will you?

        • reality says:

          Harvey, when you try to say it’s racism and then use a term “white girl” then yes I can call someone stupid. So you see someone who is blatantly being racist and thats okay but you can’t call them on it? Go pound sound jerk.

      • Boo says:

        Backup singer? You think she wouldn’t be a pretty amazing lead? You either have never heard her sing, or you have no idea of what you’re talking about.
        And think again, how the American public would love to see someone that isn’t white and religious and perfect as the center of all things. This show has already butchered every “ground-breaking aspect” it claimed to have just so that more people would watch it. Real diversity in this show is the biggest pile of crap ever, if anything. And I’m saying that as someone who’s actually seen all of it.

        Oh, and watch you grammar.

  11. ash says:

    I guess we know who the new Rachel is and Tina never really had a chance. I hope Marley is a great big flop.

  12. Chelsea says:

    Nobody cares about Marley, and Rachel’s steadly losing fanbase. Pity.

    I’m oddly excited for “Call Me Maybe” though

    • RB says:

      Please Rachel is as strong as ever. Many people are bored with ND cause of the lack of intersting characters.

      • Jason says:

        They’ve destroyed Rachel – making her only care about Finn, letting her get NYADA despite screwing up and Kurt is left in the dust, winning prom queen for no reason. She’s steadily losing fans. I would know; I used to love her and now I have no interest in her NYADA story line.
        The interesting characters to me are the underdeveloped ones full of potential in the choir room – Blaine, Tina, Artie, Sugar, Brittany, even Joe and Sam. I also love Kurt but I fear he’ll just be used as he was last season – as a prop for Rachel – rather than having his own story and the merited focus on his ground-breaking relationship with Blaine.

        • marie3 says:

          couldn’t agree more.

        • Alex says:

          Same. It’s not Rachel, it’s another character. I actually LOVED Rachel. But I couldn’t care less about Mrs Hudson.

        • tired says:

          Dear god..if you think Kurt was only a prop for rachel last season then you’re just looking to hate. He had plenty of storylines and had plenty of his own drama to deal with. Glad you think everyone is losing interest in Rachel, not everyone is. And how is Kurts relationship with Blaine “ground breaking”? It was two gay teenagers, oh well, that happens pretty regulary now.

      • gr says:

        I still like Rachel and hope Finn is out of the picture for a long time.

    • ely says:

      exactly my point. the show isn’t about her thanks god journals and so are adressing this problem so we’ll see!

  13. Todd says:

    Both numbers sound like they’re going to be utterly forgettable. Here’s hoping Chasing Pavements only showcases the good vocalists.

  14. Angie says:

    So sick of selfish Rachel and spineless Finn. They are like any other 90210 couple Kurt and Blaine – together and separately are overshadowing them and tsk tsk better break them up so Ryan’s Lea stays the star. I’d rather have Santana in NY w/Kurt until Artie and Blaine can get there. I wish Rachel had joined the army too and she and Finn could become singing black ops agents and disappear

  15. samira says:

    HeMo will destroy the music! Her voice is terrible.
    Brittana fans hates Blaine because he sing so much better than santana and Brittany ;)

    • Reed says:

      What? I like Blaine, but that’s just stupid.

    • Todd says:

      He’s better than Heather, but the idea that he’s better than Naya is hysterical.

    • Ann says:

      Blaine and Santana are probably my favorite voices on the show. I don’t know why Brittana fans hate Blaine (though many don’t), but it’s probably for a stupid reason, since he has so little to do with their pairing and doesn’t threaten it in any way.

      • Alex says:

        So you make a generalization (“Brittana fans hate Blaine”) but you admit that “many don’t”. Am I the only one lost regarding your comment here? Btw, I’m (among other things) a Brittana fan, I don’t “hate” Darren or Blaine but I have to say that his omnipresence got a lot on my nerves last season. Would I like him more if he wasn’t singing every damn song? Probably. Did I like some songs he had despite that? YES.
        It has nothing to do with Darren the human being. Man, I don’t even know the guy, why would I hate him, he didn’t kick my puppy. It has to do with Ryan Murphy and TPTB not being able to give screentime to other characters when they need it (first thing to come to mind: Quinn after her accident, and Blaine having 315 all about his brother issues. I mean… every honest fan can’t argue that it was INSANE and terribly unfair to Quinn’s character and fans).
        I speak for myself of course. But from what I’ve seen, the main criticism made about Blaine (from Brittana fans) was that it took 3 friggin’ years to get were the girls are and get a single kiss. Also they never talk about their relationship (when they in fact talk to each other at all), Brittany has zero say in Santana’s storylines, and on top of it everything happens off-screen (geez, even Santana’s coming out to her parents! Seriously?).
        It’s not Klaine’s fault, it’s TPTB’s I know. Still, immature Klainers are taunting the fandom whenever they have the opportunity. Why, I have no idea. Do you even realize how lucky you all are compared to us? Yet, you go berserk if we have the nerve to ask for more because hey, you’re there too! You know what, it’s not a matter of gay quota being divided between you and us. It’s a matter of gay quota being a gay quota in the first place! Klainers should be offended that lesbians are so misrepresented, and stand by us. And Brittana fans should be a little less jealous when you have good material because it’s not you taking screentime and stuff from us, it’s probably that Finn doesn’t have reached his “look at how awesome and essential to every character and every scene I am” quota. Same applies to virtually every character and ship because he seems to be involved in F-ing EVERYTHING all the time. It takes just a quick look in the fandom to see that Klaine, Brittana, Tike and Samcedes say that. I won’t even get started on non canon ships because poor them (and me, yes I ship non canon too), God help them to have two lines of dialogue between the characters they ship.

        So yeah, Klaine fans should accept that we have good reasons to be pissed and not get mad at us because hey, poor Klaine, again. Not everything is about you buddies! It’s hard not to get defensive when some of you are constantly undermining us.

        And from other Glee fans, the thing that I’ve seen the most, apart from the amount of songs, is Darren’s faces (“annoying”) and The Warblers (“stranger b**ches” who take screentime from the McKinley characters we actually care about — which is true IMO). Finally, I think that the drunk scene sealed the deal for some, especially partial to Kurt.
        So here it is. Whether I agree or disagree with some of those things is not really relevant, but I think that Darren’s fans should learn the difference between him and Blaine. Also, no, Blaine is not perfect. Heck, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM IS. What I’ve read about Santana, my dear God. So what. It doesn’t make me like her less. Different strokes, etc.
        I don’t want to believe that the mere existence of Blaine is enough to make someone “hate” him. (Just like I don’t hate the existence of Finn. I hate that he is a holier-than-thou douchebag lol. I happened to quite like him in the front 13… woooooow, coming out time!)

        Also I’ve read some fanfics were our two ships were actually friends and you know what? It was pretty cool. And I gotta say, really, really funny. Why can’t we get along? Here’s a hint (and it applies to both ships): tweens, and stans.

        Don’t say Brittana fans are a single entity and dislike you just for the sake of it. Most of you are far from the level of immaturity of most Finchel fans (or so I like to think) so please, stop being so defensive and arrogant everytime, geez. If I don’t like something Klaine/Kurt/Blaine related, I will still say it. Just like you have the right to say you disliked something Brittana/Santana/Brittany related. Is that so hard to agree to disagree and move on? I’m sure given what our ships and fandoms went through, we have a lot to agree on. Why not focus on that instead?

        Sorry for the tl;dr but I’m getting tired of that Klaine Vs Brittana crap. The only two gay ships and we’re not even capable to get along and stick together when needed. And yes, I realize that it went from a reply to Ann to a whole essay addressed to both ships, sorry lol.

        • Ann says:

          I um actually ship both Brittana and Klaine. I know that *some* Brittana fans hate Blaine (I thought that was implied with what I said originally). I AM offended by how the queer girls have been treated on the show (indeed, all the female characters). I’m also offended by how the one gay male relationship has been treated. Brittana and Klaine both face marginalization and erasure in different ways, and everyone should be angry about it. Maybe you’ve read some of my fanfic, because I’ve written stories about them all being friends, going on double dates, and hanging out. I really want Blaine and Santana to be close friends, and Kurt and Brittany (if they ever decide to write her as more than a joke)
          “I don’t want to believe that the mere existence of Blaine is enough to make someone “hate” him.” Well, most of Blaine’s haters hate him for existing, because he got in the way of their ship (Kum, Kurtofsky). Annoying faces is a stupid reason to hate someone (and you can screencap ridiculous faces for ALL the characters, especially while singing).
          I hate The Warblers, and they betrayed Blaine, so that is a moot point when it comes to hating Blaine.
          Non-canon ship treatment cannot be compared to canon ship treatment; that’s ridiculous.
          “Klaine fans should accept that we have good reasons to be pissed”
          Brittana fans have good reason to be pissed, but not at Blaine. It’s illogical. You should focus your anger where it belongs – with the writers, who actually control what happens.
          Klaine fans also have good reason to be pissed. Oh, we got a deleted scene on twitter! Guess what, it was supposed to be in the episode. We’re not being treated amazingly – Klaine is still incredibly marginalized. they haven’t kissed onscreen in almost a year. They didn’t have a conversation for 10 episodes straight. They aren’t allowed to touch or make allusions to their sex life.
          “his omnipresence got a lot on my nerves last season. Would I like him more if he wasn’t singing every damn song”
          That’s funny, since Santana sang more than Blaine. And had narrative focus and more screen time (I’m not upset; I love Santana – just making a point to you about Blaine’s supposed “omnipresence” since he was barely in some of the episodes and missed one entirely).
          “Finally, I think that the drunk scene sealed the deal for some, especially partial to Kurt.”
          I am partial to Kurt; I stan him hard. Pretty much only haters are going to look at that scene and try to claim something stupid like “he tried to force himself on Kurt”, since while he was a drunken ass, he absolutely did no such thing. But those people already hated Blaine for “stealing” Kurt away from Sam/Karofsky, so there’s no appealing to reason with them.
          Anyway, my point is that not all Brittana fans hate Blaine (that’s what I was trying to say originally), since I am a Brittana/Klaine fan myself, and those that do probably hate him for stupid reasons, like the ones you mentioned – “annoying” faces, and stuff he has nothing to do with, like how Brittany and Santana are marginalized as a couple and individuals.

          • Selene says:

            can i marry this post? lol i agree also for the whole blaine forced himself i was mad at blaine too but some people then said he should be with karofsky and i was like..
            i always this head canon where kurt and santana could be friends, maybe britt works better because she cared about kurt and all but yes they should be friends. also what i’m saying is this people can’t stan tot character how much they want but the public is very numerous and many of them prefers santana,blaine blabla instead of finn and rachel. AfterElton and company said they are sick of it they are the main characters yes but they should give equal space to everyone like i finally hope that tina will have something to do. personally i think she has a beautiful voice i don’t like her character but she was ignored so they should give something to her, other characters as well. i’m pretty mad over the klaine stuff because it seems that with brittana and klaine we get hugs and kisses yet they barely talk or like brad or something i don’remember said “kurt hates pda” what? they remember that kurt said back in season2 during a talk with his father that i quote “wanted to walk hand in hand with the guy he liked”? fans are not asking to cut finchel and show brittana porn. they are asking for less kisses by some couple and some other by other ships. it’s the equality. everyone is aware of this problem i mean ryan thankfully noticed tat project. i hope that things will get better for all the other couples.

          • Alex says:

            “Maybe you’ve read some of my fanfic” > I don’t know, but if you give me an #ID (I presume it’s on FF) I will take a look at it :)

            “I hate The Warblers, and they betrayed Blaine, so that is a moot point when it comes to hating Blaine.” > According to you! Some people, like me, feel literally nauseous just seeing a blue and red blazer now lol. It’s been going on for ages!! And who’s their tie to WMHS? Yep, it’s Blaine. So while I agree that Blaine not being a Warbler anymore is a relief, they’re still on our screens because of storylines tied to him.

            “That’s funny, since Santana sang more than Blaine. And had narrative focus and more screen time (I’m not upset; I love Santana – just making a point to you about Blaine’s supposed “omnipresence” since he was barely in some of the episodes and missed one entirely).” > Whoa, you’re not being serious, are you lol? Yes, Santana sang quite a lot this season, but Blaine had a whole season of singing before that, which Santana didn’t have. So the streak is clearly not the same. And I’m not sure that she had as many solos. I won’t state it as fact because I’d need to look it up to remind me a little, but I’m sure Blaine had more solos while Santana had more duets and group numbers. Regarding the narrative focus, I disagree. Santana didn’t have a whole episode focused on her family (or a family member; she barely had two short scenes with her mom at the very end). Brittana barely had any couple interaction (Klaine talked a lot to each other, alone, and several times about their relationship and future together. Brittana only had the short exchange at Breadstix when it comes to hinting at their future together…). Klaine wasn’t made fun of with a ridiculous sextape. Nor did they have to face an outing with one of the boys being literally erased from the plot. So yeah, I understand that you didn’t get what you were hoping for, but please be a little objective. Brittana had pretty much nothing this year, and when they did it was for the lulz or with Brittany being silenced. Quite ironic given the fact that it’s the year they finally came out as a couple. Your boys have been together for 2 years now… you don’t realize how many scenes and couple moments you had. We’ve never seen Brittana going to a lesbian club, did we?

            “Pretty much only haters are going to look at that scene and try to claim something stupid like “he tried to force himself on Kurt”” > I’m in no way a hater but sorry, I felt like he was forcing him on Kurt. Kurt had to apologize for that, but he did nothing. Blaine crossed the line. So yeah, it’s not like he raped him or something, but it was not ok to act like a jerk either. Kurt’s his boyfriend, and he showed so little respect in that moment. Granted, he was drunk. But it doesn’t excuse everything. And it was certainly not to Kurt to make apologies for what happened. Again, that was stupid writing. Just like what they wrote when they made Santana extra mean to Finn before he outs her (I HATED that, and it gave the haters something to chew on and they totally missed the point and the severity of what Finn did, like he was justified in doing so). In both cases it’s OOC. But at this point, they made almost every character ridiculous (Rachel for one, but a lot of others too, including Blaine and Santana).

            What I’m trying to say is: because you don’t feel a certain way doesn’t mean that it’s stupid, or from haters. It’s stupid when people are fixate on shallow things. It’s from haters when people are making harsh criticism no matter what, just because they feel like it. Now, am I being stupid or a hater because of what I said in my comments? I don’t think so. I just disagree with some points. It doesn’t make you like this and me like that. It’s just that we consider things differently, have different reactions to some events/plots/characterization or like different things.

            What I like, though, is when people like you and I are capable of having an actual discussion and politely disagree without having to jump at each other’s throats like morons. JSYK, I appreciate that a lot.

        • Selene says:

          also yes i agree with you we should stick together . i’m a brittana fan myself i think they are truly soulmates and santana changed a lot thanks to brittany and i complained too about her lack of smart lines. like with that sextape thing. thanks god they made up before the end of the ep. but again it isn’t fault of the brittana or the klaine fandom but the show itself for example i heard this rumor about sam trying for some sugar.. like. samcedes could have been a nice couple if they had given to them an actual story ad not one based on the cheating all that jazz same applies for tike (we never saw an apology for what mike said to tina in props just a smile) or again that thing with quinn? i mean before they make her pass in love with that joe, then she kisses puck all of that while givin random hits about faberry? i didn’t like any of it personally.

          • Alex says:

            Unfortunately, it’s always like that with the girls. Do you notice that the boys don’t ever have to face judgement and apologize for being rude, cheating, getting into toehrs’ businesses? It’s Glee. If you have a penis, you can’t do no wrong.

        • Selene says:

          “I hate The Warblers, and they betrayed Blaine, so that is a moot point when it comes to hating Blaine.” > According to you! Some people, like me, feel literally nauseous just seeing a blue and red blazer now lol.- what they did to blaine (and kurt) since the slushie was for him was horrible and they don’t even seems like his friends anymore. Ugh.
          “but I’m sure Blaine had more solos while Santana had more duets and group numbers. ” that’s true i’m goint to count them but it’s true but i kinda complaing about the fact that big brother ep aside (who should have been more incentrated to quinn i agree) he never really had a own storyline. they should have given an couples of scenes with him. i remember that someone on twitter posted a photo with darren and matt bomer saying my two sons and one time they tweeted they were filming at blaine’s house they like uhm i would like to know something about his parents, kurt’s mom, tina’s parents and all – we still don’t know how blaine parents are we are guessing they are not very accepting but it’s just fandom speculation. and for the klaine scenes yes we had them but have you noticed that they are mostly background stuff or when they talk they aren’t really never alone? like in tbb episode they talked alone it’s true, with nyada we have seen blaine showing kurt support and we had dws with their interactions but for example (this for brittana too) they were at emma’s office and in the sue’s office and they hugged and they didn’t interacted alone another thing that pisses me off about brittana is that santana’s mom was awesome and the only “used” her for the last ep they should have built 3 dialogues at least in 3/4 episodes. they did that with mike’s dad. brittana and klaine fandom doesn’t really have scenes alone or for example they delete it the santa baby number for the christmas ep, and they deleted the box scene for all that finchel storyline – that box scene was important because when rachel asked kurt “what you would do if blaine proposed to you today?” he was thinking because that scene meant something in the story as well as other scenes. thankfully with the gep ryan and the cast will see what the public really wants and they will do something about it hopefully for brittana and klaine.

    • Boo says:

      And on what amazing music degree and years and years of experience as a music critic are you basing your eloquent and detailed comment on Heather’s voice?
      Next time try a “I don’t personally like it”, it might make you look like you actually have opinions of your own.

  16. Reba says:

    I assume Call Me Maybe is them vying for leadership? Because if so that means Unique is also in contention, you could see her on stage in the promo. Frankly, Artie and Tina should be the appointed leaders, but this is the show that expected us to buy Finn as the best male singer in ths club so may their mediocre streak of leaders continue.

  17. Reed says:

    Is it too early for me to hate Marley?

  18. Jess says:

    ugh i knew it was a only a matter of time but do they really need to do call me maybe? jenna’s going to be the only one who could possibly make this horrible song sound good cause the other two won’t, let’s hope she gets most of the song.

  19. Dean says:

    stop Brittana/Santana and Klaine/Blaine wars please ! This fandom needs peace!
    Darren has the best male voice and Naya has the best female voice. End of story.

  20. Ann says:

    Oh look more Rachel and a new Rachel. Joy. Meanwhile characters we’re already invested in (Blaine, Tina, Artie, Brittany, Santana) are MIA/will continue to be ignored.

    • Becks says:

      In what UNIVERSE are Blaine and Santana ignored? Jesus Christ.

      • Ann says:

        You’ll notice I used a “/” to denote “or”. As in we’ve heard nothing about what’s going on with Santana, and other than singing songs, Blaine gets little focus, especially when it comes to story lines and development. And for such a popular character, it’s a little ridiculous.

      • James says:

        Blaine sings. He has very little focus when it comes to stories, what he had in S3 were 3 Klaine plots plus the brother thing which was done to shoe-horn in Bomer which was obvious considering how badly it was done. Even Santana sings way more than she has actual stories, her stories though she touches on other plots far more than Blaine.

    • making stuff up says:

      ha ha People are invested in Rachel that is why she is still on the show. And really Santana neglected please she doubled her screen time and her songs last season.

      • Jason says:

        I used to be invested in Rachel.
        Not any more.

        • anne says:

          Me either. We know she will succeed, whether it’s earned or not and will end up a Broadway star. They’ve taken all the agency and wonder out of her character. I feel bad for Lea what they’ve done to her character.

          • Ann says:

            Exactly. Rachel used to be really interesting and inspiring. But they’ve taken away what made her special.

    • G-one Shaw says:

      exactamando….there can never be enough Tina or Santanna or Quinn for that matter

  21. Kath says:

    Hemo will sing ? Really ? Blah. –‘

  22. James says:

    Wow. Rachel and Rachel 2.0 – the old Rachel ruling in NY and the new Rachel ruling in Lima. That’s a show I want to watch. Not.

  23. dude says:

    So instead of using Call Me Maybe to advance the plot with a character like (whoever Rachel’s new love interest is) they’re going to make it one of those throw away group numbers used to fill airtime.

  24. Pam says:

    Two horrid Blaine numbers? How sad for the audience.

    • Ann says:

      Too bad the audience loves Blaine and his voice. Sorry for your troubles.

      • Pam says:

        Sales numbers don’t back that up. Cory and Kevin averaged better sales with solos in the third season. Darren did decently well with Cough Syrup, but Moves Like Jagger and Girls Just Want To Have Fun landed higher on the Billboard Hot 100. The only other times Darren charted at a respectable position (read: above 50) it was with the aid of an overhyped guest (read: Matt Bomer). This isn’t even taking into account that Darren was given at least 8 solos to the other males’ 2 or 3, so they were at a disadvantage. The true singers people love? Are the women like Rachel and the Troubletones.

        • Artie says:


        • Jason says:

          Artie had one solo all season. Of course all his fans were going to buy it, upping the average. Darren sings lots (but has little narrative focus) and so of course his average is going to be a little lower. Same for Cory. So actually, they were at an advantage. Also, you can’t compare songs from different episodes. If Artie is so beloved, why didn’t he and Quinn’s duets sell better than even Blaine’s solo in Big Brother, which reached the early 20s on iTunes (Quartie’s duets were in the 50s)?
          Darren/Blaine has the task of selling A LOT of songs. And sell them he does. His songs are fairly consistently the highest or second highest sellers for each episode that he sings in, and you can’t compare songs across episodes. Nice try though.
          In other words: if you were to pit Kevin/Artie, Darren/Blaine, and Cory/Finn against each other with an equal number of songs in the same episodes, all at their best (basically, if all other factors were equal), Darren/Blaine would outsell the other two.

          • @Jason says:

            Full of factual errors, but I expected nothing less from a clueless Darren fan. Darren would not outsell the two. The third season proved that. You throwing in duets as “proof” doesn’t change the data I was referring to.

        • marie3 says:

          The public though want to see other voices like blaine, santana, kurt , tina and so on. It’s not just about the billboard but this what the show sells and what people wants. it’s the majority of the fans.

        • Ann says:

          You are aware that Perfect (Blaine and Kurt’s duet) landed higher on charts that Finn’s solo in IKAG? All three of Blaine’s songs (including a solo) landed higher than Artie’s in Big Brother (substantially). Wanna Be Starting Something outsold Scream in Michael. You Should Be Dancing outsold More Than a Woman in SNG. You have to compare within-episode, and Blaine/Darren wins every time (he didn’t sing in Yes/No).

          • marie3 says:


          • @Ann says:

            I’m laughing at the fact that you threw in duets as proof. It’s invalid data. You think Chris’s popularity or the popularity of Klaine didn’t factor into the Perfect sales? You’re naive. I’m not comparing Darren & company to Kevin and Cory as soloists. I’m comparing their performance as soloist across the board.

          • alcat says:

            Maybe sales figures don’t have anything to do with it. Maybe they like working with Darren in the booth. Or he comes to mind more when they brainstorm who would sound good on a particular song.

      • Vtr says:

        Speak by yourself, not everybody loves him, only her fangirls. Most of the time his songs are pointless, he just sings for sing and is not that good.

        • Vtr says:

          Sorry, I wanted to say his fangirls.

        • Jason says:

          Usually his songs are actually relevant to other characters’ stories, which is frustrating for Blaine fans because we want his songs to be about him.
          Anyway, I’m not a girl, and I enjoy Darren’s voice and Blaine’s songs.

          • Vtr says:

            Really? which ones? Maybe some of his songs were relevant for other characters’ stories (I just remember Cough Syrup which could be sung for any other male singer) but most of them weren’t. I’m a guy too and I prefer Artie’s, Puck’s and Finn’s songs any time over Blaine’s, because usually fit the plot and are better songs (rock, classics). I know is matter of opinion, but Darren/Blaine most of the time gets crappy top 40 songs (usually carbon copies) which make hard for me enjoy his songs.

          • fennel says:

            I wouldn’t go that far. there’s usually at least a LOOSE explanation for why Blaine’s singing. which is frustrating for us. we don’t like this jukebox status they’ve given him because it’s the type of thing that limits a character.

            It’s not Unusual- Easing him into ND
            Something’s Coming- His audition for WSS
            Last Friday Night- First choir room song. (He said it was for morale).
            Wanna Be Starting Something- no reason for this one
            Cough Syrup- Background to Karofsky offing himself
            Fighter- Being frustrated at his bro’s shenanigans and not being as good as his bro.
            It’s Not Right But It’s Okay- Speaks for itself.

            that’s all of them i think?

      • Frank says:

        You’re vastly overestimating his appeal to the general audience.

        • Ann says:

          Um, nope. There’s a reason he was voted #1 Favorite TV character on After Elton, why Klaine was voted Best Couple on FOX’s Facebook poll, and so on. Darren is one of the biggest and most popular stars on the show, and one of the few who is set up to go far in the business after Glee is over.

          • Vtr says:

            After Elton is a pro LGBT site, is not surprising that Blaine has won that. The online polls say nothing. The online fandom or the Klaine shippers in this case, are not the majority of the general audience, I agree that this guy is good but is too overrated.

          • Selene says:

            they also won other polls and not in the afterelton site. even journals and magazine and if you take a look on twitter and so on they always talk about them. it’s not a secret brittana and klaine are the most popular. and it’s not just online fandom take a look at yt it’s full of klaine video with klaine reactions and cute stuff i mean even the actors joked haha that they never seen such an attachment over a fictional couple before and i think that tastes aside we all should be that the most popular are the the same sex ships. like with the supernatural fandom they won with dean/castiel it’s a wonderful thing –

          • Vtr says:

            @selene still, that does not prove anything, Klaine and Brittana just are loud, most of them are inmature teenagers (check Ryan Murphy’s twitter) who threaten with stop watching the show if the their ships break up or with expressions like “my life is over/ruined if you end this couple”, “I’m gonna kill you” etc, There are insane people in every subfandom but the ones who ship the gay couples are the most loud, spamming the comments section of almost every glee related article and polls like the Eonline’s one. Again they aren’t the majority of the general audience, there are a lot people who don’t care about the gay couples/characters, many people watch the show mainly because the musical numbers.

          • Frank says:

            Do you not know what general audience means? AfterElton is a niche website catering to the LGBT community and the Fox Facebook poll caters to the online fandom. Both are not the general audience. Try again.

          • Marco says:

            Well, Klaine won because its fans are known to do anything in order for their (ridicuously unhealthy and definitely abusive) couple to win, and yes, Darren is talented (though his acting isn’t the best…) but Glee basically makes his character an abusive, whiny, selfish, hypocritical asshole who talks the talk, but really cannot walk the walk. Am I the only one that thinks that Glee will be an old shame of his?

          • Selene says:

            @Vtr “Again they aren’t the majority of the general audience, there are a lot people who don’t care about the gay couples/characters, many people watch the show mainly because the musical numbers.” well maybe in this site but the majority of the audience is different and for the dreaths even faberry shippers did send something to him as well like the other it’s a problem with everyone.
            anyway i’m going to argue anymore. there are many blaine, santana, quinn fans, there’ s a resonable amount of kurt stans and so on. at the end day of the day we are happy for kurt and you are happy for rachel. i’m not gonna change that

          • Selene says:

            @ Frank it’s not just the afterleton but think what do you want, so we can all live happy, shall we?

          • Selene says:

            by the way guys it’s futile arguing over this. we should have expect it after all, ausiello doesn’t really like blaine so the readers are inclined to agree with him ; it’s just a debate , what really counts is the audience and we know what the public wants and are in fact the storylines revolved around thse characters, so i’m going back in my lovely and quiet bubble in the world and in the web where we can appreciate brittana, klaine, kurt, blaine and co.

    • Pamela says:

      You are sick….
      Blaine is better than you :)

      • Dara says:

        Blaine is a poorly developed fictional character that slut shamed a guy working to feed his family and forced himself on his boyfriend while drunk. Blaine is not better than anyone.

        • @Dara says:

          I can barely handle this truth bomb you just dropped on these children.

        • James says:

          Ha ha ha. The haters never fail to amuse me. You distort the show so much just because you hate someone, that it reaches the point of true caricature. I don’t even get annoyed at this point, I just laugh and laugh.

        • Reed says:

          Just a quick question: were you this upset when Rachel slut-shamed Santana? Or when Santana slut-shamed Quinn? Or when Kurt slut-shamed Sebastian (which happened in the exact same episode where Blaine slut-shamed Sam, so you must remember it)? Or when Rachel and Finn slut-shamed Sam? Or do you only care about slut-shaming when you can use it to bash a character you already dislike?

          • Paul says:

            Reed, Bless you !

          • penny says:

            joining the chorus of people tired with so much blaine singing. id prob feel differently if he was good enough to merit this oversaturation.

          • Jason says:

            Preach. Also, Sam even said something slut-shaming in HOTS.

          • Ann says:

            The reason the hater is hung up on Blaine slut-shaming Sam is because he has done so few bad things that they don’t have much to work with. It’s especially funny since Sam and Blaine were both jerks in that scene and Sam physically pushed Blaine, but later we see them friendly and hugging. Clearly, they talked it out. Blaine is a character that consistently makes amends for when he messes up, and it just grates on the haters sooooo much that he’s not the asshole they want him to be that they cling to things that the characters are obviously well past.
            And obviously, Blaine did not try to force himself on Kurt, that argument is so stupid.

          • CherryAnder says:

            I quite like characters slut-shaming each other. Remember when Emma slut shamed Will. Classic.

        • Jason says:

          Haha wow so many inaccuracies. But good try. One day you’ll convince someone who isn’t an idiot.

    • Dances like a house elf in a teacosy says:

      More like two brilliant Blaine numbers.

  25. xxx says:

    oh great Blarren numbers…I really lose interest in the show. :( I’m frustrated because Cory, Lea and Chris are there … so I have to see it.

  26. Love “New York State of Mind” — perfect song for Rachel; can’t wait to hear Lea cover it! Billy Joel music is always a good thing. Period!

  27. And story-wise, having Tina, Brittany, and Blaine sing “Call me maybe” is a great choice — fits their long-distance relationships and it is definitely a number with a “high school feel” to it — more pop-candy than the adult vibe they seem to be going for with the graduates. Looking forward to hearing it and seeing how they use it in the show.

    • prttyprttty says:

      oo i never noticed that. you’re right. except for perhaps the Britney episode where it’ll be pop candy all across the board. Although the choreography might be raunchier for the older kids.

  28. Késsia says:

    The more Rachel the best! Yay!
    I feel like this Billy Joel’s song will be like Maybe This Time, hope it’s just as good

  29. Klathen says:

    Brittana/naya/santana make me really lose interest in the show. Why they hate blaine ? Please bitc*s

  30. greg says:

    wait, do people into glee really think darren criss is some sort of exceptional singer? he sounds like every other guy playing guitar in a coffee shop for quarters. nothing special.

  31. G-one Shaw says:

    only and only TINA has remained true to ND…therefore if she isnt lead then imma be looking for other compensations…say lil less screen space for rachael and Blaine….nd as always Brittany and Santanna never fail to hype anyone up..

  32. j says:

    I am excited for the Call Me Maybe number

  33. Jenna says:

    Stop trying to make Marley happen, Glee. It’s not going to happen.

  34. Lucy says:

    blablabla the Rachel show sucks.

    • Anne says:

      Why would a show about Rache have spoilers about ND? Why is Kurt in NY or why does Finn has a big arc? Oh wait becasue it is not the Rachel show it is just stubborn fans who can’t figure out they are not releasing spoilers on some character/plots yet.

  35. Lucy says:

    I love Rachel Berry.

  36. JDHetherington says:

    I swear all you annoying fans who critisize everything about the show is what’s causing everyone to grow tired of it…… “It’s the Rachel Show”. “Kurt’s whinging all the time”. “Blaine needs to stop singing.” “I don’t like Finn”. “Why doesn’t Tina get to do anything”. “What do you mean Quinn’s only going to be in a few episodes”. “Since when did Puck have a brother”. “Mike isn’t a good boyfriend for Tina”. “I want Tina and Artie to get back together”. *sigh*

    Really? I want to stop watching the show half the time when I read all this stuff. You all want different things, and when some of you don’t get your own way, you abuse and whinge about what you don’t get and talk about switching channels and stopping watching. And then if Glee try and change stuff based off of Audience response, the people that didn’t complain about the changes have something to complain about.

    • zan says:

      THIS. i agree with everything you said, don’t blame any other characters for the lack of your favorite characters and don’t say ‘everyone’ dislike or like someone because obviously it’s not true and only in your mind

    • Sammy says:

      Amen. I’m so glad someone finally said it.

  37. jim says:

    ann, anne, and jason: you’re psychotic and are a typical example of darren fans.

  38. Rory says:

    Wow, Darren/Blaine fans are something else. Completely disconnected from reality.

  39. Paul says:

    Guys, Blaine, santana, kurt and rachel are the only Characters on the show ? Because people only talk about them ! I know the majority of fans are kurt stans, blaine stans, santana stans and rachel stans… But is really boring people just talk about them….

  40. sky says:

    Getting back on topic. I love Billy Joel songs. Haven’t heard the other actress sing. So knowing how Lea sings beautifully, this will be awesome. Hope there are more Pezberry interaction and duets.

  41. Joe Smith says:

    This show is fantastic. Certainly with so much packed into each episode it can’t be perfect but, so many of these comments are really negative and this is not called for. Could any of the people who hate the show so much explain why they watch it??? I would love to see a cover of “Home” the Phillip Phillips song played at the Olympics

    • Kate says:

      I can actually answer on why they watch still watch it. It is because they fell in love with the characters in season 1 and from then on have been hoping it will bring that back. For me the writing has really gone down hill. They drop plot lines all the time, and then bring plots out of nowhere, give the new cast better story lines then the original cast and have forced certain characters down the fans throats. You can not deny that there has not been a single episode where Rachel has not sung even if it is completely devoid of moving the plot forward. However we hang in there for the hope that our favorite character might get a bone and have a decent story line. That’s just my opinion but that is why I stuck it out but I will not be watching this year.

      • Joe Smith says:

        Thanks for taking the time to reply. I guess I can see your point but my wife and I still really enjoy the show. Try and give it another chance, maybe with the story lines on the graduates and the new additions you may get the feeling back

  42. Bitingbludgers says:

    So can we get the full version of the Imagine Dragons song yet?

  43. Matthew says:

    Hope Call Me Maybe will be ridiculous and hilarious, and I hope we’ll get more new combinations of voices like this now the cast has been split up. New York State of Mind should suit Lea’s voice but I have absolutely no interest in Marley and I think the show would be better off to just let the audience get to know her before telling us how wonderful and beautiful and exceptional she’s going to be.

    • Sil says:

      I have no idea what Glee is gonna do with Marley. I’m gonna give the show a chance. Besides, Glee just might not show her talent too much yet. I cannot get over how people, which includes me at times, doesn’t and won’t let the show play out. Glee and its characters are owned by Glee. I have no right for any input, nor did they ask me my opinion. I love Glee and at times I’m very disgusted by what is on the TV, but it is their creative right and ownership to what they want. That includes songs and dances and special guests and most of all-story lines and for whom. All I know is that, to me, it seems it will adapt to more mature fare and content. Which I’m down for. Bring it on.

  44. Brittany says:

    So the three people that have SO’s that flew the state are singing “Call Me Maybe”??? Talk about spoilers. I hope Klaine doesnt break up, seriously.

  45. Alix says:

    Rachel v2.0. Wonderful. /long-suffering sigh.

  46. Elizabeth says:

    I love both Rachel and Kurt!! (And Finn) Where are all of the Hummleberry fans?! I think their friendship is adorable, but that’s just my opinion. I also am a HUGE Finchel shipper but I’m open to pretty much any other opinion because it doesn’t really matter to me what someone else ships. I wish the whole Glee fandom could be like that.

  47. seey says:

    Commenting on what was written in the article and not having fan wars- I think its going to be used as a recruitment number. They always try to use fun popular songs for those and its pretty straighforward ‘hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here’s my number so call me maybe?’

  48. Kenna says:

    So, I just spent a bloody long time reading all those argumentative c

  49. Alice says:

    It makes me sad when people complain about there being ‘too much Rachel’, because she’s the show’s main character… why would she not have more storylines/attention than everyone else?

    • Susie says:

      Yeh but if you haven’t noticed it’s not the Rachel Show it’s called Glee. She joined the same time as kurt, tina, mercedes and artie. How is she now the main character? There should be an equal share of storylines between all the characters. It’s not that i dont like Rachel, because gosh she has an awesome voice, and yes we all have our favorites but arguing about it isnt going to change our opinions. I mean if we are gleeks we should be arguing with non gleek and try and get them to join us in our love for glee xx

      • truth says:

        Rachel was the main female character. Will and Finn were main characters too. Now Will was changes a bit when Ryan wanted more focus on the kids but the show was always to show the story through Finn and Rachel . The outcast and the popular kid. That was laid out in the pilot.