ABC Family Orders More Bunheads, Renews Switched at Birth and 2 Others, Cancels Jane

Somewhere, Amy Sherman-Palladino is doing a happy dance.

ABC Family has ordered additional episodes of the Gilmore Girls creator’s ballerina tale Bunheads. Additionally, the cabler has renewed Melissa & Joey, Switched at Birth and Baby Daddy, while Jane By Design has been given the ax.

VIDEO | Watch Bunheads‘ Big Finale Dance Number Now!

The Bunheads extension (which is rumored to be around eight episodes) ensures that Monday’s episode will be a summer and not a series finale. The Sutton Foster-Kelly Bishop dramedy is expected to resume production in October and return on air in early ’13.

Melissa & Joey will be heading into its third season, while Switched at Birth and Baby Daddy will both be entering Season 2. (The second half of SaB‘s rookie season bows Sept. 3; Baby Daddy and Melissa & Joey wrap Season 1 and Season 2, respectively, on Aug. 29.)

Finally, the decision to pull the plug on the struggling Jane By Design comes just weeks after the show ended its first season with 1.2 million viewers and a 0.4 demo rating, representing half of its Pretty Little Liars lead-in.

Thoughts? Which renewal are you most relieved about? Hit the comments!

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  1. Laura says:

    Whoo Hoo!! Love Bunheads and Switched at Birth!

    • Melosm says:

      I love Switched at Birth and like Bunheads. It will be pushed into my love category if a great romantic storyline can be weaved in…like rory/Jess or Lorelai/Luke.

      • Laura says:

        I’m with you… bring on the love!!

      • Sandris says:

        I agree about the love storyline. I do like Boo and the Astaire kid. But I don’t know about Michelle. They need a good love storyline for her. Wish they had not killed off Hubble. I liked them together.

        • bondfool says:

          I agree. I was okay with killing off Hubble when I thought they were going to spend a little more time exploring the effects of his death on Michelle and Fanny, but I think the writers dropped that element too quickly for it to be worth the lack of romance. As a result, Michelle’s storylines feel inconsequential, even in this low-stakes setting. This show needs a stronger relationship, even if it’s Michelle and Fanny; something for us to really care about, like Lorelai and Rory, Luke and Lorelai, Lorelai and her parents, Rory and Dean/Jess…

          • Kim says:

            I totally agree with you and I thought I was the only one who felt this way. It just doesn’t seem realistic that the reactions to Hub’s death were basically glossed over.

          • I agree. I loved Gilmore Girls (and still do) and I am loving Bunheads, but I loved what Hubble brought to Michelle. As far as Lorelai and Luke—-more. These shows take the sting of reality away and you can just drift off into another world.

      • Darleen says:

        I have enjoyed Bunheads. But no comparison to Luke & Loralie. Would love another season, can they get Scott Patterson??!!

    • Mike says:

      Very Glad to see “BUNHEADS” coming back..

    • carol sharma says:

      So sad to see that Jane by Design is cancelled. I really enjoyed watching that show. Please bring it back!

      • Wiley says:

        I think this is backwards! LOVED Gilmore Girls, but Gilmore Girls had something Bunheads is totally missing. Bunheads is too harsh and focuses on the kids too much whereas Gilmore Girls handled both age groups much better. Additionally, am very sad to hear that Jane by Design has been cancelled. What were they thinking?

        • PorciCity says:
           Additionally, am very sad to hear that Jane by Design has been cancelled. What were they thinking?

          Ah!!!! Hallo?!??!? Didn’t you know about the Illuminati controlling major TV shows out there,……You will never see a good TV show (Jane by design, Wedding band, Dollhouse, Chuck, and so on) lasting longer, but most of the time you’ll see repetitive and unoriginal TV shows that reflect social conditioning, because that’s the Illuminati propaganda.

    • Sarah says:

      I love Jane by design! It was my favorite! I just wish there was more to it! To know what happens next!

  2. well , i guess those are bad news for jane by design,right ?

    • Jill says:

      I know, right? I’m scared.

      • Mad as hell says:


        • Nicole Jordan says:

          I do not agree that they ax Jane by Design, I totally enjoyed the show and I am disappointed it was cancelled. Please bring it back.

          • oleeay says:

            I agree with you! I really liked Jane by Design so much more that Baby Daddy!? Ugh, I’m really happy to see Taij working but I’m so not a fan of baby daddy

          • Katie says:

            I agree Jane by Esign was awesome they totally should not have cancelled. And I don’t get why they are keeping Bunheads it is not that good and def not better than JBD

          • Veronica says:

            I’m super sad that they are cancelling Jane by design too!!! i was really looking forward to the new season! :( they should bring it back. I’m glad that Bun heads is coming back though, but they should definately have kept JBD as well.

    • Wiley says:

      Since Switched at Birth started, been searching for Jane by Design. What were the executives thinking? Jane by Design was terrific, and they bring back BUNHEADS? Please, stick me with a fork, I’m done with trying to understand this network.

  3. Mindy says:

    Yeah! More Bunheads!

  4. Houman Sadri says:

    Officially over the moon about Bunheads, Does this mean a second season or just more episodes to come in this one? I mean, the finale is next week…

    • ClearlyDemented says:

      I was wondering that myself. Perhaps the finale will become the mid-season finale.

    • This means that this monday is the season break not the season finale. ABC picked up 8 more episodes to finish out the season (affectionately known as “picking up the back end of the season”) which I’m guessing will probably air somewhere around January. The next eight episodes will still be season one. A season two renewal would be a different thing. So let’s keep our fingers crossed that the ratings are solid and that Amy Sherman Palladino can clean up the show a little bit so that it gets a little more buzz.

    • TM says:

      I think it means that season 1 will resume during the winter or sometime later in the year with additional episodes. I guess it’s even better than a season 2 renewal, cause it means they want it back on screen sooner than next summer.

  5. Anony says:

    Love Bunheads, Switched At Birth, Melissa & Joey, and Baby’s Daddy! So this is all fantastic news. Curious about Jane By Design though. I wouldn’t mind that being renewed!

  6. Vannesa says:

    Great news about Switched At Birth and Melissa & Joey. Any news as to when Switched At Birth will start airing season 2?

    • guest says:

      Switched at Birth returns with new episodes on September 3. The new eps are still considered part of season 1 though. I would guess season 2 would start either in January or sometime next spring.

  7. Great for Melissa & Joey :)

  8. jamie says:


  9. Luciano says:

    What about Jane By Design? I need more episodes!

  10. BH says:

    So happy about the Bunheads renewal – good to know next week’s episode won’t be the series finale.

  11. ggny says:

    guessing this isnt good for Jane By Design since it would probably be between its and Bunheads

  12. Kirsten says:

    Great! We needed more Bunheads!!!!!

  13. Emily says:

    Switched at Birth is back September 3rd ;-)

  14. Eric says:

    Baby Daddy!!! Great news!!!

  15. Jana says:

    Renewed or not, next Monday episode will be the last one for me. I love Gilmore girls but Bunheads is just bad.

  16. Linda says:

    Awesome news since I watch all of those.

  17. Lorie says:

    Woo! I love these 4 shows, so I’m thrilled!

  18. ggny says:

    some sites are reporting that JBD has official been canceled

    • Danyelle says:

      Do you have any link(s)? “Some sites” is hard to Google lol

      • Rah says:

        Nick Roux posted on his twitter acc (@TheRealNickRoux ):

        “Want my #rouxers to hear this from me first. #JaneByDesign will NOT be coming back for a 2nd season”.

        Officially depressed!

        • Ari says:

          I literally shouted, “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” when I read JBD was cancelled. I just started watching it last week and it is SO good! UGH! ABC FAMILY!

          • Ginaa says:

            Jane by

          • Ginaa says:

            Jane by Design was garbage. They made the right decision.

          • Cez Lazaro says:

            Soooo sad. I wouldn’t find out what happens to Billly and Jane-Jane & Eli-Jane & Jeremy-Jeremy and India-India & Eli-Rita & Ben- Billy and gf-and what happens after Gray finds out Jane designing in her high school drama club? It’s very upsetting, frustrating. ABC PLEASE BRING IT BACK!!! It’s a mistake JBD have a lot of fans!

        • Officially depressed to say the least! I love this show! I think they need to re-evaluate and listen to the fan base! So many new fans who just barely caught on due to netflix. Please bring it back! Sign the petitions peeps theres a bunch out there and the creator of the show tweeted back she really appreciated the support

          • jules says:

            Yeah bunheads, boo jane by design is gone. watched faithfully every week. Never watch baby daddy and liars, switched at birth is a little boring.

        • Cez Lazaro says:

          I’m very disappointed that I will not find out what happens to Billy and Jane and Jame and Eli. It’s just very upsetting. I came to love the show. I think it was a mistake to not give them more seasons on tv. We need to see JBD back. Please bing it back.

  19. AnaB says:

    Yay, Baby Daddy!!! \o/

  20. Bariul says:

    I hope Jane By Design leaves. #notthatgoodofashow YESS BABY DADDDYS STAYING!!!! :D

  21. Jared says:

    Don’t watch Bunheads..but happy to hear the rest of the shows have been renewed. According to ABCF press release..the comedy’s and Dramas new seasons will be airing Spring 2013.

  22. Brittany says:

    So excited for more Melissa & Joey! It’s the perfect summer show–cheesy comedy goodness starring two people I adored back in my tween days!

    • Eliza says:

      I think MJH and Joey Lawrence are great together. It’s a funny, cute little show for sure. Happy it will be back.

  23. Bunheads is only okay, it’s nothing compared to Gilmore Girls. LOVE Switched at Birth, but also curious about Jane by Design. It’s a pretty cute show. My favorites remain Pretty Little Liars and Lying Game though. Unfortunately, ABC Family always cancels awesome shows too soon (Wildfire, Beautiful People, 10 Things I Hate About You, Make It Or Break It, Falcon Beach…and Greek, though I guess that show had run long enough).

    • Ah it was just updated with news of Jane By Design’s cancellation. Oh well, guess we’ll never see the result of her co-workers finding out she’s in high school.

    • Babybop says:

      Don’t forget when they axed Kyle XY out of nowhere.

    • Beth says:

      Agreed. I think I only watch Bunheads because I loved Gilmore Girls so much, but the show really isn’t that great. I think it’s because while Sutton Foster is great, she’s no Lauren Graham who was perfect as Lorelai. Foster is just too awkward and it makes the show disjointed to me. I say this, though, as a 31 year old watching the show, so maybe I’m just too old for it.

      • Templar says:

        I’ve tried to look at her through Hubbel’s eyes, but all I see is Olive Oyl.

        • Sasha says:

          LOL! Isn’t it funny that we all love the one character on the show that can never come back? God, I miss Hubble… Alan Ruck, yer my hero… Don’t die, Mercutio!!! Don’t die!!!

      • Anna says:

        I’m 35, but I also work in a dance studio and LOVE all things dance. There need to be more shows like Bunheads so girls can see that there are sports outside volleyball, basketball and cheerleading that they are offered at school.

  24. kay says:

    so happy about this! i love switched at birth.

  25. Switched at Birth YEAAAA DOING MY HAPPY DANCE! LOL

  26. GeoDiva says:

    My 15-yr old daughter is now in mourning about Jane By Design. What is sad is the Bunheads is completely unwatchable and it stays.

  27. #SaveJaneByDesign! :(

  28. Babybop says:

    SO happy Bunheads is safe. Glad that Baby Daddy and Melissa and Joey are renewed too, they make a good summer pair.

  29. Tanya says:

    So happy Melissa & Joey and Babby Daddy are renewed. ^^

  30. Isn’t Switched entering the 3rd part of season 1 not the 2nd. They have already done 2 runs of episodes.

  31. Tabs says:

    I don’t know how they renewed Bunheads and cancelled Jane By Design! JBD was a very cute, heartwarming show. I just could not get into Bunheads after the first few episodes. I am so bummed about JBD – now we will never know if Jane and Billy would ever be more than friends. Boo! :(

  32. NCmacASL says:

    Thrilled about Switched At Birth. Wonderful show. how many episodes for Season 2? (like M&J, Season 1 was set for 30 episodes)

  33. Mitholas says:

    Bit surprised they renewed Bunheads even though if I’m not mistaken it’s doing worse than JBD (which I’ve never seen, but have heard lots of good things about, so definitely wanted to give it a shot). Glad it’s returning though. It’s not Gilmore Girls, but it’s the next best thing and sort of feels like having them back in spirit. You get what you’re given.

    • Kyle says:

      Bunheads was probably picked up because it had better ratings with a crappy lead-in. Secret Life had a little over 1 mil. viewers and Bunheads is adding to those totals where as Jane lost half of the lead-in from Pretty Little Liars. Also Bunheads had the 4th highest ratings on the network behind Pretty Little Liars, The Lying Game and Switched at Birth.

      • nick1372 says:

        Hah! Please don’t state nonsense like it’s fact.
        In the demos, which is all ABC Family cares about, Melissa & Joey, Baby Daddy, and Secret Life all did better than Bunheads, while The Lying Game did much worse.

        • Ronald says:

          no it did not The Lying Game did alot better than bunheads and Jane by design.It drew a .7 and 1.76 viewers and neither did bunheads or jane by design drew that so please state your facts right.Also the TLG stayed in the .5-.7 demo and with more viewers.You have no clue what you are talking about nick,It also ended with a .6 demo so ya:)

          • nick1372 says:

            ABC Family show averages via TvSeriesFinale dot com:

            PLL: 1.0
            SAB: 0.9
            Secret Life: 0.7
            Baby Daddy: 0.6
            M&J: 0.6
            The Lying Game: 0.5
            Bunheads: 0.5
            Jane By Design: 0.5
            Beverly Hills Nannies: 0.4

            Factor in that Bunheads had the Olympics as competition and a worse lead-in (Secret Life as opposed to PLL), it did better than TLG & JBD. Maybe I was exaggerating when I said “much worse”, but the facts don’t lie.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    Really sad about JBD. It was such a cute show and had just an interesting storyline. Sad cause we did not get any real closure. I only really watch Bunheads because I like seeing Gilmore Girls 2.0 but I would have chosen Jane over Bunheads easily.

    • Chris says:

      I agree completely. Jane by Design was such a sweet show with wonderful relationships between the characters. Although I could have done without Terry Hatcher – those shows just didn’t fit.

    • Corinne says:

      Love Bunheads so much I couldn’t wait for friends to leave and cuddle into bed to watch. Always disappointed when reruns played rather than a new show but always watched again and again. Pleeeease come on with the new season. And I am 60. Just love this show and couldn’t care less about the others. So Gilmore Girls but very much it’s own show and characters – they’re all wonderful personalities. But surely a little love story for Michelle would be very interesting. Umm maybe the rich guy up the crazy long ‘private’ roadway! And Fanny surely deserves love. So glad ABC Family is bringing it back. Just hurry up already!

  35. Laura says:

    Totally bummed about Jane by Design. I didn’t think it sounded like a good show but caught it on Hulu. Watched all the shows and was totally sucked in. Sorry that it didn’t catch on.

  36. itsme says:

    Switched at Birth and Bunheads are two of the most addictive shows on tv right now. I’m so pleased with this news.
    Also, Jane by Design is premiering here in Canada in a few weeks now I know not to check it out

  37. mirvin365 says:

    What about THE LYING GAME!!?!? Love that show and haven’t heard a peep about it all summer?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Renewed for Season 2 some time ago; returns this winter:

    • Emma says:

      the lying game has been renewed if you follow any of the stars on twitter they all say that the show has been renewed and so does wikipedia!!! I AM SOO EXCITED i have read all the books although they kind of have different story lines i still love them both equally. oh and my heart literally stopped when i found out jane by design is canceled i mean do they only check the number of people who watched the show the night the episodes air because a lot of people don’t have cable and watch it on the computer the next or if they have on demand because i know a lot of people who do that

      • nick1372 says:

        Nobody cares about that because ABC Family does not seel advertising space for the online viewing. It does not earn them money, so it is not a factor in the renewal.

  38. ggny says:

    Kinda surprised about Jane By Design. Figured ABC Family would want to keep Erica Dasher around since she is a star in the making

  39. Brandy says:

    I’m happy about more Bunheads but upset about Jane by Design.Pll, Bunheads, JBD,Lying Game are the only good shows on abcfamily.Baby Daddy is a copy of Raising Hope & M&J is “Who’s the Boss 2.0” & not very funny or good, I tried to watch the first several episodes of season one..Just like Nine Lives, JBD is a good show lasting only a season.Switched & Secret Life are awful and SL should only get a very short sixth,final season ala Gossip Girl(10-11 episodes).

  40. CR says:

    Boooo on canceling Jane by design, such a cute show, my favorite on the network next to Switched at Birth. I need more Jane/Billy angst.

  41. Summer says:

    Man. I loved Jane by Design. WTH!

  42. gm465271 says:

    Aww! Well, I watched the show but I am not too saddened by this news. The show was cute and showed promise, but the episodes/storylines became way too repetitive. I felt like I was watching the same episode over and over and over again and was losing interest by the last 4-5 episodes. Unfortunately, I don’t think the writers and producers knew what to do with the show.

  43. ladyluck527 says:

    So happy for SAB and Bunheads

  44. Brandy says:

    I’m not surprised at JBD-low ratings and Andie McDowell is starring as Judge Oloivia Lockhart on Hallmarks new series Cedar Cove

  45. Lily says:

    Initially I wasn’t sure about Bunheads, but have come to love it. Looking forward to more episodes. Pretty Little Liars is still the stand-out show on that channel.

  46. Oh Nooooo, I loved Jane by design so much (and a lot more than bunheads…). Thats really sad.

  47. Joe Smith says:

    Is this really a renewal for Bunheads??? I hope it is, but only eight more episodes is like a tease. But, I guess better some than none

  48. Pam says:

    Love Bunheads and love that many of the actors from Gilmore Girls have been given parts. Would love to see Scott Patterson.

  49. Maddie says:

    I AM SOOOOO MAD!!!! JANE BY DESIGN IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!! Ughhhhhhh. This sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Stupid abc family!

    • J. Petrie says:

      I can’t tell you how disappointed I was that Jane was cancelled. You must bring it back so there is a conclusion at least. It was just cute and quirky. Common ABC Family, BRING IT BACK!!!!!

  50. s says:

    YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!! Omg Bunheads is so good! But only 8 episodes?! it deserves way more